The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15 1918. ONLY SLIGHT CHANGE IN THE CONDITION OF BLAST FURNACES 3t*reha»t Stacks Still Producing less Than Half the Normal Oulpot. THE BREAK-UP OF WINTER tfce Hope that MoTeveBt ol Coke riil Great!v Increase; Coal XoMimr System 3fc»y Help Indirectly; Little Tree Coke im Sight. Ep««jal to Th« "Weekly Courier PlTTSBtlSG, Fob 13--A few o£ ^ £he blast furnaces' that were banked * -J»ve been able to resume this week, " but the change in blast furnace con- dauons is only a slight one and the situation remains that the merchant furnaces as a class .ire producing less than half their normal output of pig iron while the blast furnaces attached to bj-product coke ovens are not doing better than about 75 per r cent. Railroad conditions may have -- unproved a. great deal in the past ' -week, but on account of th« light shipments of coke in the jast few rtteeks -- tbere nas not been enough enoroute to jnake a great deal of difference wTra. it does start moving to destination more rapidly Both producers and consumers of coke are greatly encouraged by the particularly favorable woather of the past Treeic, weather altogether better thaTi there had been any reason to expect, and lively hopes are entertained that the actnal "nHn ement ot cote ·will greatly increase. The fact is,, however that thus far there is very little «e,to»l improvement to be observed report* this, week as to car supplies ,, . In. the" region have been much'better, * *~but many operators Insist that their actual supplies' are net as heaw as the statements of percentage allotments would indicate, i thought that the re-arangement COKt. TRAJLJfc, SLMMAll* Witti tbe progress rdade during the past -week or ten days In clearing up the accumulations of d coke cars in cold sto-- age on sidngs and a.1 junction points It was Cairlj weil demonstrated that w i t h continued fair ·weather material Improvement m car supplj ajid sen fee can bo mace a*, well as ealns In coke production It ib not to be presumed that either can be brought to 100 per cent until there is per- _manent relitC in the seneril transportation situation but both can be made to more nearly approach normal \t tbis period the pressing- need of the raJlroads la motive power and nin Present forces are be ing- used In concentrated effort to Set essential raw matorj Us and food supplies through to desttna tione, hence there is less opportunity to keep up an orderly and prompt return of enptlos to the coke region This indicates th it there ·» not hkel to be T-BJ con sidsrable increase in cir a c p p l y In the early future e\en if weather conditions are favorable to more efflciont handling of freigrht. There was an frnpro\ement not ed Mondav -when the Mononp^ihela railway placed 70 per cent and the Penne Ivania 50 per cent The allotment drbpped to 30 and 40 per cent respectively on Tuesday which proportions have been maintained, thas far In the week The stimulus gi\ en house cleaning 1 last; week rather than materially be'terfng- operating conditions swelled *hipmpnta to 2"5 907 tons, i pain of 47 358 tons Production did a trifle be-tter than daring the previous -week 11A GENUINE BOOSTER," SAYS OFFICER HENRY Well Known Erie Policeman Pays Tanlac Fine Tribute. ~WQhain R Henry, the ^-ell-known -ic policeman, who resides at 420 i Ge-rnan stieet One Pa made the following interesting scatemonic recently icgardrag the beneft he had received from Tanlac, the now com- i tratant, tome, appetiroi and invigorant that is now acomplishmg buch remarkable results in tbis city Mr Henry said My stcr-nadi was out of order and I did not feel refreshed from my sleep Aftor taking TanJac tor about two ·weeks my stomach is now In good s-hape My appetite and digestion are perfect and i can eat anything My sleep is fine You can ^ay for me that T.tnlac is one good medicine and that I am a booster for TanJac Thera is not a single portion of the body rot benefited by the healthful work of Taalac which begins Its action bv stimulating the digestive and assimilative organs, thereby enriching the blood and invigorating the whole bod Tanlu: enables the stomach to thor- 01 ghly digest its food thereby per- mitunfc tae issim liable products to be converted mto Wood, bono and muscle Tanlac is being sold here at The ConnellsviHe Drug Co Tan-lac can al c o hs secured in Dunbar at D C Ba^xm s Drug =.tore,--ad* C^FFI ° * *^-*PRODUCTION Only Slicitlj Over Half lute in 1916; Railroad kmburgocs and Car Shortage Chiet Causes 01 Slump. Special to The \ \ c e k l y Courier NEW YORK, Peb 13--The Amen- STATE FUEL ADMINISTRATORS Saving is a Solemn Duty Just Now Alduty wo owe to ourselves, ou~ families and our country Our savings » a re needed to bring the war to a successful conclusion, The battle nmat be carried on at home as well as on the fi-LOf line Tbjs strong baak invites your savings account and pay? liberal n- tercst $1 starts yon, feHONAL 129 Crawford Ave_ ConncllsTllle. "The Bank that Does Things for Ton" | Checking Accounts Inrited. i GITLH Increased I'oirer in Determining to »lionT L-oal Shall be ^npplied and From »liom. Under inbLructions issued by Fuel Administrator Garfieid, State fuel ad- of coal shipments from the Pittsburg I caa Metal Market and Dailj Iron £ mm istntois w i l l hereafter determine i district will help coke indirectly R. f s t e e l Repor t will rervies the slcel and ^ not on|j . U) w h o m emcrgen;y coa j | W Gardiner, local coal distributor of ^ m trado tomorrow as follows Bnall , )e supp i,ed but also from whom the fuel administration under the new Production of steel ingot, In the I ^ coal thus dl ^ med shal , be w l t h . I0m ng **«. !S. putting the »st«n TM **- g TM* *» £?