Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 62
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 62

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 62
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Page 62 article text (OCR)

4E -- Max l«. 1971 Sundav ( f azette-Mail Charleston. W»» Virginia Safety Program Is Tuesday A free course of instruction on the subject of 'Safety and Health Programing" u n d e r the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHAi will be offered from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday in the Heart-0-Town Motor Inn. The course is for employ- ers, employes and their representatives, offering instruction on procedures, practices and the i m p l e m e n t a t i o n of OSHA in any place of business, construction or industry. The program is jointly sponsored by the Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce and t h e West V i r g i n i a S a f e t y Council. 1550 Fourth Ave.. Charleston. Further information may be obtained from the council or from F. L. Holbert, Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce. GET THE PICK OF SUMMER AT YOUR NEARBYcPJC-WAY AND SAVE $$$ Pic-Way's Bikini Thong Sandals Summer favorite bare-minimum sandal has super-soft cushion insole, new styling. 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Fundamental Social Hnihleras ..................... ....... :l "'*· " Social Science-lot). Women's Rights and \\ rong* · · - :( nr . '.1:1111-12:00 An Inn. 1 r;i«iiij: ....... .' I'll!-. Ail" . ·.'.||.l^i»ilii--.-\ v . nliri: "! Fu'ti"" ii». . . . Kii"li-h |ll|,Kn^!ilil.l:in » ." :iml ( mi I'. . . FiKiMi-Jll.HiiHmwWriiiM!: ........... KnsMi ·-'"". ASmu'\"lF.i::li!.h l.ii ....... Kuslii-lrJTl. ASimi'\ ft An crii'Jili I it ....... Knuli^h :;:'·-'. 'I rtrSlii'ti M"r\ . . ......... (.tiur:i|i|l '·'·«·': XVi'Hl! I ·f"!!l 1 il|'ll ........ I !iti-l\ 201. 1 liMoiA.t .ri';:l;l|iil\.;llll I.OUTIIM fin I'lVurt \iii:imii ...... . .. . ·lli;.tor ~2~. An iTiriinl «-n ii mull frii-iii KirliMi: K ..... i t / 'I iii,lr\ 126 ran; lie: I- » i n s Physical Edjcation-IU Organization Adminis[ration and Evaluation of Physical Education ....:! hrs. Religion 401. Religions ot'the World -I hrs. Baylnus M. Dougherty Vnvi K VIVIK VI1VIH VIVI K VT\\"I K VIV.'II- VIV.'I I.\"IVIK VTV.'IK VIV.'IK MTWTF PEBlll MTWTF 102 Sociology 1U2. Criminolusy Speech II 1. Speech Fundamental* MathemnticsMiil. Math, lor Teachers . ... Mu*ic212. Music Appreciation ·Social Science 2IH. Fundamental Social Pmhlems · Biology 502. Advanced Field Studies : h r s . I Plus :1 hours per week TBA lor individual field-collect ing) ·' nrs - HIII-:i:UU 1 hrs. -2 hrs. 1:1111-1:1111 ...... :| hrs. Kanson (". Dnucheriy Harris W. Albright Slatiery Cookw Lnmbros Physical Education 405. Water Safety Instructor 6:30-8:45 I hr. Courses in Nursing Nursing 201. Medical-Surgical Nursing II 2 hrs. Nursing 201 L. Medical-Surgical Nursing II Lai) 2 hrs. Olson Stall' Staff MTWIT M I'W IT MTWTF MTWI'F MTWTF MTWTF NITWIT M TW TF MTVVTF M TWTF TBA TBA 22:1 :I22 402 US M24..i Pool Hosp. Hosp. i K*fxn#ffx^^ ^ ^ MX:*^^ |xv.TM,TM FIRST SUMMER SESSION June 12-July 12 DAY CLASSES 8 DAY CLASSES v. X:UU-9:III X« Education ^01. Introduction to Education ........... 