The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 6
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. Ito Ottawa Journal r The Journal PublMiliw Co. a Ottawa LM. - tW au a l U Bowie St.. Ottawa. Ontario. ; SATURDAY, AUGUST 15. 1964 What's New at the. 'Ex The , Central Canada Exhibition is taking shape once again In the limited confines of Lansdowne Park and the boundless Invaginations of children, tt Hearing the urgent buzzing ol the 'telephone on the desk: of Mr.) Jack ' Clarke, CCEA general manager, or see-ting the tradesmen scurrying about t Lansdowne, one senses the; rising pitch twill be there and In competition. Nor I bustling. For the city the "Ex" will mean SeCT. . ' , - '-: 1 So far as Is known Father Lafontalne 4 of the White Fathers has suffered no physical harm but In an article In the London Times a former administrative I officer in the Lundazi district tells of ; the disappointment the priest has suffered. Mr. Paul Clalrmonte, the writer t of the article, says that Lundazi was a ...!..( uil ktta al.ilia.riu . a M7wiui piaw aim wu..a iuihiuiiojk. ? The methodical. Jb it new that every available Inch of hour. T areas, five the countrywoman a window , on the world; a blight, bacauaa too much -. - ia American-Inspired, without any attempt .1. to creata a truly local art." -f . ' It seems that every time we discuss' a lack in Canadian life we have an alas! for the nasty Americans. Wei have aeen enough Canadian inspired a television of dubious merit to wonder -if we shouldn't mend our own fences before rattling the other fellow's. A pleasant thought would be a discussion, of the problems of Canadian culture without so much aa a hint that some :. one else was to blame for it. ' The Menacing Motorist Mayor Whitton'e l. condemnation ot ot the fair. 1 motorists who speed through city streets k The take-a-chance and take a look ln Winter, splashing salt and slush on f tents will rise overnight to move the pedestrians and vehicles, diagnoses the. '"Ex next Friday into a world .twice aa wild and wonderful as everyday life. For proof just look Into the faces of I the children. ' - ' - vi : It is older folk, not children, who ; most want to know what is new at I the fair. New things and free things ' 1 are, all-important to a fair, according , ;to Mr. "Clarke, whose Job, l to see that what's new is also good. . v " ' A new: company is in" charge ol the. I midway for the first time in mora than The fellow who, when the block ' 30 years, so perhaps the midway ItselOijw.u i.mmei -iik rr rolls u wlu benewand different (as it is behind, the jam and straddles the inter. teevHably advertised.) This change section. knowing, that when the Ught I would benefit everyone ' those who changes he will be blocking traffic from 'care about rides and shows and what's cleft nd right. . ' ii "alive w the.taslde and-those: who -..The demon who i-oars past in mkP J don t; For as Mr.Clarke pointsout. . bock on to Jam M hi7brakes , i people must went inrougn uie miuway ...v. firat interctlfin.nd turn off. !Crrin7lu"m!' firstJntersectiOn.and turn ofi J to get from, building to building, and . . .,.,. r . . . . t ings -ior uie oome, ana augea tor ' the handyman. But frankly, years past - have made us something less than sure that Ottawa's merchants put their best I foot forward ia making their , exhibits ,J as new and attractive as they might, It is when the foundation of the fair behind , park-; t ".is,tv: 'jr.;- - .