The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 19, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTOLE,' PA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1918. Aft- fllh® THE r ABAXOVOT. "STRANDED IN ARCADY." a five part photoplay In -which Mrs. Vernon iCastle. the best known woman in America is seen in the leading role, is an exceptionally interesting attraction today. The picture has every ele- I ment-of popular appeal. It is a fast; moving story of tbe great outdoors dealing--with the adventures of a, - r ,, ,, . It widely felt. Our would-be industries OPPORTUNITY Fuller Sales Dere'lopment Company, Connellsville. 1'a. Vtact we need in this country is- a correct public opinion on the relation of .education to industry. When this becomes a -subject of general interest a great increase of material prosperity may be confidently expected. The interchange of the product of ingen^ uity will be indefinitely 'extended and the influence of. individual industry I upon the . general . welfare will be young-couple in the north woods. contains many thrilling stunts, including a jump from a high cliff into the river below and the rescue of the hero by the heroine in the perilous -"·waters of the rock-infested ^ rapids. The story has a very strong love in- are supplanted .by those abroad for want of support at'home, and this will continue to our superlative disadvantage until we become convinced of the necessity of home support and development keep alive' the spirit of terest and the plot deals with the enterprise .give new life to our in- scheme of an adventurer to maroon a dustries and build up great deals of young man and a young girl who are I industry^ such as have followed from i - "~ strangers, in the wilds together, in hope that they will forfeit an inherit- .ance of which neither is aware. A .particularly interesting feature of this picture is the fact that Mrs. Castle's role is. that of a young girl who teaches society how to dance, to same cause--co-operation elsewhere.. Plant your, dollars where they will grow. . . . The attention of the civilized world is centered on the rutbber industry. Unique in the history of commercial this extent paralleling the story o£ enterprise. It commands attention of her own life. The picture works up j the financial world, thus the magni- a thrilling climax, when tlio young | tnde of the present situation and the couple realizes that they .must get to i unique position of this, the Fuller Montreal before noon on a certain day i Sales Development company has led or see a large inheritance xo to the | us to devote more than the usual at- grasping secretary of the man who left it to them. Elliot Dexter is Donald Prime, a novelist, whose book,'"A Woman's "Way," has just appeared and made a big hit. In reality he "knows very little about women, so of course .he thinks he knows everything" there is. to know about them, "Stranded in .Arcady," is just the kind of a story that you 'want to see. Tomorrow .Dorothy. Phillip^ will be featured in .^Broadway Love," a five part Bluebird attraction. Thursday Madge Evans, the wonderful child actress, will be seen in "Gates, of- Gladness." Alice Brady will appear Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2, in "Hur Sacrifice." tention to it. Our people! hardy, ingenious and intelligent, either in peace or war, relying upon these and our scientifically.skilled workmen we feel assured that the stock of the In One NigM, While You Sleep, lustarlne Ends Sore Throat, Cold on Chest, Pleurisy Quickest Fain and Aclie Killer on JCarth -- Jienralffiu. Backache, Headache Go iu fi Hiuiites-- Bic liox for 25 Cents. - The m i n u t e you r u f i on IHustarine for any pain, ache or soreness you'll k n o w that 'all the misery und agony started to g-u, It is very penetrating' and won't blister. Any druggist anywhere, win recommend it; prnSse it; guarantee it. . He will tell y o u , that a 25 cent bor of this wonderful discovery will do the work f. j 50 