The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1918
Page 2
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V £; TVvO THE DULY COLRIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20 1918 Large-and enjoyable *as a. "VlarthaTor 10 bein^ laid All of the children Washing*on tea hel3 last~e\enmg m I of Mr ami Mrs Wilson ·» th the ret Maccabce haJI bj the R o m a n s Benefit cep ion of a son I R "B ilson of Wil association of the Maccabees [or the kmsbu-g i\ho -»as uniblc to attend benefits of the Patriotic Service Fund \ or account of s ckness m the familj of the Maccabees Th following pro-' w c r « Present Among those preseni gram was roTdered Opening number were Mr and Mrs S S Gettemv of Star Spangled Banner piano solo I Greensburg the latter a daughter of Miss N-aomi Powell locaj solo Miss M r TM* Mrli Wilson James Wilson Margaret DeBolt A oc U solo Thomas of tipedit Pa a son of M" and Mrs Howard, piano duet Mrs Harr 4sh and Allss Grace DfeBolt \ocal ino ^iSb Mar gar Dt DeBol Miss Edna Younkm and 3Irs Charles Storev %ocal solo M «NS Ge-trude Hiro T-Ocal solo Miss V r^inta Hoi of Union town -ft h i e Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean was being: played by Mrs Ash. Miss Mae Moslej as George "Washington and Miss Ldna Younkm as Martha "SV ahligtoc both a tired in colonial costumes appeared Jame« "W Howard sang t*o selections while refreshments w ere be ng serveM Mis 15 Iaisv Ash command r rrade a few- remarks The affii- was held to cele brate the winning of he 191* pennant by the Maccabees of tbe state The committees in. charge were as follows Ref reshmen ts M rs J \V Howard Mrs EmmajStoner M-s Marv ttosley Mrs Olive "Whitmore Mrs Nellie \aughn and Mrs Pa-jline Gallagher program Miss Margaret DeBolt Miss Fdna Youkin. and Mr* Charles Storev \ class of cancUdates be initiated. at the meeting to t e held Tuesda evening, March 5* Beginning with tod.y women of Connellsville are given a second oppor tunitv to register for war "work Tlie registration places a-e at the \arious McKesson and son Chaste Mr McKesson is a brother of Airs vli 0 Harrv Marietta ga\e a famii\ dmner last evening at her nome at the Ooloiial Inn South Pittsburg street m honor of her sou Monroe Marietta a mcmbei of Company D 130th Regi ment svho eft this morning for Camp Hancock Augusta Ga after spending a furlough * ith hw parents The T J Hooper On t to the Charleston Comforts Branch of t is Navv League met lut night at the home 0* Mrs J Ravmond Mc^trer^i in Race s reet to knit for tho salloro Mr 4 - Harry E Schenck will eater tain the Fnday Afternoon Bi dge Mhist club Fndav afternoon at he: home m Fast Green street 'TEEN AGERS" ARE TO BE IN SESSION HERE TOMORROW Mrs FERSOf* 4iS Edward McCmnick and son are the guests 01 f-tends a Layton Mrs "Walter Adams and iDss Adam* of Sycamore street, a^c spending the dar jn Fittsfaurg Dont fail to attend Downs Sboe Stores sale OB "womens shoes this week f you wear c ize 2 2*« 3 or school buildings and e\en woman is|3^ The price is $150--Adv--IS 3u urged to enroll in oider to help he Mrs B t Johnson of the South Side govf-nment mate ar ebumate of tne j w Jit to Putsburg th morning woman power m U e- United Stae* i A B Kurtz IB in FitLburg toda^ on Tbe call foB registrit on for women business .for war service came from Presided "We ha\e hundreds of the beautiful "Wilson through the Council of Natior . nev spring woolens no* read\ for al Defense and Jt js hoped that e ^ f - v jyour inspection Dave Cohen Tailor patriotic woman "wH ^-egister on one i--Adv Continued f r o m F i?