The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1918
Page 6
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A4GE SIX. 1H.E UAIJLT CUOR1ER, CONNBLLSVlLLB, P.4, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 191K. F--HOHS" SCORNED UW OF NATIONS I = Use of CTvflians as Hostages and for Screens- Part of - ~ Devifish System. FlftST'IMOE UStOF IN 1870 Af Tfc«t Time I* Wa» Ce»8ejnn-d by M» Civilized World, but the Garman Military Leaders H»v» Abandoned It. 'Anplti proof that the march of ikt ' fftrntn aroues through Betijmm rm marked IK miutaens and cru- ~ ett(e»~aimott teyond lelief tt titwn "M "* Jectt'ntKt' made pttite by ihe on public information, mhiek the foflbmny « taken 'me kaxaacrea la Belgium and mrtkcni Irance \wre a part of the (JeniM system of ftlghtfulnws. An- oOwr fieetnre at thte system was the ns» at tlrfflans as hoetsses and for dismissing tire nse of hostogas fb« XTar Book CKUegMmncb 1m tllvtdtml liut wit too hurd for this politico! slrwtwp (Stnahfwbllde) for tho dosilnlM of the lmm»itnl jnrnt na tlons slnnfl M tilRh th'it they cimnot Imt have lln ilslit In ctsu nf nrcd. to stililo owr esMem'i- thnt rainnot c!n- unii thcntwn*" luit llvr n« pnrn«Hrs Lnroii Ut( riuilrlf ot the sretit: 1 --Trtif. j 11, OW.on In Sudrtputsi IIP Monntslictt, tSiiuth «oiro»u Monthly) i V.'mitil IlifT hn\i flinwl to defenfl Aiicti n iiollcr If th?\ could hure been the iinnimurcnipnt »nt out b} the parish of St Ilailelln wllh Its silent elo- qwnro? Tlits i« nn ii \ttntlou to a serxlce in oiemorv oC 60 men imrt women irom one pansh of "whom all but t^\o \rt,ro killed bj the Gennuns in tire mawiurc of Aimust 5 nntl 0 18W The closing | sentences are i Gentle Heart of Mury be mr refuse." Our I^ndy of Loiirrtp" pray for us "St. Joseph ptttiou of BelKian praj, for us.- "St/Hnrdefin, patron ef the pturtsb, pray for us.^ "Salute Barbe,^ patroness of Kindly death pray for 119 Sweaters That Delight the Youthful 5, r hostages are understood those who, as secndtr or IxiU K» . promisee or i or detained by t or Its armj. Their tax bcea len anni In re- eemt «·«, w · result o* irhjch «on» i at the law of notions have dedded tint tbe taking of ""disappeared from the · at dTQUed caUoM. . . "A new afftCodion of IwetiK* tight' I 67 tbe Gernm tafl In r at WTO, when It compelled HGfcens fpotn rrench towns i ta-aceompuy urn! us sad la order to protect UK tmRway cowmuntcmttocs whlcii were UkrataMd by the people. Sao the 5 : HTIH of pmcwbte InlwbltanU wen, 2 wJttowt «ny faolt on their part, there- i 07 ixpomd to grare dancer, erer? - wrttar outsUe Gennanj !»· stigniB- - - tlz»4-tbl» neamire as contrary to tne ·· - )nw^-W Buttons atKl* us uoJUAfflcd to- £ wn*« tlw Inhabitants of the country." - dung to FrljIilfuhM ·· " · AlthoBjfc thelr-deeds In the Fnmco- ; Prasstan war had been nalverwlly · cwMteiancd. as they themselves adsnit- ~ ted, tlw lenders did not Intend to - ahnndon s»d a useful measure of ;· , frtgbtftf ness. In L Interpret*' Mill-- talre the form* were pfovWed for Bnch S acts In tbe next war Both 1n Belgimrf 5 and In France the Germans have coo-- stantty used hostaires 15w evidence ~ fe contained In the prodaomtlons of ~ the fiorenUnjr authorities anil also In TM the diaries of the Gennno soldiers. A ~ -few examples from, these will ntiu- 5 trate the system wMch was employed. ~ A specimen of the arMtrwInesa and Z cmelty is furnished bv the proclanw- w tlon of Mnjoc Dieckroann. from which £ , the following sections are presented_ "After 9 a m. on the 7th Septem- ber, I win permit the booses In Beyner Hensay. Grtvegnee, and Eols-dc-JBr^ui ^ to be