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Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
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4-' GLEBE VIGILANTES - A unique Eroperty owners organization Is fighting ) preserve and enhance an old and., ; antral residential area. Saturday. Section. , FIRST TIME AT SCHOOL So your child is off to kindergar ten? Some . . . ... . . m y, - uiougnu on wnai 10 ao, to avoia, ana . to expect will be found on the Women's ' f . ''Pages. ' . - . . 1 J , "I'M THE OREATE8TP- The world's greatest gaie-crauuicr veus now ne aia it in Ottawa recently. And why. Saturday ' Section. ' 'CCI i:? ' if : Around UM World - is 1 V . Below tlM Mill . IT -. IridH Ctak 1 Chunrhaa .... SS. M CMM Ada ... 041 - Comic - 11, 41 Dalljr CluaewoU Zdilarlale Xaeas es Ottawa .... S ,"' - v - . . . mm f BY VIET CONG Cpiter Squadron Nearly Ambushed . SAIGON (UPI) The biggest strborne sssault of the antt-' (uerrilla uar nearly fell lata a Communist trap,- U.S. military sources discloud Friday, ' Communist Viet Cone insur gents were ready and waiting for the U.S. - supported Vietnamau traope' airlifted to a -guerrilla stronghold ' at Ap BoCang. .source said. - j . : The assault on the Viet Cong concentration, benevea . t. Greene is..- . . WiOebbte Comers TORONTO X Joseph ' Greene, Member of Parliament for Renfrew South and a can. ; dldaU for tha Ontario Liberal 'party leadership, eaid -Friday , night be would take on afi five of hit leadership rivals, one at : a time, in television debates. Previously the 44-yaar-oM Arn prior : lawyer ' had ' challenged Chariee Templeton, declaring ban to be his only serious rival. .. ;TU take them all on." he said In a statement, provided they can get television stations ta carry them. I have lined up a station for s debate between myself and Mr. Templetoo. . "Bui I wont do what Mr. .Tsmpleton suggests take part ' la a six-sided press conference , kind of thing that can only turn Into a shouting match," be added. . . a . M I ta L 41 now aMeerae - . .. i.,'.. IS-1S Tell Ma why i rwvmi ST .41 Sadie 14 il Nawa 11-11 Yooac AdvlU1 fas . 44 Involved a force of I.M guer - f rillas, was launched Wednesday by as Americaa - piloted heli copters. i 'j-; v;?v : One U.S. army pilot, U. Har old L. McNeil of ML Pleasant, Tea., was killed by Communist ground fire when his HU1B helicopter swooped over a landing area for a strafing attack. MACHINE GUNS ' ' f Only later was It learned that the landing area was ringed with Communist machine guns. The withering' ' barrage " el Communist fire directed at Me- NeB's toptsr caaisd th tkm to be diverted to another. clear la three miles away. Only light xesMaaca frees the suerrUlar w a S encountered thera.L r u , ' . . s .v, i When the force et l.tN Viet- nameee paratroopers laa'ded safehr at the alternate marshal ing point, the Viet Cong aban doned their positions and faded kite the Jungle. . Only seven guerrillas ware killed. Casualties ea the govern ment side Included the Ameri caa pilot, two Vietnamese dead and two. Americana and four Vietnamese wounded. DUG IN DEEPLY Inspection of the clearing ori ginally planned for the landing showed It was ringed with IS 3ecaliber machlnegua emplacements. It also was honeycomb ed with trenches and foxholes. Military sources said govern ment casualties would have been "m the hundreds" had the landing been made there. Financial ' ' . . .. Com oa prldae . Hill Talk IT . Kllsauaa MoTtaa MuMc mmi Draaaa TOLICEMAN BLASTS BANDIT v.-C . a camera captures scene at tha height of action . when a man was gunned down la an abortive holdup . "of a Toronto tank Friday. At right Is Toronto police V constable James Tough who ht .shooting one of the V bandits. Ronald Hobday. S3, of Toronto. The buHet ' : struck him between the eyes shs stood in tha door- ; way. At the left, Ronald, brother, Ru-IUJK grapples with a woman who ha Is attempting to bold hostage. " This picture was taken from a building across the , ;'p,MrAllc.V.Homn. aWf 79TH YEAR-209 In Shaky Congo Rebel On Warpath By ROBIN MANNOCK J LEOPOUMLLE. The Con go (AP) Communist-backed rebel bandi went on the war path across the Congo Friday. Four glut U.S. sir freighter fuarded by U.S. army para- ,,, . r . j Claims LB J Ruled Out N-Weappns Goldwater Charges On Tonkin Jattf. ! ' Said Baseless , - WASHINGTON (AP) A sUtement that President John son ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in the recent Gulf of Tonkin crisis was made Friday by a source In a position to know the facts. 