The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1918
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBJU7ART 19, 191S J.HK DAILY COCKIKR, OONNBLLSVILLB, PA, PAGE THREHX SCOTTDALE CHURCH HONORS ITS MEN WHOAREATFRONT WOSLVA" MAiTEE PtliMBEB " I |p TYORkESG FOB USC.UE SAJ[. Ill Clk* Hold Reception for One of Somber Who Has Answered tbe Call. NEWS F10N CAMPS IS READ J»tm*tttf1,rttm lull of TVkst Scott~Me *«» Are Doii? In 1 noons BnMkw .1 tfe H*1M States Ser- T*»; TffllUf Workers Present D»y. ^ _ _ ^ Special to The Courier SCOTTDAIE, Feb. 19 --Sixty of the (oca] Elks met in the Elks' home last erwinc and gave a farewell reception for c GeoTg» K Brennen, who leaves today for Cascola Florida, to join the Aero Naval Squadron. Addresses were given by J P Owens, Prank W Brennen, T. B. Gibson and I'dward Kennedy, who told ot -the character and personal qualifications ot Mr Breanen At tbe conclusion of the addresses Mr. Kennedy presented Mr Brennen -with a package from the American Red Cross local branch Another star was atached to the service flag by C F Lewis who save a ery knpreseive talk, at the close of which the EDO rose to their leet and sang "America." James Kegaa presided over the meeting. Brennen is one of Scottdale'a best known young men. He is a civil engineer ior the B. C. Frlck Coke company, and was recently graduated from State College There are now 12 stars for tbe local Elks serving m the various units of national defense ' Letters were read from Jack Bates o£ the Signal Corpa at Camp Grant. He told of soldier IKe m. camp and how they were enjoying it. Another letter was irom M. 1* Fmnerty, who had charge of ten last draftees leaving. tot Camp Lee Mr Fmnerty stated that he had not been located yet ,.ud was 28 hours making the trip to Camp Lee A third letter was from JuS T. Van Born, Camp Hancock woo told of his being instructor at rifle practise and making 13 out of 15 shots at 300 yards. Still another letter was from Dr MoKee at Camp Treris, Tex In it the doctor tells of meeting Edgar Lowe, a Scottdale boy AMievr Hay. Th« TOlling Workers of the Baptist church presented "A Trip to Podunk" last evening in the Odd Fellows' room* in tbe Etcher Graft boildmg A musical irogrsm was also earned out. Miss Margaret Kntscbgaus or- eliestr* furnished the music The persons making oj the cast were George Coughenour, Arthur Faust, Laughrey, Swart Clarkson, Kenneth McNair, Haroy Ttttenngton Harry Ostwwise, Gideon Hioste»i»r, Gilbert May,- Hannah Mae Wlbte. Ohve Keaggy. Ebb Hawthorne, Etta King, Lydia Titterington, Mary Boggs, Pearl Tren- ttee, ButhjOsterwlse, Lucy Clarkaon, Ola, Startler, Rtrth Logan, Hazel Hath, Rodger Browning and Herbert ifor- BtrtWmj Svrpnue. 'Mrk Harry Pelgar gave a. i pieamct surprise birthday supper for her b.vsband' at their home here. 3neit» were present from Qreensbiirg, tfount Pleasant, Conaellsnlle and this place. Lunch, was served. Mrs »V- ;ar presented- h«r husband with a P0 -nctrola. SM SmfH Coning. ."Sam Small Vill come here to speak next Tuesday evening in the United Brethren church under the auspice* t the Anti-SaJooa League of Pennsylvania and wfll make a patriotic ad- Jress. - NMe StaOy Cluo. Dr. 1. I Runt has opened a new Jlass in Bible study made up of Ohnstian Endeavorers. Already there ire 2D members. This class meets ifter prayer meeting Dmighter BOTH, Mr and Mrs "W. L. Owens of the CXverbolt apartments are the proud parents of a daughter born yesterday -noratag at their home here " 7er»mal Xeitlo*. Charles Gans of 'Bluefleld Is visit- ng (ri«nds here. John Herbert of Kittanning Is the juest of friend* here. M]3o Cordelia Murtland is vi siting let brother. Blame (Francis, at Pitt3- urg Mi3» Sara Bowman of Pittsburgtis spending a {«w days with friends Mre . 'Miss Irene Beck of Toungwood is he ;u«*t of Miss Verne Keolar A KIDNEY REMEDY , OF HIGH STANDARD DJ Kilmer's SwamiHHoot stan*; veri high la the trade as a kidney lival anil Madder medicine and the peouc who have used it speak very favuable regarding ite value It is a gbd oeler in this vicinity and en- ]oya splendid, reputation throughout. * Very trnlr yours. v HARRY VANE, Druggist ilajr,5th, 1D16 Dover. Del n, Kilmer * Co. · IVhaml**, X. V. Mrs. A. B. Crook ot Dallas, Tox.i is a real live master plumber She is i probab^the only -woman in the country irho Is one Also ah« i» ti« only woman vrho is a member of a plumber's union in the United States A J steamfiuer, a plumber, an electrician, a guflragette and a mother--these are the nouns which describe Mrs Crook, who is now in Washington, where sbe is in charge of the plumbing construe- j Uou on the government's works at