The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1918
Page 7
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iTJESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 191S. . THE DAILY COTTRIER, CONNJ3LLSVILIJE. PA. The light faded out ot Mkkj's eyes, j ,, . fl , n h|a fathers ^^ to mop i his face. Then he operitd a windoV be ° . anfl went . OTt on root . Froro nothing. They had a w»y, In the pal- »cc, of binding one's hands and leaving one helpless. H* could not even go to her. i "I cannot go, countess," he ea!d. ."She must understand. Today, of all days--" : , i ' "You mean that you cannot leave the i jcrown prince?" Sh-j shrugged her! 'shoulders. "Yon, too: Never have I! seen so many faint hearts, such roll- j ;,, one mt down uhe NIbky and slldi Ing eyes such shaking knees! And , d aw not sUde OTer ^ ^^ one for what? Because a few timid souls j nee a danger that does not exist' balustrade, it looked extremely far-to the ground. Nevertheless, although his heart beat ·a trifle fast, he was still determined. A climb which-Nikky with his long .legs had achieved In a leap, took him up to a chimney. Below--It seemed 'n long way below--was the gutter. to the pirate cave. Ho was not running away. He wag not disobedient. He was breaking no promises. Because, from the moment he saw the two confederates,.and particularly from the moment he swore the delightful oath, his past was wiped away. There was, In. his consciousness, no palace, no grandfather, no Miss Bralthwaite, .even no Nikky. There was only n boy and a do and n pirate den awaiting him. "How'd you 'happen to be In that gutter?" Bobby demanded, as they started down the staircase in the walL "Watch out, son,'it's pretty steep." "I was getting a ball." "IK this your honseT" LESS MEAT.IF BACK AND KIDNEYS HURT Take a glass of Salts to flush Kidneys if Bladder bothers you. "Welt, I live here," temporized Prince Ferdinand William Otto, terrible thought came- to him. S Eating meat rogularly eventually produces kidney trouble in some -form or other, says a well-known, authority, because the uric asid in rneate excites the kidneys, they become overworked; get sluggish; clog np and cause all sorts o£ distress, particularly backache and misery ia the kidney region; pose this American boy, who detested kings and princes, should learn who lie was! ' "It looks like » big 'place. Is It a barracks?" "No." -He hesitated. "But there are A rheumatic twinges, severe headaches, acid 'stomach, constipation, torpid a good many soldiers here. Isaw these steps before." "I should think not," boasted Bobby. "I discovered them. I guess nobody else In the world knows about them. put np a flag, at the bottom and took liver, sleeplessness, tedder and urinary irritation. The moment your back hurts or kidneys aren't acting right, or if bladder ·bothers you, get about four ounces of Jad Salts Crom any good pharmacy; ·I never ta j e a tablespoontul ia a glass of water before breakfast for a few days , There -wn« a very considerable slant] possession. They're mine." j should fetch np in the gutter. "I think it does exist," said' Nikky j obstinately. He felt a trifle dizzy. But Nikky's theory was, that if one is afraid to "Hi-ally 1" said Prince Ferdinand William Otto, quite delighted. He would never have thought of such a thing. A door of iron bars at the foot ef and your kidneys will then act fine, j This famous salts is iniade -from the j acid of grapes and lemon juke, combined with lithia, and has been used ; I for generations to flush clogged Sid- j ricys and stimulate them to normal j activity; also to neutralize the acids I ! in the urine so It no longer irritates, | ithiis ending bladder disorders. ! Jad Salts cannot injure anyone; that you will not comeS" . "That I cannot." then, Uo » thing, better to tfo it and get over , he long flight of steps-there were (! cH 8 htfu! edcrvcsceut lithla- ! ! ° eln S » fraul - lmr ° f tham-stood open. Here day- v ^ f dri|]k ^.^ m|]Uons o( ^ and ! So the crown prince sat down on the light, wlitch hnd been growing fainter. entirely ceased/ And here Bobbv, hav- TM men Uk ? n f alld then to keep the ing replaced his mask, placed an Mr todneys and tirinary organs clean, thus slide. Well for. him that the ancient rifle over his shonlflcr. mitt llRhteU n ! a TM- d l n S ^enous kulney disease.