The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 18, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Bert Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 7OL.16, NO. 84. CONNE2LLSVHJJ3, PA. MONDAY" EVENING, FEBRUARY 1918. EIGHT PAGES. EARING GAS MASK PERSHING FRATERNIZES WITH SAMMIES IN FRONT LINE TRENCHES erkan Commmnder-ln-Chlei p«nd.s Two Days IB Going Over the Lines. I NY PERILOUS PLACES ^right's Air R»id (Her loa- · Cost lives of 11 Persons, OKU Bvpert Today Says; Robertson tb*m«*t Cause of atoch Commext. By Associated ^ress. £TH THE AMEBICAN ABMY IN ?WK, Feb. IS.;-- General Pershing completed a two days' inspection IB American, sector northwest of In a. "tin hat" with a gas mask is over his chest. e American commander-in-chief ed through all the first line ·ies, splashing through the mud slipping on the ice. He dropped i into the dugouts and visited bat- 3 busy hurling iron rations at the iy. e general also appeared in regi- a] headquarters in a dugout in. a which has been, riddled by shells. colonel was not there at the time he commander-in-chief called tor ench and other orders and all pa- He sat down and read through · onji of them. In the dugout THIEF GETS MUTT BOX BTJT SHOES AB.E 1EPT BEH1SD. SpeclaJ to The Courier SCOTTDALE, Feb. 18.--On Saturday evening while tie clerka in Miller's shoe store fcere were busily engaged m waiting on trade, a rear window was. opened and a band came in the window. A box that contained shoes was pulled out through tbe window. The end ·was out of the box aud as the box was pulled ttroagh the shoes dropped out and the ihief got away with, only the empty box. 25 CASES AGAINST UMONTOWNBANK ON MARCH LIST Foreign Depositors in Tirst Jfat- iooal Bank Claim Total of $75,000. WHERE AMERICA SOLDIERS ARE FIGHTING AND LEARNING ARTILLERY WORK IN FRANCE PRESIDENTS DEMAND FOR END OF STRIKE IS rai 9ershing suggested some tew In Its Statement of Labor's War Aims; PmssisBlsin Must Be Defeated ana Victory Von By labor. Uy Associated fress. TVASHIGTON, Feb. 18.--The action TO GET DIVIDENDS Snits Over Street Paring itf Connell.v Tille Also to Be Ueard at the March 'Jem, Along With Others Vrom Ttis City and Nearby Places,. Twenty-five cases, aggregating claims of about $75,000. against the First National Bank of Umontown are scheduled for trial during the March term of common pleas court which will open Monday, March 4. The defendants for .the most part are foreigners whom their attorneys claim were defrauded of large sums by bank officials when their money was taken on promissory notes in such a manner as tho ignorant alien was left en- j tirely in the dark and BOW has failed j to share in the bank dividends. According to the attorneys for the plaintiffs the foreigners placed their money in the First National Bank with the firm belief that it was to go on interest. "When they failed to receive dividends with other depositors, they consulted attorneys who found that of President Wilson, m issuing a sharp j C n « e ° rneya w ° oun t a rebuke to the striking shipyard work- " . °J havin s money one deposit, ers. as contamed in a to t had to show Cor their money jes here and there and in the'general president of the Brotherhood ^ a s a J romisso 'T D «e » Ueir bank hes he aJsa l directed that some' of Carpenters and Joiners, which con- ooaK ! changes be made. eluded with the challenge, "Will you cooperate or will you obstruct?" was ( very opportunely backed up by a, de- M)X XKWSPAPEBS ' 05 ARMT CHA5GES, NDON, Feb.. 18.--The idea that ublic is attempting to dictate to overnment what its military pol- lall b* or who shall be employed rry it out is deprecated by the Chronicle in an editorial on the "ion brought about by the augment that General Robertson een retired as chief of the im- staft. ie task is one for the responsible cers," it says, "ana while it ij to parliament to change the mill- no circumstances hare been dis- i in, ths present instance which nt "such an upheavals* · Ttmea, remarking that the »rc- ' in Commons plet'e* conviction, has been, a storm aggeraiions and political in- · over what seems to have ben 3t natural and cornmoasense ar- ment. till seems probable that Premier George will make his promised aent on Tuesday although it is Jed as possible that circumstao.