Sixth and B 'treats She is 32 years old, though you wouldn't think it to look at her She has handled between »800,0»0 and $900,000 worth ot contracts in her work in Texas Ste has engineered the laying ol at least ono- hal£ Bullion feet ot plumbing MASTER REMEDY TANLAC IS HERE Famous Medicine Created Sensation in Cities of Philadelphia and Pittsbnrgr. Tantac. tbe famous Master Medicine that is creating such a sensation m Philadelphia, Prtsburg, Scranfon, Reading, Harnsbuig and other cities of the state, is ncn* being introduced tor the first tone here Tanlac is made of ingredients of a vegetable origin by a noted German cheraia even, as mysteriously as famous mineral, waters are Conned Thft prerparation seems to ha\e no equal as a tonic and general system pander It strikes straight at the seat of stomach, !ver, kidney and ca- tarrial affections, and pats those who have been' suffering from years of misuse of their vital organs m the Tory philc of condition. Tanlac soms to appeal to tlie best element ot people everywhere it is introduced Thousands have testified to Its miraculous powers over the more common. compIcEints of today It seems to he delicately adapted to the needs of the stomach, gently persuades the "proper assimilctfon of food*, and gives strength and health to the weak and infirm Tanlac is' ncnr -being sold and cus- tribnted ner exclusively by the Con- nellsnUe Drug Co, druggists, where the Master Medicine can alwavs be had. Tnlac can also be secured in Danbar at D C Bason's Drug store--Adr Dunbar. DUNBAB, Peb IS --Miss Ella TTis- hart returned to her home in Pittsburg after spending Sunday with relatives Mr. and Mrs Eugene Roscamp of Spnngdale, Fa are visiting at the home of the former's brother, William Roscamp of Brysoft Hill Charles "Wortman of Bast Alillsboro !s visiting his aunt. Miss Marion McPherson of Railroad street Miss Jennie Bell left todav for Pittsburg wfiere she will enter the St. Joseph hospital for appendicitis Miss Josephine Patterson returned to Pittsburg after spending a few davs here with her mother, Mrs Elizabeth Patterson of Bryson Hill C B Holt and F. M Madden of Piltsbnrg were business callers here Saturday Defeats CT Kenaell at Tool, 50 to it. Paul Stillwagon and Cyrus Kcnnell played their scheduled game on pool Saturday night in Opperman's Pool room, the score being 50 to 47 m the end. Kennell had 45 pomts to the last rack when Stillwagon, who onlj had SO, started in earnest. The last rack was doubtfal when . Stlllwagon increased his number to 49 before stopping and thei^juiEsed a shot which ga\e Kennell a chance of winning.^Kennell got two balls which increased his number to 47 and ther missed and Shllwagon got the ball te needed Pn» Wl»t Sirunp-Koot Will Do F.r TH. Sad ten cents to Dr Kilmer S: Co , E!n»»mton, iV. Y, for a sample size ocrtt). It vrlll convince anyone You j wil^ilso receive a booklet of valuable j Intonation, telling about the kidneys i andihvddeT When writing, be sure] ·admnlioa The Coancllsnile Daily Couier .Medium and large size bot- tlestor sale at all drug stores--adv I ; Wei « Prttstraifr. is, J. Forsythe and. Victoria Fran- cestf of Dickerson Run: John Brua- ria» of Brownsville and Zola B KeJ*a of Union to* tt were granted h- ceius to w*d in Pittsburg yesterday. CONNEUSVILLE WIFE DOING GOOD WORK ' I have been bad off Tfith stomach and liter trouble and bloating for man years No doctors or medicne helped me On the ad-vice of m druggist, I bought a bottle of Mayr z TVonderfn! Remedy and I don't want to BUSS a single dose It has given me more benefit than Ml the medicine I have ever taken I feel I am doing good to recommend it to others It is a staple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal -u»«cus from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically al stomach Iner and intestinal ailments, Includnj appendicitis One ·lose will convince or money refunded. Ji A. Clarke.--Adr Established 26 Years Six Big Floors of Reliable Housefurnish- lags to choose from. FEBRUARY NITURE. You Save from 10% to 33% on every purchase Continues AH Month To Young Married Couples and Prospective Brides= This Big February Sale--with its 10% to 33% reductions--is of greatest importance to you. It's YOUR opportunity to save money--to get the right start in life. ^ Come in now and look around--whether you intend to furnish a single room or a complete home--whether you intend to go to housekeeping now or later on. Because by making your selections now you will enjoy these remarkable savings. If you desire we will gladly hold them--without extra charge--and make delivery when you are ready. You can also take advantage of our liberal charge account system, if you desire, which makes the matter of payments both easy and convenient. To entrust, Aaron's with the furnishing of your home means life-long satisfaction Even at the regular price this outfit is a much larger value than von can find anj-irhere ..Purchased singly the pieces in this Oatfit, would cost nearlj twice the amount ~»e ask for it. Buy jronr Outfit now to enjoy this '«? an ing. We'll make delivery at any future time you The liberal, convenient terms that ·nc've arranged for you will make the matter of payments easy. Be Sure to See This $375.00 Four Room Outfit. February Sale Price .