The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVIT iT ft, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1915. News from Meyersdale. ,- MEyERSDAlE; Feb. 'J.5.--MV.Janjl "^SMEPBiraHLD; *·'!·*. 15.--Ira F. i B. Campbell of Indiana, Pa. Mr. Smithfield. MUSTARINE CONQUERS TONSIUTIS, PLEURISY, LUMBAGO AND NEURALGIA Kins JJ1 Tulns and Aches in Halt tto Time It Takes Liniments, aud Plasters. Mrs. Beilry C_Sleia on Thursday affi;-jflfoqt;er^nd.-Jpgattan Moody were Un- j TWPJiTT FIVF Dounced the engagement of -their | iontown business visitors Wednesday.* *""»** U " A A " """ * i 1 " *· daughter, Miss Altei R. Sieh), to James prank Stack and wife of Roclcwood, E. Campbell,'son. of Mr. and Mrs. E. are-visiting relatives here.;..:The. Bell Telephone Co., has most Campbell is at present "-stationed- -at of its'JJnes that were put out by the Camp Lee, -Petersburg.-ya. Ne^date | recaiTstorm in this section, in work- has b«en set_Jor~tlie marriage." "Miss Irigftprdef" again. The Tri-Stai* has Siehl "is very popular with UuT-yonog- done--Milling as yet towa'fa repair-, er set of Jfeycrsdale. She is a grad- ing theirs In this section; uate of the" Jleyeisdarle .high-school, 1 - ;The gas roam of the Star Gas com- OUT OF 45 DRAFTEES EXAMINED BY LOCAL BOARDN0.5,41PASS Only One Man is Itejectei! Thysically and Three are Held Over for TJniontown. Out of 45 draftees examined yes. bad becirjtor a|" Miss Clara Lapc after spending the teriay morning by L'ocal Board No. ·few days YSstOng relatives' and friends. VeetTvith-Mrs. Hannah Sbraham her 5. 41 wore accepted for service and " "\V. D. CooX of Kvndman*sir9ttt yes- I grandvaothep returned to he'r nome at three were held over lor Uniontown nd o£ the Indiana State-Norma^-and" during the-present, term she is_ono of the efficient teachers in. the local schools. ...^~- ^ . _ " Mr. and.Mfs.-~X']3.~Gook and family have. returned^ from a__few "days' visit -with relatives-and friends-iB"Somer- . r . set. IZ^jf'f" "dr'S' | broken-line between the borough and 1 F . Miss Leliar.Coulehan is-home-from j the break. paW, trurst-Trhere the line crossed York Run on Brownflelds Bottom near here Saturday. The company got it repaireft-Wednesday; .the uaers.of the £as"-in--the Jjiroogtr ir_ere not incon- veniened l)y the hreaS, as they were suijplied by a lino coming into the M«8la.rine is used toy Ions oE thousands" of people who know Ulat it 13 the quickest killer of pain on earth. It's 30 penctratlner stnd effective that in. mcwt casefl" tC nourall^ia. headache, toothache, earache- and backache ths- terday visiting in Meyersdaler X j Uniontown today_. examinations. Only one man was phy- . ·- Mrs. Afexander SreelethaS'.rsturned i _.The Morris Coai company after being sacaily rejected. ' from" a visit with ri'lativeSJa'CKester. I idle a couple of weeks on account | Of 51 men called for examination ·- Mrs. iC.B.'-Smtth of McKeesport isl.of the cold weather started their two I this morning only eight did not ap- guest at- the home of tier parents, j steam shovels on the Britt farm Wed- | pear. Two men called for later in ' " appear In 6 to 10 mmutea--tsoroe tftat ment. but it's true. ^ It ·will not blister because it's tt jjwi, thonce along 1 seid private j road South 53 degrees awl 43 minutes j "Wast 236 leet to a stako; 13ienco by j line of land of Gustav SMller, former- "Dae It to banish rheumatic pains and gout, for sore, inflamed or frostCfd feet, for chilblains, stiff necK or jotints or cramps in lept. ,, ft .icu? instantly and never fulls Co drive ou-L inflanrinalion In any i art of the body.---Adv. brother, Lloyd Kurtz and other friends here. James TaanehiU- of Beaver Falls, formerly a resident liore, was in town yesterday greeting friends aud transacting business. Jfcussell McOlintoek has returned to his home in Council svi lie alter a visit of several days here his parents. See . line ; and thence by I place of · aad conulnli s '301 Jacob Hoacuburgor by dead dated Uie square feet morn' or ]ess. and being DtJi day of March ISM and recorded in · Recorder's Office of i'ayette County in 3eod Book Vol. 123. paso 24!. and the same which was conveyed by deed of of. parts of lots coavsici to amid Hog-sett by Bllta \V. Lmdcy «id . by Executor of Jacob E. husband, North'00 degrees East 235 fact '.o place of and twelve-lm»drejitfl« (3.12) acres. _toer, deceased, a« above recited. :aa- The premises above described to- and grother comprise whal Is tnown as Uie thelFuller Hoarsen resdderwie property, and Conta.iniiTff Three i tharo is croclod Uiereon, one large modern Mansion House, Garage a:ul roservlnff, Jvwever, other out buildings. Harry Hanaa of Duinas was here yesterday on his way to Rocfcwood i ^f 00 ,' 11 _ _ . i Mcola Cr*t^i, on. business. ' Mrs. Relta Meyers-is very ill at the nome of her son-ill-law, P. S. Rowe. with grip. I f t . Jlr. and Mrs.'D,.! 