The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1918
Page 4
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I. 4' PAGE FOUH: THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, (FEBRUARY 19, 1918. ut;r Batty (Cirnrfrr. HENT.T f. SXYDEH. Founder and Editor, 1(79-1*11. mm COTTXIKH COMTJJTT, K. X. SNTDZK. PiuttnU. JAS. j. DRIBCOUU X*B»«tr. JOHN 1. OAKS. Menacing Editor. WAJ.TKR S. STHUCBU ^ Society Editor. JCEJtBEB. OF: AnfocMel Press. . Audit Burt»u-cf Cifcnlatioa. p«r. coOTTf 1C per T»»I Ty mail It month: in »av»iw». as'seeind'ciiss nuUter »« CoiyelJ*tllle, Pa. IMS. .Th« Associated Press la »· cl«lv«lr enticed to tlve us« f°f repubUcatlon ot all aews «»- patchcB credited to It or not otherwise credited In this J»P*' «.nd alao the local news published herein, · " r.ULEEXTS HATE A SHAKE. J Whatever reflection may bnve been est"optm the high, school students by the_ somewhat magnified reports in fetcuUUon respecting wilful and destructive damage to the bu'ilding, has Seen "remo'fed by the personal inspection of the-inuldmg-by the,directors.. True. discoveries "Vere" "raafle" "of conditions which plainly] had ^ their lource in some overlooked details of finishing -the Interior," .of" possibly in defects in workmanship or material, ·which were revealed" by the too ;rtg- orous use_by thoughtless or careless young folks. But taken in" its entirety the so^cafled itamage was found to be nothing more than is to Ve expected as natural -wear and tear, an«, as the directors, found, was not evidence of attempts to deface tie building or destroy its furnishings. . Children in school _perlwp3 even more than in tie .tome, need to he frequently, and sometimes ^ sharply," reminded of the cure they niust exercise in the use of things. Giving such udmomtion is\the duty of tlie head of the home and the head of the school, «nd" this duty does not appear to have been neglected by Principal Smith, even if it has been overlooked by the heads of some homes. As s the case ·with aU admonitions tier sometimes fan upon dulled ears. Through failure to heed tiem onfr or a tew pupils may ea»ily discredit the whole student body. The warning has. been made »ufncientJy plain,'however, that there must be no dijregard of Injunctions concerning the care of that buildmg In which the- whole city, including the students as a whole, tak so · much pride. It mu»t be preserved in all iis original beauty of finish and completeness of'detail and- equipment just as long aajpoBslble^to bjenuwwd^onlr by jroper use and-passing years.-" We believe .this is the wishes of the students,"as it is .also of parents. TV make sure that the former will not be' neglectful of*heir obligations, thej T»« pmranMBt In* declared Sis iBlenLSuii of B*pttr)v£ no exponSQ In IH thmKboat (hi MertytinMi of x4- on. I«m ot tkumcr. If they bttre o»qt'stayed their lea-re, or hare not to jretum, they are felon* under th« law, and a felon who itteznpta to eveape or resists arrest may be shot. The government has no desire to take extreme measures with the men comprising the National "Army, but-" tbey must learn that soldiering in war time is not like a civilian 'job that can be "lumped" whenever there is a desire or an opportunity "to change locations or occupation. 1 DisjwUches from TJerlm never fenlure the Crown Prince as ffettinp filoie enocigrfa to the f r p n t to wear ·. "tin hat" and a gas rruvsk In an injrpectlon o£ the trenches.-'It taies .1 despised Tankec. and th« chict in command at that, to show the German* somethtnir about ·war--and this us but otic of the many ·nrprlSea General Pershlnt bas In his bo*" " ' " ' * * That shoe store thief In Scoudale observed Saturday aa 'shoeless" day. When the War Department brings sick and wounded noldiers- to the Mark-let on sanitarium, perhaps some people who have been slow to rentice it will then admit that we arc actually en 5ged in a war. The flour ration food boriKOJi, looming on the Simply can't keep ConnellsviUe out ot the nrilitary " Every time - . "Uncle Sam to-ries Company D away from homo t h e ' s cite find-? it cannot jtret along without a Connellsvllle or- gttn nation to take its place in the HaTe you any doubts about whether heatless Mondays paW? Read the answer in the sail me of 4SO ship±. carrying 2,000,000 tons ol food. f u M ami ^A-ar supplies to oar boys and the Allies on the oth-ar side If ou kicked, »re you not ashamed? There is Solomonic wisdom and justice in th« order of the food A d m i n i s - tration that flour hoarders must, divide with flour hungrj. Somebody teems to ha.