The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 14
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Tops Small Field By Single Stroke By GERALD REDMOND of The Journal ' It was windy, chilly with squalls of rain yesterday at the' Chaudiere ... a good day not to play golf. 1 A good percentage of the class "A" golfers in the Ottawa area didn't play and more than a few who did, wish they hadn't '" This PQGA field day had a starting field of a few more than 40 and only four of them survived yesterday's tramp around the Chaudiere with scores within hailing distance of par. WINS BY ONE Glen Seely of Rivermead led the field with a two-over 73 to beat Andy Nexan and Joe Galohbya jihot and D'Arcy Boucher by two. The others were well off the pace. Seely who has won his share in PQGA field days over the years and has the Alexander of T-init trophy to his credit this season, was the steadiest of them ell over the day. He was 3S-35. one over on each side and that was good enough. Andy Nezan of Rivermead hit the turn one under but faltered on the beck nine to finish one stroke off. Galon was M out and 36 home. . ; 1 Nazan knew be had a 'chance to tie on 18 but kit 13-foot birdie putt rolled off . the lip of the cup end he had to settle for a 74, a second place on the toes of a coin. top net-.. -. ' Chaudiere's Herve' Nadeeu grabbed off the low net honor with a 78 to go with a nine handicap. .-" Boucher! 75-3-72 was food enough for second net-end Ed McConnery's,7 was Smiths Falls ;: Girls' Ball Team Enters Tourney SMITHS FALLS (Stain- Women are supposed to be the weaker sex but that's not so according to 27-year-old BiU Onioh who has been at the helm of Smiths Falls first girls' softball team In many years. Although the local girls have dropped six of their Lanark County League garnet and have been eliminated- from league play downs, they are not discouraged' according to their manager. . . . v s Bill and two coaches, John Palmer, Perth, and Murray Griffith. Smiths Falls, are busy getting the girls through their paces in preparation for s girls' softball tournament In Kemptville this Saturday, when they meet Ottawa rcmp ana for the Junior "A" Eastern Ontario playdowns expected to get underway next week. Bill claims ine i gna, mostly from collegiate, are quick to learn: can bat and field the ban weu ana are looking forward to next tea-ton. . - , First baseman Judy Smith has been awarded ine Kerruisb Trophy with five home runs to bead her teammates. A moat valuable player award will aiso be presented later. X Perth and Lanark village are now playing m wm finals. Other teams are Lanark Mills, Pakenham and Almonte. Babe Ruth eotrra cablcton tie at gwU's Cfira - Barry Mrrl Brae irt-rfre Data. Srrwl FARLEY WINS TITLE HAMILTON CP) Pha Farley of Toronto captured hit second consecutive Ontario seniors golf championship at the Dundas Valley Golf Club here Friday whit a ear 71. ' ' ' the fourth gross as most of the field had troubles. -, J" ' The winner! oardand Pan" Par out 453 434 45J 37 - Seely out 353 444 553 v 08 , Par in 444 344 44434 71 ' . Seely in 244 343 54433 -73 ' . PRIZE LIST - First low gross j Glen ' Seely, Rivermead. 