The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER. CONXELI.SVILLE, FA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, IMS. iiijt Saiig (tnurtpr. r. SNTDBR, Vomnder ajnl Editor. 1H79-UM, THE COI.HIKR comrAirr, Kin««ir»r, K. Jt StfTMSR, PTMldtat. JAS. J, DRISCOI.I* ua Tnajurer, B JOHN I* GAMS, Managing Editor. WALTER .STHDUIU City Editor. KI8S LTNNK B. KIKOELI., Society Editor. MEMBER OF: A.1»ocl»t«! Pre««. Audit £urMu ot Circulation. ita Associated DailirJ -Tw» cent* p«r 1 copy, BUT per month; IS *«r year »y mail If J»ail in advance. BaMTtd aa Wcond c!M» matter at Che poatoflloe. CoancllsvUle, FA. KTBU MB. iO, ISIS. Tin Associated PPMS la el- ·luiriTAly. entitled to tbe use for roMblteation of all news dls- paJcbes. credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and aldo tb« local n«w pubilabed hereia. FOOD HOJUtDim The cfllct Mrf Ute Pood Administration having / goae forth tfe»£ Hour hoarders must idiyJfle their supplies with thoee irbo hare none, and that I consumers must retrain from, buyinjr, so long as theyfhaTC a supply on hand,the term "Doaratr" Is acquiring such % meaning IhatJ few housewives vill relish having It applied to them. As the Philadelphia Ledger observes, '"in the ordinary dictionary definitions of^ the term to hoard there is nnlhmg to justify the opprobrium that is IHNT- adays attache*! to it; a new meaning has been, gnen it, growing out ot economic conditions that .ire also new to tile majority of the present generation. It implies today the accumulation of storas of food or of fuel in \ cess of immediate needs, with the result of increasing the scarcity and'! hence the hardships of those ·who! neglected or were unable to stook u p ' in times of plenty, j "It is gross!} unjust. However, to m- j elude" in the category of 'hoarders' those who bought and stored supplies sufficient for the winter at a time when no shortage existed. There i can be no just reproach against the! thrifty housewife who buys soap, salt) and sugar and other staple groceries and who lays in stores of canned fruits and vegetables, in anticipation of the period when the hand-to-mouth trade shall make deliveries difficult and prices high. It is the panicky buying at the first hint of scarcjty of this or that commodity, far in excess of any immediate or reasonable need, thati makes the trouble, and it is this practice which is to be discouraged. When an actual shortage exists is not the ·time to-hoard; when tnere is no shortage hoarding in reason fs practice to be encouraged." · the- busiaess-ror- which -ibe| ~Xow that the distribution of flour is boys passed out from among us a com- being regulated by the government, paratively short time ago. * j an l to meet an international necessity, ;; Earing proven apt pupils,, as they , koardins becomes not only a repre- "* hensible practice bnt also a violation of law. Those who persist in it can blame no one but themselves if they are made to suffer the obloquy that will follow their^ disregard of the requirements of the present unusual food situatJon. HATE SET TO LEAKS THE COST. " in yesterday's Courier t a t the Fayette county boys who have fceea in training as a part of the Xa- tfrmarArnry at Camp Lte for several ilioaths, have left that station and are now in an eastern concentration, camp Tr^UiTig-fog~tJiaispQrtation -to Krancc, brings home to a stall Ltrger number of - people- of this section the siern Showed themselves froia the day ot their arrival at Camp Lee, they bare developed such proficiency m their training that they have been selected for overseas service in advance of other men'called at ibe same ume. While we cake no litUr pride m the The Virt»t City of Ka\ette scores in iact that the 339th regiment, to which these boys betoag* is raied as the best drilled and equipped in the service, the greater interest Urs m the still more'important fact ibey are on the way to put their training into practice. They left their training camp in the highest spirits, bubbLag o\er wita that enthusiasm which is characteristic of American youth. There may be { just a trace of boastfulness and prid£ j Cummines avenue 11 destined to ac- m. it, but it is pardonable, each know- '. quire the UKtinct.on. d o u b t f u l ins thu He a flt in aJJ the essonUala "^ifTMTM,.