\e "become \ o r much gummed up orer that story of vandalism in the high schoo-J building-. | Those young men who ara charged with appropriating express packages may find that they hare shipped a biff bundle of tfouble to their owtt address, charges collect. '·Nearly all of the women over here wear black." This sentence from Ser- sreant McKeritt'a hotter from TYancc tells !n a few words 1 the sad meaning- ot war ito the nation upon whose soil ·he great battles are being foug-ht. , Ee-hoM how jrreat an exaggeration a I little rumor kindleth. as note the so- called, damage to tho hlyh schoo! build ins. Another opportunity la cruinK to the H-ocien of Connellsville to register for war service This doe'* not mean they to tl]c front _ but ,, mean the expression of to do the things for w h i c n they are best fitted !n order to make the .-»tay of the boya a.t the front as short as SHDOXG E.VAJCPLKS. latter, must not lose sight ol the fact ..,.,, put u _ , otl public property. It' does not all rest-j creat with the school authorities. ""f I'd surely A JOB THAT CA5XOT BE The impositioa of a sentence ot 20 years confinemeat at hard labor upon. * deserter from Camjt Lee may appear as a s«vere~i«malty. So it "is, il we view the Matter from a civilian standpoint jcmly, anA without regard to the fact that in the fandamemal relation. between th* citizen and his govern^ xnent the citizen is as closely bound to serre and protect the government as the government, is bound to protect an'd derfend the'cHIzen,, '" "Military gerrice, paryt.ularly obligatory military/ service, "lo which we are now'accustome'd in. the National Army, represents the essence of this ' [ kept on steering Jor the nammlt, though Jn jail: 1 srew tired of Grneld faring bock of tow-mulps two or three, and of Washfncton declaring that he'd spoiled the cherry tree. Which Is why I never landed in the statelr -white tiituse chair, and you ?ee me, empty- hnnded, with a cupboard blealc. and bare. But there's consolation ample; I'm Jiot listed v ith the great; I won't be a bright example, for the boys to Future schoolboys vroi I b« :d 1C they chance upon my name, and they won't he bored or sad- says *3 general order recently issued on the subject of desertion. "'When "a soldier enters' the' military service, £h« obligation which Ite assumefr is quite .different from fiiat which he underfakes- Vhen hex engages in civil employment. There is practically^ no^emplpymeat in rivil life at the "present time- which an em- | ploye-roay-not le*ve-of his "own free I - dened, ·writing on my faro*. In . their books there'll be no pieces, tell- ine of my low estate, t'll I rose, from. herding: geesca, to place among: the great. 3*11 be quoted by no teacher. in the. happy bye and byt. a* a- auper- gifted creatore who could never tell a lie. When the village milk cown where I'm resting, dead and , cool, I won't be a bright example to the wearr boys at school "THE TRUCE OF THE BEAST" £s@®©3s®'X3£aSS®£JX3®SS§®i)^ WMte*. ·WANTED -- TOUP. baainess. KEffDI-VE'S BARBEKING tf I'OJl SAL.U- Moyer, P;u For S«I«v -POST. \TAt.1 Kit BtTT, - 'WANTED--FACTORY TRI-STATE CAXDT CO GIKC-S AT, WANTED--COOK A-VLi CH-IMSB11- m»li ARMSTIIONG-S RCSTAUR.VNT FOR SALE--EIOHT ROOM od«rn. North ScoUlialo. C. S OAP.U- ON- Ply ]2teb9t-eoOI' I'OR SAL.K--HUE!' }S.\BY OABT. i?oqd aa li.-w Call Tri-S'Ut; 101 or nt Thlri floor Snader ^.p.LrLt icrits. lalebttd FOR SALE.--0 ROO^. HOUSE, NICK . (location. pu.ved .-.:rye: and Kitlowalk WANTEl^-EXPKKIKNCED DI.NING j Pantry, bath and two po-ch**. Hot alt room K i r l at MAKKATTAN CAl^K. heat. Address "D. J " euro Courier. 