The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1918
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. PAGE THKEE. \ i NEHSY NOTES TELL HATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Tweity-STIne Young Men Frtmt Scottdale District In Nest Draft. PREPARE TO LEAVE ON SUNDAY TAKING BOMBS FOR AN AERIAL RAID Sotlw of Hundred Troth Bari Boy Soecumbs; Aerd Taller La^ is TlcUm of Stroke; Public Seirice Enrollncnt Bei»g--.Speeded. special to The Courier SOTTDAlii Feb. 20.--Twemy- mnemen have be-en selected 'o leave 1M5UCI No. 7, Westmoreland county, on rext Sunday. This district takes in ne towa of Srottdale. The fol- lowng boys have been ordered to be rejiy here: Henry Loetzbeler. Wendel' Jennings Momyer, Theodore E. Denenter. Elddn George DAUgberty, Harry Reginald Humphries. Charles Bo.-d Graft, Albert Taylor Hemp, Claries Augustus Lewellyn and \V~al- te' H. Lockard, Scottdale;. Clark PUlip Stoner, Ruffsdale; Joseph Ro- oecki, lit. Pleasant, and Walter Burns. Mt. Pleasunt R. P. D ' Jlrs. Dorthea Fields. Mrs. Donhea lelds, aged 60 years, died at the Delaware avenue home of ler daugnter, Mrs. William Budd, yesterday morning at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Fields is survived by her husband, F. A. Fields of Burlington, N J.; one sop Firman Fields^! the 110th Regiment Band who was called home by illness of his mother from Camp Hancock, and one daughter, Mrs. William EuJd. Funeral services will be held on Thursday afternoon and interment will follow in the Scottdale cemetery. Mr*. tike Szalaty. Mrs. Luke Szalaty, aged 63 years, diet- at her Valley home yesterday fron a stroke of paralysis. Funeral ser-ices will be held Thursday morn- Ing at ten o'clock at St.' Joseph's .church and interment will! follow m St. Joseph's cemetery. IVoman "Would Enlist. William Ferguson, enrollment offi- cir of the U. S. Public Service Re- s»rve. was approached by a woman i^o was very enthusiastic and presented herself at Mr. Ferguson's oflj.ce telling him that she wished to enlist as typewriter and stenographer and do her bit wita the rest. She was very much disappointed and could not see how Mr. Ferguson could not allow her to enlist. Already eighteen men have enlisted among them being carpenters, mechanics, auto mechanics, blacksmiths, crane operators, firemen, laborers and pattern makers The local Four-Minute men are confining heir talks alone to this and are making. special effort to get the men in this vicinity interested so that Ihe result is telling on the number of men calling for information, and later coming back and signing up. KnitUnK Fartr. Miss Nelle O'Connor entertained the St. John's Sodality at her Eleanor avenue- home last evening with their weekly linitting party. Championship Game. The first game for the championship of Westaioreland-Fayette counties will be played by the Juniors basketball teams at the Mt. Pleasant army February 35th. This fsme will be played between the Mt. Pleasant Superiors and Phy-Mc--Mes of Scottdale. For Sale. Six room house., with bath, lot 55x120 feet," "on Loucks avenue, for 13,000. F. E. DeWltt.--Adv.--20-ft. 1, .. Personal. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wall of Warren, Ohio, are visiting friends here. Miss Ruth Merrit is spending the vvfefc in Pittsburg. IMrs. A. B. Fretts and daughter, Miss Edna, left this morning to visit Mrs. Ida Ttyman of PittSbnrg. A French aviator^ taking bombs aboard his machine in a raid over the military estabhstime nts of the enemy preparation for THE PAKAMOUi'T. I even bette- than "Bon Bon Town", i whxb held the boards at the Arcade , the flrst halt as it gives e,u:h individ- tive talents. The title of the ottering 1 is called, "Oh John" and is a mln- | iaturc production of the larger plays of toe same title and which swept the "BROADWAY LOVE." A ftve