The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1918
Page 8
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fAGE .EIGH1-; THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBt.LSVll.tTB, P. BURIAL PLACE OF THE FIRST THRIVE AMERICAN 1 ; SOLDIERS WHO WERE KILLED FIGHTING IN FRANCE X: In a tittle cemetery Just outside the mined village ofBotaoleoient in Lorraine .-rest the three first American . ·«ol14«r» to. lo»* their Vaea facing the enemy. Th« boys. Corporal. G-rcham. and Privates Bnright and Haj-.were iilM (tarinc an wutaeemebt' Ncnsemb er 3,1917.. A iXbnumeht vdiivniark the. spot where they were hurried. This; 3*otod»it sterna a party of American^ newspaper rorrespoadents at one of -the .graves. 120 W DISTRICT IN0.2FAILTOSEND IN THEIR BLANKS Perso;» Knowing the Regis~ tra*te ire Asked ip Inform '-''- Tk«H or the Board. POLKE TO BE NOTIFIED the *f 10 B*y»» 3t hrt of'S* ·· S^nrday Are; fnr i a list of men who resin District No. 2 bui who did apt iwtam questionnaires ,to the local Itwri Person* knowing the present ' '·^rtitBiim' o the- person*, named are a*k«41o notify Item or slvn taeir a- · 4r* tae loot] board. , . At th« end die tea *UB the list -will be siren to the police. Men arrested on the charge at not turning in their anes-tionnaireB Trill be classed as de- · . MTten. . . . jnoQowiiig are t±* men. irho fcave not ivnM{l-lii their qtiestioBfiaires: Ben Wilson, ComieilsviUe. - '/Kick Eloce. Connellsvillc. Cbvte ROOM, Union, Hudson conn- ty,N.Y. ' ' SUdmore You*. Cllttoa Bctitnue, colored, Connells- i»;:-...: .-.. .- . . -.-. :... · :.· Miekael.Hearr Boekier, *hil»al- Janes iM. Jomo, colored. Sooth Con- Clistine Jllamw*», DuntiTi;. N. T. Edftte "Wettijteii, Coimellsville. " Hnfcer Jordan.-, colored, Cbnnellfr- UIe.'r ; £- ; ""_- :: " '" ;: " ' · ' ; · ' . · ' · " ·-···"·' Hairr. J..Bo«Ji, ; Souti Connellsville; Ernest Swanaon, donneHsrille. T«nir,..CoffneiVsTille. y . Btrris; CoaneUsville; Join PeUggi."Ooiia«nsville.:- . r. eol6rea."Cpnnens- '"" " "" ' ' im*eh Joseph Prttnlm Semi, colored, Con-' _ /.' colored, .Connellsrille. Vinteot TaWanno, BBWBOO. - ..... Iota Corl.TDqtiraan. ~: *.T ".. _ ' ' Alfred "jSiareV WlngroVe.. Bwsoo.' Ttoiy Herman-HtelraenT-color^Scottaale"; Ja»«Jonee, colored, Scottdale. Andy Kattor, Dowson. . David Charles, colored, Connells- ·rille. - . . James 'Williams, colored, Connellsville. · Isaac Bnch, Connelsville. Samuel W. Curtis,' Broad Ford. "Willie GleHj.ConeUsville. Tony Eodip, ConnellsvUle. . Eugene Gardner, colored, 'Wesleyville. · . . _ " , · John P. Kennedy, CooceUsville. An«iyJ'abian,..:a-Ded. : " . John, Smith, ConnellsvlUe. Steve Szemeavics, Dawson. McKinley Davis, colored, Dawson. John ova!, Dawsoo. Joseph Clpak, 'Connellsfyille. · Thomas Maecugo, Connellsville. Oscar Roberts, Connellsville. ;· " Domenict Blohoveetatna, Bversoo. '.. Lee Roy Crawtontl, ComiellsylUe. Peter "Wetacr,- Broad Port. Punzi ilenk. Scottdiale. Thoioas May, Connellsville. Joseph Smedt, Connellsville. Byron. Argis. Connellsville. James Scott, Connellsville. John. Baho, Dawson. Tony Rudi, D»wsoru George "W. Overton, colored, Dawson. Robert Lewis 'Wilbnrn, colored, Casparis- '' : Harold Joseph. Murphr, Connells- yille. George Moretti, Connellsville. Ben Bendkowsiki, Bverscm. JYani Butler, colored, ConnellsTille. James Stevenson; colored, Connellsville. Ixrais Watson, Conneliaville. . · William Tyler, colored; Connellsville. John Barnes, Connellsville. Atbert · Taylor, colored, Connells- . Harvey Jtoster. "Wood, Connellsville. Ultra I/ukecsa, Dawson. Gust Grinburg, . EoVwin, Ltad, Connellsville. Patrick L. Cameron. Savannah, Ga. WTO. L. Bail, Connellaville. Invin i. Rudy, Connellsville. .. 'Win..P.. Parsons;.Mt-Measant. .- .. Antonio .Devite, ;.Conneilsvine. Prank. McCoy, Connellsviller-:' ' JHchail Cecclardo, .Connellsyille. - Santo.Maxsaia,.Everson..'