The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SEX. THE DAILY COURIER,' CONNELLSVIL.LE, PA. "WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 30, ~l\ UOHN OUN NOW PUTS IN CLAIM FOR WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP OF WORLD Will Occupy Position of Importance' in Athletics. CORRECT FORM: Of [EXERCISE. ; ./; John pan, \rhoBt«rOedtli«-wrestling iroria a year or so ago by making . Jot Stecher qjnit the-riiiit In disgust In a'boat at' Worcester, Mass, and ;· forfeit the Iwrat to him,' liiis retained from Finland. It took llm over a month .-to tompiete-the trip.-- - -- _ . . . . . . -A* soon aa he -ma told of the claims of Caddoefc, Lewis and Zbyszko to :"the world's championship he «t once challenged each and every one of them. TENNIS FAST BECOMING POPULAfi A fair aftTitef playing tennis -da .ice ·. skst« at the rinfc at the-Hotel BDt- 'more; Hew Toric. Ice tenais Is iart'be- v coding popular. * The : players 1 Trenr strtes with spiled edges enabling them to stop qnlctlj. A regrilaScm tennis 'court IB laid ont -.'upon-tbe ice ODd.the.lliies. are.marked ·with a palnt-wliicli does, not affect tbe -eqnflttnltnn ~ of ttae plio'er** aa they i trrer them.. - . ...·. ... DO NOT CARE ABOUT WEIGHT 'Jim Corbett Conceded Thirty-Four .*.. -^ . Pound* t John l_ SullNan and.. ·* -- .., - - Beat Hhn-by Cltvcrnesj. .. _ ^cirbett conceded^34_pcnnds to John ii-SnJUfcfttn and.beat him, tor tie rea : "~ aon. that, Ces*ett ..ww. M, devcr the larger, rrmn .coulfi. oot land bis lamons ..knockout blow and was gradnally worn '.. - down b? Uxe. speed, of _tlia lighter boi- i.._ . er. . , . , · . , _. _ _. ' · ~ · .... Eitsnminons iras about 2Q.ponnds lighter fk*r Corbett^.biit ·w.on throogh strategy and hard!punching. ' :. Fitz gaTe vxy mudi more weight to" rugged ciiaps lite' Sharkey, Biriilln sad ; ~ otters."bcrt had no dlflSculty in proving '·'. that Uic ""bigger tliey are the 'arder '~\ ' they falL" " - . . . . . . "'.:: "At the same flme, given two men '" 'equal -In fitting and jsdencet neither, -- "T3B concede-much--weigta; to his oppo- ~ ~ - · · · · · - - - . - ' -: - - · · · ' · ' · * . CADDIE HAD R I G H T IDEA 'I '. IN ADVISING BEGINNER. i't ' " A. beginner at golf was on one 1' occasion .taking: an nnconsdon- .X .able Ume £o get round a course* I not for from .this city. Several .' holes had been played in a man^ ner which produced a look o£ «£ disgust on the face of the cad* die. Getting badly bunkered, the * golfer tried a number of clubs, '. \ one after-the other,.without snc- " cess. Turning to the caddie, he \ \ inquired: *' "What should I take now, * boyr * * "You sbocld take the 4:25 car '."i back to; the. city, sir," was the * \ boy's ijrorapt response. Both .Indoor ind Open.'f/atcr Training fop Oarsmen of Various Eastern Colleges---Regattas: Under . Certain Conditions. 'CBr C. "HAL3TED ,MAPE3. Chairman | · ^ Board of Stewards, Intercollegiate Row- i " CHAIRS ARE NO IMPROVEMENT. BRITISH KNOW RACING VALUE Decision , to.. Lengthen : Racing Season in 1918,Shews Importanc* Placed "on .Better Breeding. England's decision to lengthen the,"seaSon, the dates of which. have jnst"-been';announced, shows ·what Importance English authorities lay irpon the improvement of the breed of horses in war times. - Horses are essential even In this great conflict of machines and it Is through racing that the breeding industry thrives and is kept alive.'" If the war contiiraea through 1919 an even longer season than that sanctioned for neit year, will undoubtedly be In order. The English government did not ctrr- tall~ thoroughbred racing- In order to 'conserve grain supplies alone, as many 'turfmen in this country are under the Impression. It was realised that the .horses"would have.