The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 2
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- ; By V. Q. KETCHUMi For more than 7 years Ottawa Smokers nave been buying tobacco at 221 S parks Stroot '.'' James Edward (Jim) Mc Stravick for It yeara was em - ployed by N. R. Robertson. The business passed into his hinds , in 1MT and ' now McSiravick'i Smoke Shop. ONLY U, r , Jim McStravick wat only 17 whan he started to work. Today he is a surprisingly youthful looking with a pleasant and unruffled manner. ' J. E. McStravick was born In Ottawa, the eon of the late Fraada and Gertrude (Lap- : worth) McStravick. His father bad been with the E. B. Eddy Company. Toe founder of the family in Canada came from Ireland. Jim McStravick was educated at St. Patrick's School when William Burke was the principal. He recalls that one of his eerly friends was Bill Cowley. They were in the Ottawa City Peaycroundi Losgue with headquarters at Ptouffe Park. The s players were 14 or IS years of age. Softball, baaeMH and hockey were played with gusto. "BiQ Cowley was natural athlete: he could do everything oa the playing field well." said Mr. McStravick. Today this former ace of the Boston Bruins play golf ith considerable kill and assiduity at ' Smiths Falls. V 4 PITCHER , . In his youth "Jim" played Junior baseball in the City League for the Stratocona and Primrose teams.. Ha was pitcher. Nowadays he Is content to follow the fortunes ' of . ', By JIM BISHOP :. 1 A father measures -tima by hls children. In their bright-, their energy, he sees Ms age: " " Bess,' he sees his shadows; -j Last week. Virginia Lee was 37. and the day came and went tike thousands of others, hi monotonous sunshine..' Still, T the event started a chain of recollections an old movie running backwards and ' when I phoned to wish' her a P happy - birthday. " ft was as though aa old bruise began to :' u :'v i r, j : I :, Elinor Dunning and I were r. " '.. married , on , " Jba lahes) ',44a Ealu in. - m VMni II J June H, Isle. She had a round face and -dark ran ad eyes. She was a Wall Street secretary. I was a cub reporter oa The New York Mirror: She earned M l week. My salary was ' C5. She loved call- il drea. I could not forgive them their childishness, V The first baby was bora in ' October int. The little girl ! never drew. a breath. It was a ' deep shock to a fresh kid, such - as I was. A bad one, because until then. I thought that all pregnancies term ins ted la bab-, lee and bassinets. The second . infant was bora la July IMS. She lived four hours. . v . It depresteed Elinor. It made me moody. The pendulum of .disinterest m children swung across the face of time. I read ." books on pregnancy, on the cars of Infants. 1 even held a few. We were examined by , doctors. Nothing, . Keep trying. Pray. Relax, ', ,4 la the Summer of 1937, Elinor f - was pregnant again. I bought a second . hand ' Packard. "Left tour the Shenandoah mounts Int." I said. She studied me. "This wayT she said. I nodded. This way." I said. "The last time, the doctors ' had you Hi bed a month before delivery, and nothing happened, so why not be reckless this timer' We spent few days m Wash- ' Hngton. One night we got drunk en gin. The next day as we were driving through ' Leee-barf. Elinor felt two saline one m the bead. I turned Into ;'" Uesburg HospHaf drive- r my a long ana and the third little girl was bora with-f. la SI mimttes. I waited tn aa o. l cznouin SONS LTD. v Preacrfpffoit . Opticians , 232-4974 725-2727 11H7U 7. r z i -J .-'J. v 1 " v- f s THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ,; SATURDAY. AUGUST 15. 1064 Vv'l ' Jim McStravick cLvb, mm mm m jdw McStravick J! 4 ( J the Rough Riders and is also a strong Toronto Maple Leaf fan. Jim goes to the tobacco store at 7 .JO and works until' .M p.m.. stopping only for a bite of lunch eating in the cubby hole which is also his office. His sister, Ida, gives him a help ing hand In the shop and- .has the well known McStravick affability. 