The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY FEBRLARY la 1918 ARRIVAL OF THE MAIL MAN IS GREAT EVEN! OVER THERE Buy in Connellsviile at "The Store With the New Style. First" --Two clasp Silk Gloves in white black and grey Self em broidered and double tips The pair, 6oe. --Two clasp Silk Gloves with contrasting embroidery white- with black, grey-wtth-bJack, and all white Double tips. The pair, 75c. --Two clasp SDk Sloven with double tips and contrasting embroidery white-with-black and black with white Tie pair SIM. 36 Inch Foulards to Sell at $2 Yard A Popular Spring Silk at a Moderate Price --Dark navy backgrounds with rvory ring --Copen background with brown-and-white checks --Tan background with ivory dots ·--Navy background with copen cbeeks --Ivory background with olack stripes and rose-ana-grey checks 36 Inch Fancy Silks --Taffeta backgrounds with satin stripes or bars--ideal for separate skirts Combination colors in olue gold, green and navy The yard 82 to W. Continued from Paa* On«. Uncle Sam does thoroughly ae keeps correct tab oa you at all times and eery little man is lost, but sometimes delayed. "For a. long time vou would be continually hearing Ure fellows remark 1 wonder when we will get our mail "It is the most welcome thing one can receive when in a foreign land "111 endeavor first to answer vour jaestlons As to bed clothes, I have sufficient as the army supplies us with three wool blankets one poncho wnich can be converted into a bed sack and one halt shelting tent This shelter tent is used only when out from- a base camp and bv doubling up with another fellow you have one whole shelter tent big enough for two persons They are called dog tqnts We are at present in barracks each house holding from 100 to 125 men and sleep on cots which we build ouselves. On t crp of these we have a straw mattress and as we =Je«p double here every two fellows have six blankets and two ponchos on top and our shelter half on top of mattress to keep out the (Jamp The^irrside of the barracks is never dry as this is such a damp coun- trr but we sleep rather warm con sidcnng. Thank yon very much for the offer of the white ones In each barrack* we have two small stoves burning wood and as many as can crowd around within, a radius of ten feet are kept warm outside of this distance it is just like sleeping outdoors. We have become accustomed to it and really never mmd the cold \ou have to keep jumping in the early a m hut after a bath m cold water, I never mind the cold in fact feel good and warm * We are up add have had breakfast before daylight and start to work by 7 a m Bo not return for lunch as it is sent oat in big cans Are usual ly back in camp bj dark and. nothing else to do till next da- As it is three miles to town I never go in a£«er supper, but lots of the fellows do For this we must get a pass and each man is jtren one per week. ' I jot mine on Sunday and hare a good hot bath it a bathing house It. i* always crowded and I am some trro*s compelled to wait a couple of hours, but it s worth the time "I and anoth*j guy from Iowa, were in. towm laat Sunday We dropped into a raatauram about 6 SO and had a anil on ba*t--the first decent meal since landing, though it did cost us seven franca each "We went by the shore road and you never saw- anything so pretty as this road And attended a movie which wa» quite good and the first I had seen This fellow from Iowa (Mansfield) went to Carnegie Tech and know* John 'Witters Nice fellow Th« eate at camp are only fair and the am* thing day after day bacon, boll** aotatoes gravy bread and coffee for breakfast Soup bread I coffee, synrp for dinner Roast beaf or steak, boiled potatoes bread and coffee for supper ·mien you say the fellows in camp in the slates are writing home Jor eafeup, it makes me smile "Wait till th«r g*t here, they won t fliinfr of cataup; they will be asking for some- thjn( to eat t saw in a New York, paper th» menu for sokfaers Thank*- grrinx ftaner abroad turker cranberries, at* nets, etc The soldiers had roaat beef baked potatoes, beans bread and coffee, and the papers think they are getting away with this stuff "B ft wmren't for the Y M. C A. w» can go and buy a sandwich. aad a cup ot cocoa every thai old same grub would look mie**7 aroaH shortly.. -tbe Y K. C. A^ (foreign), is doing woaufer* for the American soldiers abroad. We can adso get America to- «ta, cigars e*c,here Oc-I It is unnecessary for you to aufferwilh aorne e«Hly and cakes but | eczema, M**^TM?TMTM.,TM?