. , ' John Henry Matthews. Connellsville. : Aiigns'.us Fanlkhcr, colored,'Davidson. ;-· .~'-~i . ···'·" Thomas Ciifford, Connellsville. : ·-,Caesare Constasti, Gol!iei\ · - · _ 'James W. Hichter, ConnellsviUe. " Recco Seuirio, Dawson. . : Charlie Boggan, .Collier. : -. ·.: Chester Gates,. colored, Scottdale. Paul Lelak, Connellsville. . . John George Handy, TSverson,. Richard Williams'," colored,'Co'nnells- ville. ' Joe Fona, Dawson. John Jordan, colored, Casparias. Mike : Skittle, Dawson. Carl Allen, colored, Connetlsvitle. John Garey, Dawson. . Frank Brunchlck, ConnellsviUe. Francesco Merandino.' Ellsmere, W. Va. Samuel de Flippo, Scottdnle. John Alyzorle, Connellsville. Robert T. Podgett, Henrietta, N. C. Philip Earl O'Bryon. Gabriele Diagas, Everson. MillDdge M'ilkins, Connellsville. Russell Edward Fortney, Connellsville. Pete Kushnoch, Connellsville. Langston Ccater,' colored, Connellsville. John P. Hough, .Millsboro, Greene County. Out of SO men examined by Local Board No. 5 Saturday 36 were passed j for active military service and three were assigned to. limited service. Four men were rejected and seven held over for examination in Uniontown. ' There Is still one more'day ot examinations by the local board, which will finish up the men in Class 1-A. For Monday's examination 100 men have been called. The men examined Saturday and. their physical classification follows: PASSED. John E. Williams, Dunbar, R. D. 1. Earl S. Daniels, Ohiopylc. Aloysius Mullen, .Connellsville. Samuel C. Dowds, Dunbar. Adrian Little, Ohiopyle. Daniel Steve Parrish, Leisenring No. 1. John Edlskas, Connellsville R. D. Clarence Robinson, Connellsville R. I ^ D. . . . . .. . . . . . , . ' John LengyeU Daw'soti. ' James Ogas;. Dairspn. . ;. ' Charles Elmer Randall, ConneUs- Albert Nicholson, Normalville, R. D. Shriver Osier, Confluence. Roy C. Mfller, Indian Head. Albert Manges, Connellsville R. D. Jaines M. Smitley, Dunbar. Frederick 0. Miller, Markleysburg. "William Hegner, Morrell. George A^ Pritts, Champion. Edward R .Holt, Ohiopyle. Jacob L. Barfriter, Dunbar. Cionguendio Nafrio, Dunbar. William A. .Pirl, Normalville. Clarence E..Martin, Dunbar. '.' Chester K. Sflller, Indian Head. Thcoias A. McInljTe, Leisenrlng. Albert- Nelson, Dunbar. Blair'Eendricks, Dunbar. Jesse Jordon, Mt. Braddock. ·John II. Moody, Dunbar. Frank L. Breshada, ConnellsviUe. 'John T.: Frazier, Connellsville R. D. Elmer H. Murray,'Leisenrlng. Frank A. Hagler, Dunbar R. D. . Homer G. Walters, Hillcoakc, James" P. Prinkey, Nbrma!ville. Stanley J. Bishada, Trotter. Russell A. Thomas. George R. Crainci', Champion. ' . REJECTED. Isaac Lint, Dickerson Hun. Mark. Allen; Kerfoot, ConncllBvillc. Henry Kunfclc. Indian Head. XV. G. Walker. Somcrftelil. HELD OVER. ArnoJd W. Show, Ohiopyln. Frank E. McClai-. Dunbar. .Clayton Myers, White. Prank Olisan. Alaritleysburg. Snoti Martin, Dunbnr, Parker A. RicUcrt Albert C. Hirst, lumbar. (..IM.fTED 6 Lindsay K. l-"ra?,ic Indian Head. ERVICE. R'-\ . . William Bewick. Dunbar E. D. 32. Charles R. Mycrr,, Markleysburg. AFTER THIRTY YEARS ! OF HiSERY MRS. i 3TK REJOICES! ChamborsfourK.Lafly at Last Finds JXeJief From SlpJii- acli Ills. For thirty Ions years I have been j tortured with stomach trcuble that: at times almost drove me frantic." said Mrs. Barbara A. Sites, 121 Lou- [ tieti street,' Charauerebiirg.'Po., IB tell-: tnfe" of her remarkable recovery through taking Tanlac. '· "Evorj- meal I tried to eat upset I my stomach, causing gas to accumulate, a. bloated feeling and pains in I that orgau. Until I was able to belch' oft all the gas from my stomach I ' would be in misery. nei terfered with' It W! --._ - -up in the night and lay awake for houru at a time. In the morning I would get up feeling tired and worn