The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 7
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v th4 Mil- k JW3 i yyyrtfi.''"iy'".r'w SATURDAY. AUGUST 15, 19M THE OTTAWA JOURNAL , Muwrw-tv! LV"""!; "."(TW (Lttttrt carry ' snare X ?'- loetoat tnd.mtanlg if Uuf ,;;; are stoned. wrtttfi nam U dlsclMed toS " tht Irfitort they may pub- ' Ms, ttttert over pro-amei. ft best Utttr is usually J ' fh short fetter-iM wonii', . . noj M celling.) , Sides ; Symbol of Statare Slrs:-My thanks lo Mr. Diefenbaker and tht Conserve-un member .for defending" our Canadian flag, lb Red Ensign. Before me, on my wall is Red Ensign. It li not a (lag design chosen by a polt-tican - it is a symbol of our tature, born from the union of, three great countries, moulded by the triumph of courage, truth and honor and colored with tht blood of Canadians. As Hook at h my feelings reach nt and unite with Us weaning and I know that I too. would fight and die to defend It, because it symbol' he, that which I bold dear. ' X c$uld not feel this way beat the white flag with the three Maple Leaves on it, because this flag meant nothing, and the . only thing It . symbolizes is Prime Minister Pearson's attempt lo iboilsh-our Canadian Flag, and instal la its place a flag that kit political party wants. (Mits) GRACE-STEWART. , Sit I Claire Apt., . Begins, Sask. Color Choice . ,Sh-s: It has been suggested that If the three maple leaves art used .on a flag , that tht blue (now shown) on tha outer edges could be sub. stituted for other colors. Such at if you are Irish you could use. green, if an Orangeman use grange, if French It would beared.. ' - ' 0. FOSTEI 171 Boyd Avenue, Ottawa. v . v i ( Replace The, Stars ,, Sirs: Reading The' Jour-, nal.ont day last week I noted again the column of red stars -down the front page. . If you are for tht new Ca-' nadlaa map! leaves. : why don't you substitute tht leaves for. the stars? If you art for tht ! Red Ensign, at I am. Son about Xtd Ensigns " M. S.;S . !3M Carting Avenue, ",' .'Ottawa.'"-'-'"-' .tSrfc tstwsr etA W.' i By JAMES KESTON lSsss y jtmm sv. ."WASHINGTON la "his speech to the Rtmblicta leaders at Hersbey t. s week, San. Barry GoMwater said "the Eisaosower Dulles approach ; foreign affair 1 preach - . ..a Goldwater-MlJler.administratioa wiH mean an Immediate retern to . the -proven policy of . peace, -through strength which was -the hallmark of the EtsesK bower years. -'-'.' ." :,. This It an important statement If, It. can bt token at, face value, for the Etoen- ! bower years, though marked by' much heroic Goldwater" talk' about "liberating" East-era Eeropt end "rolling back communism," wtrt essential--iy yean of 'accommodation' ahd'" compromise with the ' Communist world, and this It' precisely what "Barry has - been condemning in the past: - In fact, k was precisely this ' tendency of the Eisenhower tdhrialstration to limit lit rMrs'ta tbt Cold Wtr that led Goldwater himself to be such ah utspoken critic of Elten . bower foreign policy, from ' )am, and if he has now really come wver to Elton- -tsswer, rather thaa merely -ttymg tome agreeable tbingt It ' tnakt Elsenhower come over to him, then the Republican campaign has taken en Important turn, - '-,.' WEBE RISKS TAKEN '"' - 'Elsenhower' did take risks td defend Formosa, and the e'ffskere Wands, where. American air and naval power dominated the seas and tht thjeti end h anoved boldly In the Lebanon crisis to pro- teet the Middle East but (a general be accepted a eene of trues rather than ritk war for tctol,-vlctory. ' -Elsenhower's first mejor foreign policy act In 5 wa not to pros the war In Korea , but to end It He didn't esk , "why not victory?'! But "why . not peece?" " sAnd he tettted for dividing that country at theJtih parol-, lei.-- . .Y - . , , : : .Ike, end particularly Dullae. wa greet at talking ebout -jmlevhtng" C h I a n Kai-stvk to rnvede the China mainland, but they both autoi- w Both -rFrom IC1 , . - , . . ' ' ' ; . ' , Voue of Sirs: Statistics : such as quoted by you In your editorial "The Value of Education" were used tome time ago. by the principal of a high school Flag Authority ; Slrs:-What is Mr. Pearson's authority In the "Flag" issue? v ' Wat he elected on that issue? If not, -from whence bis. determination to foist such disgraceful symbol on tbt Canadian people. Was tht new flag to be a compatHtvt matter on consideration of a monetary award for tht chosen design? If to, is Mr. Pearson to parsimonious he must needs not only compete, but by reason of his position practically compel recognition of his personal flag at tha prize winning de-iX . ' Since a flag represents. a. people It it reasonable to aspect ' tht , Canadian people , should choose for themselves a decent and representative) symbol of nationhood. ' - ' , W. It MacKAY.' 