The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1918 THE DAILY COURIER CONNBI,LSVTLLE, PA- -- P4GL SfSVffM, Live I When they were j weary they stretched out on the ground, and the crown prince whos* bed was nightly dried with a warming pan for fear of dampness wallowed blissfully on «rth still solt with the melting frosts of the winter He grew muddy and dirty He had had no hat of course, anj his bright hair hung over hU fore head In moist strands Now and then he drew a long breath of sheer happl ness As dnsk descended, the crowd gred Bally dispersed "some to supper hot by going to the cafe on the comer Then lie drew his wife aside. Look here'' he said "Don't tell BobbT--no use exciting him, and of course It's not onr fxmeral, anyhow-but there s a report tliat the crown prince has been kidnaped And thuts not ill The did king Is dying'' "How terrible 1 ' "Worse than that Toe old king gone had never tasted this delicious paper cap Joy before It was a crown a sturdy bit of go'd pnper cut Into points and set TUth red paste Je*\ els--a gem of a crown He was clfcrmetl He put It on his head with the unconsciousness of childhood, and posed delightedly The Franleln looked at Prince Fer dlnand William Otto and slowly the color left her lean face She stared It was he then and none other Stupid not to have known at the be ginning He the crown prince here in the homo of these barbarous Americans when by every plan that had been made he should now be In the hands of those who wonld dispose of him I give you said Mr Thorpe rals ing his gliss toward his wife, the giver ot the feast Boys up with yon I It was then that the Traulein making an excuse slipped out of the room WHY WE FIGHT AGAINST PRUSSIAN AUTOCRACY ' IGHTER OF FRONTIER AN'D FRONT PROMOTED IN BRITISH RECRUITING CHAPTER X V I I I The King Is Dead Now at last the old king's hoar had come Mostly he slept, as thongh his body eager lor Its long rest bad already gtren np tho struggle Stimn- flnd no CTOWD priace It mav mean almost nny sort of trouble 1 Ive laots Blven by hia devoted physician, closed up at the park for the night" hai) no effect- Other physicians there aronnfl his he looked At last the senior pirate consulted His around alone the way he 8 been doing ^^rfw» w «... he - .rrv^ris I'rince Ferdinand 'William Otto con milted his own natch the one with the inscription "To Ferdinand nil Ham Otto from his grandfather on could £0 think how easy-- HSs, arm tightened aronnd his wife, and together they went into the birth day teast Ferdinand Wlltlam Otto lltvlu *JLW L L V H U 1119 kl'lumltllJlfr U1J , n , the o«.«on o his tax, og his ^ co m ' ^'^potf ^l^-o^n rnnnloa ·Why cant you come home to snp- !*? fl " " *e conrt phjsicjnns who * irtth me- a.ked tho senior p,rn£ £L"" "* °' Bh Lf- *S^i -TM 1 ? 1 ! * per with rne"*' a«ked the senior pirate. "Would yonr folks kick np a rov??" "I bep TOTFT pardon?" "Would yonr family object'** There Is only one person who would mind reflected the crown prince tloud "and she wilt be angry anjhow J--do yon think your toother will be Hilling* ""Willing' Sure she will' My gorer UPS 5 *--bnt 111 E her She s a German and they re altva^ crankv Anvhow I t s my birtbdav I m always alh^ved a gnest on birthdays" So home together gayly chatting i were ft prcrop of them but it w a s Doctor T^ eiderman who Btocfi by the bed and waited Father Gregory his friend of many years, had come again Crom Etzel and it -svne he who had administered the sacrament The king had roused for It and had am'led at the father Sol* he said almost la a whisper, ·vou would «ead me clean' It is hard to B cour an old Kettle Doctor WelOrrnnn bent over bed, ' Majesty he implored If there Is anything we can do to make you comfortable-"Give me Huberts