-to, eat..pnder any ·circumstances, and the only way to save fodder. In. appreciable qnantitles .would he .to cut .the ,throats of the 'thoroughbreds, something;no government Is going to advise under war con- dltiona. - ·_ · Limitations were put ou racing rather because of the .need of,:all transit facilities for .war Traslness.' The government heeded its rolling stock for the purpose of transporting, troops, mu- nition* and the like. At "the transportation problem becomes le'ss acute the indications are the racing sea- eon* --win correspondingly be. la- crensed. . ., , . - SHOCK TO- GOTHAM. SfeRIBES President Rickey of St Louia Cardinal* Gives Writers a Jar by Overlooking Donovan. · .Desperate efforts of "friends" of Bill Boaonran'.. In.,New' Tort'to name BUI manager of the SL IxniU Cardinnls fell through. The Gotham scribe*'boosted Btll to"the 'extent of columns, but President Branch 'RlcJrey of "the Cardinals, surprising as It may'seem/, declined to lefBroadway scribblers run" his bnll club" for'him. His refusal naturally came as a great" shock to New York editors. ·"While It Is.still too early'to state definitely the ojitloolr for competitive .rowing during ."the coming seaaoa, .1 .feel confident that the. sport TviU occupy a position of irapbrtaace In tho athletic activities of tbe .Eastern colleges In 1918. As'.a.means ol physical development and recreation; rowing ,hns always held a deserred promJ- nencG in the athletic life of-the tinder- gradoate. There Is, moreover, nnder the present conditions, nn additional and pressing need for a continuation of the upbuilding of the collegian both from a bodily and mental standpoint. I know of no better form o* exercise to help to achieve this than rowing ivJth its demand for a perfect co-crdJ- natlon, of mind and body in the Individual onrsman and the crew as a whole. To Continue Rowing. That this is thoroughly realized by those in chnrge of athletics at the various colleges, which have sent crews to both Ponghkeepsie and New London In.recent years, Is shown by the plans to continue r6wing, even though In a modified form, during the coming season. There will be both, indoor and open water training for the oarsnicn at Colmnbia, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard and Syracuse. Interclass and college regattas will be held and under certain conditions there Is a possibility of some intervarslty competition, although not upon as Important a scale as that which marts college rowing In normal times. Interest In Sport. Fall practice was held at a majority of the institutions which have supported-crews in the past arid reports from nil these centers indicate pint tho students evinced marked Interest in the sport, when the number of unusual activities which, are now a port of regular college work are taken into consideration. That tlilg same Interest and enthusiasm will continue throughout the winter and increase with the coming of spring appears quite certain. Rowing will be supported so long as it doos not Interfere with the more Important duties of the zmdergrmlnate in hts relation to his college and the country nt large, and those In charge of tho sport can be counted upon to see the tianger line Is not overstepped. . Chairs la a grand.stand arc not part of-the "Improremeuts" of a ball pnrk, according to 'a decision, by a St Louis com. Wben 'the"Federal league was in cxie- tfince the.backers of tho outlaw team in St.'Louis leneed 'a plot of ground-and equipped a park. Under the terms of the lease the Improvements mude were to re- Tert to the bwners of the ground whea the |lo«se expired. The Federal promotprs sought to remove certain equipment, including tho- grhmlHtiuHl chairs ami the park owners claimed them an improvements. The court decided otherwise, permitting removal of the choirs. The owners get the grandstand, bleachers and tho fences. FtfOTBAEL MEN IN SERVICE! Twenty-Two Members cf .Yale Team ] Ar« Now. Fighting for Uncle- Sam-- '. Same at Harvard. Twenty-two,men were awarded the; "T" of the Tale football team after I the line season.' Every one cf thoso; men