The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SEX. THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSTUjLE, FA. WRITTEN RECORD OF ATROCITIES Oiarwt of German Soldiers Tefl r of Hunter and Pillage in .-::·-. · ? Belgian Cities. Brand WhitlockWritu of Musacru. Ih : hts report of September 12, 1917, to the secretary of Whltlock has ranch to icy of frightfulness. pa«£nges;rcier:to the state, Minister tell of the pol : The; .foUpwl'ns subject of mas- »»o«it-.^»nrf a o l K j l n f m t i Shot many- German soldier* who *: taken- prisoner had ' ' JIany Sore d; .frequently Kith foe- to gwiranfet Tkt following ihe testimony of ',£r*»dW\rllo£,art madei public ly ' ^ tin committee on public information · · v "i'.W~*i'*"" i -»nd Oar men came .back IV-that at the" point where the I the" Mease we cooW not · -.jict 'any.,t«irther, as the villagers were : ahoo«lB|r at us from every boose. We it--16 of them. They: ^int 1 " three ranks; the »hof fflfl for three lit a time. ". . . The men bad already shown ; their brntil. instincts; . . . ..· rthc alshxat. the. bodlea ol all the 'tekcbttant* 'who ..tad .been shot .mis ladeaolbaMe. .E-rtry hoTia«. in .the. T»hoie Tffiaje ms destroyed. We ""flrattted" the TlUagers one after another out erf ttrtmcat nnUke'.y corners. Th» Tni^ -r.f« J »tuYT »» .well: as *lhe j«oMa ^and 'tdillclrea who were in ,the. · rcoiwiiC" since shots h»d .been', :flrei '. ftoSl .tk« conrent windows; and we : Irarat ft"«fterw«rds. , , . . . . _ , . '. i^li*' inhabitants might liare" e* '. ~icst»i tne penalty by banding over the '. I'nlity and paying 15,000' francs. i ^ '^The. Inhabitants : fired 60 our men · aifalo. The^ 'tUvisiba took , drastic · itcp* to stop thK fii* Tillages ""being · -hirnt aocl tlw IhiaWtiats "tieihs shot. She*' prettj- little 'Tillage:- of-'-bue : ^Oisos, however, "was: apparently" set · in fire without cause. ' A cjcllst fell ; irifjltis machine and- his rifle went off.- · B(e immediatelT-aald- be bad 1een snot v «t' ; AU- the inhabitsnts" were burnt ;. jvthe honses. I hope there will be no ;; ttiore. such horrors. - · ; . - · - " ; j:. "Oiagrac* to Our Army." .". t. "At.leppe apparently 200 men were -must hare been some in- men among them. In future .v* shaO have to hold an inquiry as _to_t)«lr_.«Viilt. -instead , of. .shooting ' ' "^ "In the. .eyeolat .we ^.marched to. Kanbert-Fontalne: Just as we were having oar meal the alarm was sound- «d -- everyone Is very jumpy. "September 3. Still at Rethel, on (nard over prisoners. . . . The houses art-charming Inside. ^ The middle class 'In France has m"afnlflcent"" furnitnre. We found stylish pieces everywhere and brautlfnJ silk, but in "what a state. ;. . . Good God! 7V. Every bit of TM-for»i(ure- orotfB,-- mlrron -asuisbed. . _ -The 'Vandals __ themselves · could not.: JW®,^°9« more damage. .This placa ^rrjy '.« 'dlsrrace to'oiir army. The in- · ' habitants who fled could not have. exr. pected. of cirarse, that all tteir goods ·would have been left intact after so many troops had passed. Bat .the column commanders are responsible for to* greater part of the damage, as · they could have prevented the looting and destruction. The damage amounts to millions of marks ; even the safes have bjeen attacked. __ .'_. i. r ^i~a .solicitor's" h"busK~ln whTch, "as fick:wqnld : have it-all was in excel-. lent taste, tncin'ding^a collection of old' lace and ' ; Eastern ^works of art, irverytblntr WTuTsmashed to bits. · ·±"1: eould -not "resist" taking a little . memento myself^ here/ and there. ·. . . On* honwvwas particularly elegant, i tTeryttilngrln-the best. taste. The bail vta».of:ltght,oafc; 1 : found a splendid T»lnp»«t_Tailler_-tbe staircase., and a '«mn«nr,-:tor;lt«ite.' r '. (from -the- diary 'SL ".Mr-iofficerxla '". thtcrOan ;· Hundred Sai.