16fcb!t Omay-tld A. K TTAOO.VBR CO. S1AKE A specialty of collecting rents. AilailnUtrator'* Notice. ·SVAKTBC--BOYS AND GJKL.S O V S R J 10 year* at tho CO-V-XELLSVIU-EI SILK M1LU S ISfobSt ] WANTEIJ -- EXPERIKNCBD player at McCROREY'S E AND lOo STORC llfsbtl* WANTED--SOY TO ACT AS PORTKP. and w o r k la drus store. J C MOORfc.'. IBtubttd POI! SALE--ONI! iJOJiSE, WACO.V anrt hurnes", work sln(;l« or double, tn cart or pit. Horhe 11 rears old. -wcjfrht 1.300 pouutli,. Good reasons for sclllnK. I n r i u l r c HARHV WITCHKl.L Lumbrur. Pa- I S f o b a t laLa of ihu Cliy ot ConnellsviUc. County oC Fayette and State of Pennsylvania. j fjettyri of administration o. t. A. on tlie 1 U.DOVC nj-nujd citato having bean | ijr int*'d IO the Undprsrig-nod, notice (B j hereby jjlven to a.U peraons indebted to j said estate to make immediate pay[ merit .ami lu tiiofid having- cJ4.!ms against the «am« to present thorn properly authentJcAted for settlement. JAJVIKS 1- COCHP^AX, Adminlatrator c. t a., Cnnnellsvtlltf. Pa. H G. MAT. Attorney. 29jaa6t-tue» WA.VTKD--YODNO GIP.L FOP. hounework Mornincs only. Apply ^13 East. Green street or phone Brll 7S. SAL.BS- lidy. Apply VtEST S1IK DEPT. STORE, Smutz bufldinET, Sixth street and Crawford. 19tebtCtl WANTED--TWO FIJIST CLASS barbers. Betfl w aseM paid. Apply TITLE TRUST BAKBICK SHOP. 19feb-tus3-thur-mon WANTED--TO RBNT S OR t ROOM modern bouac, troocl location. Possession March or A p r i l fir^t. Bo.t GCS. firadtbton. Pn 16Ceb3t-cod* T'OIi SALS--Ib KUOit ItlllCJC HOL'SE J6 890 .South .Side U i * £ J ) r t . j i a v t d street, corn.-r lot. 1* foot side ivjjk, lot I7xi:d. Doul/le n - l c k houic hund- Iialntcd w a i f , IOOKS liku and It u f t O . O O O house Location c^n't be bo tt. Only one square /roiu Somb Pitr.sbuJK- ttroct. Thi Is the b u j in tin- South Sidr $6,800 cash. Seo DOKSE1' REAI/rr COMPANY I S f e b l t WANTKO--TEAJISTKR FOR LUM- ber yard. Must be sober and reliable. For further information Inquire of OGLJ5VEK, McCLUHE i CO., Dawson. Pa. 13feb6t WANTnD--MINERS WANTED WHO are stud Ine for examination 1 ! to get the best mlninff book published. "Mining In a Nutshell." by JAMES WABD- LAW, Scottdale, Pi. Price $2.25. Sfebm Edgar tfl - ·WANT1SD--ME.V- DKSIRINO TO prepare for Government .examinations, positions SG7 to S1SO per ruonU., to Teo me at Arlington Hotel, Thurad.iy. February 21. 1 to « P. M. One day only. Parents must accompany minon*. HENRY LAUREXS. . 19feb2t- will* provided, he serves notice on uis emplorer, but it-is q.uitfr dllleront with the;sold!er. Since he is" obligated by th«oij of-soietj p to serre socictj; will not. per- «lter hlj relation, to the . He lo mentJf 61untirtiE,reJca.';e5 fcis to MveTSS oBHiiaoii Jit.Ms-_Own TO- Bticm br "«b«titTnapBm!5eTt without leave and. ismainiSg^airaT ulth- intent not to return, he becomes, a deserter, mi'otteroe .which. 'Is. punishable .bT flcatlf lit time of war. '-"TSe- reason for~this drastic penalty Is. obvious. War fs" a" lest" to watch nations are periodically-^ subjected to deterrnltie whether they shall survive, and if a nation in. the hour-"of its peril cannot depend upon th(- loyal supportJ Ti ; bravest thipff that he can do of an its citizens then tt mast perish, and with it everything for which. , it stands. Irt the prese'nca of the enemy punishment for deseniou is certain death, but inasmuch as our new armieb are Siill in the process of acquiring ' Her letters breathe [f hopt- :.nd cheer, the-, habit Ot-jnind which constitutes ! Xo note or irloom she sends from here TAKI.YO HTS rr.ACJE. r dome double duty now. , Time's silver grlcams upon his brow, And there are lines upon his tacc Which only tmsslns years can trace And yet he's turned back many a paffc IdOng: written in the book or age. For since their boy has marched away, ESUUNO TO prepare for C-overnment examinattons. pofjitions 167 to 1350 per month, to sco me at Arlington Hotel, Thursday, Peb rua-y 23, 1 to 0 P. SL One day onJy. Parents must accompany minors, OEXRT IAURENS I9feb2t* ESTATE or i;iizvBjrrrr BAUXES, late of the CU uf ConncllbMUe, County of F«cttn and Slaty of Penna L.CUITS of administration