The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUAKY 15, 191S THE DAILY COTJT^R, CONNEI^LSVILLB, PA fAGSS SEVEN. LonoLive ararf Tr. V- J cofviv _ JUffJK Bat It came perikxuiy near to Deyon .~ si, e lgnored ^ mother's scowl, to« a riot Led by some students, i and mted ner cnp to e^nnme it, inwbed by others, the crowd ear- , .. A marri!lge i» Karl joined her, and nnded the two carriages, first mut- twin*, then yelling. A stone- wa» hnrted, and struct one of the horses. with mock- anxiety at the tea g ron nds. "Strange that mj late i ahoala ^ coined ta so Aooth«r dented the body of the car-|p ass! A happy marriage? Which urn -»!··. b_^i* a, --u.-. _**.*. a -- -- - ~re-f o 1 lutlf. A man with a tied over the lower half of his fMe mounted the shoulders of two companions, and harangued the crowd. Tb*y wanted no friendship witli Tvar- nl«. Were they to lose their national existence? He exhorted them madly " Ton are ^^ to marry through the handkerchief. A bebel of | "DelightfulI" "And we are going to hare--** "lllMa!" cried the archduchess fret- "The long yellow leaf Tes, it looks happy. Bnt yon may be rather shocked when I tell yon." "Shockedr "I think," said Hilda, grinning, "that hurt No one saw. It was on a country lane But I'm afraid it didn't do very much good." He drew a long breath. "Nor- Karl Inquired. Suddenly the boy's chin quivered. He was terribly afraid he was going to cry, and took a large sip of tea, Which cleared his voice. "My grandfather is not any better," he sa^d. "Perhaps some one else should have gone. I am not very good," he explained to Karl. "It ought to be a very good person. He Is very sick." "Perhaps," suggested Karl mockingly, with a glance at Hedwig, "they should have sent this ·Jflkky* of yours." Annunciate stirred restlessly. Sao considered this, .talk of JS'ikky in execrable taste. "He Is not particularly good." "Ob, so he Is not particularly .gooar fully,/"Do stop that nonsense and let us talk. I was trying to recall, this morning," she said to Karl, "when you last visited us" She Snew it qolte well, bat she preferred having Karl think she had forgotten. "It was, I believe, just before Hubert--"^ "Yes," said Karl gravely, "just Delore." "Otto was a baby then." ~ "A very small child. I remember that I was afraid to handle him." "He is a cnrious boy, old beyond ttl» years. Kather a little prig, I thinfc. He has an English governess, and she has made him quite a little woman." Karl laughed, but Hedwlg flushed. "He is not that sort at all," she de- ffl3ii!3EK '" l\lJV^CI dl \U dared stoutly. "He is lonely nod--and jP/tM'lrilflA T^/ftVMttffil «**» pathetic. The truth is that no fll/illllUfliV'. ^M^iKsHB 1 one really cares for him, except--" "Except Captain Larisch 1" said the archduchess smoothly. "Ton and he, Hedwig, have done yonr best by him, ·urely." ' The bit of byplay -was not lost on Earl--the sudden stiffening of Hedwig's back, Olga's narrowed eyes. OJga had been right, then Trust her for knowing facts when they were disagreeable. His eyes became set and watchful, hard, too, had any noticed. There were ways to deal with such a . situation, of course. They were giv- BacK j Ing him this girl to secure their own 'safety, and she knew it Had be noc "notoe, of ·winging b ! ack and forth, at i b * en *» mad 'bout her he might have mounted police pushing through to Pitied her, but he felt no pity, only a surround the carriage, of cnes and the deep and resentful determination to dominating voices of the student S 6 ' rllj of Nikkv, and then to warm demagogues. Then at last a semblance' ner b y nls "m fire. He might have of order, low muttering, an escort of | t o break her rlrst After that manner police with drawn revolvers around the! h!ul men y qni-ens of Karnla come to carriage, and it moved ahead. j * e throne Hr smiled behind his Through it all the chancellor had sat' s TM a11 mustache. with folded arms. Only his livid face' When tea was almost over, the told of his fury. KarL too, had snt 1m- crown prince was announced. He pautve, picking at his small mustache.' came In, rather nervously, with his But, as Jhe carriage moved on, he J hands thrust in his trousers pockets i said: "A few moments ago I observed He was very shiny with soap and! that there had been few changes. But water and his hair was still damp there has been, 1 perceive, after all, a i from parting. In his tailless