* required to make a gooL soldier. Their ' period of training having been c o m - j pleted they are now anxious to get into the real business of soldiering. They may not fully realize all that that service comprehei Gs or may re- j Qiiirc of them, but they are ready 10 ! meet it resolutely and \o perform u ' with that .fidelity that has always been a distmsuishiiii; trait ot* Uie American impnrtnt particular.*-. IE hoJdj, first plate tn the Sunday school attendance Contest; It --epf rted the first robin of ; v ir- --eJJLison, now a fc-mer Connolls- \ ille Sir! is the posse^ur of the first! brood of 1913 chick* Putting first I placea first ha*3 alwnj.s been a grood rule i of conduct, but keernn^ first PJKCG 'letter of the firtt Tin- *v.nter cau.-sed ·'IP memor of j ho old*tct i n h a b i t a n t tu f a l l him. Non* j ,-ro able to pro ennugh bark n t o j f]ie "sood, Oid-Caj-hio' -d \s inters" t I ( ind one that i a.r-iod corn h u s k i n g n-^er i n t o .t'fcbruar AND REMEMBER BELGIUM Boys Are Fighting to Protect VOUR Home. Stand Behhid Them to the OF TJlAmC IN' XJfcW lOUJi 1LUUJOR- in.tke as mm. 11 retu ·ith bull mo ' W i t h o u t m.iils (j j jruotl peoplo of Kl. ' every o p p o r t t i n i t tu "the grood old tU H tll(» \e had return hf mi*-take of w k m £ i 'i hie \ o u r income t a x ' H u ill be n*ea!"a.rv for ilu 1 I , , - , . , , . t c ^ . - n u . - or'lc'T', t u luilsli their part o f ' soldier. As thest- bojs depart from lne \\ork. rf o u do. MHI will i.. our shores there will be no fear entertained by those w3io wait behind that they will not ruIOl all the honor- ible traditions of the Jong lino of our aaftOcTs defenders wlo icsponded to the same call in the i *eccdmg fateful periods m our country history. ' insulting io*'H*n» in patnotio tfonnt There will be a period of apprehen- j i j ieat*(in i*s not r*vi»nimoTdeti io p*r- sive waiting while thej are on the bea ' a ° n ~ f " *^«-h of a p^r h-vUrty h^uth- wiiicii will be relieved when their safe' or quit:: pa * time arrival at their destination is reported. | as all hope and trust may be the ^vord., Then, after a period of further train- I ins, they will tako thetr places on the | firms Hnes to match their skill, cour- J age and resourcefulness against that ; of a wily foe. No :ruc American i doubts the ultimate outcome of tbat j test, but TVC have yet to learn "what the cost of it will be. Contemplation t Ma»on One Cent a Word. Ko advertisements for I^ess Than 15 C«JLHL Claaslf.ud coluiunfe close at noon. Advertlofimenta of wanta. M.IA*. tttc., rtfCuixed a f t e r th»t hour will not ao^car until the day followlun h --I't)M". WAI-TEK BLTT ll»Ceb2t' of this strikes tbe saddest note In tie nws of the boys' departure. A SQUARE Jfi.4X FOR VATIUOTS. The food and fuel regulations being EO nmisual in character and ·wholly ·without precedent in this people generally are slow t countr ,i under- IT. H. Raymond, president ui the If | CJyde and Ma J lory teamsbip lines, has been designated to direct tbt* U rued Suites shipping board's trafljc catering and leaving vie port of New York. He has tbe authority to poof .» TOOD. I vessels and to co-ordinate facilities in , , ,, , , co-operation with the allies wherever a-c and killed nine rats, and, , f _ _ _ , Ask for rate*. Ap;Mc ·street App^v _Ut«-b-t SALL -- 11EKD J3AUY CAJi V, nt w ('ill Tri-Sta'** 101 or a t , oor rinadcr apartraenrs ·I. riAI-i:-- ( OTL.lNLM:r. 7 I M S - ' · r M i t t h t M l A u L 3 Jl 1 mode!. A tin IbABKL N. U ^ A N S Bo\ SOL. H ' , L:--OM3 w o r k · i n i y l t - «i Jiorsti H % i 1 i-b ol (Jood rcat^rs f. H A H K V Mj.VCHr:L t j, double, in . O i l i n g 1 leit them in their sor**. anrl then I borrowed Johnson's cats, and killed a dozen more. And thu^ I did more lasting good. Lhe Kind of pood that pays than I could do by s'junnjjijc food on meatless* wheatICSK days Wo gladly do without our steak, and our .tccua- toracd bread, we're trusting that oar course will make the kaiser soak his hoad But what*'? t h r JSP, if wo allow the rats to be alive* The ^rain they eat e-ich dar, I swow would make an army thrive So let us ha-\e a ratlesa day, a day on -which we'll risp. and j cha«e the beastly ratsr ind slay until tho lust one dfea. Then we 11 conserve to pooling is necessary. M , U I I I L r J l t I n i ; * onli \ppl ^ I J or phoi.' Uell 7 i S port s\i]-:--TWO nn r i v i ^ I-AS --i. «ei IT riN one I'JIG M i-cw (ill O^rnon- i ·trauir. unc % V i l l j i K n i g h t live ,1 i-st-n- i^rcr on* 191-t Mil elm 1 l i \ i j issroimei in m r i f f i c u n i l i t i o t i U ill clenion- '-ctr i't' C a l l 3 1 Tn-St.ue HI N U \\l i have hi loaf and roust loaf and roust . No meatless ; QQQ QQQ ^Qg riieatless days we'll need to . . ', , , 'ar. if we ff .-t bus-y ;«d erase i Iast .- V6ar f 111 * 1 tigliieningr their belts, and knowing hunger's pain, the na^ty rats .dofjgone their pelts, are eating: up our gram. And so I take down from its perch the sword of Bupker JT11!, and through the stand that they arc .tlso enforceable, should the necessity arise. There has been no desire upon the | heat th'e"bami",and re'etl thclarpcat'host! part of the authorities to deal harshly ·with, citizens, the appeal for a strict observance of the regulations having been made to the enlightened patriot- Ism of the people: The restrictive and regulatory measures have been adopted only because of the actual necessity that exists to conserve our st'ocks of commodities, .not only that we may have enough for the future, but that tho still greater lack of our Allies may be supplied. It has been much to ths credit of the American people In the mass that there has been so general a compliance with the rules and orders that have been promulgated. The authorities hare not been stinted in^ their praise of the spirit manifested" by* the Utople. This ^ras tbe, particular, ob r ject oC Fuel Administrator Garfield'a comment npoirthe" results which "fol- Idwcd the closing order ,tnakmg.Mon- days fueHess._-Ai.Uie same.time the experience of the authorities has been tiiat here and there .we "found persons who "are-disposed-to take advantage of the situation through seemlnjf-to obey COAL OUTPUT HALF OF MINE CAPACITY; ·VVANTKP --i hTORH. S i n u i K «ntl (. *av. Cord KOI: s M^I:--10 ^ f R i : v \ii\j v i itru u h t i bath and heater, ^ood 1 Ii i r t i , IK-U ^j.rat^i,-', Kood «!pi i n ^ ^ .1 L, lifLt-i'n U i ) m m u t ^ t d r i \ e f r o m bar- j t oU';M lirmt" f o r 51.1t.00 [H-r UCI-P o.i i termi. i; !·' DeW ITT J-c-M Pliant the mles while in reality they axe systematically disregarding them, To meet such cases penalties were provided and the .umouncetnent is now made by the S"ood administration that prosecutions will follow In ctises where there la disregard of the orders. Such action will be but giving obedient citizens a square deal. If through the promptings ot patriotism and regard for the law and the favor of the In »ost TirtHnia Lnsi 1 nf Department Thief; rrodaction In Eai 1 Henry, chief oC Uie Department of Mines of West Virginia, is convinced that the coal output of Pmt and every roan in this broad land miy j state could have been swelled to 125,, T_.. i ^ _ - ^ _ J ,, _ _.. ^^ practically clouliled there not been the ex- ; W \N ri-D--l' 1 !