-tut . -v - P ' nawres aNii . wmw- niww ' rwnn ' inp , J NORAD band rom Colorado Springs) ,and a new grandstand show, new cars,; tjnew implements for farmers,- furnish- main cause of Ottawa's traffic sick ness. ; It's not so much the state of the road, the number Of traffic lights . or the system of one-way Streets. It's the selfish nut behind the wheel. The' mayor's slush-spraying driver is only one of the menaces. We would describe a few more: J ' The driver who makes a right turn from the" centre lane across the path of curb lane traffic:. , . Leila From Oxford: MtofrrmmrmYMHusBANb . ; metC-HC HWMK POLITICS 11 By JAMES MOKMS Tnm .the Miactiaitar Gvardtaa (c) Juwum Uorrit. TkU It th latt ot ate ptrtodlcal Uttert which un to tM hulutti' ; tn a boo bting publUhtd n$xt Irear Faeer amt Fabar. , . ... v : .... , antry into a downtown store door while .9a' sown, off, to stay young, to. die: - atnnTtmA tn a M ilnnnlna nn. In malt ' tiC., S " '' . ' a ' a . " a f space will be taken up by the live-' The motorist who starts a turn in t stock and the flowers. This annual the inside lane and ends tip in the out- and If you e: bursting" at the seams is af condition side lane of the intersecting s t r e e t.' of thiecity .Ex" the day , hideous with "the ' sound screaming tires and whining motor. Tinunc jams, as zw.uwi visitors come to inese an vers are aeioom seen oy itown. Put It will also mean a big In- policemen watching meters or mount-"(rease in OTC passenger traffic. Food,7 ing speed traps,' A heavy fine should 'lodging and services-of many kinds; therefore be levied on all who are t must be supplied for the visitors. An caught r committing this , type . of nul- estimated S.000 persons are involved sance. It's about time these people, t in making the fair itself. learned they can't get away with may-; But important as are the business hem on city , streets, and that others. 1 and economics of the fair, we return who would may be discouraged.-' "3 ' "'; (to the children. Children seek the con-,' : , v . . s 'stent things. The candy floss, the rides, . ; : - Saturday's Notes I i thn muiIm Tna rWinrna IM in analcaa -' . ' . . . . tne uie crowns ana ine snaxes in this kind -- calm, confldent, jBg Ilt hinurUhd. hitherto e social certainty, and the vigor ciegani, anexpecwa: ana awa-- damp pastoral Uland between of that era are what we aew if he punches 0m? - that most enervating. oferao- itKiependence. the Impenetrable vktirtla, ead awve oa. '. ,.'.- - '-.'! .k Weaa.'. . -' :.' 'y:t ."reatplaKits of .Ha college ays- :" i . The hippopotamus surplus ui Tanga-, Donnish reminiacenca. quaint tern. Its proud inconaiatandea, nyika has led to plans to promote in- anecdoteege, ecccntridtiea, end and Its infinite diversity. . . tamat in tha nnimat'a maat Pnttait p a r a d e x e s ' tbsee minor I do not doubt that 50 yeais hlnnnnot.m,,. an., h.v. a r r I I a pleasures 1 put together as In from now Oxford University, ft charm. , rVUJ UUseaaas wswaaaji w IMIJrVOw -i-aj,- aaaaa-a---ae-na umuyuum , jt the popular legend of Oxford Its coeducation complete, will and falsely freeze its pattern, be tar more like any other tmi- The Royil -Astronomical Society or Th old faVMinaUoni rtmaiii. in- vnity, atjch Im on lu own. sTtot-taHai kmai mmmi trteoa-l thsit than fMtaWt jaaal W..e ik.l. aa.e(Ma.wi. a. aW-i(t. mm Wv u. 'al. Other Views ' HIGHWAY MENACE " Port Arthur News-Cltfoulcle: Hitca-hikera Wave adopted a tildory'i.ltwd TKieottTwidirig In Thar Graves? gOME of history's fro test Jewel thieves might have twisted lit their graves if they'd heard aboat the' .