~ .. XHil hJii/lio'rror apparently, was jnot iBiiiifir TiJT ' thi'^Ormnn fi cobunander Jn .c1italpa«risii~evl3ea(:irom" the JoHow- ""'' " ' · ' * · " ' . "-"·rrh* - D0pbi»tlon of Andenne, after'. : nMikine'a display ofpeacefnl inren-" ilioiiiV toward our troops. attocked-,tliem'- Jm the most treacherous manner.'-Wi? lT'. jni authorization, the feaeralT^^TOm- iBranding these-troops has/educed^the: Sow* to' allies and has hart 110jp«rsoas: . ~~1 bring this fact to the knowledge {cCthe people of Liege in order that (tSey may know what fate .to eipect pEould they adopt a similar attttnde 'I "tUege, 22d August, 191-i. . . - "GENERAL VON BOELOW." "Sumniary.,«xecutlon.!i.-tfpk place (at Dinauy ·wttoput the least- semblanca of judgment^ The.names.'uml number of the vtcUiuVareinot ka'bwiv but they must; be ~nuuier6ris..'II"haveV.rbeeir unable to obuin precise de'tnllB in this respect' liricl. the number . of persons who'haye^fledT*. unknown..,Among the persons irho. were'fifcot are: air. De- .fbia, ·" ipayor' - of -IDinunt; Sasserath, j3rst : '-ttltlerinnn ;^-Nimtner,' agecl seveo- ty:' : Conaurfor~the". ivi-gentlrib' Uepubllc VlctorjPoiicelet, who was,'executed in ;'thV-. preBHice:"cif "tila 'wile "and seven chIldren';-Wass'elge-and'tits two sona; Messrs. .Gust'aye--" and Leon Nlcnlsc. ^ wo .^*?y.'pM men ;· Jules Monin and others- nil. shot In the cellar of their .brewery;. Mr.. C^mUle-Plstte und son, ayeti . l sey«nteen.;-:;PJ»mppart; Piedfort Bls;.wlfe,and. daughter;.. Sliss ilarslg- ny.7~:Du];ing.:the. execution of about forty .'inlinbltnnts'.of "Ptnhnt the Ger- ;niBBs.; placed, before; the coniicinned "th«lr»'lTes;anil'-chliaren; It U thus "that Madam.Alhln vrho..had jnst given ·.Mrtirto.Oichild,' three days previously, .whs hrbUBh't'.on 'a mattress- by QeraaA so iiers to -nritnesi..the execution of bur husband; 'her cries, and. sappllca- ttons \vere so pressing that her husband's Hf e was -spared." - I"On the 26th" ot.August German soldiers, entered -various.streets (of Lou- ·Taln) an"d ord'ered tile inhabitants of the nooses-to proceed-to the Place de In Station, -where; the bqdies of nearly a doxen assassinated persons ing. Women and children Tere sepci- rated from the men and forced to remain OD the Place de la Station during the ivh'ole day. They'had to witness the execution of many of their fellow citizens, who were for the most part shot 2 at the side of the squ:ire, near the. noose of .Mr. Hemoide. The .women and children, after having remained on the squareifor more than 15 hours, were allowed, to depart. The "Gardes Civiques of EduValn were also · taken'prisoners, and sent: to Germany, to. the-camp erf iluaster,. where they ·were held for several weeks. '. -"On Thursday, August-27, order was giren to tlic inliabitaats to leave Louvain because the ci(y was to be bombarded. Okl men, women, children, :the iricfc,-priests, nuns,- were Oriven on the roads like cattle.' More than 10,000 of the inhabitants were driven-as far as TJrieraont, nearly 12 miles"from ·Lom-ain...;. :.". .. ."' Infants Shot In Mothers' Arms. "--"One, of the most sorely- tried communities was that of the little village. .of Tnmlnes, down in what is known ns the .Borlangc, the coal fields near CharleroL . Tamlues is-a mining village in the Sambre; It Is n collection of szanl) cottages sheltering nbont 5,000 inhabitants,' mostly all poor laborers." ·'·'-'" ' ' ·" '·" '· '· ' "The little .graveyard in which the ^drarcir-stands bears its mute .testimony to the horror of the. event. There are hundreds of new-made graves, each with Its small wooden cross and its bit of flowers; the crosses are so close-, ly.Saddled that there }» scarcely room to walk between 1 them. The crosses ore alike and_all bear the same-date, the_3inlster date of August ^2, 1914." "But whether their hands were cut jpff;pr.not, whether they were impaled on'bayonets or,aot,.children were shot _ down, .by military order, in cold blood. In the nwful crime of the Jlock of Bayard, there overlooking the Meuse below Blnant, Infants in their mothers' arms were shot down without mercy. The deed, never surpassed in cruelty by any band of savages,~is.described by the bishop of Nam'ur. himself: ...' " 'Ono scene surpasses : in horror all others; it is thejjjfusillade-jof -the Kocher 'Bayard near T -"D(tiaritC*^It'Hp"- J peiirs to^ have bcenrorilered by Colonel Melster^- 1 This fusillade -.. made nianyj victims among 'the- nearby--parishes,-: especially those of;iies : '"BlTngeir and' KefCe. It_caused tKeJdeath.of 'nearly 00 persona, without-,dl«tinetion-6C-age- . or .sex.,. Among'the victims were ba- ^ bles. in arms, boys and;.