part' country by ·rtonn for several seasons. Bluebird attraction in which Dorothy The same funny situations and char- Phillips is seen as a chorus girl, is actors will be introduced b the Bon today's feature attraction. Midge Bon company that are featured in the big production. Teck Murdoch, Iris Kennedy and the old Jazz four w i l l be seen in new songs and dances, assisted by the Bon Bon chorus. The picture on the screen will be the third episode ot ''Vengence and the Woman". "The Unsealed Peak" where thrilling horseback riding by real cowiboys. over mountain's trials that priced exper- seem impassable, is feature .n this on tap. Midge episode. O'Hara, the role in which^Iiss Phillips appears, is one of the Broadway chonis girls who lives on her salary. A small town recruit and rather new to the business, she refuses an invitation to a midnight party when the queen of-the chorus, Cherry Blow, entertains a wealthy Westerner named Henry Rockwell, who is anxious to hit some of the iences New York keeps has a country suitor who turns up the same night and asks her to marry him. His name is Elmer Watson and he is pretty small potatoes. Midge turns him down and Cherry performs the same operation in Janclc Chalvey, an old acquaintance, who went through a similar turning down v, hen his money gave out Chalvey enlists Midge on his side, and she walks through the pouring rain to Cherry's apartments and tries to influence her to treat Jack with more kindness. Cherry makes Midge change her gown for a more stunning one and join the party. Jack and Watkins also force themselves in bejng invited. Midge is introduced to Rockwell and the w i n e commences to flow freely. Mid go begins to fee! she is in the w r o r g flataud pretends she is ill. Rockwell offers 'South Cunni'llbrillo Girls Lose In Oar to take her home in a tan and w h e n ' he tries to be real friendly. Midge jump from tie tail and is injured. Later she meets Rockwell who honestly falls in love her. Dorothy Phillips make Midge a reality, and that is both a personal and artistic i triumph. A comedy is lincluded. To- Sav/ngs range from 10 f / r to 33%. Goods held,for future delivery. There's no economy in buying cheap merchandise. Buying the best at the lowest market prices--that's what true economy really means. To spend even a few years in a Home with Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Stoves and Furnishings that shriek their cheapness and shabby appearance is bad economy to say the least. Because "cheap" Housefurnishings look cheap from the moment they are placed into your home and will prove their cheapness in a very short time. Aaron's Housefurnishings are different--they are reliable, dependable and have quality built right into them. Their cost is very little more, if any, than the inferior grades--in many cases less--especially during this February Sale period with its savings of 10% to 33%. And the guarantee that goes with every purchase takes care of "afterwards" as well as "now"--it's really insurance that your purchase will give complete satisfaction at all times. Six Big Floors of Quality Housefurnishings to Choose From. Convenient Credit as Usual, If Desired. Housefumishers Since 1891 B. P. 0. E. TEAM IS DEFEATED BY MACCABEE FIVE | t » HEAD STUFFED FROM + CATARRH OR A COLD * J Soys Cream Applied in Nostrils j. Opens Air Passages Eight Up. ?