Inhabited by the persons who Z lived In them formerly, as long-ras ~ these persons are not forMdden toJtrc- ~ anent these localities by official pro- blbltlon. ·- Prominent People Host»oe»- -- *Tn order to be sore that the ahor^- ~ mentioned permit will not le abused -- tlw burgomasters of Beyne-Hensav and j£ of Qrivejme* must ^immediately pre-- pare lists of prominent person 1 ! who_ £ will be heM as hostages for 24 boom each at Fort Fleron. September 6, r 1W4. for the ftrst time (the period of ; detention shall be) from 6 p m -anti! - September 7 at mlcidav. - The life of these hostaees_depeBds ~ onjthc population at, the_aboTe-men- tioced connnmejreni«inlinciul*t TO- ·der an rirronwtances. fDoring the night it is s*TCrely for- "blddfrB to show any taroinoas signals: · Bicycles are permitted only between ^ '. m. m and 5 p m . (Gennmn tJme). ^ Trom the Hat which is submitted to ; ' ;me I shall designate prominent per- ·ons who shall be hostages from noon ; i "of one day until the following midday i if tbe substitute is not there in dne - [time, the hostage most remain anoth- ~ ' er 24 hours at the~fort~ After "these " 2t hours tbe hostnse will incnr the « · apenalty of death, if the substitute f ails " " to appear " · ' "Priests, bnrgomasters, and the oth- ^ ier members of the^poncil are to be itaken first as ^ ' "I Insist that afl dvfflans vrbo mo?« "-- About to my district . . ^. show ; jthelr respect to the Gennan o«eern by -- |takln|c off their liats, or t. liandsjo their heads in ·; . Jn c*5«r,of don^t. erery Germfn^sol- ^ * liep jKftsst be saluted. Anyone^^wbo ± . doe»r3wfcdo_this nrast expect tbe Ger" - Boan^TnOJtary to^ma^e ^themselves re~ . tpected by every means," ~ : Held Smair Nations Hove No Rights. Z ' "T6e fate that Belglun has called ~ t |awn -npoq herself is hard for the~4n- Af ter rending such ghastly accounts, many of them written by German eyewitnesses," and knowing that similar tales were published \r(iJ«ly lu tlie Gennan newspapers. It Is difficult to^ read with patfEOtc such worts ae these: r " "The German atmr (to which L of course include the livcyj .is" tod ly the greatest Institute for moral education to the worM," "The German soldiers alone »re thoroughly disciplined, and havr never BO much as hurt n hair ot a single in nocent human being."--Houston Stewart Chimberlala iJi Kriegsaulsdt»e, "War Essays,' 1914. "We see everywhere how our soldiers respect the uacred defensele» ness of woman and child"--Prof G. Roethe, in Deutsche Rcden in Scawerer Zclt, "Gennan Speeches In Difficult Days." Mortage** Llvtft Mung by Threatk "la order to Insure sufficiently Ow safety of our troop* and the tranquil- Ity of the population of Helms, th« persons mentioned have been Belied as hostages by U«! comraandw of the German army, These hostagw will be »hot If tber* J* ttw l«Mt d!»onler. On the other hand If tbo town remains perfectly coltn and qnlct these hostagea and InhnMtanU will be placed Under the protection of the. GcrtnatTanny. "THK GENERAL CiOMMANDING. "Reims, 12th September, 1914." Beneath this proclamation then wore posted the names of SI boetacea mid a statement that others bad also been se|7Cd al hostages. The lirei of "all these men depended In reality upon the Interpretation which the German military auttrontles might gtre to the elastic phrase "t!e least disorder," In tho proclamation Hugh Gibson in a Journal from oor Legation in Belgium, page 184 explains what was Iffcely to happen. "Another thinjr ia, that on entering a town, tliey hold the burgomaster, the procoreor du roi and other authorities ns hostages to