87 First Avenue. Apt. 1. ; Ottawa. -- . , tZt First Avenue. Apt j, " ' r' Union Flag n Sirs: Mr. Pearson wishes to use the Union Flag si Cans da's symbol of Common-' wealth me m berth I p even hough tht flag hat no significance In Canada. The three Matt in tht Union flag symbolize the union between England. Scotland and Ira-' land. ' Do the members of the ParN " lament of Canada have tht right to adopt the. flag of the United Kingdom, any mora' than they' have the right- It ' adopt tht Start and Stripes, ' or the French Tricolor? : ; Should they not at least be courteous enough to ask she. United Kingdom for permit- . tren to use its flag? " JOHN M. SUTCUFFE: - 2M Main Street, .:if...- . Ottawa; ' : . f,' of ly leashed him again end kept ajar that way all through the aieht Eisanhower vaara. '.' 1 constant nulsa t and even danger .in the Elsenhower terms; but ,he accepted the partition of both rather than risk war for their unification. COMPROMISE -"n He compromised with the Communist, to secure .the frstdtm of Austria and -Trlet. ''' -''. ';' He risked sending the U-l spy planet over Russia buff, grounded rhem when they were caught. ' " . .' He encouraged the Cuban ' exiles to prepare to Invade Cuba, but never let them go. . It te difficun to Imagine anyone whose approach to for-' elgn affair was mora differ' tnt from " Goldweter't than Eisenhower. - , - " ' - Jfe even moved against his two closet! allies, Britain and , France, when they. mobilized. for action in the Snex crisis, .' and despite all the Dulles talk about freeing Easttrn Enroot, Eisenhower let the Red Army ' tanks crush the Hungarian uprising without making a anove. DIFFERENT VIEW 1 ' . In hi book. The Con-. science of a ' Coneervatrve, Goldwater took . a different view. ' -' ' . "Assume also, a major up-' rising In Eastorn Europe such - as occurred in Budapest In . ixae nt wrote, "in sues ,n situation we euaht to present, the Kremlin an ultimatum forbidding Soviet InterventiodV and be prepared, If. the ultimatum It rejected, to move a ' highly mobile task force equipped with appropriate nu- " clear weapons to the seen of the revolt 1 r wur oDiecuva,. ,s. win-. 1. eluded, "would be to confront the Soviet Union with superior feree In the Immediate vicinity of the uprising and to compel a Soviet withdrawal." '' ' ;. ' Accordlngt, if the Senator has now embraced the Gen-' era! and hi policies,' be has clearly changed,' but this Is just the trouble. -r ,' For after the summit meet ing M Herihey, Where he te ' jected the (upport et extre-, mitts, supported the UnHed : . - . . , ' I : ' " ' ' ' ' . One ( - Education v in this province is) anaddress .to a school assembly.'! was present on that occasion and expressed my disapproval and concern at the principle' underlying the talk. .' ' I kav been in the teaching '-profession for eV years and have, teen such (A complete change-in the basic-principles, of education during that period,, that 1 -am led to the conclusion that there Is no education going -en in any part of. the world; My teaching experience in England, the West Indies, Canada and the United States has convinced me that ever since tht doctrine of pragmatism influenced the "educationists" education as such ceased and was replaced by training. ' " -." Though I am atill teaching and so bound by the set courses laid down by the educational authorities, I still en- deevor to instil Into my pupils an appreciation of and b desire for learning not knowledge which I associate with the memorisation of. facta and data and I hope that all those who come into contact with me will realize later that in these days of automation and increased leisure educa- Hon- will Hand them m good stead. JAM. A rn prior, ', Ont. Removing Makarios , Sirs': Should tbt come to the worst and open war' between Turkey and Greece result, Makarioa must be selected at the arch-villain oftht peace.