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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 16, 1918
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LAST iilTl Connellsville'* Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,6.54 VOL.. 16, NO. 83. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY EVENING 1 , FEBRUARY 16, 1918. EIGHT PAGES I-BOAT BRAVES BATTERIES OF DOVER, SHELLS CITY AND KILLS ONE BABE; OTHERS HURT tiaek By Germans Follows Closely Victorious Sea Battle of Testerday. ·COND FIGHT TKANSFEKBED worn? of Inge Snnber of Beiies f Teuton gallon oi Swedish Comst M»T Be Indication of Defeat of iaUer's Powerful Jf«r«l Toices. local Man Is Sow Stationed at Fort Worth, Texas. David Durnell, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Durnell of East Patterson avenue, has been transferred from Fort Ogiethorpe, Ga., to Kelly Field. Fort j Worth, Texas, according to a letter written to bis mother. Durnell. who is with, the medical corps, aviation, writes that he never enjoyed better health and that ho likes Texas and soldier life very much. INCREASE IN PRICE Tor Coal Jllned in the Thin Vein Districts Jieeomts EStcUtc Today. Fuel Administrator Garflelcl has made a re-classification of certain coal producing counties in the thin vein mining districts of Pennsylvania, granting an increase to ?2.60 per ton ~ niae, prepared sizes and The former prices were Z^TM"'^~^'^\w t TMTM'*.^**£ rvnr Ey Associated Press. -ONDON, Feb. 16.--An enemy suh- rine bombarded Dover early this rning. it is officially announced, e submarine was flred on from the ire and ceased the bombardment er SO rounds bad been flred. The cial statement reads: Fire was opened upon Dover by an imy submarine about 12:10 o'clock FAYETTE BOYS AIT iSLico MD|L GOES ON DOUBLE CAMPLEEMAYBE ON THE WAY OVER Arrival Here cf Personal Belongings Indicates Troop Movement. 1,500 ARE SENT EAST TURN MONDAY NIGHT, VERY LIKELY FOR A LONG PERIOD The plant of the Sligo Iron Steel larity as the claaring-up of the rail- I WAR VETERANS MAKE MERRY AT HOME OF COL.JB company will be placed oa double tarn on Monday night for the first timo since the last resumption oC operations of this enterprise. Sufficient men have been secured, or are in sight, to provide a night shift which will take its place on Monday evening. Less difficulty is being experienced roads progresses. The heatless Mondays obcerved at the plant having fallen upon days when the temperature was at or near zero, it is estimated ihat comparatively little, if any, coai was saved by Ihe Occasion is to Celebrate Uie 76th j Anniversary of the Jovial j iounj; Fellow. Sixteen comrades of William Kurtz Post, No. 104, oJ the Grand Army of the Republic, were present for the dinner and exercises at Sun- p.' Draft Board Makes Announcement of Those Selected For Service. shutdowns, because so much was re- nyside, Dunbar township, yesterday quired to keep the plant Irom being attending the observance ot the 70th | /iinivrn 10 BCrCTOTlY TfVHAV bu-Uiday anniversary o{ Colonel James I yKDfiK. Id KfiUCdYEiU 1UUAI frozen up. less delay in Among Them May Be the Soldiers Who Went Out From ConnellsTillc, through, on account ot tt Few Montiis Ago; Jicw Men .tr- [ congestion at different points, but rive at Camp ftiid Are Assigned, j they arc arriving with greater regu- now than some weeks ago in securing! Increase in orders, and the tailing raw material) There is yet more or'behind on those on hand, have made shipments Uie getting fi eight i morning, ce or four ml run The shore bat- *"** coal. after discharging about 30 rounds, j 5 casualties were: I Ciller, one child; injured, three a, one woman and three childien. light damage was caused house perty. ases have not been infrequent oft ·man submarines bobbing up off j British coast and shelling shore) ts. Yarmouth, for instance, was s bombarded on January 14. Jt is often, however, that the tj-boats e cared to take chances with, such .ell-defended town as is Dover, the it important port in Southeastern ;land. on the strait of Dover, jes which flows