2 hrs. ·X Physical Education I01M. General Physical X; Education .......................... . ..... 1 hr. X; Physic;il Kduciition 101 W, Genera! Physical X- Education ................................ 1 hr. ;Zj ,S:mi-10:ll() ;X Art 210. Art for EarlyChildhood Education .......... 2 hrs. -v Economics 201. Principles of Economics ............. ^ hrs. X; Educat \tn -10:t. Educat ional Psychology ............. :i hrs. ;X Educat ion:12l. Princi|Jesand Practices ;X in ElementarySchools ........... . . ........... M hrs, -X English 270. A Surveyor English Literature .......... :l hrs. ·X English :tli2. Victorian Poetry .................... :t hrs. X- Health :!11. Health Prohlems of Elementary ;X School Children .................... · ........ :l hrs. ;X Music 1 1 1. Musk-Skills lor Classroom ·X I'eachers ...... . ........................ . . :thrs. Cv Philtisophy 201. Introductionti) Philoso|)hy .......... . Mhrs. X- Psychology 201. Introduction to Psychology .......... :lhrs. X'Secretarial Science 141. Beginning Shorthand ......... -t hrs. ·X Secretarial Science 142. Intermediate X; Shorthand X; Social Science 101. The History of X; Civilization -I hrs. ;1 hrs. X; SociolOB' 412, Urban Sociology ................... 3hrs. ·X' Speech :!2I. Speech Correction Workshop. . . ;X · Education 421. Student Teaching in rX Elementary Schools X* Music'212. Music Appreciation . {·:· Physical Education 102M. General !'X Physical Education X Physical Education I02W. General -v Physical Education \ X Physical Kducation :I17. ("'immunity X Recreation .' ·X Art ion. Drawing ·X Bos. Adm. ;V20. Personnel Management X; Education 202. Human Growth and X- Development ·X Education .122. Curriculum lor Early v: 1'hildho.xl Education X; Education ilitI, Principles and Practices X* in Secondary Schools. X* English 101. English Grnmnuirand \*. Coi'ipo-nton .·X English 271. A Survey ol American |X Literature X* English. I'.lil. Shakespeare ';·:· I'cography mill. World Geography X History illi.V European History X; Versailles lothe Present. ·X; Mat hematics 271. Introduction to ·X Modern Mathematics ·X Natural Science 101. General Biological !vj Science r ft;! Natural Science 20I. General Physical X I Science W " Political Science570.1'olilicsol : The Third World !v! Psychology 102. Abnormal Psychology ' ;X| Secretarial Science 101. Beginning'I ype X' Secretarial Science 102. Intermediate Type ·X SecrelariaIScience20l. Advanced Type Xj Social Science 201. Fundamental Social !v! Problems X; s,,,,.i,,| n! ty HOI. TheFamily ·X Sociology:12I. Juvenile Delinquency ·X SpL'CChiiol. Oral Interpretation ·X ·X- ' Biology 112. Conservation ol Natural £; Resources and Wild Life :·;· ' Geography 112. Conservation of Natural ;X Resources and Wilrl Life X; Educal ion 421 F. The Teaching of X; Social Studies I Elementary) ;X Health III. Health Instruction ·;·; Physical Education 200M. Beginning ·X Swimming X; Physical Education 200W. Beginning X; Swimming ·X- Natural Science 101 L. General v! Biological Science Laboratory *X Natural Science 201L. General X; Physical Science Laboratory . . . . . ; X* Educal ion.'12:1. Principles and Practices ;X in Early Childhood Education ·X Education -142. Educational Guidance X; and Testing X- English 2li!l. A Survev of World Literature ;X English:«)2.