*+++*+~M Elks Lose in Close Game Score of 2(-J7; Maccabees' Passing Good. ¥ A nV If l/ 1 /^mr'Pr linI LADY MACCABEES WlN ; Iiifitunt relief--DO w a i t j n p Your j t-loKKecJ nostrils upcn r £tu up th. 1 air i pastrnpen of j o u r liend clear .ind y o u ' By a! can rn-e.i:u- fret-i No n.urc h a w k i n g ·muffling b'ow-lntr. lifadache clrynesn 'o -truu;siini; for bn -uh al uiKtu your colil or ctuarrh disappears Get a Kinall bottle of Kl s Cream Balm f r o m o u r drUKKisL now Apply a little u! thin rmffr.Liu anLifiepllc. hpaJinK cream in vo'ir norn-l\^ It, penetrate* throuph every air prut?,aRi of the head. M.othes t h e intlttnied or ttv,ollcn mucDU 1 m e m b r a n e ami rellel It of tlie Itest Preliminary Hame:, Krer I Played on the Maccabee Floor b y ' One Point, The Swire Beini; 13-12. The Clks were defeated by th,. ilac- cabee team m a city league game at the Maccabee hall last night, 26-17. morrow Madge Evans. suprorted by ' The defeat makes the second for the George McQuarric and other World ' aritlered team this season. The Mac- stars will be featured in "Gates of cabeea hau added Lyell Biiuennore G-ladness," a five part feature of un- to their lini-up and together with the usual interest. Friday and Saturday ! fine passing game plajed, won. j u s t tinr a fold «r iin't staj ^tur na^tv c.«.Lu.rrh -- \ GRIDDLECAKES Jlust Confaiu at Least Thrci-Quiirt^rs of Wheat K l u n r SnbsUtutns. Accordint; to a rule of the Pood Administration, fthich is iiow pffeclive, all hotels, restaurants, dining cars, steamships, boarding htms-eb anil othir pnbhc eating places i n c l u d i n g rltibs which use three barrels of (lour a THE SOISSOX. ,,. Kennedy will be seen it "Xear- ] The Elks were "minus Rhodes and ! m o n l h in baklns must 5erve " vlclor r" ly Married" a Goldwyn attraction. j T u r f f , two icgular men ast night In ' plcs ' P 15 ^' «x kles . griddle cakes. ! the second bait only five points were i wafrles ' etc ' ^ wo '' " V l c t o l '' scored by -the Clks, Goodman getting bread ' . . . a basket an,l making thrre field goals I u » to thls t i m e ^ have bPen c ° m - . "MASTER AND MA.V-A mentor- The Jfaccabees scored eight Held goals p f l l e d to mil 20 per cent *^ tt ° ur i lous prodnction Tuesday's crowds 1 in that period. , substitutes in breads and rolls, bill were delighted quite as much a s ' The lineup ; have been left free to use the required I those who saw the Manhattan Players I Maccabee--116 Elk: Monday in the great labor play, "Mas- Cochran forward Eist forward Sheller . center ... guard .- Driscoll A SAFE, EASY WAY TO CURE ULCERS No. natter how bad a sor or ulcer afflictsyou, it is believed that Hdkara, the pffe skm healer, will cure it. hut it it diesn't cure, the purchase pr:ca wilt brefunded.' A. A Clarke, the local agent for Ho- kara, T ho has sold hundred.*! of packages, ay they have yet to find any lorm_£ wound or disease affecting, the sin that Hokara does not heal, and it relief comes to quickly that those who try it are simply delighted W tt. i Pintles, eczema, blackhejids, acne. | baTbe's itch, and all skin troubles are oickly .relieved by applying this simp! sMn healer and tissue builder. It catains no grease or acids, and is clanly to use. Ata.'Clarke's Drug Store is selling a lage package of Hokara for 35c, --Adv. ter and Man." It is surprising how well this popular band of players can offer really pretentious dramat.c pro- i Butter-more __ ,, __________ ,,,.,,,,,,., ductions in the very limited time they | peher ____ guard _ A. Goodmau " have in which to prepare thorn. "Mas-! Field goals:--Cochran 5; Goodman ter and Man" will be the attraction all 4; Rlst 4; Feher 2. Driscoll. Foul both matinee and night^ performances goals:--Goodman. 7 out of 18: Feher. 