mustard plasters. . T o n s i l His,, bronchitis, .deep-ffeated coughs so . pleurisy and over night. Rheumatic sufferers j o y f u l l y praise it for the way it. speedily stops the agony and reducc-s the s w o l l e n j o i n t s . Bessy's Mustarini is the original mustard piaster s u b s t i t u t e of good, honest, yellow Jn-jstard--not cheap s u b s t i t u t e ) -- c o m b i n e d u-ith other pain has' destroyers and I s ' h l g h l y r e c o m m e n d e d 1 hy many physicians to reduce tho swelling "1 soul. A f t e r all o t h e r remedies h a v e failed thousands have overcome thG misery caused by sore, b u r n i n g feet, corns, bunions' and callouses, use irustarine for chilblains and Crnstcd feet, but be sure It's Bevy's in the y e l l n w box. 'CASEY" JONES HAS . UTTLE CHRISTMAS TREE ALL HIS OWN Flatwoods. FLATWOODS, Fob. 19.--airs, it. E. Townsend entertained the Mission Circle and Ladies' Aid society o£ Platwoods Baptist church on Thursday. February 1-itfc. The'day was spent in knitting Cor the Bed Cross. The Community L/iterary a.t Jackson \ C o n t i n u e d from Pane One. /In the same letter "Casey" tells his mother that in addition to his other | school house, Perry township held on ; insurance he has taken out $10,000 un-1 Friday evening wcs largely attended, der the war insurance plan and "split! and tlie exercises were of the highest it uj) some so that the two boys would! character. Much credit is due M:'s-s | get a little, it anything should hap-[ Maude Russell, the teacher, and the! pen to me." . · j scholars. Addresses on the war work ' In an earlier letter he spoke of hav- j wore made by J. Alvln Byers, -Miss ing "received £G letters in one maii. Lena Galley,.Supt W. H. Martin and '"While in the town, near the camp that -.-, ,. o i · TN t Fuller Sales Development company day to t a bath he sa lhat he ., saw -be subscribed for readily by the so many triakets ^ x vmld , |ke to THE S01SSOX THEATRE. hustling, conservative people of our community. The managemeot'of the Fuller Sales Development company are men of the .highest integrity. Business experience, GoodHca and Good Year Ruber works of Akron, Ohio, stock selling in. blocks, ?100 to 51,000. subscription taken by mailer . . in person,. P. 0. bax 546, Connellsville, Silent | Pa _ For sl]ort ^ me on]j . i Fortunes are made, yes, by whom? Those who use their gray matter. '-MASTER AND MAX."--At first the announcement that the Sois^on's production of "The Christian" was postponed and ''.aat '"Master ;ind Man" ·would b« seen instead created some bring home, but I would never know- how to carry them with me'. About all I bought was French pastry and apples. "Every day someone comes into camp that I knew back in tbe States, so I don't get. so lonesome. We have a foot ball team which helps to keep us busy on Sundays, as that is the on- iy time we can play. Was out bunting yesterday and shot seven rabbits in about three-quarters of an hour. . Your one greatest asset, your own j They are as thick as rats and as big mind, your own money. The incom-! as four we have at home." petent adviser has caused fyeat op-! On January. 3 Lieutenant Jones Bente Luce. Thero is much sickness in this neighboi hood at this time from grip ! and pneumonia. Among those ill are Ralph Long, James Francis and Alice | Byers. three of Dwight Mosser's child- j ren, Elizabeth Sessler and Zona Ruth j Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Strickler and i daughter Guiaivere of Star Junction | spent Sunday at the home o£ Mrs. Stickler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William MeBurney. Dr. L. T. Russell and "Watson Luce who for the past month have had no cars, commenced shipping coal the past week. portunities to be passed up. He wants your intelligence and your money and manhood and he generally gets i The one big buy, Fullet- Sales degree of disappointment, but after Development company stock, open the splendid performances «t the lat-i- 5hort tjms on]j . at par ?1Q 00 