i, b n., c. L^a., on the above named e h i a t e havtnK btcn pr.mtcd to t h e unrterstpm ti. notiro 11 hereby given to fill person-, indebted to said estate t o milk** itniiiefilaic payment ,nnd to tho-r. hvtntr clointH against the aamc to present thc-ni properly authenticated fur settlement. J^JIES T, COCHHAN, A d m i n i s t r a t o r d. b. n., c. t a., Conrellsvillp, Pa II G MAT, Attorney. Wjanet-tues This father, ffrowmpr sray, , Js doing for the mother true, The many thing's the boy would do Jast as the son came home each night "With yauthCul step and ryes alight So he returns and with n. bhont Of greeting: puts her prrief to rout. He says that she shall never miss The pleasure of that evening kiss. And with strong- arms and manner brave ' ffe simulates tfie hug, he cave AwJ loves her when the day Is done Both as a husband and a son. His laugh has caucht a clearer r i n g His step has claimed the old-time swing-, And though his absence hurts him, too, Is just to try to take his place And keep the ffrriles on mothers face So merrily he jests at nigrht. Tells her with aJl a, boy's delight Of \\-hat ha« happened in the to-w n And thu^ keeps melancholy down. , discipline, the general conrt-martial , *?"· a3 her lo the wesent instance has properly t reads at m K bts WANTED--ANY KIND OF PRUVT- mir, whether it IB a calling card, sale bill or th« finest engraved weddm^ invitfttion or announcement, We print anything:--everything--do it promptly and do it rtehl. Call tho man at THE COURfER office. Both phones. 27-tr F*r FOR RENT--5K ROOAf HOUSE. FN- qairc P O'TOOLE, *07 JeffGrson street. 18Ceb3t" FOR KENT--FURNISHED ROOMS, all conveniences. CenLraIl located 311 South Cottage avenue. 19feblt* FOR RENT--BOOMS FOR LICJHT houaekpepms or will rent separately to gentlemen. 253 E. Crawford Ave. 18feb3t FOR RENT--ONE FfRST fia.t, modern conveniences 611 South PittsburE street. S. S. SN'ADEK. ISfebSt FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of Dunn HH ana builtt- inc- Inquire of Nolle. OXKiCB OP CITY TREASURER, 1 Connoll^Mile. Pa. February 18, ISIS I Notice i;. h c r e h x ffivcn thd.t t h r fol- | lov."in(r \Vllls Road streol Improvement Bonds, Nos 2. 5, and 9, having been called for ia.yme-it, wllj be redeemed toy the City oC Conncnff\-ilJ« by )t« Traatiurer on presentation March 1, 3918, after which claio Interest upon the sam* shall cease EJ 31. FLOTO, City Treaaurrr. OFFICE: of CITY ConneUavIIfp. Pa,, February 18, ISIS. No i icw is her«b (riven that the following \Va8hhiKton A v e n u e Street 1m- provemenc Bonds. Nos, 3, 3, 5, 8, JjJ. 18 21 ,inl 22. having- been called for payment, will be redeemed fay the City of ConnelJsviJ3o by its Treasurer on p r * s o n t a L l o n March 1, 1918, aitcr which date in IB rest upon tho sanw f-hali coat-c. E. R. FLOTO, City Treasurer. OFFCCC OF CITT TREASDltER, ConnoH»\hle, Pa., February 38, 1918 Notice is hereby given that the following: E.isc Apple Street Improvement Bonds, Nos. I, 5 and 8. having been cancel for payment, will bo redeemed by tho City of ConnftJlsvjlle by its Treasurer on presentation March 1, 191S, after which date interest upon the same Mmll ceu^e. E. R, FLOTO, City Treasurer ISJebStd STATBMKIVT CJtUCULATIOX. FOR SA1-E--FOIID TOURING Lttenca shock absorbers first 5^25 J»- it. RALPH HYATT, Central M o t o r Company. latcbtCd i sapient is pracUcallr eauivaient to a Jife s«otenc*. The corsequence of his Cuinberlam! 3ilarrifli:t i UeeBat^, in'adYised act wllllfollow him to tlie Homer Walker and Goldie Gear- jrave, tecaus*. when .he ehters the hardt of Somerset; Joseph "W51liams penitentiary he becomes » felon foe and Anna Rezzie of Masontown; John life, and a felon In most jurisdictions H. Davis of Point Marion and Julia cannot bold public */3ce, serve as a Prouty of Brownsville; Arthur Monl- jriror. Tote at any -mmifipal, statr or den and Lillian Grace .Dewalt of TJn- nation«l election, or eterdse many of j lontown. took out marriage licenses in the.cihcr iircropittTeP of citiMmshiD/'rCiimbcriand yesterday. FOR SALK--GOOD T»A\ l^G RES- t.iurant. riffht price i£ «wJd at nnce Crood reasons Cor selling. Add"es i * "RESTAURANT/ care Courier State of Fonnsyhanla, County ot Fayette, HS Before me, t h n subacriber, a Notary P u b l i c w i t h J n and Tor aald County and State, personally appeared J. Wylie Uriscoll, v-ho beins duly sworn according to law, did depose and say: That he is Assistant Manager of Clr- culatjon of The Courier, a dally newspaper published in CoiuiellviUc. Pa,. .aid tli at the number of papers- printed during the week ending Saturday, Fobi u^ry 16, 1*113, wab aa follows- Feb. U . . . S.4 1 ! Feb. 3 4 ..... 