The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1918
Page 4
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*t' , -·' "t --PAGE-POUR. I THE - DAILY COUR1KK, FA. SATURDAY; FEBRUARY IB, i9is. QUpf iailg (tariff. HENRT T. WTDKB, Fet»4v and editor. 'not cotmm K. JJ. WTDSB. JAS. J. DK1KOU*. , . - uMI Tr%*_ur*r. BiutMW MMKW. JOHNL City Editor. · M1SWL.TTKNE -B. KIHCK4* 3oci«ty Editor. XEMBER OF: Axxoetued - Pin*. AMU Bureau of Circulation Dillles. Two c«»t» p«r ' nth; , 5 j«r' T«ar by mall U said l» aivanc*. Enured as fBeona elad'iBatMr «t the ' SATUIDAT ETEOS6, FEB. M, SMS. ·niter at Tfc» r *o:ittod to tbr o»» for ation .of all MW» dl»- credltikd to U ;or not · olhtrwlie ertdltiA U tnis paror and alio t_« local o«w» juWl»n«'l fSr -J: 3yC S ; : ,, FOOD COXSEBTATltHf CAMPAIGN. ;., --"'vfn'TO the lood conaerjatibn cain^ r; palsn drifti b«stas on Sunday, as tie ~ Food Administration has planned, the XI citizens of Pennsylvania wilt doubt-. '"· less be found to be in s. different~ frame ot mind respecting this war ·; ineasure^hw .thej-jwerejiiome months j; ago. Tli»;exp«riesnci they have ha* ~ since IJse" first- regulations were put ~ in Ioroe.'JiaSi.giveit_UjerQ a different ~ rtew, particularly as to the necessity oi MTlng food. They . morircTewrrr 'tEe" 'purpose as being -essential to oar final sUccSS3"in"the war and! are gradually bringing them- ·· operation with_the government in its . j efforts to toc'rease'ili* tood sn'ppJy f or J the Allies, who .are more distressed J for lack of it; loan vf. ..;. . S The object ' of 'the 'euap-ign is to * better acquaint the people with the * lood "situation, bott "in --this .country ?. and abroad, so that '.they ..may sea f their dulj and do ·"it". While the in- « tormatiom'which has reactted the.pob- · lie with, respect io'the'sujiplies of food ·; . available, both in this country and · " Europe "has-been in' the Eorni" of gen- £ ··trat' statements as to"the- conditions, ~ during the forth-coming campaign "- this Information will be given more 5 Tin delaira'that -there-may be a'better . t ^ the real iaeed. of 7 Swl, our. ability to.'supnlT vibe "i them. That we as a people have been ; b*n- * entted in many ways by the fobd.conr ; servatlon rules already in force, is not ? .'to be' doubted. We have learned that g ·-. our .-. physical . -bodies : reuuire rather ? less food than we'- were formerly; ae~ customed to consume. We know ',i much about the virtue of economy g and have Jearned. tp x practice it. : "W« "5 have learned --toesercise greater car* ./; .in buying food supplies and many ; new. ways -.of utilizing much:.thatwe S regarded as undesirable for use when -3 lonnerly practiced sreater prodigal- lj "4y~in pr6vi"sio"ning""our~fi6niey.' Wie '£ bav£rl«Mn«d to_eiercse a grea'ter de:'" is*2^.k»«'^ r *s I '' l ,'s! but, .the most :·;. Callable, lesson of. ah has been ; -that ptnonm of doubUul loyalty, or thou Uwwa-to bo unfriendly alima. They aboold make It Unlr dBtir U kwp clow watch upon all each penoni and report eTtrytkln* teadlnfto confirm a»y wuplcloa* they may hart. It is impoMdWt for secret senrlee men to oloie toacb with every ctnter baring an enemy alien element In its population,' Ereo if this were possible, the obligation itlll rests upon evtyy:- good citizen to Iceep constantly alert for any eridnKg that will be helpful, in leading to the apprehension of pro-German plotters of every kind. The unearthing at plot* in dilfereat parts ol the country ka. In.alntoit every instance, revealed their bungling character. With ail the boasted "German efficiency," the plotters have shown thexiselves to be ot the neak- thlef class,; their detection requiring more patient watching than skill and cunning. If the proper amount of vigilance is exercised it if reasonable to expect that the class of plotters to which the dynamite placers belong could sooner or later be caught in the act. As an aid to the suppression of any anti-American ontragts there is no better'; deterrent than a . wholesome, red-blooded pro-Americanism. It