1 . Brown. ·. Mrs\ iliUlian Mecie-oE-'Swissvole is visiting^t'tbe'hora- of her brother-in- nesday. -- --- A.-A.-Sa«kett-of-Outcrop -n-as a Hus- iness visitor "Shursday. * Patronize-thdsfr '-who advertise. ORDER HOUSE ENDANGERS FUTURE the weofc appeared today and were · examined. The draftees examined yesterday and their physical class-' ideation follows: Sheriff' s Sales. a'I of the coal of the- rtine foot vein or Pittfiburg seeum in and underlying the atoovB described piece of lan-d with bhe same ralndrwj 1 rights and privileges tduit are ccm-tained in deed from EJea.- nor Setiso to "WJIItam M. Boyd, dated ApnJI 14.U], 1300 and. recorded in the Recorder's Oflfce of Fayotlo County, Pa.. Jn Deed Book Vol. :77 pAffe 237. Up«n»ve dcse-rHjed lot of land are erected a frame dwelling: house one a IK! one-half story In h*njh,t with a kVtohL*n onc-«Ktory. also achdckon house, p-igr-pon and stable. Seine" Uie suime premises tfc«.t William M. Harfurd conveyed to said vrth the name a-pelip-d jeing the same person, by doed. dated. March IMrh, 1U17, and recorded In Uie aforesaid oiflco in IDeod · Book Vol :M13. pa^-e ttO. Seized iUid taken in execution as tho property of th« defendant. Nicola Clot- ti,. alias Nicola Crotti, at tho uit of -EwJnff P. May. . Seized and taken in execution as the property of the aelendxntfc. "W. F. Hurst and Fuller Hogsctt and same vs. TViniftrr Hankins and Fuller Hog-sett, at the suit of the Scottdale Savings Trust company. Yniinjr Trust Company of Connells- vijlc. Pa,, VB Johj^ George Waltker In rlie Court of Comi0«»n l a ieaa of ya,yelri-e CCMmty, Pa, N o Marcih Tem I91S. IESSGR.IPTiON OF PROPS I^TY. All that certain tract, or lot of KT-CMJnd, sHunJel in tho Thsrd "W trd of ConnoIviJo Borough (now Cvty). ffay- f*tf.e Coimcy, Penna, bounded an-1 dc- scrjbofl as loUorvs, to-"wut: B^ru-ideil said Jacob Hosenbenjer "wilt to said CJarenco Dunham, dated February 3, 1911 a_ud recorded Jn Deed Book Vol. 313, ]afi:e ^13, and upon wiiich Uiere arc orectod n. good farm Jiouae. bwn and otiier Seized and taken in execution as th* property of the defendants, Clarence E. Dunham and Violet Dunham, at the «uit of Mary S Kosenbergrer, 35xecutnx of. thr estate of Jncob Rosenbcrger. de- ceastd. . , on Uic Bmst by a 15 foot alley, and ex- tenajns 1 alonp the said alley, 91 1 fe-et. on the Noruh by Murphy A%eriue, " Th F. P. Rush Attorney. Scottdale Sa-vuvge Tru«t Eugene John Saveory, Connellaville | Uoword, R. D.; Pasquale Plzzata, Clarke ill c; Kinimel Thcmus, Markloysburg; Harvey "Willis Miller, Markleysburg; Ctuirles Roy Savage, Farmlagton; Jesse Pirl, Normalvllle; Bruce J. Coli bert, IIckcrson R u n , Mattbew F. and "Klingaman, C; Miss Helen Lichty. after spending a mnrf TM «n A1I rmr month here with her parents, Dr. and , DUllNu rjtUM lift rMrs. Bruce Lichtj", returned to Phila- ,, 'i ~~' · ^delphia on W-ednesday. \- '\ Paul D. Glutton and Miss Mary Dix:on departed on jylopday for ^cw York ""where they are spending the week -se- Jectfng,the-;sprinff soods for therHart- " Rev. Fathe J. J. Brady spent Tues- 'Say in Johnst»3tn .\vhere he ;attende^ the ftmeral of Vincunt Shellhamer. - » , . * « . ^,, '*· Miss Esther Conrad has returned AV el com MO thing sold _ Irom Akrori: O.. ^hcre she had. been ] t h a t TM tod this^cltj xeccntly. is given, ^^^ wrtw. K. Dj; Andrew Well- 'Tisitins relatives and friends for the j credlt vith.havmg Baleen away from . in ^^^^^ Rlin . ^bert P . C ol- + *·»« «-m»iro* " local business interests several tnous- j ^ farklershurg; Lewis Colhort f Haley ^f Elizabeth, and dol!ars ^hatwero rghUully tifcirs ; DJcJtcrsofi Run; James a wlMf The £ o H o w i n e ascribed properUos to sale fay Thomat of l-'ayet.e Co., Pa_, a.L ID o'clock A. M. a.1 fcho Court Ho-use- ^hele Codavapato Duabar; John S Uni^oTCv^uT^. TMow at . ^anden °' , Paul Cu ir-. ^mrfrles. Normalvallo; William Earl of Stress ,-ShonUint Fortret Home Business. . , . , , ,, ·"· - . , _ . , . ( M a t b e n r , Indian Ui^d; Gasper Laws, The."factory to /amiljr-Tteltors NoimalTme . Klcola Ju , ergia , Va nd«r- 1 1 bill; Benjamin Reed. Dtmljar; -Michael Pa. .