The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 44

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 44
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, Barbecue cooking can be a lot ' more exciting than most people thinki If you tend to re-' ' legate your outdoor cooking to - " " just ' botdogs ' and, hamburgers - ' why don't you i try something ' different this weekend and dis-' cover lust how good barbecuing ' t - can be? V In addition tor tackling ; new: dishes and recipes, ' why not consider investing in a cover ed barbecue? The covered bar becue, as the. name Implies, ' has a large "kettle like" lid .- . which converts the brazier into an oven. ' Adjustable dampers enable the backyard chef to ac Standing By JCIIN PIERSON WASHINGTON (UPI) Now; that science has entered the; broom closet, It's getting so a speck of, dust doesn't stand' a chance. ' - ' " One firm " has developed an-electronic air 'cleaner that promises less dusting for the housewife and less misery for the hay fever sufferer. By a process known as "electrostatic precipitation," ' the cleaner grabs particles of smoke, grease, pollen, dirt, fly ash, soot, bacteria and spores right out of the air. The cleaner operates through your beating or air conditioning ducts, or you can buy a portable. FRIDAY, AUGUST 14; 1964 T ; p 'unit IEiientteinmiiQtl ODE HOME SECTION 1 . Tr :iii" I Lubricate the-' balance wheel and the tiny screws of sewing machines with a cotton swab curately control temperature in preparing everything from fish and casseroles to such unusual and tasty dishes as steaks au ' Chateaubriand or standing rib , roasts. . . . 1 STANDING RIB ROAST .' For that standing rib roast follow these sure - fire tips for mouth-watering results: -. ' Select a good roast that weighs at least five pounds allowing1 one pound of meat for , each aduM. . " Make sure the meat reaches room temperature before cooking. Rub-the-outside, with peanut oil , and season generously with sak and coarsely ground Rib Roast ; Everyone has seen dust in a . ray of sunlight But specks' large enough to be seen represent only about It per cent of . all dust in the air. The beauty of the electronic ' air heater , is . that it picks up nine out of 10 of the invisible particles. -How? . -Simple.' , , As room air is drawn through the cleaner, the dust particles suspended in it are given " strong electrical charged Then they are collected on plates hav-: ing an opposite charge. By the' same' principle, a comb run ' through dry hair picks up little x pieces of paper. , ' ' But Installing an air cleaner doesn't mean you ; can throw r Shish pepper. Rub with a garlic clove, too, if you are so inclined. Use ' the . indirect , .. cooking method, placing the meat between an. arrangement of briquettes on each side of the foil drip pan rather than over the coals as with conven- ; tional barbeques. After starting the briquettes, let them "heat up" for about 25 minutes. ' After putting the meat in the lower half of the barbeque kettle, put the cover in place and, with all dampers open,' begin to. cook. Allow about 12 minutes cooking : time per pound and, should the size of the roast put cooking time past W minutes, add eight briquettes to each side of the fire - about every hour.. Precise timing and temperature control are possible with covered kettle cooking. And , it's always a good idea to use a meat thermometer so tha ' the dish is done the way your , family likes it best. away' that dust cloth. The cleaner can remove only the dirt that passes through ; it. Some room air may never get there. Heavy ' particles of lint , and sand may settle to the floor and never get there either. . ' But these limitations have not .stopped! homeowners and busi- ' , nessmen ffrom using, the air :. gleaner, v; .- ' . An optometrist in Gainesville, -. Fla", uses it to cut down the amount of dust accumulating on the lenses of his instruments. A laboratory rat breeder, in Guelph, Ont., put one in his rat - bouse and reduced the Incidence of diseases from dirt, dust and ' flies. ' " u A computer - nrm in Denver '. , Kebob . SHISH KEBOB .' -' - Any number of variations can be dreamed up by the -chef de-' pending upon your , individual ; - tast. Here is a . recipe that is delicious: , - - ; ' Onioas small white ones about two inches in diameter. Bacon strips cut in half 1 and folded over double. -Pineapple - cut into one inch - squares about inch thick. ' Green pepper cut into two-, inch square pieces. 'Beef Tenderloin . cut into 1 two' - inch cubes. - Pork Tenderloin cut into 1V4 to two - inch cubes. Mushrooms use mushroom . caps. ' . " ; String 'on skewers alternate-. ry. Use about 50 briquettes. " Cooking time is about 50 minutes. 4 1 Here's a good ' idea: . Put a ' couple of shish kebobs on early . and serve as h'ors d'oeuvres while the. main -course is cook-: ing.. uses one to keep. Its magnetic tapes clean. A Silver Spring. Md man installed a billiard room in the basement of a building below a ' laundromat. , When vibration from - the washing ' machines caused fine' white dust to shake down from the celling, he got v an air cleaner and licked the problem, v Home builders are starting to - install electronic iir. cleaners as standard or optional' equipment in their developments. - .' , Installed in your heating or air. conditioning system, a sys-' v tem will set you back about ' 1450. Portable models begin at around 1239. Some dealers have taken to renting them by the month to hay fever victims. dabbed in petroleum Jelly. ' ' "k A ; washable' mattress pad protects the mattress. , A' staple gun will do the job of lining the closet1 with cedar paper 6n the walls and shelves. ., ' -y -: . . A garment combining cloth with fur dry, cleans better if 1 the fur is detachable. The fur . should be cleaned separately. . . . Cotton and linen fabrics ab-, sorb water readily, are easy to dye and hold colors welL' - ' j . ' A solvent in poultice form is best to remove oil, stains from marble. . ',- . .:'- Don't try to oil the lock of a door or car. ,- Oil the key and insert it. Turn key back and forth a few times. ",','V" ' : ; J Avoid unnecessary "stooping. -Use the stick of an old broom "... hi the handle of your dustpan. .Spray i.r.(Can (Knves ;; Mew: ILssoalk Sometimes extra ; space ' can - be gained in a ; home ; by sprucing up old furniture to be placed in a den, - recreation or children's room, Instead oTpur- ' chasing new items, you can give furniture a new look, and a new finish to add seating space. It you have dinette furniture "or odd chairs and sofas covered in vinyl or leatherette, you can give them new - life with ' a formula that's ' sprayed on trom an : aerosol can. It can also be applied to headboards, . lamp shades, and luggage.- : " The spray actually penetrates the fabric and becomes a complete new surface. When dry, it's just as washable as the original. .You can change color since it's available in . 12 different shades. Usually one coat , will , give you a' complete covering, However, if you're change ing from a very dark to a very ; light or white color, two or three ' coats may be required. ' The only preparation needed - is to clean the surface with non-greasy spirits. Do this with a cloth soaked kt the spirits. Then PPly the spray from he can . Pay ; particular attention to , seams, making sure the spray penetrates them." Use masking tape on metal or wooden -legs and supports to prevent over-spray from reaching them. One 15 . ounce can will cover a ' small chair or two large cush- ions. ' A second coat can be applied " within five 4o 10 eninutes after the first When the recovering is completed, let the piece dry , overnight before use. v

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