-girls; fathers and mothers of families, even old men. . Dead Children in Pile, of Bodiet, " 'It was there that 12-children under the age of six perished-from. t(ro fire .of the jeieciitioners, six of .them as they lay-1n..thelr mothers' amis:.- "* Tbe"child Flevet, three weeks old; " .'Maurice: ,'Betems, eleven months 'old.', . vrii-:.- ; · ' . ' . : ',':.' -. · " "Neily Eoliet, eleven months old. "'Glloa-Genbn, eighteen months old. .".'Gilda'.'Marcliot, two'.years old., -"-.'QariDStnivay,:' twolyea'rs and stx "nTonffis. "^.","."' ? .'.'v^!"^. ".'l^V5The"p'ire"o'ftb'o'dleaiComprised also -'" r " chilSren^-from-Six to fourteen "-iBlgnjt large-famiiies have en- ^rtreijrdisappf ared.- - Four, have but one ........... Those"; men : -that escaped :" l 'Hf'^i?T'Tr^?; obliged :tb bury in a summary.-and hnsty fashion their fathers, mothers, brothers or sister*; then after having been relieved of ^thcir"money nnd-^being-placed in chains they Tverc sent to Cassel (Prussia):'." . ' .'..-. · . Mr. Husb. GlbsoD,'the secretary of our Belgium, visited Lou- .vnln during Its systematic destruction by the Germans. In "A Journal From Our Legation In Belgium," Keiv York. 1917, tinges 1S-W05, he relates what the Gonnnn oflicers toit! -Iilm: "It was a story of clearing out civilians from n large part of the town, a systematic routing out o£ men from cellars 'and .garrets, .wholesale shoot-i Ings, the generous UBC of machine guns, aml'the free application!of the torch--the.. whole ' story enough to make one see reel.' ' A n d for our guidance It \yas.!mnrcssed ; 6r/lis that tlils'j would nuiUe people respect'.Germany and think twice ubont resisting her." - German pnstors and professors far from the excitumcnt of .the Jlrlng havo dcfenrteii this policy of frlghtfulnesa, e. g.: "Ws are not only coriipclletl to accept the \var. that 1 Is forced upon UH . .-.-but are oven compelled to carry on this \var with a : cruelty, a ruthlessness, an employment of every inmsiu- able device, unknown In any'-.previous war."--^Pastor D. Bauuigarten, in Deutsche Itcilro In Schwcrer .Zelt, "Gennon Sjieechcs in Dlfllcnlt Days;" WELL/TO KNOW WHAT TO SKIP Advice to Readers la Worth Pondering-- Man Who Waited Many Years to Finlih Book. ehou'.d be a joy, not a penance," said 3dr. Pett Ridge, at the Mansion house, after distributing prizes ana certificates to pupils of the city of London college. "Above all," he added, according to tlie Dally Chronicle, "learn to eklp. Skipping is an exercise which prevents obesiity of the mind." Mr. Pett Itidge told xome amusing stories. . . ' "In a military hospital," he said, "a man asked me whether I could get him Twenty Thousand Lcrgnes Under the Sea.' He said, 'I .began it 20 y9ars ago. I borron-ed it from another man, Somebody pinched it from me when ] was half way. through it, and I've never had a chance of getting to the ;en'd of it' I found the book^for him. He said, .Tm very, glad to have It. 1 began 'it 20 years ago -- ' I sold, 'Yes, 'but you've read a large number oi books since then, haven't you?' The man replied, 'Oh, no; -I never tried another.' " Another story was of the agent of o pill nnd ointment firm who was sent into a foreign country. As a first step toward bosiness he compiled a long list of .complaints, . beginning with "Asthma" and ending with "Zymotic diseases." His goods, he said, wouid