73. Secdnd low gross Andy Nezan, Rivermead,' 74 (won toes). First loV net Herve Nadeau, Chaudiere. 78-869. Third low gross Joe Galon, Chaudiere, 74. ' "X t Second tow net D'Arcy -Boucher, Rivermead, 75-3 72. .. : ' Fourth low gross Ed Mc Cotwery. Chaudiere, 78. Third low net Bob Moray - Ian. Chaudiere, 80-8-2-72. Fourth low net John Elliot Chaudiere. 78-7 72. ' UAnt acoaas - O. eaery. tttv Tt-S TO a. Noaaa. ni Tt-sTi - Galon. Ch . ... T4-S Tl touch!-. Mhr. , Tt-a Tt McCoonary. Ck. '. Tt-a Tl Nodeau, Ck. 7S-S se -D. . a. H Jt. Ch TS-I Tt aw. Ch. Tt-S 4 ; D. MaeAlU . Chabot. WV. T-S 14 a Moral. n. Ck. T. W. CUff. Se-T 13 ae-T tj ae-sis Tt-t ft It. - a. w.uon.- atv, . BUtot. Ck, ... CANADIAN PGA B W. K. WHEATLEY '. HALIFAX (CP) Alvie Thompsoa and George Knudson were the all-star attrac Hi tion today as the Canadian .elation championship tour namenttnoved into its Anal round wiUlthe two Toron-tonians ln ahowdowa struggle for thrtltle. : 'There appeared to be only Rideau vtrrt u Paee: Dna cm.ini ma.ui. ssj. . sa w, SStts KathlMa rmmtrn irinm. tee,' see; Mhutwina vie uumi. I. TIM. IJB 1-a. AM BOM Mw Am. Slactt etreak. ttr. aiaMr als. itomi . Mianai S1S.S. SnM4-Mlk. rr: la Marnilsi fCUnsrasl, HI. SSO, SJO: aiars rim (Prk Jr.K sis. 4aei Oo- .i if wnmm iMwnaeai. Mm. Tkne, I II S-S. BoObr Ctrl. Togl Byr. Him Ciil XMrart. Sin D . Dame, tipr s ab. IUrU4. Tklre Mil, pm: rarne Mtf m (jotuusoni. see. tie. aaui am laiiuparati. tm s so. nma uiri a. insti. aa. Tim. s it l-S. aiue'Mut Anawm. Pilar C. Laotonl, Lookwit Haw Lm. Caloinl Bo(r, aaaw Mark ai. alartae. ....... rmuta mom. racw Aim ChSaC iLafrMMMSM). SIS, SIS. see: McaMkinetoa (Fieofj.). t ie. t te: But CasUctoa lPrk.1. t te. Tim. MS -s. Dwdrmruiv- - a. HaL Otract Own. Mr. O Baalw. Stmrny AKan ala. ataiSse. . SUMii.: sim. .. rKlk kClW. hw t-ai44B fCoUtoBl. t 70. See, 4JO: Allan Veto (DurtTl. S.Te. eeo: Shlrtev Sik 1 lOonkll. 4JO. Tlaw. t IS Vtckvi n. Kvter M. UmIMJ kUra MacOutr, cssmw.WI. Baa-i TKompsb Battle for . ' GLEN SEELY n and Knudson Tit e Todav Richelieu Results rratMlla. Tret: Toaae. Laa B. rOMaaara), list. tie. sat: Mr. (BoMuarai, a ., a.aa: riemlna-toa SSona rltortonl, a as. TIM, a t7 t-a. loaala H.novor. Baa Crane. Bulmiri 'Prkea Tac Daraa, ctwsy say ai. atarwe. Saconi Mile. Paea: Clilaf (Wnplaal. 10. Sea, 140; Caoneal (Bnrnaaa). IB. 4.0: Blr Hal (Lachaneal. 4 SO. TIM. s.l l-S Early Baanar. Colo. Ml Stan, Lady Lucky, tMeky Dean. iim tm aa. urta. Dally Bon Slat Stt.ia. Third aula. Baca: Kalaa In ASM ilachancai. A ?a ija, im- Th Inqiarac tTiwa'ntla). 4J. 41. "ary Mntla nrWIIardl, a.ts. Tun, lea S-S. Stoic) riaM. Landy. Paeaawy. Mr. Water. CaIUu Baa aka atarhnt. POttrtS) Mlla. Trot: Ben b Olora (TrMall. Se la lia Lam Clair (Dtaaaum. S te, t te-. Duaty uvea twrannaiaoMnl. I a. I Thna. la. Oneaful Onka. Snnr Oaka. Mr. Joa. Boyel Raoat, Boa Share ana. Plfth Mile Pace: Blah day (MacTaaiakl. toae. IM kur ca(, tee, are: aai otract B. (Lochancal, SO. TIM. 1 07 s-S. Veto, ahadvdal. Paaak. Cam in. now. nrooa MM, caa Pkk alaaatarknl. Btnh MM. Pace: Clhnjnatar IBameont. IS IS. S TB; Naney Scott iPillonl. ST., 4JS: Bannl. Morris (HoMIUrd). f at. Time, t ee a-., aanaau, Lady CaaaeM. aue-eaaa Anna Lltlla Phu, onrUa a, alao atartad. . . Baaantk