-The20thCentury Novel ·X H istory 201. H istory. Geography, and X; Government of West Virginia X; Mathematicslioo. Algebra ;X Physical Education 201). Physical ;X Ediu-alion Air ElementarySchools -X Physical Education :IO.iM. S\vimming X; Physical Edmluion :10nVV. Swimming X- Keiigion :10rt. (listory of Religion in v! America . . ·X Sociology :1")0. Development oi'Sncial ^ X; Tnoughl :l hrs. :l hrs. . .'.". . . 2 hrs. I hr. 1 hr. . . 2 hrs. 10:211-12:20 ilhrs. :l hr-. .1 hrs. :lhrs. .1 hr-. .1 brs. . .' .1 hrs. I hrs. :l hrs. ;thrs. ilhrs. :l hrs. :l hrs. :| hrs. .-. ilhrs. 2 hrs. 2 hrs. 2 hrs. :l hrs. II hrs. II hrs. It hrs. T. Morris Meckfessel Sangid Keeling Landolf Cooksey Bryant Cole Wilson Baylous Utmhrifs Miller Thornhury Koontz Koont/ (I ray H. Morris Barton Doss Lamhros Mecklessel Sangid Bay'ous Keeling l.andolt Cook-cv Hovvlev T. Morn- 4* Cole Terry Wilson Lieble dray Blackwood T. Meadors En t ley K irchner I'hornbury Brown Brown Brown M.Daughterly H.Morris C. Alhright Slattery MTWTF MTWTF MTWCF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF M TWTF (ivm *.;.' :lo:l :I07 216 M T W T F PEB1IO ;X MTWTF .ItW § M TW TF 102 X-: MTWTF 121 « MTWTFK 132^3 ·:·'. M PWTF M TWTF MTWTF Educat inn 202. Human Growth and Development ' o fs Education 44li. Educational Sociology : hrs. English 271. A Survey of American I jteoature ' [) rs - EngIishHH2.TheShort Story :l brs. English 400. Advanced Grammar :' hrs. Music211.Music Materials and Procedures :! hrs. Philosophy'202. Introduction to Philosophy lihrs. Psychology 202. Introduction to Psychology 3 hrs. Social Science 102. A Historyol Civilization '- -Jors. Sociology 1100. Principles of Sociology · hrs. Socinlogy446. Educational S o c i o l o g y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :l hrs. ·:·:· :%· 305 . . . . . . :i hrs. 1:111-2:20 ...... 2 hrs. l::itl-2:IO ...... I hr. ...... I hr. ...... I hr. ...... :! hrs. ...... :l hrs. ...... :thrs. ...... :Uirs. ...... :( hrs. ...... :l hrs. ...... :! hrs. ...... 2 hrs. ...... · hrs. ...... :i hrs. ...... :| hrs. 2::ll(-:l: 10 Education -121 E. The Teaching of Science . (Elementarvl .............................. 2 hrs. 1:00-5:00 Education 42o. Seminar in Methods ol' Teaching in Elementary Schools ..... . ........... I hr. Bryant Mecklessel Olson Olson T.Meadnrs Entlcy Staff Tmnplin Cyrus Brehm Krehs Disko Sangid Olson Olson Miller VV. Alhright Rowley Doss M rwr MrwrF MTWI'F M TWTF M TW TF M TW TF I M rw rF M TW TF M TW TF M I'W IT M TW IT M TW TF MTWTF M TW TF MI'WTF M TWTF M TW TF MTWTF MTWI'F MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF M TWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF M TWTF TW T TWTI MTWTF MTVVTF MTVVTF MTVVTF MTWTF M TWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTVV 1 10 i v Art 221. Art Appreciation Music 212. Music Appreciation .. . Speechitllil. Storytelling and Dramatization Art 102. Design and Com |X)sit inn Business Administrat ion :)I2. Business Finance Kducalinn HOD. Educational Psychology ... Educational. Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools * Education 445. Curriculum Planning and Development English 102. English Grammar and Comp.. English 270. A Survey of English Literal ure , English :ll)0. Children's Literature History :I74. History ot'Kussia Mathematics 102. Trigonometry Mathematics272. Informal Geometry and StructuresofAlgebrn Natural Science 102. General Biological Science Natural Science202.General Physical Science ( . Psychology:)^. Psychology ol'Childhood . . Social Science202.'Fundamental Social Prohlems Sociology III.V Social and Cultural Anth 2 hrs. 10:20-11::IU 2 hrs. 2 hrs. 111:20-12:211 2 hrs. . :lhrs. :!hrs. ..... :l hrs. ..... ;lhrs. ____ :1 hrs. :l hrs. ..... :t hrs. ..... :l hrs. ..... :t hrs. M hrs. :l hrs. . :t hrs. . :l hrs. . :l hrs. mentals 3 hrs. Sociology 402. Criminology ; * hrs. Speech 111. Speech Funnar :\\n :·:·: 120 ·:·:· 10:1 X : 22:t 'X 1:10 :·:·: Mnthematics:l(il. Mat hematics lor IVachers Natural Science I02L. Genera! Biological Science Laboratory, .. : Natural Science 202L. General Physical Science Laboratory English it-ll. English Komanlic Poets English 401. A History of the English Language Religion 401. Religions of the World. . .. Sociology 4.11. Rural Sociology . . . 2 hrs. I hr. I hr. :l hrs. :i hrs. :t hrs. :!hrs. Howard T. Morris Tern- Cole' Lowder Ewing Miller Cooksey Ranson H. Morris T. Morris Carney Ewing Ball Carney Gall Howard Staff . T. Morris Cole Lnwder Terry Love Disko Blacked G. Smith Eniley ('(Kiksey Simmons H. Mom's C. Alhright Slatlcrv Disko G. Smith Enl lev Brehm Cvrus Miller W. Alhright EVENING CLASSES .v. 3 Pool ;|: Pool K . * ·f,- 224 ·:·:· :«)/ « HOH Xj :«5 ·:·: Gym X- P«il 'X Pool ;X X' ·X' 7:00-10:00 Art :MI.Creative Ex])rc*ionin Applied Arts ' 2 hrs. Carney BusincssVtninistralion202. Principles ol Accounting Mhrs. Gall English 102. English Grammar and Composition ! Mhrs. Cyrin English2li9.ASurveyofWorldLiterature Mhrs. Brehm History 2S2. American History. WB3 to thelteenl ' :lhrs. Ransnn Religion 202. Introduction to the New Testament : * hrs. 102 Social Science 102. The History of Civilization : hrs. Love Social Science 202, Fundamental Social Problems -'I hrs. Simmons Sociology 322, Marriage and Family Relationships A hrs. VV. Alhright Sociolngy'WLRaceand MinorityGroup Relationships :! hrs. Stafl M TWIT MTVVrF M rw rF M rw TF MTWTF MTWTF M rw TF MTVVTF .M TWTF MTOTF : M TW TF MTV\TF MTVVTF MTVVTF M TWTF MTVVTF MTVVTF MTVVTF MTVVTF M rWTF MTWTF MTWTF M TWTF MTVV TF M rVVPF M I'W TF MTVVTF MTWTF M TW TF MTWTF MTWTF MTWTF MTVV rw r TW r MTVVTF M I'WTF M TVVTF MTWTF TT TW T rwr rwr I\VT Staff rwr TWT Tvvr TWT 40:1 I I S 102 121 120 125 216 :W7 102 10:1 129 I.H 121 120 :t0.i "l22 224 .:104 102 22:1 :ttM MOB MIH rwr 120 « '. Si ; Hv*Xv*Xv3vv2::^3K^^ X*' :·? WORKSHOPS EVENING CLASSES Biology 4 ll.Dcndrnlo; , 4 hrs. 7:011-10:00 Art 221. Art Appreciation 2 hrs. Business Administ rat ion 201. Principles ol Accounting Business Administration2-lI. Business Writing Business Administration :V21. Principles of Market ing . :l hrs. :t hrs. Communications Skills 101. Communications Skills :iors. " Communications Skill" 51)0. CommunicationsSkills -^ hrs. English 101. En»!ish Grammar and Com posit ior. : * hrs. English 211. Business Writing " hrs. English 171. Nineteenth Century American Literature ; t hrs. History 2."1. American History. l4SI2-lnnT :1 hrs. History :18n. Contemporary America' Ilhrs. ·· Mai hematics 101.College Algebra 4 hrs. '." Mat hematics 201, Calculus 1 anfl Analytic Geometry : ·! brs. Political Scienceill2. American Political Parties : ' hnt. Psychology :I42. Social Psychology ithrs. Psychology it-lil. Personality -I hrs. Religion 201. Introduction to the ·Jewish Scriptures ; 1 hrs. Secretarial Science :U1, Dirt at ion 1 and Transcription '-\ hrs. Secretarial ScienceIH12, Dictation and Transcription, : ' hrs. Social Science 101. The Historvol Civli/.ation Social Science 201. Fundamental Social Problems Sociology:! 12. Social Psychology Speech 111. Speech Fundamentals · Education :t24. Workshop in Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools. . . · Education .1:12. Workshop in Teaching Reading 'nSeeondr.ry Schools Nursing 201. Medical Surgical Nursing II . . Nursing-'OIL. Medical-Surgical NursinglI Laboratory. . :i hrs. :l hrs. ;\ hrs. :l hrs. TBA Courses :l hrs. ;l hrs. Courses in Nursing ·_ hrs. . . 2 hrs. M/Meadors Keeling DeFuria Koontz Staff Brehm Brehm Cyrus Koontz Terry Ranson Krebs Blackwood Disko Kent Hall W.Albright Bland M.Daughterly' Brown Brown Simmons Kirchner VV. Alhright Slatlery KCS Si all KCS Si ill Stall Stall MTWT .IT TWT TWT TWT · TWT TWT T W T TWT TWT TWT TWT MW TT TWT rwr TWT TWT TWT TWT TW T TWT TWT rwr M TVVTF MTWTF TBA K 126 « MW gj H14 X . 126 I I :UXi 22M 121 : ·x ·:·: Biology/Geography 412, Conservation of Natural Resources and Wild Life 3 hrs., Lieble, 1:00 p.m.-5:00p.m., June 17-July 2. Education 324, Workshop in Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools, 3 hrs.. KCS Staff, TBA, June 13-July 25. Education 332, Workshop in Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools 3 hrs. KCS Staff. TBA, June 13-July 25. Speech 321, Workshop in Speech Correction, 3 hrs.. Barton, 8:30 a.m -noon June 12-June 28. TELEVISION CLASS Geography 402, Geography of Asia, 3 hrs., Brawley, telecast 6:30-7:00 a.m. each Saturday, WCHS-TV, Channel 9, Beckley, June 20-August 15. Channel 8, June 15- :£ Aug. 11 and 3:30-4:00 p.m. each thursday, WSWP-TV, Channel 9, | RADIO CLASS | History 201, History, Geography and Government of West Virginia, 3 hrs Sv Brawley, broadcast 8:30-9:00 p.m. each Sunday, WCHS-Radio, and 8:00-8:30 8: a.m. each Sunday, WMOV-Radio, Ravensvvood, June 16-August 11. £ KvSv^SSS*:*^^ I i 216 X' 22:1 W :I22 X ·· Hadiologic Technology 101. Intro- duciiontoHadiologic Technology, . . ·· liadiologic Technology IOIL. Intro Courses for RadioloRic TcchootoRv !):00-I2:IH) li hrs. Goddin X- Staff KCS ·:· KCS | [osp. ';:;' TBA :)!!) Hnsn. X SS3ft:ft:*:^^ Lab. .. 2hr». Goddin* Stall M TVV TF M TWTF Hosp. All students are required to have their Social Security numbers available at registration New students should contact the Admissions Office at the College no later than May 20 for Intersession and June 11 for Summer Sessions. For further information contact: REGISTRAR MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE CHARLESTON, W. VA. 25304 PHONE: 346-9471, ext. 209 1 I I, S "Hniholosic Technology |.V). Clinical ,, ....ITL- it §? S ' '~ ' .v iVaciices S (hrs (triiuluuV Mall M I W T h Hosp. ;.v t .;.;, \ ^::ft:»:S: : :S:i:f:S:i:i:-:^

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