« W into actual operation, the territory assigned to be supplied with coal by the Pittstmrg district being the triangle bounded by lines drawn, from Plttsbnrg to Loraln, O. and Troy N T, respectively, the northern limit being practically the LnJce Erie front. · this system coal The state administrators have been year against a rate ct 38400,00 tons authorl/x , d « i o r o v e r necessary, -o ex I n December, and an actual jirortuc- lend lhc r or , amzauoua m ^ uco a wa , Uon m 191« of 41 400 060 tons On ac- as , ,, ldcquate |j anrt prompt iy fur- count of new construction the capac- msn such laformatlon ,, may bc I tons present a at least J700JOOT mb The needed to makt effective the new syr- f tern Thei are advised to appoint an rectlv as possible from min« to point --,, u i of consumption and th, duty upon the Production seeing that blast furnace state ralLoadTkhould be correspondingly operations »ere not m erfered w.'h j , i«iuxu£ anil [jj ere was , d | e stec] njajjmg ca-',_ * will move as dl- Garfieid holiday »cre responsible in ^^^ cornmlU ee of three men fa small measure for January's light l m | | m r w W l ^ coal bu . tncs8 of thelr jibly arrange a work; plan with the state council of defense or similar agencj Lnder this arc so far behind In 5 acit J o util.7e the pig iron if desir- | ^^ ot ^a^r^jo^ the state administrator will be able to inform himself as to what consumers or · into UK open market un- prouuct on account or railroad em- arca£ can besl ,, and ^ re(lu . uon m der present conditions if shipments I ""goes and car shortage With bot- rtouW^each a rate ot 300,000 tons a j ter shipping fac,!IUej, at that end ^ there would be approximateiy a P^du^ would st.,1 £. been -e- ng pacity to utili?e the pig iron if desir- | The restriction 15 due chicH to ' ~ ftllins thedr coke contracts that there «J- The --estrict.on 15 due chicHy to Is no possibility of any quantity of rn*b,i«y of the mills to sh.n hmshed coke co^g into UK o£en market un- product on account of railroad em- SAFEGUARDED BYLAW Trust Companies are safeguarded b law, under the supervision of the State Banking Dppartment You act wisely when you appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as yonr Executor It is always faithful to the duties of the estate Consult ,us about this important matter 154-158 WEST CRAWFORD AVE. EVERYTHING FOR EVERY ROOM Off Leonard Prices Every piece of Leonard Furniture must go to make room for our immense purchases of new Spring Furniture, Rugs and Stoves. Prices are sensationally low and credit terms gladly arranged. Prompt delivery assured. The First Buyers Here Tomorrow Will Get the Greatest Values Ever Offered in Period Dining and Bed Room Suites. There are just seventeen left. ECKMAN5 , ^^ M ZA-IVrmnO M alcerb balance with a possibility ot there be- coke movement to blast furnaces Sh.pmen.s of finished steel JU b =,um=.^ajn contr3c t shipments! Shipments of finished steel from I " Me°fT^ U ently retruested by the au- nulls In January represented between: ttonS to ship coke to this or that SO and SO per cent ot the capacity In I" bMWi iut»,^ *u "-- r . _ _ _ . _ i thn o«i Tltr rltivc nf TPal.fim ^, tlm r^n-tn consumer on account of the material being a war necessity and these requests are complied with as far as it is physically possfljle T.his makes a moderate volume of business that is done at the set prices whBe there is considerable amount of business technically done in the various inter- cnanst* that have been arranged, inch coke having to be billed afresh, and ot coarse at th« ·jet prices Thus there 1» really a considerable turn- ever of coke at the set prices techm- ctlly sneaking, while practically there la no coke m the open market The Mt juices continue to rule, as follows Pomace - - - » 6 °° TMH*ry. 72-homr selected . »7 00 Cnuhed over 1-lnch. - f 30 The pig iron market continues ·Ugumt as regards actual sales. There is no Iron available for early delivered and there U. no widespread inquiry' tor »°eh deliveries, as con- ·omers have had their own troubles la operating and are in almost as bad condition as the blast furnaces A Jew ol the steel works would buy prompt Befleesner or basic iron if it wa» to be had There are some negotiations for foundry iron for de- Irrery hi the second half of the year, but there i» not a great deal of iitter- Mt, as the delivery prospects are nn- certMn^nd the price would be merely the government price at Uw time oC shipment, it being required that