cure .these ailments, and then, as a sort of postscript, he added : · "If there should he any complaints existing in this country, which are unknown in England, the pills and ointment will cure them also." ENLISTED MEN MUST HELP Fortiori of Government Allowance Required to Be Allotted for SerefH of Their Dependents. Every enlisted man In tho military or naval forces of the TJnited States "must allot for the benefit of a wife or child an n mount equal to the governments family allowance, with a nuud- ranm, however, of half his pny and a minimum of ?I5 per month, according: to ttie American Review of Reviews. If he has no wife or child and maliea no voluntary allotments for other dependents, or for other purposes, the secretary of war or navy may require him to deposit with the government at 4 p«r cent compound interest half his pay,, or .so. much of half'his imy a3 he does not allot either for his dependents or for other purposes. - " : " rails puts the' man with dependents ·rnor'e. nearly- on ,a democratic- footing of equality with one. who has none and the better-paid American soldier with the poorer-paid'European with whom he_ I s f i g h t i n g . ' _ · _ · ! . Tti'e family allowances are based on a graduated scale - depending on the number of "dependents, and are conditioned on allotments of cqnal amounts up "to half ;pay. In no case, -however, does the,allowance exceed $50 for ono family. An ordinary enlisted mun receiving $33 per month la foreign service, If-ills family Is targe enongh., may be required to. alot $16.00 per month and secnrc thereby for his family a total Income of $66.50 per month. Internment In Switzerland. In Switzerland -work has been declared obligatory for. every- Interned man whose health permits It. Tho Interned arc divided into six ·classes, "according to their physical capacity for -. work, tho classification being Intrusted to practicing physicians^, who must net with JH-U- deneo. The prisoner wbrirs for his own welfare and re-education, not for the benefit of the Swiss, bat care Is taken to avoid unfair competition with Swiss Industry. He receives a v/age commensurate with his labor, some governments requiring.a.portion of the wngo to be tarried over to thorn to-be used .toward the cost of maln- ' ' ' t h d r prisoners. . . ·"· frustrated by Grndh. PEGGY AND-PRINCE HANDSOME j/--vNCB upon a time there lived a UUVn f / ' j f l r ? named Fefffjy.' Sho was good mid .Kind, but very, very pror, anti bad to ifnther sticks In tho Broods for the village folks to pay for her food and clothing. . · One' dfiy\wh:n Peg; ry was out in the woods yhe heard JL qu l grosses at her 1 er nol»c under the ect. Startled, ah« looked dovs*n. and there fiat a Kreat, «K)y load puffing out . his cbcakw and .crytntc »» IT liis heart would brrok. "Poor tittle feliowf" exclaimed "What'n the trouble?" ' 'Tm very miserable," nobbed Mr, Toud. "7'sn so drcefifolly ugly every ono I* · B.*rn.lrt o' mo." "Just hocauwt ymi'r* ::*ly in folks should b» afraid of you," ropU«rt Pc-ssy hlncilyv " · · . ' ' "But no on« woJitjs^m« to »v« In tholr garden!" sobbed Mr. Toed. P*BCy 'f*lt very worry for Mr. Toad, md bog-Red him to;come hom« with her »nd to Hvs In her Rard«tt. Tlita mnde Mr. Toad very happy ,hc hopped upon Pegffy'» bundle of attcka End PcgrjfT Look him home, gave him a BOW) aujjper and put him to bed out near ihe fM well In the yard." · F*tri«* Danced About Him. It was lony *:ter mldnlRht when Peggj was a.wokenod by the nweeteat music ehc had ever hoard. Pe^gy jumped out of bed ami ran to tho window. Near tho p!d well hundreds of tiny falrlas wore dancing around the ugly toad sing-ing rawrHr. . . ,V carriage made from a cocoanut shell, drawn by eight snow-white mice polled in through the jjate and a Ixauttfal fairy dressed in sparklitiK sliver jumped out and touched ilr. Toad -with her magic wand, and he turned into a hundsom* prince. Then it was that FessT E^ve a ; cry of delight, and like' a puff at Hmoka The next morning Pc^Ry waa quite disappointed, for Instead of flndinr Ui* Uandaome- prince there sat the uyljT toad blinking In the fiurtllglit, Pesrsy decided ·he must have draomed th« whole affair, ao she'k't t It to herself. Tho neit n.t#ht the same thing happened, but still Pesary never told any one.