1 v Mrs. McStravick Is the former Florence CaldweiL .There . are three sons. Donald, a charter ed accountant with R. H. Boun-sall , and Company. Glea with the same firm studying accountancy, and James (Jimmy) attending Ottawa Teachers' Col lege. . h..." when -he inherited the mantle of N. R. Robertson Jim acquired the famed Robertson's mix- It Is now blended and packaged la Toronto. The In gredients have always been a ants room for tha bad news. The doctor said: "Little girl. A littls ahead of time, but T pounds, til ounces. Blonde." All of a sudden I felt small and fatigued In the face of a mir acle. Hi I .UcLv ... We . inverted the .name of town and state and called ber Virginia Lee. She was, blonds. she was gorgeous, she slept all night. We brought her home on the back seat of the car in a wash basket The only time she whimpered was at red lights. , I called ber Missy. She grew up to become my friend, my daughter, my confidante. She won denim and cowboy boots and guns until she was 11. Then she volunteered for after-school work at Holy Name Hospital In the Infant ward. I asked why. Because, she said gravely. "when I grow up I want to beve a lot of babiea." Gayie was bora sia ' years after Missy, and this was the fast-footed tomboy of the family. The wtt The detractor. To -' this one. I became "Daddyo." We travelled to gether to Europe, to Asia, to Africa but Missy remain. ed home, to help her mother. to study hard, to write her first book at the age of 17, and to tee it make the Doubled? Book Club. It was a teenager's Father Duffy of the Fighting tth." :v , .- ; At IS, she married her high school hero. Charles Frechette. She was serious about wanting babies. She started with Identical twins Pamela and Robia -now six. The next year. Jim Bishop Frechette. The year, affter, Kevin. The next Summer, Charles Albert. called Chipper. Last December. it wet Christopher John. She brings them up with no help. No meld service. She not only loves the six deerty, but the la certain that her husband it the greatest man she hat devotees from Halifax to Vancouver'. One army colonel now in India acquired a large sup ply at Christmas. BANDS SAVED ( ' Jim recalls when Ottawa youngsters saved cigar bands. This is no longer the case. A distinct innovation in the business came last year when women started to buy, pipes. Some of the buyer were in theic early JO's. Several dozen pipes, were sold In the Smoke Shoo over a short period. Special pipes were manufac tured to meet the new treiwj. They have dainty bowls, some of them ornamental When he plans an evening with his pipe smoking sweetheart on the vine- clad balcony, the thoughtful and considerate - snale should bring along some mild Dutch tobacco, Jim says that it what they closely guarded secret. It has with his tobacco business. JIM BISHOP: REPORTER smoke. . Mr. McStravick . lives at Ji Western Avenue, Mrs. McStra vick cultivates a garden which is devoted to flowers including several varieties of roses. Civil servants, employees of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and of The Ottawa Journal patronize Mr. Mcstra vick. As far back as IKS the late P. D.rRoes and E- Norman Smith were customers. Humphrey Mitchell during his lifetime filled his tobacco require ments at the store. Mr. McStravick Is Interested In the possibility that the Mall wilt eventually extend -along Sparks Street west of Bank as far as Bay Street.' In his boyhood Jimrnie cherished an ambition to Join the RCMP. . k. could perhaps be called a pipe dream. Today. however, he is quit satisfied Measuring Time ever met. Sadly, ber mother died the year before the twins were born. Misty It a girl of enormous loyalty. Once she likes someone, she cannot un like that person. So, when I married Kelly four years after Elinor's death, I sensed the cool reservation in Missy, and the silent de- pretston of Gayle. Kelly brought two pretty daughters to the family Karen, eight, and Kathleen, six. I