picture,' said the milk cpg and znleback' Bohby also I fclng \\henhlsfingersrefnscdtohold ate busilr and conversation Ian [it, Annunciata came forward swiftly gulshed and held it before him But his heavy ejes dosed t Ith more Intuition tliin might hove been expected of her the archduchess laid It on the white cover Jet, and placed her fathers hand on it Ihe two sisters o' mercy stood health a bottle wrapped lu a newspaper side the bed nnd looked down at the and sat down nguin quiet figure "I should wish to die so whispered the elder A loug life tilled w i t h Then the moment came when, the first eraUngs appeased they sat back la their chairs while Ptpy cleared the table and brought in a knife to cut tbe cake Mr Thorpe had excused him self for u moment Now he ctme bacn. real the uj lit o czsiou he said as this la a not eiactlj Roberts coming of age but o^irkmg his arrival nrnnj deeds and then to ·went the two children along the cob- at icurs of discretion the period when 'A long l i f e full of nmnj sorrows* b!e-paved streets of the andent t vn h p ceascs to ne a small boy and be- observed the youuger one her eyes past old churches that had been »aeked comQt a ul S one w t might drink a full of tears He has outlhed all and pillaged by the verv antestorg of toast to ifc - [ tlmt he loved. one of them taking short tuts through "Robert ' objected the big boys Except the little Olto ·arrow passages that twisted and mother Their glance-? met for even here n "fined their way between and so ·**· tea«poon/ul each honey he there was a question finally, to the door of u tall building D *S£*d i * rt changes it from a mere As If their thought hjd penetratetl Tvhere from the concierges -com be- Cupper to « festivity | the hare which IH perhaps the mint lit poun d a fow drops of wine into that hides from us tlie gates e£ .heaven the children s glas-sea and filled them ae ol(J klnff opcDed Ws eycg ui with water Then he filled the Otto ,» he sat{1 M __ w i c h _~ otturs ant] sat smiling this big joung ^ nnunc]ata bent over Hm, He is ehe told hin with Study thla remarkable plctur ajid you cannot Co.! to \\1\ wt, are £ghtiner the Prussian atitocrucv \CM T;ill neo *"ow trul l e crlmir al s p r i t tlmt moves men In tlio Gcrmin irrav juil na\5 to fomralt oiitngeo . linFt ht manity s embodied in the German knisci Here tin. artist '·as fcl wn the nulocnU and Ilia warriors aa they rcaliv are In their effort to put the hobnailed 1 el of Pru-slan lam on the necks of Crea naaoia the Germans rl nder the hon el of l"ioc«!nt nOT\ combatants use the white to lure tholr enemloB out Imp op«n to bo shot jnuroar women aud cWflren cut off the hunfls ot babies anil Introduce Into war fare poison sue their own countr\ " The German au horUtes have yiolat ed these articles from the -ve"^ btgln lilng AB HOOQ us 'liny In\ Klod Pel uluin IK-HJ Dint's i\crc Iilil u j n i Indl vldual c immurlliea t pris^ils for «oiut act 11^ linar the 0 nun urnv or Its regulitlont- which vtii, counnlrUd within the r b o u n d i r l f ^ In -in Ap peal to Inith C;irdlnul ilercier dies the lolfa viu 0 ta^cs ilullucs a nor! ln n -cluss t c w n without resources haa had a fli e of JU 000 mirks inflicted on it 1 E cause tho uurj.onn» tei did not Inform th military nuttiorUy ol a 3oLniL which tl e cirdiiial dtf nvtd of the ufct of Ins uiotor-ir hid been obliged 'o m i k on foot In fact ^xm the filmMt bl prcvtsts heavy fine" are inaic-td ». i coirmuues The commune of Fucrh ihese Came iiack brcm vo Brand Whiilook Tells of Cowardiy Act of Commander of German Detachment. _ _._.,^_ HUGH GIBSON ADDS EVIDENCE TcllB of Priests Compelled to Walk Be fore "Huns" to Form Screen-Cardinal Mercier'a Statement as to Taking of Hostages. A background of intrepid service tot only in