1 i The erder to the VS. 7th .fleet la (he fttUkt on fcestruLtleaai frees W kagtoa, k was asay.'. ? u; . I The assert Ion that Johnson had ruled out nuclear weapons was another ta a series of U.S. administration; . replies , ta S sutement by Republicaa preai dantlai - aoarinee Barry Gold-water at a press conferance in Hershey, Pa, earlier this ' Goldwater said that John- son's declarations on the South east An Incidents seemed to give military commandere authority to use "the whole inventory of United States weapons." . The same day State Secretary oeaa Rusk and defence secre tary Robert S. McNamara bad said Goldwater mads an "unjustified and fcreponsifcle,, kv terpretation, ' . - SEGNI IN COMA n ROME (Reuters) President Antonio Segni today was in a coma after suffering a stroke eight days ago. A medical bulletin said "dur ing the night condition of the president of the republic took s further tura for the worse. Brain coma followed profound drowsiness." ; Acting President Cesaro Me xagora, who took over Segnl's duties Monday, went to the presidential residence st Quiri-nal Palace.' Cabinet ministers were also In attendance.; Premier Aldo Mora hurried Kirkland Lake Rock Burst ! Traps Two: KTRfttAND LAKE CF Two miners were trapped near the 4.000-foot level of the Wright-Hergreeves gold mine here ty a rock burst which shattered a section , of the mine Friday night The -miners were the only two from S shift of 65- who were pot accounted for after the burst They were working apart from the others In s slope 60 feet shove the 4,000- foot level,.,' ' ." . .-; j Rescue operations were started immediately end then postponed until early today when a series of st least seven other " rock bursts rumbled through the mine. The missing men are Donald Ycwortkl, 45, a widower with two . sons and, a married daughter, and Edouard Du- cheana. S5. marrlad with m children. Both are from Kirk land Lake. r -. h 238-7511: Bands troopers started flying supplies to. hard-pressed Congo lese army forces. . Principal hot spots Bukavu. In the Eastern Congo and capital of Kivu Province. and Kikwit. in Kwilu Province, 700 miles to the west A radio teletype message from 'Bukavu said a rebel band was only 12 miles from the city. The message ssid Buka-vu's Congolese army defenders were short of ammunition and there was panic In the city. ta the west, Rebel leader MuMe's spear and aataaket carrying warriors wars reported St saDes south of Kkwtt and ceocaatratlng a force of more than X.SN asea, after being Inactive for NEW TALKS G. Mermen WUlisms. U.S. sulrtsnt secretary of sute for African affairs, conferred with Moise T thorn be. the Congo's new premier. Willisms flew Into Leopoldvins for Urdu with the Congolese on implementing s decision to step up Belgian and U.S. military aid to the struggling former Belgian ter ritory. . The four U.S. C-130 Her cules planes, capable of carry ing SO combat-ready infantrymen, took off from Leopold- villa's -NdjIU Airport ea their first mission ta aid the shaky Congo army. They " arrived hare Thursday eight, bringing with them SO perstroopers. Tura ta Page 4 REBEL SEEN VICTIM OF HALIFAX CP) Naval observers bars are interpreting She announced retirement of Rear Admiral Jeffry Brock a being against his owa wishes. .Admiral Rrtirk' tha Nan's I Atlantic Coast commander with back to Roane from Bolzano Province in North Italy where he had planted to spend the three-day Ferragoato - holiday weekend. . - - At Segnl's' bedside were Ills wife Laura, their four sons and two daughters-in-law as well as tne paiace cnapiain. -. Another IUlian politician. Communist -. Leader Palmtro Togliatti, also suffered a stroke Thursday while on a vacation in tha Crimea. Togliatti. 71, was eaid to be in serious condi tion... a. , . '. , ' . The stroke Segni suffered oc curred as he worked at his desk in the Quirinal Palace and It affected his ability to move and speak. The Italian constitution pro vides that If a president dies, or m permanently Incapacitated from performing his duties, both - Houses of. Parliament meet in a Joint session to elect a new president. ' , A former university pro fessor. Segni was twice premier end three times foreign minister ,m Christian Democrat cabinets before oetng emctea heed of sute ta 1926 the first Sardinian to bold the position. r GRANTED 'STATUS : GENEVA, Switzerland (Reu-tersyThe International Par-enthoood Federation,' which aims to promote birth control. was granted consultative sta tus with the United Nstions economic and social council Friday at the UN : body's meeting hara. - . , r- ONE-DAT STRIKE ROME (Reuters) Italian postal workers staged a day striks Friday for better working conditions and a spe cial allowance. Atlantic a I OTTAWA, SATURDAY, 4 '' I , ' n ; . ; V-t.v MAINLY SUNNY, WARMER -w, 5C; High,-75 UTTAWA People Are Starving Kuchuk Asks To Lift Blockade ;: ... 