MU Trot: Benny Pel la iomtr),, it ie. Sse: Pair-aid Star Bolae). la. 4 SO; ioca'. UK - t an outside chance that either could be overhauled. ' . The All-Toronto tussle was set up Friday when Thorap-f ton parred the 18th bole with a four to Knudson's Ave and earned his Blender -one-stroke mad at the end of two rounds of the M-hole tournament v-..v.,! iuAlvie gave the . Athburn course a three-under-par 83 Carleton aiztk Kite. Pacei Baa Kal iRairfct ir.l iM. SSt. SSO: Jan. Or.. iwiikaMiNt ie. see: taiae. dal. Manb.1 icvrraa). 1S Tim, a te a-a Dtm O.. tersasaf Chkat. Solon Msassir.. IsXoM DtrM abw aurM. X Scmrih MIX. Trait Tri 04r. iVarrl. S ao. 4 St. S 10: Janda'a StoM Prltehardl. S tS. JaOi tWM rkekal Orattaa rLakwihl. 4 ie. TIM. tf 1-a Ladv Bar.. lav sml T., Safnr Thia Ma ala. surtae. . OmmmIia : BIB. Eisktb Mils. Peoa: Butch John, tm uaimstan). a. so, t ie. s.ei( utua bimI isummik). t ee. see: Irish Oaadar iChurchl. 1.10. TIM, lis 1-1 Bimbo Chief. M Hunt, PTtnc auchau.. lay Job Ch Daaa. Kins ak. itarlad. ' ninth -kill.. Para: SinMrler Dale iThoinpaam. Ilje, T SO, 4 . Brown Hopa ( vamarrmr, .a. a.ia; www La Salle (McLaan). tee. TIM. t at S-S. Jaaaanala. Innocant Boo. toe- raas Vanka.. Haathar Dlraci. Boxer Hinanr ak. startae. -Tanta S mlla. Pace: Chaalar Brown (Ohartranai. ta, 1.70. a te: BUI Joknatav (Jahnrtaall, SS 14. A. W. Laa Currant, Time. J. IT 1-t. LachlnvOT July. Lady Ma. Ha. Mountain am man, mr an Duka Oar Brook, ate. start. ueta: si. .... f n- f , -, . ' ; i v. aorarlaa ICaldwolll. 4T Ia 14. Mr. Prtnta, Aaor Kirk. wuhfuL Mia ep.ia.tar ia iun ad. orand Biaaa waa arraicna SralawBai SSS.S. ; Blahtti Mlla. Paeai Tad Hanovor (CaMwaut, 4 1. tae. 10; Ducky' Br iHetortl, It SO, 1 00; Kay Pebble Brilliant), Tim, lot 4-t. D. and M Bra Duty, Bplrlt at laoranol. Lucky aot atartad Ninth Mile. Pace: Anna Cham. (Pllionl, Hie, S.SS. 400: Plddlor' Green (Snyder). Tat, 4 50. ise t-a. Blue Afieat. Mr. Kar Witt! Taiwan aootty, SU041 Soorry akwi atanaa. - letfc Mil. Para: Mias Prlncee Alie rLatournoau). S 4a, See, S.aO; Mmpani . nv . luiaawi. lie-. Bay Townakl. iCaMwoUl, It. TIm. t ie 14. Charmanta Vol.. Mac Phano. fan, chM, Bam La Varna, Halo Purda ak. ,1. S3S.SS. .J'.-- : Chih :Jea.BilUp Gilchrist Ejected f BUFFALO (UPl-Len Dawson's 42-yard touchdown pass to Abner Haynes and Johnny Robinson's key interception carried the Kansas City Chiefs to a 24-21 victory Friday night over the Buffalo Bills in a fight-marred American Football League exhibition game. a rai4 TV scores again 'X, tpankihg in hit second round for a 131 total, flve under par for the distance. - Knudsetv matched his own Arst-round 88 for 13Z . - ' . ' . ', Stan Leonard of Vancouver, trying for hit ninth CPGA: title, shot a .88 and was closest to the leaders with 13S. : : : ,;'.: Defending - champion . Al Balding of Toronto" came through with a 67 but waa another stroke back, at 138, with five other aspiranta, - ',. Four more were grouped at 137. Including Bill Keer of Montreal who won the 36-bole seniors' title. The three man 138 bracket included Moe Norman of Toronto, who led the first round with a 85, then Mew Friday to a live-over-par 73. . - Thorn peon and Knudson, k win. aiariau