out. I. could hardly drag myself about my housework. Rheumatism set in recently and pains in my back, arms and limbs added to my discomfort. "I heard so many good reports about Tanlac that I decided to give it a goofl, fair trial. li"rom the very start Taniac increased my appetite. My food supplies my system with the proper strength anil nourishment. My nerves are. getting back to their normal condition and I sleep much i better at nights: That tired feeling is j a thing of the past. I am so thank: ful that I found Tanlac." ; Tanlac- is noiv beins sold here by j the- ConnellsviUe Drug Comgpany, Tanlac can also be secure* in Dunbar at D. C. Eason's Drug Store.--. Afiv. Brewesd frpm the choicest materials in that Good Old! German Way Pechin. PECHIN, Feb. 18.--While too miserable trolley service has been a great inconvenience to people ot this section who wanted to shop in Connellsville. they just can't stay away from . that attractive town during these bar- I gain days, and in some instances la-' dies have waited two hours for a car j to make the trip. Mrs. H. L. Brown was visiting her daughter. Sirs. Henry Blacka of Con- ncllsville and incidentally doing some shopping. The patrons who visited Pechin school Friday in addition to the regular lessons witnessed a fine literary program which they greatly enjoyed. A goodly number of young ladiea and young men In Peebin district are suffering from knitting fever, but tie fad has shifted from sweaters and comfy kits' to socks vrhich promise to be more serviceable and more highly appreciated by the boys in camp. J. B. Senor sold his old cow, "Babe." Thursday, and will depend on the heifer for milk and butter. The congregation ot Pechin chapel in connection with the Sunday school is preparing a specially fine Easter program for an entertainment to be given in the church at that season. It will' be largely musical, and may embrace a cantata. · Shriver Bryner of Donora visited hia mother, Mrs. Job Bryner of Ferguson road, who ir seriously ill. Miss Lulu Markloy of Bellefonte, one of the champion potato growers of Center county, who visited her aunt, Mrs. Delilah Markley of Ferguson road for the past two weeks, has returned home. The electric light bulbs for Pechin school have at last arrived and have been put in place for use the next dark day, Mrs. Michael Goran of Leoiont ha! moved into the property of George "W. Franks near Keffers station. Mr. Franks who found it inconvenient to remain at borne al) the time, and that his property was molested my marauders during his absence, decided to lease his property. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. The pleasure of inspecting the new Spring styles is exceeded only by your pleasure in wearing them -- first. And in like manner the pleasure we derive from showing them first is surpassed only by the satisftction of knowing they are absolutely authentic. Ready now -are correct: modes for Spring 19.18 in Suits, Coats, Dresses, Millinery, Waists, Sweaters, Skirts and Piece Goods. You must see them. if^Ti/3 ^-(7-fTc i ^ lilc OH! to d "This condition finally caused my : | lerves to become irnstrung and in-:gi ·fered w i t h ' m y sleeping properly. 1 ! was not uncommon for me to wake; Worn 'on the streets of ConnellsviUe today by women who keep- apace -with fashion's decrees and come to style headquarters for their needs. Tailored and Dressy SUITS HA7X STTAP S0C1AI, At Meeting of Dames of Malta a Scottdale. SCOTTDALE, Feb. 18.