the atmosphere of any locality la kept properly infused "with the right kind of Americanism, such that alien enemies will feel and know that, it is dangerous for them to manifest their unfriendliness to onr government, and still more dangerous to commit flagrant acts against it, such a locality will not be troubled znuch by these misguided -persons. We need more of this kind of atmosphere and It is up to, .the real, live Americans to .create it, . .. ; . Commenting upon the enactment of our hoff. rafsing ordinance the Pittsburg: Gazette .Times. ' with jnrilfl and ·gantle sarcasm, says: --^ "ConneJlsville has the right idea; about sacrifice to win the war. Ittf council has voted to permit- hoe .raising: in the city. The popular · -stoffun .should b« *u pie in every backyard.' " Are "our. neigrhborinu municipalities, becoming .envious ot us already, or are Tye objects ot their pity?" Except' for their sprinting- abilities thu Bidwell ice fforge might hav£ prdveiT a. farewell for Superintendent Brighton and/Supervisor XetzKar. The school children arc making such .prbijreS3 In the "Waf-Savlnen Stamps class that ther will soon "graduate Into the Bloated Bondholder nlass. ' ..·.'.The il,.normal everywhere except in those suctions of the city -where consumers have none, 'and that has been their normal state for several weeks. . Ministers, as a rule, do not sanction Sunday driving:, but they are willing .to. make an exception, in starting the food conservation campaign on its way. The Germans have no need of spies to "find out in what "sector Pershiniy's boys are rioin^ business. The accuracy of the Yankee guns 1 supplies" all Old -information the Boches need and considerably more .steel than they want.* The Recess Bell, The Black rjiitmond; The licademy for the advancement ot .confusion in. coal was. in session. £)r. Garfield was consulting with Dr. Xoyes about .ways and irieans. It was conceded that much progress has been made. A silversmith fuel conservationist; economics had been made a professor in been jriren control -Of production: * miner had been appointed to isromotc. trade ethics and moral- we have brought ourselves, whether j j willingly, or not. to .divide our abund- itr; a. the tBit-hatlmot. '$. While we have suffered some incon- -| T«ni«ce; ; it has been but Slight and 'J. l»s not even -remotely 'approached S »hat. ^re .could call hardship. Th« Si most that we have h.een obliged to-do jj k»3 been to read just) our; habits of. ri UViBE to "a- reduced scale, suffering ^~ mo real "deprivation thereby.---'"When '^ we comiwre our preseat happy condi- '=; tlon with that of the hiingry and.atarv- -'· .Jni -iii Europe- arid Asia, or : eyeri with ?| .that of the people of England, France « mnd;Germany -where food rationirig has H tieen.. scientlf(cally_appli.ed.,.andc.Trith Sf mteadily decreasing allowances, we "-L eu;ht to shame ourselves into silence 'S if disposed to make, complaint, r.- " · It is not jriyen us .to know/what.Uw '5 Wutnre may have'in siore, biit whether fj 4hat-we must endure all that tic" 'J feppie o/.Borope bavo known aod saf- 2 *sred, n or_be_ permittfd to enjoy coni- j- pa'rative"rm!iiunitr"ftoin the worst of « war's- terrors, we wlli be much the -- tetter grepared. to me?c cither,of these » conditions -if-ire fail" gracefully and » willingly into line in the observance -- of everj-TegutStion having .for its ob- r fc«tto"'nore the wfn- S miag. of the war. "' . TICOEOUS XMEBIC AXEE XEKDJEfl. r % ,,..33ie..dicove.v,, of u (tenamitc. in cars * loaded with coal at in tne Con"* lielisviJle region is not surprising, but ' ' ' fact-tbat.-we dangergus; ;j »re not.. 1 - witfcout.