the bitter fighting )n France but before the war in the Royal North West Mounted Police was rclited by officers of tb-d British Canadian Rf-crtnting Mission us rea eon for the promotion to command to the Western Division of Major A. Wallace Owen He was one of the men of the Royal "West Mounted Police detailed to hold i- grim re ptramt the border characters who ewanned into the Klondike rn the !A aska £old rush As a type of the men who came back from No Man's Land, 1 Major Owen's experience explains the keen interest shown at rccroitiner rallies nd T aectin#g addressed by officers and men of the Mission m intensive Efforts to #et as volunteers tbe fintish subjects who in three months j r so will be subject to tie United btates draft. Major Owen KH tho bittereaf 'i-h IER at ^pres the Sommf V i m j Rjdt,e nnd Mcssmes He was m th thiclt of f rhi-injr during which lo( officers who came to his battahor were kilieo o* wounded Protu th dav i*h n he was jmen command o his ramp my in the bloodv \pre saheot through tlie preat- battlci Owen )ed a charmed life aa he nevei lereived more than o tri\ml wound nci-Tvi hstant'inc; ofiicer sftfr office! assigned to serve with h?m was car ned back dead or -wonnded Time after time he went over the top ic "ttacXs on the German trenches Tin staff of the Mission at aL depots is made trp of returned men* who a'thoujrh on sick leav or in ·vihdcd out of SCTVICD continue to fitfht the onlv wa thev can which is bv sendint? forw-nrd recrnits td stren .rtfa en tbe Bntish hues LI France ' wns biilijicted to a fini. of 3000 maiLs betause a telegraph wire was broken Thai Hie Germt ns in Belgium { aliiu^ the Inquiry showed that it made use of nomert,, children and ^ CQ ^^ rout wear t pnesis fts scr$ns io prolci ths in voders from Belgian troops is shown slle the entrnace came a reek of *tt wing garlic. Neither of the children had noticed unwonted Silence of the streets, Merclleoe Exactfons In addition to sueli orbitrarv , - ,, , . ,, T fflJoradlc eractlonh In December 101-1 by the Jollomng *eshmony paWwed toe Gem]UUa denuudtd 40 000 000 j 6j/ ihc committee on · - ' - · » -- *-- - -- - mafion LITTLE TALKS ON THRIFT By S W STRAUb President American Society j or Tlnfi 6 ic tn/or- fnmcs £$8000000} a month to be ^hjcb had almost suddenly succeeded min w h o nild brought his loved onesj com | ng . f f t t her tht noise of the carnival What lew) RCTMSS t bt ^cn and was trjlng to make w h l t e llps papers bv they had seen had been tllorn bippi up a night of ston*, stairs | S1]0 s ]i pp p d to ) 1Pr jj n t e s bosidn the hurryiufj in the direction of the palnce above a ce-qclerge s bareau tbnt bcd Rntl i 00 L, e( i np to Doctor Welder Twice they had parsed soldiers with smelleil of Bailie ' lantern^ nnd once ne had stop ed nr he saiti I bOievc it Is» cns- toi J irj to unit the I Ine; fc ricnd'v I and f a s h e d a iglit on thcci \\ e ', old sport saiu English aaythi^s vou ecu an \\lth I am afraid p^ld b tlie Bel rt an provinces Jointli Minister "VrhtUock in his report of Concerning _his puarm(iusimpoalt,aa September 12 1017 to the wwreury of Curdinal MtrUer sjyb la the 'Apptai state* gives an Instance of UK. Ocr to Trutti mun practice of seek ng proloutiou, i '^cm In December 11)1^ Belgium ' The Germans altncki-d Hou 0 uerde was devastated ContrlhjUona ol w a r *--josptl on t b e j ^ v n s and intiunaeruble she v^hispercd. "Can do you not-7 The -cldler had pn^scrt on mnttT- , erillntl0( , W l n, n r o otto wa« on his tez nt tbe Indolence of American d l l fcct fl ,, He ,, el( , ll|s R , n( , s , |n ,,,, tfrpn Thp two v motors lauqbert n ^ lt l|Jri(J ,,,,,, h|S e ^ ohnnp a Hl ku.