The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1918
Page 8
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rAGJS BIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER CON r NKLLSVlL,l J J5 PA SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1G, 1918. TEDOTX 1 REFORMED CHI RCH, South Fittsburg Juid Green streets, R»T. Ch»rle* E. 'Wfegiur, pastor Sunday Kbool at 91*5 A. M Foreign Mlwuon Day service by Sunday school ud congregation together at 11 A. M. EMBing service at 7 SO {Sermon, TTk« Prodigals Departure," first ot a Mile* ot Suo6«y evening sermons Lmtm s*nrire» Wedseiday evening it 7.30 Sermon, "The Arrows of God," the ttifd ol the Wednesday evening series on the penitential Pnatos. We welcome you to all serricea. Confirmation O)MS meet! Saturday after- at J_30. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, R«V Elite B Burgeu, pastor Confirmation class at 9 A. M , Bible school at 10 A. M , Luther League at S.W P M. Divine services will be condacttd by the pastor at 11 A. M. and 7 30 P M. Morning sermon, "The Rednlnt of God's Service" Eve- aistf sermon, "The Humiliation of a Ktaf." Strangers are invited, to wor- sttlp with ns UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH. Su»day Khool at 9 45- A. M Preach- rat'at 11 A M Morning anbject, The Responsibility ol Hearers Junior Y P. S C E at 2 30 P M. Senior Y f 9 C E at 6 30 P M preach- 1»( at 7.JO P M Evening subject, 'Realization, of Sonship " Evangelistic servieea~wm betlu Monday evening, rebruary X, at 7.30 o'clock, .conducted by Rev W A. Knapp of Grensburg .4 Bible conference will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock- J S Showers, pastor FIRST PRESBYTERIAN church, J L. Prondflt pastor Sabbath school at 945 Morning service at II, subject of sermon, "Three Attitude* Toward Religion" Evening service at 7.30, subject, "Words and Wbrks." Christian Endeavor at 6 30 Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7 IK THE EYANGEL1CA1. ASSOCIA- Uon, South ConnellOTiUe, 3f B Mc- iMchlin. minister Sunday school at } 3* a. m.. Superintendent Samuel Witt Worship with sermons at 10 30 j. su ud 7 45 p. m. fcy th Re. R C Miner of Indiana, Pa. Y P A. de- _roilonal meeting at 7 p. m The sec- JOtf quarterly conference wall be held on Saturday at 7 30 p. m. Cottage prayer wmce on Thursday ovenmg METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH G L. C Riohardaon, pastor 9 45 a. m. Bttle school. Dr Wilson from Washington will addresc the Men's Cla» in the "annex." 11 00 a. m. sermon by Clarence Tree Wilson superintendent of the Board of Tem- x peranee, Prohibition and Public Morals of the M. E church Ir Wilson will address a mass meeting of all the Christian forces of ConnellsviUe in the M E church 3 00 p TO Junior League. 6 30 p m Epwortk League. 7.30 p m. Evangel'slic service Ser- avon hy Dr". Tannehlll, of Scottdale THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Morning service at 10-15 Subject, ·T*ill a Man Hob God r Evening service at 7 30 Mrs G "W. Buctner will conduct the evening aervicc Sunday school at 9 30 Christian Endeavor at 6.30 George Walker Bucknar, minister. THE COVENANTER CHURCH, 'sabbath .achoo 1 as usual Morning preaching service at 11 o'clock, sermon toipc, "Our-Jmpemtant Nation Evening service at 7"30 topic, "Prool and Illustrations of the Tower of, Prayer" C Y P tr at 645 topic "How to Make All Our Days Good Days ' Praper meeting "Wednesday evening at 730, leader, Elmer Rosen- steeL THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH South Plttsburg street, TWinnr Nel- soo, pastor Sunday school at 9 45 A M. Public wormhlp at 11 A M and T30 ?