/- O n R 2 00 Discussion 1 1 b j P CT Orw, *, l f5 AdrtU5 V U Wa LL, OI DL.R GlltU. SECTION Miss Sarah Dearth McCle land town presiding 1 IS J raise in bort\ 2 00 \ f t e r n o o n T h o u g h t A Cl il lenRc A R "tt ai 2 I T 1 ho Washington Count} Old«*r Hoy COLncll--H-* " W o r k Harolti 1- I o-u Washington Pi 23*1 A "War T i m e l,rotrair for t h e Ors-Tiiss d Oa-s-e (n.) H p l n p I nrlo San M s? ^ irih nwirth Mcf l e l l n n d t o w n (t) Die l o c k e t T f M i m c r u 1 * L g-ue Mil 1 - * T-rpmru M r n u t v L inton." f ) Blm Vr i Ginirdink the Home I tirests M isi Sari Hir len b\ crbon 3 00 Discu-sf on I cd b \ H H -vit 3 * j Adores" P C urn JK JOINT SESSION 4 la Org-inizcd Play Period In chttrKC of \. U. W a i t e o 00 L u n c h e o n (Whcitlcss ind "» e rt less) m e n u apprcn ed b; 1 ard Song* Tells Short VdO-e^Cb slide-* o O tier B o s and Olc r r Girlt. T r a i n i n g C in p«- ·No-a II A W-ait or P G O r u IE r-ian J b h i p ire]* 1 \ d j o u r r ADT. LT SUCTION First Methodist Episcopal ind First Methodist Protestant cburches MORMVG SI.SSION Tho Adults w i l l meet m joint ses sion w i t h the Older Bos and O d e GirN Regis ration, opens it ·) A M Confirenco at 9 10 A M APTURNOON MISSION First Methodist bpisunpal church For ill \.du ts who a--e registered » tho i onferences Re\ A- I Hanc»« South Brownsville presiding 0 oo DC^ ot o T.I 0 "0 Ad ire 1 " i " 4 0 OonCercnre Led I j A I 3 0 0 A W a r Time T roj,nm T L T Organize 1 rias^ ( LJ IJelpii L, 1 nclc Sj.m I euhr-n Marshall So I r u b) ^ h e Pocket TPH i NINTH SHOWS BIG COAL OUTPUT GAIN FOR YEAR 1917 ConL nuetl from Pago One nde the n i n e s w h e r e none \vere ro rorded tho previous vrar anc I t n side as compared *ith 1 in 191 b rolloumg ducLmn \Lln Ml Ga, N r Tc a~e statistics on the pro n Operation ti irj^s in o p c r a L i n etus min ^ i o j -i on co il «.i pi d to n irliPi oO i t m i n t - a T ^ r l o i n h e u told t } local i r i e ut-d I ( ) 1 1 1 1) CO" l~0 004 Tor sc in the manii/ icturo o- ke I CI ( f n t o a l p r o d u c e - u s on ~*t cok.c pru-cfruoed. O 1 * \ o-ki. onb k.e ^ei h in opcr tttoi 1 1-ot ,, f t rxil prod jccd b pick mil ig 4 90 ) oJr iaJilnt,s I 1 0 Tons pr nJuced bi cle^.trlC'-iLl ma. i"c." j u l s i O o 1 lull 11? L kc o hf s l e *«*ns e m p i r e I a nian fac LII ( of c kf } rsons mi ove t ngi I "10 LW ccn 1 and 1 wi~ s 1 trio -. i-iiil l o j t d ou u t d o t iv,e" 11 i i 1 y a s i a t a l a-« wl nUs n*» di, i i j j o c ^ i d e n L s ouLi*idr N fa ti acc do it« n io N O I I ftv-il ice Utn-ts n Lsid I o n s of u i l rnvtiucwl p r /a il i l i n » i or f a.ta. id u t^d", 1 pt.r TaL- ci i % il c l t h l i of the days set aside for registration Ida Tvson of Shan okin is tlio -- guest oC Mr-* Charles H Thorndeil of The PhLlrpiFroemai Chapte" Datigh [South Prospect btreet. ters of the America i Resolution vail j MI--S Hilda Hirletnan was a caliei hold a colon al knitting tea Saturdavlm Scottda e toda\ afternoon March 2 at the Armor* he I The best place to shop after all proceeds to be for tl e Red Cross An | Brow