The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 38
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i -oil 09: Bummer ISO. UN TOWN NOUSt f . eiip -a . Henry Orient . . 7 33 143 Ltat of Semeon'. 1.6 - da . Mafic' , i an a uo - iw 1 JO Maytakr .,,,.. -Wheeler Deelere. IIS'- 423 104; -Kiaeln' Coualiu '. 2 43 l.ll .0. Lest ehow SOOi i. sttieea , i -The Fell of the Roman ' Xm. jire". 1 00 . 143 1 30 Ust enow . Mee(eeaewey The World of Henry Orient'. "Baraeanrev Three" Box office Opens at 4 p m Show tun , at a. - . . Beteal -Cleopatra". I ll' 4 4o . I OS. . alalia . "Pygmy Island". I JO - 190 -10J0; Tarxen The MafnlAeent', IS T.M-. "King Kong . Cod- 4.19 1.4. ' , Rldesa Who's Cuckoo", t 30 . 4 49 - 13: Hid lit Wild Surf", a 43 .l M0, 1-aet ebow 00. '- star Tep -What a Weir 1 Co'. "The Young Swlniere. Box office opene ,al I pjbv Sbow alette at duek. -The World of Henry Orient'-. . 10 1.1 . IJi- 7 U . (.43. UMt ahaw ISO. '. rjandng Floor Show CHATEAtl tAURtti bemrina nuiniiy, , enieneinmeni at aim. 1 P-"- . . v - IE1XB CLAMg gnttrtauuberu fraea T pm - . I Hfltf Muete la the Salon . awuw-tauuMm. - - - IAtl Dancrod kite i two near enow alinuy. OLftTWOOO BQWVrTem pence I . SakirdsT sua Sunday aunt StOrit dWCRhav Danetna and'- m entertainment niffhtly In rVfhe- Kirir KfRMoV i and Sxecutls rent- - DuvuuiiaM aancms ' tr'viiteB aurstiy. BOUH-Muale ks aatM I snierteininent ka the Rib Club. ntertemraem m the wunaa ana i ii n ST. LOUIS BOTCL - Dancing TAffDtWIA Oatartauwe tALtSMAM-t pujniu . eturdey inc if tit-Sunn Inn I "V Piauuj apes I Opea Dairy I I rreea t sua I 'J a. sia . - rvtos, 4) Basxlay tav 1"' WUX-tKO WTO I a As Low As IT 3.00 Br Ineladlh Mreakfaet 5'Ciwck 4, ilkirl 235-5151 VING'S c::;"zse fcqd ; FREE ordets at Delivery from 4 3 tin I 100 a w ,7S sr more . aattvMw and Immediata area ! 745-5321 - Ill Mohtrtal RrL. Eastvlew 1 Route II, preecott Rishway IS ISuMteo from Downtown UCtMStD ST ' tTioJki3jJ8P sfl!SSa-: CHEZ HENRI HOTEL Solon dVr ' AMELARD BRJSEBOIS ." at the lUiaway Grand ' JERRY CARLISLE . DANC TO TONY O'ANUO 0RCH. RAINBOW ROOM WTERTAINIWENT . NIGHTIT Cam) Iwftji"' STAIIDISIIALL ournr"WnlAri bring uick faaiiHi. ' : i ; .y I ' t Pleeaent pMno etyitnas ANNftTI Nss-laaas.aM. ' Try our rj SMORQASIORO Saiieeneaiepm re! SMa.ttw. leSeMai TCA WA0ON li a i a, taf mi Schoolgirls Steal Stars From Sellers HIE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT atarring Peter Sealers, Angela Lansbury. Paul Prentiss, Tippy Walker and Merrli Spaeth. Now playing at the Somerael, Elmdale and Odeon-Qucensway Drive . Id Ihcelrrv . By CLYDE GILMOUR Peter Seller it the big-name ttar of The World of Henry WEINER ILUT "VIENNA LIFE" Joliann Strauss Oper etta opened to rave reviews In Los Angeles, A spectacular production with a company of 63. One of - the most lavish to come to this country with beautiful production hnmbers. 