per ter play yesterday only the loudest j snarc j n t,i oc k O f ?100 to $1.000. So -wojrds .of. praise are heard. "When the j act now Tiis ^ouid pay better thai manuscript of "The Christian" failed j 15 por Mnt ._Artv. to arrive some guick thinking had to be done. The Manhattans were called together and "Master and Man" placed on rehearsal Saturday morning. The SHIPMENT READY rnnderbllt Has tot of Articles Iteadj for Headquarters, deavor of all the players was such a j The Red Cross organization of Van- parts were- all extremely long and only though the conscientious en- ·performance possible on such short "notice. "Master and Man" is the play that should be seen by employer, employee and those dependent on each. " It's a wonderful'lesson in the practP cal application of the Golden R-ule. Although the plot of "M;ister and wrote briefly of the passing of the I holidays during which, "considering all J things, we had a pretty good time. I , received your box for which I was· ^ Trotter Boy Enlists. ') Leo R. Mullen, 19 years old, son of . Andrew J. Miller, of Trotter, has mighty thankful. I received about 10 j enlisted in tho coast artillery. He left j boxes and packages from different derbilt has a consignment of knitted goods, ready for 'shipment. They were knitted by the following persons: Miss Maude Snyder, two sweaters ; i Miss Elizabeth Lewis. Miss Moliie) Lewis, Miss Sara Freed, Miss Jessie j Cora people, so 1 do not feel that I havs been so terribly slighted. Among the boxes was one from Mrs. Foster of Greensburg. Tvho chaperoned our house parties at State College. Among other things it contained a small Christmas tree and candles. I declare, when I set those candles ablaze, it reminded me of the early days at home when I bad a tree of my own." was given a great sendoff by friends. Accompanying him to Pittsburg were his two brothers, Vincent and Emery .Uiller, Mrs. Frank McClean and Francis Caffery. If Ton Are Hunting Bargains Read tho advcrtiseing columns of Tho Dally Courier. You trill find them. Arison, 'Miss Cora Fairchild, Miss . Man" is so full of real logic there is j Elizabeth Madden, ,Miss E^ter Cos- ! more comedy than one would expect | grove j lrs . Q_ B Roberts, Mrs. J. L.! in two plays. See "Master and Man" | Love M rs . Frank Madden, Mrs. Eli and enjoy one of the most interesting plays the Manhattan. Players have staged. Thursday the Manhattans will be seen, in the White Slave drama 1 , Clifton, Mrs. Clara Baker, Mrs. Thomas Dunn, Mrs. H. L, Hyatt, Mrs. William Thompson. Mrs. Martha Myers and | Mrs. E. E. Arnold, one sweater each; '· "Why Girls Go Wrong." ''The Chris^j. Mra _ j. B Hcniers'on, four pair socks; tian" will positively be presented at the Soisson theatre neit Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday, THE AKCADE. "IN BON BON TOWN."--The Bon Ton -Reviie company -yesterday at the Arcade presented the musical confection, "In Bon Ton Town," and sit is * -much better show than the press agent claims. It is strikingly unique in"conception and what is more important,- the performers are by nature- fitted for their peculiar parts. The -cojlege boy idea is paramount ·which affords a wide opportunity for novelties, new jokes and songs. Teck Murdock, a local favorite, received a ·warm welcome, as he has most of the comedy and be does an eccentric dance that is.a.scream. He is supported by lifts. Kennedy, a dainty little corned- i ienne.with a charm. The Old 'Jazz Quartet has a line, of novelty songs, interspersed with, music and jokes. The action takes place in a village drug store and the scenery is appropriate. The costumes were new and of novel design. The show will be repeated today. Mrs. Clara Baker, Mrs. Diana Haggerty, 'Mrs. 'John Lewis,. Mrs. S. W. Bryan and Mrs. A. W. Snyder, two pairs of socks',eaph: Mrs..William Bailey, oae pair of socks; Mrs. J. E.'Cooper, one pair socks and two pair wristlets; Mrs." J. W. Knight, two »air wristlets; .Mrs. Marshall ,.Dean, two pair wristlets; Mrs. C. S. Freed, two 1 pair wristlets; Miss Anna Belle Madden, one pair wristlets. Twelve pajama .suits were completed' and made ready for shipment. PILES REMOVED OKPHBUM THEATRE. "THE TROUBLE BUSTER.'