black great change." packet, his long groy trousers, and his "One cannot Judge tha many by the, round Eton collar, he looked like a few, majesty." i very anxious little schoolboy, and not But Karl only raised his eyebrows. ' royal at all. In his rooms, removing the dnst of Greetings ever, and having re- bis Journey, broken by the automobile quested that his tea be half milk, with trip across ihe mountains when; the four lumps of engar, he carried his two railroads would some day meet, i cup over beside Hedwlg, and sat down he thinks he isn't He says he doesn't find It easy to love his country more than anything In the world, for one thing And he smokes a great many cigarettes." "Another taste In common 1" jeered Karl, in his smooth, carefully Ironic tones. Annnnciata was in the last stages j of irritation. There was no mistaking the sneer in Karls voice. His smile was forced* She guessed that he had heard ot Nikky Larisch before, that, i Indeed, he knew probably more than 1 she did Just what, she wondered, f was there to know! A great deal. If one could judge by Hedwlg's face. "I hope yon are working hard at your lessons, Otto," she said. In the" severe tone which Otto had learned that most people use when they refer to lessons. "I'm afraid I'm not doing very well, Tante. Bnt I've learned the 'Gettysburg address.' Shall I say it?" "Heavens, no'" she protested. She had not the, faintest Idea what the "Gettysburg address" was. She suspected Mr. Gladstone The countess had relapsed Into silence. A little back from the family circle, .she had watched the whole scene stonily, and knowing Karl as only a woman who loves sincerely and long can know a man, she knew the inner workings of his mind. She saw anger In the very turn of his head and set of his jaw. But she saw more, jealousy, and was herself half mad with It She knew him well. She had herself, for years, held htm by holding herbelf dear, by the very difficulty of attaining her. And now this Indifferent, white-faced girl, who might be his, indeed, for the taking, but who would offer or promise no love, was rousing him to the Instinct of possession by her very indifference He had told her the truth, that night In the mountain Ion. It was Hedwlg he wanted, Hedvlg herself, her heart, all of her. And, If she knew Karl, he would move heaven and earth to get Ihe thing he wanted. She surveyed the group. How little they knew what was in storf 1 for them ' She, Olga Loschek, by the lifting of a finger, could turn their smug superiority Into tears and despair, could ruin them and send them flying for shelter to the very ends of the eurth But when she looked at the little S crown prince, legs dangling; ea^ng bis thin bread and butter as only t 1 hungry small boy can eat, she shiverPd t y what means must she do all this I y what unspeakable means I Karl reflected on the situation. A dual, on a chair Followed a short silence, monarchy, one portion of it restless j with the archduchess busy -with the and revolutionary, was less desirable j tea things, Olga Loschek watching than the present pence and prosperity , Karl, and Karl Intently surveying the ot Karnla. And unrest was contatfons. ] crown prince Ferdinand William Ife might find himself in a difficult I Otto, who disliked a silence, broke it position. x j first He glanced about his rooms. In one | Tve just taken off my winter flan of them Prince Hubert had met his nels," he observed. "I feel very death. It "was well enough for Mett- I smooth and nice underneath.' licb. to say the few could not speak for the many. It took but one man to do a murder, Karl reflected grimly. But when he arrived for tea lit the Hilda giggled, but Hedwig reached OTer and stroked his arm. "Of course yon do," she said gently. "Slkky," continued Prince 'William archduchess' white drawing rooia he | Otto, stirring his tea, "does not wear was urbane and smiling. He kissed ) any flannels. Miss Bralthwalte thinks the hand of the archduchess and bent over Hedwig's with a flash of white tteth. Then he saw Olga Losehek, anfl bis smile stiffened. Xhe countess came forward, curtsied, and as he extended Us hand to her, touched It lightlr iwltli her Ups. They were quite cold. he Is very careless." King Karl's eyes gleamed with amusement He saw the Infuriated face of the archduchess, and bent toward the crown prlnce'with earnestness. "As a matter of fact" he said, "since you have mentioned the subject I do not wear any either. Tour For Jost an instant their eyes met. It was, on the surface, an amiable | '?ftkky' and I »eem most surprisingly and quiet tea party. Hedwig had j to have the same tastes--about various taken up her position by a window, ! things." "Do yon like dog«?" inquired the crown prince, much interested.