--Pride of Arpad Sisterhood No. 27. Dames of -Malta, held its regular meeting in Odd Pel- a.hali on Thursday evening. The meeting was very well attended, there I being degree work to be done. After the business of the evening there'was a. "awap social." Lunch was served. Don't wait until your blood is impoverished and you are sick and ail- Ing; take Hollister's- Rocky Mountain Tea now; it will drive out the germs of Winter, purify the' stomach, regulate the bowels--nature's spring tonic-cleanser. Connellsville Drug Co. -Adv. Every merchant, every 1 banfc and business man advocates' buying at home. Then let us give you prices ou your job. work this coming year. The Courier Job Dept. A re*aedr tnt infocttom of thi u r l n k r r tract, ' Pftftttefli,. an-po!*onoai f And *Ut not Krioturo. I TUliere* in 1 to 5 dttja. BOLD BT nRCKCHTS. l"»reot Poit If delirvd--Pric* tt, or 3 bottlfi 12.75. ,. I»r»p»red.bT THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO.. CWC1NH ATI, O. Authentic Sprins styles in serge, gabardine, tricotine, silvcrtone, hurclla, homespun, heather cloth and tweeds. Skirts iiarruwi-r and plain. Coots in some instanoen unite -military. Others show Oie Ktoa or bustle effects. Collars and vcstees o distingaisMng Spring featnre. Braid and button trintmings. Shown in rookie, Sammie, infantry blue, Jap blue, copen. sanf!, tan, khaki, taupe and grey. Prices at many stages from ?25 to 560.50, The Spring; Note in Ladies' Coats Some of the smartest are tailored and have side belts. Ofliers are btltc'd all around. IE fact the various effects in belts arc perhaps the predominating feature of the Spring coat styles. Charmins models arc here in serge, gabardine, Eurella, velo'jr. covert, silvertone, tricotine, poplin and poiret twill. These shown in a nig range of popular Spring shades--black, navy, tan, caster, rookie, grey, Pekin blue, copen and Havana- brown. The price range begins at ?15 anil goes by easy stages to $79.SO. An Extensive Showing of Smart Spring Styles in Suits and Coals Specially Designed for Stout Women The Petticoats Favored for Spring Permit of a large selection in color--ia both plain and changeable effects. Some are in all jersey; some in all taffeta; and some in jersey with taiieta flounces. All are-of the quality that guarantees full valiie. Prices are $5.00 to $8.95. Gingham Dresses for Little Misses A big nevr showing including pretty light sbaoes thai fairly radiate Springtime. Good dari. shades, too, for use when extra service is required. Simple little styles that emphasize youthfulness and promise easy laundering. All sizes 2 to 14 years. Prices from 75e for the smaller sizes up to $5.95. Spring Waists and Sweaters Dozens of New Waists in Original Spring Styles at $1.00 to $19.75 At 51-00 and f2.00 are splendid new styles in the celebrated "Wirthmor and Wclworth Waists--the best cotton waists manufactured at the price. In silk there is a variety of charming styles in maize, coral, white, flesh, sunset taupe. Those in crepe d e chine ?.re 53.75 to ?6.50.. Those in georgette are 53.95 to ?19.73. Three models deserve especial mention:--One in sunset georgette ivith American Beauty trimmings; another in taupe georgette with turquoise trimming; and a third in maize georgette with French blue trimming. See them. A Liberal Showing of New Sweaters at $5.95 to $16.50 Misses and young women will iike the new slip-over styles that arc so in i-ogue for Spring. All women will like lie bcltod and sash effects with sailor or roll collars--and the big variety of attractive colors in which they are shown. Certain attractive styles have angora collars and cuffs. The price range is from 55.95 for one in Shetland wool up to 516.50 for styles in fibre silk. Fsay WsDiss aiaadl Big 15c Matinee Dail at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 aad 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement tor the Whole PamUy. TODAY AJfB REVUE CO. . In the Dazzling College Day Sonnelt BON TON TOWN" One the Screen--BiUie Burko. FEATURING TECK MUEDOCK GTJS- KENNEDY and the OLE JAZZ FOUR

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