The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. TH.E DAlLiX CUUKiiiiK, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATUJKJJAX, FKiSKUAKi j.o,_ J.313- '.'- The regular meeting of the Woman's JtBS". KSKDBAX HELPCfP TO -- Culture club will be neld Monday al- ~~ r "BB%±I:BB FRENCH VILLAGES. ". : " ternoon at the home »l Dr. Kathenne ' . : ·Wafcefleld in East Crawford avenue. - ^ - Members ol the Paramount and : -- Klntergarten bowling teams witnessed - : - Norraa Talmadge in "The Moth." last - : " night at the Paramount as the guests : : of Manager C. A. Wawer. Tie bowl- · - - ers, 2-i in number, occupied boxes. .Z Hi Mrs^Mary McCutcheon gav e 'a "pret- ". Z Z tite."sppointed 6 o'clock dinner at her ;:: honyt f lavrsov. in honor _of_the 77th I;: birUHy.or father, Lindiey New-" comet; a veteran." of ttre Civil-War £nd "- : : widely ,and latorably,- known -.-in "-- Conn*llsvine ana vicinity.- Amgng+; "" the guests werfc~3lr. andJMts..3Iarrio; - - ' King. -Mr. ttnd'MrsT 'George Ssrallop. - ; : Mrs. H. E. Penn,"Mrsr(X*P."Weaenck, Mrs. Cyrus Stoner and Mrs. Charles : Zimmerman, ail of, ConnelJsviHe. ___ - The Busy Twelve club was pleas- antly entertained last evening by Mrs. * B. F. Wagamau at her home an Ninth; · street, Greenwood. Knittlng.'aud ,C ; ; chetmg TV ere the amusemiants ol_tlre" ;;: evening. Luncheon was served. Mrs., ::: C. C. BiUner will entertain the chibj I!" Friday evening March 1, at her home ELITES WIN GAME Take Orpr Baltimore Ohio learn Bj The bcore uf :M-2B. Baltimore Ohio basketball ~t!on" {Q-'roemBaT'two -- guests were present. team lost to the Elite club last night on the Maccabee hall floor, 34-26. The Elite team- was not pasbing in form but some "impossible" shots were made, giving the aggregation a good lead. :._-. . The Baltimore Ohio showed up better than at any time this season, passing in good style. The jinx is - I still hanging around, however, and re- gardless'of the floor game played by Airs. Heary Beech Needhani, widow of the writer who was lulled 2 years "syilliam-rSickles entertained^ the F. ^ ago injin airplane accident in France. ! o l a n t i "" " U ^ J1 . v .^^^._v....^w_.-..-- _- -_i JD TM~ _of -a half-dozen women-'from its regulai monthly"business j America who are~rehabilitating an£-ocial meeting last evening at his! French villages and rebuilding homes homsf'-ln Morrell ai enue, Gree'nwood. f or the inhabitants. Mrs. Needham FlansTfor the annual musicals to be heliPFnday evening, March 1, in the church-, for the benefit of the building : discussed. "* IThfi.. monthly business and social meeting of Onward class of tie Metho- disCBrotestant church T7as_he!d faist evening in the church. The commit-- tefKT charge was composed of Mrs. Guy Shaw, Mrs. Herbert Prajt^ ana j s ,,,,,- ; a United States. nature was transac ted." Miss: Pearl Thorn was deirgKtlul meeting of i. Faicywork club "last: ev hoSiPta Eighth street, r GjSfiloroijd..; Teftrmembers were presenUattff'spent ther'evening at fancywo'rk "aiid 'knit 1 ting; Dainty refreshments were seo'- ed." ^. . - _ JItsS~M!.ry Sliger, who resigned ja stenographer in the division accouat- anI5[office of the Baltimroe "-"Ohio railroad to accept a government-position_in Washington, E. C., was "presented;, by the employes of the office with-ilhandsome purse. At'atrecent nieettag'orthe board of trustees of the First Baptist church an organization was effected by electing;the-following officers: President, J. C. Mnnson; secretary. E. B. Martin; hou"9lcommittee, S. B. Dull; jparson- age.","commttee, E. B. Martin; finance committee,-A. C. Stickel; repairs com- mittiWJ. F. CfiWren and grandchildren of Mr. and^Mrs. G. W. IJrown assembled at theitripme in Georges township, near Smlthfteld, yesterday to assistjn.cele- bratfd^; the goldea wedding^ anniver- sarj; of the aged couple. Mr. Brown is .27^jears old and his wife Is two yesre^iia senior. Both enjoy eice!