The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1918
Page 3
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, FEBRUARY IS, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THHJBia, SCOTTDALE CHURCH HONORS ITS i£N WHOAREATFRONT Baptist* TJniyell Service Flag tor Those in Military and . ' · - and Naval Service. GOD IS GUIDING THE WAR 'Q.'.TM. ,Sw«aii»gei Tens Luge Aadle'ce nat the Allicn, on the SMe.ttf Blgkt, Are S»PB;to tri- natph; A«to»obtle Burns; Jfotw. Special to This- Courier. ' · SCOTTDALE, Feb. IS.--One- of the most impressive and .interesting services ever.'held here was'ihe ]atriotlc service- held in the - First- Baptist jfcluirch yesterday : afternoon in con- nection'with the dedication of a ser- vice'flag:' The address was eiven by Judge J. Q; Van Swearingen of -llnjon- town,'. He spoke on. the war. saying that Cod holds'-the guiding hand in this war and that right is bound to win as it did in the Revolutionary aad Civil Wars. He .said taat this country was the most righteous country on .the globe and pointed out a number of reasons why ; it was," citing incident after incident in thls^terribl'e war that not a boy .who ·had'a'star-bn .that flag would be guilty of since he was God-fearing and had been raised to that. A number, of the Italian boys have their names on ^the service.flag and the Italian band'played several good numbers.;' . . . . . On Uie.seryiie flag are the names of · the following:' Allen D. Green, Ralph - Bfctler; and . Charles , Edgar Kromer. "United'States Navy! George P. Reid -and Edward Kelly.'in France; Charles Titterington, James Clafkson, H. Mar-tin Lee, Charles E. Murphy. Camp Hancock, Ga.; Dr. C. H. Poole, Dr. Dl IE..Griffith, Charles D. Miller and William J. Fetter, Medical Beserve corps; .Edward W. Uowe,.Field Hospital,.San i Antonio, Tezas; Frank P. Miller," He-' .placement Engineers, Washington, D. 'p.; ,Russell Z. Eicher t Fort McPherson;.Harry M. Reed, Fort Ogiethorpe; : W31Hani'Percy, Ordnance Department; · J. R. Stauffer and Harry Brooks, West Point, N. Y.; Ermengildp Belmoute. Camp Gordon; Antonio DeRosa, Columbus, Ohio; Albert Xincucci, Tunis, Arizona; - Peitro Carral, 'William Eoi- . Ussoi, Camp Lee; Francesco and Gre: sorio Leonardo, Francesco Cappalian- " ca, Gftrado Malpido, Onogrio.. lozzo-r '. lino, Suiseppe* Slbille, Massimo Mayer, Antoiio Fortnattaro, War Zone, Italy. : AvtoKoMle Is B»rneL ' - Last evening an automobile belonging t the repairmen ot the Bell Tele- phor* company stored at the Central Ante, company garage, caught on fire and although chemicals were used, the ante .was entirely consumed before thejflames could be extinguished, A ; lig««J..l»ntern was in the car and Tram .th'e-gas was turned on an cx- pl^ao«/-followed,' setting fire to the mchiae. ' IiCetare Postponed. !*e lecture that Captain De Bean- fot was to have given forMhe Saturday Afentoon club in the Reformed church Us evening has been postponed, he hiviag been unable to come on account c* diplomatic reasons. The Birtk of a Katioo.", Cox Theatre, Mount Pleasaat, ihmday, February 18, "Tho Birth of i Watton." Matinee 2J.5; uight 6.30 ind,9 P. M., Seats now on sale. Bell and Toe; children, Zoc; night, 50c, 75c and H.OO---Adv.--16-2t. . Note*. - . . Mrs. Mafalon Stantx .spent the weekend visiting at Uie home ot Attorney and Mrs."Z. T. Silris of Greensburg. where her sister, Mrs. E. M. DeWalt aad family ol Pittsburg were also guests. Caroline Eicher, who has completed a four year course of. training as £he Children's hospital at Washington, D. C, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. TT. Eicher; -SLEEVELESS COAT FOB THE. COXQTG SUMMER. DOCTORS FAILED TO HELP But Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Removed the Cause of this Woman's lUriets. Convenient credit* if desired. Savings range from /0% to 33%. : Here is one of the nev sleeveless coats developed in rose vedvet and worn T^iui a white cloth skirt and silfc skirt. These coals come in vory bright shades aiict add considerably to an oxherwise siiorple outfit. Worcester. Mass.