- maa - who , searched - Buckiniham Palace JT WOULD be nice to end a a microcosm of ill society, be a arodigy: but the mythical for a mining SI 1.000 diamond aeries on Oxford with a taste tome- as a lorcini-houM. ra- quality of the place will avapo- brooch. Th maa used aa alec-. The ass in a hurry who leapfrogs " that oollque academic humor aervad for flrat-cUis lnteliacts , rate, her squabbles and mnova- trooie device which he ran nast cars in a solid line" of traffic. wltn which . we aasociata the Tben. then shall Oxford , tioM wUI , onSr command over the Queen's lawn, her wd the rtubbom Individual who srads ntmt ot th " ' ' beadllrW and humorless, carpet, and furniture v -4l ana tne stuDDorn inaiviauat wno speeas . . . ViraJ..nrtl,inr u,. . . hninv. ahatcmioua. conacton. o.m- ,k.-. u u in tn nrauanf k m !. haofc In Una i . : . : i v 'a'- " ... . . , i- -r K" n unset r onered ma a pleasant , . cultivate1 the brain. 1- ; ,lou committee men win ot in thief ; ine ieiiow wno sips out past a yieia opportunity. 1 naa asued rat People have sign into the traffic stream assuming pennission to attend this year's university to re to of Riviera fame, would come a to this c ade a t - goiie the v, been rticular Investigau the SO"' tococbargea In hU day. he had to risk his - S, ouI from 2Ld. l0.!! r'" f.I ,l. .1 ji 1 l ... l 1. FiuaMtla iwhumiu u nmrnm ; :i a . i , . ah inm rivr man mm humnM it, i. t B..iUUH tM v. S"e the humped lif. atepe, to row, to prepare com- - avr'j sups, n row, m prapara com- ' Victoria Cokmltt - The Joba Birch Soc'ety eeC - -a- Je -- fa axneai ma vwuuwa aaese msisiwiuivw Mam uiy uivivvi, ajaea.aj, tfUm asrejai ifuuuMU)f w aeaeaiee uvwci wsae a-s eruioi , . .a m a.. f had not made ereat oroeress Father aeaaon is here again. Space capsule the whole has shifted, and to entry qualification, character T , 1." a d ,. i putting 1 hTlonervZlo 'SS . operator, hereby are urged to exeEis. conclude a study of contempt-; will be none of iu concern. t ?t2l . -TL J! ' R f . r- a . . it- aa a j World J some "laboriously gathered", converts extr" caution. : and felt ha had established contact with - . I the Africans whose lancuaee be spoke A sound expert saia tnat tne noise, .-.,. th. Bn,.iri noru aa rnnatar.rnidM- rn, could caaae a ifluently. . : f . !- i Then came lhe appeal of the woman Beatles film was just about th. ,n itt delights ere dead. , , Tree 'Khetershlp, of eoorse, ewUmg the highways m can Allei ''.LensMnalMhe self-oroclalmed pain level. "Pain is pleasure if pairt, .' '4 '" rides above change, and the ahoukt take steps to put aa ead ;prtrrutesa. wber- has Surrendered to"' toy)." a wise man Bald. . ; . jfa B ut Oxford has fsa of Oxford wlU always to this Sauthoritiei' after grave disorders., tier '..j,'' . " . '' - , -V . reached the end of aa era. '. .' ,. , ' icreed.. was that. Africans were the uiicago auuionites are conaucung do not doubt the surrrval of 'choaen : people wlio lacked material - " urvey of potential victims tn an hs old Idiosyncrasies, quirk ish. f rwealth ift thia world and would go to 'tort to halt the wave of recent bomb-; stubborn or aty: they are ha- ( heaven; Europeans, who' had the good - nlon- '""VTI "TT .LTuT cont-ZZT ' things in Oil. life, would go to hell. ' h,. net,v?;;,NKly want" t; Al4hl. treed of the soolted Lump. ; .. weU;liked. g Sf ;Church took hold, Father Ufontolne t, A M,.,"" J ..1 ,h.r .nri,. -. the proportioa of .found his converts melted away, writes I , A Montreal report Bays , the conclu- to to be re- !Mr.i Oalrmonte, attendance at hi '0B J1"' Mnu what shuffled. , i -school became aporadic and there was h WerB 4 MtUfactoi amount then right and naturaV "a general refusal to attend classei In wnt hhl W"? mor Mors than moat