-isited at the home of her * ' f r ents. Mr. and Mrs. John Haley, sev-j] eral days during tin; week. _ _ j/ ,, Misses llj-rtle and Lutle Tressler foolish housewiTOS tool-ibar; WllUam Russell Shoeniakor.Som- over lo them alter tongues had unfolded a SO' stated writ, issued OUL ot tlie Court of Common Pleas tf FayeUu County, Peansj-Jvflla. lirou nfleld, Goid3tein McDanJels A^txarneys No -IV March Terra, .11H, E D. \ViUlfun J SLepheiia, ut' fo*r Llie use o f WJ 1 1 [am is, iJt'Sckul, vs. £1 ! v* r H. Sluley. defendant, ;md Ajitne L. Slalfy. tare tenan.t, Fi. I'a. Sur Jud4rm«nt No. 2i7 Septiaintier Term, 1Q1T. All the rlffht, title, in cei-est an«i clarm o-C the Utirc-nd.ant-S In and to. All tiiiit certain lot or troc;. of Jand lyjnp and berinK situate In Perry township, Fayctte County and Stride of i enfi«lvaiiia 1 " boundtxl an tia follows, to- wit: BeffinmnK at stone IMI line of the vs. \V, P. Hurst and Fuller j I ogselt and AJH.Q vs \VH 1 lam Ha-n~ kms and Fuller Jiogsett. ALlaa Fl. Fa No 35 March Term, 1013, H. D, Sur. J ud^remon L No GOT Sefitombor "'orm 1014 and Plurfa^s Fl. Fl No. 36 Maroh Torm 3918, B. D. Sur J JtUjonaent No 49 December All th« title, in-tertwit, and and claim oC tho defendants in and to the foil owing -described promises, to- wit: FIWST -- All tUose certain thiee lots of ground In the second vard of the OiLy oC Unlontowji^ Fayette Coujbty, Pa., frontfcn-K on (Jallo-Uu Avenue, and in the plot f lots lakl out by E. At Sa-yere. In his adOUton to lerfli-ld; Filmer H. Wllburn, Ohiopyle: Charles V. Smith, Dunlsar: Barl Myers, Marklcysburg; Henry Robin- , U.-.ioiUuwii road; t!3oncc by jand or Christopher C. tartin ^orLJi 34 (ie^rot-s !." nfcttuitoa west 48!) feet to Utie ot latul beloncintr tu tllo Washtrig-ton Run the Borou#'h of Un-lontown, as lots Moo "·J.", "4", and "fi", more particularly de- aortbod by metc-« and bounds, as follows: ^ Bofe-lnn1ii«r at a point on the Itatrt Side of Gftllattn Avenue, nea.r Iron Bridge, on lino of- laml ot Joiin G^IlaKber; change, N'orUiwardily alony Gallatin Avwtvue, 376 fe*t lo «n alley, thooce, ;are in Baltimore; this week buying '· -T _ h « -^^-'f , but ... ! t.°f;: lle .'L_ In !l!;^!iS'on, Brookvale; John H!Ios, Ohiopyle; j R.mrtBd Company^thonce millinery for their South Side store. " """ '"" " ' "° " " '" " ' Mrs. · ed from Pittsburg' ~- several weeks fG«rt to ano-tner alloy at rielvt ang-Js to Hrat alley thtnce South aJong- said last named alley 23 3-4 feet to land formerly o*hiol by John Gallagher; thenre _D. J. Meyers. 7- Miss Mary, Swank rctu rned to her l °S» e seed out 3 : 000 page 0hio ' p y lB . Thojnas Eli Ravenscralt, ;home in Somerset Monday after a wei-k -talogues with _ b , alt: ^°^ | ^ e ^^ 0 j Parraington: Clarence Henry Smith, "spent at the home oE Mr. and Mrs. "f 1 F Dpl * " ~ ' ' ! ueitsivuic uun uecii ^jt w t n*»«s^*^- lw% -l!* M / · 'Mrs. William Ebaugh o£ Summit i supplr of so-called suckers -;tq;;.Uie | a r m n g o n . ar , and Erom all mfflcatlons Con- j Dunl) (called for IStn.) ; Domineck · "township is visiting her. friend,. Mrs. 0. Mrs" 7ohn Pfahier, who spent several months with h;r daughter. Mrs. habit" It is but reasonable 1b believe that Uiis costly form ;ol advertiBing must be paid or by sometfne and we trust, thai catalogue" "buyers will sooner or later come to- tie reaUza- i]I tor . - Loslic Ray Workman,-HopwooA. Prior "Trimbath, DunTjar: Oliver Clarence Under, Mill Run;'John Ches- nlnf; c^ntainlnf? .1 ax:rcs. more or less. Rosorvlntf, howver, thureout and tfierorrom all the onal hi »atil -Clarence Valentine, in Cumberland,' 5001381 ' or lacer come ^ " e rea ",f;" tartTTarrlcfc, Normalvllle. 'iaa returned home. . . ' i t i o n a " ( -' ^^ are f °°^S, -the bilL ' j.,^^ , 0 Appt . a f. ~ Mrs. George^Kuhiis and daughtor'- The11 - to0 ' ^^ *»! th ? proverbial ^,^^,,1,. Pln ker., R. D.; fMary-_of"Cumberland are here for al"?^. 10 the ba ?'"..'. ^it 1 TM" 5?° m Celtic Kussell. Adelaide; P'rank D. .weeks' visit .friends.,. underlying the t«Lct o' 3un4. The a.b^ivo described tTact beimz; v.LrL of the tract oC land dsv-fcaeil to Christopher C. Mjtrtin by h-l« fa.Lher. William Murtln by hlo wHl. The pa.ine brlnj; recorded 1-n the Recorder's r OflU-^ at Un.!ontown Fayette Coun-ty, Pcnn«y]vania, reference being thtyeto It will iiorp f u l l y appear with relatives aBd'l sllckI ' arranged illustration and receive rom shoddy supuU^L.T^'J 1 ^ Mrs. 