---, s C; friends ot.GeJmanj.'iii our j " «ur large, jniied foreien':pdpulation; it --Is to be 'expected that there would be -» a Very considerable number who are In sympathy with the ^ ~ Wing made elsewhere' in 'pur cpu Z~ lo retard the progress'of war~prepara- :; lions. Those who have been, active :: In thls-dircctlon-have scrupled- »t noth-. :: Ins to! achieve: their ends," htnce- it U ; but natural that the pro-German, ·nti-American residents ot the coke region would seek to emulate the ei- wnplei thrir compatriots have set ·Isewhere. · - . - - - - · - : Secretag (iynamUe in a car ot coal requires no great amount" ot itelil-, f«nce or daring. "Tristead, it is an · act any sneaking human creature can i perform and with comparatively little frisk to himself.. It is purely German j Success Is not alone in fame. the offiea. Then the doctor flajfl to Professor Noj-ea: ' ' "Have"WQ fllled every pent with a man- who .knows nothing of the subject?" "W« have." "Are they all issuing orders -which they do not underfftanrf and which no '·one 'can'?*' - . "They are." . ' VStnl, the coal businesfl seems to h« Fettingr : alone despite our efforts - to confuse It. We must do .something else." "When in doubt what to do," sala Noyes. "call a. recess. All schools, do do -that.? . '. ' ' . /"So they do." · ,, And Dr.'Garfleld issued his order to stpji -work, for fourteen days.. THE SWORD MUST BE BROKEN By Ralph Henry Barboar. It this war could have been woa by lyiny, tfco Allies would ^QW be beatea to their knees and America in chains. Owe Cent · Word. No alvertl»«m*nu tor l*m Than II Cents. ClfeMifled column* clo»» at DOCTI. Adv*rtiaem«nta nf want*. aal«c etc., rbccjved afier that hour will not api^Mr until the day followloit the German General Staff used DU ^I EDR ^ D 1^.| BABBEIUt ? G ! TM R SALB.-ADVERTIST.VG SPACI arms and men halt as successfully as ( it uses its secret agents, the Avenue I ^;^TKD-AT ONCE^WOMAN COOK 1 at CL'PP S KESTAURANT. de rOpera, Paris, would today !c j HindenburgstrasBe. Tn« German! "WANTED -- PACTORI" sheila -cannot reach across tlio Allan- 1 TKt-STATE CANDY CO. AT iteh-ifd Uc, but the German lies can and do, WANTED--COOK- AND CHXMBBR- and ever since the war began German maid. ARiisTKO-s'G's HESTAUKANT propaganda has been making broaches : m this aper. for rmt FOR SALE:--s neon. HOUSE, met location^ paved street and videwalk Pantry, bath and two porches. Hot aji heat Addrefts "2.. J." car* Courier, emay-tr- in onr defenses. Tue enemy suits thu i WAJTBD MAID FOR GKNKIIAL housework; no waaliinK. 107 B. Codar uvfcnuc. MltS. O. I»- EATOX. 3Sfeb2t Ho to the occasion. "We hive endured all sorts. Some i Jew have been captured and shot at j TV ANTED BOYS AND OTR"LS OVEH sunrise, but most are still at large,! is years at the coxxEJ-iLSViajkE working michicf in their own subtle, i stLK SULI-. ififebGt secret ways. They vary in import- ( ~ -WANTED--TAKI CLERK. APPLY aa«o, Uiose Ues. They run tne gamut j General Yard Master's otBce. tram oar olfi friend The United- i States-Has-No-QuarreKWiUi Germany down to the little sneaking Oor-Boys- ISfeMt ruin- Starring-in-Cantonments. And every He barf. its dar. There's a regular mode as to Gerrrtan .propaganda, and, looking back when the war is done, we shall discern that each season of the struggle was represented by its own particular style in lies. But there is one lie, the great-grandfather of them-all, that has never, since its first appearance, been off duty. It is, I think the General Staff's favorite. I refer to that scarred but still indomitable old veteran, A-Wall-Street"War. It .is, perhaps, the most puerile ot Germany's first-line lies, but certainly the hardest worked. It has never had a day off since it marched WANTED--TO BUY A hand typewriter. Call I'. M. WANTED--EXPERIENCED DINING room t-irl at MANHATTAN CAKK. FOR SALE--SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, one acre of ground; large stable and chicken house. Spring -water and plenty oC fruit; one mile from centei oC town. K. D, TENNJSNT, Boil phone 83-4, Connellsvlile, Pa. ISfebSt FOR SALE--OCR LADIES' -MADE- to order suits surpasff the hand-me- downa a great distance. They retain t h e i r Hhapn, indefinitely. Any iftyltt reproduced. Place y o u r order for-Spring- early. . SALV. LA CHIMA, 209 Pittsburg" street. . Ifcb-tfd L O S T -- M O N D A N I G H T PAIR OF Kla*ses, double aight. Will pay J2.00 reward if returned to Courier office. HfebMt* WANTED--TO DO TyPEWKITI.NG mornings, 9 to 12. Address "D," care Courier. ISfebSt WANTED--cmr.. FOR housework. Smul! family; reference required. Apply 002 Race street. 