2 out of 7; Buttennore, 2 out of 5. Referee--Wall. In the preliminary game the Lady today and those who have not seen this vital labor play should by all means do so. Tomorrow tho Manhattans will appear in the sensational White Slave thriller "Why Girls Go Wrong." It is filled with unusual ideas and keeps the audience in constant interest. Tho strain of comedy throughout is of that irresistible character which convulses the audience at frequent intervals. Toung miss the opportunity to Girls Go Wrong" with its powerful lesson so vividly told in terms that cannot be misunderstood. THEATER. Maccabees won from the South Con ne-llsville girls by a score of 13-12. The score was the largest made in any girls game played this seasen. Both teams ran close together throughout the game, neither team being more than three points in the lead at any time. H. Artzman of South Connellsville scored every field*"goal for the sec "Wh- Souta Connolisville team, getting five. Wagner, Hirleman and A. Mosley; all scored a basket for the Maccabee team. Whitmore shot 7 foul goals out of 10. Walker got two out of five for the South Connellsville team. The first half ended with the game at 7-5 for South Oonnellsville but this was quickly tied at the start of the next period. FARM TOOL WEEK "STOLEN HONOR." The beautiful, stylish, talented Virginia Pearson; pretty settings, laid in richly ornamented homes, and in the Corcoran gallery in Washington, D. C., a thrilling story of a stolen painting, of love, inrtigue, and a. woman's fight to save an jidiscreet woman friend. Be sure and see this thrilling five reel drama called "Stolen Honor." Also .Maccabees Standing of the Clabs. Elks Garage Elite _ W. . 5 . 3 . 3 the "Mutual Weekly" showing all 'B. O. and ·je Food Administration has a p - l o £ ^^^ charming young girl roles prt^d a plan setting aside the weetj toat display her at her best. .Molly's oepning March 4 as a week to be adventures center about her effort to deited to the inspection and repair of j break into society before she is of de- fan tools. butante age, and in this enterprise she his is urged both in preparation ia ^ AeA bj - the beaux of her big sis- fothe spnng farm drive and to place I ter , w ho find the little sub-deb ex- oiers for repair parts far enough in j traordinary fascinating. She hits the a/ance to secue their dehvery when! hlgh 3pots m a fast . mot0 r car with .i^ded later in the season. ; her slster . s best bcau . d.mis garden 1 walls in dainty lingerie that tears on Pet. .714 .000 .000 .571 .000 Dickerson Run. , every projection, creates sort of : To Am«se Shipbuilders. Men wbo enlist in the Shipbuilders difficult situations and gets out of T 2serv« will not find the places o f ' t h e m ' with *eir employment without amuse- souciance. ents. To provide these on an ela- arate scale the Shipping Board is aving plans worked out jointly by , se V. M C. A., the Knights of Colum- i "OH JOHN."--^The new bill opening *Ais. Red Cross. Young Men's Hebrew ' at the Arcade today will offer a corn- Association and other oremlzations (plete change of singing, dancing and rMch have charge ot recreations and ] comedy. Tcck Murdock. manager of her usual charming m- THE ARCADE. DICKERSON RUN, Feb. 19.--Patsy Donada of Yanderbilt was a Pitlsburg business caller yesterday. John W. Corngan of lancoln. Neb., is spending a few days hero visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. G. W. Beatty has returned home after spending a few days visiting her sister. Mrs. E. L. Harvey at Glass port. Mrs. Erwarci BuJd of Dickerson Run Hill was shopping in Connellsville yesterdav. W. H. Burkett spent Sunday visiting Iliis family at Cumberland. j Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knisley of Un- j i o n t o w n spent yesterday visiting the latter'? mother, Mrs. Emma Beatty. Miss Mabel Penn was the guest of friends at Uniontown Sunday. percentages of substitutes for other products at such times and meals as they choose. I Now the percentage of substitutes f which products, contain in order to be , termed Victory, must be as follows: ^ Bread and rolls, 20 per cent substitute; sweet yeast dough goods, crack| ers, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, t fried cakes and pastry, 33 1-3 per | cent substitute, hatter cakes, gnddle cakes, waffles, 76 per cent substitute. Mrs. Kate Hall says: "I have kept house 15 years, am the mother of four children, and I would not keep house without Hollister's Rocky Mouatam Tea" Wise Woman. why ? Drives a-way sickness, brings health and happiness to the whole family. Conuells- ville Drug Co.