'Phinp-cr Helen.--Indian Creek. chat.nonaaUyTsB5nln~.clrCUlate Sere. Our people should think of the future as well as the present. In ne- , -gleeting"-to patronize home'merchants, they _are noglcctlng-t^i men'to-who-m Boyd, Somerfield; Harry Bitner, Lel, searing; Ira James GtSes, Harris-burg; 3t*n ihnot, JmUiar, 51. D.; William CoIHer, Plttftburg; Wesley. Floor 5Voo4mancy, Ohiopyle. ^ SOUR STOMACH- / INDIAN CREEK,-Peb.-14.~-Mr. antfjther"may-lie forced to 1 go- in cases' of Ml-o-n» Fnts th« Stomach in Fine SKOOiND -- AJ»o aJl L cej-iain lot of eitondinera lonjr said A\e:.ue ."iC 4 feei to land oC LkyO Johnston on the "Wwrt. by lands o-f Lloy-d John^Lon, a.-id L'^- tendln^ 1 a-lon-p saJd lands, 107.^ feet:, bo- ing knovrn antl 15 in Pluii of 13 BorniipJi of ConnelJsvine TJ^ero ia erected on said lot. a Irme drwellins Borne the same prom,iPS t3ia- were d" oonveiet! LO the Wakker. !;. Marj' E. Boywn an-d Hurry P. Boi-soi y-e" husband, by thoir deed H.ited October 4Ui, 1904. anrt re corded In the Rocordw'H Office of fay- ottis (pounty, Pa., in IeiyJ Book, Vol Seized and taken Sn pxiScutlon as the property of the d e f e n d a n t , John GoorfTd Trust at the suit of the J. B Arf?-rrvj Attorney. JCurucz GcorK vs. yirpad G. 3Ca.Il. Fj. Fa No -H March Tprm IfllS, E D. Sur J udfrmcni No. 262 March Teron J916. t All that ccrtELin lot or parocrt ot land Situate on Walnut Street In the Second. \Vard of tho City of 0n*onlown, Fayclte CouiAy. PerisySvaDla known jus lot No. £0 in Plan of Lot3 laJd out by John H. McClelland. H, Playford and Charles E Boyle, on lands formerly ol John Qsllai^icr, deceased, said lot No. 2( bounJtHl and described tis lollowii: Fr(ml\nr forty (40) feet in Walnut street, ami running- "back B^me vndrb ODL- hunfired flfly-flv« 15Gi ; feet to a towlvc M2) foot alley Boand- ·Kl on the ciLst by L»oL No. 25, an«l on ^^^ Ko - the v.-("*t. hy lot now or formerly of V Addition/U) the Thonuts Browjifi«-ld It being t!.c same lot or tract of land convoyed to A, G. Kali (alias Arpad G. Kail) by Richard A. McClca.n and wife by deed dated Jaauary btli, lftf»I and recorded in the Recorder's Office ot Fayette County, Pennsylvania in iJeed Book Vol. litS. Said lot has erected theron a two- story frame dwelling and out build- Seized and taken in execution as the property of the defendant, Arpad G. Kail, at the t,ult of Kurucz Georg. John Gcorpre U E. BrownfieM, Ellas Goodstein and E. J. McDaDiel, Attorneys. Lev. Fac No -1'2 Marcij Term, JPJS, E. D. Dr. L, N*. Burchiinal VB. L*ona Tapp and F JCenxid.ll, Execotors of Uie " ill and tesiamont of "SV illia-m \Vinneld Tapp. a.lias "W. W. To-pp, de- ceesed, and Leon a Tajp, individually. v, Lth notice to Fraak Core, tenant In posi esnl on . Le v. Ka, Su r J uxU^me n t No, 1^6 Septaiaber Term, 1917 All Lhe r^ffJii, ti i«, int-arest and claim cf the deOivdnjiti in and to, All that certain tract ol laii3 situate and lyins JTI tiie Boroueh of Poin-t Ala-rlon. Fajeue County, PennsylvanJa, t^ir- Southern Half of No. (17) in the oritjina] ;iaji of said- Borough, and bounded ami described as fo]joT\Ts; viz Beg'iimJnK at ti post on Mechanic Street on tne dlvis- iu\o ot said lot and lot of Dr. I-. L. B. Bro-wi^neia, Attorney. Robert F. f raw ford ni?a.inHt "ifar- tfaret A. Mct-nrmick, widow, Harry C. McConnick, -Tajiies A. McCormick, Violet Jj Cratty, unmarried, /Vrthur F. MrCormick. Citizens Title Trust Company, g-uardJai of Blanche M. Cormick, Geortre and McCormlck, ·widow of Charles K. McCormick, Mort- gaeor^ Fi Fa No. 33 March Torm. 3915, E. D. Sur Judgment Mo. 310 March Term, 191S. Al] those three certain lots of land, situate on the vest side of M organ town street in the City of Uniontown, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, and formerly k n o w n as purports Xos. 5, 6 and 7 of rc-al estate of the children and heirs of B. F. HfU'-n. deceased, in partition, proceedings at Xo. 3J5, March Term, 3S76. in the Court of Common rtcas of said county and more particularly described as follows: First 3jof -- Beginning: at a corner in line now or late of James M. Hadden s BurchJnal, ihcnc*; alonj- sa-id division ; lot on the west side 6f Monrantown U n a In a Wes-tornly d;ruction ten '10) , street: rhence alonw said street S 30 de- perches