- IIN1H1JK1) HOOM '. IS Import' man. i : \ e n i n K ' .t 1 it L»i 1» '-^ tiotpi. of b l t -' l k £ l ' Mu1|: lu firt " t ' 1! ' _ "- ' i dn. ·* 1 C. W.' The Cour o vrin the _. . .. . . ,, ____ ,, _________ ( t!ie pe^t all men ahhor. While men are! ceptioaal interruptions to transporta- ' VNTKD-- Crt £.owo-k Fa *i ·2907 West liberty i t ition PiUbburK. T'a. FOJl OJ:X1 RAT- · of th-cc. Rufor- ; C O, POUING. *Miue, fcJouth IIiMs bon, car and labor supply. WANTED--MTNKRS W A N T E D WHO .-i"C i t u d n s for Piarnmationa to pet thf 1 be«it m ! n i n f r hook published "IHJl- tnff In i N u t s h e l l " by JAMCS "WARD- Tbe annual report oC the depart-; LAW. Seottdaie. Pa: ment shows the actual production to June 30, 3917, to have been 7 ( ),612,298 gross^tonK. Other statistics are summarized, as follows: There were 88,665 per.sont employed, an increase of 8,607 over the j c a r before, yet the number of days worked was reduced from 232 in 1915-6 to ! 215 days -ast car. The average price received by pick There never wxs a ao good But ;ould be better it ho would; ·There never wat. a man so had Jiift what a, chantct for good he had, And since no one can truly hdy "What ho hhall do anoUicr d«tj. Or shall ±ic rise or ^h t l^J he fall, Mercy should govern one and u!l. Sometimes the good .uid tjne yu wroi Sometimes the "weak flnlali etrong, And only he ha tailed to ·v, in "Who. unrepentant, iliot, In sfn. In doubt tho Ilvinpr move ahead; Fhced-.are the standards of the dead, Of them alone may men explain That they shall never a to op to sham*. The critic arrogantly sneers When ono tn crimson sin appears. Tot ere his words have passed away The templar liada his feet astray. Men, on whom honor's robes were placed- Have fallen from the hiRhts, disgraced WAXTKD -- M DUSIP.ING TO prepare for G-overnmcn' i-xam Hat ions positions 5G7 to S150 per month, to sfoe me at -Arlifigto- Hotel, T v iur"da, February 21. 1 to 1 P M. O i o Uiy on'y. P iro-ts must :iocompan nilna-s. LUST--svruKDAr ox 2.10 SOUTH OtmnoPsv ille car pocket book conl^in- n# in* Tex r n d jewclrj Hcirard i' rotiirnetl to Courux ortico. jrf**b.t* ' Tailoring, WHY W O R R Y grCACJSti I XADJ.L' to tind tlio suit to sun o u .11 '.lie -Lori' O^er H here, t.-i.'lored ext'Jusi-vo'y for yoij and made the way you want. We onl\ make hiyh-olass grn.rrnenti.. Saiv La Chimna. 20'J PitLsburg: street. Conno! Isv ii'e, Pa. J U f e b t E w.\..srnT -- TvoMn^ DKS nisa TO prepare £M G o \ e ~ n m o n t ot.inii nations. poaition-: S*i" to $no par montl\ to see me it A i l i n g l o n Hot^l. Thursday. Ffh. minerfs during the year for mining rua.rv 21, l ro a P 11 One day only. ' I C C O n i P a " y ""TM run-of-mme coal was 6D cents, is »n increase over the previous year of 17 cents a ton. The average ton- nagn produced by each pick miner was 1,641) gross tons, a. decrease o£ 50 tons under tho year 1916. The average annual wago oC pick minors vas $1,137.83, an increase over last of S254.33. WMIe the mmerb ed | worked fewer days and uroduced Icbb coal per man, their earnings VCTQ increased 28 80 per cent. Eleven counties produced"more than , And others, weak, despised jnri low Have earntcl the rites oC burial hoJv communities in they live, tHey, ^ obsen-e ootti th^ letter and Hie spirit ( But of the aev order of things, simplej T]ie 3u3t.ce demands Uul the d^obedionll aol unpatriotic be required to gutter the prtacrlbed pfenalUea, eo , ifl ,,,,,,,,,, eJoll )011 jiient w i t h the .