- lay impel him to speak todtvy. thstandlng the cold from which suffering. K1UUEB MHfDOX AIR KAIB vDOIV", Feb. IS.--Eleven persons killed and four injured in the, act. attack in London on Saturday, Announced officially. German planes attempted to at- London on Saturday night, but claration, of the war aims of American trades unionism in a statement issued yesterday by the executive council of the American Federation of Labor. The outstanding features of this declaration were as follows: "A gigantic struggle lies ahead, and now is a time when all workers must soberly face the grave importance at their daily work. "Vfe are face to face with a world crisis. We are in a world struggle which will determine for the immediate future whether principles of democratic freedom or principles of force shall dominate. The decision wt)l determine not only the destiny of nations, .but of every community and of every individual. No life will be untouched. J 'The hope of labor lies in opportunity for freedom. Tie workers of America will not permit themselves to be deceived or deceive themselves into j thinking the fate of the war will not vitally change our own lives. "The worker that fastens the rivets in building the ship is performing just as necessary war service to our republic as the sailor who takes the ship across or the gunner in the trenches. "This is a time when all workers must soberly face the grave importance of their daily work and decide industrial matters with a conscience mindful of the world relation of each "This matter of vorIG democracy ip of vital interest to laicr. ^abor /s not at serf or a party. It represents the invincible desire for greater opportunity of the masses of all nations. one succeeded in reaching thej "The problem of production indis- 1. Tils raider dropped one) pensable to' preventing unnecessary in the southwestern district. One! slaughter of fellow-men is squarely up 3 German planes tell into the to all workers--aye, to employes and On Sunday night London was again, a number of bombs be- ·opped in the city. EDIENCE MANDATORY u»trat«r Vkili -lot Tulorate t»s- lvu.t n Jt'uotl Order. t any rule or regulation issued / aiUQori^ett agcut oi the United Food Aclruuiieiration is ef- aw at the United States gov- employers and production depends upon materials. '.'This is labor's war. It must be won by labor and every stage in the fighting and the final victory roust be to count for humanity. That result only can justify the awful sacrifice." nt and if violated is pumsnable penalties provided by the J^ever' ad fuel bill, is emphasized in a SHIPIABD STBffiE IS CALLED OFF WASHINGTON. Feb. 18.-- Workmen. in the shipyards at New York, Baltimore and elsewhere, which had been affected by the strike of carpenters other workmen because of in- scales ,. ent to In preparing the cases agains't the First National Bank, the plaintiffs' attorneys contend that the bank is held People at home are no more favorod in the matter or regulas mail service responsible for fraud perpetrated by any of its officers and thus an effort i/ being made to recover. Attorneys John Duggau, Jr., and H. S. Dumbauld each have eight cases, while several other prominent members of the bar have prepared emially strong cases for the presentation to the court. It is estimated that regard- from abroad than are their friends on less of how the cases are decided the decision, will finally rest with the Supreme court. In all cases the law firm of Sterling, HIgbee ~ Matthews is counsel for the. defendant bank, represented by Receiver John H. Strawn. Four cases against the City of ConnellsvHler two each broui Officers Engaged in Terretfog Out Extensive Express Bobberies. jn ib Said Thousand', of Uollnrs "VTortli of i Goods USM; Been iitolco DnrinG ihe 1 Fast Six 3;uiit!is; Severn] oi tlie fle- ' icnilants Arc Sow Oat tader. Hall. According to the reports .from General Pershing"o headquarters in France our troops aro facing the Hun at the picturesque spot in France shown m the upper phtojrjph.J The dispatches say that they are holding the part qf the front to the northwest of Tout This would indicate that liey are probably on a sector of