The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 13
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"THE fan UBM that crowd of 21,000 who breathed a long ana lusty sigh when it wu alt. over, had plenty of company in the Rough Rider drawing room last night The coaches,, the players and everyone' connected with the dub bad food reason to share that feeling. The only man to outdo Clair In a resonant snort of relief , was Rider president Barry O'Brien, who was sitting hard by the coaches while Clair confined himself to snort of cider that a farmer friend had sent him before the game. - '' The Rider offence stuttered and sputtered at many times. Also true is that it took a long time to get under , way and actually didn't mount any astonishing figures on the scoreboard. They were Udung some too In the. statistical department, but this was a really big win for the Riders. And if ever there was some hard hitting along the line and any-; where else the occasion presented itself, it wu during -that first half. ,:( r :j , THOUGHT It TOUGHEST . Clair figured it was the hardest hitting first half of football that he's seen, end there were-few to deny tt. The TJger-Cats were hungry to the point of at least four officially ailed roughing penalties on themi But it didn't eknt or stutter Ottawa's defence to the extent they could score free) distances that at times would be almost "automatic for football clubs. J"-'v:' '." . ' ;i ;,: As Ralph Suio said afterwards end not as ruefully as-one might have suspected: "We had good control df ifc but we Just couldnt score. But there is no reason to panic We have a good football team and we don't need too many changes. At that we had four of them tonight, and well adjust That's two losses but well be an right." ' S'tft otner vay Clair bad to answer, nodding almost, mournfully and just saying: "Those two goal line stands really helped 'they were really something on a night like thia.-. . v-f ., '-. ' S "i BiU Smyth Just' boomed a hearty: "Maybe we needed a' BT ' ' t '. i tough, bard Bitting game line - He smiled at Don Branby and Mike Rhodes and added: "Maybe both clubs did." j. It was rugged enough, and large Angelo Mosca left the scene at half time. It was just about the last play of the first half when. "Angle" called It a day, or rather the officials did after spotting a largo knee in the vicinity of Riders Merv. CoUrns.- The point was that Angle didn't make contact .with his knee on any part of the Collins anatomy. But the official felt the Intent was there. ULMER'S FINE EFFORT Earlier when Sutherin skidded out with what for a moment seemed an Interception of a Jackson TO pass, ing penalty. His explanation: T thought Sutherin bad Intercepted the ban and I threw a Mock ' 'C "i, v v - Other than that Mosca said nothing. You can be fined for saying "something" after the game, but they can't fine guy for his expression or gestures. And Angle let them speak for themselves, .even when GUIes Arcbambeault held up his hands and nudged Mosca with the remark! Whoever heard of t Buy being thrown out of a football game for a kneer j - There were a lot of men put out a lot of effort Tucker (sade a saving grab late in the game, .O'BUlovich, a real hardrock, came through with A brilliant defensive"- game. Kramer came in once to help save on a goal line stand. Ted Walking continued bis outstanding receiving end scoring. And Ronnie Stewart came up with the kind of hard running . tlutf was so eaUwaety veJuable. ; VVi?; There was lot of good wholesale effort, but Ed Ulmer , caught the crowd's fancy with bit booming ports and one lnterception-and-ran that was as exciting la this department as this corner can remember. '1 . - L 1 : - , lV ODT ENGLISH IN- STAND ' .Ulmer had the crowd lending body English, and frenzied shouts of encouragement while mapping out his course for him attar he'd snatched a badly-aimed pais by Faloney-But4ie man mapping the course, xig-iagging and having to follow his blockers was Ulmer. He. did unconmmonly wett, but In review tossed a band at his blockers. s- ;,-r"That blocking really helped," Ulmer said. "O'BUlovich threw the first one, and a good one. J remember that and : the rest of the' time I was Just trying to go ah the way." V: f Here's a man proving be can do quite a few things, but Ulmer himself is quite satisfied with bis defensive chore though be spent two years on offence at college. 1 " "The last two years of college I was on defence,' he aid and added with a wink: This defensive play gives you chance to even up for a lot of things that happened to me when H was the other way around."