-' 1 ." A Canadian soldier eras arrested for saying' that there would be no peaceful settle- , ment m Cyprus until Makarioa was' removed from office and the perilous situation at the present moment proves that he wat right. .' li.': ALLEN."!, W Mallet Avenue, V Ottawa.,.; ' A .. ... .. ;, ; . - - - ;:.: t . Issue .ii - . Nations, the .fecial security system, and the Civil Right, Bill ha nlmA aealie k w. titted that all this represent ed no change ha hit past positions. - v r.'- V-NO C0NCIUATI0N "ThU it no conciliatory speech at all," he told report- ers later. "It merely real-firms what I've been saying throughout tht campaign." ' The fact that Elsenhower's own people had helped draft the statement, that Governors Rockefeller, Sera nt on, - and Romney, who bad eppoeed hit nomination, now found these 'view different and acceptable, tht every reporter en the scene noted the difference in the tone tt hit remarks 'all this made no difference to Barry. ' : '' ; v'- In fact, after getting Eistn-: hewer's endorsement he went on to - claim that President Johnson was following his ad-. vice Iff Viet Nam. added that Candidate X J, -u ute president win just us- Western aerospace, electron-ton to me and take my advice . (ml oU mooopoiea have less trouble," and proposed a policy of Interrupting Red China's supplies In Viet Nam, though he didn't say how this wot to bt done without war. CYNICAL VIEW '- A cynic would tay that the Senator merely said what was-. necessary to get Ike's support but Berry at more- complical-, ad than ' that. He limply bbuukwi inm dduu , end sometimes several time a day. and the odd thing about tt is that he seems to be equally dogmatic about wholly contradictory things., '. He has now said, almost everything that can be said en both tides of the esain questions of the campaign. He m for we one - tor policies Ike opposes. f. He he been for and agshwt extremists, for and against the " United Nation, and compul- o wations, ana compui-. penrer oa the Mediterran-aoclal security, and the : .rt . araduated There Is change In him : all right At the Mart of the year, we 'thought we anew fairly well from, his writings, and hi vote what he - t Ueved. Now we don t know " what be believe: All we know m says. ' , ' what be Dollars ana' Cents Sirs: I would like ta com- ' mend The Journal on .the' ediV.) torial. The VaJuji of- Education which appeared fat" the ; 'paper. Aug. H 'Articles tuck a this -fm press ' upon our youth tht real 'importance of tducttion' in terms which ; have deepest meaning that-' it - dollars and cents. ' " ' ' -. T. J." Ottawa. , . Circular Trouble Sire Recently our family . returned from a three-week vacation all pepped up to give the lawn an overdue trimming and, with .renewed strength, tpen the long list, of bills wh'lch arrive despite vacations. Well, the bills had arrived-the lawn and hedges needed trimming . but our property looked for ell tht world Ukt a loading zone for a Boy "Scout paper drive . . . completely littered with windblown,' rain-splattered circu lars. This is hard to believe but there were if double pages in black and whilt tnd multifarious faded colours ignom- lnioutly hiding In my hedges. newer seas ana lorwrniy tened in staggered solitude over my lewn. The aoiioe advised us to Mop delivery of our newspap-; er- when ea vacation. What better tip off could a thief , get than a circular - littered, lawnl ) (; Or-Oh yet , . .' tht mailman ' had left 11 bills, two city Inspectors notices, II magazines and what we needed most , .; 22 more circular!. '' - C.H.. s Sanlord Avenue, ' . Ottawa. ... ':' -' ' ' -ingratitude ' Sin: For me. the maple leaf (lag is' the symbol of (ingratitude. Tbt ingratitude of those who found here thing more-valuable than gold; Jus tice,' taw 'and order and Tree- race', creed or color and then wished to banish the symbol of the men who arere burnt,, frozen and tctlped civilizing this land as they ' took the English flag or; the fleur-de- li from coast to coast breton. . : Ottawa. ,t ...,--v.. ; r-y'..i Election Comment! By THEODORE SHABAD fd S9Wt HtJaTs TJffe TteiMtJ eV?JfJ) "BesTVlStl ' MOSCOW Who will -win ' the political struggle In the United States the s gg res-si ve reactionary neomillion-aire of the west tnd touth-' west or the entrenched monopolies' of the northeast that con afford to curtail militarism? . ; i -' : .; Tbeee art : the term in,' which Soviet ideologists view the election campaign and the lineup of forces that led to the nomination of Senator. Goldwater , at . Republican - candidate for tha presidency, . According to-sn interprets- tion of political event In the -uJ, published In Pravda, picked this particular time to snake their bid for power be-' cause of disunity In the ranks I of progressive force. "The most reactionary nd aggressive circlet of mooopo-.