a constant stream war traffic between England .ind slzes and J1 - 7S tor slack ' Tbe counties involved arc coming. Clinton, Center, Huntingdon, Bedford, Cameron, Elk, Clearfidd, Cambria. Blair, Somerset, Jefferson, Indiana, Clarion, Armstrong, Butler, Mercer, Lawrence and Beaver; Allegheny from the lower end of Tarcn- tum borough to the county line; in Westmoreland county, from a point opposite the lower end of Tarentum borough north along the Allegheny river, and along tbe Kipkiminetas river eastward to the Conemaugh river and continuing along that river to the Cambria county line. The receipt v.itbln the past few days by the friends in Connellsville and vicinity of the boys who are at Camp Lee, of trunks, suit cases and other packages containing their personal belongings, is taken as an indication that the time for the departure of the 319th Infantry, National Army, lor overseas service is approaching. "Wnatever preparations are being made may indicate merely the movement of the regiment to another base, preparatory to sailing, but even if the members have any information respecting such a movement, or departure for overseas, they arc not per- PIPE THAWING SQUAD IS BUSY ON THE PINNACLE the double turn necessary. From the present outlook it is expected ithat the schedule beginning Monday night will be continued indefinitely. J. Barnhart. The celebration was opened with singing and prayer by Rev. J. H. Lambcrtbon of the Methodist Protest- | | ant church of this. city. All the comrades then marched around and congratulated .Mr. Barnhart after which be made a five minute speech of welcome. ~ The daughter ot the Post, Miss Mercedes Gladden, and Miss Josephine Rhmchart played a duet. J. G. Hicks FOOD CAMPAIGN To Begin "ttatti Distribution of Food Pledges lit I'hurcbes Tomorrow. iiang a solo accompanied by Miss The food conservation campaign | Gladd?n at the piano. Comrades John drive will be started tomorrow by the j E. Jones and Clark Collins gave an j pastors of the churches making an-I interesting talk on many things that i drawn up a Ust of men who will leave i nouncements concerning its objects ' happened when they were soldiers to- for camp on that date, there being £5 and purposes and distributing food , gether in the army. Qnota Will lie the Fifth to Go Out From Connellsville Siuee Jlovement of Drafters to Army 'fraining Cacijis ttegim During last Fall. The neit contingent of Connells- vilie draftees will leave here on Saturday, February 23, going out on a Baltimore . Ohio special trams. The draixees will form 13 per cent of the remaining quotas of the local boards. Local Board No . - has already Efforts Being Made to Relieve! pledge cards among the members., Rev. Lambertson and W. H. Thomas "H'ater Situation in Several Streets. , - _ _ . ,, n n i i n n n mitted to reveal it, hence nothing is | STEAM ROLLER 0 definitely known. According to dispatches today more than 1,500 men from Camp Lee have been sent to an eastern concentration camp for transportation overseas. There may he Connellsville and Fayette county men among them. The transfer was carried out so quietly m« PADrC 1U rlmVE that the men were gone before the fact was known to many other soldiers. It was known some time ago that the units were to leave but the selectives themselves did not know the time. ' ' The men who left Fayette county early in. the week are being assigned ,Iot Anftlf and His Gas Company Men Still Doing All They Can to Help; Firemen lay Hone dine From named. Orders to call the men for . departure Saturday night came this mornmg. The drafteeb' special will leave at 6.SO o'clock. Connells\illo has already sent four contingents of draftees to the training camps, and those leaving today a week During the wt'ek the food campaign I Kurtz. John Robinson. V. A. A-lis, A. 