~M Sermons by the pastor Vornug tojrlc, "Zeal in God's Service." Evening topic, "The Meaning of Diacipleship " THE METHODIST PROTESTANT chunk. West Apple street, John H Lmrakertson, minister Class meeting at 9 A. M Sabbath school at 945 A. 91 Morning worship at 11 A M Christian Endeavor meeting at 6 45 P M Topic, *Wfcat My Church Is Doing " In tke evening at 7 30 P M an evangelistic sermon. CALLEDFORMONDAY District o. * Board to Biamlne Another Lot ot B4gistnnts. The foUtrwing men of Draft District No 5 have been called for examination at the Title Trust building itondav at 9 o clock - Gj Hellen Lynch, Elkottsville Andrew Husiosty, Dunbar Joseph Tinkej, Champion Albert Josef Sharp, Elhottsville Israel Nelson Lyons, Dunbar James T B*IIJ Dunbar, B, D 32 Lester Barricklow Vanderbilt, John Jordan Bartlett, Duabar Thurman Coughenour Dunbar, R. 32 Edward Andrew ^Vorsell,,Dunbar Michael Crlss Thomas Markleysburg. Raymond Earl Addis Elliottsville Jeremiah Merriam Seese Clifton Ml is, W Va Domincclt Morr Connellsville William Daniel Marietta, Mill Run. George C Shatter, Indian Head Patrick Duncan Connells\iHe Andrew Yargo ConnellsvUle Norman Linco'n Williams, Duabar Nicolo John Fallen Adelaide George S Jacobs, Dunbar Domlnlck Fnck, Dunbar Bjnger Addlson Show, Ohiopyle Charles Russell Pegg Mill Run George Orval Eager Elliottsnlle Charles H Glover, Somerset Harry Jacob Burkey, Trotter Beth Wilson Wjest Leisenrlng Benjamin Ohler Indian Creek Jacob Hall, Nonnalville James S Dearth, Dunbar John Zetta, Vanderbilt. John Edward Crowe, 430 Shatr street, McKeesport Edward Shunk, Dunbar Russell Aubory Thomas, Marislej-- burg John Joseph IJnney, Leisennnir Frederick Grant Smalley, Ohiopyle John Crow Dunbar John Wesley Smith Dunbar James L McCarthy Leisennng Frank P Prantz, Cleveland. Joseph Ferns West Leiaenring Thomas Floyd McMu'Ien, Ohiopylc Confluence. DEMANDS WATER SUPPLY Ogdea Street TFoman I)ccl«res Situation Is aa Ontroge. An Ogden street woman who declares she has been without water at her home for six weeks complains bitterly of the failure of the water company and the city omcia^ to come to the aid of the people ot that sec tion and demands to know when there is to be some acbou Sickness threatens she says, because of the unsanitary conditions PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY SEJUiNICK PRESENTS NORMA TALMADGD IN "THE MOTH" SOCIETY DRAMA IN 8 ACTS ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. MONDAY ME1RO PRESENTS EVERYBODY S FAVORITE HAROLD LOCSWOOD IIS , "THE AVENGING TRAIL" A METRO -WONDERPLA.Y IM 5 ACTS KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS ALSO PITTSBURG PRESS WEEKLY SHOWING LATEST EVENTS WWW COX'S THEATRE, ST. P1EASAT, PA. MOJfDAl, FEBB0AB1 1STH. "The Birth of a Nation" Three Sliows, 2:15, 6:30 nnd 9.00 P. 31. Prices $1.00, 7ic and 50c. I Seats Jfow on Sale, Bell Phone, 9193.. Entire Store All Day As Usual PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IS THIS PAPEB. Patronize those who advertise CONFWJENCE, Feb IS--Jtra, G ··' R. McDonald, vice president of the Confluence Bed Cross chapter, has received a letter from the officials o: the. Somerset chapter congratulating' ' ta*. ladles of the. Confluence chapter om tb* fine quality and large quantity ^ ol fh* work they have Blushed and k forwarded to Somerset. N. M Phillip! was a business visitor to 9etbyiport yesterday "* Dr H. f Meyers has returned from , a profession*! visit to Pittsbnrg Earle and Roscoc Hall were Coanellaville yesterday on business _ Beports from the bedside of Louis ;* Reynolds, son of Mr -and Mrs J 1 , · Reynolds, or the West Side who Is a patieat m the Mercy hospital, Pltts- [ ' tarr. following an operation for ~ appendicitis, are ver) encouraging MM Lizzie Swan has returned to her ' ^hone-in Connellsvzile after a visit with - friendaiere » J. A, Sailor of Somerset, who is operating a coal mine a ths place was here on business yc-sterdpy Mr and Mrs S A. Cramer and after a visit with XTrs C-amer's par- enU "Mr and Mrs Frank Mitchell " «ere. George M Tlpton ot Connellsville t wa» » business visitor he-e yesterday f S Rowe was in Connellsnlle 'yesterday oa business Mrs. Harvey Younkin v as -liopp m ^ and risiUn^ triecds la^-Corjiclls ' yesterday., Fatroaizo (host who jd\e-tise PARAMOUNT 1 THEATRE Program For Next Week , MOSDAY Metro Presents Everybody's Favorite, HAROLD LOCKWOOD in "THE AVENGKfG TBAI1" A Metro Wonderplay in 5 Acts Keystone Comedy to 2 Acts Also "Pittsburg Press Weekly' Showing Latest Events TUESDAY Fathe Presents MRS VERMON CASTLE in "STBAJTDED ET ARCADY" Society Play in 6 Acts. Also a Selected Comedy WEDNESDAY Blnebird Presents FRANKiTN FAHNUM in "BBOADWAY LOVE" iWonderful Production m 5 Acts Also L Ko Comedy