The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 36
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 36

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 36
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F WW ay awayny V 36 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1964 80S MSWCVUd 'f us'f"w " A' MOTORCYCLE B LA: IM1. SSS oe. Asking im 1IHHI altar IPSO HONDA. 1M CC. PERFECT condition, atucklnsnnm HMH1. ttVI.ES AND CO. . Wt SELL AND SERVICE HON di BSA. sad Karley-Dwidson mtttiircycles: also Veaoa N8U Turners SU3 and SOT UI Street I34-a. 901 11611 TOWNSHIP OF NEPEAN .- Ottawa, Ontario tolled Tender elearly marked M a content will be received by the Town Clark at the Town Hall, Township of Napaaa vat II 11 00 noon I DTj Friday. August Hat, 1M4, (nr tha construction at we totiowing worn: Appro. 11.000 Hit. ft curb on vsrloue streets mod Hills. at Park- -. Plana and con tract documents May ba obtained at tha offices of: Butts. Boaa and Aaaoclataa Ltd. 14SSD Marlvala Road, Otuwa S. Ontario. Mono: T9S-1124 ' A deposit of 423 00 which la re- lunaaoie win oa Rqum tov and aneclScatlons' All enquiries re thla contract to ba airectea to ma sngnwara. O. HOBBS. -Town Clark. - THE ROMAN CATHOLIC SEPARATE SCHOOL BOARD, OTTAWA, ONTARIO ftea Led tender arill ho received by tha undersigned until S o'clock p.m.. Sapumber 10. IBM. (or tha construction of 10 Claaaroom achooi. link, library and admin ia- try and admin la-Heron Koad. ot- s iration n ock at tawa. Ontario. General Contractor may obtain Bane and specifications (rom T. V. urray , Architect, lock Marlvala toad, Ottawa a. upon deposit of to na remourseo w n a n documents are returned ta good condition within ona wak follow ing closing data of lenders. ,. Bub-con tractors for a) plumb Inc. heating, ventilation - bl e ectrlcal work must enter copy of their tetider to th undersigned not later than I o'clock p.m.. September 4. lae. . Lowest or any tender not necea- aarLy accepted. - RAYMOND OHOULX. - Administrator, .. 140 Cumberland 1 treat, Ottawa, Ontario. NOTICE OF STOPPINO UP AND S -'XINO THE SOIL AND raaiOLD OF A PART Or . A HIGHWAY NAMELY PAST OF THE FOURTH CONCESSION LINE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF HUNTLEY ; WHEREAS by tha Municipal Aat - the Province o! Ontario power la vested la tha council of every municipality to pass bylaw for aiopplng up any highway a part . af a highway and for teasing or selling the srll and freehold of stopped up highway or part at a . bway. . , V AND WHEREAS a bylaw has been sub a. lei t tha Municipal Council of the Township of Hunt- ' for g osping up part of a highway la the said Township known s tha fourth eoncassloa Una of the Township of Huntley here. I Tartar particularly described and for selling the aotl and freehold) . Vis nt t s Mapped up by pub .' tte tender. . .;." NOW 'Ht f 0I pursuant to Section 4M of the Municipal Act . i Ontario) P. 1 0. IPSO chap 14 notice la hereby given to whom I may concern 'hat after publlre-ttee at least once a week for lour - riseeu'lve week and after In In person or by hla counsel. - vte ee aaacA at aa erelaen la tha afternoon of the lllh day aspiemoer. a. o. lew. at Council Chamber ta the Village " carp. Oats -to any person who claims that hla land will ba pre- --Msr" a eo ov nytaw above and here' at mentioned, and wh ..