15fcl)2t WANTED--TO RENT C OR 6 ROOM modern house, good location. Posses- slon March or April Smith ton, Pa. "WANTED--TEAMSTER first. Box 668, UtKeb3t-eod« ber yard. Must oe Br Walt . GHA3WE OF TOPICS. * In 'flden times t wh«n Peace T?as -waving her bcltfttt wines o'er tiie globe, and all the nations were behaving, and no 'kin*-' tore hl3..-robe,. wh.euever people got' 'together, In any mundane- dime, they talked about the crops' and weather, and Uad a splendid /time, - Will such S'lad times cotrio buck, I wonder? "Wilineighbora ever meet, and pass up swords 'and blood and thunder, to talk of rain and wheat? My nciftt- bora often come to see me f to sit upon ray porch, when t wills-it's hour Is soCt and dreamy,, and smoke the evening torch. They always with lungs . oC leather, of blood and warfare viler they never more discuss th« wcther, although It's well worth while. They speak not of the crop of onlonn, . b u t cry,; "We'll win too war! the Tias- Blasts .'trampled' on. our .bunions, .and now 5 tH«y*l. 'get whatfor!" I'm to hear some -fellow talking about the winter wheat; I yearn lor him, as I sit rock- Inff, with ray rheumatic feeU It aeems ·id-mc-rd-jrlT* a dollar to see thai sent A^ain, who^puui up an unholy holler, bxcairae we- don't get rain. I'd. gfive a* dollar and a quarter to meet the gentle flat who says the nights are growing 1 shorter, and talks for hours * of that... The. dear, old themes that act us . , i n ,pl_d times .Are 1 n o niore; since- battle had its crimson dawning-, we talk- of bones and gore. FOR LUM- and reliable. For further I n f o r m a t i o n Inquire of CO., Pa. J-OST--THURSDAY NIGHT MOUR.Ning: vei! between Prospect street and Lincoln avenue. Finder please rpturn to .115 Linooln avonue, 16feblt Notice tn I,a»alordv. A. E. WAOONEH . CO. MAKE A specialty of collecting rents. 14Iebl2t-th-tu-s --MINERS WAKTBD WHO are study ing for exf-minations to EjeL the beat mininff book published. "Alining- la a Nutshell." by JAMES " Scottdalc, Pa. Price J2.25. 8febHl to the front, and just now, it is espec- j ooitEVEE, tally prominent Its duty is, of course, to divide public opinion iu this country and to foster dissension between capital and labor, between employer and employed. And its every success, no matter now slight, delays the prosecution ot the war. It never had a leg to stand on, but in some miraculous way It still endurca. A Schoolboy could effectually dispose of it wltbout-auy trouble, but, perhaps merely because it is beneath contempt, it has been allowed to go on its WANTED--AGENTS -- MAKE BIG silly, sneaking way. A Wall Street; profits soiling; our extracts, perfumes, WANTED--LARGE MANUFACTUR- er wants representatives to sell shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses, waistb, skirts, direct to homes. Write for free samples. MADISON MIU^S. 603.Broad- way, New York City. aSau(j26t-a»t V/= ·*· TtTnif Yes, ,f Wall the sinking of the LusiUnia, caused the rape of Belgium and wrote, the Zimmerman letter. A war begun by Capital ?'-Certainly, if you vill credit Capital with being so unselfish as U renounce the rich profits it was gar- ner1ng ( .. Germany propagandists w^ep crocodile tears for the laboring man/ But the laboring nian himself is far too busy to do "any sniffling. · Since the « «^« ^ ^ ' C 0 1 creams, Eacc powders, spices, mea- arranged |c[nes eto _ Beautiful hfeb ffradc line. Exclusive territory. Sample i " free. LACASSfAN" CO., I5cpt. 95, St. Louts, Mo. 16Ccblt* WANTED -- ANY KIND OF PRLMT- whether ,it la a calling' card, sate bill or the- finest engraved invitation or nnnounccme anything -- everything -- do THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE stockholders of the Connellsville Construction Company will be held in room 402 Kirst National Bank Building, Con- nellsviUe. Pa., Monday. February 18th, 