\\ ^bat to do He bad seen :hn Kma:'^ henitli drunk an} -number cff times. r his mnjesty FPrrtlnnod of IJ ^ n ^ lie « u d sr'eronij God kerp the k i n g ' ' 0\tr tbcl nla-swi Mr"! Thorpes fea met he- hnsbond ·= How th* y trained tlitir (hlldren here' Put ferdm ird W Hlium Otto find not fmi^he'l I n hf you he «ald In bis c'eir \ un^ trrllt; hol'li^ij; his glass the pi evident of the United Stites-the president F The pres'Uent said llr Thorpe The UriDk agam (jccept/the Fran \"frlmfl"of mr D "e'"siia Bobbr, m t ! eln "I 10 disippro^d ot cluWren be- « h l t diuntert " Inn e mucl1 ° " nl1 ni P rcteutie ' '- Mp her nine I nbh^ ^ i'd 1 s mother with n :Ui i her ^ ce i m x t n t ^ou bome- Kive you tht good kluR nnd bruvn HP «honk hi-, he id S-he hid ...... ·.)Uuor Berdlnanrt or Uouln ,, qu( ., tlon ln her KlatM . e ana he h , Vie\ stood op to Oriak It and een ar , wpred Thp , r o w n t r l n ( . n ,, s E'tpi. li d . - - ' - * ' cim u m i d l v at the \ittidsm T he concicrce was 011 His niece "ailmirtpd t h e n and % ent back to her Inte-rnpted cookine The children hurried in the winding stone suilrca-e w i t h its Iron rail nud its g"*s Hntern, to t!if second floor Tn the sitting room the «our fact d joverncNS wai darnine a hole In r BTnM stocking She looked it the clock Tou are fifteen minutes Inte." s] e snapped nnd bit the (liming thread-not with riKe but because she had forc tten her scissors 'Tm oorrv but roa see--' 'T\ bom bnvp vou there 9 " t Bobbv s she said -ind went clmc back wlth Oifflcnlti , -tared « the bov .. ...,.f ^ ^^J'^, were on the cake, he 5= guess -- Tho governess pnt down the ^fort Ins *ind rrcse In so* doing she caught her ftr^t reil glimpse of Ferdlnaod WlHi ira Otto, and she stntgere 1 back ' Hoiv Saints white ThPn ·= and her color came back. "For a mo meat «!ic muttered "--bnt no H Is not so tall nor hi*' he the manner Tc" H e is much sm tiler 1 "V\ hfch nroves that whether It ·wears it or not royalty Is alvrnv*. nwin rod fo the top of i cro^vn In the next room Bohbj- s mother wns arranging cindi^s on a birthday cake Jn the center of the table Pepv h.d- ic-ed thfr cake herself and had wlte of apirtmcnte In the palace sur "miidcd bj iwrnp ordered bj rale and rectdrnt Imrrlcned hy military dls ' Icipline and un^oftoncd bv family love 'Home 1 they n'l said a HtUc shok !lv nnd drank to It. Uoaae' fo the Thorpes a little hou«c on i shady street In America, 11 the Praulem a thatclied cottnge In [lip monutaln^ of Germans, and an old mother to Pepv the room in a tenement where «he went at night to Ferdinand \V illlam Otto n formal Honever It looked delicious and Inside had been baked n tiny blicK china iloll ind, a new Amerlc-m pennv, wUh Vbriham Lincoln s l, e .d on It T* p noy «a; for sood fortine bat the doll was a jol e of PepVs Bobby kelng i-sn-fshely maaraline Bobbr havlDq passed the oitpost «arrled the rest of the situation bv as « i - i * t . 1-1 Section oi the old it the *'?»· ^ -""me A£tor a " Fs TM s P !nn went astraT fo "»» e 7 aB '? ! " f, ot "·« chln » ^ """J Tcrrtinand William Otto the Lin co!n pcnliy Thit" sn'd Bol hfa father ,«Is a Lincoln penny, loung man It bears Mrs. Thorpe sa« Ferdjnand \Vil- the portrait of -ibraham Lincoln- Hove Ham Otto and mnt o\er somewhat 5 on ever heard of him!' puzzled VMth her hand out 'I am The prince looked up Did he not Ten g i l d Bnbbj brought vou she know the 'Gettysburg address' by sn'fl "He hns so few little friends-- bmrt' Then «he stopped for the pnnce had les sir " he said "Th»-- ray bronsht his heels together sharpH nnd ?randfither thinks that President Lin bending over her hand had kissed it, i coin \\tts a \er grent man eiactlv as ha kissed his 4.unt Annun i ' One of the w orWs greatest I hard clatn's i hen he went to have tea with | ly thoiifrht over Sere -- ' Mr Thorpe ' A Long Life, Full of Many Sorrows" I gone Perhaps the scorch would be successful Could he not be held then until thp boy was found** And Doctor j Weiderman hod answt red ?