--Adv. Ohiopyle. OK10PYLE, Feb. 20.--.1. T. Torrence ot Scottdale spent Tuesday here transacting "business. R. V. Ritenour was a Connellsvxille and Uniontown caller yesterday. A car load of lumber arrived here yesterday for the completion of the house of W S Eafferty on Garrett street. Dr. J. R. Cottom of Dawson spent Tuesday here at his dentist office. George Gales, Jr., of Humbert is old acquaintances in Ohiopyle. William Wable was a raller in town yesterday. M. Morris of Bell Grove was in town yesterday. Jay Shroyer of near Stewarton was a caller in town Monday. Patronize those who advertise. BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c Pathephone --the only Standard Phonograph Designed to Play all Records. --No Needles to Change. --No Records to Wear Out. This Pathephone Outfit $79.50 $75.00 ^Iftdel and your choice of 6 Kecords-- (12 Selections) -- Special Payment Terms Arranged. Pathc Records (toe (o $1.00. Patbephones $25 to $225. and Hear Them Some of the new "Hits" . that you'll enjoy:-- .* o. 2fh77--Mac 1(1--Price "."·. Vait Till the Cows CO.HC Home, troni ".lack o I^ameru * t L a r v l l ) , Campbell and Burr. Any Time'.s Ki'-'JJnj: Time, from "Cliu-Chiu-Chov." (NortonJ, f Jean Sterling, Oonualio, Benrr B u r i , Tenor. Tliorv^ a (irecn H i l J Out in Flunder*. (Flyni^, Harrv Mc- Cla^key. Tenor f l u m e s of Noniuinii} Mlfils), Jean Sterling, ContraHo. o. SOiWJ--Si/e 10--1'riu' 7;r. 3I Sweetie ( B e r l i n ) , A r t h u r Fields^ Tenor lock-A-HiJo Tonn (.Doaa.ld'-onl, Peerless Quartet Xo. :10££--Size 10--Pnco 75c. Huifi-n-l)«. il'i Bab) (Missouri Walt/.) (Logan) Camp- bi^l and Bur). They A ceded aw An^el in Heat en (Moreealdi), Henr Burr, Tenor. \o. 20-fc»-S!ze 10-- Price 7.1ft. (ihe -Me Hie Moonlight* ^ n e M*e t-iie Oi'rl (Yon Tilrcr), Peeiies.s Quartet. Hello! I've Been Jjookinc J'«r } uu, from "The Bj^ Show," X V. Hippodrome, (CJolden-HubbeH), 1-onib Wmsch, Ban tone. Xo. ifO^lil--JSize 10--Price Tor, Smile and Show Yonr Dimple, Medley Fox Trot (Berlin- Ruby), Intro "The Diie Volunteers," American Republic Band The Wild, VHd Tl'oman, Medley One-Step (Pierce-Glogua), Iniro: "Look ^re Up Wlicn You're in Dixie," American Republic Band. 'o. 20^00--Size 30--Prie« 75c. Fm faming Back io You, Pmir liatterfly. Medley Tor Trot fDouaelly-Golden-IIubbcIl), Intro: "Gee! AVhat a "Wonderful Mate You'll Be," American Republic Band. Danee "With We, from 'The Grass Widow," Medley One- Step (Pollock-Wolf-Hirsch), Intro: "Just You and Me," American Republic Dand. Pathephone Department, Main Floor--Rear. STOP-LOOK-F BENNETT BROTHERS, ADTOHOBHitt H f t h C K K l t S UiKlifMt PriccM l*ntd for All We sell second-hand part*- and .!· sorieb Cor aH make 1 - of oar.s . lowest price 1 GET THE ««BK% M2TT" HABIT SA.V13 3 I O M " \ . Open Sunday 1* A- '!· tt f P. Cornel" Hos-f and Water Sire"! PITTSBITIGH. 1'A Eeil Phono Court 3252 vous, tired,Worriedordespoodent it i* a at army camps. 1 the Boa. Bon Revues states that it is Ion flout Anjthing renew the normal vigor and jmaKe me worth living. B C3 ur Ca mU.k for .Motfs Nerverine Pill* $?%*£* i WaUAMS MFG. CO . Prop,.. a^.l«nd. Ofclo (,oHl Coal. Promp Cnll Bell Fhimi- \Z'2. Trl-Statc U7«. Advertise in our Classified cJolumn. i For sale hr Connellsville Drug Co. Rel1 st -Tri-State ira. LOO 11 t.Vl) LOXG DISTA"Ci: MOTIXGS. ee IM Unas Avc,, CO.VM.I.LSV1LLE, PA. Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. .- cxsaooooooooooeoooooocooooo Try Our Ciassifaed Ads, 1 It's Money Well Invested § 5 ot^^oo^^cowsooooo^

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