--A five reel Paramount picture features Vivian, Martin today. A good comedy win also be shown. Queens of fashion had better beware of their laurels, jliss".'Virginia Pearson in her latest arc William' Fox photoplay, "Stolen Honor," wears some equisite gowns. Ebe will be' seen at the Orpheum tomorrow. Beside theso beautiful is^'"Stolen:'Honor" Has- many Also Ecaems, Salt Ithcum. Ulcers, Old Sores and Carbuncles. ' Under the influence of San Cura Ointment surprising .improvement is made so quickly that it seems almost miraculous. Stubborn cases of piles like those of Rev. W. F. Gilbert of Titusville, Pa., vanisi before the marvelous antiseptic Ointment. Mr. Gilbert writes: "For twenty years I suffered with bleeding and itching piles; at times I was confined to the house for more than a month. Two years ago I began using San Cura Ointment and one 60c jar made a firm and permanent cure. I have not toeen troubled since." San Cura Ointment is guaranteed by the Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville, Broadway Drug - Co.. Scottdale, wno their respective towns, to help any of the above named diseases or money back. It relieves pain from burns, cats - and 'bruises, draws · out -poison and often heals in a short thnei. 30c, 60c and- $1-20 a PARAMOUNT THEATRE TODAY PATHE PRESENTS MRS. VERNON CASTLE IN "STRANDED IN ARCADY" SOCIETY PLAY IN 6 .ACTS. ALSO A SET^ECTED COMEDY. --TOMOKR01V-- BLUEBIRD PRESENTS FRAKKLYN FARNUM IN "BROADWAY LOVE" WONDERFUL PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS. ALSO L KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. food-points to-recommend it to all motion-picture followers. It is a stir- ling- photoplay and one that will give ·Iendid entertainment .the Laughrey Drug Co., Con- nellsviUe; Broadway Drug Co., Scott- ·dale, -who.are agents in. their respective towns. DOCTORS PRESCRIBE BACORN'S FORKOLA FOR COLD IN TBE HEAD AND CATARRH Mo sensible person -will continue to ·joffer from dangerous colds' or catarrh ot nose- or throat'which often leads to deafness, catarrhal aychm.-L and bronchitis, when thfty can ubtai:i a small jar ot Forkola. Jelly at any well-stocked druff stare. One-Quarter teaspoonfn! »f this- pleasant tasting: Jelly allowed to slowly m e l t Iii your mouth will In a few minutes ·liable you not -only to breathe easier, but also to get rid oC that nasty chok- ins. clocgins discharge that causes so much misery and distress. 600D BABY SOAP. San Cora Soap is. a healing .and antiseptic soap; just the soothing kind that baby needs. It frees the pores from impurities and prevents rashes and other skin diseases. Fine-tor any one's s3rin; ibanishes blackheads and pimples, clears the complexion. 2Sc i a caie at tae Laughrey" Drug Co., Con- | nellsvile; Broadway Drug Co:, Scottdale, who are agents in their respective towns. If your druggist doesn't. keep it send to the Thompson Medical Co., Trmsvil'.e, Pa_A.dv. TODAY AT THE SOISSON A Play for the Masses "Master and Man" A Story of the Everlasting Straggle Between '· ' Capital and labor A WOXDEBFUL PLAY This Play will be produced owirfg to the failure of the express company to'deliver the script of "The Christian." NIGHTS, 20c AST) 30c. i . MATEVEHS, lOc AND 20c. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. The pleasure of inspecting Uie new Spring siyles is exceeded only by your pleasure in wearing there--first. Andjli like manner the pleasure we derive from showing them first is surpassed only by the..