*o ' In the antechamber thp council wuiteTl standing and without speech But in an armcbai" beside tho door to the Mngs room the chancellor ant his face buried in his hands Jn spito of precautions In spite of everything the blow had fallen The croun prince, to him at once son and sovereign the little crown prince was gone, And his old friend his comrade of many .jears lay nt his last hour I ??ow he waited for the king's death, Wafted numbly Far with the tolling j of St Stefan s bell would rise the crj j for the ncTCji !»i-Eg And tfapre was no king In the little room where the sisters : kept their medicines M useless now .her "U-^ Thorp? was falrlv nartled piused and lookprf specuJutively at the I Hedwig knelt at tbe prie-dieu and not it The- Ui^s bnt it the grace with boy You d Iferter keep that penny which t i e flb^te was rendered "where you \ \ o n t lose it he said sob- T N n ^he looked down nnd it re-Urly "It doesn t hurt us to try to be stored r ^ r composure to find that Fer- j.ood If yon re in trouble think of dlnnnd William Otto too had turned the difficulties Abraham Lincoln a»r- e%es tov.ird the ca\e He was after i nounted If you want to be great ·II* on(\ a hungry small boy With l think how great he was" He was a quick tenderness she stooped and t ifle ashamed of his own earnestness kissed h'ra grave'v oo the forehtid i AJ1 that for a penny, yonng man I" Caresses i^ere strange to Ferdinand The festivities were taking a serloua Williaru Otto. His warm little hetrt turn There was a little packet at leaped and pounded. At that moment* etch plate and now Bobby s mother on the ]Htlt Au^UKt tin. iKIM tn troJiM i^ore liok lug the Gclte bn I^P in tbt. vil ae»- I h t O* rmaiit- fttrctd the par it-li prlear ot Aut(,nerticn to walk in Croat of thcoi afa u phtold ^.s U»o\ ncnrcd the Imrrlcidt tin, Bcl?mn =oi d t L i e fired und the prieyt w t i killed AJ*tct the rt treat nf (he Bpklmx tl * Germans shot four men burned DO hou 1 -!. *» and looted 100 *j Hu«h dibson In A J ) i r n U Proru Our lAgntJon la Llg urn pi(,c 155 jflvej, another Incidrnl Two old pripflta hu-ve btac^trcd In to the - legation i re tie id tbnu alive after havmg botn coruptlled to ·walk ahead of tbe GtrmnQ tn ops for miles i^ a bort of pDtee in h scrftn One of Jraem H ill and H is s t i d thiit he rattj die as i result of what he has gone through SUtement of C a r d i n a l Merclcr At tbe time of tii ima^oo Belgian Chilian*, in -?0 places were rmu'e to n\\ L part in operations of war agalnit t h i J r n n u tountrv Vt Itr monrlf Ltbhelco Dlnant and e N ^ w h f re In matn places j f i c f i t b l f cltircna women and children ^tre forced to niurch iti f^unl oC G-pruirtti rr^Jraenis or to miiLc a "wrtcn btfore thun The system of hnstngeq \\ is ctirrted out with a fierce tmelt^ The procla mation of August 4Lh quoted above, declared without circuniloeution 'Hostoges will b? freelv taken An ofBeinl prnclarna Ion ported at Lltge In the cnrly d u j s of Augnat, nm thus Bver nggi ev-sltm committed ngilnst the. German troops hy any per sons other than soldiers in uniform not onlj exposes the guilty person to be immediately shot but will also ea tail tbe severer reprisals against all the Inhabitants and especially against tbose natives of Liege who hnvc been detained as homages lu the citadel of Liege bj the commandant of the Ger These hostages ere Moaslgnor Hut ten bishop of Liege M Klojer burgomaster of Lltge the senators -epre-" sentativtA nnd tne ppiinincnt deputv ami shrtff of I.legc The abo\c Qimtn ifiu Is t i i o n from **An Appeal to Irnth adclrLSsed Ivo- vember 24 1D1C h j Cardinal Mordor nnd the other bishop« of Belgium to the cj.rdinnlB archbishops find bishops of Gcrmanv and Austi i L Hungary Sorap ten or n dozen An erltan cor rttiuNitions lo kind had pxhiu-ned her Tbt grc ittr jnrt uf the fat tone;, \vere Uilc and in ho'-e %vlii.h \\ere still «t \tork, aw m t t t r i a l u w ^ r contnrj to all law belnfc, comm ntlttrcd It ^\ag 0 1 this i m n ^ t r s h d J5el w lnm IKiug on fordgu tli r f \ (1 at a cont ribuUon of neorl\ jOy OiK) 000 The 6prrna.n mil turj -u es h a \ c al»o mudc tJL farnillt.