'v Featuring tht Blue Danube Waltz. Coming 'to Ottawa 2 nights following a week at O'Keefe Centre 'and; prior to Broadway ran. , 1 CAPITOL THEATRE TUES. WED SeetH at f TICKETS: ' ISO S.S0 4 SO 8 00 NOW ON SALE Al All three Davis Agency Stores: Carlingwood, Bil ling! Plaza, 20 Sparks Si. . Trcmbiay Concerts a. i X ava Cornea soohSTeX GUARDSMAN Orient and play the title role, but the. real. centre! chamcteis in the story are a couple ol hitherto totally ohtcure, schoolgirl . . . Ind they are so delightful that they easily, steal the picture from the celebrity Moreover, the film 1te!f Introduces t refreshing breath ol Sanity, humor and unmaudim compassion into the whole hackneyed field of the Reoel-llous Younger Generation., on Hon of a flighty young suburb in housewife (Paula Prentiss). Suddenly their Inve-srene I interrupted by a pair of giggling 14-year-old eavesdroppers (Tippy Walker. Merrle Spaeth) No runs, no hits, one error, At that point , in the yarn the schoolgirl still don't' know who he is. i But when they attend a Car- I m I liliU tprpiTit 1 1 I CONTROLLED 7 1 1 tVsr-ii4F0R TOllR. I tartelnmeet 'l ' I n. rr j lfcC0MF0RT ' . I ! I I Is I ' I 1 II B 1 - I ' TONIGHT And Saturday Only Jean Genet's THE MAIDS .talker of -T Balrenyr a ad "Th RUrki" . with MAftlLYNN NIXON . PIERRETTE VACHON SHEIU McCOOK Directed byfjenlr Faulkner ,', Curuln Vk.M Meaikin ll.t vaeil OTTAWA HOUSE raiDAt sal ixti'ROAr tk Wru-Kaooa knterUraer RAY SMITH nd His Quintit . - SUNDAY IN THE ORILL - from I to II p.m. " BOBBT SARAUir AND HIS ORCHESTRA rrrnrk aad lntlik leate Rock; Twial, mtrasuaul aTARts NEAL JACKSON and Hie Ojesnet ' ' Beck Bell Twlat 'V aad Inauaatcatal IraMnrmNtlUMMw'llrsM BEFORE AND AFTER THE RACES MEET AT THE -: 'V.VWj trw I I . , t All ...... II II trX. O . II ii rVT y - m , i J I sCVdj6? sr . n , For Your Dlnlnl . and Dsndng -Plessurt IQ 2 s.m. ST. LOUIS HOTEL I 54 KmIciU 5), Hull Out, . I I 1 4r. 1 X- RESTAU1LANT hr mikiwrj ChiNM hi ORDgss tO tAKB Ott 733 I0SS Bank St. al Heron Rd. lrHlr1lnrHIIIIIImiim'Ullll3 . WeD liMini Ottawa Community Orjanization require linmn Dloti kilracitr tor adults, on evening ' . Reply U BOX NO. E-47S, JOURNAL la k Art iw i bw iiiianaiiwii MUFFLERS - SPRINGS fZm w own - f SHOCKS 15 MINUTE INSTALLATION A WORK GUARANTEED WHEEL ALIGNMENT ; Capital Muffler Service Ltd. nit laiot or rt'iTo a csilino Miirri.r.R 274 RIDE A U (near King; Kdward) Dernirre fols ce solr: "SEPTIE.ME VOYAGE D - SIMBAD" et "COMMANDO DANS LA GIRONDE" en Technicolor . A L'AFFICHE SAM EDI A MARDI S01R ", . (la Clnessaecepe TerkHkeler) "GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BA svec rriant ruRKtbi at Mlcnelll Luro ; ' "TlRRlFIED" . : ; svee Rod LAURENT et Tracy OLSON Moftaraai eaf Uete raatitie , . L iswivt'.i?aj .1. RAl.t.R ri.tM ATISR fsiri pour otre comfort Tel.: 777r2322 TM MOT TTTMC ItOWTUI SU TMIUMKtB-WI MltlMUM MiknTfUaZIUi! I Vs. ' ko . au. 7 a WW I r 1 IfT'':,,. 5;;;j;;;:itt?ti ' jr- -S5 i V v TUE OTTAWA JOURNAL 38 FWDAT. AUGUST 14. 1064 Entertainment Direcfory MOW TIMS SCHEDUU ' Aladdin The Mleadventurea of Merlin "The Vwtora Box omce I pra Show turle i Ant Iky -Who'l Been Sleepinf in M Bed'., "Notorlow Landlady box Alt open at I pot Show lUtti M dusk. BMiaaata Drko'l Cackoo". -Ride the Wild tart". Box office opens it I pm an atarts kl duett. . -TM Carpelba-M . 13 2 lit - os . im 1 cutset "Commando Dkn It Olronda '. 1 SO . 4,10 . Ill, "Septum Vu-Ift die TKnbed''. 101 d33 - 10 01 Centre- -dkydlver'. It M . 1 10 -5 M 113. "Demoted Goods'. 149 41 . T.10 3 Lee enow 33 , Ctaesna e Ptrli tee mslral tours', 4 . pel. "Lea nominee nd penaeni qu a ca". 110. Last enow 110. ' v Bbaaaie The World ol I 03 . 1.13 J1 enow J0. . mv "th ttn Dawn". 