The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 10

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 10
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Nailing Down ' r I SATURDAY, AUOUST 15, . 1M4 r h SATUBDay. AUGUST 15, ISM . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL English Seeks . In Constitution By LAWRENCE FELLOWS (01 DM MOT Twk TIM Mm HiX LONDON Th Church of England bat begun a program to win freedom to manage ki own affaln without direction ' Irora Parliament. Drawn up on the initiative of he Archbishop of Canterbury. Most Rev. Arthur M. Ramsay,- the- program. " whether k succeed or (aili. it , almoat certain to alter drastk really the historic relationship 1 between church and state. In a bill entitled the Prayer Book Alternative Service I Measure, the church will ask Parliamentary sanctions to improvise and experiment lor seven years with the Anglican It forms of worship. These are embodied in the Book of Common PrayerJ ' At the end Of the seven- r" - The Only By JACK LANGGUTH rci net Mot Twk TkM Mr i . LUANG PRABANG ' In ' all of quavering Laos, only t one block may be considered secure. - ' .- '.U '. That block, surrounded by . ' a high yellow fence, contains i the modest, rather shabby 1 palace of Sevang Vatthaae. the King of Laos, ' While the Patbet Lao, neutralists and rightists denounce ''"one another daily, ear the King is apared. All faction --; know that aa. attack oa him J would backfire as ' badly ; among toe villagers as abuse of Buddha. . - 5 The King t atwaya' Phra . Bath Somodiet Prachao Ma-'. hachiwit the Holy Ruler of i Our. Lives. . , : . ... Savang Vatthana Is a quiet. '"L- 11 I-- vwi raiw ww ww i ; t da the prerog stives of royal- - ;.'-. . ..-s ,--L.i.:.t ' v - Some western diplomats had : hoped that the king would use; ? his popularity to help hold to-u gether the splintering govern- meat . of Prince . Souvamtt Phouma, the aeutralist pre-' i rater. ' "" '- ' Prince Souvanna Phouma . '-' explained recently why the King has not takes) a more public political role. : "The king reign," be laid. . out he doe not govern. The eonstltutloa of Lao was givsn ' hy the king to his country. ; Hi majesty would ant want to give the impression of tax ' hig hack power already givl - ea.w j ' t r-i ' . jf Also, the' Prince said, the King doe not want to Inter-ivene with Prince Souphanou- vong, th leader of the Pathet i Lao. Prince Souphanouvong is 1 Prince Souyaima Phouma'' ', half - brother. They ar both; ; cousias of the king. "If Souphanouvoag does aot obey,' Prince Souvanna Phou-t'ma said, "then th king lose : his authority. And Seuphanoo- vong obeys Peking and Hanoi.'; ' Officially, the King' aost ( tloa was stated by Prlac Khamo, hie half - brother, " ' .who I secretary general of . 5 the palace. The king regard' the : Pathet Lao as another political party,' Prince Khamo Throuqh a Slatted Motel Blind Comrade Bettors By THEODORE SHABADi ' (C ISM MOT Twk tkM MOT BwiSie. ' MOSCOW Th Coramunist youth newipaper Komsomoh skaya Pravda ha returned to ft long and so far unsucces- ' ' ful campaign to outlaw bet- ' ting at Soviet race tracks. ' -It publUbed a letter from a reader who charged that trotting race at the Moscow f Hippodrome track were fixed,) and that the moral damage to j bettors far outweighed cash I receipts at tha government- J rua track. i. I;, The newspaper renewed it ' . can for closing aa th totalis- f tor and expected "de f ; dsW sneasures" from th Soviet : Finance ' Ministry, I . cent of the betting receipt and from the Agriculture Ministry-, which operates the track as part of a bora breeding program. J; makt signals" t : I Th letter writer, V. Try. baaenko, a Moscow engineer, (aid drivers m trotting race often signal to betting assod-. ales from th paddock or from the track whether they will ake a fight for first place or renounce the contest. ' Th newcomer to th rraca," tn s reader : wrote. "may not pay. attention to th driver' 'nervousness' bo- - flash