in IT Bella IB round with 66s. were in the , same threesome Friday with Normtn, They drew a gallery thatreached a maximum of around 1,200 under clear sklet and a KOLAR SHOOTS - - atst xoiar or Ottawa Chaudiere. the Quebec Oped champion, had a hlisteringN round or B7 yesterday to tack on to bit first day 74 for a total of Ml., .Alastair Kerr of Ottawa Uplands shot e 71 aad with hit opening 78 bad a- total of. 149, Joe Nolan . of Amprtor Sand Point withdrew after an opening, 81.- Frank Mann, the former Ottawa Tecum-seh pro. scored a 74 to add to hit Bret round 73. Sua Home was at 144 aa a result of a Friday score of 71. Bill Kerr of the Montreal Beaconsfleid Iub shot a aecond-round 69 here Friday to win the 36-hole seniors' competition played' concur-1 rently- with the Canadian Professional Golfers' Association championship. ' Kerr had rounds of 68-69 for his 137 total, one over the Ash burn club's par for the distance. -'. ', ' -. Demien Geuthler of Montreal end Henry Marten of Edmonton tied for second place with 139. 1 . Somcthi softer? Vraxtrrar by farl - Butdiatinothw. Mellowed to a ripe era age in trie perfact-dittilllng air of Nova Scotia't Annapolii ACADIAN 1)11(1 tt n w pi r 0 t : I' SATURDAY. AU0U8T 19. liU i , : ' .' 1 ' 't Golf Bag IGlen Seojy's 73 Leads 'A' Class Golfers By EDDIE A pair of Ottawa Saskatoon and the Canadian amateur champions... half of Quebec's team for the Interprovinclal tournament. Bob Stlmpson, of the Ottawa Hunt, and Don Davidson, of the Glenlea, very likely are-the two strongest members on the Quebec team right now and we'll be surprised if their scores don't bear out that opinion. And yet, if the Quebec officials had been pedantic about the maze of little rules and regulations, neither of them would be on the team. DAVIDSON MISSED EVENTS Davidson spent jnott of the Summer at Greensboro, NC after finishing the hockey tea- son there, and he came home Just in time for the Quebec Open at Royal Montreal. He hadn't been putting ex- . ceptionally well, and so in the impulse and experimental man' ner of many top shooters, he decided to switch putters. . So he soared Into the 80 s . missing the hole altogether from two and three feet. lecrmicaity be missed the cutoff. But David on is a persuasive character, and he went to the officials. He told them lie bad come all the way from Greensboro to compete for Willingdon Cup . team points. He told them to check his past record, which included the Quebec Amateur title last year. And he asked them to reconsider. - - They did,' and Davidson was allowed to continue play.. With his neat round, and then a sparkling 66 in the qualifying round of the Quebec Amateur at the Ottawa Hunt, ha collected enough points to get to the Wil lingdon Cup team trials. Bob Stlmpson was another , case. He played consistently brilliant golf last Summer, but tint season he couldnt get H moving. Particularly, he wet bothered by a sick putting stick So ha didn't earn enough points to get to the team trials. STARTED TO COME . However, in the Quebec Amateur, he felt the action com- . tag back, and he started to pley well. - - Because be was a team member last year and because of htt record, he was invited