^ rcspon^ii lo for wets i coniniittLd b^ or churned ij, ilnst mem f borh as Is shown ia the foil ts\ us t-s. amplcs, Vi hich are quoted from the Appeal to Iruth dUd a t o \ e \ The Belg an government ha\e sent ord(*r*; to r^jo n Tiie annj to the ml litiamnn of several clashes Alt those w ho rcceiv e Uiese rd ers arf htrict forbidden to act u p t n them I In east of dlsobod t nee the ·""nnulv of th wHitlumau w i l l be lieid equal to respuQMbU \ Punishment "Without Mercy" The commiinder in h t c f of the Oer man army in }lel 0 iutn posted u proclu mation declaring The ^Illape*. wb^re arts o*" hostility Bhall be committed by the Inhabit, ntii UpUin^t our troops wil be burned "For all destructi n of rouds rail I ·v^ays bridges t tc Cit \LlIageB in tiie ne ghborhood of thp destruction will be h I d nspoiiMblt C a l i f o r n i a Befo e J]is pjan went 'nta effect li a s s e t a hundreds of tons of good nsir ejtlier orthv CXZTS vc e dumped back mo the "sea or pic to other were sold to glue iactor:es and icr- states in the tihzer works at nominal sum«; At the 1 r a c *· i c c o: same tune the public of f en was called Ihn t Ea-l on to pav tigfa pncts lor fish, WbjfC the war certain va-Jcties of fre^h caixnt sea f o d of c3»ccUent qt auty was being' sold for ic^ihzcr ^nd glue lor 5 to cents a pound CaUformans were w en it seci that one vital was r oc*l bccc me of the factors of nctory and the aculc need for thrift was being impressed on tbe nation, the fish dealer* in the rtrthcrn part of Ll c state formed an axchange aud con ribuini 3% of their gross sales to an ad^er isint; fund A.n educational propaijanda, embrac ing newspaper advertising was conducted through which the public was taught the food values of fish that hitherto had little or no market d*- mand The thrift and economy ot fish diet was pointed out and the ciraes of dealers who coald supply spcces of fish that heretofore bad been large!} wasted were made public. a result the average pnceof fish fo the consumer 1 * m northern Oil forma was lowered 10% and the con sumption was broadened. This result was secured at ?n average cost nf .ibout 2% on wholesale sales m a siDfjIe month Later the State Legislature gave the State Market Director control of the fish industry with power to )iccnse dealers and to spend the li cctae fee* m advertwmg This plan ' now is beiog followed witJk great i gucccss. j jiaving high pric « fo" halibut, sal mon s^r ppcd ba «fndt and tenderloin of sole io ciajs after the fi^h had been caught m northern waters. Communities trat prodLce 1argr qnanrifaes of lood -such as £m t or vegetables al?o cou d ndopt liic plant tliat worked so well rn California. Recently ilfafia has come into use a food lor homaii consumption, and we a c told that in the ^ eit where this product :« extensively RTOWTZ private concerns are e*ideivor- mg to make a broader market for it- For some months the public has been adVised on the ose of whale meat and shark meat for *oocl In all of such matters the food administration is mnch interested and has s^own a disposition to help as much as possible^ These activities constitute tbe application o f correct *hnft principles* \ot onlj do they incan the elimination 01 -nas^ *o tlie producer but they comprise i dcnn te so.