Iteveals Awesome Power of Presidency" aid. By JAMES REST0N en - WASHINGTON. S o m time a flash of lightning across th world illuminates and clarifies Issues here. Viet Nam has don this for the U.S. election. For . recent , event - hav dramstiied in specific . terms the kind of military and diplomatic power that will be available to the tan elected to the presidency of th United State next November. " Whea the 'Communist gunboat attacked th U.S. destroyers off North Viet Nam la the Gulf of Tonkin, the presideat was free to retaliate la almost any way be liked. Ha talked tt over with hit aid and with the congress skmai leader, but he was not legally bound to do so. . ' x A commsnder-in-chlef, the option were his. H could hav left th retaliation to the South Viet Names. Ha could have bit only one or two gun-. boat base, or h could have sudden :1 Church Revisions ' - year period a revised prayer book would be submitted to Parliament for approval, something Parliament hat steadfastly refused to give since the last version of the prayer book went through In "1W2. If the church wins approval of a revised prayer book. It will In effect have won the right to decide its own forms of worship. - - END OF ESTABLISHMENT If the church fails, it la the feeling of the. Archbishop and most of the church' hierarchy that there would shea be no choice but to sever the ties of centuries, now conveniently bound up h tn word "Establishment." : ' Establishment la Its present form does not bring the Church any money from the State, but it does give U the status of national church,, and. many statutory and customary privilege. " Twenty-fix ef - the senior "Anglican bishop are entitled to sit in the House of Lords. The Archbishop of Canterbury ranks before ever Other suh-. Ject of .the Crown,- Including the Prim Minister, ana excluding only member of the Royal family. The Church of England has the right to con- ' duct all serviced lissociatea ; with the state. Patronage right are extensive. . j ' The ' important limitation that Establishment' puts oa ' the church include the ap-1 pomtment of all the Bishop and taaay other high; ecclesiastical dignitaries by ,' the Crown, which in practice ; ' means by the Prim Minis- , ter. . ' ; FINAL APPEAL .. ! "' Ff - Also, lb fiaal court of ap ' peel for all matter of church ; doctrine and discipline Is the , Judicial committee of . the . Privy Council, a body Com posed entirely of laymen. - Finally, ao change in the .i doctrine or ritual of . the . church caa be rade wtthout ha cmuent af Parliament. and It is this tKat .rankle - amat efall in the Church now. f In the church hierarchy tt , .. , . Church and Parliament have been beading irretrievably for ahowdowa line, the House , of . Common twic rejected prayer book revUiona offered it. ia im and int. y . ' Dr. Ramsey, according to Chorch oflicisls...! deter-, mined to force the isiu now. Pou .1 ' , Not : j tt " Running (O test MOT Tw TkM Mm Sw iIm PARIS Pierre Poujsde. who in th liM's led a powerful movement of Tight wing social protest, has announced that he will aot be a candi-; date for the ' French presl- : dency ia tha IMS eiectioa. He declared that a would favor the naming of a 'moderate' candidate. - At th height of hi rise. In Its, Poujsde had about SM.-OM follower who elected SI members of parliament. At th meeting which took place . ia th southwestern town of " Vitletranche do Rouergu. . Poujsde said h Still had 10,- ' M supporter,. Political ob server express doubt of that figure. bombed, the Communist bases in the port af Haiphong, or even attacked the North Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. , A It was.; be rejected the two extremes of bombing Hal- ! SENATOR " GOLDWATER ' ; 1 . V rat,c party poucy .5?