-Adv. . doors, a^d a doubla guard everywhere. What, in the name q£ all that is absurd, ctm possibly happen?" That wus when she won. For Nikky *rho has never been, in all his history, tny thing of'a hero, anil all of the ro- man'tic *i::id loving boy--Klkky war- er«! ur.d fell. . \Viien Prince Ferdinand William Otto returned, it wns with the word i less with lead, that the gutter was both wide and deep. Weil for Nlkfcy, too, waiting in the boudoir below and hard driven .between love and anxiety. The crown prince, unaccustomed to tiles, turned over halfway down,' and prince. "You cnn carry It," he said. "Only don't let it drip on you. You'll spoil j your clothes." There was a fnlntly scornful note In ols voice, and Ferdinand William Otto wns quick to hear thnt she looked Tery comfortable, i Nikky was goue. a n d - the countess *tood by a window, hnldlng to the s: to support her shaking body. · It was done. The boy was in her hands. There was loft only to deliver 2iim to those who, even now, were on the way. 2?lkky was safe. He would "wait in her bondolr, and Hedwig ivoulfl not come. '·Eossagc. She was, indeed, at that moment a part of one «f those melancholy far.iily groups which, the world Prince Ferdinand ·William Otto: chatted. He got out-the picture frame ; for Hedwig, which was finished now, j fwUh the exception of burning his' Initials ia the lower left hand corner. .After inquiring politely If the smell of burning would annoy her, the crown prince drew a rather broken backed **F," a weak kneed "W," and nn Irreg'- ·ular "0" In the corner and proceeded ; 'to burn them In. He bent over the 'desk, the'very tip of his tongue prn- truding. and worked conscientiously ·and! carefully. Between each letter "he *':rnel a dot. i rolled. He brought up w.lth a jerk i It. ! In the gutter, quite safe, but extremely] "I don't care at all about my ' frightened. He sat there for quite a j clnthes." he protested. And to prove ; few minutes. There was na ball in j i t be deliberately tilted the cnadle and sijrht, and the rooC looked even steeper'let a thin stream of paraffin run down from this point [ his short jacket, Being completely self-engrossed,! "You're a pretty good sport," Bobby ill I therefore, he did not see that tEe roof I observed. And from'that time on he j hud another visitor. Had two visitors, addressed his royal highness ns "old us a matter of fact. One of them wore a blanket with a white "O" over a .white "X" on it. and the other wore a sport." When, they reached the old dungeon the caudle wus about do'uc. Thf-re was : mask, and considerable kitchen cutlery! only time to fashion another black fastened to his belt. They bad come'mask out of a piece of cloth that bore She had sent no' 9 ut **· a smal1 door In the turret a a d r a stninge were very much at ease. They leaned* waistcoat. resemblance tn a black The crown prince donned overthe parapet and admired the view, j this wlfli u wiirlly beatlnp henrt. Xever They climbed on one of the garden MO all his-life hnd he been-so excited: chairs and looked over the erpause of j "W^ can get unother cnndle, «nd the roof, which' wns wben they saw] come back and cook something," saW Prince Ferdinand William Otto, and; the senior pirate, tylnp the mask «n ·gnzed at.him. 'with j ieces of brown string. "It gets BAG FAD BliDifiS KXITTOT, J!m"KT. "Gee -whiz!" said the larger pirate, "IVhat are you do- started, and prntty smoky, lut I can cook, you'd )eit.T h*lievn'' | So this wonderful boy could coolc To fit the taste of (he limes, the knitting bonnet has arrived, and it seems as though the quaint hat is here i ^ M I I t The crown prince had ncvei] t o sta - v i »' least for the spring season. "Tarn sinliTs'here',"explained !| ;ITC " an ' nae wltb so man r TMrled atl T w o quills, so very much like knit- vn .prince, trying'to look as tainmenls. He gazed through the eye-j lin S needles that you can't tell the ! holes, which were rather too for apart i difference, will) a little piocc of stitch- j member me. kid, do you?" "I en"' 1 see 3" our f ace, but I know · °" r V 0' c s." His voice trembled with Suridenlv. Olga Loschek became ! excitement, rnnic-stricken. She could not stay. ! "Lemme give -you a hand." said the · . . . ih-s thin:: f n t . Let thrni foV ' Pirate, whipping oft his mask. "You low her and punish her. She could : m " ke me nervous, sitting there. You've foot! She had (lone her part.. The S ot a nerre ' y° u DBTe -" governess lay in a 'drugged sleep. A The crown P rince looked S r atiBed. turu of the key, anfl the door to the " T tion '' aecd atl i' Assistance, tho*k .passage beyond whl* Oskar waited [ on hc sal(] - ''Perhaps, now Tm would be closed off. Let follow through his mask, ins there?" The crown prince stared, the crowi though he *sunlljr sat In lead gutters. . . "1 am looking for a bail." .'In nipt admiration, j mg as a decorative motir-and a little "Yon'rc looking for a fall, I guess," i| " A 5 you liaven't got a belt,'* Bobby | tall of yarn on one of the needles, oa observed the pirate. "You don't IB-j|Bald generously, "I'll give you the rifle! a dainty white soft taffeta hat, make 'Ever hold a-gun?" ! the bonnet a most tasty affair, "Oh, yes," said the crown prince, j . · Tie did not es^lnln that be