the famous St. Mihiel salient. The -niagmncent chateau of the eleventh century atFonnlimcbieiu sliown below is where tie Americans are training under French, instructors for commission m the artiilery. NEARLY ALL THE WOMEN "OVER HERE" WEAR BLACK, CHARLES M'KEVITT WRITES "We get a 10 days' furlough when we have beea here four mouths,' he writes, betraying some sign of looking the other side with their mail from i forward to that event with longing. home. If the writers have formed tho ] "Wiieu I get mine I expect to go to an appeal from viewers are on the list for Thursday, April ·). On Monday. April S, will be heard the trespass action of Harold H. Hall and others against the "Western Maryland railroad company while on the following flay one of the most interesting hearings will perhaps he the assumpsit case in which Catherine Ann Buttermore is the plaintiff and Fred Miller the defendant The case of the Connellsville Iron Works against the Etna Connellsville Coke company and the Indian Creek Coal and Coke company against W. R. McCartney will be aired. William H. Showman's appeal from the award of the viewers in the case against the school district ot Connellsville will be heard Monffay, April 15. The last case of the March session is that of the Warrick Coal company against the Indian Creek Valley railroad company, scheduled for Thursday, April 25. habit ot writing at legular intervals, their letters accumulate before a mail steamer sails and they arrive here in bundles This was ilustrated a few days ago when the home folks of Sergeant Charles A. McKevitt, Quartermaster ClerkSvJJnited Slates-National Army, American Expeditionary Forces, received four letters beginning one dated January 19. Sergeant McKevitt is stationed Paris and London. "Would like to go to Dundalk, but that would be out of the way and maybe I could not gel, naek in time. "You need not bother about sending! tobacco. "We cau buy it Iteie, a'nd I j have resorted to using a "Missouri t Meerebaurn." (corn cob.l Keep on '· sanding the papers. If I get them I will be O. K." In his letter of January 29 Sergea 1VEECK JZ£A1tS CUOWD AS'B PATRONS' DAI' AT 1 OHIOPI'LE IS ,1 FIZZLE. Geoige Skinner, principal of the Oii'opi ic schools, reported to County Superintendent of Schoo'Ss. John S. Carroll, that patrons' day on last Friday *as a complete failure, tins being due, he claims, 10 the Western Maryland wreck, occurred that morning at Ohiopyle. The patrons became so interested in the wreck that they forgot to visit the schools. Se^eial pi eminent you men of the cuy a;u uuJA'i bail on a charge of laicenj from tae Weils-Fargo Express company, and another, a negro, v. ho is L)les«] to ha\e been in league with them is still in jail. It is charged that petty U'ie*ing from tae express company has been gimg on for sis monUn and firallj cviramateJ in the arrest of pan of the youus men Thursday. Tle'VOTt'; are thai at least 52,000 worth o£ goorts was stolen fiom tbe express com^an YTtearing apparel , nd eatables are sa:d to have been Liken. Thp young men i n . the case are ^bari^ed wKh l?-rerjj of different articles. Soinc arc alleged to have stolen eggs Vmch vrecr sold to a res- tauiant rnau of the city. Others were arrested for takuig sweaters and overcoats. It is likely that a settlement will be made for the anicies taken and that to obtain a lelcase, at least two o" tho men arrested will have to enlist in the Duiicd Stats'? array. Throe of the men arrested were giveri hearings last week aud held for court bnt later uev secured ba\L Post Office 716," winch is in a town f Mc'Kevitt rpfoorts that no letter mail in France, the name and location ot i uad been received for about a week which, are not revealed. Mo gives j and that he was still without news- , nt CONDITIONS IN some side lights on tne town m tis letter of January 19 "Several of the stores,' be says, "have clerks who can speak English fluently and \ve often encounter natives who can. converse with us. The OBSERVEANNIVERSARY ChDaren of Yunderbilt Man Gather For Family Dinner. "William Means, one of the oldest and best known residents of Vanderbilt, celebrated his 68the birthday yesterday at his home, a well appointed family dinner bems given at noon