cities, a untver- aaiiain... irnna.iM. 1 time to spend his money. Paradise was sity . dty . must always be i ti Seventy-four Lampas were killed In' Lundazi province by security forces in tone day recently and to Father Lafon-'talne, the Canadian, and to others who .have labored for progress in Africa, "the rattle of gunfire has meant ' an aaonv of disappointment, i--. ( " ' .. Blamt the Americans never like this) Mr. k chaneina: Ita Dureoae la Baver - . ' - . static, and never easily defined. Ron Basford. a BC Liberal MP. A place Ilka Oxford, which lives k. k.i nV.ilan' "r aaanHoalluM nnf Oy BB UlCeaBBBl COmUCI ' --n-V in tk- fl.. H.K . "ghts, hammeMnd-tongs. must ,to participate in theflag debate. 4 .uu Mlf. Nobody ever forced an MP to partlcl- examinatioa whether or aot I be la a constadt suu of pate in a debate out u tney au oeciaea - Rorai Commission ; to avoid debate what would be the pur- over the election results. aatsaatwane-a ' ta' klai eat ai aVjfiatat Cr1tlai Pity the lot of bird columnists, like Jean Morris offers some stralghtfor-. P - JournaU -Mr-, John Bird (see jward advice to women about culture, turday Section today) who la Invited J While the article makes clear this is b reader to . Identify a bird with a U matter for the ladies, we venture J-"' kUsotb srindlng wuslcaHy tin quibble wUh. Miss, Morris on one 1 auww.r q-th Bird, tavlt- naaaaaa- 1 ' - big bird listeners at large to hazard a efUi! elf-. -A '- '-With prairies Breett aa templed Jade, 'pose of Parliament? ' .,; j "There la no person or body ia Oxford,' It was authorlta-ttvely said in 1MI. "competent . te declare what the fanctJone i of the-university ere" end there has always been contra- . versy about the point of ft, too. j Some have seen H primsrily aa a research uuututa, eome as a nursery of Church, Bute, It Tetevision Is et once a boon and a Ituess. "Surely not the 'rusty gate noise ,nd Empire, some as a Irbera-J blight. A boon because H links tm remote of the Grackie? - , tioa of the mdivlduel. some as i Do Canadian--Women-' Need Culture? ar anna Joaa Mooaai QTTAWA'S Secretary of SUta for cultural affairs, . Mr. Maurice Lamontagne, is. cam -paigning for government aob-sidita lor the arts, appealing to the public for support.. The male section of the community IS notoriously hard-' headed ' when ; H comes o money. What about i the women? Can Mr. LamoaUgne expect greater support there1 Are they ' even Interested in out-ture, or do they need K? -Or aren't they, to quote Mr. tJ montagne, buying a chair wittt only three legs. whn they want :anada to grow, without tanng . a had?'- ' ."' " Let's get thmgs -v straight.' Women, especially mothers, are" the moulders of the men and women of tomorrow. VttWtt thtyTe prepared to actively tn-' (grata culture as sa everyday thing, aren't they falling down' 00 the Job? - -i It's ' aot enough . to create comfortable booms, amphamra-tbe social mores. ' - Tbev way-people dress, the 'things they eat. the entertainmeata thy seek, alt these are pact of ttiet , cultural fabric of a eoontry." Whether that fabric be heeut ful or shoddy is largely for women to determine .IModay, Canadians are too casual In dress, toe ready to accept mass-produced standards . of workmanship ander the Illusion It's cheaper, then it is mostly. Women who are to blame. The much-admired European ehicr ins Diner unvcr is ouick on uw crane - ftwKifnm w mam una icnura, . - -r- iu juniia nura nuwn; w 1 ,.,1.1 . iamKW Pedal. v . T 'T."Zrr ' i rl2TtS' -T feat. ;- porth IZlVLSS f Maori land tenure. lumping balcony to the reply dryly 1 fiAriuu acarcsur loas ana- . . ...j 1. 