* and was conspicuously dlent Behind .her were the soft ring of silver agjiinst china, the countess' gay tones, Karl's eoare ones, assuming gravity, as he Inqtnred as to ls majesty's health; the Archduchess Annundatn pretend- "Dogs' Why, 7*8. I have quite a It would be nicer ,,,, , .to have Jurt one dog, and be very ing * solicitude she did not feel. And ' fond of It But I suppose they would ·11 forced, all arUfldaL I cat a great deal. Do yon believe In love at first sight?" "Otto!" said the archdncheMT, extremely shocked He turned to her apologetically "I was only trying to find out how many things he and Nllcky agreed about," he explained. "Nikky believes In love at first sight. He says it is the only real k'ad of love, because love isn't a thing you think out You only feel Hedwlg whispered from her window to the austere old broni* figure in the place, "was it lite this with jou, at first? Did you ·hirers when he touched your kind? And down't It matter, after a year''* "Very feeble," said the archducl ess* Toicc, .behind her, "but eo brave--a }*«t4a to us all." "He bas had a long and conspicuous" ctre*r," Karl observed. "It is sad, bat ·we mnst all come to it I hope he will be aN« to tet me." ·' "Hedwig r said her mother, sharp- j ,. .,, * j i J t rr -yoor tea Is getting cold." serTed ' 1 * Daln K forward and with a ,, j , t A t . ,,, isljnting glance at Hcdwij? "I quite Hedwlg turne«to»ard the room. I H l f c , t h him again. Aud this friend LisOwncs, gave her an added dignity, J ,, fl ^ , « new charm Karls eyes flamed as , T [n ^ woridi r ^ r Jlp WftfCIMd i!CT. .KVCn IICI* COtdnC3S I ttrrr 11 "h iM I app«l«d to him. He had a feelln* L^ .lays that lot. Karl saw the king that evening, a short visit marked by extreme formal; ity, and, on the king's port by the keen and frank scrutiny of one who Is near the end and fears nothing but the final moment Karl found the meeting deprossfng and the king's eyes disconcerting "It will not be easy going for Otto," said the king at the end of the short interview. "I should like to feel that L , i his interests will be looked after, not only here, but by you and yours. We have a certain element hero that is-troublesome." And Karl, with Hedwlg in his mind, j had promised ' "His Interests snail be mine, sir," I he had said. He hud bent over the bed then, and raised the thin hand to his lips Tha interview was over. In the anteroom the Mug's master of the horse the chamberlain, and a few other gentle- ! men stood waiting, talking together in low tones But the chancellor, who- had gone In with Karl and then re- ] bred, stood by a window, with his ] arms folded over his chest, and waited. He put resolutely out of his mind the face of the dyinj? man on his pillows, and thought only of this thing which he--Mettltch--had brought about" There was no yielding In his face or in his heart, no doubt of his course. He saw, instead of the lovers loitering dom, anarchy held down by an iron- shod heel, peace sn^d the fruits of, until out of very prosper! people grew fat and content It" The arcHdnchess met Karl's eyes. "Jon see'" she (mid. He BBW a boy\lng, carefully taught, growing into his responsibilities until, big with the vision of the country's welfare, he should finally ascend 'the throne. He saw the river filled with ships, carrying merchandise over the world and returning with the wealth of {ho world Great buildings, too, lifted their heads on his horizon, a dream city, with order for disorder, and citizens instead of inhabitants I When at last he stirred and sighed, , it was because his old friend, in his "But It is sound doctrine," Karl ob( bed In the next room, would see noth- A FEW MORE OF THE MANY MANY MARELOUS VALUEJS AT OUR FURMTUR Every one of which adds a link to the never-ending chain of evidence which so conclusively proves "you'll do better" here. i » Don t forget--We'll mak6 terms of payment on anything ou decide to purchase so eas^ that you'll seal cell feel the cost. Itjs a good time to anticipate your spring needs. This handsome Bed complete vnth all-steel Spring and Cotton Top Mattress only-- Delivered to \onr Home on Our h-isy Purchase Fl»n For Onty $1-00 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK. 