--"I took Lydia E. · i Pinkham's Vegetable Compound f o r n ; , · ·· - ' · weakness and painii which'used to keep' | 'me .in .bed for two days each month. I tried many doctors without benefit until I was real)y discouraged. -My mother urged me to, take Lydia E. Pinkham's V e g e t a b l e Compound "as it had ' helpedherBomnch. I ! did 80 and soon saw \ a change for., the , , better. I kept on ! ' takingitandamnow [ ' ,80 well and strong \ , . that I can do all my j housework, .even niy washing and I have' a Httie baby who is as healthy as I i could ask--thanks to yonr Vegetable ! Compound.';--Mrs. F. H. STONE, 24 ' Bowdoin St, Worcester, Mass. . I ! Women who ruffer from displace- ! ments, irregularities, inflammation, ulceratiqn, backache, headaches and Bervouness shouldlose no time in giving this fiunoos root and feerb remedy, I Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- j j pound, a trial. ' ! FEBRUARY \ x (foe Tfiusalhres Your Child's Skin will be free from chafing-, scalding eruptions and all soreneaa if you use Sykw Comfort Powder FM more thin 25 vein it bis beta healing ·rid prerentiaf ikm rareness. 2Ec at the Vlnol arid other druo storo. The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Mm. "THE AVBNGEJG TRAIL"--Based on Henry Oven's novel of the North wooda. Gaston Olat, . with Harolil LockwoodJ the prominent screen star. in the leading role, ia being presented today. A -great many oE the' scenes were photographed -with no little amount of difficulty. Those were ihi winter scenes which' -were 'made when the wow -was falling with early, winter heaviness. The setting .of · the story lends itself particularly well to i pretty scenery. The action is laid in a Northern lumber locality daring the winter and early spring, and, as ii the, case in that country snows cover the 'ground during the period; ''The Avenging Trail," is a vigorous drama, the fight scenes being another great feature. For the mob scenes the eu- tire : crew o( lumiberjaicks from the camp in which Mr. Locfcwood -was working was requisitioned and their number was supplemented by scores of other-InmberJRcks working in'near- by camps. : Sally Crute and .''other screen stars of prominence are seen in ths suprpon of Mr. Loctwood. Tomorrow Mrs. Vernon Castle, supported by Elliot Dexter, will appear in "Stranded in Arcady." On Wednesday Dorothy Phillips Trill be featured in "Broadway Ixive and on Thursday "Gates ot Gladness." featuring Madge Evans and a two reel comedy, with Boscoe (Fa}ty) Arbnckle in the leading role will be shown.' THE SOISS05 CAPTAIN lICffTY DIES Forser XeveniUde JUn Stricken at I,o«isTillc Hospital. ' Funeral services for Captain Milton T. Lichry, formerly of Meyersdale, who lied Thursday at the base hospital at Louisville, Ky., were held -yesterday iltemoon in the Epworth Memorial Methodist Episcopal church in Cleveland. · . ·· '; ., , Captain Lichty was born at Meyers- lal« in 1870. For the past 10 years no had been located in Cleveland. He 3nlisted in the Medical Officers H*- ierve Corps last summer and immefli- itely began duty'eipert esam- ;ner in 'the inbercTttosis department. He leaves a wldaw, Mrs. Ella Dunlap Uchtjr »nd two'daughters. Jliss'Ruth md MBS Jean L'ichtj. Mrs..D. F. Wal : cer-'of* Rockwood is..a.sister. - . . Alien us«d. In The Daily Courier mi- sayj bring resnltx Try tb«c. FDR HE , Try Musterole. See How Quickly It Relieves , You just rub-Moatarole in briskly, and MiaOy the. pain U gone--a delickwa, wottanc comfort comes to tie its place. Muatcnic is a dean, white ointment; cnade with oil of mustard. Use it instead if maunt plaster. 'Will not blister. 