insure pood behavior bv tbe population Of course, the hood lum cliss wonlg like nothing better than to see their natural enemies the defenders of. law and order ignomJnl- onslr sb,of sod they do not restrain themselves a bit on ncconnt of hostages " Diary of Bombardier Wctzel. "Aog Sth First fight and set flre to several villac^s "Aug th. Kptiirned to old quarters there we searched nil the houses and shot the mayor and shot onejnan doun~fronj the chimney pot, and then r*e again set flre t^ the village / "On the ISth August Letalle. C') cap tared 10 men with tltfee priests because they hive shot down from the church tower TheV were broagftt into the village of Ste. Marie "Oct. 5tb We were In quarters In the evening at Wlllekamm. LJentenant Ractfels was quartered In the mayor's -hocse and there had" two prisoners (tied together) on.a~short-wblp, and in case anvthing happened they were to be killed "Oct. Jlth TVe had no light, bnt w- cnnght abont 20 men and shot them (From the dairy of Bombardier Wetzel Second Mounted Battery First Kur hesslan Field ArUHery, Bcgimeat No u.r The Germans also found it con ·venient on many occasions to secure civilians tioth men and women, who could be forced to march or stand in front of tbe troojajso fibnt the countrymen of the civilians would he com polled first to kill their own people if they resisted the Geijunns This usage Is fUostraied~in the following Letter of Lieutenant Eberlcfn. ~ "October 7 1914. "But jfe arrested three other civilians, and then I had a brilliant Idea We gaye them chafra, and we then or- dcrjKJ_tnem to go and sit out In the middle of. the street On their part, pitiful entreaties on ours a few hlou s fromjthejratt end of the rifle Little bv^|tttte_pne becomes terribly calfons at this business At lost they were all seated outside In the street I fio not knoWTrtiat anguished prayers thev DON'T NEGLECT I YOUR HEALTH Now isl the Time to Treat; If on Owe It to YoiiMPlf and icjifls lo See to Your Condition; See Mo at Once-. DR. R. W. MACKENZIE I A sweater of some sort In the wardrobe, has como to be taken as a n-.nt- tpr of comae, like siioea nflci stockings BicrjlJO'ly, from baby to gnmfl- mothcr, Is entitled to at least one of theso first aids to comfort--and etylc. For they have advanced so far in tlw .scheme of things to wear tbat ihelr jmacufacturers can always bo tore of a demand for ttiem, and their task now 1* to present thorn in snappy styles Sweaters are the delight of th« voutMtil, aod these wearers ar» the most critical and e3Jicttng of all their devotees. 3?he hand bnlt swcter-coat, In yellow, blue, rose, green taupe and other colors with collar and cults ot white or gray, has a vogue that makes It bring a higher price than equally handsome machlne-lcolt models. Colors popular for sweaters and sweater-coatB are not In pale tints, but !n light, beautiful phailes Blue, gome- whnt deeper In tone than the color that made Itsett so familiar as "Alice," and a light, soft yellow identified a» "golden rod,' illustrate the strength ot these colors as chosen for sweaters. All-white sweater coats and those in national bine enjoy a persistent popularity that passes along from season to season, with that of darker colon Uk* navy, khaki, and dark cardinal red. For the youag girl arrived at tire flapper age on attractive sweater appears at the right of tho group of two show n In the picture. This is a ribbed machine-knit sweater coat la gray, bordered with dark red wblch may bo had In raeral color combinations It fastens with bottom at the front, and they appear to hava a knitted covering The