The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1918
Page 4
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V PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY CO'URIEIt. CONN ELLS VILLE, PA. MONDAY,'FEBRUARY IS, 1918, . Tcvmd.r THB . . . . Editor. H7S-lllt. K. M. SNTDEK, ' ' ' . JA J. DRISCCXLK and Trtaaunr; Bufin«M . WALTER n."tniiaasi+~ ------ ·_:· city -Bailor. MISS 1.TNNE B. K1NCELL, vaa made the diibuniag agent of the G*nnan government In' an insidious attempt to weaken the morale of the French nation. ·^Hia ; dcaUnW:witii newspapers and with ..public men," says the PMIadel- .phia lifte^were 1 notoriously ; : cor- rapL JFor r ft; Ions, xbe ;.he.'succeeded In covering up his trucks.' perhaps detection.; might have been ' "jpostpoped much longer but for" the evidence secured, and sent to the French ·Gbvern- raent:,by- the -State' 1 Department -at Washington. He had ' influential friends--some of : . them were fellow HBMBEK OP: conspirators--and these are seriously Associated J*re«. · j involved in the revelations concerning P.»«flv!SS"I«LtaMd 1 D"m* M ' thom - ETen a.fomer Premier, Cal- ~~,,,mnH*, ^-~~ laas, is under a heavy cloud ot sus- Two MBU p«r copj, 50c per month; picion. ~ M p«r r«4r Bjr~«u.H ttrpaw .In advance, "T6e,penalty.'or death inflicted upon Entered ii^toonJiliis the'lBolp is. richly', deserved. . .His crime PMtofflcft. COTineHsvnie. Pa: . f: I was too grievous for mercy. There is ,, --7-^--7" :--'--" ^ a lesson for ns in-the "way France has MOTTD.4Y ETISDfG, 1?EB. IS, 1918. J treated him. "We have our own trait_ i, though ^vrc hesitate to punish "i them. "iEry one'.tcchAtcallty or another] [they.arc escape.. Is there not wtfrlc in this country for a firing squad to do?" · Th« Auoeiaud ITes. elui»ly ·klltl.d m th« tin for rtpublication ol a l l ' . n e w * - * « · - pateb» cradlKd to It ot not oth.rwlM^ cradltid in thls.p»P*r and alao O» local news publlsln'J nereln. .- · · or' IABOB.' - In the work, of war preparation jibe 'TM blkgest" single problem' at thia time, TM the problem most urgently in need of - a speedy solution, is that ot inoreas- I Inc the number ot merchant ships. It X also appears to be the problem which - has been set about by the most diffl: cullies lad. delays tojuevent its early - solution. -.maUitg aH armband prp- - viding -US JUiiinitions and supplies ~ h»T« prc^wesed-wiUCI (Sw ethtadrances - than has^the inauguration: ol a ship S- ' Some of these hind- been- iiciaentar" and" uh- aYOidable to largo undertakings, hut others belong to neither' of these " ' ' . Due l»rgelj«to,tht. fact thatjhe in- '' dustry of shiituiMUnK Is local,- to .cer- ". tain sections ot'.tbVcountry interest in * it has nerer oiien iri(le»pread;or gen- " eral. Few 'people* tare 'feaHzed the V important part shipping bears to our ' success in thiSwar'andUier have been * indifferent.- to" the appeals' tbit nave * been madV-to speed op the;" wbrlti- | They h»Tei;consqltd themseives .with ; the delaslon that tfif German U-boat 1 has proven ,a failure .as a .means ' of ' : destroying the world's commerce, even ;" after' being rndely awakened anew to 1 this danger by the sinking o£ the ' troop ship Tascanla. | That we" have made no more rapid ? Ptogress in the coastrucUoa of. ships .t has been little' short of lamentable. i All the more lamentable when it is ; remembered that until we have a fleet * targe enough to transport all our'sol- V^dlers and their needed supplies to |Tprance, in spite of a'.l the submarines · can do to- prevent, we can have no as:' surance that onr efforts to help -win ^ the war will avail any.thing. We have j all the means at hanl; tlie best brgan- f izing and eiecutive ability and skill; :'·. the needed, material? .and the shipyards; but as a member of the Sbip- '.: Pins Board has observed. "The work * languishes. If is not proceeding at * top-notch as it should. The great "- limiting factor' is the lack of 'labor." j The^call v for, mechanics to enlist in ? .ye* Shipbuilding 'Beserve ;is^ being r: .'eely- an»wered and- a great force is ·:;. certain to be recruited. "While this :'·; has been. Ui. progress men employed in Z the various shipyards have hampered - the progress of the work through ..... '! itrikei It 45 'the conviction of