to . compete a the team trials. This invitation likely would not have bee forthcoming had aU the players who had earned sufficient points to warrant an invitation been in a position to' accept. But they weren't, and Stlmpson got a shot: ' . i -Last weekend they played II holes at Montreal's Elm Ridge Club, and 36 at Islesmere, and Stlmpson was the best man in the field. On that performance, he won a team berth. Davidson wound up tied for the lead in points "aver the season, even though he missed most of the tournaments.- " Happily, the PQGA by-passed a couple of technicalities la an "Stories forMeif Ml Wellington at HoOaad RIdeaa at Sussex ; i FUEL OIL ttaaiii llal aad Coasasarcial ; 28U Baeeitae R4. ; 828-271 ' IU MOM Wet f MBMfMt Of EN U.-I pm. DAU.T TAXI? CALL BLUE LINE j Dr: J Fc:! j Ui ( effete ..." :'": !" " Free - " . OU, BURNER SERVICE ; 729-3175 to al star raaJdeatial feel el sonra YC'J all yeah ahct I YlV-Yr.ICA ; White Drew SHIRTS 3.79 MOW S far tlM Tip Top - TarLttwe - tea tear suwt w mesas ai CE6-2333 MacCABE golfers left yesterday for effort to dress their best team. There are probably loopholes yet in the system of selection for Willingdon team berths, but as long as officials continue to take an enlightened, fair-mind? ed approach ... the rules are only an approximate structure within which to operate. Which is the way it should be. It would be worth a bob. if aayona had mind to wager, that the performances of the Ottawa players will indicate the moves made by PQGA officials. RENFREW CM GOOD SHAPE , For weeks now,- we've been hearing and reeding about drought conditions in the Renfrew area, and since that golf course bakes out almost every Summer, we expected it to be concrete hard this tune. But the course is in surprisingly good shape for this time of year, particularly in view of the weather they ve had. . "A week ago," Pro Bill Blomeley said, "it wet to hard you could top a putter for 200 But they got .a couple of rains thia week, and while the fairways are brown and growth it sparse, the ground it-soft enough underfoot to deaden the roll. -And theyTl play prefer. red tees, and there's enough turf for that .-"- ,i And the greens end aprons have been soaked for days. The aprons have been water ed for about 75 yards out. The greens were spiked last week, and they too, are soft. So the approach shot must be Ored right to the flag. The chip and run shot from 100 yards out wont get you a thing at Ren- They have about 120 entries for their annual' invitation tourney today, including most ot the ontet shooters in Ottawa and the Valley. " First prize is a pump action shotgun, and the total value of prizes exceeds $300. - - Hal Eady, Larry Ritxa and the committee have prepared everything to the finest detail, and they're assured of another successful event UNFORTUNATE COLLISION Which brings us around to Preacott. and I could be in a little trouble. Last week 1 mentioned the Preacott invitation. which alto it booked today, but I gave Renfrew .more space. Ana tne Preacott people were understandably miffed. However, the Renfrew post- era were up in the dub-houses several weeks ago, and the Ottawa shooters had committed long before the