- lent^fiealth. The children, present at the'.»nniversary were Mrs. C. E. Jlor- ton,;Mrs. J. E. Hanley, Attorney E. D. BrowB,p. J. B -wn, all of Uniontown; Mwr "AzJE.;5Qjns_ iC;SHriqjrnHt.tojTM- shtp"; The congregation of tie First Bap- --tist-cuurch will hold a Cottage-prayer daughter of Mrs. J. E. Wilson of Uniontown, and Robert Dails, ; son of Mr. and Mrs. Ch'arle's-Davis of Uniontown, solemnized February'TTnion- town. The^ bridegroom is a lineman for the Tri-'state Telephone company. The Paramount Players which gave the high jschool m" lafiCnight pleased a large lience^-" The next number, on course- will he the on March S. -'Misr'Jessie B: -Jilorrtg-and-Carl B. White, well known young people t^ Uniontown, were'rnarried-yesterday by Rev. J. M. Thoburn, "pastor ot the First Methodist Episcopal church of Uniontown. Mr. White- is Quite 'well known, in ConnellKville." - The Ladles'- Guild ot Reformed church held th4 its Trinity regular monthly meeting last evening at the home of Miss Louise Painter in Vine street. Nine members and three visitors were present. Articles-amounting to $6.00 were turned in by members for the annual Christmas bazaar. Mrs. F. B. Rudolph of Homer City, a former member of the society was present. * Mrs. Prank Drill entertained at informal knitting parties yesterday afternoon and last evening at her flome~in Morrell avenue, Greenwood, in honor of her mother-in-law, Mrs. it. B. Drill ot Greenville, O., and her sister-in-law, Mrs. V. A. Conover, of Buffalo, N. Y. Each party was attended by about eight guests. Luncheon was served. PERSONAIS. Miss Minnie B. Storey has returned home Jroni New York,. .where she bought spring and summer millinery for her West Apple street store. ,Uo.uglas,Busine3s College-win have ~ - - - - - - · ^,_Febr^iar}'..18.-- - Adv.--lB=rrr" ' Mrs. W. B. Carson and Mrs. R. T. Carte ot the South Side, were visiting RED CROSS SUPPLIES Destroyed When Steamer is Snak Atlantic Harbor. An Atlantic Port. Feb. 16.--Fire m the hold of the Scandanavian-Ameri- can steamship Minsk here today made it necessary for firemen, after vainj effort to extinguish the blaze, to open the vessel's sea cocks, permitting the ship to sink in the mud at the jjiier wheie she! was moored The loss, mostly from water, is estimated at about $5001000 [ The shipjs cargo cons'Sted of a larga amount or Red Cross stores and cot- tie railroaders-the-ball would not go ton. through tie basket. The next city league game will be between the Elks and the Maccabees on Tuesday night. These teams have met twice before and the greatest rivalry in the league exists between them. In the preliminary game Jast night the South Connellsville team was defeated by a team school, boys, 9-7. composed of high DJt. C. H. SHERKT Will be Here on Wednesday anil Sai, urdny. It is now time to drop in at the Second National Bank building and have this chiropractor examine you and tell you why you are sick. Dr Sherry will be in CounclIsviUe every START FLAGPOLE FUND Move Afoot t« Purchase Kmblcm for Use on the Armory. H 0 Keagy. the drug-gist, has started to raise a fund to buy a flag to put on the pole at the Armory. Any one wishing to contribute may leave the money at the drug store. SCOTT0AIE BOY IS FRANCE. Picture in 2foinflpa]»er Stums Htm on ttotor Track. The Philadelphia Public Ledger of last Sunday m jts intaglio section contained a cut of a group of American engineers on a motor truck in Franco, "Wednesday and Saturday, hours 10 A. j among them being Walter Bburg, son M. to 8 P. M., both phones. Don't put it off for this doctor will only b^ with ro« for a few months and then he will answer the country's call. Electric treatment in the very latest form, chiropractic by a man who has specialised Cor the last six years in this work. Also broken arches adjusted and properly corrected. AH of the following 1 diseases corrected. No drugs or surgery at this ^office. Bright's disease and diabetes, sciatica, catarrh of the nose and throat, obesity, coasUp'ation and intestinal disorders, liver troubles, piles, auto-intoxication, chronic headaches, rheumatism, neuritis, nervous breakdown, kidney disorders, goiter, circulation disturbances, high blood pressure, broken foot arch, lung conditions (in the early stages only), curvature of the spine, gallstones, appendicitis, uterine disorders and local troubles of men and women of all ages. The cause of children's diseases has been removed by this doctor after ail other methods of treatment had failed. See him Wednesday at his office In the Second National Bank Building. You can call his residence in Union town for special appointment.