many J persons that these have frequently ?. been instigated by agents of Germany, i; that .country being fully aware of the / military advantage to be gained by any £ta»erference..witli the plans to provide s-ocean'carriers for our army and its ; ; Rupplies. In. otter -instances there Shave been 'contentions over wage Q scales. -." Whatever may have been the causes gth» country at large looks to the labor :;34Rders_ Aztdr organizations, .proofs' of g whose ioyalty have not been lacking, 2. to -unite in preventing these inter- Kruptions to the prosecution of the most ^important activity.onmected with our Kwar preparations! ; L»bor can perform Sno-more signal service than to hold »iU ranks firmly in line on its part of ;;the^ i'frontVwhere the assaults of «Pfussiinisnimnst be stayed, other^wise-we-will lose the struggle for na- ^tiona! Hberty-jand-eclstence. , ' ^ ~ The-bitkitigAip -by 'the ; -JUntricaii ^Federation of labor of the President's Demand for "aicendinr'.of, .the last X'strtke ot shipbuilders shows that loyii ^laJwrrrealiiss/its cibligatidhs. Bu "it" · Jalso has the duty of bringing the di»- Ilojral elements: into line or banishing -vthem from its ranl;s.. WJII ROT THE FIBINC en into . ; *be Confidence of _the. Washington . au- ;thorities to the extent pXJiaylni been. " ;*ave :Pie* why mor« A TH,ISSFOKTATI03T ' There' longer-division of opinion among.those in, close touch with the transportation situation as . to what is needed to facilitate the permanent^; clearing u p - o f the. congestions which have so Jong existed at all ..trafflc centers. . That a coal shoruvse has prevailed for months is now generally, eon- ceded to have been a question of transportation. .There lack of mine* capacity to produce all the coal needed, but there is a decided lack of'motive power and cars, to move it,: and · perhaps"Sess; of the latter than the .former:-. The shortage ta motive power,, including aiso tie shortage, in men t.o handle trains, nas prevented the prompt movement of cars to destinations and back again to loading points, the effect of which has been the same as an actual insufficiency in the number of cars; -. From this view of. the situation the concensus.or opinion among:those who hare given it close stiriy:i that the solution of the problem of fuel snp^ ply as well alSo of the' problem o'f moving other essential freight, is dependent upon a solution of the transportation problem. There are^ differences of opinion as to how this may best be done. Of .the many 'suggestions along this line one by the Coal Mining Review has considerable merit. "It would seem." says this publication, "that a practical Dlan of solving the congested railroad traffic would be to call, into a conference,all railroad presidents. Frankly ask "the railroad executives what is required in the way o'f locombtives,-railroad cars and other equipment to handle the traffic offered the railroads for transportation. -Then j let Congress pledge the credit neces-j sary for. the railoads to puchase locomotives, . cars and equipment, and if locomotive- works and car shops .are not- available, let the Government temporarily commandeer those plants to furnish the railroads the necessary locomotives and railroad cars ... to move'freight. When this is done there will be no coal shortage." ' : 1 With the murder'of babes being: re- Bumod Germany win naturally feel that the cause of Prussianlsm is moving -forward toward. Us ultimate goal : AID TO THE ENEMY The advance -In price of thin rein coal ' may prove the thin entt oC the wedge to a general Increase. With Sligo on double turn and the electric steel mill starting on a nine months' run, and the Monday closing- order revoked, "workless" days should be a raritr i" ConnellsvilJc and vicinity now, The maple sujjar makers " oC Indian Creek valley and Somerset county, with proper encouraireme«t from the weather man, may be depended upon 10 do their, part i n . helping to relieve the sngar shortage. . Western Pennsylvnnl» boys range hlffh in cverythincr at Camp Lee, even in the identification numbers. . Oue Cent a Word. No advertisements for LCM Than It Cant* Clfcfiiifled columns closo at noon. Advertisements of want*. Ml** etc.. received afier that hour will not appear until the day to 1 low tin NO | FOK KALE--TOl BOX SlNGiiH IjO- nEX^INE'S. tf . jT3c;i;ic yiiwidaril, New Home, X n w Roy-- · | ul: fiamc uf these machines havy nil ·Kil--AT ONCE WOM.AN COOK I .,,,. : lUa ., : |, me nts. Price $4.00. "vcr ; Come und see;, you can try them y o u r - scM. WHITE SEWING MACHINI CO, t2S South Pittsbury- utrt-et. Con- ·WANTED--P.