in honor of the occasion. The following were present: Joseph Means of Mount Sterling; William Means of Lemont; Mrs. Earl Riley of Scottdalc; Bert Means of Fayette City; Miss Carrie Means, Samuel Means, Mrs. C. S. Shellenberger, Mra. Louisa Shalleuberger of VastlerbiH, ua received Saturday by morning in response to anl cllil( j ren o( Mr M e ans; R. jt. shal- County Food Administrator s L. Davidson from State Di- Homrd Heinz. telegram deals directly with thej t 50-50 "wheat flour order and notice that violation of that or- ther in spirit or letter will be usly prosecuted and that no ex- rtll be acceptable to the food stration. , order ot brotherhood officials calling the strike off. iTe X«n Arc Qualified For Military Serrict. ore men of District No. 5 M'CAIRNSJRA^SFERRED Local Bor Will Go to France in War Bisk Insurance Deportment, Mrs. Frank McCairns, of. Scottdile, formerly Miss Blanche Hamilton, ta daughter of Rev, William Hamilton, has received'a letter from husband, a member o£ Company D, 110th Hegi- ment, Camp Hancock, saying lie has been transferred to the war risk insurance company as a clerk aud .stenographer. JlcCairns expects to leave 1 soon for France. ' McCairns is a Connellsville man, lenberger, Mrs. George Penn of "Wilson, Pa.; Kellcy Shallenberger, Charles Shallenberger, Imogene Shallenberger and Margaret Kebecca Shallenberger, Vanderbilt; Walter Riley and Helen Eiley, Scottdale; Mrs. Harry Harsbman of Mount Braddock; William Means,- Jr., of Lemont; Ruth Means Means Mount Sterling; · Esther Bftraont, grandchildren; Sarah Mae Harshman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harshman of Mount Braddock, and tlie only great grandchild of Mr. Means, and his only sister, Mrs. Henrietta Richter of Onioa- town. STRUCK BY CAB. .'I* 11 ^TM!^ 02 ^ ^ ai °TM liv ' in S on t* 10 West side - ^ D Tas mar - i c " ntin ent«l Man at Hospital as Result ««. « a^nnnn o mon ., ^^ only Q. fev days before Compan j D left for Camp Hancock. The men had eld over for a second examina- f the examining physicians of ail board. ge Curtis Moyer and John F. both qualified for military ser- id James Clopton, Scott Colbert aapo Teolfoli are placed in the J £ men fit for limited service. ALIKf PKOPKRTT. Sation-lVWe Bonndup of Those "WTio Hare Failed to Make Report. Under orders of A. Mitchell Palmer, Alien Property Custodian, federal agents haie begun a search of the country from coast to coast to get in alien property still outstanding. Hold- nt, base hospital. Camp Lee, I e rs who have failed to report may be been found guilty ot desertion fined $10,000 or imprisoned for 10 ·n dishonorably discharged Irom; years, or Tioth. flee, required to forfeit all pay j The law will be impartially enforced b* confined at hard l:ibor forj against all individuals' or corpora- at. Uions who fail to report. w«Btr Tears for Desertion. ite Lee E. McCreery. meUcal di- John Karmerzzack, of Continental No. 3, was struck by as automobile yesterday afternoon on the Trotter road, suffering fractured ribs and a bad laceration of the face. The car was driven by a man named McLaughlin. The injured man was removed to the Cottage State hospital, where it was stated today at noon that his 'condition was not serious. Bound Overseas. Herbert Duggan, son of Mayor and Mrs. John Duggan of the West Side, who is in the aviation service, is said to be on bis way "over'there." papers. He asks that some "tobies" be sent htm, the tobacco supply having been i educed to Httlo besides r.igarets He asks that his address bo given his , friends so that they can write to him. I He states that letters from home are LOWER TYRONE SCHOOL SCORED Itoof is leaky, Heaters in Poor Con- diliuu. Drinking fountain Frozen, Inspector Darr Finds. The Hulltoim school building ini MM EXAMINING BOARD OF FIFTH DISTRICT RENAMED P. J. IVitlsii and His Assistants Will lie On Duty For Another Fonr Years; Other Boards. Judge J. Q. 