border at tho bottom of this sweater holds It In-rather snugly about tbo figure A blue and white combination In a sweater-coat for the youthful, bnt grown-up alrl, i* mad* in Ynle blue with white stripes The collar Is convertible and the aweater fastens with vihite bone buttons .The picture portrays every detail of these smart, practical sweaters with perfect faithfulness For mill-winter sports a cap to match la the Joy of the youthful sportswoman. The cap In the picture of Tale bine, Is knitted with nolnta at each side that ere folded down and fastened under two white pompons of wool. may have said but I noticed tbat their hands were coovnlslveiy clasped the whole time. I pitied these fellows, but the method was immediately efiVctive "The nank flre .from the houses quickly diminished, so that we were able to occupy the opposite house nod thus to dominate the principal street. Every living being who showed himself in the street was shot The artillery on Its side hud done good work all this time, and when, toward seven o clock In the evening, the brigade advanced to the assault to relieve ua T was In a position to report tbat Saint Die ban been cleared ot the enemy "Later on I learned that the regiment of reserve which entered Saint T)le further to tbe north had tried the same experiment. The four civilians whom they had compelled in the same way to sit out In tbe street were killed by French bullets. I myself saw them lying In the middle of the street near the hospital ·T jrst Lieutenant" Letter published on the 7th October 10W, in the Vor-ibendbintt of Die Mnncaner Xeueste iNachrlehten FAMOUS SWIMMERS IN NAVY McGflHvray and McDermott of Ifhncis A. C, »nd Wallcn of Hamilton Club Are Jackieo Frank W BlmMey of the Illinois A. CX, a mnrobcr of tho board of gover nors of thp Amateur A.thleftc union, has brought east with him the news that Perry Wc(?IlHvrnv of tho Illinois ·V X and holder of several swimming records Mlfce McDermott of the same club, and o^ner of the 100 yard brenst stroke title and r Walled ot tbe Hamilton club of Chicago have enlisf-- pfl anil aro now at tbe Gieat Lakes na val station. Blankley says a special invitation has been extended to the three swim! mera to compete ia nil the events de- ridcd in Chicago thl* year These fa nious watermen, Instcnd of roprpBent inf? tboir respective clubs -v\1ll cany the colors of the Stars and Stripes MAKING SPEED IN BASEBALL It Takt* Snappy Runner to Negotiate Distance Between Flret and Second Ahead of Ball. * ftrat base, though more dramatic to watch. Is an uneventful expedition compared with the trip to second. It takes a fast man. to negotlto tlie Joarner In 3 S-5 seconds. No thrown ball goes over 300 feet, and If a batted ball travels beyond the safo limits ot a single throw It roust be relayed by the fielders While you are watching the outfielder scamper after the ball the relay 1'ne Is being swiftly formed In the Inflcld There coy Id be no snch quick and nc- cnrate fielding of deep outfield hits If the outfielder taking tbe ball die! not know that behind him \ras ranged his line of relays ready to take the ball the instant he could turn and throw it To male a double p!ay in the Infield the shortstop, for example, roust fleld a bnll that has been batted abont 135 feet. He pnsscs tbe bnll Irom 10 to 25 feet to the second baseman, vpho must then throw It 90 feet to 8rst Ail this while the batter is running 90 feet, a trick that, as we have seen, It takes a snappy runner to turn In 3 S-5 seconds"" It's n close call and a case of nHUrlng a fraction of a second bnt with shirp fieldlnjr