\mg to the consumer bv increased production. Both the individual seller and buyer gain hy the ar's.ngcment, and the nation's iood supplj js acgmented. Printers ink can be made a potent factor m cl -nmating: waste, reducing the cost ot lt\mg and ·"rranins th% T h t pjnl^hmeQts announced a b o v e ) vrtU he carried out se^erc-lj nnd with our morcj Thi \ h c l commuaitj \\111 he heid respoiibil It Hotigcs u l i l be tal cti in large u u u b f r s The hea^itsi w a r tuxes ^111 hi, le\led At tho end of the ' ^ppe*! 1 to Trntti" l Cardinal Mercler snjs But w e caunot «j% all here nor qinre all "If however our readers wish for tht proof of the iv.taxations we shall be glad to furnish them. There Is not in our letter nor In the fr ur annexes [to the ' Appeal to Truth] one allegation of which we have not the prooCo In ciir records" WANTED TO KEEP OLD RUSSIA Deelre of Caucasian Princess Was for Independence Without Blemishes of Industrialism I met a Oancosinn prinress here tn ^etrograd Ernost [ oole writes In the council hero nnd half tbe otter lenders too are Caucasians. "We are do- Ing our shnre. But it the sntne time we wnnt to be free from too mnch rale by Petrograd 'What do vou mean bv aatonornr? flow froe do yon want to be*TM I asXed Tell me About your United States. You have st*Ues, and a natloa too" she s*ld_ I tried ro explain the relations between onr stetes and the feaeral sov- *We wish mare than thf\t, ahe snid , **wo wont more Independence " I replied tint In America wo ·HPPO movliifi just tho other ivay -- toward more centralized tovernment -- and I tried to explain bovt the ffrxnvth of railroaos, factories mills and huge Interstate corporations wns forelng us to grant more and more contra, to UIP- lion in 'SVnshinglo*! * Hat she rejoined v^e Oon t -wnnt nn ipiv land of mills, \\ e want our w-trh lo».kja\T The lost, trat not Q)» least Is *be fickle Tooog glrj trho jost ·an t kmt and trfio can't bear to took it Red Cross and rocroltiai: postrpt b*cauRe ther remind her o£ the strag- ,,!? on the other side. **Goodnesa, » girl muf t faav* some pleasure thetse* ilmes," «e»« says. To fs^et tbe war- she cabaret erwrr night wtth tha chicfc^j-fcreasted young man vbo aldn the enust* of aemoentcy bis old Ksronaentb of whom I was one, wit , Sutnirclny Evening Post She s i t next nessod the lirst German drUe through j to me ono day In the small press £ul " ---.. . ... _ , , - , lpn of rhe h j l l ^ nhfch the durna used to meet Now In Us plnce was Belgium Most of us were so jpp! UcU , as TO be- reached over and opened hers le would have dic4 for her 1 Mr Thorpe came home a little late. ' Oh she said and exhibited « H* kissed Bobby twelve times and one piudy tissue paper bonnet Everybody to groT un. He shoo* hands absently h-id one. Mr Thorpe's was a dunce s with the visitor and gave the Fran , cup and Fraulelns a giddy Pierrette lefn the evening paper--an extra ' 01 black and white Bobby had a vagance en which he insisted, although i military cap With eager fingers Ferone could re*d tn* newt for nothing| dlnand \\illiom Otto opened his, h» praved Ihe king roused again Jlettlich?' he asked The elder sister tiptoed, to the door nnd opened !*· The council turned dread on their faces fche placed a hand on the chancellors shoulder "His majesty ins asked for 5 on When he looked up dazed she. bent down and took his hand. Courage'" she said qnleth The chancellor stood a second in side the door Then hi went to the side of the bed and knelt, his lips to the cold white hand on the counter pane Sire " ne choked ' It Is I--Mett iicb," To Be Continued. and horrified bj what w e come anti German for life, "\\1J1 It ·win In Somrdaj Evening Post Octobers 1917 page il Robbery Under Guise of Fines The cont-actEng nations Including