'Van Swcaringen today .appointed mine examining hoards in the Fifth. -N'inth and Twenty-third Bituminous districts of Pennsylvania to examine applicants tor certificates of qualification as mine foremen, assistant 'mine foremen and fire bosses. The members will hold their offices for a period of four years. In the Ninth district, with headquarters in Connellsvillc. Mine Inspector P. J. Walsh of Connellsville; John, "ft". Greaves, superintendent for the American Manganese Manufacturing company at Dunbar, and James Conway of Dunbar township are reap- streets m the to-a n are very narrow, j not censored, but cautions writers to \ L OWC r Tyrone tovmship is unfit in its' P° inted - ta the other districts thi ap- so narrow that they use horses In i be careful of the information, they may j pre sent condition, for school purposes, P° int(!es f**'-. single file iu hauling carts, which are chiefly used. "The lower class, aud some of the middle class, I presume they are, wear wooden shoes They make a terrible racket on the side walks. "Wine shops are as thick as honey bees and the bar tenders are all girls and women. Everything seems to be.dono by the women, because the men are domg thoir share at the tront. Tho Y. M C. A. has a building here and is doing a heap of good. We go there to get our money changed and to play billiards." , In a letter written a week later Sergeant McKevitt repoits progress in learning to speak Freuch, being able at that time to indulge iu a limited conversation in that tongue. SHOT BY FELLOW OFFICER Killing is Ontconre of "Dispute at £nst Millsboro. Disputed authority between two deputy sheriffs at Bast Millsboro Satur- dayevenmg is said to have been the direct catise of a shooting m which Louis Vecchio, aged 41, an Italian, was fatally wounded. Andrew Mulbridge, aged 40, an Austrian, was arrested later in. tbe evening charged with the crime. Vecchio died at the Uruontown hospital Saturday night after making a dying statement to County Detective John J. Smith. Both men were cm- ployed as special ofilcers by the Hus- tedd-Semans Coal Coke company at East Millsboro. accoiding to a report by Inspector Jl°i r ,L? .,°-l. e . 1 !°TMTM, 1 ?,? r _ J!" , James s - Dal ' r wll ° last week inspected it. A scmmar.v of defects shows All windows uave wire screens, nailed fast. Part of the windows cannot be adjusted because \veights aud cords are out of orclci. The roof is leaky. The heater on the second floor is in wear black dresses and little white bonnets. They do a whole lot of lace work. There are some real ancient "buildings here. I bay not explored oil o£ them yet, but am going to see as much of them as I can We get a New York paper that is published in Paris but there is not much in it." Sgt. Chas. A- McKevitt. Quartermaster Clerks. Care Depot Quartermaster. U. S. A. Post Office 716, A. E. F Fifth district--Richard Maize, mine inspector; Clarence Patterson, superintendent of the W. J. Eainey ai Revere, and George Carr of Fairchance, a miner. Twenty-third district--Edward K. Girod. mine inspector; Edward \A~. Wilkinson, superintendent of the H. C. Frick Coke company at Ronco, and bad condition. The san.tary diiufciagl E d w a r t O'Brien of tank in each room was frozen.and the] miner children were without water. A storage room is under the stairway lead- Masontovn, a "P S.--Sinca writing this letter I! 1DS to tbc scrantl floor and lf papcr have seen Joe HInes from Latrobe, Hci t h e T « ^ oald catch aro escape of tie belong to the Navy, but is stationed i children on the second floor would be here. He drives a truck at a hospital. cul ° K - Toilets are in unsanitary coa- He left home last May and lias been | dlUon aad t h e l Q ls ' no r = COTd ot ^^"^ here since October." CHURCH IS BENEFICIARY Confluence AVoinnn T*aves lisUdo io Benerolento. they were cleancn. According to information tbe inspector secured there lias been laxity in fumigation, after cases of measles, whooing cought and diphtheria. Reports were received by tlie inspector that children tall down the steps because tbere^ is no hand rail Several benevolent institutions of. None liab becn 6el , ou ' s i } . injured, but it the Baptist cliurcli aro beneficiaries I is c i airnci i a se riou WASHINGTON MESSAGE CONFIRMS-DEATH OF SCQTTDALE YOUTH Thomas A. Lcwollyn TVas Aboard the Transport Tnscania and Is Buried · iu Scotland. Official notice has been received by Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Llewellyn. Scottdaio that tueir son, Thomas A. Llewellyn, was a victim of the German submarine uhicli torpedoed the transport happen at any time. There are 47 pupils on the first floor and 43 on the second ^o fault is with the teachers. I©!! 