--Adv. LDTCOLX HATED !'AK _BBt Thut Didn't, Prevent Him From Crashing tbc Rebellion. It he were alive today, he -would advise us to bend ail our energies to winning the present war in order to establish a government "ot the people and for the people and by tae people," not merely In America but throughout the world. Are you doing your share by saving a little regularly? If not, the facilities of the First National of Connellsville are at your service. $1 starts a savings account. Liberal in- terest.--Aflv. of W. "VV. Eburg of Scottdale, and brother of Frank Ebnrg, who is at Camp L*ee.. The picture JB entitled "A Gala Day in France," it having reference to the reception being given the Americans by the French people. JTUKT ON POLE. Man Struck on TIe»d by Cross- Arm. Martin I*. Cooper of Ix?ckett, Va,, was admitted to the Cottage State hospital for treatment of a slight injury to the head, suffered while woik- ing*n. a telegraph pole at Confluence. He was struck by a cross-arm of the pole. W, A. "Weaver, 31 years old, underwent an operation this morning. Irene Sidebottom, nine years old, was admitted for treatment. EXJOTETG SOUTH. TO T18IT XOXDOX. There's TVhure Sam Harrr Will Spend 'orlough, He Writes. A letter received by Mr. and. Mrs. S. J. Harry from their son, Samuel, Jr , m France, says he is well and is planning t a trip to London ·when he gets a furlough. Furloughs arc granted when a soldier has been m France four months. Accompanying the letter was a photograph which shows the young soldier to be looking fine and to have taken on weight. GEORGE aUSOX SAFE. But Pechin Yeteron 11H Itetum in Spring. A letter from "Dad" Pyle of Pechin, who Is at a soldiers* home in Tennessee, states that he is enjoying himself, and that*the lawns and meadows are green aad early vegetables making good headway in the gardens. He does not say anything about returning to his home but it is considered probable the approaching spring may see him among his strawberry and garden truck as usual. COMMtffllTT Sc1ed*le is Announced for Methodist Kniscopnl meeting MoEKiijv-Jught a.vthe-home,oi 3 : .MrsT^rrFr P'ickVrd in McCormick ; yesterday. Have you gotten" those" tan lace ~ avenue for the benefit of_Mrs. William 3 Kennedy, mother of " ~"-- ~ Mrs. Kennedy is an ; the church and lias ~ her home for many weeks:-- ^ -A. meeting .ef the--Woman's, . Bible, £ class "of The'First Baptist church will ~ be held Thursday afternoon at the ^ home, of r Mrs. E..E. Colenian in Mor TM rcll'avemie, Grernwood. - · · - -- ^ The United-for-Service. Unit of the TM Charleston 'Comforts-Branch--of the shoes yet for your little girl? It not, Downs'~Sfioe store Ifive them now. Sires 10 to 2:---Adv-14-^jC '~ '^-Miss Anna^Pisher and small niece, Eouine-Woodward,-wifl leave "tonight for a visit with relatives and friends in Baltimore. *" "Robert'KelT Is spending the day in Pittsburg. The best place to shop after all. Brownell .Shoe-Co.--^Adv. . Sherrick Enos went to Pittsburg this merning.- F. S. Broker has returned to Weir- . .Methodist Episcopal community prater meetings wi j l be held next week as follows: Monday, Wills road, at the home of E. W. Homer; Tuesday, Fayette street, at home of C. C Collins; Wednesday evening at the church; Thursday, % East Side, at home ot Mrs. Kooser, Madison avenue; F South Side, at home ot Charles nell, No. 524 Race street. ton, Va., where he is employed, Son of Locul Notary Writes He Has Beached England. J. A Mason ot South Arch street received a cablegram Thursday from hia son, Sergeant Major George H. Mason, of the 67th Aero Squadron, stating that he had arrived safely in Romsey, England. Previous to sailing for England Sergeant Major Mason was stationed at San Antonio, Texas. TOTOSHIP WDTS. the Captain of Team Is Terr Mnch IVhole Show. Dunbar township high, school hask- etballers defeated German, township high school at Leisenring last night, 31 to nine. Captain O'Laughlin scored 32 out of the home Lelsenrmg team's 31. JHSTtiRBS THK PEACE. Italian Charged With Muting HimscU Disagreeable to Neighbors. Jlocco Santon was given a hearing this morning before Mayor John Duggan on infbnnation of L. Rimondio, his landlord, who charged that he creates too much disturbance Mayor Duggan told Sontori that he £ .VavyJ, e ajw;H.t» meet.t 9 night_at-.the[after.a. vjsit to-his-wife and baby, who , .,_,_. __,,_ , ,,,, Z home ot Mrs. George Armstrong in are visiting