1 .. bis turn. Signals interested In vour auasestioa n, n k ... r ciit Li. . -i i r v . . vu nirn. suinaia inianH t . M v mji sneaking uwwi tm. ,v .LaMnM . w . . j witco ous nu j- 1,. .j,. type who changes rAnle- -rx. vieChBiiinr n . uJ7-J-. -n. . ... . - - w., .i.r. . 1 1 . . elegance for its own sake.- anes ana iucks. on -nis . r. : . .1. . l, 1 1.1 to considered that newness rightly be- simultaneously, keeping others guess-" that you u.ould eomila du, rl, pVcticaTl m- tury aro whW row w, bthirTlush curuina. delicately JZ?2Z'ZZv J comes a matter of less concern. It la ing till the but minute. ; - ; sul, but thinks that on the ,iorant sun ixperleiice. to and iS .Uowed to maWyTandthe "t?""" ' ""P1"" StZZTZi, KTVfc. jnot new that the best in agriculture. The husband or wife gazing expect- whole It win be better Ifyoa husband, to grow up, to slack rayed In from rcot from windows to the ground 30 JJJJJzjpJJ shoddy exhibits ana wbim (handicrafts, food and school West rrwZlLrth .iWe c. P V ; , honest, to recognize that what ta. h 1- -, - - - - t nut otiuhui. m aiunuw, DOT out of these confused in- we ere watching In this place zSt 7 . m srarvK for ... ... . . . . . . . ' n , . ttv and ita univanltv uxrora naa axrractea ner sue- uxroru, now raaing ann oar people hopefuUy describe as tern- cutting off other cars. . you will And that this oarticu. -"ve vague forms, and tooay eyas, .w a i-gena ujw, people hopefully describe as tern- cutting off other cars. you will nod i . V., -a anthla. ia Ka. TV- Ml ak. ,.ha. KMba anrf a. I.. . l .1.. iwiiuj BBT IM OIO place mOVUIg ". m p-rwur, ... . 1 t ' , "T . , --'- ;" ' . , """ nervoualy and ergumenutively m her late , Vlctorlaa heyday. comes a fair as its being Jammed and celerator pedala to the floor, making centuries. The romantic image from one embodiment u the when her island culture could daahine nudlr down : m living: as oppaaed to. narrow streets ia stolen sports casuatneaa. to get away from, cars. It was exhausting, and canned end packaged foods neaervae his rest. ;. ,V.,B expernnani wita exoue at with aa alctronle devica - praruung .mem unui. that detects diamonds, ' life " ffV"!: ,w,,Up?SUy next. .Even the geographical hnpose Its pattern apon half could becoiM ewtully easy for thev bfcome uniquely . Cat Ume-wasters. . Tr. J7. " rl,y JT.. 7"? aieemng of the city is chant- the world, me power, tne . thi-vte, A really strong tern wl one could work tike a giant I-' lues. use. dening though the more forward Greater London and the Indue- see slowly disappearing, Uke fMt a"fjip O diamonds " critics find it, it is still vivid trial Midlands, Is dowry bemg the Cheshire Cat himself - the h other tooay- , - i . ; tafiltrated, imJZ batanca alraad, gor, the 'AT 1 wort d be.", wig from her noble head. A 7"on All the, classic Srurea still , nrban eneriiea all abouL - shadow now dissolving, until frequent . Oxford the poor The special kind of peace eoofe there will only be a faint Welsh scholar la the library, that stiUsurrounda Oxford. mn mn ,wtat lh fld the duke's son at the Gridiron comBtMindei! of dnwnlitxt and ef aa invitation to remind us graciousness something. .are not. They eat. a Pat, eventually falls mto aita'a MMllmlna mworuint that we things to show the - ?,i0CCM!- a smart thief could make e killing to the erts end aflt-rtajrwenM by merely flying a helicopter low .rver a garden pwty. By - deft use or the electronic da- fP, wyisv am v wa aaarui-v auwataivw Television U at Television u at wa " water meaaows. and remnants vir. uk, , .once a boon gimlet-eyed In his lodge, Sir of . will Wherever t so la Oxforo. r'? and a MliM. A hon. w. Urik,Ilil0"AM Pdr wlmt 1 tomote areu. graat, end the four black beadles. All aa the waakenlne ef aortal dis. . i... . . . 