tho margin Is all on the side of the fielders The dou ble play is the niennce eyer threaten iog the runner on first. Service With the passing of years, great pro- rsss has been made in the transaction of bapkiug bubine=s The Union National Bank of Co meiisvilie iias e^ery approv- COMKELISVILLE.PA,od modern fac'lio, for good beivice and (WESTSIDE) solicits 'ioui account subject to check. ·UNION NATIONAL BANK ·WIHT I I I I * Vi I tr**fl.t rhoiun uluni no matter liov/ lonp; H t a n d l n p 1 tfl o YOU relief a on Jf M treatment i t n o v p s the caunc f f It pui IPos tlio bl juil r« Jim OB the kl«Jne E* BL oni c t ti oat kidney and j l uffler LroiiblfiH 1C you ha\ o tlrtnr-y trnulil* 1 jialn In tlic baolc Tirln«i h l f h l v colnrnd dit K «oOi f mejit p»]n alr»nw nplnc iv pnK bnck, nntl ' hcaiJichoH LOMIO to ma ftnd let me phriw , j o u \vhy I can p-l^n you a cure JQQ j the u r i n e bu n you pann It too f i e ' n u o n t l j pilnn In tho blttflilfr fl-nU prt»R j Lrato p) mil? t oan rcljovo ^ ou at . once and j,lvs you jJtrmanoni r»-sultn I ThiH te spec! illy tho trouijjo ivitlj , mlddtn a^ocl p rnonn intl 1C nogloctnd j oiucnH moro dlnltcpHinr pnlnn un you prow olc.or I uro in -i vor abort time Do Ion Suffer from fi«m»cfi nnd I.lrer TTunblniT llnve you ILTJ pal i 1 - alter eating docs your food d!«agr«rt with you auf /o^ from oonnliputlun tnd caHHcs In the bovtohi? Th n como urid conault mo "Worn-ouc and rim-down men or women no iru-ttor w h a t youi ailment may bo, c*lt It costs 3 ou nothing frao oxamltvatEon Herv In Yinr Home Itnnrn EACH ·w r Buxic t *DA\ OM.I JttMiic-wib^r ilii 13«T M31V S1AC. IIOIEL. Houra fl A, M to 0 P. M BETTY AND THE FINGER FAIRIES O "JR dn Bettys mamma TVB* called away before elie could finish her work and she le't Bett to tart» Cnre of the baby Oh denr t Oh dear exclaimed P tiny yoJco very near Betty Betty lookefl around, bi t tho *oom TVS omnly Bare tor hersel' and tho baby Oh me) oh my criod another tiny voice, then another and ano her tiny voice took up tho cry tin^il EP tv turned round and round trying to flnd who Jt was lha.t was crying ' Here we are 1 cried a tiny roice Botty loohefl under the chMrs and the table, nnd even under the crib but sho couldn't »ee a. aoul *TVhor« ara jou?" laughf^ Botlv "R.leht on ^ou^ hands' wailed t^e ten ·tiny volcee all together Botty bcld up her hands and thort cm each hand uat four little Flnper XWrltB and one Thumb EHn weeplns tltterly What a the troublol asked Betty Wer» crylag because our faces ar« flirty nnd. we can't see to work, ' cried Q. Thumb E nn ~ Betty thought thla vc^ funny and b*- Can to laugh, "Ton oecdn t laugh 1 cxcJaimea the blcccet Finger Fairy "We maj be tiny but w« can sweep and duet and wash; tU«hes if you commaild us to "Mc m laughed Betty "What hare 1 to do with your ·trtfftolag* Anioiie \\/sJung to so id a, remit'ance to bOldie;s abroad w at camp vi)] find t h a t the Title fe Tnist Co npavy of Western Pennsjlvama atTords them excellent service Monev Oiders or Foie'gn Draftc pro-.n- SAYS COMISKEY OFFERED $50,000 FOR JOE BUSH OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSV1LLE, PA. "Right on Yo*r HauuUI" Has Plan* for Big Tima Allen, fifty-one knowq as tbe "Mil- ionnire Kid declared In a San Francisco police court hp ^ a s 'going to DHJ all the monntaln dew in the world" as soon ns he got the fortune of J3 000 000 left to him by his father Allen was arrested with other vagrants. He waa asked 'C be was go Ing to talre hie tramp frfends with him on the "joy party." Some of them perhaps," he replied "We sure are going to have some time hut