nell Shoe Co --Adv adm ssjoa of 25 ^enla *v]ll be charged! Mrs F R Dnil of Greon-*ood and all who attend sre asked to bring | tbe gue»t of fnends in. Greensburg a cup spoon and suga- The membc a j esterda-v will appear in coloi lal costumes \ Mis» Helen Coughenour anrt Mrs four minute talk will be given the Myrtle Schhnger and bab bavc gone bpeake- to be announced later to C u m b e i l i r d to \isit Tvith relatives c) B m W ic H o m e I n t e r e s t * Miss s tr i 3 The \ \ u r k of C o n n t j O l l t r I 3% J-Jarol i- It , 4 u C o n f c r net 4 J C TOTIH pro le L n~» P r ns c dt. L n-*Kl n I w / t d p e r f H i u-aldt. J- l o j t d pc a. U U n L "i It. ni 1 n its I 1*" f n HIT I 1 - 1 * F^r ^ T ^ »- in In *cx. te t i ij i vr^, a le t ildr(,n made cci H ir i n i v e lK \ \ - u h m j , .Lw* 111 Ka M t DHH re^-wcd ^.Ir I a Jti ( itx r t Ubi 1 om t i v c i rton Pa i. to-n Soifi i o i *-·, f t Hin" Oru it The monthly business and sociii meeting of the Ki-ig' Daughters oC the Trinity Lutheran ch irch was held ar.t evening at the hoim of Re\ and Mrs E B Burgess m \ ne street ^ ith 26 members m attendance During the business meeting the members dec d Downs Shoe Store will conduct a ?1 50 sale on odds and end 1 ? in women s \ddr-s.s I \ t , M N C MASS VI Li^ervone iimtecl %er^ hoc^v u e conat Sundav school workers from Dunba- Daw son I ve-son ind esen Unioniown and he ^urroiKhi! torn munit e*J mil crowd into C o n n e I l t - \ i U for this miss meet ng D M Hertz IK president o r c o u n t \ a^sor ition w i l l stt t « i « Mi I n t -ival i,omb B Ion 1 u i r p s f i l l la= r****. | I J nps i t l i v e r l s «at surfa-ce \ in\ n a c I Old m i n f oijiu dom. I i I t O L T T J l ' TO Devotion i! «.nd fating berv c S O P Address S "JO V d l r c ·= i l o r e 1 bl d Old r Bo-v imps a ^ i K ( b? h o w t «; o' U e 1 Ide'- G o n c \ i V Or C T c n t II \\ iitc y. 11 a!s n C kc coniyin t t o n ( i Sc C ol»e o Pain -v rcUid C o i l ( o j,ht-n t d Oh o oal CO shoos SI76S 2 2U "i and ^ Sale will list just i dajs Tutsda'v T\ cdnesdaj Thu-sda\ and Friday -- Ad\ -- I S n t Mr- Charles McGoogan an( sor Billie of Mount Pleasant are giieb s of M" and Mrs W L Coughenour of ed to take charge of the decorating o the Narrowb the church chance! fo- he Faster ser Mrs Jean Huson has returned \nces At. the conclu-vion of the ness session, refresl ments were serv Mrs G E Leonard and Mr* William. R. Kooser ^il Tpeak at the an nual institute of the Woticn s Mission after a t w o daj trip to Beaver count* and "Wheeling "ft \ i The Noesta Shop will be open "Won dav aad Frida\ , enings Appoint ments by phone.--Adv 19 3 Re\ C E. Reed a former secretary of the old secretary of Jie Conncll t 5- Hemp Herbert IOL-NT PUt \bAJST F»b ° j M * 0 Florence H e r b e r t dau^h ^ r nf ^ r anrl | Mr« \ If Herbert and Ml PT M v i i r Hemp were \ o r v q et % i r _ n t J it th( briile s home in North Chestnut street j j e s t t . r d a mnrnmt-, a S o clack The ceromonv was nerformed h\ (he Rc\ j G \V Terbnsh pastor of the * etho dist bpiscopa! churtfl T o U o w i D ^ tbe | ceremony the left on a shnr wed ding trip M*- J!