\CTOUV UIf;LS AT TRI-STATK CA.VDY CO. Uob-trd WANTED -- COOK AND CH^MUCH- mald, AHMSTKOXG'S nKSTA LJIiAi\T BOY TO WASH tlft» at J. D. MLLT-AJ'.D'S I'Ol TORY. is HOT-! FAC-' THE BOARD OF EDUCATION" OF Dunbar township WUI dispc'fe of the old Monarch school at Monarch, Pit. ../"""*'' .. ! to Lho hlB-hcnl possible hidder on Siit- WAA'TKD--EOYS AN'D Omi.S OVl.;!tj uri 'ay. March 2nd. ISIS, at 5 o'clock. Ifi vcar it the COXNISI LSVUjijK ' TerrtlM of. sale will he made known on SILK MILL. ' ' 'lOfctott j da - v of sa!l -- ''"· C. S5UTH, Prealdent; SILK MILL. "'"""'' J. T. DONOV.V.N, Secretary. W.VNTED--TO Bi;Y A SECOND I. I hand Call r. 31. ttCU-I. I - A new photograph of Juti-gc John Banoa Payne ot ^Chicago, general counsel for the railroad administration of the government. Ho baa been in TVaffhingtton several months assist^ in the government's \v-ar work, and since his permanent assignment to the railroad board kaa moved liis family to the capital. He. and Mrs. Payne have trans-planted in their Washington home a part of their garden plants ·which made their Chicago home celebrated .among horticiilturists. Edgar A. Gueat, : -THK MTTtB OLD 3tA2f. The" "little "old man -with the curve' in · .his- back And the eyes-that are'dim and the skin · that is Black, So slack thai It -wrinkles and roll* on his cheeks, * .With a. .thin, little voice that eoea "crack!" when he speaks^ Never goes* to the store but that right at his Ecet . . Aro all of the yoan^sters'irho llpe'on the uireet. And the little old man in the suit that was black, ,. And once mieht have perfectlv fitted :· his back..-.. - . ./. Has a ,boy's chubby first in ais own wrinkled KacO. " -.-.And together they trudge off to Liffht- r.rr.; 'Hearted Land; Some- splendid excursions he ffJvcii 'V--eV*ry-,d»y:..,...,,..,..-. "aiid'the.'sirts ia his funny :pfl'^gJoft«5arcS»r»eteHi»ve' 'i«i,'ITJ!? h ».SV! e - 0 . 1 * "»" is a ? i uetr as c*" ^; In Europe* tliey do "these thlifg r dilr. JCarently. Spies, aro^made^to suffer the 'Heath: penalty and everything possible ?ts done to neulrsltze the effects of ;their nefarious plots. In this country ~WG seem to hare been content with In- Uerning this class of dangerous ene- carips and other.places where ;they are permitted to revel in a sort 1 " ' ·· "' ~ He'd :spen'd;au; bis timtf with a child ' · -on'' knee; · · : - · =· · · . ,-. : A n d t h V stories ,he tells I, could-, never ^.:.rrep4jat, ·^··:;'-:··--..-'· · ; : - . · · · · ··Bat-they're- always of 'jirood boys and :.V"',;jime."girls .swectr'; . ' . . ,And. .the"*children-. come hoii^e at the end of'the'day ' : " ' To.tell what the little,'old man had to ' Once the.little old man didn't trudge to :the- store. And the tap of hla cane wasn't heard any. more; The children looked eagerly for htm each day And wonder8d--why he didn't come out 'to play .. .The.recent-ctraTiction'oM3olo Pasha",' TI ^ some 'of them saw Doctor Brown the French traitor, is an.instance,o[ rlne hia bell, .1 i, I T ^ , And tires', wept when they hffarfl Ihat Ihe slerner methods of. our AlUes inj . he mleht not set well. !»· offenders. He his I « condemned to deatu, the sen-! Eat aftrr-atv-iine- he-sot- oAt-,'wltii h; 3 , '.*«;' J -'8 ,b«n scared on an' appeal | And^nia all the chihir.1, -aroima him whlca bos not yet been decided. TbJs \ asain; ·.atccompUahed villnin,-Tcho consorted |An ^ T think as I see him 50 trud^ine VitH some promiBCTt'^-tkens of this j^ t ^^ ter : once ,,,,,,,. o f : h l , lighl . | country, was the-trusted agent of heirtcd throne., . , - i ie.7 latter'.-ivaa in.-- T^at earth; lias 'no priory 'that'5 crrRateri ng "bis diabolical plot.' in this; ,,.,, *"* th !; : k ' . . , . '. ' BREWERIES MAY STOP If Pood AdmuUstration's Order is *ot Rescinded or :)fodlfitd. In breifery circles the order of Food Administrator Hoover forbidding the buying of barley and other grains for malting for a period of six months, has creaied considerable concern, inasmuch as the grains on hand arc not sufficient to. last more than a month.