1 . Many doctors and nurses use Muster- jle-md recommend it to their patients. : They wffl gladly tell you rrtat reUef it yva'ttam sore throat, bronchitis, croup, itiff neck, asthma, .neuralgia, congestion, ileurisT, rheucatism, lumbapo, pains and itches of the back or joints, sprains, sore nude* onuses, chilblains, frosted feet, aids c/.the chest-· pt- often prcventt pocunomaX Wwajs 'dependable. ·· 30 and ttciira; hMptalake R50. "MASTER AND MAN."--Owing to the failure of the Adams Express company to deliver the manuscript of Hall Caine's play, "The Christian," to the Henhaitan Players, the Manhattans will otter an eually high-class success, "Master and Man," for the three days commencing with the matinee today. "Master and Man" is a powerful story dealing with the everlasting struggle between capital and labor. The whole idea is so original and interesting tiat playgoers will agree on. this being one of the best plays ever presented by their favorite Thespians. Following "Master and Man," the Manhattan Playera^w'ill .be seen in a sensational TViite Slave play, ."'WJiy Girls Go Wrong." It should be remembered that "The Christian" will positively be produced as soon as the manuscript is delivered at the Scisson. -will no longer be dark on Tuesdays. OKPHUUM XHEAJKE. "THE GHOST HOUSE."--A drunken bank, robber in the garret, two frightened, girls, on. the second- floor, and a youus man being initiated into a college fraternity .on .the first floor in a haunted'nouse.- ThisVis the condition at the opening-of the "Ghost House," a.Paramount,Picture' with Jact Pickford and. Louise^Huff: in the stellar roles. . ""Damaged'. No , Goods," an amusing WilliaraEoi comedy, will also be shown! · Tomorrow Vivian Martin is featuredln the Paramount .pic^ turp, "The Troable, Buster." Wednesday yirginia Pearson stars in the Wil- Ijiim^Fox drami, 'The^Stblen Honor." . T H E ABCADE. . "IN'-BON BpN-TOWN."^The Bon Bon Ile^e\company, Tech Murdock ' and/Iris--.Kennedy,.; 6pen .a ·vveek|s..engagem.erit at-, the Arcade this afternoon. 'The' offering.-today^and tomorrow, will be .the.'musical-',cbntcc- | lion;-"In' ; Son -Ton- Town," 'a college boy show -wila many' ".-unusual'.- features! The^company also'includes the JMijr'dbck' 'Brothers,, eccentric.'.aancers, the Die .'Jazz Four, ·harmony, singers, Eddie. Harris and -Roily Lockhart. This company come from "Washington where, it. has played to capacity hbuses all week.. .The chorus are some-steppers and the song numbers are .new. Bilile Class Convention. The second' annual convention of the organized- Bible classes of Somerset county will be held ; -in the United Brethren church at Somerset Thursday.- Horning, afternoon and evening sessions have been.arranged. Who to Patronize. | Merchants who advertise their good* I fhe Daily, Courier: . . . . . . . . . ,| 480 SHIPS Were Sent Across Witli Tons of Supplies as Kesult of Hetlcss 21uuday. NETW YORK, Feb. 18.--In an address delivered'here Saturday night Fuel . Administrator Garfieiil stated that'as a result-of the closing order ·tSO ships, carrying; more than 2,000,000 tons ;of food, fuel and munitions and other "war supplies, which had been tied up in Atlantic po-ts, were bunkered and sent to sea from January 17, the day the order became effective, to January 29. The flow of supplies necessary to the American expeditionary forces and the Allies bad been reestablished. In addition, the railroads --ere cleared for important shipments of steel and-other commodities to factories, without whfch-the most essential war industries would havfi .been closed. If you care about saving you cannot afford to miss this Sale ' , ' - . ' ' . . .' ..' ( Aaron's February Sale is giving you some wonderful opportunities- making it possible for you to buy good qualify, dependable, service- giving Housefurnishings at savings of 10^ to 33 % . These reductions are made on our regular stocks--Six Big Floors of reliable Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Housefurnishings. Every article has the original as well as the February Sale Tag attached--telling you at a glance just how much you save by buying now. Every article purchased during