«infu] he. v - s of men ^-^J" n ^ f r learn Jte- L , n i V N S WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRUMT- Ing 1 , whether it ia a calling card s-tlt h i l l or tho f licet engraved wedding invitation or announcement Wo print anythi'-rT--at ery thine--do H prom "Hi and do It ripht Call the man at THuS COt7B.I7^R office Both phones. 27-tt JfQ-R ItBNT--SIX ROOM HOUSE 1N- quiro P- O'TOOLC, 407 Jefferbon Ktreet. ' FOH RENT--ROOMS FOR LIGHT hou-fekeeplnp or will i e-t scpaiately to gentlemen 253 E Cra.wfo"3 Ave. Xotlce for nidif. SALBD i»ROPO«AUS WILL, En^IlE^ i ei.od by the Controller oC Faj ettc t,OJ.ntj. Ta., ,at his ofllcc In the Court House, Uniontown. P n , unti! 12 00 o ciock. noon, Friday. Starch 1st, 1918, for f u r u l b l u n s ono car load of jxpprox- 15,090 feet, B. M., 3 inch No. 1 ttound square edj^od White Oak Bridso Plank, K O. B., Uniontown, Pa. The cai to consist of approximately 40 per rent In 12 foot lengths, 40 per cent in M foot lengths and 20 per cent in :i foot lengths, not over 10 per cent o' tin" ca.r to be S Inches wide, not over LO per cent, to be 8 inches wide, and thf remaining- 80 ycr cent to be ] 0 inch and 12 inch wide. Delivery Unionto\\n, Pa., d u r i n g march. 1318 Fiach bid to '·»e accompanied by a certified check for JIOO.OG The rtglit to reject any or all bids IB expressly reserved IIARR* KISINGJ3K. County Control- FOR RENT--O*fE THIRD FLOOIt flat, model n conveniences, 511 South Pittsburg Street S S SNADTJR. lOi'ebSt ivniorro* her,- with me und vou i*? n r r c i f u r Some da\ we may For merci s Jills kneel an*i pray a million tons each, as follows Dowell, 18,671,942ffl FayetLe, 518;, 8,853,122; Ilalelfih, 6,504,282 · , Kanawha, 5,577,677; Harrison, 4.575,411; Mercer, 3,225,429; afingo, 3,207,162; Barbour, 1.306.0S3; Taylor, 1,270,182; Tucker, 1,214,954; Marshall, 1,119,827; Marlon, 5,125,390, and Preston. 1,106,378 Ninety companies produced Titora than 200,000 gross tons each, /and ^ R K N T __ K R O N T OFFICES ON i seven of tins number produced morti! geeond n n t ) P oE Dllnn K V an« b m h t - f o f than a million tons each. The United i in ST. i n q u i r e f HARHV Stales Coul Coke cninpauy took, ' f i r s t place, having ulnwl -4,^52,131 f ~ ~ "^_ Un \J~ ' tons, with the Consolidation Coul com FOR TU3NT--TIIKEU NICEI Y FUR- nishetl roor-^s for light housekeeping 1 W t t h U'Tf of hath. 1217 Sycamore 3t JOfeblt OFFICE OF CITT TRKASURBR. Conn«llhviJic, Pa., February IS. 11 is. Motici 1 is hereby griven that the tol- 'owmfr Wills Road etrcet Injprove- n e u t Bonds, NOR 2, 5, and 9, having been called Cor payment, will be rc- dee-ned by the City of Connelib.tile by . its Treasurer on presentation March 1, I 191S, after which date interest upon tha name shall cease. E. R. PLOTO, c.ty Treasurer. OFFICE OF CITT TREASURER, ConnellsvlUe, Pa, February 18, I D I S s Notice is hereby glv^n that the f o l - ' lou'ing Washington A \ e n u o Street I n i - l ]i -tn cment Eond, Nos. 1, 3, 5, 8, 13. j lb, Ul and '22 haviiR boon called for .yment w i l l be rode^mtd by the Citj , fMsviIif by ic^ Treasurer on li-oaentd.U«in -March 1 1^13, after which | It is a v^ry appro} riate time ior a Fumiturc Bargain Sale. As usual, lliere will be very much moving this spring; that means new turniture, and Uiat means if you want bargains it would be a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get en- ure outfits Ironi us, an-J after you investigate and look through our lines fully you will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. Our wonderful lines of beautiful new designs of furniture for every room in the house, and we will include the kitchen; extensive