- '.OO This $135 Seven-Piece Genuine Quarter O O.OO Sawed Oak Dining Room Suite, Price °O Tins $50.00 Buffet ,, _ ,, _ ,, ,, ,, ,, $34.75 This $40.00 CIriua Closef ^ 24.50 This $30.00 Extension Table .,, 19.75 Four $3.75 Dining Chairs at $2.25 _ _ 9.00 Lhe Buffet is 48 inches long has large French Plate mirror and dust- proof botiom This suite is a beautiful desipn of Craftmasiers Period finished m turned,oak of a neb brown shade. One of Lhe biggest values we have ever offered This $75 Three-Piece Solid Oak bedroom Suite, February Sale Price .5O This $25.00 Dresser This $25.00 Bed--full sire Tliis 125.00 Chiffonier $16.50 ./· See the New Process Gas Range --the range that works successfully under all conditions, low pressure gas or not --the highest grade range made, yet the price is very low --the body is made of a boiler steel with a highly polished indestructible Brash --the four burners are so arranged'that they can. be easily cleaned --the scientific arrangement of the burners saves 25% of jour fuel bill ---the only range on the market equipped with patented lighter under the burners from which you can light any one of the four flames --it's a wonderful baker The oven is full 18 inches deep and IS inches wide The February Sale pi ices are even lower than the present wholesale prices because we contracted for these stoves over a ear and a hal'f ago. After this lot is sold we'll be forced to raise our prices--so you'd better come in now if you need a gas range HOOSIERSSSSr War-time saving in food demands care in keeping supplies, preparing meals, in measuring and mixing. And more than that--you need the hours that Hoosier will save for Red Cross work, for knitting and other war service. The Hoosier is an actnal Inhor-sai ing machine--not merely a place for storage. It has 40 labor- saying features. The most used articles are nearest at hand. Yon sit instead of stand--yo4 reach instead of walk. The Hoosier today is used in more than a million homes 'just like yours--because it makes play of kitchen tasks. The next time you're down this way drop "in--we'll gladly demonstrate this wonderful Hoosier to you. Come In Now--Prices Advance March 1st. Vanderbilt. Ptromze those who adrert««, I Read the advertisements VAXDERBILT Fob IS --Harry Striekler of Umoutowxi spent Sundaj ^itb his parents, Mr and Mrs G M S trickier Mr and Mrs J TV Madigan ot Clarksburg Ti Va \isitcd Vr and Mrs J ^ Knight and other friends here yesterdav Carl Chambers spent Sunday with his parents at Allison Miss Mary Henderson has returned iiome from Meadville where she Ma- tted her brother J Hugh Henderson who Is a student at Allegheny Col- l ege Miss Katie Rxidman is visiting: at the Uome of Mr and Mrs James Fisher ] Lewis VarotU has purchased a new- Dodge touring car from J L Lo\e Mr and Mrs Olne Seals of Jumata ·spent the v eek-end with the latter s parents Mr and Mrs Joel Evans Mrs 0 A Koons was a ConaeUs- ville shopper on Saturday 4. T. Leightv- of Dunbar township* was a business caller here Saturday Mr and Mrs Joseph Harshman and children of Juniata are visiting the former's parents Mr and Mrs Jacob Harshman Mrs Peter "Whalen of "Waltersburg is "visiting her mother Mrs Rachel Johnson , J C Moore and daughter Grace, weie Uniontown callers on Saturday M is Anna Gray Mrs Arthur Gray an dchildren, Mrs Rov Evans of Dickerson Run. Hill were callers m town Saturday William Wilson visited his daughter, Mrs Harry Lewellyu of Pennsville over Sundaj Mrs J B Henderson attended a meeting 1 of the Connellsvalle "West Side Knitting club at the lioroe of her sister, Airs George Armstrong on. Saturday e\enmg I Mr and Mrs Russell J Stoner and j daughter Catherine, of ScottdaJe, spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs "William Bailey. HI-NFSIA R £LtEVES III llLJIAlNDIGESTIQN UI 11 Ldltt INDIGESTION DYSPEPSIA-GASTRITIS- SOUR STOMACH IN FIVE MINUTES POWDEROKT»BIET FORM MONEY BACK FIT FAILS Read the ahertisements.

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