1918, at 8.00 P. M. D. E. TREHBB. Machine*. FOR SALI2--TOP BOX S1XGKR DO- meatlc Standard, New Home,. New Royal; some ol theffc mac nines havti all the tutochnienia. , Price {4.00, Every machine is guaranteed to aew perfect. Come and see; you can try them your- «c If. WHITE SEWING MA CHINE CO., 12S South Pittaburff street. Con- ncliavilJe, Pa. 16feb2t" and do (t COURIER office. Kx*c«trtx*M IVotlee. F. D ( Munfton, Attorney. ESTATE OF EDWARD HAYES MAJl- sball, Deceased. Letters testamentary on the estate of Edward Haya Marshall, late of the City of ConneJIfivllIe, County of Fayette, nd State of Pennsylvaniat. deceased, have beor_, Kranteti to the undersigned, notice is hereby ffiven to ail persons indebted to said estate to make immediate settlement, and to those having claims agalnrt the safrio iveu wwuiiiB i to present lbemi properly authenticated, · n t . vre prini Cor settSDment KLEANOR MARSHALL ' ".^"^iw THOMAS, .Exccurfx, CoimoIlsvUle. Pa, ing [ Call ttio man at ' Both phones. 27-tf ·weekly, Belling our popular' line ot A. Gu«9L. THE CNPBAISBV HBKOHS. nor a distant go-al; j;te its methods, a* their,warfare onf x h o worl(1 haa . MV er earned the name . linu aim sea, and Ibe sabotage andl Of many a fine and splendid soai: Uincendiarism practiced in this OHtntry i 4 , - . a- B _ v ^ shown - ~ v ·'- · - · ·*-~ Strong:, heroes pass from day to day, . - _ . , . ' v i - : Unnoticed, nnidentified, .'I 1 ??,~ c ? T . e . r A .'' aat , ch ^rging coal j Because'thev-toll that no one may ;jc*rt j with-'dynaiaite nas been practiceo' Discover ii'ow^ tht-ir souis-'are tried. teat. ab]o income. "Write immediately for free samples and particulars. Send references. ^ OTjD COLONT /TEXEILE CO., 23S-T, Broadway, N. T. For HCMC. FOR KENT--FRONT OFTIOES ON second floor d? Dunn Evans bulld- inff. Inquiro of HARKY 1UNN. 8jan-tfd war began he has been enthroned a i "; a . sha , b! .' ! .f abr " : i, w ; n practical dictator. He.receives wages that, in spite of increased coat of Hv- ins. - affecting rich and poor alike, place htm in a position ot prosperity he scarcely dreamed of before. He aees many of his most Utopian vis-' ions, government ownership of railroads, government control of pnbllc utilities and the like, made concrete »s br tTe wave of a magic wand. He tr-at.the influence nf the war, TMn te future of this a"d all other -"imtrles will be'all In his favor. TW.o n-sr is. -if*t*pf a. rich man's war nor a poor man's \wnr, neither a war..of ,C?nita! nor, a 'war of Txihor. Tt is a war of the American people for liberty and. all the thinirs ther hold dear.' And it is a war that is beins .·foufftit-by rich and tfoor, capitalist anil laborer, aide beside, and that -iriil continue to be so fought until it is ended in the only -way it can be allowed .to end; and this in spite of German For FOR SAl^E--PONT. WA.LTEB BDTT, Mciyer, Fa.. i ISfeolt" I'OH SA.UE--EIGHT ROOSi BOUSE. THOMAS, .Execu jan26feh2-9-lS-23mar2 Poklle Notler. -BT DIRECMOtro:?~AN~ORDER OP the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, notice irf hereby jfivon that a petition of the Directors ot the Poor and oC the House of Employment for the county of Fayetto has been pre- Eronted to aafd court, and. filed Rt No. 183 March Term, 193$, praying the court to confirm 1C sale or lease hy said directors of the Pltlsburff or nine foot vein of coal underlying the county home farm, except cert.i-in reserved portions thereof, with full and complete mininsr rig-hts, to George "Whyel, at a price or consideration of ?5,000 per acre, payable air said coal is mined and removcG, and subject to the other terms and conditions set- forth in the agreement between the parties, a copy of which is attached to said petition, and that a public hearing on' said petition -rill bo to b« 3till more watchful of* ' tfie" b"atlon'^l iatereats' and -more vig-[ «nms-aad^ aettr'e -jn therr-A"nierican- ! lain. There, arc many persons .who »re so -»ttB«ted. in' and dbout" ths ·lines, that thpj- can obtain information about Use speech or. action ot Bravelv; their tasks, Modern; North Scottdale. C. S. CAP.L-i held before the court. In court room No. SON, Scottdale; Pa, 12fenOt,-eod« 1, on Saturday ,iflernoon, March S, JS18. at 2 o'clock, at which'timo all parties interested will be heard, in person or by counsel, for or againwt said con- FOR SAJjE--PORD . TOURING CAK batteries shock absorbers. First $225 takes 1L RALPH HTATT, Contra.1 Motor Company. ' ISfebtid firmatlon. CECFKGE Jf. Prothonotarr; KATHMELL. 