^ t*Mrc are so many soMlers here ·'bat th«y *o not laat more than a couple of , oar*, then no more until next ship i applied will usually give" instant relief 8te traaaporiB game in yesterday, but from itching torture. It cleanse* and tb«r will not be unloaded before one soothes the akra and heals qmcklf and effectively tnost skin diseases. Zemo is a wonderful, penetratiog; disappearing liquid and la Kothang to tbe most delicate atari. It is not greasy, is easOy aopbed and costs tattle. Get it today and sere all further distrea*. TL.E. W.M Co.OnUad,a Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend. KAYSER Silk Gloves for SPRING A Notable Showing Now Ready ^ --Three clasp Sflk Gloves wtth double tips and 5 tucks on wnst | Contrasting embroidery--white- with black and raastic-with black The pair, *l-25. --Two clasp STlk Gloves with double tips and half inch hem to contrast with embroidery, white-with-black. The pair, --Two clasp Stile Gloves with (lonM* trns and self embroidery --white black, grey navy The pair, $1.25 New Voiles for Pretty Spring Frocks No matter what the, weather rosy be today the time for lovely light frocks is fast approaching j --Ready for your choosing today is an abundance of the lovely plain color voiles in light colors or darker ones 40 jicbcs wide and 40c , a yard. --Also some 45 jnches wide at 65c a yard --Other new voiles in stripes plaids and unusual figures are In too rrany patterns to describe They are 36 and 38 inch« wide, and priced at 35o to $100 a yard White Silks --Washable White Satin 36 inches wide at |2 00 and $2.25 the yard --White Crer/e de Ch ne, good quality, at $1 So and f22fi the yard Spring Styles for Men and Boys Men's Suits Boys' Wool Suits Men s Hats Boys' Wash Suits One Extra Special Lot Women's and Misses' Worth Regularly up to $17.50 $14.95 A large collection of pretty stj les suitable for late Winter and early Spring wear. Bought at a considerable price concession and sold the same wav Taffetas Serget, and combinations m choice of navy, copen and black All sizes 16 to 44 This special group should hare your prompt attention for dresses at a price are in brisk demand BBITISH 1ABOR T,fcAJFK COJCDNfr 10 LM1ED £TtT5S troop* are arrmng daily and Giero are a great many m Fraure at present ~l -win Tfsrtoa; at the hospital a rev d*7S ajo and sue* sights. Soiafrrr JSP* from th« treocbe* brought h«re and I heard some very interesting ·tones. This is a large hospnal and evamfcfe ot taking care of a great many Hare taTked to men who have been am Che top bombed, gased and Iwyoneted, and it is some life With the exception of a bad sore throat, I h*re been O K and have gotten rid of that nc*w Cold bath towels aramd my neck cured me The quail here are larger than ours and th« rabbits nearly as large again. They are rather expensive m the markets The natives are compelled to get an order from the mayor in or"der to purchase sugar I bought an apple pie the other day and it cost me three and one-half francs seven- tj ceats These French pastries look ml£hty flue, bat when you shove your molars into them they are mostly air Am beginning to pick up a little French but I can understand better than 7 can speak it I really don't known how much I am permitted to say in thes letters, ere my last ones censored' In order to give you an idea of the immensity of this place will say that on last Sunday fornoon there were twelve or fifteen football and baseball games going on at one time on our drill aeld. This Is a very large camp and is growing "Water is the great dratrfcack in this country and the people (natives) never drink it always w ne or cider ·"When we are in town we cannot jet a drink of water any place but we have plentv at camp It is haul ·d her by the tratn load. France will never go prohibition." With love ^onr brother R C "WRIGHT, 25th Engineers Co B Amcr Exped. Force via N Y ELITES AND CLERKS City Lean* Basketball Game TTH1 be Starrd at Xaceafece Hal!. A city league basketball game between the Baltimore * OMo Clerks and the Elite club which defeated the Connellsviile Garage Tuesday win be played at the Maccabee hall tonght The big game will be called promptly at 8 tO o clock. The Clerks and Elites have alreadv played one game the latter team winning A preliminary game win be played between the high school seniors and a South Connellsviile team The sen lor class five has been together since the opening of the new high school The preliminary game will be played by A A. IT rules and tbe league game bv National rules HIKE TOMORROW. William J Thome M. P noted Bnt ieh labor leader who according to an English newspaper will come to thjs country as a member of a labor dele gation which will soon loave England Irwin Team rTIU Face Local High » Cym Floor Here. The Connellsviile high school basketball team will play the Norwin high of Irwm at the local gym Saturday night The game will be one of the hardest yet staged here, as Norwin is reputed to have not only a heavy but a fast aggregation The prelhnnary game win be played between the sophomore class of girls and tbe senior class Therr nave as yet been no girl preliminaries played at the high school and ihe first garoti tomorrow night will be an added attraction Cfausffied Adrertlfcnieats Bring results Cost only Ic a ward Head the advertisements FOBK COBPOBATTO*. W. E. Blee