6,504 Feb. 12. ,. .6,525 Feb. IS ..... (i,506 Feb. 1,1. . . . 6 , 5 0 4 Feb. 1C ..G.749 It is a very appropriate time for a Furniture Bargain Sale. As usual, there will be very much moving this spring; that means new furniture, and that means if you want-bargains it would be a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get entire outfits from us, and after you investigate and look through our lines fully you will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. Our wonderful lines ot" beautiful new designs of furniture for every room in the house, and we will include the kitchen; extensive kitchen outfits, elaborate dining room and living room outfits, complete furniture, linoleum, carpet or rug outfits for the halls, and for the bed rooms, we have full aiiites, or special dressers, chiffoniers, easy-chairs, comfortable beds with all the best equipment, entire households can be outfitted. Then there are carpets, rugs, or linoleums for the floors, window shades, large assortment of the newest designs in wall paper. You can buy on the Installment Plan if you prefer to deal that ·way, good, easy terras; popular prices. The mov^ ing time is rapidly approaching, the right time for you to make your arrangements is just now, and tlie right place to go is to the nearest Union Supply Company store. ·3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Overshoes in every c ize and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. H O M E ! Total 39,201 Daily A\ crage 6,533 TJiai the clailv circulation by m n n t h B for the ISIS Lo date was as fol- 1^18 ilonth. Daily Av J a n u a r y 375,SG3 6,520 That t l ie d n i l y circulation by months for tho year 1917 to fiate was as folio wa 1317 Month Dailr Av January 157.2K1 Pobruars' 13Q,S52 March 149,431 April . 13D.180 Uliiy 149,162 Juno HI.596 July . ^ 152,573 AuETUilt 1«S,C1S SopLornbct* 154,3 IS i Vtobor ,166 J13 Novernliet 353. l l \'2 OccT-ntM-r 15C.S4S £ady Jtorris, wio is,one of the members of the Overseas Wo-non's clwl irli'.ch has just opeued at NorTolk House, St. James sq.mre. Ths object of toe ciub is to provide a welcome and JioKpitalifr to the TVJVCS of Bo- j minion, Colonial and American officers who have joined the array and who t aie at present residing in London. E.82I 6,15:, E.53 6.EOT S . 5 TM 4 5.445 e.m fi,133 6.1G7 6,1BG i;. n .27 C.231 5.S55 ·1-otILl 1D1.341 Anil f u r t h e r saveth not. J TiTYLI Swo"n to anrt sub^cribPd before mo Lhl! 1 s It day of J-'ebruan 1D1S. J. E. KUKTZ. N. P FOR SALE--SO AGRE FARM. 7 1 room house with bath £uid heater, good barn, new garage, Rood spring Water, Stteen (1ST minutes drive from - bor- oujrli limjts, for J134.00 p?r acre on terms. K. F. Dc'VTlTT, Bell Phone 230-/, Scottda-Ie. Pa. ISfebSt Fleascd ITitli Camp Hancocl;. After an Inspection of Camp Han-i cock Secretary of War Baker declar-l ed himself as highly pleased with conditions Keneraily, particularly tho excellent heaUh record. ' AT ONCE TWO UMOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DAILY CODSrER OFFICE ELECTRICITY In the Home MAKES IT MODERN ELECTRICITY in the home will do the lighthg, washing, ironing, clean the floors, run the sewing machine, dry the hair, dry fresh paint, warm :{je home on a cool day or cool 'he home on a warm day, do the biking, toasting, cooking, etc. ELECTRICITY is the most economical servait the modern home can have. ELECTRICITY can be put into your home on cur easy payment plan. Call or Phone Our Nearest Office WEST PENN POWER CO.

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