3feb4t-sat ' ' best, eteat. . arms and German propasanda. And in spite too. of tie. old and battered, but FOR SAI33--Special price ivilj be . ITlven to quick buyer for the Armstrong j ft modern home, 327 S. Eighth street,; Greenwood. A. K. vfAOONER CO. · feb-H-lS i FOR SALE--PACTOK1T SITE, 1SOI20 i still active. 'A-'Wall-Street-'War lie. A - - - . . i joke's a Joke. b»it really someone j^"u^MaWo and ti!obui * )il!6: 60:t " )0 ' For duty done they ask no, praise, I ought To put that out of Its misery! : Unsoothed they bear ttieir own dls- j ' -. -V._! . »oO -feet of P. R R sWinir. On paved | street in Conncllsvills. Would make a. tres^ ..... . ) rl»«»iB«il l«lvnrffBkMi«T. ! I?ood Couudry. , feed mill, machine shop T e t . n thrlr quiet, pnt.cnt ways. , UMSBfd - **Tcrr*eme»U i O r Is-nndr;-. Addrc» M J. ROHM, Con- Tnes» .unsujiir. heroes, reacli success. I Brmi reffBits, Cost oaly Ic a Jrori ' nellavUle, Pa- . 1511-Bit AT ONCE TWO LINOTYPE OPERATOBS AT THE DAILY CO0S3BR OTFICP5 · are about all in. TOe announcement of the early arrival of new Spring goods ten days ago by the Union Supply Company is followed now by the announcement that our stoclcs are complete. OE course.there -will be new goods coming in daily during the entire season but the bulk of the general stocks are now on sale. It would be hard to describe in detail the extensive stocks in the numerous departments, can not do it. A better x way would be for you to vi.=it our stores and see for yourself. You will find displays of the latest creation of all the stocks; show cases, show windows, all other means of modern equipment to display, obliging clerks to show you and give you all the information they can. Whether you want to buy or not you are welcome to our stores, and bear in minfl if you only com'e for inspection you will be given as much attention and equally as welcome as the party who comes to buy goods. In addition to the new styles for women, misses, and children, and the general stocks of dry goods, notions, clothing, etc., want to call your attention to the complete stocks in our furniure deparmeiit. You can save money on furniture; the best way to prove that is to try us. Go to the Installment house and get the price, then try a Union Supply Company store. We have large stocks and big varieties of furniture on hand, yet if you can not find what you want in our stocks, can show you in our catalogues additional styles and give you prompt service. Kespectfully solicit your business. nion 6S large Deportment Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. ' Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Boots arid everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. Purposeful Formula Senreco'B formula la not "just a little of this and a Iittl» ot that." It was deriaed "witti a definite object in view. The object was to produce a tooth paste possessing medicinal as well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could be depended npon to remove tartar and keep mouth and gums healthy. The ideal defined, our laboratories sot about to determine the proper combination to produce it. Senreco is the result. It naa been tried, tested and pronounced good, by hundreds of the profession. Try j a tube. A single tube will prore ' every clafm. Will show why thousand today use aad demand Sen- reco--and are satisfied with nothing Jess. Ail druggists and toilet counters. Large 2 oz. tuoe--25c, SENRECO--Cincinnati IF YOU 'WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results."

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