- On the third night the cocoanut carriage aame and carried Atr. Toad HTVKT. uid when she looked for him the next morning, sure enough he waa gone. Thia made PeKKy wry sad, and for days and nights Pejsky cried and cried. Sh« had growri very fond of her Ilttla payrn*t». and she mSused him vary much. One day a* PCKKT returned rrom me, wood* with her bundle of stick* gho beheld a beautiful carriage draWn by eight ·now-white horses gtandJng in frorii of her houae. The handsome prince Jumped out and ran to meet Fesgy* ' · "Vvo come to : claim you, Pwnty dear, for my princeae." whispered Prince Kondsome, "becnuse you were R-iod and kind to m« whan .1 was an uyly toad, and b*c««B« I'Te long been searching for. i K\T\ who can keop a secret. Had you told trhat you thought were only dreams the apell that held mt in a toad's skin would rwer have been broken." Prince Handsome ws no happy ho bad found Peesy. who never Judged folk* by their looks, that he married Fesgy that very day. and they Hvod lonjr as happy *c ltrk« in his beautiful- castle, "The Big Store Near (he Bridge THE G.REA1 LEONARD etter Values As the Leonard Furniture stock decreases the values increase. Every piece of Leonard Furniture must go to make room for our immense purchases ol' new Spring Furniture,$ and Ranges. The balance of LeonA-ci Furniture stock is now priced a tstill greater reductions. It there is a need in your home and you can supply it from this stock you will get a realbargaiu if you buy during this Sale. Everything for Every 'Room One Fourth to One Half Leonard Prices (Successor Leoaitrt! Furniture Co.) 154-158 West Crawford Avenue. TER S. PILLS iiA2HfN» rtHAK».f A A SOLD BY BSUGGISIS EVERYWHERE aotMag OOCKCCOOOOOOQCOOCOSOCCCXKH3 BEAD THE COUEIEE. J. B. KURTZ, NOTARV PuauiC AND REAL ESTATe No. t kcuth Mcad«v« CeniMllmllto P Good Banking Service Isn't Established It takes time, experience and painstaking altenUon to build a good bank. · The service this baak offers yon hat? been extended and perfected ovev a period of 42 rears. It is prompt,' efficient aad far reaching. And it's yours to command, Mr. Business Man, whether your transactions are large or small. Consultation invited. 123 TV, Crawford Are., ConncUsTille. ·The BanU thnt Does Things for Ion" Liberal Interest on Time Deposits. An rone -wishing to send a remittance to soldiers abroad or at camp \vill find that the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania affords them excellent v service. FLINT'S HAULING AKD STORAGE. lotoc- Truck ServJce To All Parts ot Region. · COAL FOi? SALS BOTH PHONEa Money Oraere or Foreign Drafts promptly issued. Dr. Ernest M. Hopkins, .president o f : Dartmouth Collejre, wiio has accepted! tlxe post ot supervisor of industria.1 ! relations in the office of General Goe~ ; thals, acting quartermaster general, i Doctor Hopkins ^vill be svtr.ttioned in ! the- war department. tMs paper yon feest Merciaaafts give for THK UMTKD SPEC1 AtlSTS , W h o visit here :xt the J^aHimorc Houso : near B, O. Station. Connellsville. j Ri.c'in second floor, Tu«Kdity exult ivcek. · 0 A. M. to S l\ M'. : Huui-Ki, yolx-r, Itclinbln St-rviixr, Rrwult^ i nnU IVrninneHC 2 ra*'*-iv, i For Men itnd "Women. I.'p-to-date ' Treat men l for JiJ] clircuic, nervous, uo»np1icat«d. blood, ponerul and speciw.! I j tliiKcases. "o niattor wliat your dis- I i case. Sfii^ tic- Special!s*fs, who uftcil cure J after othfrs fail. Conwultattons .l coniMcntial. OFFICE 012- : "MERE'S BlSCoOR- .-START: AT ;THE. ..: ·; BOTTOM-. , AMOV ^f

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