77. ."T- the countrrwonun wiadnw " ; ponies, . . . . 1K. rUi. .tu,tiM, ,, "7 seminal city, I run into tna war rabies, emeralds, . and . other v.;br t h. .nH mn. Graham Hill, the auto racing cham- claasic s tuaUons sUU recur tinctions graduaOy makufg JjTZi. the ZZ e.U, and realiz. O-t the ItK ?tZ. . ..... fca ui. . t world; a blight, because kind of -"--. - --"- "7,7 'in, too much is American-tosplred. ".r .wX:; nlon. crashed at 1W mph and auffered T fTweungiy over meu- patio. a new "r,-rt- to create - o ui uivuciu uuiu uoan , - . , Kaia. Phyacal cooundrams at mo- anitv. an the orbanlzatJoa of Word we xaow w oruy now withaut anvsMamot enough wonder. If me of rfch ta punU S M wUl dSaS lllMte.lella.l--ii 12 no more get something of the same racm champion U to be lucky. da ,ftar dancea. wiadngly Oxford feal a litUa leas specia. after-ebock of a torrlble wound, s".'. f thi- Is sometftng rUfT-from -ttew ttlnga, or at ,; ;.rt;-r -' little lees detached ketwrn of Ar-t, 1914. ; ; to 4.2 .rfi. 'TLT. b. deeply c. Oxford we kaow w only now without any ttampt a nau-miie oi in catca o au mis. - inai etac- r$ .a.!.. k. k.n. tk.n pavement rainoow, tared tutors, oreoostaroualv in ia. . naa ar ei.nnM -ha mat with, for it ia the standards set 'the luckier we are.,., v colors is being laid at Albany. NY to medieval costume at : antique , tlw awvement of the poteatly haunt, this hauntad dJ'lc"ht aiid demanded which decide" . '" see If color promotes safety. It should cereinonlals. . : ' wuvenlty will dobtleto be to- citr. it w . teelr crvilixetion ila. TmiiIi neip' ui-mannereo motorists wno anve w eu nappena sun, ana n warns aomr'saauariy aanaible wntcn ia, oaiy now, grun w j ; - can grow cuiturany, ' or -be' j rr. " aa if they only see red.- , tempting to ana wim it, ana to and prosaic oerwenwot at last to another, ny oymg- Canadians are so deeply involved tti , ,. ,r - - remind the faablonabte deni- -We're all mad here,- said the over there they reprieved their . fthdworld's troubles that it ia no sur- 'The English pianist who Insured his VJJ !ti!Lf2? JliTt- H JH" Jnan tn A .'wkAurfin nri-.t h.t. I. VKihil nnH.- t.m,. nt th. aatartoininf, ; wise, and Lewis Carroll. Oxford: but the ttauar England, for another "J" " - - . r - f - . .... cwirteoua It remans. A eor- urwllnua nhamnntiam of fix. ancertain half century: now we ? Jta remote Northern Rhodesia U one policy from shaking hands with people rotive flaw of Oxford, though, ford life is unlikely to last, with can only thank them, polish up ma -oi me Tituma ui uie lamuau LMuxym. v.oi vciuuu wcinut. - w un uayynm uj a tenoency towaras noauigis, an Its crannies or tradition and Uie brmaa. Draw a nora ror ow ; ...... . at k .....k.- .. ' 1 ..... . .t . . . . . .a . ...... .... Side Lights -forced to leave their native soil, or stifle la It -. . vt t The countrywoman, 'thrown more oa her owa reaources. laa? a deeper response to attempttl which portray facets of Ufa end art, than the city woman, 'la1 there a moral m this? Can V ha that tha aimnn.fjaMf1na finafl " - . . Bachine. la makina mnrnM. M "?""Xjrr. womaaln 0,. cities? , asf lew. i Vfl r .Vj i'trf, :.if. : laaa - 1. - a. a a-maJo ... IBa vamu-Ti asj anuwn mm vwj bemg to 41 par cent under 'H ume women took, , Red doramation. It alee lists t 'ock. It's time, net ony1 Auatralia aa heing per cent becauaa theyTe failing their anna Piaaaiaai rnntral- Art. duties Sf arlveS. and SSOtheBU. aw