1 - 4 A ) ! 'it' - IfOOKJWA, NO tENS!.,:K;.' - Arizona senator. Barry' Goldwater pokes hie ' Snger through the frame of his glasses while faking with photographers at a picture-taking aeminn Friday : ' In Washington. Tha Republicaa presioeoUsJ aeajiinee .; f , put on the no-lens glasses so that there would be no "reflecUoa la the pictures. V -. ; .: '.. .. " . . - ' (At4anHi Wirephaiol INTEGRATION Ad miral Gets Axe ? headquarters here,' will retire ta November, Defence Minister Helryer srmounced In Ottawa Friday. r". INTEGRATKN VICTM , v Observers here, headqusrtsri of the Atlantic Command,' see Admiral Brock as a casualty of the current Armed-Services in tegration program.. , . : They draw this conclusion from a message Admiral Brock issued to the fleet Friday after he returned from a trip to Ot- , The massage Incksded the phrase: "The Mmlstar af National Defence has directed that I am ta ha retired." The key words were as directed." ...' - The admiral declined further comment. ' Admiral Brock, who will be 51 Aug. 29, became flag officer Atlantic Coast last year with headquarters here. He was previously vice-chief of Naval It. Chaotic Nicosia Area By EDWIN ROTH Spdll sf aWTMl CwfMpSMssTeMM NICOSIA, Cyprus In t he hot, tense 'and sweaty 'August evening darkness of Nicosia's Ledra Street, a few yards an the Greek side of the barbed wire barricade and aandb a g s dividing Greek , Cypriote from Turkish Cyp riots, Slgnalm a a Fred Hitckock, i. ot the Royal Canadian Signal Corps sits beside his large radio la faep flying the blue Ualtsd Nstions flag, snd worries shoot hie wife back home in P s m- brok.';-' f H'l' i 1 1 : "Our second baby it due Mr nigrn,-; ne says, we nan a gin a year ago, so I hope h wilt be a boy. 1 She Is in hospital. Yeah I sura hope It's a boy this time!" r t Editor's aetei Shertly after this despatch was written, Mrs. Hltcbceck had a sea and bath he and Ms snetber are reperted damg fbn. " j The steel helmet ed Greek Cypriot fingering his rifle, beside us laughs. He understands English and ha understands even more about babies. Cap- AUGUST 15. 1964 Turkish Aid POLICY Staff at Ottawa. Only 81. he was considered la local service circles s good prospect for appointment, as chief of naval stsff. ;. j. .y-.-r Defence Minister Hetlyisr en-nounced Friday that be will be succeeded In the Atlantic post by Rear-Admrral WUIismM. Landyrnora, 4S-year-old nstivs of Brantford, OnC, : ,; . Succeeding .' .Rear-Admiral Landyrnora as flag officer Pacific and. Maritime Commander Pacific .will be Rear-Admiral Michael a Stirling, 49, of Kelowna,' BC, now . Chief of Naval -Personnel at headquar- St TEAR'S SERVICE : v 'Admiral Brock, who will be 81 on Aug 29, is ending more than 30 ran of naval service. The native of Vancouver was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for action against Solcliers tain BiU Lewis. St. from Turner i Valley. Alta.. remarks: "We're ell hoping that Hitchcock gets a mssssge tonight which will stop him worrying.". If young Wn. Hitchcock back m Pembroke, knew what her Fred la doing tonight, she would rry even more about htm thaa he worries shout her. .-j. TENSEST EVENING'' ' ' He Is awaiting his second child oa the teneest evening and the most sensitive spot of a civil : war between people of whom neither Fred nor Us wife knew anything a few months ago.-' ,. ... j,, j i i- ; . And - neither Fred's blue United Nations cap, nor' tha large blue UN flag flying above him, means much to these peo ple when they are shooting. - Several hoars ego, the Tartu suddenly built a new laootlrfg posttioa with sandbag aad sand-filled oil drums la front of the "Cocs-Cota" position, waick was held by tha British army from Christmas until May; and by Danish UN troops since May. This la a window surrounded by a huge "Coca-Cola" adver- Sunset S.IS pja. . EOT EOT SCOSIA AV-Dr. Fazil Kuchuk, the Turkish-t leader, called on Turkey Friday for political leverage to lift a Oreek-Cypriot blockade of his people. He said' the ta-ead supply in Nicosia Is threatened and he is certain isolated villagers In otherparts of Cyprus have nothing. . :,-lw United Nations peace force commander. Lt Oen. K. S. Thimayya of India, said he has received conflicting reports about that aspect of the communal struggle and has ordered a thorough investigation. - -'.:-'J . .