this Sale is backed up by the usual Aaron "satisfaction guarantee." And you are also welcome to use our convenient charge account system,if you desire, which makes the matter of payments very easy and convenient. Four Big Stores that save you money. Connellsviile's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Goods held for future delivery. Service Aprons Come Into Their Own MUST DIVIDE Hoirdwl Flour IVlth. Those Who Are Without a Supply. The Food Administrator has issued orders to the county /administrators to redistribute hoarded flour, discovered in communities where temporary scarcity of aubstituto cereals has Interfered Tritb, tie sale of wheat flour according to the 50-50 rule, to persons who have no flour. It is stated that the non-arrival of TThcat substitutes, because oC railway congestion, will be cleared .up In a. week or two. · PERRY MINISTER RESIGNS Bev. C. G. Hnlfer Accept* Call to Charlerol Clinrch. Rev. C. G. Hufler, pastor of the Christian church at Perryopolis has resigned to accept the pastorate of the Christian, church at Charlerol. The resignation has been accepted and the pastor will at once enter upon the new work. Rev". Huffer came to Perryopolis three and a half years ago. During that time the church was enlarged and a modern parsonage was erected. BUILDERS TO USE TREENAILS How Fnmnwrk of Shipi Under Construction for Uncle Sim Will Bt Held Together. The framework of the -wooden ships which are now, being bnilt for the United State!) Emergency corporation will not be held by even a single metal nail. Thex will be pinned together with, treenails cnt from the trunks of live oak or yellow locust trees. There are two or three causes for the use of wooden noils. One is the great need of iron aatl steel to other lines of war activity where wood coeJd not be used, and another Is that the wooden pin is lighter than a metal one and lew expensive. Each ship's hull will require 300,000 of the treenails, -anS they w i l t - b e fastened in place by splitting each end and driving in'a white oak wedge. Each ship will require 000,000 wedges. It Is said that the wooden pins are more quickly pot In place tMn are metal ones., : . · . Treenails are : 24 Inches long, an Inch and a quarter in diameter and perfectly round. They are used to fasten the planks to the boat frames. Soon after a vessel is launched the pin* swell to a snug fit In the framework. · Timber for the ships comes from the'sawmills in 60-foot slabs M Inches through, and is then worked into the different sizes for the framework and siding'. · . . . IF YOU HAD A NECK AS LOIfO AS THIS FELLOW, AND HAD SORE THROAT TONS I LINE TODAY AT THE S01SSON A I'Jay for the Masses "Master and MAn" A Story of the Everlasting Struggle Between « Capital and La A WO-XDEEFL'L PLAY This Play will be .produced owing to the failure of the express company to deliver the script of "The Christian." MGHTS, 20c AX1) :iOc.- MATINEES, lOc A'I) 20c. bidfe ol scrrlee, In these times when only service of some kini.1 counts, the apron, has come Into Its own. All woinen don the aprons chat signify real work la to be done by their 'wearers, with a dejr» of saOstnct'.on and pride which the nandsomeat eTenic.g gown cannot hope to rival. Aprons iire classified by the mnteMala nsed In them and by design and color Into the rarl- ous corts of serrlee aprons besides those that are, made for wear at home In the occupations that demand service there. Chambray, gingham and percale fnr- nlsh the goods for service aprons with other duruble weaves-, in the list of arailables. Pique, cretonne and printed cottons lend their touches of white or bright colors In collars, cuds and pocket* and wide, old-fnshlonea rlck- raok braid , has been reenrrected to take the place of-honor as a finish on. aprons for wear at home. Starting out with these, there are "bungalow" aprons, so cheery looking that one Is tempted to acquire one. and boy a bungalow to match it. One