techakiue'of edgmg Urdwr tain, par cent: the United k' ttroe, not only because, in. - West Ger, v iwi wiui upg pi, -j, Vflytll " ua oa snow before the) flMIt sTirhBTrwwewtaM atsl m . ary Oxford with some delicste and tU accepted purposes will arts to stop, tms f - .rT'aaI. ZZ- katlon will be ludaed. Its" grace-note of tradition would be first research, and secondly swlrwt htto the next laae Franco, at per cent . liZUStt'2z2 be to misrepresent the present the production of clever young to keep from WttB"' . .,' .. , piaxitlej of the oolitlcaJ? Canadian Born There are those who boast of storied wealth, v. ' v ' '-And vast and dreadful powers, i t And those who scream their names on high, ' mm great and atony towers . i ' ' I car not for their boasts, their pride, i '. Their cities tempest torn, ;:. . 'i'l X care not for their money-haste, For I am Canadian Born i . v; ! . . T am f-onallan Rnrn anH I ' '" . " Inherit a beautiful land, ? ;Wlth lakes as blue as angel's eyea, . ... .JUIU UIUU1U.UM VU1U M1V a,UV . . ana goia witn naming wneai. .,111. - - - . - . - J A t...w .1 lit. . ( eriui lUiVBva uccp euiu iuou uiu wiw, ... , ,; And winds both wild and sweet . . . " ' ; , ;. This is my own. my lovely land, Tnm sea to soaring sea, : a The hope of men of dreams and win, ' Who came here to be free . . " ' :!-; And to, for other realms and ways; Ill never care or mourn, '! s This blessing Ood has given me . ,' 'i I am Canadian Born I ' , " :.,'. !.. ' :- ROSs? COWAM tn River Avenue, v.,.., .... ., v,, Winnipeg. 1 Off Van-. " A w. . ltn"tion. pressures of aaO rieHTS AgO bUingualism and bkulturallsokr , t ... i . t;,s require of women a sustained, .. -- - Ind conscious effort to use tha Km eta siwa-i at Sea. is wa . eotentiallties they have. , i - i IGHT REV. JOSEPH CHAR, ft bnt enough to encourage. nunncAU waa maiatiaiaa our cnuanra to teem rrencs:- Bishop of Hearst at the Basilica women will have to be able te m Ottawa. ; ,v ' C . , . ,". talk to their chlldreri oa all tab" ' ta , Magfartrate's . Court J la levels; H Isn't enough 4a Robervat, Que.. . a man was taiur b building of com- fined (B.m for poaseasing deer J""" P"!' m Joronto'ai , killed eat ofaaeaoa. ' Ktd Cfntr MontreaTa. ..- nmJaJ'i... Arts, then aiM ' TrZt ? . TrT, . ?T. . .C? operete m the red, . ? w a, awaaa, awwai ura TV.M v.. ka stocks m Brltam ta smk to a '.dangenmaly kn level. , t; enoe of the .desire to grow. culturally, so that women have. 1 sgt. w. h. edseu ot utuwa real and full maturity. - -To. won the Bankers Match at Con- raise our sights In this fashion, aaught Rangaa. ; . . is to play the biggest pert -In, 4. H. E. B." Coyne of Hamthoa evercoming something Canada, 'was appomud counsel to the hu not yet bees able to evety-Board of ' Transport Commis- come h) create ea envlroe-, aioaers at a aalary'et St.BM a aiant In which It wlU be possible year. U was a much sought tot brightest of our children, after peaf.".," V w,.,.,;r '" and grow, to writ. i Dr. 1 Elsaari Emard, :V former - f ' u'c and mayor of Cornwall was noml- 17' Jt,. Mto? to comert Stormont rid- jf .f!l,h,m- j , . . . uia were be a mora valid i Tail Hala a fa aw "hack ea. . . k. ., - . - - a.ww u uw iiuniion ov the warr eroar -ef Aprfl it, women need culture? ReaL II-- llla, was left to the British big, everyday culture - taste Maeeoss onder the will of Sir (n dress, m food, In arts arlr' PWlIp Sasaooa who had keea enterUlnment, ? at a ' gtemlhe the BrttUh eommander'i secre- understanding of their needs, hs' ' tary.V ' . ., wonten, and af Canadians. -'

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