«mp lea^^s \ i t h f h c ! draftees on faundaj from D strict No e^tmoreland roi ntx U h \ c l f o k c c mi an American M t n p it ^-i f ic u r i n i - f P i-n B\ rtif o 1 . l kt. lv s s o ie oil A. t. c I i v ary association oC the Allegheny j vlllo Y M C A and no« pastor of Branch "We«U District of the CnKed tne Presbyterian, church at \enango is visiting friends here for a few da\s Patronize those who advertise CROSSING BLOCKED Brethern church to be aeld m the First Unitec 1 Brethern church a* Scottdalc Mrs Leonard who is president of the local societ will speak on 'Tne ValJc of the MISSJOD ary Society to the Church while Mrs ' -- Koassr trho is secreUry of literature FennKylraiUft Trains Stands In TitU- Till gi\e a talk on *\alue of Litera , burg Street ior tfl MJnnte^ tare" Rev F A Risler a returned! Traff-c at the Pntsburg street cross mlssiouar" from Africa will g ve an ' mg o f the Pennsylvunia railroad was address at the evening session Misses blocked for 'Beach 40 minutes last Ora and Marie Det-ailer will sing Mrs j evening by the T ^5 passenger train \C F Stoner of Scottdale president of The engine was cut off to pick up an the TV est district vril! preside Mem express car and trouble -svas cncon bcrs or the local -.ocietj and oE the tered is coupling Otterbeic. Guild will attend- , Instead of pushfog the coaches from the crossing and then making repairs In honor of her Mxtb bi-thday Ruth j the opposite course was followed Schraishuhn dehghtefully ertertained There a^e complaints of f-equcnt de a number of her !i tie friends Satur ] a j-s on this crossing day af ernoon. at h r home The houri Tfftre from 2 to 5 o clock The after noon was enjoyably spent at various games V dainty luncheon was s^n ed. Flags and valentines were used in. carrying out the attractive decora turns Among the guests were Anna and Jefferson Hartman George Mary ftnton Jjawson George Teuton of South t onnellv \ille a well known Balumorc Ohio engineer and fc Iizabrth J I^aw-on of Frcepon look out a license to wed in Pittsburg yesterday Mr For ton Is a 1 ) vears old and for a number M year 5 ha 1 - been an engineer runing out of Connellsville This is his second mar ·-i age Grant/**! Warniwp Ljpon^e 1 ' Steve Molar and Bliribeth l^me y PonnplKv HP Jndson I Imer Fiust Bullskm township and Fltsabeth M Marshall bewicklej township Charles \\ Newcomer ConnellRVille and Col din Mills U n i o n town wpre granted marriage licenses i n I niontown j e s lerday i ( okc comi \ 1 ro % ind ( och an I n d i a n rt. k o il coimai i o r id Schcn m-1 com p a n % t o ne!l -\ l\f \ iiH«* oa] r kr c - m p a n j O\ertnii f rn.1 c.oti par^ \ \ p r h I t t f mp-in j f m e i d a . Coal Min n p co n p i n i B irs o ».! is. okc Lonil any i 1 r c d i Trc pf I f oal o n p n t i j j 111 ir oal c n[ my I cnns'% 11 il c^mn LHJ 1 L r e o k Coll cm coin p a n \ S t e r l l n f f rcr-i c o m n m y I n d l i n ( r e K \ il ey COT com pxn\ li r.r't- C n a l o m p i 1 ! b f n t t d U o Tna t Tokp com I P a r j ! I n l o n T- ii(*l c o m p a n j C OTim* re t l Coai ^·O"-p·L^^ F tr n 1 * V e til o r U a n i ton ( 1 J VCQl UNI^P hzabeth Floreacp and Gladys Hebb, Margaret, Lonne tnd "Wilbert Miller Came and Cora Po'ter Martha Rich ter \ sra- and Dorothy "Ulute \ era and Crfssajean "Wi he m Robert. BnrK hardt and Mrs Jacob Miller all of this city George Roth VviUiam and Joseph _~tneiid and Josephine Amend of Scottdale, STREET FALLS IN farth Gires May Hong Fayette F'lelU. Feiict on Tork \venne. Part of lorfc