1143 - 133 IPS III p.M leet .enow" JO. time Slain -the ilienee". 1 Jo - 30 - S J-t il 14. 'HENRY ORIENT' nie Hall concert at which ihe World of Henr' Orient prob coOT ELMDALE elV ''- MexexIBIBBlsae!lk lMijrMt I ... Mill I m,mm 111 . - II ' CEAM MARTIN" jufk'Oir l ftVtnLTn ritVac stw I afjaapnaBBj pj I- la J a 11 las ax a. i a s rttrfc u cr it evr o a . sat RADIO CITY, f. l MUSIC HALL SIX' l'J- I I - I' J - M extsflBexlIaTexTxSBTl comic creenplay by Holly- woodV Nynnally Johnton and' foppish Henrv Orient olu;it;alilv o indt like Krewball Ing' etory, In a nei ve-iahgling avant-gaide fable about - couple pf Little it wlldeat momeilli conceito. the kheapdoRfmaiied Horntre who ought to oc inriier iarce.r y Tinov rihtui-nuklv- dorides the f: ' L 1 : . ' " ' " ' ': " ' pianisl it her pre-destined eoul-mate. BLOOD OATH , The voung chum twear a Blood Oath binding thVm to do all they can to facilitate this epic romance. . They are a bit too thy me American screen. -bit too sensible to invade lie HORMONES v. HANDIWORK (great mnn personally, but tluy seiiers appears as a vatn.jbegln haJowtng him ,lt nil oversexed New York concert ! hour, merely for the sake of pianist whose hormones are jmutelv beholding the Infinite, quit a lot more impressive j ' They squat acros the ttreet than his handiwork at the key- from his apartment while he i board. ' entertaining . hi target lady. One day in Central Park he They gape, at him adoringly I approaching second base In I through a restaurant winddw. his carefully-planned teduc-iThev bump into him not' quite on purpose-i-on the (idewalk, (gain spoiling his amour.-.; And by inventing an outrageou flbj about "our mother.. Jayne, Mansfield." as s kidnap victim.) they bring a swarm of police; In front of Orient's domicile at the very moment when privacy i and secrecy are all hit wolfish! heart desires. . " ) ( ' Condensed thuS Into a partial ; synopsis of the incidenta. The , soundly apanked snd put to bed without their suoners. " On the contrary, this serio- Due to many requests we are HOLDING OVER X t'ntil WeXl Wednesday t II BJesa IM IN Inl IlIEGAnPnCAGCEnS:. ALANLACO HBIU7.TCS IH WMim LEWAfflQ mm mmmvm jmium rccHNicotoir NMoar , szr DOORS OPEN 1 1.45 LAST SHOW MO" FEATl'RES AT 12.25 113 . 6.00 . B.SS A COMrORTAIlWAIR CONDiriONIO m kki Attkacticii of mm ' Jg ; IAfeWl . tontlnuou cXroVtu?.1 rV Showing, at niiiu or 4 Aantiiy awaibi p-i REGENT THE AT RE rl 1 1 .... ., caia.i ir 1H.SH1 o Adull .EaterUUunent exexeeaas . A Fimous Players Air Conditioned Theitre Special Children's Mate SATllRDAYUkMBALE ONLV DOORS OPEN ill ' - TWO ACTION PACKED HIT!, ' t'. "LITTLE SAVAGE" and '"DRUMS OF yAlHTI" Note "World of Henry Orient' Will Not Be Showa Until J '; ' -- ;-, it. . Join thesttwo T-N-Teenen : is they crick up thilovi-lifiof I king-siu nutl PDtcrSclJcfS Paula r, Anccla OeVa ueVM. ' leviiryj V tMaoa axe iWl ! CZ3SISI mm, kkvar wu m ihdi m ... ,t I I l! WH, i-'...,. v- MCkWS .,.1' Nowi NY - CHiAltris' ' ' v EWrO.Srl txr eir i w kt w hu I nursaT. tun it ninr wra uran. gtiocel nI Termm i MOi'.HlHd JUHOiT TIMO K I4O.S.4-S40-Ml'll'Illlll T.4t.t40 jii uiif j W u-mnrrr-'i "laiwaiiMleai w amine i-w-nal SECO E!G WEEK! Recomrnended for eveybody : . . . ekeept rirents v.lth gttlliy i. constteRct! . . . TY WORDS tO SOME... REUSS 10YE TO DARCS TO EXnAIN WHAT MOTHERS AriDfATrrCJT.,..Oa WON'T! , , ".'' .. '..,( I ''l ' .1. Wfwshrael eVatexwIket imw :; ? ' ' V ,. DOLORHS PAITM II v ' I . 