are now in service. Only one re-! turned to college this year. He was j under military age, but Is training In | the Yale ofllcers* reserve training | cnmp. Sir of the gridiron stars are j ser\-ing in thft fluid artillery 'dlrislou,; six In aviation, four In the navy, three I in reserve officers' training camps, t w o ' in ambulance service, one !n the Ord- j nance- department and one in the Yale j ofllccrs* training camp. Of the 73 men ; who won the Harvard "H" In different athletics, CO today aru in service. Illustrated by Grncllt, |HOW HAPPY GIGGLES HELPED PEGGY AMD GRANNY. P EGGT had ple^e-1 with hrr tor* u n t i l Khe wa-s tired of Uinm all- Kvcn dressing and nndresslnff hr- doJ)H made lier crows. She was on the verse of twirs T*5i^:i BomoUiint? flitted by the window, and Peppy ran out to soo vrliat 1L WRS. There on tho Tencti post flat hrr HtUe frlond, Hanpy GlRple«. swlnsln* tils fn and Hmlllnp at Pej?R7 - . "Hollo, Pefrffyl" ,lw nritxl in R che«rv ·rcrfco. "Whut'fl Uin trouble tlii.H It.vely "Oh. I'm tlrod of my toyn nnil doil»"' pouted PcffKy. "Dear m«I Bfllnjc Hred of your toyn ·howldn't mako you croan," lai];!'i''fl Happy aigglca. "Why rton't you nml nomcthtnir oJno to flo?" "But thore'ii nothing elno to An," pouted Fegjry- "Indeed, thnro ]«. thcro'n nlwaj-n nomi- thlniij for wjlltnu liandn To do," ropHcil Happy OicffloB. "Keep y o u r hatiSf b u s y - iuid you'll never bo croas." Thon )iu ·whispered BomcthinK lr. I'CKRT/'K «ar "Oh, that'H bo lovely!" cried Pegsy." and ah« ran Into the house, soon return- Ing with tho HcUjsors. Pegsy cut tho prottient flowers slip could Oni in the (?a.r(len. tlion lylr.ff hor bonnet under her chin she ran down tlio : roarl and )cnocltcd ot Grmnnr IIawkl:is'« ·door. SAVE WHEAT FOI OOfl SGIDIERS-TBEY STONGTSUFFEB! OSE CORN FLOUB Two WiisatSess Days Each Week -and Cne Wtieafless Meal a Oaf Will Give Os 90,000,000 Bosiieis For Oar Own Boys arid the Allies. JACK MILLER AND WIFE ENLIST FOR WAR WORK WHY GOLF GAME IS POPULAR! One Sport Where Individual I* Su- premo and Mistakes of Opponent Do Not Aulst. Golf in the one game where the Individual Is supreme. No matter hovr poorly ono man plays, the other cannot win" unless he himself plays better. The mistakes of one player do not themselves rid the other unless he avoids making the some or otker errors. The tennis plnyer scores when the other plnyer drives out of bounds or into the net. The football team tallies when the pnnt is dropped or the boll Is fnmbled. A dropped fly ends mnny a baseball gnme when victory seems sure for the other side. And so on !n every sport bnt one, and that is golf. If the one golfer drives ont of botradfl nr tops bla drive or shoots Into trap the other man benefits not at all unless he plays better coif. BIG TENNIS SEASON PLANNED Eastern Association Determine* on Ac* five CompctltiDni and Charnploiv ·hip Tournament. - Officials of the New England Inter- Collegiate Lawn -Tennis association hare expressed tbe Intention of co'n- ductiag an actire season of competi- .ttons and a championship tournament nert aeanon. The indorsement of the National Collegiate Athletic association advocating tho resnniption of all competitive sports has brought about tho detom I nation. Well Informad. ' "Are yon keeping up with th* war news, dearie?" 'Indeed I am! Three Swiee battleships were eunk yesterday by German cruisers and President Carbajal of France Is leading the French army against ttio Belgians." Jack Miller, captain of the St. Louis Cardinals, who was one of the candidates for mnnagerof the club next sen- j son, enlisted In the Unltnd States Marine corps at, Newark. K. J. Miller's home Is In Kenrney. N. J. Mrs. Miller also enJEsted as a lied Cross nurse. Miller has been in the National letifrue since 1909. and for aevernl years he played second base for Pittsburgh. He Joined the Cardinals in 1014. Miller will go to a training camp In South Carolina. CAREER OF SCHUPP IN MAJOR CIRCUIT "Come ID." said a. feeble voice-. PCKPT pitched the floor open to ftn'3 Granny Hjvwldiui proppr-d up in a c h a i r wrnpp»!d In her woollun bhuikcLn. "Why, Qranny, you're slrkT" fried Pcgsy, laying her flowers In CJranayV 'lap. "You Juitt wait and I'll roalte you V nice ciip of tea." PegKy coon hud n Btfa.rn.triK ccrp at ten and a nice piece of tonst rt*dy for Granny. Than P**x;ry washed the riishes arid cleaned up the house. "Wen, I nrvor!" exclalrotd Granny. h*r eyes fllUnft with rears. "You're tho best lUtifl ffirl to thinfc of nil ib«!