Mrs. Croker's parents. Mr. i oould not be a nuisance to the neigh- C North Seventh street, West Side, to j and Mrs. G. N. Durnell, of East Patter~ knit for the sailors." ~ The month!! nieeting ~ Freeman Chapter, Daughters 'of the ~ American Revolution, is being held -- this afternoon at .tha hnmp nf ,Mr.s,. - C. E. "Wilson in ISTesT Groin, .street. Z : Announcement has the marriage of Miss been made of Elsie Wilson.' f. S CoousJTme, food for gold, 'weatfierwheif you can get crisp.!iweet POST TOAST1ES son avenue. " tto.wns' Shoe'Store" sale on "Women's shoes at-$2.95 is still going OB. These will make good shoes for every day wear -or dress--mostly all Patent leathers.^-Adv-14-3t. . -. v . rMr._and Mrs.-S. J.'Harry "have retur- cd home from a trip to Mocksville. N. " .William "MeCormici was in Pittsburg today on .business. Mrs.'Mary X~Harrison otthe South Side, who_ has been visiting friends in Pittsburgh accompanied by Mrs. M. J. McMorns of Pittsburg, will leave tomorrow night for Atlantic City to visit the tatter's brother, James Jfc- Morris. who is ill. _ i!rs..._John. Fought^ has _been con- ·fftted-to'her home at the Indian Creek - reservoir for the past few weeks, with |.~ Un.jittack.jf .inflammatory;_: ]"tism. Mrs. Charles Caplan entertained her borhood and advised him to secure an_ Funeral Postponed. The body of Charles N. Kelley, who died in a Buffalo, N. V , hospital, having not arrived here today at noon, it was necessary to change the time of! the funeral, which was to have been held this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock from the residence ot a siater-m-iaw of the deceased, Mrs. L. M Santmyer in Murphy avenue. No tune has been act The body was shipped from Buffalo, N Y., yesterday moining and was expected to arrive here Jast night BREAKFAST! COCOA The food drink without a fault Made of high grade cocoa beans skil- fully blended and manufactured by a perfect mechanical. process, without the use of chemicals. It is absolutely pure and-wholesome, and its flavor is delicious, the natural flavor of the cocoa bean. T h e g e n u i n e bears this trademark and is made only by 1 WAITERBAOR S CO. Ltd. DORCHESTER MASS. Established 1780 JACOB LEWIS. Jacob Lewis, 82 years old, died Friday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Wood at Fairchance, fololwing a stroke of paralysis. WOMEN JOREG1STER .H .South CoiiBPlJsv./Je at Home of! ifrs. Ida Stiamun. ! Women of South ConucIIsviile will | register for war work Wednesday, I Thursday and Friday of next week a t ' the home of Mrs, Ida Seaman in Pain- j ter street. | Registrars will be present from 10 o'clock in the morning to 9 o'clock at night. SOEWDT HIUH TOKIGHT. 1,ocal High School Wll PIT on Uym Fluor at S O'clock. j The ConnellsnJle high school basketball team will play the N o r w j n | high school of Irflrin here tonight on i the gym floor. The locals took over the Greens-, burff high here last Saturday. | In.inries J^rore Fatiil. Andy Sassaria, a Slavish m.ner, -who was struck by a train while on his way to work at Star Junction yesterday rnornir.g, died this morning at 6,45 o'clock at the Cottage State hospital of a fractured skull. Taint-fin Arrests Thirteen arrests were made by the police during the night and 12 p n s - j oners faced Mayor John Duggan this morning in police court- One man left a forfeit last night. Huiontomi Man a Lieutenant. A commission as first lieutenant in the OClcerii' Reserve Corps was issued esterday to E. S Areford of Uniontown, i Going to Keiitnckr. A II Hurst of Dunbar has resigned his position the Setnet-Solvay company and will leave for Kentucky. Somerset Ji'iwol Officer Killed. Lieutenant Robert 0 Baush. aged 33 years, of Somerset, died at Portsmouth, Va., as the result ot injuries received in an explosion in the Porst- mouth navy yards, t/.etitenant Baush ·was a graduate from Annapolis in tin class of 1908. His mother, two sisters and one brother survive. Omuls Hear Key. Ttnckner. Large crowds, including delegations from Republic and New Salem, have other location where he would behave, i oeen in attendance at the meetings in the Christian church at Brownsville where Res'. G. W. Buckner of Con- Dinner for Soldiers. 