- , ;yv Riders made; mistakes. No doubt about that There was once that the crowd grosned. and Gab looked as If be might expire. Thia was when Gene Gaines made a really, spectacular interception, then tried to pass the ball to 0BB-loyteh emtgave Tigers possession. ' ' " , . f" n did a stupid thing," the speedy and affective Gained observed. "That's all I can aay to that I want to forget R. . j;But H a0 worked out in the end, and very agreeably if V MtUe bard on the nervous system. . . 7 " 'V'?1 :;: .l'--aWUUyARDBArm '-) ' t Among the Ottawa expatriates from Hamilton on band ws'ytor Gee airs sa, who motored from his cottage m the Otuwa area to set the game . ,'. udge lack Latchford came dowat from Dundas . . . .Both great football followers . T..A naming of Art Baiter in the latter stages of last year's cftfpeign was no flash In the pan i . , He came up with it fine game for the Cats t . ; Saaa Seoeda claims he picked up fre best crack ef the game after being nipped for a piling on penalty on Bemie Faloney. "I figured be was moving." Sam explained, "but I bear shout of you dirty so and so' from behind me. I look around, and who do you think it waa yelling at me but Mosca?" . , . The Scoccia reply seems to have been appropriate . . . Jackson was cut above the eye on an Interception play . . . Ralph Saxat said Henley shouldn't have been playing because of a hip Injury but Insisted '. . J traut Dojack ruled firmly . . . Injured Raye Vaughaa was up on the roof with Don Branby In the coaches' enclosure . tt sounded as if a wild horse was let loose there at one stage when Branby exploded over a bad play . .' . Before the game Vanghan said Riders didn't look as "up" during the week's drills as they had been for Argos . . '. But they won this on end lost the first . ".... " eXtURDAt, AUGUST iS.W4 THE OTTAWA JOURN Al 13 WESTWIGK Don't Think Coaches Didn't Share Feeling The Ottawa Jo " 2 " A k,BBeaaw- . -sBaaV '.B" "eW ' . wBByMswawReRfiW BFW. ' M Defence Holds Riders Together For 13-10 Victory Over Ti-Cats By EDDIE MacCABE ' of The Journal This .wasn't a demonstration of football to inspire' visions of -sugar plums' In the 21,665 fans at Unsdowne Park last night There was a stuttering, uncertainty about the Rough Rider gait, but there was enough glue In the defence to hold the dub together I for a 13-10 win over the defending Grey Cup champions from Hamilton. .The Riders now have a I and the Tiger-Cats have lost DEfENStVE BRILLIANCE ' The series which "set" the was a defensive stand in the when the Ti-Cats bad three Ottawa's nine, two of them yard line. - . - On the last play In that - Kramer was In-at corner for Mike Blum, and Kramer, Billy Joe Booth and piled up the whole aide of the fullback? Art Baker on the one Only 7K minutes remained at and when the Ti-Cats couldnt ram la the winning score, they were on the ropes. There was another noteworthy defensive stand, by Ottawa In the second the Ti-Cats had a first down three and couldnt score. Baker was stopped by Booth and Lehmann, a pass for Tommy Grant was too high, and Jim Conroy lassoed ' r h .. , and I record, their first two.' win for Ottawa final quarter cracks from from the two- , series, Roger Ken Lehmann line to stop - yard line. that point quarter when . on Ottawa's 1 1 A Like a man who TORONTO Hughley 11 , , Parker 12 AUWson 17 Vv Sweetan 18 , , ' . . Rountree 20 Shatto 22 , ' v '"' Chandler 23 . i Chrlstopherson 25 ,' VW, Hatcher 26 ' ".' Fuell 28 -t"'-' ' Howell 30 Wydranney 33 " ' . 1 Rechner 34 . . 8toneburgh 40 , : VUunas 44 : ! Hoerster 46 Urue 50 j. Paquette 62 . MartlneUo 54 Rawllck 57 -Stricter 58 Harrington 59 . Kykoluk 0 Klrkpatrick 64 . 8nipp 66 RadsUc 68 Is Brewer 70 Mann 73 : WUson 76 1 Sampson 77 Campbell 78 ? Plvec 79 .k " " M Hamilton's Garney Henley is on the ground with the football after being knocked down by Ottawa'! ' BIB Siekierski la last night's game at Unsdowne Park. -And through the air, towels napping and arms akimbo. ' Names. Numbers For Tonight's Game Following are the names and numbers for to night's televised CFL game between Toronto Argo nauts and Montreal Alouettes In Toronto. MONTREAL 11 Bork , . . l4VIvanshan ' ' 15 TJelds -t - 'Is Hoppman " , 17 Learn v 1 l-Coki ..vv 23 Page- f4- 2J-Exelby , 25 Buckle . ; , ' 28 Dixon , v". - ' 29 Bowen , 38 Luster 7 ;? "': 89 Wsyti 45 AndreotU . '. . 47 Craln -'. 51-lCooley; ; 4 '52 Walton ( 63 Wood .B8-tocklln 69 Leblanc t '' - 60 Mlnlhane V 61 Nlckla 62 Lewis -65 Levesque ; ! 