* lovely things for poor old Granny," ··Oh. but I didn't think of it myself. Omnny." lauphed PtgKy. **I was so tired of ray toys that I TTM jjcttlnj; cross vrhen Huppy Gigslcs came along And Bug^cated my bringing you oomo 'flowers. If he hadn't to!d me to I'd cover have known yon were III." "Well. Happy niKsrleft mcu;t be a Rood Jlttla f-lltn." lauffhcd Grunny. "for ihc tea and the looal have mode me feel totter airrndy." "Yea, Indeed, Happy Glsplca la flne.'" rjcctlmrd Pepgy. "He uaya there's always something for vt'-lnj; hands to do. aivd that If folks wo*K! only keep their hands \vpy they'd never have time :o CTOT CTOHS." "T jru«sa I Tvoaldn't feol n«n.r so badly if my hands wen; basy/' laughed Grainy. So PCBCJ handed Granny the knitting has. ftnd sure enousb «h« coon lorjrol nil about, feeling badly and wns laug-h-' Ing- and chatting- merrily vrtth Pegsy who by this time had forgotten all aboul being cross. · Happy Giffsrlea had helped thtat both., "All of orir surplus wheat from the 1B17 crop bar, alroiuly ponn to the c.1- 1I P8 -- or to tho bottom of thp FCH. Art! taore TTnan't enough to foeii them if it had all reached its dnstlnstion. There in dlro rtiBtreiJB smonK c»ir frk'nils aero** tho sea. Hnlr Is to flay in * Btato of oeral-nifirvatlon r.d FTOECC arcd Bnglanrt aro undergfltag Uie serrerotit privations. rioJy'B defeat, was largely due to lack of I'no:3 and lack of sMIl In warfare or fishi.- Jng spirit among iu ponple. The Ros- altsn colJapan was chiefly tl'.o result of desperate hunger. Tn fnll to (jufrplr tho needed bread to England, Franco and Italy wotrld be to invite more disaster, and possibly complete deft*at and ruin." Thus spofco Howard ITe'n?.. Federal Food 'Adminlsiraror for Pennsylvania, In an appeal for increased conservation of food by the American people with particular reference to wheat. "We need to save many things by sear-denim and substitution," said Mr. He'.nT;. "meat, fata and sugar, but the all-Important thing for the next few months !a wheat and more wheat. "Our own boys Tire 'over there' cow." continue^ Mr. Heinz, "our own sous and brothers--*o the number of some hundreds of thousands, ana more are goinp; every week. A collapse or e?en a serious defeat on the allied front, tLrouph failure to sustain j the man-power nn the · fish tins iinc ; and behind it witli sufficient food, | would involve our own in the ; soneral loss, as we"! a? those who ' have fongbt onr battles for us for ?r % IODR. j "Sufh a mi^forriine mnst nrver b 3 · allowed to befall us through the sel- j fish indulgence of those of us who are j safely comfortable here at home. "We ' can naTp enough to moot the crisis. -, We mnst do it and we will, j "Ainfrlran patrfoti^ia is strong pnoiiRh to mraKnrfi up to nil th? do- nuands that may he made upon us, much more to a demand that involves BO little sncr:fice as introducing two whpallets days per week and one ivlioaf-lrss meal per day. Many of us will volunteer even more. It is only a question of bringing honae clearly to ereTy individual mind a realisation of the fact i.hat it is the individual saving t'naf. will save the 'situation and that only the individual saving can savo H. What, one person or one family can gave amounts to a little in itself, to be sum, but the aggregate amount of the little JsKy savings of a hundred million patriotic people is