I'll never be hurled In the potters fleld -As 3000*88 I Ret that $8000000 Pm going to set aside $75 for a decent H H rrazee, president of the Boston American league baseball clnb In referring to tbe trade by which ttw* Boston club obtained Bush, SchnnK and Strunlt, said he hid been offered $50000 by Charles Coraisfeey omier of the Chicago clnb for Bush, alonp He added that the CIe\elnnd clnb bad also made him an attractive offer for Bush. Yv«yi laughed t tiny Ftnrer Fairv" Tou'r* oar Queen and -ore must obey ycrar cvtsrr word. Each lltUe boy and littl* girl bfcs Mght Finger Patrice and two Thumb Elfins to do her bidding. 1 ·WTj«n yon say 'Sleep we become very, fltitt and when yon sav "Worfc* we bnrry and (Jo th* work for yon--ttest Is, when our faoec arc clean and we cnn see.' Betty looked at hor dirty htmda, than trhe ran to the kitchen and imbed them nice and clean. "KoT» -wilt yon help me?** crtod Batty "Srrr«l l " replied tho eight little Fin- C«r Tories and the two Thumb Elflna. Then we 13 help clean thing* up for xonmma ** laughed Botty "Wnwi her mamma, returned tho bon*a tfus swept and dusted. The di-shas -WOTS ·n allied and babv brottaer tra» foat anleep Jn hfa crib "Wbo did al this for m«*" j mamma in surprise wlwm ahe tstfw how My bnt abe had a good latigb. whe-i | 'Betty told iJW abojt the- eight Httl 'itncw Fairie* and the two little Thumb 331flna. Thes'fl always help me If I keep ' (thcJr f*c«3 cloan ^sclalmed Botty I "Dear llttlo Fln(T« Fairies laughed mamma, fcfeslns each of the eight Uttla nns«r8 and th* two tiny thumbs. TMt!i«iv*rtt ahvays ready nnd wJllfrff to do kind things toi those bey lov*. * i FUNT'S HAULING AS1) STORAGE. Motor Truck Service To All Parts of Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. J. N. Trump fHITE LINf? TRANSFER £l MOTOR TRUCK ««a TVAGOlk*. 1IOV1HG AND H01VTIAG PIA-fOS A SPECIALTY, * WOULD PERMIT BOX f, ING AND BETTING * IN KENTUCKY j | A bill to legalize boxing In i t Kentucky u^der contiol of a j ^ commission and a bill to abolish i «i» parimutticl betting and the state j j racJiig: commission will UG intro( » duced at Ihe next session of the T legislature The boding bill ig * conceded a good chance of p3- | suge Don't knock Connellsvine b sending sour monej out of town for your j job work "jrhcn Tho Courier companv can do it here at nom" Let us give jou prices Mafcee Two Triple Playj. Two triple, pJayR were made during the American association s season one each by St Pnul urn! Toledo Mm- ! but led In donble plnys with 136 Two New Handball Court.. Th« Jlultnonnh c'ub of Portland, Ore, Is building two additional handball courts and will accommodtitp 100 ptaj era. F. T. EVANS Play on ThanksgUlng Dfly The football teams of the Lnlverslty of Pittsburgh and Pcansyhanln State college will stage tlieii n^entieth annual game In PJttsbmgh nc\t Thanksgiving day Eczema Remedy TRAOC MARK is a prcbcription compounded e\presol\ and onlj for the relief of skin diseases It is invaluable for the treatment oC ec?en a in its \anous forms and is intended to destrov the ecrems. germs, germs which multiply very rnpidlj atid are scattered oier the body ' There are beveral species of ecrenia germs causing tb several diseases Uno^n as eczema, ringworm dnndruf itcb etc Give this remedj a fan and honest trial and an improvement mat be, otpected with the first application and a continuance of its use according lo direction^ vrill gnc joa entire satisfaction Price, tiial 11/0 SOc lar?c liottie ?1 00 C03tp«rs. --Er'Oneit to Know BY This Timp" ' BT C, A. VOIGHT

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