66 Roy 67 ElsbT , 70 Reynolds , 71 Irwin . 73 Hicks 74 Phllp 76 Berretta ', T7 Tomllnson ' v ; Oame tune: 8 p.m. . Bemie Faloney while he aimed a shot for i" Grant again in the end cone, and the pass - was spoiled. Riders took possession on their own two. ' . So in two games, the Tl-Cats have scored only one touchdown. -FOUR NEW MEN Coach Ralph Sazlo reminded his croas-- examiners that he had four brand new agents in his lineup and while he was satisfied with them even enthusiastic he suggested his . dub hadnt bad .a chance to knit yet Holdover Art , Baker was his heavy producer. The 225-fullback from Syracuse University, a late arrival with Hamilton last season, ran up 100 yards in 17 tripsT most of It right up the middle on a delayed action charge which gave him plenty of room for . those first few strides. The Rider offence wasn't particularly . enormous either, and Ottawa fullback Davt Theien was almost shut off. He got no room to work, and hammered into violent meat piles for a total of 29 yards in seven ( carriea. ' . .. ' ... (- Ron' Stewart was Ottawa's most authoritative carrier. Without exceptional help, he ripped off 93 yards In seven carries. NOT AT HIS BEST Quarterback Russ Jackson was Ottawa's top rusher with S3 yards gained, and he " completed 11 passes out of 19 for 106 yards . and two touchdowns. enjoys his job comet the referee, Paul Dojack, of Reglna. He wu on top of the play an last night) nailed Hamilton four times for rough play, and kicked Angelo Mosca out of . the game. This enthusiastic attention was typical. Lions Beat Roughriders ; On Scoreboa rd, Physica I ly ' ' By RON MscDONALD ' BEGINA cn British .Columbia Lions best Saskatchewan RoBhrldsrs physically as weU as on the scoreboard Friday night as they ground out a 17-2 Was-' tern Football Conference ' victory. " "'i-.i.i.-.i i'A' record 'iTsylor 'Field crowd of 17.787 watched as Lions vsulted Into first place In the league standings, and In . the process ; sent . suf Roughridera off the field with injuries, one on a stretcher.: ': "They beat us pnysicslly Roughriders heed coach Bob ! Shaw said after the game. He added that Lions' passing attack ' had , proved effective aad Roughridera bad been unable to come up with the. big play when It was needed. ' GAMBLES FAIL - On four occasions ; the Bougbies gambled on third down whan they had the ball Inside the Lions' 30-yard line. -On seek occasion they tailed to make the necessary yards' and had to give up the ball. ' Roughridera helped off the fletd with Injuries were mid dle guard Ron Atchison, naif; backs Gene W1..I..W I.m, Dumelie and Ed Buchanan, centre Ted Umesa and end and punting .specialist Martin ' ' rsbu -" :.;-!: tl V Fabi was taken off on a . stretcher and following the , gaaie waa in good condition 'i in ths Rider draastn, dressing room . : : ' ; : 1 I I f I 5 1 - Nevertheless, he wasn't enjoying one. of his nights of magic Everything just didn't dick into place as it does when he's honed to his ftnest edge. He wu holding the ball too long before jthrowing. Once he had Billy Harris' wide open for a TD pitch, and be threw to Stewart who wu covered. He didn't throw even one time to right end Jay ' Roberts, and Roberts wasn't getting that much attention from the defence. In the final analysis, be wu effective enough, but not la the crisp, sure Jackson manner. ' Bemie Faloney bad a somewhat scrambled evening. He called three quick kicks, two of them: when there wu nothing to gain and something to lose. NO AERIAL FIREPOWER He didn't throw well completing only . eight of 22, and some of those were "sick pigeon" shots with a flutter and a wobble. In fairness, it has to be mentioned that usually reliable grabbers like Garney Henley and Hal Patterson dropped a couple,-but in over-all terms, the lack of firepower traces to Faloney. ' There wu no score in the first quarter and the Riders not only didn't, get out of their own end with the ball, they managed only one first down. ,' , 1. v, , I . M i, ", i 'V z ( IK Vs 9 f recovering from a groin Injury. He was taken td hospital for observstlonv' ' ' rFor both dubs their next game is a return engagement m Vsncouver Wednesday. , , ' Lions dimbed . atop the WFC standings with Hve points and Riders were .left In second place with four. . Roughies' picked up. two points tn the first quarter on ,a safety touch but Lions led lO-a1 after, the first half and -16-2 after three quarters. .: SCORE. MAJORS .'v';:, .T-l Fullbacks Bob Swift and; halfback Ron Morris scored -touchdowns for BC ' and Peter Kempf added one convert and a Held