to a post on an alley thonco , frees west, 20^-; ft-*t to a corner in North TTVO C2) perches to a poat; ' l i n e of purpart Xo. 6 aforesaid; thence Uicnce Eist ten (10) perches to a post ! "*"-- -~ 1 - 1 * v "" c *- PA J " i "Mec-ha-nte Street; thence South Two ground situate rn the city or Un-ion- i t'2) pi-erotica to town, aforeewid contifruoui, lo the flrsi ' Cont^lnine atwfve d(»jecrlbed lot of prround, to-wit: j ltl63 ' I ^ e f f l n n i n s at Uie corner of a stone ! ? Lmi on lot first above described and in place of beginning. lln-d of rlpflit of way of the Suuo- Una Ra:l ftoad Co., and running 1 thence East- witrd alonpr the line of sakl rleht of way, tmt41 !t !n-tersectb the line o-f lot of fliriUy V. Sturgycm, Ut^nce ruuTrir.? North along ea-fd l i n e .There Is erected upon the above de- v. Stur-peon prolonged scribed lot a two *tory frame hou^e. and otbr" Seized and lan-d of u n t i l nittbuildln?. In exct.'u.tlon as the property of WUJfcsim J. ·f the defvndftjita at tho suit now for the uuc 'tj,,, bonk secta the line of lot f o r m e r l y owned liy R, J-f. L,lr.dsey. tinixre, ulong the I lino of the last mentioned Jot, In .Mrs. F. S. Wortanan from Mill Run. financial strin-gcncy Eor refeef. \Vc re-are calling on Connellsville friends ca i], \vfaen.uiany of our men have and shopping today.:: . . .' ^ !l)een out of,^ork, hundreds of 'per- In Five Similes. Frank Newell^ fcom ^ .transacting busincs in ConncIIsrille ' it Run, is* sons were forced to seeV are;dit and 'today. to the .business men they had - :-to go. This same -condition Js likely ~- J- C. May from 1 Mill Run, -was 'a"f~tb occur agaia in the future and it is 1 If your fftomach ia continually kick( foI1(WH inff up a dttiturbiince; you feel bloated' and distressed; if you belch pus and of Willla-m S. S'Jckel. R. M. C.irroll, Attorney. Samuel and Hwrfor X, Woods va, Ly- dfa. *Nlckkvv. Aleos FI. Fa fo. .17 March Term. 10IS, K. D. ur Judgment No. 3IT March Term, 1-Urt. AIT tiit certa-ln pn-rcel or lot of la.nd sttuitte neiir M L Braddock Jn North UnSo-n To-wnaJitp. FayeUe Coun-ty, PcrinsyKania .bounded and described as soar food Into the mouth, then ou need Mi-o-ca Stomach Tablets. Ml-o-n:^tom--u;h. tablets «ive instant relief, o f c o u r s e , but they do more, drive out the poisonous gases that an effort to Keep every possible dol- ; itrs. James Curmnrngs was buried j yesterday. A great many of relatives i iconld not at:end the- funeral on ac-' "count of no trains on. the B. 0., duo to flood and ice damaging tracks. Ntrs. Smith King and children from "Normalville are spending today here -at tlie home" of Mr. and Mrs. "Edward -Silcpx. Charles Bigam from Mill Run ia .spending today arao7ig Connelisrille friends. ; J, H. PriEkey sui«rintendent for .Commonwealth Coal Co. is transact- .ing business in Count llsville and Un- loutowa today. * A. B. Kern from MiU Run -who bas 'beea laid,, up with, a fractured hip for ·the" past two months is out today calling on ConnellsviUe friends. .Mr., Kern is getting along nicely with the those who may need his assist- ' i n time o^ adrersity. " ' ie, or money back ' n, acute or ch-on- This "means that . . A'. A. Clarke sell Ml-o-na.--Adv Asks Increased Freight Bates. Tin Pennsylvania railroad t has applied to the Interstate Commerce for permission to make cent and aid of crutches. 214,673.000 BUSHED Of CoaI,Paased~Tbron0i lock JTo. ,,· jDurinJuftet \'e»r. During 1937 a total of 214,673,000! bustiels of t coal 'passed ^through Lock t i ncreas es ranging up to 15 per No. 4 on the Mpnongabela river, an m ra tes on manufactured Iron increase of-^0,362,600 bushels* over[ atee ^ billets, pig iroa and related 1916., The shortage of railroad cars | articles, from Eastern producing also brought about the- transportation , points to localities east ot the Missia- of coke toy water, and commencing in i sippi river and north of the Ohio and March 4,433,000 bushels of coke wrcr|.p 0 totiias and to Canadian points, locked ,-tiirough No, 4« . No coke' was transported-by water m 1916. or. in any previous "year ofwbicb. there ia a record. Figures show that Kovember "si at a small tree at the lino ot a prlvaie rood, tticoce Nortli f o r t y decrees wast two hundred sixty four an«l ftve-tcntha feot to IL post; thenco South f i f t y degrees We»t, three hundred twenty nine fiifit to; Uicnco Soutb forty degrees JiLBt, two huiKlrcd sixty four and