vast enough lo meet our need. "Tho American ppnple as Ind'Tidi: als must wake up to the situation i? they hnve not waked up yet. The so lution of this food crisis Is not up tr, the nation or the state or to any of fioials. It Is not to be solved by thf ferv or by yonr neighbors. It Is s question for you. American Father? Mothers, brothers, sisters, frisndfi, ol fnc brave American boys who laTf gone forth to make the supreme s»cri- fice that you may continue to UTS ir peace under free American Instltn tlons--to yoa, every one indMda ally. "This means to the housewife, th( catting out on wl:eaWn?s days and a' wbeatless meals of white bread, roEU and pastry, including pie?, also sacV foods as mararonl and spashotti or tho home table--the. recrular pnrchas* 1 cif at least one-fhin3 and better, 020 half 33 nrach whenr floor as beforr from n^r grocer to this extent IT mean? using In place nf, or in combi natiOT, with, whc?.t flour, more corr meal and corn and barley floor, mart rye, buckwheat and rice, more oil mesl and other cereni substitute* t): ·wheat in the every day menu. "May the response of Pcnnsyrrailz in this hour of CTare danger to on cause be immediate and geiierotis'j worthy of our sreat Stnte." Good Banking Service | Isn't Established ! Over Night i It takes time, experience and paansiaking attention to build a good bant. The service this bank offers you has been extended and perfected over a period of 42 years. It js prompt, efficient anil far reaching. And it's yours to command, Mr. Business Man, whether your transactions are large or small. Consultation invited. Giants, first played professional baseball with Becatur in the Three-I league in 1912, after potting a brief trial with the Cincinnati Reds. He proved himself to be a horse for wort: that year, taking pan In a total of 511129 IV* CraTffonl Are., CoDnellsville. jjaraes, out of trhicli he was credited j with 22 victories and 20 defeats. At the close of the season he was grabbed by the Giants and since that time he has been a member of the club, though In 1013 and 1014 McGraw kept him ou the bench. · Ferdinand Schupp, tho sensational aoutnpaw pitcher of the New York We*t Virginia. The present state of: West Virginia Tvaa orlctmUly and for a long time part of the state of Virginia. The presidential election in I860 eho-wed thnt a majority of the people of Virginia were opposed to seceding from the Union, bat when President Lincoln Issned his mil for troops n state convention passed nn ordizwncc of secession without waiting for a popular vote. Later it wns ratified by tho people of tbe eastern part of Ylrptnla and repudiated by those of tho western part. Thus the neces«!on, or attempted oocesslon of Virginia from tho Union led to the «epnrntion of West Virginia from old Virginia and the formation of a new 'state. Morn tei Tho Bank that Does Tilings for Ton" Liberal Interest on Time Deposits. To Soldiers Anyone wishing to send a remittance to soldiers abroad or at camp will find that the Title. . Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania' affords them excellent service. Money Orders or Foreign Drafts promptly issued. MOVE BY AUTO TRUUtS N. Trump FHITE LINE" TRANSFER Cl MOTOR THDCK rad WACOM. HoviSG juro normso riAXOS A SPiECIALTT. ; HEAD TEE COUKIEI mectr fi . d wil) not itricturr. oMevM l n - 1 to ft d« B . . . PKCGGISTM. Parcel Past If deefrwl-- l-Hcc f J, or 3 ljottl«« r* T5 Propurcd by THE HVANS CHEMICAL CO. , CtNClNNATI. O. BOTH PHONES OPPMAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE. PA. OOOOOOCOOOCOOCODOCOOCK3GO3C § J. B. KURTZ, I O NOTARY PUBLiC 15 AND REAL ESTATE. f 9 No. n South Mends* Luna. ;· Q Connollavll]* PA. c FLINT'S aAELDfG ASB STORAGE. EVSotor Truck Service To Ail Paris ol Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. ' ---PETET DISH--JExeejrt TTlien It Coiiies to CJotJies B.T C. A. VOIGHT

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