'will be the subject ot tbe talks to be S. Haddock, C. H. T.'hitelcy, Clark Col- given by the Tour-Minute Men in the 1ms, John E Jones, U L. Collins. L. theatres and elsswhcie. An effort w IW, Wolfe. J. G. Hicks, W. H. Shaw, J. ! to be made to induce at least two of jR. Dunham, A. Drebeit, A Welling. Crawford Aienne lo Wrj Section. the minlstere ol - the city , 0 jolll tne ~ ranks of the Four-Minute Men. not The Connellsville Water company, still assisted by what force the Fayette County Gas company c.ia spare, is at work today thawing out pipes in tbe hill district, in order to get ! water to consumers who have lieen without a supply for weeks. Water mains m Ogden and Edna streets and was only yesterday that a po» er- Of Thompson's Stock is Pnrpose o l j t o units. They were received with] Cottage avenue are frozen and any Salt br Comptroller Williams. iopen arms by this regiment, which is'.means necessary to thaw these pipes squadron of German destroyers I ie a sudden raid in the straits of! Comptroller of the Currency John er and sank eight small British ISkelton "SVilliaros, yesterday entered '£-o»t on a submarine chase. j suit in United States District Court ! at Pittsburg, to establish the right of ' VJREST OF 5ATA1 BATT1E FOCSD the comptroller to dispose of at public sale about 5750,000 worth of securities doing everything U. can to make tt pleasant for the rookies. The newcomers were homesick and dejected, but being placed among their friends cheered them up. Some of the Pennsylvania new men will be as- DNDON Feb 16--Belief tiat a to satisfy debts of J. V. Thompson on | signed to thu Virginia regiments to .1 engagement has occurred is Promissory noteslo about 125 national, fill them up, as they are far ·- -essed in a dispatch received in kholffl from Gothenburg and fcir- banks. their maximum strength. The comptroller's act in filing a bill The men assigned ;o the 319th Infantry regiment were placed in Companies E, F and G. N'o time was lost in putting them to work. A non-com- will bo used. "We are doing everything possible to relieve the situation," said Superintendent A. E. Hnlstead this morn- Ing, "and we certainly are grateful to the gas company for the aid it is giving us." below | Mayor John Duggan is working in conjunction with the gas and water only during the coming week, bat to permanently become a part of this very useful agency for the enlight- ment of the people on the issue o£ tiie nan sailors who apparently be- to a war ship. jthenburg is on tbe -western coast weden and is near the Skagetra'i, of the bodies of water connecting North and Baltic seas and the one ·cst the North Sea. The Norti in the -vicinity of tbe Skagerrak, oeen tiw scene ot previous paval igements, the great battle of Jut- having been fought there. AMAS TVOMET tO GKT BALIOT. Liberty Coal company and 7,000 shares of the capital stock of the Wetzel Coal Coke company, which the comptroller obtained October 29. 1914. and which Thompson and his associates were given until May 3, 3916, to re-, deem by payment of a sum not to exceed $750,000. companies to get a supply to the hill residents. If steam is needed to thaw the pipes the mayor will have Ins steam roller CHILDREN INJURED One's leg is Fractnrcd as BesnJt of Bicycle Xlshap. Billy Vaughn, five years old, son of Feb. IS.--The _extensioa | Mr an( j Mrs Eu3Ben Vaughn of Fourth, street, West Side, was painfully injured, and Pred Robblns of Greenwood, suffered a slight sprain, of morning when they fell from tbe Vaughn child's bi- ic right of franchise to the women anada was announced by the gov- lent yesterday as a part of it-! V w^.^.--.. ..., ~ !,-. ,, ,,. ,,,, (j. ree nwoou, sunereo re policy. If was stated that equal I ^ wristi fnesday age would become an established I before another election is held. 4HKS HAVE GOOD TIME ('ant Keep Then Down. Ererson Boy Writes From France. be Yanks are having a good timt; ·iver they go," says Peter Arthuv aowaifc. a former Bverson boj in France, in a brief letter to Courier. "Nothing can scarf ." he continued. "Taej- are ever- is;ly singing: .'Where Do We Go i Here, Boys?' We are having f hard things to put up with over lut we take it as a joke. inn expecting to meet some o* cycle. In some manner the Vaughn boy's left leg was caught in the spokes of the bicycle, causing a compound fracture. He