-rt the said Manlcipe' Co -ncll o th Cvpoia- " nw" f- rr-nuev erp. ,.e . .....e.. ..j ,, thereafter (Inallv pens each bylaw for stopping up and ael'lng the - soil aad freehnld ef tha said part a IV sl fou-I' Caa aeeloo or tha Townh af Huntley described 'n'lows- . -Betnc th 1 aortlna ef the i Conrassjoa af the Tow - , width tvln oponalte La Num. -r t It th fourth Coneea ' , aloa a' th a-H Tawatblo at .tlej a,a-"t,ne Iront tht : Town Linn being 'he boundary , seiwe.. st Toweh'oa ol flu. my and Hua lay la tha Daw-top- t "oad . j . tNf Notlr- hi hereby ' furthe t -n tha 1 tha said Ma tclpal CmirO of the Township af Hant-4 - in n 'son ! ar by his counsel, sattettar or agent say person who elslroa that hla w'l - . it ce'tv affsctcd bv th rH h--'"w ind who apsUes th'e rrth day of July X. 1 - 11 Tf ' tn a' Huntley. . KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) Bert Camnmrrls the Kansas City Ath!etlc rook'e shorU'op, is one of eight children. , His parents, three brothers and four sisters all live In Cub ct 0RC Entry ptUwt Rowint Club's try la th P. D. Ross Regatta Saturday Is expected to ba a strong on. Highlight of the Mvra-raoc maat la tha ataolne nf tha p nN Ross Memorial race for eight oared shells. The QRC heavy eights .crew includes: Ron Ralph, bow, Frank Kenzle, No. 2; Andy Blnda,a 3: Terry Smith. No. 4; BoVeaby. No. 3, Bemle LafonUineXNo. 6; John Seaby, No. 7: ' Richard Seaby, stroke and Paul Lafon-taine, coxswain. . . , A The P. D. Ross race will be staged over course measuring on mile and 50 yards. Tony Biemsckl and John Ewrt are we orc entries in theTingles lacaa. Crews from SL Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal ana uroclcvllle are also expect' ea to compete. The first race Is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sstur-day. The club is situated on Lady Grey Drive below the new Mawutiald-Cartler Bridge, BOSTON (UPD-The Boston Red Sox stole only IS bases In their flrst 101 games this se- on. mey faUed to steal single base from June 28 July 28. ,-. . to 901 TOWNSHIP OP GLOUCESTER Tenders for Road Pavlne an AttSurfacwTreatmaot, . ' 1844 -'.v. CONTRACT A ftaakle and Single Surface Treatment.' CONTRACT B - Paring. : eonunut b?r5Sb?the fr' t 'J o'clock noonTfor 5." mllee Z double surface treatment, miles of single surface b and paving three and th" five III treatment aui k ' ten ilm VS J" .';"l"- tba TowlTii0.V,rou, rZ.-jTT" 'VTt sndsr on either CrrL?.- Contru ttojlf to Spt uT, lowwtor S!i OM WfWlar laa raa4m1n . . t J-IU, rseerv Ir rigM to riS FRED MaXDftVM. .. . Clerti. ! .: A. I. HASTTY. . ' ' City Clerk, -i CITY OF OTTAWA . T.-VMsnry Dtartment Purefuulng Branch ,: DRAPES" ": Si? J" atembera of the Board of ComrAkuuonera of Police Otuwa. OnUriodV. d -render (or the Supply and in- ""'w j urapee," will be re- pjy.jl.DST, AUOUSf Jlh 1M4 imormatton and Forms of n!? Jl h,nc,lr from the is! ht.Co " Ordrnator of TJJ. Corporation does not bind tSSl'J owst or any ;?. . partlcutar M only mfJUnder la received, the City "aerves the right to reject H. City Clerk. ' . i' " NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION ' . BUTLDINGS FOR ' DEMOLITION ONLY -.!.,"to.",, recetvee aatu IS. as assn. rea.. Aag.SS, last, by tha aaderslgned """ fellewlag I. S-rr-T. ST Bolster Street , wngm storey frame and masonry warenouea and office S-IT-I.' ST Boteler Street, s- torey relnroreed aoncrata and nngie atorey rmma maaonry grain mm and S. S-rr-a. U Botelar Street. 