- liatie capital,'' Pravda say, , "have' decided to, use. this , moment ' while .discontent ' along broad towers, of eociety has not yet assumed political form and hat not yet merged with tht 'black revolution'." ... Nuclear-Powered ; Distilling Plant 10) rlfM af4Jt TeV. TteSnjB fMfM eTwVejdJgtj , TEL AVIV United SUtot and Israeli technologist have" announced .agreement on the scope of the world's first nuclear plant to distil tetwatet and generate elec- : They" ssld ft should supply 150 to1' 200 megawatt of electric power and M to 185 snillicef gallon daily of pur " 'A target' date of 1971 era established for tnent of . commercial tion. ' opera- . t. ' - - Law Breakers Sirt: - Our Chief Magis-irate was resorted in your paper Aug. 11 at proposing a new bylaw to make it illegal ' for vehicles to . splssh salt laden slush upon other vehicles and pedestrians. . . . May I respectfully suggest to Mayot Whitton and her associates at City HalMhist-what-thit town needs 'Wdrse-'then more bylaws is enforcement of several now on the books; specifically, those relating to speed limit, overtaking, and right of way at yield signs. Food Campaign . Sirs: If we would exercise ' our imaginations and compassion for a few moments we would,- I'm sure, respond generously to the Freedom Irom Hunger Campaign. Two of your correspondents recently drew our attention to the baskets located in the stores of one of the local supermarket chains baskets in which we can place our trading stamps. These will be redeemed for cash and contributed to this campaign sponsored by the United Nations. Here is a direct way for us at Individuals to help tbt Mysore project In India. This program is more than the handing out of rations. It it a co-operative program of self help for U countries of Southeast Asia: a training centre in food science, in par-vticular the techniques of processing and preserving food. What are we asked to give up? Another lawn chair, a new pot of bath towel. But for the desperate people of Southeast Asia living at subsistence level tt will mean a . feeling of well-being that results , from eating well and the Joy of watching small bodice grow in good health. ' MRS. JOAN GULLEN. ii itaymar vnvs, - i. Ottawa. The Sabbath Sirs: May I please change the ' subject from flags to' farm, at I have lived In this district for nearly 20 years. "1 am very pleated to' say' I' nave never yet seen a farmer Sabbath Day. For contrast, in ue city.- tne stores ta gen- oral, bank,- post offices and most all place of business art also- closed with e) great deal of reverence.' - i. I would also like to con- -gratulat all those, who made it possible in any way for the , splendid rodeo show In aid of lha retarded children. It wet excellent, but I am te- sure there would have been n much larger response if It had been held on Saturday, there are so many of as who prefer to remember the Sab-bath a It la written In the -Bible. .-''. '- . . A. JONES. Carp, Ont .....'. l. v Warm Quebec Sin: We certainly ' had a feeble attempt at humor fat -Tha Journal last Wednesday., Mr. "IM." (Letters . to Ue. Editor) proud and unashamed of his opinion, implied with Ingenuous subtlety that Quebec Is going te secede from -the rest of Canada. . V - Well, my friend, end all others who hold that S petty : view. If you looked . beyond the headline of the ' front - pages you would find . in Quebec no infuriated mobs demanding the heed of the Queen, but rather a warm, - fascinating people, full of Ufe ' and happiness. ;. . ;,. If we spent our time trying to tolvt our minor problems instead of making smug end cynical . remarks, we . could stop misunderstandings from leading to the disaster anany te fondly believe must occur. , i . RICHARD NOON AN.,, ' Ottawa, -. V- : t Collisions between vehicles are Just as injurious to expensive fenders tnd doors as salt, and a great deal quicker about it! , If the !clty't law enforcement agency can't find these law breaker, they could use the Ontario Department of Highways drivers registration lists! Observation supports my theory, that there Is not a single law-abiding driver In Ottawa, myself included! A. E. SUTHERLAND..' 