was removed to tbe Cottage State hospital, where the fracture was reduced yesterday morning. He ic getting along nicely. missioned officer, assigned to each f fired up and the steam from iis boiler squad of eight men, began drilling them. The work wag supervised by will be used. The electric process of the West Penn was put to work today 3,090 POUNDS OF FLOUR Fonnd Hoarded at Keistvr Work* By County Food Administrator. An investigation by County Food. Controller at Keist^r coke works yesterday revealed :J,000 pounds of flour fcecieted in 12 nouses at that place. Some ot it was found in beds ant! under them and in one house the base board had been removed and sacks hidden in the space benvecn the weather-boarding aod the plastering. The results of this investigation, DAWSON RACES Some World Fumed Hacers Being Solicited for September Meet Harry Cochran, secretary or tbe Oawson Driving club, will soon announce his program for the 191S fall meeting, the second week in September, and it gives promise uf being unequalled by any other association having a meet, over a half mile track in the entire country. Several special events that will bring to Dawson two or three harness horses that have a world renowned reputation lor speed are being socilit- od to include this fair in ti'eir itinerary and the Kberal policy pursued by the management of the Dawson fair, practically assures the citizens cf Fayette county a rare treat when the fair, commissioned officers. At the end o t ' to get tht water running. tbe day the recruits had shown aptness in drilling and it will not reauirc much time to develop them. WANT BACK THEIR LANDS Sprinjffield Township Citizens Sne to HBTC "Deeds Annnlled. Six Springfield township citizens j den street Many residents were sup- In some sections of the Pinnacle, princiDallv on Edna street, there has been no water for almost five weeks. Consumers have been complaining but their condition could not "oe remedied. The small fire truck was run to the Pinnacle this morning and six sections of hose laid down Edna street to Og- KBCKDITS. Fayettt Conations Knlist In Army and have started suits in equity m Uniontown against J. "W. and Nelle Barger of Rogers Mi^.1 for cancellation of deeds for their properties. The plaintiffs, Samuel G. Miller, Lizzie B. Sparks, Nancy Miller, Pred Miller and Samuel B. Miller allege that Barger is fraudulently holding the titles to their properties. Four years ago, it is alleged, Barger optoned the coal under the properties and at a later date served notice on the owners to prepare the deeds. It is now alleged that he never paid for the properties and recently the plain- plied with water in tie ctiople of plied with water in the couple of hours that the firemen were on the job. Water was supplied at the plug tiffs found that he them to his wife. had transferred "William Fisher of West Brownsville and Paul Murrie of West Newton enlisted in tie United States Nary yesterday in Pittsburg. George W. Darr of Star Junction, 073 from Cocuellsville and Scott , soon. I haven't seen any yet-| Ru3se!l »· 1153UU ana ^ ^ ^ u mire kept verv busv so that I! m!nss of Percy ' and JenT Gaines of f. time .to write much. I wish I ' South *'°TM*"*. TM"sted in the lend this from dear old Ever- arm:r - .mtead of France. Give by re; to the boys of Fayette aim moreland counties." CASSWT BIT BAELET. ·chowiak is a member of Battery gfctb regiment, with General Per's forces. "Casey" Jones Well. ri recently received . by his Is in the city report Lieutenant tTulfl Regulations Governing Pnrcbasc Are ForanHted. The Food Administration has issued' orders directing that matters cease all j WRECKAGE CLEARED And Traffic is Kesuaed on the IVest- ern Xarrland at Ohlopylc. Repairs to the Western Maryland railroad at the scene of the wreck al Ohiopyle had been completed at noon today and wreck gangs were at work picking up the remnants of the 15 freight cars not consumed "by fire which, broke out after the amashup yesterday morning. The wreck tore m three raJl lengths of tract and the-1 l fire burned oat the