five tenths feet to a poat, on Che lino o-f said private road thence by aatd private road North fifty degrees Ka^t tlireo hundred cwcrvty nine fec-t to Uie plajo oC begilnnln-g, o*jnta^ninE two itcres, strict mesufure; baing 1 the same Ittud uonveyod t J SdJnutii ^ficJclo-H, by deod of Dan-lei Jobes and w-tfe, Oct. 0, Vol. 1CS and recorded in Deed Book 237, an-d the i aama lot of land which the said San-.uel i W. Mcklow conveyed to the sa4d Lydia Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rogers and chil-1 dren from Rogers MIM'are spending today among Connellsville iriends and "shopping- · Mr. and Mrs. Cnrti", Prinksy from Mill Run are spending today among Connells-rtlle friends. ,, ... ; the. largest quantity of coal -pass - V. 'J. McFartanff from- Jones-^MiU (-ba'rges "carrying 395,000" b'nshels of 1s transacting business in Connplls- through .the.lock, with October second and February^the DOOrest. A total of 3,596 " steamers · and 16,053 loaded barges' 1 passed down stream through Lock Nof 4 during the year, carrying exclnsive)y"coal and~coke." Up stream 3.492 steamers and 16,099- loaded Confluence. sand and 628,000 bushels" of gravel were, lpcSed_throngh. silte today. f I Walter Smith, ispcnti last ^ght-Jn J^ ^ S. T. Steele from ^ormalville Was j CONNELLSTlLLE WIDOWER a business caller hera today/ CONGRATOLATED -years among Cann rriep-ds. ~ . | ago,, I 'have .suffered greaUy. from {stomach and liver trouble and gas friends. Se L C, V. Rail' ; out a yard · . fumes was as yellow as saffron. Mr doctors could . Sbc doses , - v o i e^tiroty and coaca i -- - - -- - ' , have jregaiiied . *^ Murray, VT. Va., has ben li ed to operate mines in MarJon_cQuuty; capital stock, $30,000. The incoreora- , tors are Karl" Areford,; ETedeilck C. ipew. Earl S- AreJtord. Uniontown; Thomas I* Donlejf Lerr.ont, and B. D. f llorgaatowa. 'mation which ,. tie CON'FLtlENCE, Feb. 25.-- K. B. Critchfield has returned to his home in Harnsburg after being here a few days on business connected with the estate of Maria "Watson, of whicb he is executor. .Mrs. Harry Brown is reported quite ill at present Tvith grip. "W. E. Debolt has returned from a visit "with friends at CounellsviUe. W. F. Frederick of Pittsburg has returned home after a vlsi^ with, his sister, Mrs. 0. F. McKee. Mrs.-William Burnworth and daughter. Ionise, · were visiting friends in Meyersdale yesterday. Read the advertisements. Mr. and Mrs. 'John Merrill of Fort Hill were visiting friends and shopping in town, yesterday. - "W..H, Stevenson, of Pittsburg -was here yesterday on business. The- Ladies of the Maccabees here is increasing inmtimbers very rapidly having initiated 10 new members on J. Nicklo-w by 190S, ami recorded March 12. tho Recarder'a Office of Fayette Coumty, Pennsylvania in Deed Book pa^o 171, and upon which is erected a good frame dwelling- house of four roomu. Seized and taken in axooution as the property of the defendant, Lydia Nicklow. at the j^uft of Samuel u-ad Ho£rt,r N. Woods. Playforcl . ThilUps Attornya atru^la Brotiiora VH. James l*in Fi, Fa. No. 28 Slaroil Term 1018, E. B. direction 60 an iron pin in ( and befnfir a corner of 'lot itrst deacrlbod, t^o-uce, in a Southerly direction about 38 feot, to the place of bog timing 1 , contaJninjr about DO perches oC land. HCKervlng-, however, as 'an emsoment to the lot- of Jac-ofc E. Galla s^her over the land herein conveyod the cellar drain from wild Jot of Jacob B GaUagher; said drain Is not to be used aj$ a privy draLn. The lots of ground above descrtbed coust-RutlnB- to-grether the jots known :IB Ui e "Lit n dsey P roperfj ,' ' and hcsinc the « premises oon\ eyed to nald Puller ll'offsett hy Kliza W. Lindeey and husband by Ieeti rtaltxl May 2S, 100^ recorded In Deed Book No. 31-J, pope 31 'J. THIRD-- --Also all chat cortiLjn piece or parcel of land situate in tte City of Unl jnto^vn, afore-said, bounded and described as follows, to- wit: Biyinning at a point in line of lajids abo\e dewcrtbed. an*! tlie Ea«t Side oC a Beintr the Southern ha^f or the lot of lan-d conveyed; to Jsa Dora ,one by Thornton F Stewart and Matilda A. Stewart by Deed dated October 13t h, I R'.H, an d record ed Xovemto er IGUi.. 1804 Jn DfPd Book Vol. 151, page 3S2; thence conveyed by Jsa Dora Stone and A. 1* Stone, her husband, to W, ^V. Tupp by .Deed dated May 23th. 1910 and T-here Is ercxnad upon the above described lot a f w » story