all contracts carry .a clause to thvs effect The set prices remain as follows: Bwrtc J*o 2 foundry Mn.llea.bln Or»y forse These prices are f the early days of Feljruarj the rate was lower still but ^nth the ery fa\-orable weather of the past eight dajs shipraents are increasing The railroads have merely been frozen up They are not broken down, physically "Last October they c u r r m t Mipplj with tbo loasc harm to the si*uation as a whole The pohcj oC divortiag coa.1 in trail- i sit ha.s heretofore been pursued upon 1 tbe iheorv tnat direrslons should be applied to ' free coal' There is not this time any free coal in the se o* available coal The failure to ^pocifv from what consumer or area ecal should be withheld when it is diverted to meet an emergeno is apt to create new emergencies and is generally unsatisfactory says Administrator Gareld The responsibility for distribution FOR THROAT AND LOUIS A C»Ic£um compound that will bring- relief \a. m«iT nrute and chronic caa«B TTovMes in hAodi**t fcr-rn a. bonic r«m taJnfl no harmful in-Es. Tr them today j 50 cents a box, including war tax T-or Mle br »11 dntrjdi** ! ' - Fhll»iMphift l Zimmerm Advertise in our Want column, one cent a word. MORE LOCOMOTIVES o b furnace, to Pitt*urg in the case o« the V»Bey furnaces being 96 ceniz. Bring reaclts Coet only le a word. moved freight at the rate of about j unrie r the plan liea with the state fuel 427 billton ton-mUee a year against I administrator with-whom district rcp- a movement of 343 billion in the fiscal | re3cn athes must confer before con year 1916, that-itself being a new re-! BignLrg coa i on emergency order Ei- cord In Its time The October rate 1 C er/uon to this 'Tile wi'l he tolerated win be reatored eventuallv and then on ^ lf tDO neet i f or requested relief imp-roved npon , s very u r g eQ i_ \B transportation improves so will iron and steel production and con- snmption, for both have been affected by lack of transportation -facilities i There has been no actual market for weeks past, and a new market will be built up as jlrodncers and consumers of pig iron and steel are enabled to increase their operations While a relatively active market is to be expected m the near future dealings will probably be confined largely to early deliveries In the present order of things with v;ar uncertainties and set prices subject to revision from tame to time, there ia no disposition to trade far ahead Be Tamed Onf "ftith Shops Under GoTcnunpnt Control, Locomotive builders have large contracts for heavj types of locomotives, mainly for domestic roads Since these plants have been put under tbe jurisdiction of the director general of the railroads they will be furnished all the steel required as i promp ly as the steel mills and the i railroads can make deliveries ' The locomotive ^hops are now on I the same pasis as the shipjards and I munition pla ts boing under direct i control of the government, their entire output being subject to the orders of the Director General McAdoo tm- Q^ nrn . n j OOre 1 nrOat r rUdenCe Tonr medicine chelf «not well itocked der these circumstances it Is expeot- witfaont a bottle ot TONSUJNE, for yon ed that tbe shops of th,' large mter- doa t know what moment it may beneeded Usts will be able to torn out full ca* t o -·« *° »T mB M tt of capers and e\tcnsi,ns are being plants to increase output Bpeoal mission. It 13 made for that--ad- Tertued for that--sold for that ontf pnrpoee., TONSUJNE M the National SoroThroat' Bemedj. It 11 sold in every State in. the Union. Toa will seed TONS1L1NE one of tiieso days, or Borne night t whea the drug ttoro JB closed- better have a bottle ready at home when you need it most. Soc. and eOc, Hospital Size, SI 00 Tonr druggist Bella TONSOJNE. 1Tfll Ask Increase in Price. The Central West Virginia Coal Operators asociataoa has appointed a I committee to formulate a uniform I method of making cost sheets upon ; which to base an application for an | increase In the selling price of coal Announcing the Opening of the West Smutz Building, West Crawford Avenue at Sixth Street, WEST SIDE, CONNELLSVILLE. Saturday^ February 16th Wr Jr far We extend f o all a most cordial invitation to attend the opening of our new store next Saturday. We will open with a full and complete stock of Ladies' apparel, Skirts, Dresses, Coats, Suits; Men's and Boys' Furnishings and Shoes, and a complete line of Dry Goods and Notions. We aim to serve the people of the West Side and to be a Neighborhood and Community Store, where each and every member of your family can purchase everything required without going up town. We want to be your friends and neighbors and want you to be our friend and neighbor. Come to our Opening next Saturday and let's get acquainted with each other. Yes, we give Green Trading Stamps, andto encourage buying we will give double stamps on Opening Day. West Smutz Building, West Crawford Avenue at Sixth Street, WEST SIDE, CONNELLSVILLE. PKTET OTOf--0*, He Lacks a Lot of Serve BT C. A. VOIGHT -- fiwo \F HOOVER. -GETS

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