bad been: ifiughr to shoot on the rifle range of; his own regiment, and had won quite I here, I'd better look fcr the ball." snust, she would riot see it. "I wouldn't bother about the old : "Highness," she said, Xarisch -will be here in a moment. Wfil ·you permit me tq go?" '.Lieutenant S)nU '" saW tbe P'TM'«. rather nervously -for nn.oVl sea-dog. "Yon hotter _ | Bet back to a safe place. Sayi -what Otto"was off Ms "chairman instant. j' n a c l c von P r -''«i« that . our 'railway "CertsUnl}-." he said, his mind still oa\ ml ^ e *°" nervous?' :the "O" which he was shading. i Prmcc Ferdlnond William Otto i Old hubit was strong in the countess. cllmbe(] "P ',"·= Hies, trj'ing to look as ilthousli the boy's rank was numbered ' thoush tilc ? wcre hls natlve habitat. !by moments, although Lia life was pos:Tle pir , ates ho * n regarded him with Bibly to be cqunted by hours, she / "''"nlMHon. -as he dropped beside iurucd at the doorway and swept him TM' , ' m curtsy. Then she went out, and 1Iow dld Toa happen to come Ilercr closed the door behind her ' nBkcd tbe crowi ! P rlnce - "-DW JO" ' ose The t w o . sentries stood (outside. ! · vo " r ae r °P'«r.; up here?" They were of the terrorists. She' " We rame on ODSin = 8s -" aa'l «t« knew, and they knew. the knew. Buti p i r a t e lm P» r ?antly. "Two of the neither orie made a sign. They stared i onem , y Cn , te 7 d OU 5 cav ?- w we TM ahead, ana Olga Loschk went out be- twec-u tli^m : The Crown Prince Ferdinand W i l - i f . f -° YOUR GRAY HAIR! number of rncuals. He possessed, : Indeed, quite u number of small but · very perfect guns. ] With the last gasp of the candle,! Use Grandma's Sage Tea ! the children prepared to depart. The and Sulphur Recipe and senior pirate hurl already forgotten the , . it from the underhrash, and tncm E ° '"· We '''aUe'l them, carriage moving throOKh the streets, °° s himself hugely, and quite ready for oodshed. "Look here, Dick Deadeye," eald the Something occurred to him, «ome- thlng which combined Cresh air -with action, yet Icept to the letter of his promise--or was there a promise?-not to leave the palace. The idea pleased him. It set him to smiling, and his bright hair to! 'quivering with excitement. It "was.. nothing less than to go on the roof and i find the bull. And he would have to; lurry. Nikky -would be sure' to return 'soon. Ho opened the door oa to the great corridor, and stepped out, saluting the sentries, as he always did. j "I'll be back in a moment," he ID. i formed them. He wns always on terms of great friendliness -with the guard, anri he knew these men hy sight "Are you going to be stationed nere now?" he Inquired pleasantly. The two guards were nt * loss. But ] one of .them, -who had a son of his own. i and hated the whole business, saluted; anil replied that he knew not "I hope you are," said Ferdinand j William Otto, and went on. Tho sentries regarded one another. "Let him go I" said the one who was a father. The other one moved uneasily. "Our j orders cover no such contingency," he muttered. "And, besides, he will come hack. I hope to God he does not' come back," he added stnnily. j Five mlnrttes to four. ' The crown prince harried. The cor- ; rldors were almost empty. Here andi there he met servants, who stood stiff! Dick Deadeye wagged his tail. 'Some two minutes later, the crown I prince of Livonia., having sworn the No Quarter, Except to Women and Nobody W i l l Know. The use of Sage and Sulphur for restoring faded, gray hair to its natural color dates back to grandmother's time. She used it to keep'her hair beautifully dark, glossy and attractive. Whenever her hair look on that dull, faded or streaked appearance, this simple mixture was applied with -wonderful effect. But brewing at home Is njussy and out-of-date. Nowadays, by asking a t ; "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound," you will get this famous old j preparation, improved by the addition of other Ingredients, whtah .can ; be depended lipo" to restore natural i color and beauty to the hair. A well-known downtown druggist says it darkens the hair so naturally and evenly that nobody can tell it has been applied. You simply dampen, a sponge or soft brush with, it and draw this through your hair, taking one strand at a time. By morning! the gray hair disappears, and after i % two men he bad trailed through the anotber application or two, it becomes passage, and was eager to get ont£ bea ^ tifull y dark and glossy. doors. "Ready 1" he said. "!Now, remember, old sport, we are pirates. No quarter, except to women and children. Shoot every man." "Even If he is unarmed?" Inquired the crown prince, who had also studied strategy and tactics, and felt, that an unarmed man should be taken' prisoner. "Sore. "We don't really shoot them, silly. Now. Get in step." Then began, for the crown prince, such a day of joy as he had never known before. Even the Land of Delight laded before this new bliss of stalking from tree to tree, of killing unsuspecting citizens who sat on ruga "Wyeth's Sage and SttlphuV Compound is a delightful toilet requisite for those who desire a more youthful appearance. It is not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease.