The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 56
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 56

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

) ,v it . .... M 12 THE TV: JO URNAL i-i. ;.'- t' . . ; AUGUST 14 - 20 - . -t - rj : -- " ,', : - ; - : ...... , . . , ;' . ...v. . . - . - ; , , , ... 7 : I ,. gy? ' I ' SJk. life 1 , - By FRANCES DRAKE . . .Look ia the section in which your birthday comes,, and find - what your outlook is, according to the stars, for Saturday. Aug. IS, 1994. .- March 21 to April 29 (Aries) . You may not be able to com-i plete as - much as you desire, butdo what you can, and do. it : well. You will not weaken your position as " long: ' as . you put forth your best efforts., A powerful Mars influence warns , against being-overly aggressive. K April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) Get an early start if you would complete this day's . assignments and ; coHect the rewards. You are now assured of co - operation i from tboseTiq a ' position to help. ;.'".'; A ':' May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) Accentuate the positive, in your thinkings if -you would . ;make the ..real . advancement possible" now. Routine activities - may be ' happily supplemented by added . interests. Planetary ' aspects here favor the jnercur-lal, the sparkling. ' . June 22 to Jury 22 (Cancer) . Usually you recongnize op- - portunities and like to do something with them. This 4s a good day for grasping the best But do make some time' for rest and for relaxation.: ' ; ;' July 24 to August (Leo) You may run into some com plex situations now. Analyze VI carefully; discriminate betweea fact and fancy. Don't reject a proffered r idea before you'- have fully understood it. bow-. v UVW. ...:...';-i'.,."u;.. .-.-.x ir August, ,24 to ' September 22, c (Virgo) Work that enables", ' you to use your creative abilities and Inzenuirv should hrln vou '' great " pleasure now. .Why not . 0 rf launch an avocation along these lines which could eventual 1 y prove highly prof itableu ' September . 24 to October 22 ' (Libra) You -may have to : make soma sacrifices now, but 5- later you will be glad you did. Devote your 5 special . gifts to worthwhile causes and "many 7 happy returns'' will be yours. ": October. 24, to-Nevember 22 -(Scorpio)- Direct t interests 'and undertakings .'discerningly . w through the mixed channels of-fered. Use that quick - thinking . mind of yours to keep you out ' ' of unpleasant involvements, but . .- don't let impulsive action " get .-you Into1 undesirable situations. November 22 'to December 21 , (Sagittarius) Your talent for relhembering . and profiting by . experience can be applied ' smartly now. Jupiter' auspicious " 7 new ' records , can' be" setT But ,. i don't overtax yourself., '; ' December 22 to ' January Xt v (Capricorn) ' Yon will prob-' ably be more Interested In plans for the future than for weekend .'. merry - making. This is. all to ther good, since some fine, wp- portunities are in the offing, r January 21 to February 11 (Aquarius) " Break, your day r down to definite essentials and eliminate the unimportant Do not engage in untried projects except, where "dry runs" make ' ?them seem feasible. , . rcbruary 29 to March 2 (Pisces) Don't believe every- ! thing you hear now, , but look .for the - truth . and, when you '.. find . it, recognize it. respect ;k ' ' Rumors may be spread neither-- ,' ately. Good Opportunities in the " ', offing. . ;. "k': ; aa-: YOU BORN TODAY: Are en- i dowed with the innatel-qualitie V ' otJeadership; . are highly spiru- ' 'ed and . willing to Tight for the -- single - handedif necessary. : You are extremely compassion- ; A-ate'- toward your fellowmen. sometimes let your, sympathy ".' V run away with -you. Try to bp ' ' more realistic and direct your generosity, jonly into the right r ' channels. LeoifesTmake extraA" ordinarily briUiant executives, .deft surgeons, able trial lawyers and ; are skilled in practically -all branches of the entertain-:' ment field. Birthdate- oh Sir - Waker Scott, . novelist. ' . aa ; Far Sunday, August it, 1992 r March 21to April 2f (Aries). An energetic ally may come . to your, support, personally or financially. Push alt worthwhile alms. Especially favored: group activities, outdoor pursuits, or- . ganlzationai interests. ' .'U ; : ,..'. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) - A vital period. Most en-deavors should prosper, ' b u t . think before you speak or act.; And do avoid extremes. There is a trend now to the unusual, even the bizarre. A A ,UMay 122 to June ,11 (Gemini), This day calls for your warm, hopeful and cheerful side, to aid' i others and yourself through the ' mazes.' intricacies and compiexi- ; t'ues Ot DM preseni. wui bium prooiemsneea special care.. ,? fj. ? to T ""I (5ancer) e r- Bf?c"c,cnt ln"uencef, mnnuia nnui voh' iu m u i v us xia. t - problems readily now. But don t be carried away ;by your; vivid p imagination which; p r o p e r ly directed, can bring you g r e a t success. f-v'- ' " July. 24' to August 23 (Leo) -With .your personality and persuasiveness, you can be an effective .influence when ' stumbling blocks have been put up. Fine solar influences stimu- i late your, spirit of enterprise. ... - . August w fHrmocr (Virgo) A number of thing. wiU have to be organized be- , ' lore you can proceed ef Helen:-ly. Emphasize composure, delicacy of approach, calmness in discussion..- '. September 24 to October' 22 (libra) . Certain situat Ions could annoy IF you permit. Be philosophical in all matters. Where can you Improve methods to Insure better days ahead? Look forwardV-never back. ? -October 24 to November 22 ' (Scorpio) Mars beneficient. Follow a flexible program, geared smartly to needs of the day. Present new ideas, briefly and . lucidly. Expect, the unexpected. " -November 22 to December 21 (Sagittarius). Avoid a present fJndSaUon toward imjusive. ness. In moment of stress. . SL07.. DOWN ; rather than J take sieps to a position from 1 -which it may be hard to ex- tricate yourself.'.Strive, for pr- fectlon.'V :- ..' V Deceaiber 22 to Jaauary 29 , (Capricorn) Generous planet- C v ; . . v aiy influences stimulate you r artistry and imagination. Use both well, and the rewards please. Reach into the unusual; . study improved methods-. Keep . emotions under firm contro. January 21 to February" It (Aquarius) Differences of . opinion need not result, in needless -rifts. Get together with - those concerned and, with calm-:: ness and your innate sense-of humor, you can' straighten out "any situation. Just don't get ex-' ckedlV r-:':$4l:y,& !-' ' February 29. - to March 29 ; (Piscus) A time for listening f Sl.'ZlVr phasize your special brand of -enthusiasm and take delight in even the smallest of gains. C YOU BORN TODAY are en-i dowed with fine mental abilities; ; and . rarely top; all your resources during a lifetime. You ,' have a dynamic personality, are ; usually exuberant, and e n t h u- siastic, but may. drift into moodi---ness. at : times. Idealistic . and friendly, you are also ertreme-, ly generous with both time and' "money Here you nay have to pull in the reins at times since ''you can go overbroard in your altruisnT. Birthdate of: Jean de la Bruyere, French writer. For Monday, Aug. 17, lt4. March 21 to April 2t, (Aries)" .. Don't be remiss in attend-big to - small . matters, 'even 'lJ- though v 'big, -ones ' may ; arise unexpectedly Don't -let anyone or ' i ta-thinc stamnede vou 0 . thinking , that you, cannot rl handle assignmenu or that you cannot make gains. You CAN! iii"i .April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) , Aim for - a brisk, . efficient ; start,.even 'in f minor matters, to free self for clearer thinking, useful J discussions later m the day. X good period for launch-Vlng new ideas,- methods. ". laf 22 to June 21-(Gemini) t-, Some t admonitions , for, this ' day: Be " alert to " those who would mislead vou. do not ex- 'i vevi hiw uiavu ui uv , w mj ui operation from others, and hw M,r.iM - fcll mtfortM down iim' drain." Taking