Preacott potters appeared. The collision" in dates it' un fortunate, and when a well- established tournament like Renfrew meets an - event of four years' standing, like Prea cott, the younger competition has to get hurt. -The Preacott Held doesn't in clude any of the better players from Ottawa, They run a fine competition. They're al ways on time, and they have a demanding golf course. The Ottawa players would be de lighted to Support them. But when It comes to a choice, the Ottawa players have been go ing to Renfrew for years, and they'll continue te go. . . - - The Preacott affair promises to grow Into a big one oa the Valley calendar, but they won't make any substantial gains thia year. , ;. .... . , And wot many dates left! HORSESHOE PLAYOFFS . Playoffs for the top two clubs In the City Horseshoe League start Monday at Brewer Park at 8.43 p.m. The 12-game total points series will continue Tuesday and Wednesday eve nings. HULL AHEM A: ICE SKATING v 7.30 to 10.09 P.M. ADM. .50' , TUESDAYS THURSDAYS SUNDAYS CHILDREN ONLY ' 1 , SATURDAYS 2.00 to 4.00 f,M. . V ADMISSIONS Ids TIME AVAILABLE. FOR RENTAL DURING THE MONTHS OF AUGUST, AND SEPTEMBER . . . :, . . 'SEE THE EASTERN CANADA HOCKEY-SCHOOL IN ACTION, t NATIONAL LEAGUE PLAYERS - IN-, ' ' 8TRUCTING. 8.88 AM. te SJ8 PJW. MoaAryt te Fridays. INTER-SQUAD GAMES fwtsewaya, 846 AJW. te NOON. ADMISSION 36 JIS. V OPEN EVENINGS A ur.wriAV rri rtiniv ni i o u : mivin 6 W r6laviwa. a j gklw' 9 ff .m IIODGINS LUMBER HIGHWAY 16 BELL'S CORNERS 628-8UL ,. Frank Firiner 'C Class Frank Finner, a golfer for three years, won a PQGA sponsored "C class Held day al his home layout Friday. - Finner, a member of the Up lands Golf Club, toured the par 73. course In 86 strokes on a day that was" not conducive to low scoring. He was two thou up on Don Skene, of Chaudiere, and Uplands' club- matt, H. T.-Thompson, who turned (a We. j Both Finner and Skanet hit the turn after 41- strokes but Archer Leads Stdurbpen By Stroke ST. PAUL, Minn. UPV-Georie Archer, e range freshman pro. shot 67 Friday to go with hit opening 68 and a seven-under-par 139 for the halfway lead in the St, Paul Open golf tour nament. - He held a one-shot lead over first day co-leader, John Cook of Mirmetonka Beach. Minn, and Dick Lou of Hayward. Calif. Cook's halfway card wm 68-78 and Lots' 70-86. Two shots off the pace at 137 were former U.S. national amateur king Labroa Harris of Bumeyville, OUa, and Gene UtUer of LaJoila, Calif. Harris km a at) after hit onenine 68. Littler had a 67 after Thura-j day's 70. .A--:' i .k 'i. Jav HeberL the co-wader at the end of the first round with a 66, tlumped te a 75 Friday. Tied at - 138 are- Gordon Jones of Orlando, Fuu witn 7147; Howie Johnson of Palm Springs; Calif, 89-66-. Raymond Floyd of St. Andrews, 111- 73-fig. and Bill Martindale of Jacksonville, Tex., 748. , National Open champion Ken Venturl shot a 67 for a I3 tout and National PGA uue- holder Bobby Nichols tiippea to a one-over-par n tor a Also ' bracketed at . i Julius Boros, with 71 Friday. Greenwood ad MU. Tret: Phukriek Banovar iCoroottV SJe. tat. tee; lnarani Hanai'.r tataoMi. tee. tte; Lard Y.taa (KlnBatai)L.l-se. Tune, lit. Bit Way C- Van' Caa- VlaaamiawtMBBBn