§atisftction of knowing they are absolutely authentic. Ready now are correct modes for Sprfng 191S in Suits, Coats, Dresses, Millinery,, Waists, Sweaters, Skirts and Piece Goods. You must see them. Springtime Suits and Coats Worn on the streets of Connellsville today by women who keep apace with fashion's decrees and come to style headquarters for their needs. Tailored and Dressy SUITS Authentic Spring styles in serge, gabardine, tricotine, silvertone, burella, homespun, heather cloth and tweeds. Skirls narrower and plain. Coats in same instances quite militttry. Others show the Eton or bustle effects. Collars and vestces a distinguishing Spring feature. Braid, and button trimmings. Shown iii rookie, Sairmie, infantry^ hlue, Jap blue, copen, sand, tan, khaki, taupe and grey. Prices at many stages from ?2S to $69.50. The Spring Note in Ladies* Coats Some of the smartest are tailored and have side belts. Others are belted all around. In fact the various effects in belts are perhaps tie predominating feature of tho Spring coat styles. Charming models are here in serge, gabardine, Bur- e/2a, velour, covert, silvertone, tricotine, poplin and poiret twill. These shown in a big range of popular Spring shades--black, navy, tan, caster, rookie, grey, Pekin blue, copen and Havana brown. The price range begins at $15 and goes by easy stages to J79.50. An Extensive Showing of Smart Spring Styles 'in Suits and Coats Specially Designed for Stout Women The Petticoats Favored for Spring Permit of a large selection in color--in both plain and changeable effects. Some are in all jersey; some in al! taffeta; and some in jersey with taffeta flounces. All are of the quality that guarantees full value. Prices are $5.00 to $8.95. Gingham Dresses ; for Little Misses A big new showing including pretty light shades that fairly radiate Springtime.-Good dark shades, too, for use -when extra service is required. Simple little styles that emphasize youthfulness and promise easy laundering. All sizes 2 to 14 years. Prices from 75c for the smaller sizes up to ?5.95. Spring Waists and Sweaters 0 Dozens of New Waists in Original Spring Styles at $1.00 to $19.75 At $1.00 and J2.00 are splendid new styles in the celebrated Wirthmor and WclworUl Waists--the best cotton waists manufactured at the price. In silk there is a variety of charming styles in maize, coral, white, flesh, sunset taupe. Those in crepe de chine are $3.75 to 56.50.,- Those in georgette are ?3 95 to $19.75. Three models deserve especial mention:--One in sanset georgette with American Beauty trimmings; another in taupe georgette with turquoise trimming; and a third in maize georgette with French 'blue trimming. See them. A Liberal Showing of New Sweaters at $5.95 to $16.50 Misses and young women will like the new slip-over styles that are so in vogue for Spring. All women will HltB the belted and sash effects with sailor or roll collars--and the big variety of attractive.colors in which they are shown. Certain attractive styles have angora collars and cuffs. ' . The price range is from ?5.95 for one in Shetland wool up to -516.50 for styles ia fibre silk. r*^tffff***n irASHIXGTOVS BUITHDAT. uo m s e r . . Physicians are prescribing and hos- i nest tVay to Celebrate It Properly. - *n«*d. to eive relief in one minute from colds, 'coughs, and catarrh or - . so t r y It at cur expense, ' Every merchant, every bank and basinets man advocates buying at bom. Then let us give you prices on .your Job. work this coming year. The Courier Job Dept. i manner to honor the memory of the Father or our Country than by buying as many War Barings Stamps as one's means ·will permit--thus helping the land George "Washington, fought to free. Stamps are on sale at the First National Bank of Conneils- rille-.--Adv. ' Read the advertisements. ORPHEUM THEATRE V TODAY VIVIAN MARTIN IN "THE TBOUBtE BCSTEK" Also a Good Comedy. TOMORROW William For Presents VIRGINIA PEARSCW in "STOLEN HONOR" A Society Drama of Love and Intrigue. Big 15o Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, . Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. FEATURING TECK MURDOCH: GTJS KENNEDY and the OLE JAZZ FOUR THE BON BON REVUE CO. In the Dazzling College Day Sonnett BON TON TOWN" the Screen--Billie Burke.

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