4. ad enadrUena at tendering and securing of Permits ior mspecuon 01 property may na obtained from the National Capital Commissars,, Rental Office. SSI Carting Avenue, Ottawa. Tenders will be opened la publle In tha Board Room at tha National Capi tal tarnim union as pjn. on She day of c losing. The Com- nuaswa rassrvsa tha right to reject any or ail tenners. D. t MeDORALD, . Director of Planning) and Property. K3TICE TO C7NTRAGTC1.S ftsslf ta Em S. BBUAND, AOTHORtT'"'' - ' T"'rf fcm"". adirrmsid ta tha undersigned hi envelopes LT.. -Lr" Lewrencs Seaway Authority which are marked rTENDER FOR CONTRACT Na 41" which are with reapeet to TH1 DEnwOUTtON OP TUB SCPSRSTRDCTTJRB OP BR1DOS NO. S WBLLAND CANAL IT? i".",..', "" twra Seaway Author. !?T' 11'?'-'" Cooper Street, Ottawa 4. untU s ee p m. " il1 Wadnosday, September S. 1M4. . nt2'r-!rrt'if,1,nro J r. tahour Conditions and iTT?- ILP! :.? btahs by application to the office eg IM Chief Englnsn. SSSO Perrter Street. 7th floor. Montreal p Q. rJc Drrector. Welland Canal, goo St. Paul Street, feintflVSi. n"ri' Hjrment ef one hundred dollars documents in good order within thirty days of tha data (teed above for the return of tenders. If not returned within tha aboveperlod tha deposit will ba torMtedT W af sZTi!!?-?!."" ot. thsn ten per osrrt (10) Zrm?jT?mJ!.hm '"T" aaooroanea with She ETS.? JSr" In lieu of e Tender Deposit, a ,n the mount o, Tend. eondltioruU upon aLL?? T",r,rt rm exhibited win. th. n- tlIt!?, J furnishing security aocep labia ta tha Au thority, shall ha provided. . .'". "utaoritf aoss not bins ST. LAWRENCI SBAWAT Otl'wa, August It, 1M4. . . Estate Auction Ambaitador Hallg 331 Richmond Rd. Tksn; hz. 2m, S:art!2 1 10 a.a This promipfs to Iw one of, our finest eNtae 8alcs In many years Sec next week's paper for further particulars. 232-23C4. KE-.- ..As,,A.A,l A if. wn, av J 4 . t ... , "V, A-4I.,A,.A A A tAA Anniversaries of Service to the public of OTTAWA TOOTBAIA CLUB LTD prtvtd8 Ottawa tana with flnctt Canaoiaa prof cut onal fool'iaU. OESJARUINS PHARMACY, OT- tawa'a oldest pharnuicy,' S0S Dai' housla SI. SJ5-H71.. T. WELCH AND SON. service sinos last). T4S-10SS. R30F1NU sua Cyr. THE OTTAWA .' J 1885 " - "Ottawa' Most , Quoted Ntrntpatir" Ottawa's Waru Ad T Phone Number 236-7511 A. H. JARVIS. "THI BOOK-' S3S Laurter Waal. SS- store, site. W. J. C tBSON LTD. OIL PAINTS til Laurter Arenac w, SIS-lllt tfnallly and Serstca Asanisd DISTINCTIVE . DECORATORS. palnttnd and decoratins, wall paper trastly reduced. Estlmatea invited. OTTAWA LITTLE THEATRE INC, too Kins Edward Ave. SU-SS4S. OEOROE BQURNE RECD, tSI Rideau. S3S-S40T. Sporttas oquis-ment eentro. . VICTOR COMPTOMSTRR SCHOOL ESTABLISHED SINCE ISM AT 137 Laurler Ave. W MS-7W ' IIYSHS AND CO. SPORTS HEADQUARTERS SINCE IIUS, SIS Banh St. SU-lt64. P EDER A L TYPEWRITER CO Ltd. Paclt Business Macntnes, 134 Queen. IU-I734. ALEXANDRA HOTEL . ESTABLISHED ltOt SSS . BANK St. Iia-J741. Dinners, psrUes. banquets. . ' -lc ' . DIAMOND WINDOW CLEANING Co. ss consecutive years of ra- LOWS-MARTIN CO. LTD. PRINTERS IN OTTAWA SINCE 1S0S. 1TI-I7S Nepeen, U7-03M. OTTAWA PUBLIC LIBRARY. astaoiianaa isoa. rtine nrsncnss to isis i yott. OTTAWA HYDRO ELECTRIC commission, established teas. Heed office, Albion and Kitch ener, 7a-sus. aa a par as. PULLER BRUSH CO. LTD. SERV huj you since inue. iu-sui. STANDARD BREAD , Oeldea Anniversary se Tears af Service RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR rflTH bettor brsad and baaery pred- ece. . CHATS All LAtiairR SERVINO CANADA SINCE ISIS iroaa ssajor null rara. sas-aall OTTAWA PDATHER AND MAT- trees co, (spendable since ISIS. SSS-ISIS. . - MIDDLEMAN'S IN OTTAWA 'nee isis. Two atores aa Spat as sum. BATHROOM REMODKIJ.INU SHE- vtanstn Williams Plumblna and neeiina ids Menvile Roed. ALTMAN INSURANCR AOC -WHERE YOU GET SERVICE piue.- ize itldea u Street. U 19B4. 