'I I I r - I I r - frruiiii'rti nee I A MA.w exa . e. x iiMinruium avi wwtiiiir'j a. I t JL. , w m til n- . 'mr2 I I .V'UmsLVM-i, I I llllirf! a eVAni . i w " a . : iTiniiiil ii rii"ikiBjii ilii2ifil22J rill vTNclKt lat I ' . ' a 4ri Linni i eii' ew it I 1 J afl A" LUIIHIILMI I IlfclftL R - - .1 . aa, ... I e-'tr-tw- I .A. hiuiitnuniinuvUiil I ' I laicixmii''J i -.-. - i-. a al.i ai eeaxre eew AUULI i - " fa laltlltiaaiai ilL.iSlj SKY DIVERS1' of Furi, Music and Romance 2nl Nil k (! 4 sVI 'I AU "SON OF samsonI1::. 'f nn-r-i rv. . riteaiju.1 intvvo rokM trie flat time! , - PliisT'WHEELER DIAl James GARDNER Le REM It K U..JK..J.A t- 4 la-'" ai al al A a a a - A !' a- ea.aaaaaa.,jeJea.a, a. e. a WINS TOP PRIZE MONTREAL (CP) - Tha " TT i al I ft (Urn d esert II . rrl -vi .aiill'i'ln iirnsiirttrONS BOMB EXPLODES MONTREAL (CP) -A bomb. 'hii .daughter Mori from a 'Ml grand prir al the Unaduuv exploded early today al Riche-!l95X novel bv.tne diuihter iF,lm Festival wit awarded to lieu Park. In. suhurbaiti Polnte- 'somehow comes through from 1,11 w,or c,ll Oruuls for hlsjaux-Tremhle hltring win- beglnnlng to end as an unusu-l'""vre lengtn mm l Chat dansduwe of one ol the building at ailv humane, honest snd amus-11" c mursgay mgni. n was : tne mv-rmi rare rraca. r-rnvm- .... . i J i ,L- tt.. t , . .,, i. - a, . believable even in;p,"umru ' "mionoi rnmiai poure saio n em a noma- of helter-,00") "na was . uroulx first made devlre. no ins wis .n- BANK and . QUEEN 2-IS7t feature film. .;.-,' . jjured. TONICHT - SHOW STARTS AT DUSK : SHIRLEY MacLAfNE ALWAYS A ' PAUL NEWMAN COLOR CARTOON Autun billet riwrvt Prix Bopulilrt gywi MImH'"''M j,'M'ii4n.i:m:n.ihti HULL IUI lAVAl exev 7T WW iS-La. IW "'WW.: liwi-iill 1 I exexBSxl hmjuiimimi-uh ifm'Ji.rTTm COHTIHOttlll II IN. I iHUIT C3 Ti'SEEi PW . iSjgsiftg snarai II a.....i. . eVVB IJJITnpfl I I ' I J' itA"'" fAn"Ti ; 'J - Metl" 1 pnAoeiiaX .""1 I I aeul I t AU PoTv M I .'.H I , : a. I I ltd. . I ... -wit lie I II "J i x4 101 U EMa I -iolor : V .,1 1 .Statlnae: CHRISTOPHER KUM! 5 ' II Itn. St. dlt t r ' ill , tvemni l' yttvVmfc4 a A. .It. 4 aa V I ioaaaaaaBaaawaael 1 J Children' ler en llrae ;. .lfr:ae)erevaxi j ' . I l. I -.' aan I 'r i f '". i':':i M Ml' thaDHve-ln. ,,'J ( JJ :MtS'K3'l' VrranH Sinatra am V &X'f" ujrT ei fvtinlh In ; , J . - ,f' ' 1 ; "SttGURTJ THRtr I ' : TSCHNICOLOR I 1 r i fiAllcolDltlcNeo. Iff h WEEK ! SEE IT NOW I: tvrp RrrnRBiCDtmriBiive msi vntn vi tvinvu uniae. v du i inncu - . . w SitrHLN BOYO AlCStWlflfSS r"'"'! p., r ni r n c. I lee TODAY AT 2 THEATRES thimpiofi siitfers thallengt tht ;. - Dslly j' Ind, SunT i,4VIJ3-f.3 Sunday) at 1.30 3.30 8.S0 7. 33 B.40 Third HeeEil 1 5VlKIIC worlds greatest breaktrsr' : RID2THI2 (I Fabian tab Hunter SUSWnART 5 SORRY PREMIERE TICKETS FOR THE "BEATLES" FEATUR,: "A HARD DAY'S NI0'r MON. AND 7" , TUtS AUGUST 14 IS ARE SOLD OUT. tWWM SECONb v ttcH jlAVl WIUAM SUSAKSAH kclcem ychx r V-'i.:' i -ii : , r TllHrMMM Wi,lmrtl MTIITI Ddllv fencrM Suit at: 11.41. IM-S.M TJJ.I40 ' capuc:;;e : -tAY . a. . MB , . 4

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