2091 Bank Street, Ottawa. Overhead Wires Sirs: Back, m August, IS6I an article appeared In the press which was headed "Five-Year Plan for Putting Wires Underground." , The article went on to explain that the city and the Hydro Elec tric Commission were plan ning to establish a H.600.M fund for this purpose with the hope that the Federal Gov ernment would provide a simi lar amount. The city was Jo finance Its part of the pro ject by an annual one mill Increase in the tax rate. Subsequently we were informed that the program of remov ing wires had been placed in abeyance for lack of funds. One Feb. 15, MM, we read in the papers that the City Council has approved in principle a five year spending pro gram that" will cost tS1.20t,ttt. In reviewing the list of civic undertakings It la noted that the Hydro Electric Commis sion It to spend tT.50t.eot for the-extension of their plant and equipment Under - the heading Traffic Engineering It 4s stated that $2M.0M is being allocated for underground wir ing of traffic lights in junction with . pavement re construction. There appears to be no other, mention of overhead wiring in the gram. , ,'. - . On this issue Canada's Capi tal is lagging for behind most North American cities, largt and small.' It it recognized by all concerned that the re- ' "7 g'w ln program top priority and save the added expense which Increase with each year's delay. No matter how the financ ing la arranged the project should go forward. Wellington Street ebould be one of those to receive first attention. Hera. we have a line of public build ings; the Supreme Court Veterans Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Justice, end be fore long the new National Library. All are Impressive buildings In their own way and in keeping with the Capital of a growing nation. Fronting them we have a double line of weather worn and time twisted tree trunk holding up a few wires. What an incongruous sight for tourist and visiting VIPs. ; . Serious thought I now being-given to the centenary celebrations In INT. What better way could the city have of recognizing this, important event than by the removal of the overhead wires and poles in tht uptown section, of the city and the Important streets giving access thereto? -' ' ' M. E. GRANT. IS Mlnto Place. , Ottawa. Vi Appreciation - Sirs! To tell you thing of how very Interesting we In Murray Bay find the articles in The Journal from Miss Chadwkk'i diary and In the hope we may have many more to reed. w FERN CULVER. Potato an Pie, ' , , Quebec- v -..', -' ; , THE DISTRICT OF I distinctive community of .. custom oetigned homes by , priced from $30,000 Unexcelled "., ,. . .. -:. ", ';'' r "t 5 Loceied it the tnd of tfn Western " Queenswey off HIghvwyJS. .,: 828-2343 . ' . A V TO SEE S0I11ETIIII1G SPECIAL HI APARTMENT X ' LIVING , VISIT - - PARKWOOD HILLS OTTAWA'S CARDEN COMMUNITY Vs, cpv fry j. p::. ii?3-. -i. . Enjoy (the cool comfort of Canada's finest private outdoor swimming pool at yur doorstep PUIS the special f r e e d o m of EXTRA space, extra roominess in delightful new apartment designs. A refined elegance is evident in every outstanding detail, and with so many styles to choose from you're sure to find the exact apartment you've always dreamed, of. Only Minto Canada's most . honoured builder can offer the extra value of . more living space (inside and. out) and stilt uvt,!, you op to $25 monthly on rent over any eompar . t. able accommodation. 1, 2 and BEDROOM APARTMENTS MODEST RENTALS FROM $98 i -i . BUS SERVICE THROUGHOUT ESTABLISHED, PARKLAND COMMUNITY REGULAR 0TC ' GE APPLIANCES Convenient shopping - all schools AU. SVITES MODERN AND SPACIOUS PAniavooo HILLS EAST TO REACH ON FISHER AVENUE , . , JUST SOUTH OF BASELINE ROAD .- 722-7iU f' '' 7 fuKNISHED MODELS AKE ON DISIXAT,' I FOR tOTJK CONVENIENCE, DAILY TILL t rJW. SUNDAYS TILL P.M.

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