- 1 --" - y V By JOHN D, MORRIS , ' (Ct tnt Hot Twk Thaw Mm wM WASHINGTON- Demoet. tie party plat fonp writ. r, art- preparing strong planks on civil rights, extremiam and presidential control of nuclear weapons. . They hope thereby to' sharpen public awareness of differ ences between President Johnson and Sen. Barry Gold-water on three issuer that hold great promise. In theic estimation, of yielding politi- By RUSSELL BAKER dCt net Mnr Twk TIm Mm Sanba DAYTONA BEACH - It is chilly ia these motels. ' Someone has cut off the past, and there Is nothing here but the atr conditioned present. People pey good money to sit In K. You see them now and then peeping through the-: slats of the Venetian Winds.' y Something about it la wrong. H tt the tourist season on) Lthis coast and' the place is full of Georgians and Carolinians. They come and sit in the motels. The motel, are. dis turning. Motel should be way stations on the road to aome place, a compromise wnh the' discomfort of transit, but hero they are the end of the line, the reason for travel. , The mean have become, the end; Outside tt Is hot, whenever, it Is not raining. It is ne-cessery to go out periodically! The air conditioning affect the nerve after a while; on longs .to escape its damp vapors and constant hum. -1 Moreover, with the car in the breeseway.i tho-JBOtej psychology compel nervous movement, STABIUZING INFLUENCE ; There are many place Jo drive to. Some people' drive into the swamce and look at alligators. The alligator have a. stabilising- mflueac.' Most , View pbong and delegating the . Ihwsident Kennedy evea -rrbut1"!, clskm to make sad Vs acted xtrtmn. can some-firsr ind told th South Viet- Um t embodied at the namese and the other allies- same man. The fiasco at th in th Southeast Asia pact about it later. ' ; '"' Maybe President de Gaulle 1 ot France, who doe not have . to worry much about th chamber., of deputies, has' eaua sower to order the horn. . bardment of. a foreisa shore, but Prim Minister Hoase of nntaia ana almost every other leader of a major Western democracy would have to make sure that h had his cabinet with him before send-; mg the bombers Into action. '. it Is only, fa the contempla tion of specific case such tha attack oa th destroy-this thet th voter in q U.S. ars. or tf he had bit Helphong elect loa caa think precisely , or Hanoi, the chances ere that about where no wishes to hit would either have encour-place this awesome individual aged th North Vietnamese to responsibility. The president Invade South Viet Nam In 1 free to be as prudent of force or provoked aa aerial capricious, as clumsy or adroit attack on th South Viet-' a hi nature Incline. : ' 1 t -A cal divide nds tor the Democrats in the presidential campaign. -. . '(V. rjte,, clashed with moderate Repub lican M by Governors William W. Sc rant on of Pennsylvania and George Romney of Michigan at last month's Re- -publican national convention. The Goldwater controlled platform committee prepared a Civil Rights plank that was too mild to satisfy the moderate and ..omitted from the of them hav been here longer than most of tbe-citUenry, and they help offset the madden-, ing feeling that .the whole, stale was built, last week. To motorist can also drive . to the beach. The furf Is refreshing., the i beach boys are picturesque, and It ' Is 'exciting watching ' the airplanes skim the wave dragging commercial' message for cocktail lounges, or seeing the surf tost the garbage back onto the beach. ; At night people bet oa the ; .dog race and Jai Alal and , it m these motels feeling chilly, watching television and' . peeping through the slats of f the Venetian blinds, f '! ' If. all this Is the American dream of the good lifs and , n ;; -j KfiVefSS - YOrUC"Eng1aoi (UPl) Britaia' most inefficient burglar has enriched one of hit victim. '' , . The thief broke Into potato , merchant Leonard Pattartck'l warehouM. searched the building; found nothing and left, leaving behind a road-map with a (S8.40) wrapped lnid... ),. . fore the4 Mart; on move hit legs, aaother raises aa arm. a third shakes his head a if he had , a nervous tick, a fourth strokes th tat of his aorse. "" ; t " "But then watch" some of the, bettors. There' one