avenue aloag the Fty ette FT^ld fence his caved in leaving a hole that will require about 10J wagon loada of dirt to fill according to thf estimate of Street Commission The hole at the top is only a few feer across but at the bottom is between 40 and 50 feet in length Third Son Horn Mr and Mrs Ed Turner are receiv ing congritulations nn ihe birth of a 10 pound son on Sunday morning. Mrs Turner was formeriv Miss Gcr trade Jlfchter This i? the third son in the famib -party was ten Pack ran it Pays Costs C J Packraaa p-ud the costs yeiter day before Alderman S H Howard in dered Mrs Samud Row en at her I^ast a case m w h i c h he was charged w i t h Crawford avenue, home last -evening forcibly removing furniture f rom the by her-4augiuec-5IisiXlDreace ftowcn f home of Mrs Laiina G u t b n e o' East The paFty^wa»-In cel'ShraUQrr oOirs "Washington a-venue for the reason Rowen-s~63!E BicUiday AT)OU1T "20 . that final payment had not been made gruests^werg_P£^seqt ?nd a-iuach was served - ~ r Phe : ~eveaing was spent a_ o n Bnying Trip ItnitUng Jacob Kmsbursky and son Leon ~-- -- left this -morning for Baltimore Phil ,,Mrs "W, Jl P^incis ga\e a charm mgjy 1 appointed-fnrntly dinnei jeste dav arnoont at her home in Johnston j s j ore a\enue"in, honor if the 44th wedding "nher^arv ot he parents Mr and Mrs J \ AVll-son of Adarns-burg Pa The guest list 5n Inded onh- the im Jim nf PJ/ZI Home \ son "\\iJ^r n B-van P / z i the firl child in I!K famih w is born Monday to ^T^ and Mrs P A Pizzi of bouth CxnnellSMliL Mi 1 - F tr be"orr he m u n a g p was Miis Chtra Gat one M Piz?i s i Lailor at So ith Conue Is Mile Maiir P f f t p l r \rt (m For Mir Tlrsi linn dctttng \cqoamied \ith The Bank. On account of the larger volumt. of tionoj now in circulation roany peo pie w h o ha\e n e v e r had a bank ?c count ar nov, Iccomin^ bauk depos to~s This, is j. fe,ood indication Monc is not sa'p w h e n it IT kept at home or is cai nul on the person Tbe bink is orga~ized aud eciu pped for the ^afe fcecping of nionev \\ hen ·\our none\ comes ILI deposit it w th The Lit zens \anonaj Bank J 0 S North PiLtsburg street ^he-e is w i l l be under United States Government p r o t o t U r n Checking a^d siMngs ac coi nts are nvjted--Adv Positive--Convir*cin g Many so-caPed remedies for anae Ttua a-c only so ir name Their mak ers arc afraid to prove their claims by telling what their -nedicmes contain i The only way to be honest -with the people is to let them kiow what they are paying for Here is the Vmol formula When the doc or knows what a medicine contains it ceases ! to be a patent" medicine i T CodLiverandBceFPcptoneo Ironnnd 1 " MangaTese Peptonnua I r o i a n d A m monmra Citrat- L. me and Soda Qlyccro- , j phosphates Cacaria Any doctor will tell you that the in' s gredients of Vmol as named above s _ will enrich the blood and banish aiae mia and create strength When the blood is pure and rich and red, the body is strong and robust. You can prove th:s at o-r expense because 3 cur money jnll be returned . if Vinol does not ^HTsro^c you-healti ' 1 mehre\ Drug Co I II Hirmpn ing Oonnell^ Ik D i u d J-ason D mb-i ind i U r 1 c t dug store in c\rrv town iiirl citj n the count FOOD ADMINISTRATION ! TO HAVE AIDS IN 15 DISTRICTS OF COUNTY i D ill Din ci i «( il QljM r\ LIU t. 01 Hi _u l l i l i o n I \ O ( t i \ i i ion; I n Is anil \d is \ d n i« s r r 1) order to IIL^U e a i c un rni n b e i v a c t t ll c od t nscnitioi. j rvg-il-1 ions and tr i a t i li t n uiou of nit J i ( u t\ I ( V d i i n si L or !