- Supplies have been bought but not yet delivered, hence there is fear that the breweries must be closed down if the order Isjaot rescinded or modified. WANTED--EXPKR.E.VCED OINI.VG room girl at MANHATTAN CAFK. ItitcbSt WANTKD--TO I'O TYFKWlUTINCi mornings, 9 to J*J. Address "O." care Courier. . 15fcb3t WANTED--Exi'KniKNCi?i PIANO pluycr at MoCUuKUY'S 5 AND lOc STORE. ISfubtCcl WANTED--P.OY TO ACT AS PORTER incl work in drug store. J. 0. MOORE. ISCobtM WANTBD--TOl'NG GIRL FOR housework. M urn ing's only. Apply 213 Kusc Green str^st or phony Ball 74S. JSCehSt A.t]mlniMrxlQr'K So (ice. TIIK ESTATK OF late of Lha City oC Connellsvillc, Couniy of FayetL«j y.nd Stato of Pennsylvania deceased I/otters of administration on the aliuve named estate hnvinp been granted to the undersiRned, notice it 1 hereby given to all persons indebted to aaid estate to make immediate payment. and to those having: claims against the same to present them properly authenticated f u r settlement. HARVEY C. saiJTH, Administrator. 112 McKee avenue, StonesKcn, Psu 2 l j a n f i t U * WANTED--TEAMSTKK. FOR L.UM- hor yard. Must le sober and reliable. ; ^or further iilJTormation inquire o f : OOLBVEE. McCLUHE CO., Dawson, | Pa. · isfchlit i ""WANTED--MINERS WANTED wiio are atudyingr for examinations to pet the beyt mining' book ptiiilished. "Mining in a Nutshell," by JAStES "WARDLAW, Scottdale. Pa, Price 52.25. Br Walt M«aon. WANTED--ANY KIND OF PRI^T- in»r. whether u -Is a calling card, sale bill or the finest enslaved wetldtUB fnviiation'or .innouncement. We prln' anything:--everythinr--do it promptly and do it rigrht. Cail trie man at THE COURIER office. Both phones. 27-tt IT«r Henf. FOR RENT--SIX ROOM HOUSE. 1N- iuire P. O'TOOLE, 407 JefCeraon street. Administrator** Xoilce. ESTATE OF RALPH DT DONATO. late of the borouffh of Dunhar, county of Fayette and S'ato oC Penntij'lvania, deceased. Letters of Administration on Ihe above nameil eatate having: been grunted to the undersigned, notice is hereby given to all parties indebted to said estate to mtiko immediate n.'iy- rniint, and to thone having clalme ag^aitist snid estate to present them properly authenticaod for settlement. OUT DI BIORI, AdmlniatrAtor, Dunbar, Pit. 11. G. MAY, Attorney. 14jan5t-mon . f --~. --Ads--1 Cent a Word JOH2T i. STMIT.Uf. 1 tol!cd:the bell for old Joitn L., and wept, while 1 .was tolling-; ah, -yes, my dears, the. briny tears, down my fat face were rolling*. Big*, brave old John! So you "are "gone, to 1 join the phantom j bruisers, to riieet dead pugs with spec- j tral . mug 1 *, 1 past wtnnera and past losers! - Jack Dempsey waits at Jordan's jratcs. -\vith . freckled Bob, to prec*. you; you climii the stalrfi with Mace and Sayres,'_and Heenan, .too, -win meet you. 'In -No ' Man's Land the spectres stand of ituishty men and brawny, arid' of such lads -who scrap- pert for acads .you,were the greatest, Johnnie! A mule can kick, but not so quick as you'.could swing 1 your mauley, nor yet PC?"hard; you "smashed through guard; and science seemed like folly. Ten years you reigned, and nearly brained -all pugs who crossed your orbit: then, to-wer of strength, you fell, at length .before the wily Corbett. But .fallen, John, you still. lived on, a mig-hty man and famous; wo swore by you.-in seasons blue, when pikers,came to shame us. \Ve used to yell, for old John L, when fighters side-stepped flghting:; when fakers fought with language 'hot,' 'or. spent their days in writing. Good by, - J o h n , LI I toll your knell, and bring a rose, a-red one; you've quit the strife; while you had life, you never, were a dead one. F,OR RENT--ROOMS FOK LIGHT housekeeping or will rent separately to gentlemen. 253 33. Crawford Avq. ISfctilTt FOTt RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor o£ Dunn Sa Evans building. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. Sjan-tfd ; A Diac-Tftm Deeded.. tTuiontown Standixrd. Connellsville !s without a mayor. Judging* from the looks of. the place 710 one would, think they ever had any. The Kaiser as Condoler, Plttshurgr Post. 1 Tho kaiser Has condnlpd with a man who lost five sons In the war. Beinjr the father of six. nil .iUve, -hen'lthy a.n«3 well Cert, hn knows* exactly how th'i-t poor m a n 'feels'. · ' ' . ' · ' For FOK SALE--A2CTON . SIX,- 1918 model; run 500 miles. H. C. SWIFT, 1,011 Sycamore street. 