-- t r "I'ai mmt wan aave mvaaH .over-the name of a long dhv about this blackae, Tkimay-ya said. "Sesne say the Turkish - Cyariets axe ea OM petot ef atarvatWa. Others ssy At UN headquarters In New York it was reported that ar rangements bad been made to provide water for thirsty Turkish Cypriot residents of Ps phos In West Cyprus. A spokes- iB said trucks would carry water from the Greek sector to the Turkish sector.' : :s.T While UN Secretary General U Thant sought' soldiers to boost the l.20S-msn peace force to a ceiling of about 7.90, hundreds of young .Greeks lined up in Athens to enlist In a private ermy for support of the Greek Cyprtot cause of President Arch bishop Makarios. - - SACRED BRIGADE. ' . " '' This force Is being recruited by John Koutaocheras, a deputy in tha Greek Parliament who la a member of Premier George Papandreou't centre union coi- atltion. , Koutsocheras . calls "the sacred brigade." " taking A'r t i. - BROCK 4 ' ' . German. U-boets in thi Second World War. and the Distin guished Service Order and U.S. Legion of Merit for Korean War Service. - . on Firin q ejsement on the edge of the Green Line's" Turkish side. from which much of Ledra Street oa the Greek side could be covered by Turkish machine guns if she Turks bsld k. Ledra Street Is the main street of Greek Nicosia...; ' i TURKS REFUSE . ; t The United Nations Imme diately asked the Turks to dis mantle their new shooting posi-Uea, -tut the" forks refused. After hours of heated argument. the Danish UN soldiers left the "Coca-Cola" window at S p ro. because remaining there would have meant giving UN protec tion to a Turkish shooting posi tion. M' . V -:'-' i I was hi Ledra Street when that happened. Immediately, Uhe Greek police diverted traf fic. Stores dosed. Greeks made a big show of taking cover be hind corners and doors. At t.M p.m.; the Canadian Brigadier James Tedley from Montreal, waa osseins me In a Jeep, and I stopped him to ask what waa happening. He was very worried. .. .,.' SIXTY PAGES banded Greek army brigade that served m the Middle East la tha Second World War.- Tars ta Page 4 ASKS :.. Chinese J in Congo WASHINGTON () U.S. officials said Friday they have found signs of Communist Chinese - support - for - Congo rebels even though few Chinese hsvs been seea in the area. ' The off ictals made this sUte-ent to reporters, as they worked -oa further American aid- to the central Leopoidville government, '" '".. The U.S. assistance. Including planes and i pantroopers to guard them. Is aimed at stiffening the central regkna and its wobbly armed forces and not at any: VS. involvement ia combat, it was stated. - -, U.S. officials reported fhare are 22 -Chinese at the Chmeae' Embassy at Bujumbura. Burundi, and 15 st the Communist Chinese Embassy st Brazza ville, capital of the French Congo. ,, ; i .,.v 4 $100,000 For Kingston Woman KINGSTON ' (CP) 'Anna Baker of Kingston has received a S10O.0O0 bequest from the - estate of her grandfather. Lord Beaverbrook. It was teamen, here today. ' Mrs. Baker, a Queen's Uni versity graduate and former employee of Dupont of Canada Limited here, is the daughter or Peter Aitken, a eon of Lord rbrook. Her father died ' In 1947. . . She said the money will be invested fat securities and tha earnings used to educate her ' two children. , , Mrs. Baker ssid She was surprised to receive the bequest .' because "in tht past, he (Lord . . Beaverbrook) has often Jokingly aaid, enjoy tha pi taints I give you now for when I die everything win go to charity.' " - Line This is the worst crisis N since Christmas." he said. "It's the first time that combstanta have token over a vital UN position which they forced the UN to abandon. .. i ' .. Nobody except the Turkish commanders knew at t h a t moment whether the Turk is h Cypriote bad acted oa orders from Ankara to provoke a show down which would causa an h ' vasloa by the Turkish srmy.. , - But by I pn. Brigadier Tedley end others had perns- , aded the Turks to aiemaaue their new shooting position, and to return the "Coca -Cols" win dow to the Danish soldiers. .- . At I N p.m. I stand with tha Canadian Captain BiH Lewis, Fred Hitchcock, and Laae- Corporal Jim Burns, 23, f r 0 m - Pembroke, on tha Creek ewe of the "Green Law" a few yards from she "Coca-Cola" window. The large radio oa their Jeep Is the communications link with UN headquarters. Their orders "P0 "Ml " aappen- g. and to do everything they caa to stop any. fighting. .t I " Tan to Page 4 AREA ' 1 4 t i - .

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