ties. Traffic was resumed this afternoon. . "William "Wallace, teamster, whose These caids pledge the signers to j made speeches 2ml C. H. Vi'hiteley economy in the use of iiour, sugar ?.nd i read a selection to suit Uie occasion. fats and observance of the regulations | After enjoying a very good time to- affecting the use of these foods. The I getber a lunch was served by Mrs. cards will be brought to the churches i Barnbarl. Mrs. Br.idmaii and Mrs for colloction one week f i o m tomof- j Welling, The comrades present weie will make the fifth. Aiter the de- row. | J J. Barnhart, W. P. Cla"k, Henry i narturc ot the draftees on the 23rd there will be about only 10 per cent from the first call remaining. The names of the men chosen by lxcal Board No. 2 to go lo camp on Saturday are: Ralph JUith, Owensdale. Webster D. Stauffcr, Scottdale. Percy Swink, Conneilsville. March W. Sloan, Brownsville. Harry Kdwards, ConncUsville, Andrew J. James, Connellsville. Joseph C. Lucky, Connellsville. W. H. Rush. Dawson. A. B Ghrirt. Connellsvil'.e. Michael Houston, Pennsville. Charles Tet'd Otto, Connelisville. Howard E. Keppert, ConnellsviHe. Harry 0. Reagan, Connellsville. Andrew V*'. Thomas, Connellsville. Ray Zimmerman, Connclisville. John A. Licb, South Connellsrille, Ca-1 ~ Kerr, Connellsville. Haro.rf R. Uoyd, Connellsviile. Joseph P. Smith. Owensdale. Ralph Blubaugh, ConneUsvilie. Albert Collier Smith, Connellsville. Fred Sandusky, ConneUsvillc. Kay M. Brown, CoanelKville. Steve Bahich, Connellsrille. Enos F. King, Owensdale. Charles J. Baird,'Everson. Bedford P. Allen. Harrison City. James B. Cougbenour, Connellsville. Robert Hill. Ererson. Joseph F. Dailay, C^r.noHsville. Howard H. Myers, ConnellsviUe. Richard Haberer, Broad Ford, Paul Evans. South Connellsville. John S Uiscy, Scottdale. James R. Smith, ConnellsviHe. 5 han which is the first uade in tbe county, j September 30 to 13, rolls around, wj]! be reported to tbe legal department of the Food Administration. Will Assist in Knlistinp; Men for GOT- enimc'nt Industries. Inspector James S. Darr has been appointed an agent in Fayette county for tbe United States Public Service through the relief valve and also at] a l l i O B i Ul e re by depleting the normal Ogden street through tbe hose. RICE TO BE CHEAPER Surplus to Be Placed on ifarket April 1, ttotwr buys. By Associated Press. Washington, Feb. 36--Reduction :n| Reser ve. ^o'wilT'devotVa" parV'of the price of rice is in prospect for i]j s time to* working up recruits Tor April 2 r the food administration announced today. Distribution figures show that there is a surplus after deducting the million baga purchased for export to Europe. · The increase in the cost of rice during the last few months baa been due to the fact that most nee mills were working to capacity in supplying the supply for home use. NAMED ACCOUNTANT Former Coanellsvnie Boy Ordered to Columbus Barracks. Bernard McPartand, son of Michael McPartiand ot EJniontown. formerly of Connellsville, left this moniing un- | for a Pittsburg concern, ha der the orders ol the First District plication for enlistment selection, board for Columbus, Ohio, to report for duty ia the ordnance do- pa rtmenfc McPartiand was recently inducted into military service as an accountant but his departure was iostponed by agreement with Sheriff Thomas L. Howard when the remainder cf tho accountant quota left for camp some few weeks ago. legs were broken when he was caught purchase of barley and other grains | i n the smasllj was remoyed to the for malting until the rules governing guch purchases are formulated. ("Casey") Jones, now with t h e j It is estimated makers have a three ican aviators in France, as well .nxiaus to "go after" the Bocbes. to six months' 6n hand. supply of malting fITED STATES ELECTRIC STEEL MILL RESUMES FOR CONTINUOUS 9-MONTHS RUN rations have been resumed ati A good supply of raw material for ant of the United States Electric ibe manufacture of steel is on handa. company after a shutdown dat- Siome fear is entertained that there .