fra-me dwelling house Seized and taken hi exec-u-tion as the property of the defendants at the uuxt of Dr. L. N. BurcJiinal Jamea A. \V*a.!trs vs. i T, Bais- No 43 Ma-rcft term, 101S, E. D. Fi. Fa.. Sux Judfi-aixint Ko. 368 Sep- teiuiiOr Term. 10 U. All the ngiit, title, interest and claim ot the dofiuniant in and to th«i follow- iM^ t»o certain Uaots of land, Lo-wU. First--All Uiat certain alcinp said purpart Xo S, north GO degrees iv eat, 42 1-4 fcot to a corner; thence along paid purpart S. 84 dejrrcea W, 3Q.G feet to a 5-foot alley; thence alo»K said alley N. 6 degrees cast. 42 3-2 feet to a corner; thence alontr line oC lot of 'William Allison .ind Jamcfi Hadden S 60 dcBrecs eav, ·4- 1-4 feet to the place of beginning, beinp purpart No. 5 aforesaid. Second ]ot---Beginning- at a corner in line of snld purpart No 5 on HIP west side of Morpanto^vn street; thence alonpr said street S 30 dcprees "W Xo. 7 aforesaid: thence along said pur- part Xo. 7 X. 60 decrees W., 42 J-2 feet to a corner, thence by said purport S. 84 decrees W.. 1S.7 feet to said 5-foot alley; thence along said alley N C degrees "W., 15 S feet to said purpart Xo. S; thence along said purpurt Xo. 5 X. S-i degrevs E.. 30 G feet to a corner; thence along said purpart S. 60 degrees IS., 42 1-4 feet to the place of beginning", being- «aid purpart Xo. 6. Third lot:--Beginning at a corner in line of said purpart No G on the we«t side of Morgantown street; thencii ? said street S 30 degrees "W., 31 to a point at corner »f said Mor- ganto-wn street and South street; along said South street S 84 de- grc-ea TV., 22.3 feet to saJd 5-foot t fifteen foot alloy, thence i de- greca Boat 3Gt Ccct to a stakej th.;nce, North 17 tlegrees 45 minm«s East 8 feet to an alley; dience. by sa.ld aJly North 72 degrees 16 minutes West 126 fciit to Uio East 31de of bhe fifteen foot iilley siforKthl, thence, by said fifteen Coot rUley Sout,h "3 degrees W0Rt 09 feet to . the'place of beprinnJns' Boinjr the sajne prooiisco cunveyed to snid Puller Hog- 3Ert by J. V, Thompson, Etecutor o f : Jacob B. Gallaglier, doc eased, by deed ditted SeptMn-ber 1, 1010. a-nd recorded; in TeExl Book No 314. pa^e 307. ' Kxceptinpr and rcservrnpr, ho-«-ever, fro-m the Jamie above descnbed, te Jollo-wlng described parl« tnoreof heretofore convoyed by said Puller Hog-gi'tt to Robert Mathioson a*id wife by doed dated Oct. 30, 1911, and recorded in Peed Book No. 319,« 100, bc-undod antl"described B.S follo-wB; '· Bogitining at a po-lnt m l i n o of Hogwet'-, and East Side of a fitteeii foot | nlUy. 1 situaie In th« J3orou t -li of Paircboacft. | uwsnce along said purpart No. C, X. 84 Fa-youo County, Pennsylvania aJid decrees E.. 1S.7 feet to corner in same; k n o w n as Lot Xo. S, in Block S, on thence by same S. 60 degrees E., 42 3-4 Flun of lota as la.d OUL by 'jhe Dia- f ee t to the place of beg-lnning, being roond Improvement Conmjny, jcd re- purpart No. 7 aforesaid, corded In sold county in I'htn iiook '2, f Having erected thereon a two-story pa-go 17, and beiui; the lot of r brick building:, used as a business block g-round conv-eyed tc Kdw^-rd G. Katstr i and dwelling". by said Diamond Iniprovftinejit Com- [ Said three lots of land being- part oC P«iny, by detd aa.te*i Oth, i the real estate formerly of said Kel- 1900, and yet to be recorded. j leu heirs and by Margraret Hellon et al.. Second: All U a.t cvrtaiu o4her lot I by their defds recorded in the Record- of ground situate in Pairchaiice ! ern Office of hald county, srant«d and Borough, F-ayptte County, Pen3;."l\.jn.ia, [ conveyed to Caleb P .McCormick and No. 7, in Eltcit 8,! JO-TO'SS M, ilcCormick; the said James an-d kiwwn on Pliui of Lote as laud out by the Jia- [ mond Improvetneiii Coinpacy and recorded in said county, In Plan Book -, patfe 17. and being- th-e sorae lot of ground conveyed to Edward C. Kajficr by R. G. X^la-on, by deed dated Maj J6, thereafter conveyed his in- Soiaed and taken in execution as the property of the defendants at the suit of Robert F. Crawford. 