13feb3t-cpd FOK SAL-IO--FORD TOURING CAR batteries shock ahsorbem First ?22S takes it K--U/FH HYATT, Central Motor. Company. 15£t;btfd FOK SAL.E--U ROOAl HOUSK. NICK location: paved street and sidewalk Pantry, hath and two porches Hot air heat. Address "D. J" caro Courier tfmay.-trt: FOlt SALE--ONI-: HORSE. WAGON a^.d harness, work single or double, in cart or pit. Horse 11, years old, weight 1,300 pounds. Good reasons for selling, tnqitire. HARKT MITCHELL, Dunbar, Fa. 18Ceb3t FOR 3ALB--OUTt LADIES' MADB- to order suits "surpass 1 the hand-me- downs a great distiuiuG. They retain their shape, indefinitely. Any stylo reproduced. Place your order for Spring early. SALV.. LA GI-HMA, 209 Pittsburg street. . Tfeb-tfd AT ONCE TWO LINO-TYPE OPERATORS. 1 AT THE "DAILY COURIER OFFICE »·»·»·»*++*»»+»·»·»·»·«·»« :; Got Something I You Want to Sell? Most people have a piece of iurniture, a farm implement, or something else which they have discarded and which they no longer want. These things are put in the attic, or stored away in the barn, or left lying about, getting o.' less and less value each year. FOP. SALE--XBTC BCXOALOW, SG.OOO. "Just tlilnk of it. Buuealoir a HtLle over II years' olcl, would cost $6,500 to build without counting in the !oc. Wine c\it Ijrici: house, red asbestos ahing-le roof. Seven rooras L-.nd hath. . Hardwood floors and hardwood finish. Beamed ceiltng-a, brick -fire place, hot water heater, instantaneous waiter heater. A frc"i of n house worth ST.SOO and will bo sold for S8.000. 52.0Q' 1 down, halanyft on mortpagre. Sec DORSET r.£AI/TY CO, V J S f c b H WHY NOT SELL THEM? Somebody wants those very things which have become of no use to you. Why not try to find that somebody by potting a want advertisement in THIS X NEWSPAPER? It is a very appropriate time for a Furniture Bargain Sale. As usual, there will be, very much moving this spring; that means new furniture, and that means if you want bargains it would be a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get entire outfits from us, and after you investigate and look through our lines fully you will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. Our wonderful lines of beautiful new designs of furniture for every room in the house, aud we will include the kitchen; extensive kitchen outfits, elaborate dining room and living room outfits, complete furniture, linoleum, carpet or rug outfits for the halls, and for the bed rooms, we have full suites, or special dressers,, chiffoniers, easy-chairs, comfortable beds with all the best ·equipment, entire households can be outfitted. . Then there are carpets, rugs, or linoleums for the floors, window shades, large assortment of the newest designs in wall paper. You can buy on the Installment Plan if you prefer to deal that way, good, easy terms, popular prices. The moving time is rapidly approaching, the right time for you to make your arrangements is just now, and the right place to go is to the nearest Union Supply Company store. 63 Larse Department Stores, Located .is Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheiy Counties. \ Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. 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In most of the modern foods the-M and other Vitalizing- elements have been largely eliminated. Yet to bo 2;»althy and beautiful the system . must hava them. They are found In Blo-feren, not.only in proper proportions to restore weakened vitality but in such form as the system can best oasimflatu them. A treatment of lecithin and Irun peptonate aa combined in Bio-fsren lncr«ases the appetite, aJda TiutrJUon and inviroratea the patient. Ana Blo-feren In it« pellet form Is ·asy and paiatablo to take--no llqut*! iron ulscoloraOon of th« *-ath, no unpleaeant tasto. There is no secret or mysur-f about Blo-feren. Doctors prescrlbli it regularly because they know cx- actly,_what It contalni OB well as ·what it will do and they know they couid not formulate a better up- 1 bulldlnc tonic. 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