who will, closely observe the Bay of Pigs was probably the most inept exercise of Amert-. caa diplomatic and, military power , since . the Spanish-American war, but hi handling of the missile crisis fit Cuba was on of the most brilliant example of balanced P diplomacy of the Much sacra thaa the secur-' Ky of th people of the U.S. I involved la bow aa American president act ia a military emergency. Had the president not reeded at all names capital of Salson.' And - - f V WRITERS -r- IT platform all reference to the 'nthai 4mi AuMilMi. BID WAS FAILURE ' -- - On the MnveniUm flanr. the Scraatoa-Romney forces tried' to broaden the Civil - Rights plank and to add planks condemning extremist groups such as the '' John Birch Society and sop porting full presidential control over the, use of nuclear weapons. They were voted down decisively. Goldwater voted against the 1M4 Civil Rights Bill in the Senate but later promised to Florida's success suggests that k is the questioa is whether i the good life Is good enough. I Florida tourism, is built oa the theory that what we want to do with our leisure time is to Invest It entirely In re I- ' bhing the present moment. . lu goat: is total fun m total eomfbrt4-Ji--''' r--.-f.. Writing in, the bulletin' of the Mew York Academy of Medicine, Alexander R e Id . enforce K if elected , dent.4.' . i M In hit speech accepting the , KenahlicM nomination Julv !i! II, fee said tut "extremism In the defence 'of liberty is no vice" and "moderation ia the pursuit of Justice is no vir- MORE LEEWAY " On presidential control of nuclear weapons, he ha sug- 1 getted several time that "more leeway" should be given to the supreme commander of the North Atlantic ceptive condition I to bring It out ol the surf, rest it on a isolated dune, and let K wander Idly through It own history.. ; -, j , -i Forcing K to dodge automobiles on the . baech won't L Putting It Into'it own car 4 driving tt back to tt motal disrupts the wbol pro-' specialty when that chilled air strikes the . BO( DO. .- A.; ... i When 1 is said live of Florida and ft hould Bookings Ready yM In evonce ' LONDON1 fUPfi OtMri Line official say they sl- ready have 300 bookings for the 'maiden voyage of th new Ml .600,000 ocean liner, temporarily named the Q-4. The ship wont be launch, td for at least four year. t !.. -umKrouav isn i ar com- eih vunim cnaarman air 1 Inki. L- ! John Brocklebank. I 1 , J I Martin recently stated; that body. .: i. i -' new. labor .- saving marhlne I '- Driving it .into' the swamps have brought u to a new to commune with alligators "adventure in free time" for - may be helpful, but not if It which we are poorly equip- make the trip: merely be-yed. :" . ' ""cause the car, and the motel 1 ,,Lelsure. lie add. '! not ar insistent. ;i . i the Inevitable result of spare I But this seem unapprecia- rim, a holiday, weekend or vacatioa.'. It 1 1s, hi th first place a- particular 'state or coaditloa of mlad and being ' mor peelflealljr, an "of v the whole oersonalitv " XZ to get 'overwhelmed by the fua and comfort. A romp m -upf wn may P gooa IDT It, but what happen to H when It tep out of. th water and haa to start worrying about th automobile traffic moving along the beach? ' ' The time' honored method for whipping the. whole per-' Vaoaallfy into, aa activelyra. 'Talent Wasters driven," then p-suddenly Jump up a If calded by boiling water and race for the betting) windows.' . - -. i ... Tsybanenko said the faces ' ere usually lined by pay ments of .M to H ruble (t. , to M) to favorites ' on . the eve of race to Indue, them . i either case, pt conVse, It. .would have been the South t Vietnamese people who would '.' i have suffered the most t. Thus, tat a free world that .; I policed mainly by the arm . ed lorces ot the VS., the i preiWent of the U.S. act not I' only for the' American people. but for a vast non-voting con-Mltuency of allied and even , neutral people, who hav no vote hi the election of, th man whose