and Associates Organize IrwU Talley Gas Coal Mining Co. W E Rice Logan Rush and Thomas Love, who recently purchased 60 acres of Irwm basin gas coal From A C .eaociates for J1SO 000 corporation to be Stickel and a] have formed known as the Irwin Talley Gas Coal company Application for a charter granting the right to mine coal and manufacture coke will be made on March 2 BIG 6 A r«a«dr 'or infectioBt of tb» o r i n a r r tract. P«lu!e«t non BoiioDoiM ·nd will not atricture X*li«f 01 In 1 to s dv§ ·M,1 BT BKCCSCICTS. ort K daouTd--Pric* »1 or S bottle* «2 75 THE EVANS CMEMKJAE'cO . CINCINNATI. O NOW RAISES 600 CHICKENS After Being Relieved of Organic Trouble by Lydia E. Piqkham's Vegetable Compound. Oregon III --" 1 took Lydia E Pmk- ham's Vegetable Compound lor an or guile trouble which ! pulled me down un- | blleoaldnotputmy i foot to tbe floor and could scarcely do my i work, and as I live \ on a small farm and raise mx hundred chickens every year it made it very hard for me, "I saw the Compound advertised m ; our paper, and tried it. ; has restored rny health so I can do*all my work and I am so grateful that I am recommend- in o- it to my friends."--Mrs D M. ALTERS, K E 4, Oregon, 111 Onlywomen whoh»ve suffered the tortures of such troubles and have dragged along from day to day cui realize the relief which this famous root and herb I remedy, Lydia E Pinkhmm's Vegetable | Compound, brought to Mrs Alters Women everywhere m Mrs. Alters* condition should profit by her recommendation, and it there are any com- plicataona write Lydia E. Finkham's Medicine Co , Lynn, Masa., for advice. The result of then 40 years eipenence 19 at your service For a Chafed Skin Orel 100,000 people hare proven that nothing relieve* tbe sorenm hlce Sykes Comfort Powder One box prores its extraordinary hialiag power Fleshy people take notice 25c at the Vtaol and other drug rtorea Trie Comfort Powder Co , Boston, Mm Mrs Kate Hall says 1 have kept house 16 years am the mother of fou 1 children and I would not keep house without HolHster's Rocky Mountain Tea Wise Woman why' Drives awa sickness brings health and happiness to the whole family Connells- viile Drug Co--Adv Try OBI Cla**H!cd -Adj. One cent a word is afl they cost. Here's the most important sale news you've read since the world went to war and prices went skyward. It's news you can't afford to| overlook for it means money in your pocket and good clothes on your back. Beginning Thursday morning Bind lasting till closing time Saturday night--EIGHT SEPARATE AND INDIVIDUAL SALES--with our Semi-Annual Shirt Sale the foremost feature. Thursday Friday Saturday Men's Shirts Madras, percale and cord shirts in the most attractive patterns and colors Well made, neatly finished -- with five handsome pearl buttons and closeh worked buttonholes Your rhoice of laundered and soft turn-back cuffs All sizes 13V. to 17% And the most remarkable thing about the lot is that v,e are able to offei them at the same price as last year Same as Last Year CENTS EACH MANHATTAN SfflRTS REDUCED Entire Stock Not a shirt m the entire lot excepted Fine quabt\ madras silk stripe and all silk shirtb in the handsome patterns and colorings and of the quality for which the name 11 \NHATT4A ' is famous Heies the wa you buy them ·now-- $1.65 $4, $4.50 Shirts for $3.15 $1.85 $5.00 Shirts for $3.85 $2.15 $6, $6.50 Shirts for $4.85 $2.85 $8.00 Shirts for $6.35 $2.00 Shirts for $2.50 Shirts for $3.00 Shirts for $3.50 Shirts for $10 and $12 Shirts for $7.65 300 Men's Silk and Madras Shirts Regular $4 and $£ Kinds Broken lots taken trom our regular stock and placed on salp at savings of $105 to fa 05 on even shirt Soft tarn- back cuffs good patterns 411 sizes 13 1 ;. to 17 50 Dozen Men's Four-in-Hand Ties Special m the Sale at 25c GOO Ties all told in plain and fancv colors and stripes ilade full size in the big shapes men and voung men like Every man \\ill want several at 25c 25c Pair For 300 do/en pairs in black ·ft hits blue grej taupe and tan All sizes bi/2 to 11'/_ Worth todav 35c Same colors not to be had at any price , 2 Pairs 25c Fifty dozen--600 pairs--of good weight cotton Sox in black only to be sold at 2 pairs for 25c Every man will recognize ·« hat ·» onderfiil T alues these ar* 100 Dozen Men's Kerchiefs 3 for 25c 100 dozen--1200 handkerchiefs--in a sale at 3 for 2oc Vost men will buy a dozen Made of n;ood aualitj cambric full size, and with a good wide hem 50 J)0/F UtttOW COI LiltS 3 lor !-,-. GOO Collars in the lot Discon "ued stv'e^ which pi event us L d r r v m g all size c Ma^ conser\a U \ c ana selling well rMiai *H 5!~U, 13V- 10 16". 50 Dozen Men's Heavy Ribbed Cotton Union Suits Regular $2 Value. BOLt.Hl d-iE YLAJt U.O Anjono who has bought uiidfru^ar recent^ kuows what prices arc todav anu co.n easih imagmt \\hat the ·»ill bf in another M* And that s \ h v th.s salt i so impoi win

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