-oci January 18. the date a shortage of electrodes due tlie five day closing order and | to the inability of "the manufacturers Mt'.ess Monday regulation, of th« J to make shipments at the time prom- ctive, i ised. The consumption of these is w ere continuous and essential in the opera- plant j uon of the furnace. The rate of coo- snape for -what is [ sumption depends upon the grade and quality, some electrodes lasting throughout a turn or two while at Administration became effective, i i s inj: the Interval repairs to the furnace and the ijly jrat ia -,ed to be * continuous run of months' duration. Men who thrown idle by the shutdown lotmed to, the West Penn Power JJT. They havc,retnrned to their acd tbe force is no-w at its full other times two or more are required. On account of the heavy demands during the day upon electric power furnished by the TVest Penn, the electric furnace Is operated on night shift only. Cottage State hospital. MOKE BOTTS ARRrTE. At European Ports, letter BeceiTed Today Says. John Foley is safe in France, according to a letter received today by Mrs. A. Cuneo o! East Crawford avenue from her sou, Frank. This was tbe first word from Foley since his transport sailed. Cuneo, Foley and Joe Scarry traveled on the same ship. VIEW STREET CLEANER City Council Goes to Scottdale to See Sweeper in Operation. Members of council viewed, the combination ' street sweeper and cleauer at Scottdale yesterday afternoon and were pleased with the demonstration. The machine sprinkles the dust, sweeps it together and gathers it up, throwing it into a receptacle. THREE SCOITS EE1ST Connellsvlllo Boys in Three Sep- uratii Branches of Sen Ice. Malcolm Scott, a former Connellsville boy, now advertising manager made ap- Ihe ordnance department o£ the army and is awaiting an assignment. With the entrance o£ Malcolm three of the Scott boys will be in the service. Roger Scott is in the aviation the reserve among the men affiliated t Local Board for District No. with the Trades Councils and the not ^ pt rec eived orders lo shi] and crafts generally throughout county. At a meeting of the local Trades Council Thursday evening a committee composed of ElIiEird Langford, RusseU M. Vaughn and Joseph Somerville was named to work with him. th c ! not ypt received orders to ship a ]3 tho I J )6r ccnt nunta o'n February *3. The | lists of Fnyotto county districts car- carried in nnrning papers did not mention District No: 5. SALE POSTPONED First JfationnJ Biuik, tnioiitoYTi, lo TJC FuJ Uu Axt Saturday. Receiver John H. Strawn, of the First National Bank, Union town, this morning ordered postponement of the sale of tho bank building one week from this afternoon. 'His statement said the postponement IMPROVEMENT OF YOUGH Belovr West 3fcarton i'rged at Meeting nti United States Engineers. At a hearing in the United States Engineers' office in Pittsburg yesterday about 50 business men, most of them from McKeesport, appeared to urge tee improvement of the Yough by the construction of locks and dams between. .McKeebport and West Newton. The principal argument was that Karl M. Scott, a first lieutenant, is in. the medical branch and is stationed at League Island Navy yard, Phi ! a- delphia. GET NEW UNIFORMS Firemen Wearing 3atty Bine Suits; Police May Order Outfits. The city fire department is now appearing in neat new uniforms. An order placed some time ago has been delivered and tbe firemen look well in their new blue. The -police may also order new uniforms for the sumtnpr. No order has was to afford prospective buyers more . slackwater would provide many in- time to prepare their bids. dustrial sites along the river aud tho location for extensive railroad terminals and uarphouses. If tbe report of the engineers is favorable an appropriation of several million dollars SRR3L03S OS HKATEX, : Bnnhar Minister IVfll Deh* Into the JTystoious. Beginning tomorrow Rev. Theodore Darnell, pastor of the Methodist Protestant church at Dunbar, will delive 1 ' a series of sermons at the li o'clock Sunday services on "Heaven." The dates and subjects arc: February 