- i. n i i- d 3 tl c . i i at 1 1 M I ffi ri s r Lt rib or d c m u ; J 5 aci i n adv on · ^ c i t o j th* 1 f f col af] i n u i i IK J p i tici 1 i i I n t n. t l t the prop in t i ii ' in t n f o r i d ·* c e r e r in b h rt gu it i s d (ct he n! n t f of 1 t ci L i 1 i lairis T 1 f i v i r l to h »u ua 1 - r p n 1 \ i h t d *· r c IT to t- or i ^ f c r r r d o th counti a l n n i irau r fo r u h ig^ t rr pon he d sir c v,i i t 1 r i i r or thu 5 ; 'ir f j o s ^ n ir* i f il \ I m m t o w ( 1 I) \ i d 01 ! i ion - i o v n N mil I i K n ^ t 1 - I n ^ b a r t o n tour'-Mp^. 11 ! tl ·uo'M p r t i LI f N 11 i n i p { t o m u l l M!!O r n 11 il -· HI 'i Conei s\ 1 c C m ! i f 1 nvnsi. p ' Spnn ~fi 1 1 ant. '--aU k "·*! ip and T Ui th i i in 1 I r h pi f c-ts t Liu ^ bar tow i I i! Prow ^ 1 n r i J ( b i l f a n B oi\ s \ i t i ^oinb 1 ^ ''til*' lo» n I ship " i P t m o p o h c ( T Di\ i=nn FJ =·! ^p )nrt a.) F i r i h p r n t t n f F f r r to ui^hi; \ S i - j u t u n t \ i hip AIU B 11 \ ni n b o i o i i 0 r a % a L i i n ^ i i i i el e i 1 )r u off i \ llcpu Ur T d«s r o\ n hi t, i p^c i t o r M ia.ll i o \ i i p \! i=.ontow i G or- Ron ij Ai i o to* i bo o ii,ii N 0 1 t O r in." ie»«) ips P( j t M-"-an M -- D 1 in? Po n \l i on ind ^ p r 0 i t ^ ip riatwoo} M } T ^ n 1 an In tr v, T si ip th rd p-cf 11 o I r t o \ n h i p 11 1 rs i ic 1 net of \ i all n o w r = M p Fa rcinn C K M c l n t ^ r e n ehiacp borough in ] G n " \ o \ n sh p M a r k l e j ^ h i p J \ T l r ^ r - ' s "Ma K k ^ b irg Hen \ ( H\ o i ip Oliiop\i K dc) f o \ ft Oh o p i U ind S r*w rt I D ^ i n ! J i t r s ' i n Jamt 1 ^ J t\ fin I \ r son borough Lpp*" r T ron o MI i a d L IKkm tow nsb i Dii ibar--Dun r l o r o u q i fir c t ind r ( n th n P( i c- s of l ) u i -v n ip Dawso i Div, c on riu^li \ u r bH borouf,l l y ^ i r p T o^n im T and ici-^nd ir*i ^1 ii prtx icl=; o E ml ir t Twnsh p D r O L t n r s n t 1 T o n ! !M f r Di son Dtinbir m l R "^ one di^t H I lie Arrival fer Hosiery F©r ti-ri uilj 'ele(t.i. Moudcrli.1 'V allies. Ui " p-iccs r^-n^e rrom 1 )C to $5 00 per pa r ill \ c i dtrf il N J I I , 1 t i-e f'"u JT 112; this \ e^r tht \nsto Hosien an ' h -, bi_i d ) our Special ^1 -o all-sill- Jloe in a'l bl adeb c a l l be had ulse-ft here at 10 per ce it i ior° ^ h n n 11 r t e d of Ilosien \\c A\ould appreciate a \ ·-it to our Jiosicn Departme it We know H \ il be v.ort" N ( I L I w h i l e !W SIOi:t A H ! 1 0 - DIT7I HICK *Bl*a3 B P rsElJHK St A V Pure Che-wing Gum 00 9 r 6] SS !,, b) to 0 T 1 · 1 J ·a ifv s T '"^ rf"s «*^^t v ICK. a day ore Throat away C'k.l S IN \ G-Ull I f i b The f m i r a l nt (ah a \ I r l i l s "ft i l l ui^p j I let otiiurLo v i l o n c o at- 3 S O o t ' o c k f i o i In f a u l r e dcrce at Mtrrc 1 1 nn it f l t K k fmi b Jt J o h n s eiman i »t i n c u n c h Intermcn in Hill ( ro c mete i Dt. c eased \\as a ^on oC JITI s an-i \ju i Uasinger G?rl Soc^ii Vrrcst 1 ? "Hade Pour pn^onerb were soiitenced to 18 ' tiours each this morning b\ Mayor Join Dug-jran One othe man 11 j d wlarged Torfuts of ?10 each were left b~v an Italian barber and a v.o man