kitchen outfits, elaborate dining room and living room outfits, complete furniture, linoleum, carpet or rug outfits for the halls and for the bed rooms, we have full suites, or special dressers, chiffoniers, easy-chairs, comfortable beds with all the best equipment, entire households can be outfitted. Then there are carpets, rugs, or linoleums for the floors, window shades, large assortment oi' the newest designs in wall paper You can buy on the Installment Flap if you prefer to deal that "way, good, easy terms, popular prices. The moving time is rapidly approaching, the right time for you to make your arrangements is just now, and the right place to go is to tho nearest Union Supply Company store. 63 Lar^e Department Stores, Located in Payette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Tbe S^oro thai insists on fitiiPK ihoir taoc- c o r i t t i l v . 3-*articular people like 01 r Shoe 1 *. 'I hoy re pleased i \ r l i oui «tv]e selociion and our met bods in fiiiKia ( A FAMILY SJ1OK STURK J with Better Sboes--Bettor Va uos -Bcilf. Srji n.c-- for oui tusloiyeis' satisfaction. Call and see some new Shoes. und In the best of nealth. Hale and hearty, "^-th Rood, ad fclood, good appetite and good digestion. Grandpa's nerea lire st«*Jy. too. He Likes onro of bimsoi;. He kcops himself tit He Bee* to it tnat !A nerves and blood ar* in. 6P°d «hape "Wlioii 1 e finds that he la e*tinc irJthDUt r»H»h, feel- tur a UtU« deprensed and cross, plecpy all day y« cajj no: oleep at nfffht, he bftglnu hie treatment oC Blo-feren, the nerve and blood tonic. - Blo-feren. a compound of lecithin, Jrcn Peptone-te and oilier ^aluable tonic elements In tablet form, li Just exactly what the averase tir"d b\3uJ- neon rna-D, tho average hounekueper n*eda t thle *»ajon of the year. It tones the nerves and puts vicor ad energy into the s % a t t m There Is no mj stc ry about B- feron. E\ crj- jjackase shows i« exacLly ihe content. Asfc jour dt- tor about Bio-foren. or, Jf you vrij; send us his name ni we will reward him Lhe complete formula. Give Bio-feren a tair trial, It t don't make good your money will i pleasantly returned uj you. Inte^ estJnfi- booJEJet will bo mailed you o request. LAITC padcftgo 51 00 at all ffOo drugsisuj or direct tf your tiruggia don t hand** it. The Sent and Rem edles Co.,, Ohio, LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E PACKAGE WJi*n f resltU-nt "\Vilsoit *3 installed ' AS controller uC ail tha hotel?. r-'S- taurants and board me houses of ih^ country. BI Concrr-t-! proposp?. he ou£Tht to find cnocETh to occupy tlif pany second, -vntli 4.021.808 tons. Tbe I T * ' next largest was the Pocaliontas Fuel * al as Anus laspeetors. ' i n n " ... . . . M e n ^ company, wftli ffjtu tUJHT to hi* hanan f^r lack The "War Departmeni HOI* permiis women to qualify, under civil service examinations, as inspectors of small It" You Want Something arms in plaata filMHS coetractG for j Advertise for it in our classified col- Chp Army j itaifl. OBB erat a werd. ri 1JL.E--O.S'C. OAR LO-\i) tat corn iVd 1 Myv Both phones HO I til FOR KM,P: -c.onu ^AYOG taurani. rt^'J price \f told a Gnod reii'soti'i for tef lin;, ··KKSTAL)TlA^T,' oare Count)', , oprtCE OP OITT TREASURKR, CoDntillsvilU Pit., f t,bruar- IS, 19D*s ! Notu e ia hereb* KL\ ea that tho I'ol- l"V«r!ngr East Apple SLreet Impruvemeni BondP, Xos. 1. 5 and 8, harlrig bee", r ill^tl for piiymen', will be rcdecmc ' f\ ( h " C Lj or Com ellsri'le in u* '! -o.i'.urer un nrcfai-jiLntion March ] | 3 i n%, a f l c r wluch date interest » r ^n I h n Kftnic Pbalt cr:taj?. B. B 'PLOTO, 1 Cltj- Trcasmrcc. 13feb3td I IF YOU "WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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