5 "Lone ir»!f Jicnefit $200. Over $200 was realized from 'The Lone "Wplf," presented last Tuesday at the Paramount for the benefit of the Navy League. in the will of Maria "Watson, late of Confluence, which has been, probated at Somerset. Hon. Norman B. Critchfield, former state secretary of agriculture, is named executor. The will, was dated July 21, 1917, and was wit-1 uessed by D L Miller and W. H. Han-1 na. The dccedeut was a membei oi i the 1 Baptist church. The trill of the late Samno! Seal.' late of Ursina, leaves all his estate i to his "widow, Lovina C. Beal and Us ' rived here Saturday niglvt from Buf- darghter, E'.sie Deal. At their deaths falo, N. Y., aid was removed by Funer- it is to be equally divided among live al Director Charles C. Mitchell to the sons aud a. daughter, Movison, Edwin, 'homo of a sister-in-law of Uie deceas- Norman, James and Albert Beal and cfl, Mrs. L. M". Santmyer m Jlurpby Martha Bea!. Albert Seal is executor., avenue, where pmate funeral services In the will ot C. E. Fichtner, late of were held yesterday afternoon at 1.30 Confluence, tho property is bequeath- o'clock, ivnh P-ev. Wilbur Nelson, pas- accident may Tuscama, carrying American troops to Franco A mefesa,?e from the adjut- CKARLES N. KELLY. The liody of Chailes N, Kelloy Tanderltilt Fancprork Club. Mrs. J. H Cook will entertain the Vanderbilt FancyworU club Wednesday at her home iu East Crawtord avenue. ant general at Washington was received by tlie family last night. According to Associated Press dispatches the body of Llewellyn was buried along with other Americans on the east coast of Scotland. That he "would never return to bis native land was the firm conviction of Llewellyn \\ ben he bade goodbye to Connellsville friends. He had voiced a similar premonition to otiers at his The young man's cousin, Carl lAew- ellyn, a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Llewellyn of Scottdale, has been called m tlie draft. ed to the widow, Alice Fichtner, who ' t( "" °f the Ttrst Baptist riiurch o f - j LEiESLIX ELECTROCUTED. lieu-oil .'iimi ilcefi Ueulh Today la is appointed executrix. ificiating. Interment in Hill Grove j j cemetery. KACCAJSEES. Two T.oilgp Teams "Will ttoct AojEin Tuesiluy Sight at Maceobce Hal!. Tho Elk and "Macc.ibee basketball .teams will play at the Morcabee hall Pi' Thnt is }\ n TSoy . (MOB former Dscfterson csrrilx's Coiiuhion. Thomas 11. Dwyer of Detroit,'Mich., wLo 03,. u to Uniontown about a week Bun _ s o to licip reconitruct the Tri-State telephone v/hes, was electrocuted this Generally fair and slightly warmer tonight, and Tuesday, is tho noon weather forecast for "\Vestern Pennsylvania. Temperature liiocord. 1918 1917 Maximum 33 57 Minimum 15 37 Mean 2! ' 47 J C. McGill, coircspondent for The tomorrow night. The Elks defeated Oourier at Dawson, has received a let- the Maccabees by a heavy score in t or ( r0 m John Nicol, better known as movmug at b.30 o'clock m Cleveland avenue, when a high tension wire fell on him. the last game played and Manager "Admiral ' to his friends and ra,lroad i Dwyer is survived by a widow and Cochrau has strengthened his lineup boys, who is -,vnh the United States tv '° children. to such an extent that ho es:ects to ;*;avy "over there." 1 ' entirely even up for the defeat The Nicol was car dispatcher at thi? Pitts_ Elks have lost but one game this sea- , burg Lake Brie yard offices at Dick- Gets Short Fnrlougb, Byron Rhodes, son of -Mr. and Mrs. son. jersoi Hiu prior to enlisting'ia the (Darnel Rhodes of the "West Side is ,The Maccabee lineup may be some-[Navy. He wntes that lie n m tile home on a short furlough. He has what changed tomorrow night with best of healta anfl states that "when Manager Cochran himself playing.} I say this I mean real good health.." has also added a fast forward to His letter was dated on the sen, Jan- his team. I uary 2S. been transferred from Camp Leo to Camp XIpton, Long Island. Rhodes is now in tie Yeletlnaiy Corps. He expects to go to Prance s°«n.

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