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Being British she dearly lo\ed the arlstociacj and shrugged her shoulders at coy family which took up less than a page tn the peerage. She resented deeply the intrusion of the commoner into Britisk m , that the coldness was only a yotrag | brf / rc anJ . tblnB elBe ,. tfrr.-1-or. t h a t - ander it wasa d«p- ' ^ archdnche*. glanced at politics, and considered Lloyd George an upstart and an Interloper. That evening she took the crown prince to see the pieparatloos for the festivities The flowers appealed to him, and he asked for and secured a purtonate woman. The thmgu of , fnrio i fil j. Tho Hedw.g naa dow(1 h / r Wben he carried, her tea to her, ha tout orer her. "Please!' 1 he said. "Try to like me. 3--" . Tin sorry," Hedwlg said quieily. "Mother has forgotten the lemon." Karl smiled and, shrugging hl» tched the lemon, "lll^ht, going to have a talk together?" qujte ier teacup. Ing of all this, and that h» himself conW not hope for more than the beginning, before hla time cam" also Thp firet large dinner for months »as given that night at the palace, to I do Kimj Karl all possible honor. The . . _ country conies so , d serr | ce whlch hud been pres(;nted rose, which UP held carefully Bnt the to the king by UK- cznr of Bussia was m asnm*m» of the table only faintly used The anticipatory gloom of the I i? 1 "*???? hlm ' , an1 '' hen bc Dea [ d court was laid aside, and Jewels' ttat NUd£y would not De Present, he brought from vaU£s were worn for the I lost )Dter8et: entirely. "Will they nrat time In months Uniforms of wheel m7 ffrimiUather in In a chair?" various gorts, but nil gorgeous, touched I ln auired fine shoulders, and cuaie away, bear-1 " He ls to ° 1U " Mlss Brulthwaite lug K hite, powdery truces oC the meet-' sal ' 1 ' i ing. The greenhouses at the bummer ! "He'll be rather lonely, when they're palace hud been wickwl Coi flouers and a11 at the*party. Ton don't suppose J- plants. The corridor from the great c °uld go and sit with him, do you?' dreary passage, had suddenly become time." large blister, and the arch-j a fair} path of early bpiing bloom. Bedtime being the one rule which was 3ad to take his shoes off and I Even Annuuclata, hung now with never under and circumstance's broken, his stockings, because his Eeet | rones ot pearls, her hair drusscd hlgu I "e 1M uot persist. To have incited | pale. She would have liked to box her ! e^rs Karl no fool, and there WHS (talk enough. He would hear It, of courie. "Tell us about your pilgrimage, Otto," she suggested "Well. I vvent" said the crown I might have meant live muiks off Jn I Miss Bralthwnites book, and his rec j ord MBS very good that \\eek Io] gether the elderly DE^'ij-h woman and j the boy went back lu the school room I The Countess Loschifk, who liad ' dressed with a heavy heart, wafa ea^llv the most beautiful ot the w omen that i \ ulght A little cujrt paid Uibutc to her beauty, and bo\%ed the dccpur and flattered the mute as- -Ac oycnly scorned and Hut, t ed them She caught once a flicker of admiration in K u r l s r ace, aud although her luaa went j high, her heait beat stoimily unoor i Hedwig was like a fio.ver that re- j quired the sun Ouly her sun was ^ happiness. She \\ais .in soft white chiffons, her hair -nncl irock aline girl f ish i\nd unpretentious lier mothi'i, . coming Into her dressing room, had i OOOOO ·"5C-CC-O eyed her with disfavor "You look like a schoolg'rl ' she, said, and hau ^n' for rouge, and w i t h her own row haatfs appli"a It Dtrt wig stoooT Client, end tllowed her tu have her way without protebt riaci submitted, too, to L diamond pin in her hair, and a string of her mothers pearlb TO EC Ct7N-tINTJEH BOTH PHONES OPPHAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. J. B. KURTZ, KOI A^V fUBl_,U AND REAL ESTATE. No. i South Meadow Lui*. ConOflliBvllla Pa. Ever;' merchant, e-\ery bank and j business man ad\ocates buvmg it "There," Said Annuncfata, "You Look ]home Then let us gne you pnces o , Less Like*a Baby." your job work this coming year. The Good CoaL Prompt Srrvlee. Call BeU Phone 13^ or 402, Tri-Mac (170.

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