felt as though 1 wat. walking a tight wire without aa umbrella. :- ' . Still, among women, logic Is unimportant. Kelly, kept exuding love for Missy and Gayle, even though there were no echoes. Then, Inch by Inch, the ! idles approached eech other. Soon, they found a common ground of laughter to making fun of the old man. This led to further understanding. Years ago, Kelly asked Missy for a copy of a book called The Prophet, by Kahili Gibraa. My daughter said the would get a copy. She didn't Then, this year, out -ef the blue, both girls sent Kelly Mother"! Day cards. I became exasperated. What the hell ant you crying for?" I said. , - Last -week. Instead of a gift going to Missy oa ber birthday, one came from ber to Kelly. It was The Prophet A poem on pege IS wat marked off. It said: -- "J '; "Then Almltra spoke again and said. And what of mar-. .: rlage, matter? i !-::. And he answered laying: " You were born together, and . together you shall be for- - ever more."- i , ... You shall be together ' when the white wings of deeth scatter your days." , A father measures time- by his children . . . .. (Cofffrtsntl " ' Journal Want Ads bring quick results. Ccsaesciag August 22, 1S34 cur offices will lz CLOSED on SATURDAYS .; t?.i will Iz frca O.COa.n. io 5.C3 p.n. r.:0 to FRIDAY incbive GATi::fiU F0V.IR C0"?flriY ' Subiidioiy of Hy(Jro-Qubc By BOB BURGESS : ' -y f Tha Jouitud North S A Q H K a DAK Jill C A Q I West - East' Slti S Kan H A x x H Qui D i i D Q i i C K i n - C It i South . sum - - Hlltll, D l a C J a z " Bob Bambrick reports the above hand from, te mixed paus cnampionnip at tne summer Nationali in Toronto. South, declarer at three no trump, found himself in his hand for the first and last time after the opening lead with four finesses to make. West opened his fourth hlsh est iub, which ran around to Smith's Jack. Declarer then f I nested the Queen of clubs and earned the Ace, King of Dia monds, exiting with a third dia mond. East was on lead with no club to return and bad to live South a free finaaaa in either hearts or spades, making 10 tricks available for a good maicn point score. With yours truly off to a short vacation. - The Bridge uud- win Be missing from mis spec tor a while. - Mean while, there's plenty of bridge scheduled Sunday, Monday. Wednesday and Friday at the Ottawa Bridie and Billiard Club. Tuesday tha EOBA tame. aiso at tne obbq and the RA gam Thursdays at the Mem orial Centre. Next Master Point tames at the OBBC are Wednesday Aug. 28. and Mon day Aug. 31. . ' ;;'.- - THE WEEK'S RESULTS Ottawa Bridge and Billiard Club Friday Series r CMP Garnet North-South Jot Cohen and Ernest RideouL Gertrude Cohen and Bob Bur gess. Marcta Capita and Ward Peterson. Eatt-Wa Margsret Taylor ana Dorotny Scott, Hazel Me-Fee and Anna Butler, Jean Grisoci and Herb Crsgg. - Regular Gataes Fred Sontat sad Joe Cohen. Verne Smllx and Lou Lemkow, J. Laverdure and Ed Bambrick' .' Monday Series Tom and Margaret Taykir. Joe -Cohen and Joe Barlow, Martin Jaeger and Bob Burnett (Aug. S). ''-- Gertrude Cohen end Verne Smitx, Jittfr Murphy and Paul Tarnowtki (tied with) Ed Bambrick and Nairn Ferguson (Aug. : Wednesday Series North-Sou Orlo . and Stutrt Stevenson, Marcia Cap-Ian and Tom Taylor; Isabel Hart and Marcella Hogan. East-West Mel Norton and Jack Aronson, Ted Clarke and Pierre Treull, BQl Dover and Frank Levetque. North-South Herb Crass and Gertrude Cohen. Michael and Ruth Instance, Ted Clarke and Pierre TreulL East-West Bob Major and Isabel Hart, Joe Cohen tad .0. V. Rao. K. Wardroper'and B. Wiliiamt (Aug. 12). Sunday Series CMP Gemet North-South' Norm Hall and Joyce Wyman, Bernie Sanders and Vic Git conne, Craig Thomas and Mar tin Jaeger. East-West Nan and Bert Davis, Jim Murphy snd C. F. Clark, Don and Carol ,Woof(. ., ' - ' ; RA DUPUCATE. -Oub' Master Point ' Section A: North-South Evelyn Fowler -and Orlo Stev enson' Joe and Sam. Cohen, Gertrude Levetque snd Stuart Stevenson. ; - . East-West Bess Spiro and L Shapiro (tied with) Marjorie Sarazia and Jayne Gamble, Belle Abrahamson and Mary McElroy, Don Gamble and Lon Sarazia. Section s. North-South Oet Underbill and Herb Crsgg. Aileen and Frank Liaowtki, Anne and Ellis Butler. East-West Cliff Hargrove and Leo Trottier. Lynne Mold- aver and Ian Spencer, Fred Somag and Mel Norton (tied with) Graca Taylor; and Peggy Keanion. .. - y EOBA DUPUCATE CMP Garnet Section Ai North South Bob Bel isle and Wsrd Peterson, Aileen and FranJ Lis-owskl, Orlo v Stevenson - and Marcella Hogan. East-West Lon Sarazln and Don Gamble, Helen Tench aad Herb Crsgg, Lynn Moldaver and Jeaa Ori son. v. Seetoa It North - South- Michael and Ruth Instance, Stella Peterson and Alice Sor- by, Ian. Spencer and Gertrude Cohen.. East-Wast Ken York and Ed Bambrick, Pat and Dave Stothartr Bob McGUIivray and Des Shaw. Journal Want Ads . bring quick results. , , , t ' p ef aj I I VfVi s, P ft Va tt,.,m M ' i I ... - T f'WO. CLASSES ON CREDIT sM sxlBeMBT ' fpfBBJfBBBBgeJy k Phene aaj-ayoa "Kl fH IK 6MWIT tYQSSSS ' W4-M22 in i c DRUG STORES OPEN SUNDAY GILLAIl'S - Arnstrcag'g MUO SIOU , . MUO frOKK ' . , Bay and ciwmmw : flp.iW... 0M 1S.N-M pM. - : Spdqr . -:' , M2-4532 I Mz-Upy clebeIjmd ,,FEnJ!.!o:, 'STORE ' ': S21 DaDMuaia Free City-Wide Delivery , 7SI BANK ST. U Mi. to 7 p it am to s p 233h6273 2351454 ' CTTY-WIDE ' DELIVERY unro's Drue Storo ,' Open Sunday at IS Noon to I p.m. aiT-WIDE DEX1YERY -' 335 Elfin Street 232-1462 orm it noon to i p.m r ISLiU'D PACK FilAnnACY FRES CITY-WIDE DELIVERY' ome - -Som Trend Horn fxtras at no' extra cost to you e aesassstesl. eleaa, sari, jurat elMtrts teaUae tnaaer-atare ceatral thersMstat sa erarr mm e eltsuUr StstsaeS fettcaeas a Ceruata HI aaS wtoatfal snllaapet'ta kath-teas a walk-la emit la saaater Sss e Cwtlt "St" MitettivH kM att knttat asBtltan tan kM nm sritk 1st ae. servste ta set fatara swaas, wttfe aa Isms a kw a aatra sklek klaakel at tasalatlra srltk I" la srslM aa a la ctUlat e f sasalatlea armiM tsfMH katw SMat stalls e eHu eaksast laa la katkraaaa aaS arask-raasa : e sunt acstoa Btrntke a an samta taaiaaiat siaur aaS stem sewer, saaMats sawar, IS wiSe aavaS raaSa aa casks ate mVfflr StasaM a seeal ba-preveasaat Sues , a pies saaaj, away seats taatarae, ' IYST 1RD I0KE B ISM TO KDUINI MXHm t 'THE 6000 LIFE IN GUNW000 PARK (DO TOO BNJOT OOLPT la OWmwsea . : Par lea are aarraasMtad ay the seat etaka .la the OtUwa area. e Al TOO INTV.mis.Ttt bb Msustsmltr , eetlvfllaaf Olesiwaesl rark Is a IrtaaSlj . , saalahle Itkkf fcaad. ; ALL OF TOD SHOPrTNO saa ke ieae ta the aaaissa eapastitnt Oleawaad Shep- ptnt rtaaa. r.s- ,, . -,"t - e BCS SERVICI every U haasr takes yea sas - aie UHll a .TUB CRimca AND SCHOOL af year ehaaee la aa eaaf walkiaf Sistaaee, - - O GLKNWOOD PARK It antr II tahmtea traea dewatawa Ottawa to iwa araaal taaSa. y ASSALYancf JOHANNSEN FOil LESS THAtl REtJT -f',,, .t . ""1 ": ..,.., , . -.: ... . .'..... 1(1 ": 4 BEDROOM lVz BATIIROOr.l 1200 SQ. FT. TOWN HOUSES WITH FULL BASEMENTS 1 cn completely Irsccpcd bts (back sr.d frcnt) ' e s !. " " """ a ' V 15 vor only lCLiZi3 PRImCIPAL, INTEREST AK3 TAXES - TOTAL DOWN PAYMENT Tofol Price $11,790 One NHA Mortgage ;: . nd your niortgag b LIFE INSURED FREE (to age 45) . Trend Homn pay th premiums , ' ' ' '. ' ' . " - v Come and drie around the payed roads of Olenwoiod Park. .See the L vrell kept lawns and homes. Compare the quality, compare the value in : , ' every Trend Home. See the f urnuhed model Town House on display : " and the single family homes. ' -. - . i , , r- Staffr Fmltf baiei la a wide - choice of styles and sixes are located la another section of Clenwood Bark. Prices rtBse from t'llTN to S22,-7I with dowa pay-asents as tow as S2M aad aaoathly payments of only Ilea. OLKNWOOD PAIK h sseatef ea the : TOCB HOSPITAL DtSUSANCI IS PRBI CtuIViJ., """. - 1 Seles Office: Phone 634-5361 -Open 1 e pjn. WnVdeyt, 1 to 4 f.m. VYMkends ' 1333 Welungton St 723-4609

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