charged with disorderly conduc Fenniivlllp Red Cross The Pennsville Red Cross w i l l moot Thursdaj at ernoon a. tht home of Mrs 0 P Lenhart ad«lptiia ana New York to buy spring and summer goods for the Bazaar Goods Samuel Oppenheim left last nigh mediate members of the laraih cove ·, Seven WheailessDay* each week- says ftMfy when I can have- POSTTOASTIES for Ncir l o i k to buy spring 1 aod san mei goods ''or the ^Vertheimcr Bro | store Trhere he is ecaplo/cd ~\Fpd in Cumberland. Caesar Pauce and Eliza Stater both OL Coinclls\nlle were granted a mar nagc license in Cumberland Tester Hostess at TancyTTork \[rs J H Cook is entertaining tne Vandc-hilt Fancvwork club today a her hone in East Crawford aienue InJon Prnj-er The of Damson wPl hold jnion praer bervices toiigbt m the Bap ist chxi"ctL SOLDIERS IN CAMP The abrupt change from home comforts to camp life may be trying on your boy's health, but if he will only take the rich liquid food in SCOTTS ENVISION it J' create richer blood to establish body warmth and fortify h: lungs nnd throat Thousands o: sold-iert all over the 'world tak- S vati's Emulsion, It 5 fZe.i.tly what they need fiMil fcumilv Rtunion The annual u u u i o n of the 'am K of Rei ) B Rccd was he 1 jcsterdaj at Ihc. Rood h o n e m b m o n t o w n w h e n the c h i l d r e n ard a unnber of oUer gnesU "ssc^blcd in honor o the 77th b rtli dai of Mrs Rei-cl U noon luncheon 11 ii -.(rvcd covers being 11 d for Mrs Itfie H n p u o o d md daughter Miss Ruth Hopwood Dr and Mrs H I l i l l of JJawson Mrs L l l i p p i hi 1 ps, of b m o n t o w n and Kt\ and Mrs Reed Mrs Bell Mrs P i i l h p s ind Irs llopwood are dau.rh.teis o** ^le\ ar 1 Mr= R t i d I 01 many veirs Hc\ iced was pistol of the P'esbjtenar 1 c h u n h at I u i r e Uill I K turns to I.imp Josppa \\ ro e a inenil er of the ma i n.s left fo a camp lu Vi gmU th -, mo mng if or bp n d m g a f u r l o igl, mth 'us parents Mi and Mrs John ^\ rote ot Vine street I a ) ( t t ( \ Oldest Do? 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Too Mucr t, a n n d riddle There is no ' cure** but relief is often brought by-- Don knee in to j o u i u onoj 0 1 f town for job - n o i k \ ca Thi C m n e i ui/ can do i hue at home Let as WOMEN ARE NEEDED * TO HELP IN W ^Vorncn can 1 p n^ofully er'plofr nur'-mg the ivonndcil in mai'inij Uj "snl 1 ers kit" ind a housan I otl or n, from uotuan s illt For T just enterng womanhood for mea at tin critical time nursing i ers and c\_r\ \vomaj who is Dreci or over ·norkrd i-vonte Pr^cnplion u a cial sife a n l certain help It ran lit nd in tablet iorm so h](,h aa a rei for eiorv wonKHjh ailmeot as ' F ite 1 ixsr i j t j o n T « he onlv i cine for women put up v-it not alcob Dr I c r (,c a f ivorilc 1 Prescription ing real oraUvc tonic a s and trtnEt lien ing BVTMOC and a tive remedy for the funttional de* nuntT i amf ul di^ordtr* aad cb pccu lar to tbe sex P i I nad broLca do v n A s had* I was vi^oil to trv Pierre s i-ai P r f v n p t j o u I it and found i nio a vond umojnt of coo tik n bottles fi?) I am c 1 n bs ire stronger auJ mv B a e a^a u all n^h1 M n Goa blcs I ercc I lu I i h \ a \ s be please hcs r no lies to oenno --Mas t \L T beo\tr borings, P T 3 H S S L I * WOULD QUICKLY RELIEVE JU4. OKUCC1«T»

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