37, "What is Heaven?" February 24, "Where is Heaven?" March 3, "Recognition ;n Heaven;" March 1Q, "Vniat We Shall Have and Bo in Heaven." will be asked of out the plans. Congress to carry The street cleaner proposition has as yet-been placed, but the police are been Before tie ' city council for a number of years and one is finally to he purchased. Patients Improving. Mrs. Mary Calhoun of Carnegie avenue, who underwent an operation at the Cottage State hospital is getting along nicely. The condition of. Mrs. ^Burkhardt, who also was operated on at the same hospital, is unproved. considering purchasing them at once. Xarn is Received. A consignment of heavy yarn has been received at the headquarters of the Charleston ^Comforts Branch of the Navy League In the Title Trust building and is ready for distribution to persons knitting- for the sailors. Monroe Xftrletta Horn*. Monroe Marietta, a member of Company D, 110th Regiment, stationed at Camp Hancock, Augnsta, Ga,. is spending a furlough Trith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marietta of the Colonial Inn, South Pittsburg street AGENTS TO SELL STAMPS Metropolitan Force Assnmes Allotment of $150,800. Superintendent John Davis and his force of agents of the Metropolitan Insurance company in Fayette county- have obligated themselves to sell $150,000 worth o£ War-Savings .stamps. The start was made this week and about the first day sale of a thousand dollars' worth was reported. Sends Sweater to Pershing-. Miss Elsie Goldstein, society editor of the Uniontown Genius und Herald, knitted a sweater and sent it to General Perahing. She received a very TEMPERANCE TALK "Wasliiiigtoniau Speaks Tomorrow in M. E. Ciinrcit. · Dr. Clarence True v.'ilson of Washington, D. C., superintendent oC Uie boa-rfi oE temperance of the Methodist Episcopal church will deliver an address tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the Methodist Episcopal church under tbe auspices of the ministerial association. The meeting is open to the pubpc. TUc object is to turUier the cause ol a dry legislature. Dr. Time's subject cordial and appreciative note in ack- | will be "Dry or Die, the Anglo-Sazou no-wledgernent of tlie g:tt Dilemma." Cloudy, probably snow, late tonight and Sunday, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Kecord. 1918 1917 Maximum Minimum Mean 47 21 34 BBtDGE Pn:KS TOKCKEB. The Yough river £ell daring i nisht from 11.20 feet'to S.60 feet. Ice Demolishes Abandoned Structures in Hirer East of Toivn. The ice which went out of the Yough river during the past week completely destroyed the piers of the old bridge- that once crossed the river above tie power house. Oae of the piers was completely de- the i moUshed and the other was badly " wrecked. MAPLE SUGAR SEASON IS IN FULL BLAST IN THE INDIAN CREEK VALLEY; RUN IS FINE The maple sugar season opened this i the maple sugar industry. Some o£ week and activity in the camps ^n the , the finest camps, in the va'ley have Indian Creek valley and in Somerset been converted into lumber. Among county is reported to be far above them are the- big William Coffman that of the average year. According | grove near Champion and those of to information from Indian Head Henry Adams and David Pritts and every man who has a camp, large or small, has opened or is preparing to open it. One of the first reported in operation is that of George Snyder near-Indian Head where 20 barrels of sap was collected during the week. It takes a lot of sap to make a pound of on the Sparks farm at Indian Head. The unusual activity this year is accounted for by the shortage of cane and beet sugars and the higher prices of the maple product. Quotations from Indian Head today were 18 cents wholesale, as compared with 16 and 17 | sugar, the average being around six cents last year. At Indian Head to seven pounds to tbe barrel. The lumber industry has made inroads during the last 12 mouths on sugar form cakes are' retailing at 20 cents. No prices were obtainable on product in

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