--Adv. HU5IEfG AMEN PKOPERTT. on the ground and ate sausages and I years, or both. Jfation-lVJde Roundup of Those Who Have Failed to Sake Report. Under orders of A. Mitchell Palmer, Alien Property Custodian, federal agents have begun a search of the country from coast to coast to'get in. alien property still outstanding. Hold-' ers who have failed to report may be'. fined $10,000 or imprisoned for 10; little cakes. .Here and there, where a party had moved on, they salvaged a bit of food--the heel of a loafi one of the small country apples. .Shades of the "court physicians, under whose direction the crown princg; was -daily fed carefully balanced ration! To Be Continued. he m*t M»* t iwr on-the npp*r floor. I pirate o«th of no quarter, except i* He wju qaltft^wmrm wtUi nionlnj tbd 1 women and children, was on hU Don't knock Connellsyille by sending your money out of town for your job work when The Courier company can do at home., .Let .us give you prices, if Patronize those. who advertise, The law will be impartially enforced against all individuals or corporations' who fail to report. If You Wnnt Something Advertise for it in' our classified column. One cent a word. oooooooooccccoococcoaaoooo " J. B. KURTZ, j| NOTAHV PUBI-iC S AND REAL ESTATE. C No. li South Meadow Conndlwlll* Pi OOaOOOOOOOSQOSQOOSXXlCX PAGE SHVJBN. The Tone and Columbia Records --but v.-hen'the world's greatest, artists have sung to,you--when you've sat enthralled before a Columbia Gratonola and felt their very presence--when you've heard the. delicate tones of the violin in tie hands of master players flowjrom the Columbia-when your very soul has been thrilled by an outburst of patriotic music played by t!u most famous military nand--then compare .the construction, the. finish,. the size, the beauty of the Columbia Grafonola with any other machine and you'll have to admit Uiai. the vaiue throughout is-"INCOMPARABLE". You'll find us always ready and delighted 1 to entertain you and your friends with .Xhe latest selections. Come in whenever it's convenient lor you. to do so. See the Popular Model of which we are selling so many.and with . which we are including 12 Selections (G Double Records) for ~ only _ _..;_ '. We'll make Terms so Easy you'ss scarcely feel the cost and There'll be NO INTEREST CHARGES at The Feathermaii-Rapport Store. $55.00 Will Furnish Your Bedroom 1VITH THESE THREE UAXDSOaUS PIECES. fl»pr fjA of tue amount is all you need to pay down, theu only 51.00 a week until you've paid the bal- ?"·"" ance. This is the easy way to make your home beautiful. The Dressing Table with its triple swinging mirror before which you can sit and complete your toilet. --tac all-steel bed,wi;h its massive continuous posts, which measure two inches in diameter and its rich golden bronze finish. The large dresser with its roomy drawers--arc the three pieces compising this suite which we ae sure you'll admit is a wonderful value at the low price we have placed upon it. $55.00 Will Furnish Your Dinlngroom WITH THESE SIX HANDS05IE PIECES. $5.00 DOWN, $1.00 A WEEK will pay for it on our easy purchase plan so you'll scarcely feel the cost. And just think of the pleasure you'll derive from having such a handsomely furnished, up-to-date Colonial Dining-room. The Suite consists of large Buffet with lots of drawer and cupboard room for iinens, dishes, etc. Extension Dining Table with heavy platform base, and four Colonial Dining Chairs designed to match the other pieces. Each piece sturdily built and elegantly finished. Come and seo it. $55.00 Will Furnish Two Rooms ia One YOUR LIVEVG KOOM AND AS EXTKA BEDROOM--WITH THIS HA\DS03D2' BED DAYEXPORT SUITE. $5.00 DOWN, $1.00 A WEEK will put it in your borne for^yoy to use and enjoy while you are paying for it. The Davenport contains an all-steel, full-size double bed. The massive frames are of quarter sawed oak. splendidly finished, deeply upholstered and covered iii good quality imitation leather.- A most attractive suite for your living-room by day--an extra bed for constant of extra service at nigh.t COMPARISONS PROVE--YOU'LL DO BETTER AT-- Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. Has Your ' Expired? renew it nex. time you an i«an. vt.oooooocdooioooscocxsoooaoooQ Try Our Classified Ads. It's Money Well Invested *°°°0°OKOGQQOOO^^

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