wl riran, pb uii i I ewe atartad. darelened. riaafcy ck -. (McNutt). lee, 10, lie; Boyal na iwoadal. ate. 1.50: Amhoa- aador Direct (Arthurl, t tt- TtM.. t il S-S. Kayta. Tas aur. ueraci Vltta. V la. tln( Plea, Blond la Ky lea suited. .' , . j, Dally paitNl aao. Tkird Mile. Paeai Conn . Byrd iBalor.i, II 0. t ie. 4 to: M Bay Ihloraowan). tee. tat; Bornl Prhae DtUard (Ahaldonl. tat TIm. til 4-t. Owwdaaa, otonay.Bajrthaa. lenleo Prwanaa, Mara hUaaay, Qulak Boy aha pourth Mlla. Trot: Sappy Ma. Dwa (HIM. ll.T. a. o, aiano. Bond iVareaa). 10. lie; Madam Victor I Arthurl. 4 4 TIm. t ie 1-a Titaa Bone C. aaoar, Captain Bid. dell, Bmlan Heiawot. Luaty Me Klmwy elaa atartad.v Phttk Mil. racoMtotnara T s.Te, s ts, t ee: oratt. Bon Canuck ICortottS. lieTriM'. l ie 1-t. lartrla Ba. Ban Caray.l Mwtar Baint. April ware aaw atari-1 I. aerattfi.. itmnf onnmm. aixth Mil. Tret: Art (Wanned). S 44. I SO t te: Cadonaa , Walker!. I.T. I JO: Batty HarMrt rTarbort). ITI. TIM. tte I J I Paaeha A tern. Danny Bona A. lav. land Hanover ala atartad, , tltUMlMI IIS. 1. . .... , Bevanth MU. Pace: AnaaUe wick (riiwiieyi. iso. lie. tie-. Botwrt McOraeor (Hook Irk I, I ee. 110: Kwlk Kat (Arthurl. ISO TW. 101 Proaty Mart. Brraa H. Direct. Oracle Locttlavar, Kim Dal ala. atartM. Uattth T (urlonaa. Paeai Mlndy 'MadlUI. TM. 4 10. tie; Armhrn Fait iGeMn-althl. it lt, t a: Kelly Mae Hal (Vara). It Tim. I. II 44. Kswartha Bab. Ann Barmln. Jennifer Byrd. Mies Lett Wade ala. atartad. Ninth Mlla. Trot: Plant Son-'Walk art. T 10. 140. ISO: Count iKInmton), tot. let: Dona Veto ( Pea that atonal, lie. TlM. 1 01. jok Skytop. Blddalneok. tm. Ittart!. ... i 1 DISTILLtRS-Bridgetown, n.w nn i ii i i ..tri m - VgTtf a it Wins Field Day -7 Finner came home in 49 while Skanes soared- to a 47 oa the back nine. Majority of the prize list was occupied by members of the Uplands Club. L, F. Wilson, of Uplands, won the flrst low net award with a ' 70, shooting a 90 to his 20 handicap while Earl - Common, another Uplands golfer, was 84-2272 for second net. . . A total of 60 golfers competed in the Held day which was restricted to players with handicaps of IS or better. Following is the prize list. (Ties were broken by the toes of a .coin.) . a Pint Inr areas. Prank finner. Up. as. an Bkaiaas. CM. Plret low net. I, T. WlleanVp, Third up. ae. tart Caasaaaat, Up, tt-aa Tt. Pourth areas, B tt. Crawford, CM. Third net. W. t-0 71. MacOonald. Taa. Ptflh sraee. Art wu. U f raurth Bat. 1, T. Pa u Mm nr. Up. SI-IT 14. . , Plfth net. T. MaaNaaaara. Up. tt-ei T4. ' . VWWWWWWNAA aaTABLiaHSB m teee E.ILFISHEII LTD ne-ne anaaMs eTararr OTTAWA CAB ABA - ' yrVArWArA1fry C:r Eptclsltyi , The Ciri Md Ortssn' " ." 8f Wshpj:" - ffot CiKferjirfot ' 18 la'etjuitiO.'''' 4 3 Srorts t9 Sen- To S-A-L-E w ;: 500 ' - DICYCLES'.t ' - New, 8888 aje ' ' Sacoad Haad, 816 b ' ,' attT . psurat in tow - TBADB IN TOUB Oi.0 BIKl DYLES&Co. taS-Ut Bank St, SS646U , Between end 1 HOME IMPROVEMENT .r SPECIAMSTS ,s 1S4S Mertoate Bead - FOR PLUMBINC SERVICE f PHONE 23MMI Nova Scotia n n nn wji i i. " "S. l . fc " ,- i". ' i '.' t ' at i . mwv m a - i S".i - awauanjwaauonwamoaaaanjB

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