the council The womau by ray I learned was here as n correspondent for a social rcrolutlonit,t paper down In thp Caucasus t had been In the Caucasus venrs Germany who slpied the conventions before nnd we spoke of the old town ·of the second pcaee conference at The! where she had been horn high up in Hngno 1907 pledged themselves ro the) the heart of the mountains The Kus- KusHln to as It Is -- I mean with Itft beimtifu] Ilelds nnd Us forests. Its ri\ers and Its muuntalns You ha\e seen (ho Caucasus and I fcnosv you will led what I mean foilovilng Art cle L. 3so general penalty pe cnnlarv or otlienxlse shall bo inflicted upon the fopulatlon on account oC tho nets of individuals for T*hic*i they cin not be rcgardttl as jointly and several ly responsible 'Article LII Requisitions Ln Urd and son cos shall not be demanded from municipalities or inhabitants ex cept for the needs of the nrny of oe- cupatlon The\ shah be in proportion to the resources of t ic counti and at such a nature is not to In^ohe the in habitants in the obligation of taking .cart in military operations against slam cud the women there he dm monds of Russia and this v oimn T*as one of these I vraa curious to leirn what had drawn her to a scene like this so manv thousand miles from home She explained that her husband had been killed in the first vear of the war and that after thut she had thiown herself into w a r activ Itlei "We don t "want to desert the Bus slon cause \e are nil In favoi of pushing the war throu 0 h to (he end | she told me \ud at tlio some time | we are doing our p i t In tiie «0"K of the xevojubon. The president of the i Among ths War Sacrtfteoa. There are roanv \nrlpties of human beinjs In !Nt\\ Tori clt ino^t \ beyond tlu draft ug. Vio 1C I utle Snui had to depend upon them ftn usb s nnce would ne^er h^ive to t n ^ e aa obesItT cuie Tl r\ ul howeu r he lie\c themselve= pntr otic bttaust tlip\ are stinting on their hobbies Tor lu stance then Is the pallid jonng man with the thicken breast \\hn ]s doing his bit bv cutting down his smoking to ten p ck» of clpnettea a fia\ He c a n t wciir khal I bee i «e tlie\ cant miiUe a uniform fcrull enough to flt hi-u Then there is the stanch patriot M ho j,l\ es e\ er\ thing--his good v. ill aad m01 1 support He has a padiock on ever\ pocket n n d he helps the Tied Grob-s nud ofher f h i u t i t s b^ be^io^ 1 - Injr ai encourigng sniUe on the ^o ilcitora. He !b lighter tliaa u dam Sparrow We*. Jacob Rtls describes In on* ef delightful e«sav^ hovv tlte good housekeeper In his Dari'sh bom« osed to climb to the eives to rob tbe sptir- ro\vg nests for a delectable pia. Now^ Mr James Hunt oj Phll-'deJplila wb* lg eruancHrg agalrtst The English *fGt+ row ud\oc-ites the pie as the true d*#toy of th ^v\rro\% He- furnished th» spjrmws for such a pie opened t^ \\ vAln^tnn reenrlv ot a )nnehoo» s rwd bv the Fhlladelpbta PabJlo Le4- r-CP The cttoits deel ired that tbe pie ·»** i;ood am* the rH%nr of the sparrow uas superior t chichcn and e^oal ta pnitHli,e Wislnnicttn hovb fo»nd this mit loop nco in their secret sparrow roasts, ^here 107en- of these titlbit* uf re spttfrd on \vlres before the blaza and *o\oin ed M Ihese food pirates. r*]*»an*np i sja**roM is a simple mnt* ter of uittinTM the hreist awiv from att other pans utd skinning Special trnpl are n--ed f r atching sjiarrow*? These are Utae t n-or f»von e rookeries *n of spflrrowb are caught at jact- KeHy an Aviator Tack KU\ of ti e \ « a p e r Boat dab. v Had Iphif i ne o^ tl e fo-cmo^t sin I scullers in this rountn is Tilth th« u it ou (nr-- at Austin Tex, Wimu-rjs o Hourless. r l t s s th ^i t ! ren h brrd colt, \ "\'r 1 . 3 m nt won a total ot dun I B the last sei^oa.

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