such, precau- Hons, " you can make' a good ' go of things.' - ' ' June 22 to Jury 22 (Cancer) . Put your schedule into prop--: er f order, ; then take it on enthusiastlcaily. Don't put forth -' a new idea without considering all . the : angles. Respect com-! petition enough to tackle it with j j confidence, v v:.;1-. . " July 24 to August 22 (Leo) i Your vocational activities will ,"' 'be your best source of satisfaction now. Lead without seem- -1 ing ' to," as ' the Leoite can do so well, but be mmdful of the . t.c Mx, cerned. " August 24 to ' September 22 (Virgo) i- Searching for off- beat avenues toward ' achievement could lead you astray now. : The. rass on the other side of the fence is NOT at-ways greener. Do the best. you ! COUNTRYTIME '- . , . , , .... ': , CBC farm commentator . George Atkins and Toronto student Linda Spry explore some of the ' wonders of nature on the national edition of Coun-trytime, Saturday, Aug. 15. The program includes a ; trip to the natural science school on. Toronto Island where grade six school pupils are allowed to spend wees aurmg uie year. IHtHIIHIIHlfflWnUllllttnflflWfl can in your own field and gains will be yours.: .;..-t : ' ' September 24 to October 22 " (Libra) - Out of the "impor- tant" - things you planned, ! is there not really only a small 1 . percentage which, sire truly vi- tal? Revise, your- list NOW If ryouishould, and1 eliminate ail ' non "essentials., v.- .-..-'......', n October 24 to' Nevember 22 (Scorpio) You may count'on this to be one of your more memorable days.' Look for some - unexpectedly pleasant- news v and some heart .- warming recognition for past, efforts. . : . . ' ' Nevember 22 to December 21 (Sagittarius) A beneficent v Jupiter beams on your better ; efforts now. Especially favored: -. business ; and - financial affairs, organizational .Interests, , satis-, factory .'conclusions' to complex - negoUaUons." M - '-r. ; :' .. . , '.December 22 to- January 29 (Capricorn) Dally , and you . wilt be left at the post;. hurry A excitedly - and you .may over-, .reach your-target or lose pre--i clous gains along the way. Follow the' sound "middle road.' - January 21 to February 19 (Aquarius) The start of a new week, calls for . some reviewing as to aims-and. pro-' cedures. Plan your . schedule .-. smartly.-; leaving out, all . non-' essentials and, , In -your , usual capable way, you can achieve ... top gains, j '.:--r' : i February 29 to March 21 If MINNOWS FROGS ; . I4v aaa rrasa ........ ic TROUT. WORMS if Dmv WORMS. . ': CRAWFISH " ' ,' "Always Available . FISHERMAN'S WHARF ' " Livt Dtt Smpph 7S1A Somerset St. W. 23S-AS4S itnnuwouiuuuuuuiiui8uniuR0inRiiuninur (Pisces) Your inner' strength ii may be tested now.; There are '. some complex situations to face but, with your Innate optimism : , ; and your , remarkable , intuition, you should , find a. way to solve " -;. them..-; -,. . 'rwb 't- . H - YOUR BORN TODAYr . Are highly : enthusiastic ' about ' doing ' "big" things Uii and do them " weU. ;In fact, once you have . .y properly v cultivated your talents 4. and have learned self-dlscioline. - there is i practically no height to .which . you . cannot attain. t Your versatility is' remarkable, v and you could succeed in al-v most any field to your liking, vwhether it be professional, business or artistic You must, how ever, curb tendencies toward impulsiveness -and , bossiness. u. Birthdate of David - Crockett. i-t frontiersman. :--C V ' h o ... ' Production; Notes r-. It could only happen In Holly . wood. Mexican actress E I s a Cardenas, whoj speaks perfect , .English, had coached' in speaking dialect, "broken". English for her starring role S v. i . I Joanie Sommers recently felt las though she were ' doing a musical version of ,Tbe Longest Day." She had to repeat one song 25. times for "The Lively Set' before ' director Jack Ar- j nold got a satisfactory takei CAtlWASH 1357 BA!.X ST. - At nu tfm nmiaft Bri4f Shfrlg CMttr . : Open Da2y 8 aim. to f pjnT Friday Nights TU 7 p ju. ,

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