decisions may do- ' t ermine their live. " CONGRESS POWERS 1 Th debet to Congress ed i the proposed resolution for th defence of Southeast Asia ' demonstrates ' Just how much the powers of the presidency hav grown la th last genera tion and ale bow th powers' ,' ' of the Congress have declined the field of foreign iff sirs. ' . Once the president had '; i ordered the bombardment , of 1 th North Vietnames coast and called publicly for a con-' gresslonaf resotptlon suthorls-' ; Ing him tb ys any military - , ? , - - - ' t la , - '' . . to Vi Bettdrd firivy w tiiefM ugfM r that M fixe may clean uo as much nouh to hav a thin layer a I.Wt or J.0 rubles, ha added. ,j-v ; rt:i ...v..' Occasioaa My, Tsybsjssoko wrote, a fix ht discovered, 'as v In the case where a driver named Kurmaaov cheated his betting associates and on of them complained to the police. . ...'.., .. TALENT WASTE .... -''' Lamsoting what h called "waste of talent" 'at th i race tracks, the reader said ' be knew bettors ''whh exeat-. lent memory, unusual capabilk ties and vast fund of knowl-edg" which they applied to tha study of racing sheet instead of socially ; useful oc cupations. " . " ,,, .(- .' Tsybanenko said the bettor "are arrangers to' their fa- mille and are almost ahray drunk, having either celebrat-'t ed their winning or drowned ' thelr. .sorrpwLiw--. - .. ' . Race track devotoelve la a'trorld of .their own and no longer share in national re- .' Joiclngs, Tsybanenko wrote. recalling that when .Yuri Gagarin orbited " the ' earth three year ago the Russians danced, la .the, streets, 11. was busines as usual at th Mo . ' cow. Hippodrome, ;'. sower h liked k dsfence of , that area (at the request ot . aa' ally). Congress could not deny - hi i request ; without seeming to weaken and re-pudiata the president in the emergency. t . i.i . f ... . , Congress was f ree in theory ' only; In practice, despite the ' private reservations ot many members. It bad to go along. For the ' president had com- ' mltted the U.S.. to a course of . action. He ; bad . gone further: be had asked for a free hand to us any force be liked under futur clrcum- ': ttaaces nobody could lores. Yst Congress had to comply, i' for tt was confronted with a choice of helping him or helping the enemy, which is no chotc at al. . , :. 1 ARMED FORCE .'-.J '; Th result Ir that the U.S. ' ha bow proclaimed that th maintenance of peace and security In an of Southeast Asia I "vital to It (the U.S.) national Interest and to world peace." And the U.S. ' Planks Treaty Organisation's forces.-. Wall bo draltf ol Uia Democratic platform have yet bean "written, the Drosnect is that the' ttvu K ignis pianx rill be at least as strongly worded as any of those adopted by past Democratic conventions.! - ' Convention leaders hope It will be possible to write such a plank without provoking an emharasalng fight with Southern Democrats.- v Some 'recent signs Indicate that a full-scale battle may be tt is fua here sitting In the air conditioning, .itching to get out among the alligator. Let us peep through the slats of the Venetian blinds and see how hot' it look out therr. ,.' '..' WWWWVWWVWWMWVWtfVVWWWW II If i (( (iiH!lXil)lillltllSMi ;:bangc It has long ' been overyH body's -ascret that the French want to bring' western straw. .. gle thinking back to th Dul-. let day of massive retails-' lion. The widefy ' puWiclted lectur delivered by General, AUIeret, the French chief of staff, has already produced ' some high-level retorts from Washington. '"" '?' ' ' ' It also look likely (and this will be snore unwelcome to the French) to raise eyebrows B The central point of th Ail- leret thesis that any real Communist, attack ,a Europe be met by 'an, -all-out '' nuclear response flu Inwith what most German, strategists,, " ;' i . , .J ay w. a .. - But Its corollary doe not, of ' troop on the European frontier facing the Communist world simply,, to . check whether an attack Is really serious or merely a frontier Incident. ' ' ,"' The allied divisions station-, ed. on west Germany' eastern frontier not only give the Germans th . leeling that a serious ' attempt 'would ' be mad to resist' a Russian at-' tack, but also strengthen their confidence that' the Amerf-- cans, with their troop direct-' ly involved, would be forced. to escalate if the attack made progress.; nti ..This Is why even the so-called German "gsulllsts." like Herr Strauss, have been -- -- - - - - - - - 'z.'WW -g. t..'i THE . ' , - WORLD A page i of wiiu iiiiiiisnciuiivu - f ...1...., 1 v ' v-i j :v;-.i ;.',-.:. TN' . 