11'07, an* yet to bo recorded. There is- erected upon tho above dc- Conditions of Sale--Ten per cen-t, .if scribed lots a one atory frame buildine tjic P* r c«a*e mony, or a sufflcJeiit Peixed a-nd taken in exocutfo*j as the ainount to P a all costs. !f tJie 10 per at Uie suit , Soutti 72 1-4 'teb East Sur J udgTnen.t 1913 132 March Term, All* that corta*n pleco or parcel of land being 1 , _ ,, 1-2 feet to a stoke, thence, ,_ I an 11 1-2 foot alley North ] 1-2 degrees West 46 feec to a stake, thence along: lying" in Boro-ugh of South IJrownsvlUe, formerly Bridgeport, County of Fayette, arxl State'' of - Pennsyiva-nia, particularly bounded and described sa follows: Frou.t,in«- flfty (50) feet on the east side of Clover Street in said Boroug-h, a-nd running- bacit on« hundred fifty (.160) feet or more, even width to land owned by said Ju-mcs .Lancaster on July 30, 11)04,' the da-te wmtsn Uie lot hereby dt-scrtbed was deeded to saJd Jamea Lancaster by A. D. JLockhart, and bounded on the north by lard formerly oC the so.ld XiOckiiart, on the soutui by other land ot said A. D. TjOckhart, on the east by other kntl of Jamas I^an- ca«tcr, as aforesaid, aikl on ttie west by Clover Street. -ResorvfrUsT and excepting the coal underlying said tract o£ land together wat-h the inialnyr rifrhfca as have been j heretofore conveyed. | BCIHK Iho same piece or parcol of j la.nd that was conveyed to the said I James Ln.ncater by deed of A. D. Lockhart, as aforesaid, dated J u l y 30, 1901, and recoixlod in- tiie Recorder's Offlce ot Fayettf Couwty in. "Deed. Book Vol. Q[ WaltCPS . R M. CarroH Att-»-ney Mary S. Rosecbergrer, Exectttrii of, estate of Jacob B.osenberj:er, doccaaod, vs. Olaronce E. ZKinhttm and Violet Dunham. No. 40 Mn-rcwh Term 30IS. Sur JiidgTnenrt No. 387 March Term 11*18. All that ctsrtain tract of land sttoat- the Sheriff when th« property is stricken off. Otherwise the pronrjriy ivili be sold iwraln flxj following Monday at tbo cxpeiiso and risk of the person to whom it was struck off, who in case of deficiency in s-uch resaJo, shall make pood tho same, the baMnce of the purchase money must be paUl before Wednesday o£ tho first wek of March Court 1918 the day of acknowledgement o£ Sheriff deeds. THOMAS 1* HOWARD, Sheriff. Tuesday evenng. .V£rs. Fred^ KoontK is slowly proving from^di operation at Frantz's hospital. Mrs. Charles Minder of Roclcwqod" all ' ls visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 237. page 11. !_,_ i Seized and taken in execution as the property of the defendant, James Lancaster, at the suit oC Patraila Brothers. , . storaach, liver" and. intestinal ailments, IB..B. BroTrn here at present. incluiding appendicitis-. One dose · convince or. .money refunded, A. A. Clarfee.--.adv. ,, n J ". JJon't knock Connellsriiie by send- ins money out of town .for .your Jol) work when The Courier company do it here at home. you prices- Let Prick's SEW a IJntenant Childs Frick, sou of H. C. Fricfc, has been commissioned first lieutenant in the avation corps, gunnery dvision. Mrs. Russell- Silbaugh is repoi-ted quite iU at her homo a t ' Johnson Chapel. Patronize those wlso advertise. "Wesley Morrison was in McKeesport yesterday visiting his raothec who is quite ill. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kurtz and two and .has oeen assigned to duty at 1 chldrcn of Braddock have returned Washington, D, C^_, i home after a visit with the former's G. F. ICefover Attorney. Kwing P May v-'i. N'icoVa CSotXl, alias Nicola Crotti. Sur Judgement No. Ol Jane Term 1017. Pi. Pa. to No. 32 March Term 19X8, JE. D. All tlie rig-tit, title, Interest and claim of Che defendant in artd all that certain lot, piece or tract of slt- WILO In Menallen township. Fayette Co-tm-ty. Pennsylvania, and bounded and described .is lollops, to-wit, Begin- ninp at a point In line of land now or formerly of Thomas Casiady and cor- ANNOUNCEMENT To the Automobile owners of this vicinity-The Willard Storage Battery Company of Cleveland, Ohio, manufacturers of the well known Willard Storage Battery, wish to announce the opening of a new Service Station in the near future. The new location will be on First street, West Side, in the building formerly occupied by the J. R. Balsley Lumber Company. The new station will be in charge of Mr. George W. Carroll, who has successfully operated a Willard station in Scottdale for the past two years. Mr. Carroll, having been trained in our factory, by experts, is capable of handling all work pertaining to every make of storage battery. Trusting the Automobile owners of this locality will co-operate with Mr. Carroll by giving him a call, we are Very truly yours, THE WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY CO.

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