of these li shown in the picture. It is of striped percale with deep cuffs and collar of white pique. It does not open'itraight down tie front but folds over from right to left, with the right side trimmed Into n point. It fastens with a button at the left side,'is pro-, vlded with a capacious pocket and held' In place by a flat belt of the percale', which fastens in front with button* and buttonholes. Tie belt slips through slashes In the apron and jcod- estly hides Its good work In support- Ing the garment This trick of the belts Is featured In other styles. The prettiest of bungalow aprons Is of blue chambray with collar and cuffs of gay cretonne edged with white rickrack braid. Across the front a big pocket 'of cretonne looks like a knit- Sng bag attached to the apron. It auggests thiit the wearer will always have her knitting or her sewing at hand. Aprons for "clerical service" in war work are mnde o£ dark gray chambrny and are really plain one-piece dresses. thnt fasten -witn small pearl or bone buttons. Their sleeves are finished with a band at the wrtat. For "conservation service," that Is for one's own housework, aprons of bine chambrny are shown with large chambrbj- pockets and. deep 'cuffs and collar of white piqne. The apron Is cut. straight at the front and buttons over from right to left The belt slips through slashes as in. th« apron Illustrated. . · , ' There !B n "refreshment service" dress of blue and -white striped chambray. with white collars, and cuffs. It is worn with a white serving apron wherever Its owner Is called upon to serve food to soldiers or in the Interest of. war work. PARAMOUNT JHEATOE TODAY METRO PRESENTS EVERYBODY'S PAVOK1TE, . HAROLD LOCKWOOD IN . ' . ' ' " "THE AVENGING TRAIL" A METRO WONDKRPLAY IX 5 ACTS. KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. 'ALSO P1TTSBURG PRESS WEEKLY, SHOWLNG LATEST EVENTS. --TOMORROW-- PATHE PRESENTS 51B.S. VERNON CASTLE IN. "STRANDED IN ARCADY" SOCIETY PLAY IN 6 ACTS. ' ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. S AGENTS ENTJJttTAl5J31). Scottdale Woman is Hostess in Honor| of Husand. | SCOTTDALE, Feb. 18.--Mrs. J. A.; Watson entertained the state ot the; Prudential Insurance coinpayn ai a| (J o'clock dinner ut her home in Uie j Overholt apartments in observance of j her husband's birthday anniversary. The staff presented Mr. and Mrs. Watson with a beautiful gas lamp. Those at the dinner were Assistant Superintendent G. ~SV. Gordon, Agents J. F. Merrill, J. A. SheDpard. J. G. XMinger, Russell Canose, A. C. Phillips, R. C. MeKee sdn J. A. Watson, Miss Emma Dick, clork. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Max. Miss Lillian E. Barron BLISS N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS Mr. E. H. Brush, of C a l i f u r n i a , say.« he has oCtec been relievtrd of KIDNEY TROUBLE by t a k i n g HMsrf N a t i v e t Herb Tablets, j the- u n j y standard hert** remedy. II?··'. h'aji :ila f o u n d it b c t i f c f i c i u l for Cu-1 .turrh, Con.«Ltpatiou u n d Indi^ttHt ion. i A ij-reat . .' Kidney and Liver Regulator! G-uar:intued to B'lve watisfutition of ! money refunded. Kvery g e n u - /^-v i I:u- tablet aoninijis i))i.s (fi/ trakc- m a r k · N^^ 1 Price S l - D O per bo:c oC 200 tablftts. Sold by A. A. Clarke and i^cjjj nxenls everywhere. ORPHEUS THEATRE TODAY Jesse l.- Lasky Presents JACK PIC'KFORD and LOUISE HUFF- in - THK GHOST HOTJSE" . . . . ! . ' . ' . " · . "Damaged No Good:,," a Roaring."Win. Fox Comedy. T03IOKROW V I V I A N MARTIN IN "THK '1'KOl'HLH BCSTElf and Jliss. Marj" Barron, the last nam: ed oC Tar'-n fllicu lou Tfant Advertise in our Classified' Column:' ^TO newspaper can succeed with. 11 out advertising, therefore we. solicit the patronage of our readers for those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible, COAL Good Co«l. - 1'roDipl Service, full BcJI Pjiojio 152 o r .1C2, TH-St«t« GT6.

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