in 2 Acts Were Always MOVtMG a * ·· ^a Ji~. m*ft~T. · _*i^. · _l-.i ^iZ^ V,'-*^^^^- . LOC41 AM) LOG DISTAJSCE XOTDCGS. Bell 842. Residence 101 Unas fri-Stat, 573. CO^VLIISTPilF, PA. THURSDAY William A Brady Presents MADGE EVANS and GEORGE MacQtTARRIB in "GATES OF GLADJTESS" World Production in C Acts Paramount Presents FATTY AHBUCKIiE in "OUT TRTEST" Comedy in 2 Acts Also "Current Events" Universal TBIDAY SATURDAY Goldwyn Presents MADGE KENNEDT in "JTEAKLY MAJRRtEn" The story of an almost bride and a not quite bridegroom in a roadhouse where they serve* nothing but chicken--m 8 acts Also a Selected Comedy --COMEfG-- ALICE BRADY IN HEB SEtEJfT SACBI- ORPHEUM THEATRE TOD^Y ' Dainty MARGUERITE CLARK in A Toiry Tale for the Kids o£ All Ages Bo Sure and Bring the Ch idrcn Billy West in The Strange-" IT 0 S B A Y JACK PICKPOHD AND LOUISE HUFF IN Tilt GHOST IlOlf" Also "Damaged No Goodfa a Win Pox Comedy S01SSOM THATRE NEXT WEEK MOIST)AT, TUESB VY AT TVEDSPSDAT Hall dune's Glorious Play "The Christian' i As Played By Viola Alien. NIGHTS, 20c ASD 30c. A Fcv Kws Kesenefl at »Gi» JOHN: AS YW mKomas T WHEN ICBOWUPAHOEW5NA revff HOME ««,ggF2E5 in 3Mour raom HMJHEST Taweas SPEND THAT W/IL »EIJ THIS TOWN OF OUR5. ANO YCrtl BET I WILL. TOO SPEHOS Bli norur MIS HOMt LESS LATIN AND MORE OF THIS The above lesson is one of which every man woman and child m the community should be interested It is a lesson of co-operation between the home merchant, manufacturer and consumer--an appeal to our community spirit--a plea for us to "get together " A little less Latin and more cme pride should be tanght our children They receive their education through taxation of the home merchant and c.tizen Mo mail order house contributes a mite to their welfare So thev are never too young to be shown the folh of sending money away from their home to-\yn Teach vour children to respect the hand that feeds them and to honor the town that contribues to their welfare Teach them that buvmg away from their home town is a mpnace to the growth of the community in -which they live MORAL --A lesson learned early in life is never lost A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. rnrnitnii!, BURS, Stoics lot-158 Vf. Craiuord Vic. If. \. LECHE Dry Goods J2i t\. Crawford \re. 1HE HOJl^EK COMPANY Men's Hoar 108'rt. trawford Are. COLONIAL NATIONAL BAJ.K Corner Fittsbnrg Street and Crawford iienac. STcBOlSALD MOSIC AND ELECTRIC CO. Iloyui iloicl JJlftck A. I'lttsbnrg SI. H. KOBACKEK SOS "The Big Store" X. Pittshnrg St C. W. DOWXS Footwear for Ererjbody 127 V Piitsbnrg ^t COKSELLSVILLE MAJIXHT AT) ^OKTH END MAJRKET leading Grocery Stores UO and 313 IV. PittsJinrg St. ADEBSON-LOUCKS HAEDWAEE CO. Hardware 116 11. Craijfoid Aie. CHAKLES T. GILES Jeweler Ml »est Crawford 4TC. BRO"WNELL SHOE COMPANY Shoes West Ciawford ive. COJflSELLSYILLE DKUG COaiPA'\ Drugs 130 'Mesl Crawford lie. PETEE B. Pianos snd Plvouographs 127-1201'ast Crawford Aie. A. TT. BISHOP Jewelry 107 Vest fnvniord ATC. TIIF 14EOX CO. "Home Bnildcr' It) ff. T'Mshms St CEOflLrY-iffESTBLZAT CO. Shoes for tin TTliole ramDy 11? W. Crawiord Are. 1BT5IAN M OBK China and 'Wai! Paptr 117-tl A. Crawford Are. THE CE^'TBAL STOBE Dry Goods 211 11. Crawford Ire ELPEBVS Ladies' Smts and Coats 110 i. Pittsburg St. riYE ASD TE^f CE?iT 1VALL PAPEB CO. ·^lall Paner 103 ^. Ipple St. TTELLS-SEO-LS MOTOR CAR CO. Ageuts for1iDv.-l!.nicht, Overland Cars, \ccesson^s TTEBTHEI3IEB BROS. Men's Store 12t . Pittsbnrg St. COJOTELLSVILLE LAUNDRY "Saow tliiifc »ork" 12» Baldwin ITC. COL1D3IBLV HOTEL Tolm Dnsgar 'Test Side FBISBEE HABB1VABE CO. Hardware H. Crawford Arc. KRIGHT-METZLER CO. Department Store 11. Crawford Arc. LAUGHBE1 DRUG C03IPAVY Drnt-s. 112 S. Pittsbnrg SU BAPFORT-FEATHERMAX CO. Ton Can Do Bettir Hire. MATINEES, lOc AD 20c. Big 15c Matinee Dailj at 2 80 Evening Shows at 7 30 and 9 15 Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family Wfe@ai ¥®n Wamfi S© TODAY STONE'S 20TH C1HTURY SHOW In the R'p Roaring Satire Upon Western Melochama "JESSE JAMES" FEATURING Ji?Z IIAKJKJJfy JOUK VSPV .ami "POC." 1 -IMI'tDJiV La'c ot Al G Fields Minstrels SffiSB'BKJfefflff

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