'Mrs. G. "W. Gordon was hostess at a 6 o clock dinner Thursday evening at-her home at Scottdale m honor of her brother, Sergeant Paul Williams, and her brother-in-law Phil Sivartz- welder, members of the 110th Regiment, who are home from Camp Hancock. In^the evening young people were invited to the home. HUTS l)aisto\Tii Property. S. C. Kalp of Davistown, Saltlick township, bas purchased from Russel 1 Christner two acres of land at that place, the purchase including a dwell- coal which .Mr. Kalp will develop The price paid was ?1,200. Wed in Cumberland. Edward Weaver and Delia Sophia sister.-Mrs^.-Pobensligel, ot. Pitts-J Canrpbell-of Banning, were granted a burgh this -week. -On Tuesday the license to wed in Cumberland, sivers and guests from Uniontown attended the Red Cross'beneflt'at Mount Pleasant, , "Mrs. ThomaVFhiHips"and son, Edi| son, of "Woodlawn, are guests at the · home of Mr. and Mrs. John Davis of nellsvilie.has occupied the pulpit in the absence of evangelist In charge, Dmilmr Senices. Rev. Irwin Fletcher ot Jones Mills will conduct morning and evening services at the Church ot tlir Brethren tomorrow. Sunday school will be held at 9.45 o'c'ock and the Christian \Forkers' meeting will be h«ld at 6.30] o'clock. WEST PENN SERVICE DON'T MOVE INTO A HOUSE THAT ISN'T WIRED FOR ELECTRICITY Our special Wiring? Proposition is so attractive that every house-owner can afford to have his houses made into modern homes for the comfort of those who occupy them. The services of our Illuminating Engineers, free for the asking. WEST PENN POWER CO This is positively our last sale on Pall Cloaks, Suits Dresses and Skirts. One rack of Coats, Suits and Dresses, 52.95. The material in these garments is worth more tha' three times the selling price. One lot of Skirts values to $5.50 at $1.50. "THE STORE AHEAD." BCTTEEICK FATTEE5S. Send Whitman's to Your Friends in the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Nav man than a box of candy. There isn't any better tha Whitman's, so why not include some in the next box yo send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Package*. Collins' Drug Store Sou£h Pittsburg Street. : ' vcr SHAMTCSGI FROCK THAT W SD1TLE AS1) Sees First ISobin. first spring robin has hefen seen here. Foster Cntchfield reports ing-house." The land" is "underlaid wTth'l that oae ° E the red breasted harbingers of spring was warbl ng m his back yard this morning This is the first of the birds reported seen hPi-e this years South Connellsyille. *_ Read the advertisement' P NEUMONIA Pint call a physician. Then begin hot A appUc»rio«* of-- ^ ^W.L«d.»*^WL^ft=S V^CKSVAPORU TJnclv to the Farm. Roy StClair of Furnace mil, Dunbar. Vr-ho for sax months has been employed as bookkeeper at the plant of the United Ftre Brick company at Pechm. ·has resigned his position and expects to follow- agricultural pursuits tl^ coming spring and summer. Soutli PUiabury Street. fiotb Phones. J employ no agents or solicitors. A.rn doing business strictly on my own merits IS years practical cipcnejice. Jtotor Funeral Serrice if Desired. NIGHT ANSWERED AT OFFICE. When irregular or delayed use Triumph Pills, Safe and always dependable. Not sold at drug stores. Do not experiment with others; save disappointment Write for ' Relief and particulars; it's free. Address NATIONAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Special Dance Monday XJplit. At Jacques, Kartell hall. Kiferle's orchestra,--Adv.--15-3t , Advertise -for it in these columns D\T3RYTinNG COOICEJ) LI) AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean aid Pu ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CU BREAFAST AK'D SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious 1 cause They Are Homemade NEXT DOOR TO WEST PE. WAITING ROOJf. To make this shantung frock more simple would be a hard task, but still it is so neat and reined that is sure to be Jiked by all the young ladies. The touch of embroidery relieves the severity of this frock and makes it even more attractive. TYlio to Patronise. Merchants who advertise their good.' The Daily Courier. Stop ftf That \5 Cold At Onc ***£* CASCARAjgptJINl V * ' The oW family remedy -- is table form -- Mfe, jrure, ea»y to tmke. N opiatci -- oo unpleasant after effecta Curt. cold. 1» 24 hoOT-U dw». Moner bacfcif itf»fti. Gctth gcnumc box witi Red Tip ud Mi. Bill;, pirtur. on it

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