goaL Naal Beaumont kicked a aingle. Roughriders r quarterback Ron -Lancaster hsd a poor M isk, . . s . M . - - mS k im tended receivers. He com- Dieted seven of 23 attempts and barely missed havina tnree mterceptea. - 5 Riders played without inv port end Jack Gotta and AU- Sur centre Nell Hablg. , v' They opened the H.4 ... In hi. Ml rnn. 4 wire; si poauiuum .uivuvtv as ha prepared to punt Bun- mont dropped on the ball and ' Dumelie dropped on Beaumont ' Lions scored 0 rat on a drive ' from their own 23 that ended, after Swift and halfback Willie Fleming led the Hamilton ' quarter on a shaggy play. Faloney rolled to . bis right cut downfield and eluded Jim.Con-. roy, and then lofted a pass to rookie Stan Crisson. Crisson wu In behind Gene Gaines to take the ball on the Ottawa 24 for a 45-yard scoring play. , .On the first play after; kickoff, the Riders struck back. From scrimmage on the Ottawa 22, Jackson fired a pitch to Ted Watkina. ' SS-YARD TD ' 1 Watkins out-grappled Jackie Simpson for ' . the ball on the Hamilton 40, staggered and recovered.' and outran Scott Tyler for the . score ... 88 yards in all. Ottawa went in front in the third quarter on a 49 yard parade with Watkins again the payoff man. From the Hamilton eight, Watkins ran a. down and out pattern to beat Joe Zuger, and Jackson threw a strike. The Tiger-Cata had a drive . mounted late In the third quarter but Bob O'BUlovich came up with another big defensive plsy to force them-' into a kicking situation, and v Don Sutherin belted a 39-yard field goal for the Cats final score. x , , It wu a punishing game . . . mean along the tine and the . hitting wu mid-season tough. But the execution, offensively, waan't smooth. For defensive aficionados, though, there were moments. . ' . ' Hutchinson Enters CINCINNATI. Ohio. (UP!) Cincinnati Reds manager Fred Hutchinson was back In the hospital here today, apparently for treatment "of chest 'cancer, ' just one day after receiving a leave of absence from ' the baseball team. ' Hutchinson, who Thursday announced he - would not make the current road trip, had said then he would remain home with his family here in hopes the back pains he haa been suffering would esse up. He hsd indicated that the team physician. Dr. George Ballou, was prescribing a treatment ; Statistics KBonra cp authties m 9jC. 'Baakatchiram WFC gam ac flnt Swm IS IS YaMs nnhlnc la tee Tarda paMlne ... le lie PaaM madaerM 1SIT TSS faaM Inumpt by 1 1 runtaar. yds. t.. S41 TSSS rwnblaalaat . 1e 11 PnurtUaa. lot. y. . tin SSS advance, with Swift plunging over for a touchdown on the flnt ' plsy of the , second quarter. j , . . 'Kempf -converted and. shortly afterward added a Held goal from the 23. 'The Held goal was set up when one 1 of Fabi'a punts wu abort f i'-,"i'-.': w .. w OFF ON WRONG FOOT ''' Riders got Off on the wrong foot after taking the second-half kickoff. They . were called twice tor. dipping, Lancaster was dropped for a 10-yard loss on his own one and Fabra punt got only to the Saskatchewan 33. ( Lions scored a touchdown In Ave plsys: Fsbi wss Injured In the next Roughrider drive after a brilliant catch of a 40-yard Lancaster pass. A fumble by Buchanan, re- .covTd Bc tsillbsiett Don VleJc set up BMumont's Ust- t BrT- "f1? - ik. naa i nm aowns 10 Saskatchewan's 12,. .Lions went for 180 yards cm ths ground and 106 la the air on 13 ; completions of 17 at- . "nmS P "B- rtmiT OABTta " : aM Mek . ' - ' BBCOWD QUABTSB i a c. aimeitewii awuu Sac. (Knp( BC, M eoat iKamen.. Tnmo ooaBTea I B.Cs tnillon (Mnrrt) rOVBTB QDABTBB S t C, etosie (Snwiintf US scored early In the Soccer Player Scores Five Ubaldo Marcheschi scored sll five goals for Italo Friday Bight In a "B" section ODFA soccer match to account for his dub's M victory over Holiandia. In an . "A" section game played Thursdsy, Fslcons blank- ad Holiandia 1-1 on a goal by Ross but Holiandia are praying - the game under protest. Referee Ales Plakas apparently disallowed a Holiandia goal believing time was out Goya end Olympia meet Sunday in an "A" section gsme slated to start ' at I p.m. - 1 Journal Want quick results. - Ads bring if ft nee In FORMALS Recognition for style and fit Is carried Into our RENTALS tool . This white Summer g . Formal is the UUe ' ; holder among the best dressed men. - We are " ''' OTTAWA'S RENTAL HEADQUARTERS with a complete Rental Service lnU the' . newest models.' An -accessories arc in stock at all times for ; " Immediate delivery. , ' CALL 236-7111 -i M re v V X i 1 rl' r;

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