'IZ ads 'further stated that R Is prepared to take "all necet- saiy steps, Including the use , of armed lore'" to achieve this objective "as th presl. dent determines." . PRESIDENT JOIINSON M j - kaal avoided. The Include the decision of several leading opponents of Civil Right legislation to stay 1 away (rom the convention, opening la Atlantic 'City, NJ. Aug. 14. Asld from pointing with pride to the lit act. the Civil Right plank probably will outline administrative steps and perhaps suggest new legislation for Improving tha economic and civil status of Negroes. It has not yet been decided whether to include a paragraph praising those Republicans who supported this year's legislation.. ' . The extremism plank is ex. pected to condemn organisation of the far-right and far-left without naming any of them. President . Johnson I reported to feel that no list ' of extremist organization could be inclusive enough to satisfy the convent ton. On control of nuclear weapon, the platform will reaf firm la unequivocal term .the . principle of exclusive dentist responsibility. ' till Ice la favor of NATO's. "forward strategy." ..... . j !', T ' ... , . The . Ai)leret doctrine Implicitly rejects this strategy and. carried to Its logical conclusion, would Justify a major thinning out of the troop defending . Germany' eastern frontier. As if aware of possible objection la Bonn,' General ' Ailleret himsstf said rather vaguely that a limited number of divisions" would be enough to carry out the checking Job. . ; . I' The West Germans may soon have the opportunity ah test how the French really feat, about tte ferwarc. etrategy. , For aoa time wow -NATO has been pressing th French , to , move, part, ot their two r- . t wnwww n wniquil east The French used to r pry that tho iMtialM erfs , hypothetical sine ao barracks ' were available. Now the Americans . have evacuated some . barracks . ht Bavaria but the French, changing their I round, argue that they do not Intend to move Individual. retlmeau. ?.w.-'V;.' ax regiments. : '-' o ' . ' Alarmed by tmplfcation -of th Ailleret thesis, the Germans may try to bravid enough barracks to find out whether tha French govern. wiu . flatty iwfusa to move tt troop eestwards. A conflict between Trancq and NATO I ao longer new. A direct clash .between Pari -. and Bonn' over vital military Interest would be and may -' becoming. - TM tmm 4lil MJWtOiM a UmhH UMkH Sjtti Snbil - - - -i-.-rwMWuui neWj Qnatys!sZ fV ' ' .1..,. . . i ' This, of course, is aot aa authorltatloo to" President ' Johnson personally,' but to the president of the VJt.. whoever 1 1 may be. The power to act under this resolution, like the power to act under the Mld-f die East resolution, and tk( sols power to order th ufy of atomic weapon, passe from one president to another, end will of course pas ta- President Goldwater , If the people elect him ia rlovemfcefV Her 1 probably, th con-., tral Issue ot the electloa cam-' palgn, clearly U4 out befoj' th people ht the suddsn end. unexpected lightning strokes. Who is to make these do-.clstons for the U.S. snd the Hies? .Who has th capacity' . to find that critical balance ' between the use and restraint of unimaginable ' mllltsrV' powrT ' . r-' , "It The Renubllcan nnauk. - hs said ' Goldwater. . Tt,.' Democratic - i.t : si convention will . . sav Johns And the people , will decHO

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