1 , ' ' ' V' Business Honor liott no IPs . . no bufs ; no auybt's , You must be satisfied or your money is refunded and your dry cleaning redone at no cost. i SPW and : SPAN 28 STORES TO SERVE YOU HEATH HARDWARE LTD. ESTABLISHED ISIS. PORMEKLY A. L. Heath. SSS Rlrhmond Road, TSS-M30. WALRSR bAKtaiKS LTD. ' SSI ayetya SI. ' S1S-S4JI - NEWEST ALL ROUND BREAD IN town. Pits tKa (ooda you arrve. . W-Brc.L-td ' " 1919 - 196 ' ' -. "Orvty To The Sxtent That Wt Serve Do W f ' Dettrv , .'. , Lsadlnf ta rashloa for . Over 45 Years , 131 Bsnk Street f ill Jewellers of IntegrU) ' UGIin TalMBH . PRFYLKTATiYE lt-e. Isr af antra '. mild silver pellsb stiver pellsb a, aen. f er and tarnish ') MtaUve 1st t ,v las, stiver-' alas , ar Cetdl ' 93 cleaner and 1 preventative ateriiaa, cnju e-p-a. Watch laipsrters One Location Only 10S Baak SL H Ur1 D. KEK.P EDWARDS UMITED 15 MTSWATII iVUI'Jl : 73aV4SI OITAWA ; Lumber and Building . Sutpliei Since 1923 C. A. PARADIB CO. LTD. CSTAB- llshed-ISSl. SSW. RWeea. SSS- WELCH AND JOHNSTON, LTD. eeubllshed ISIS, Ottawa. Brock, rule, Cornwall, Pambroao. HuU a d. rarpp and son. injur- ance. Real Estate, sal Bank. Batabllebed 4S yeera. Known for Its personal aad friendly service CAPS HENRY BVROESj . EST A RLISH ED SINCE 111. SS Laurler. HuU, Quebec. TT?-eS4. PRISBY THE VULCAN1ZER UhV rted. Oordyaar tires. SSS Spirkt 35 to 39 teara ROBERT ELECTRIC. ISS RIDEAU. Crystal Si turns a specie Ity. SU- MEDICAL ARTS DISPENSARY BstablUhad ISIS, tss Metes Us treat, SJS-4SS1. TRUDEL HA RDW ARB IStS. TH store ef personal service. ISS ideaa. , . , cloutirr-s OIPT shuppsi es- tahll.hrd ISIS. ISil WeilinStaa T ttS!- s .' . , . a ' aWllnfa " ' aaMmamSmaSWaShJ JjO to 44 Years C. 40 to 4 Years aseaSsP - A.A . . A A-A. A, - Ottawa and Shi It THE ALEXANDER FXJtCK LTD. custom-built equipment -lor uv utry. pulp, paper. i OHAWA'S OLDEST HARDWARE STORE ESTABLISHED 1S44 Tree City Wide rMlrvery BUILDERS SALES , limited ' Ste City Centre 880 WELLINGTON miden and Home Hard ware Pm Olaat Patau TeU 233-5617 - UNIVERSITY op Established IMS. Avenue. Sis-gist. OTTAWA TS Launer OrST HUNS OP THE CROSS I Bruysre Street, Ottawa laaadeS ta Bytawa, ISM MOTHER ELIZABETH BRUYERS. first Superior, and thraa Slaters, faithful followers of Biassed Mother d'YeenrlUe. 10Stol09yeari OHAWA'S 110TH ANNIVERSARY J Canada's Capita! OUR 109TH YEAR SERVING THE CAPITAL CITY, : Good Citizenship ' Good Service ... . t ttatva JAMES RICHARDSON AND SON. serving Canadians since isa I 1SS Welllndtoa St. S17-034S. SINCE 1861 Hanot, Organ, Fins furni-tsrs, TV, Range, Rejrigtra-tor. Shut afiuic. ITS 8nvks SC m421l HEATING OTTAWA HOMES FOR OVER 96 WINTERS . JOHN HENEY & SON LTD. 605 INDUSTRIAL AVE. ' DIAL' 733-5700 BFARDStXY 'S, CANADA'S OLD- sst Shoe Store. SS Rldeaa Street MOBTIMSR LTD. ESTABLISHED OTTAWA since isas. SS Beech treat. su-Tser. WATKINS PRODUCTS, THE BEST a spices, vanilla, vitamins. SSS- BEECHWOOD CEMETERY AND Crematorium. T 44-0201 or I ISIS. Ottawa. . WILLIS AND CO, LTD. IUI wetururton. TBS-lSsa. TBER1SN SCO CLEANERS LTD. ESTABLISHED 1STS. RUO AND furniture aleanin. ISM Michael. rea-Tiaa. ... ,w, , . Grow McDonald's Tested -; Seeds Plants Bulbs C, lljlycOT 3 IDEST STORE KAYO'S STEAK BAR. SERVING Ottawa's business mea ISIS SS O'Connor. n Hulse & Playfair- : Limited ' PUNERAL DIRCCTORS r' Central Chapel 315 McLEOD ST. 233-1143 , t Witt Chapel 1098 BYRON AVE. 728-1761 : Dotpti through the tear . : fiulrtt and flayair have tetved faithfully ; , generation of Ottawa and ..District families - ESTABLISHED ISSS .' r- P. J, COUHlNkY AND CO. LTD -ePurolture ISSS. TS Bank. EASTVIKW PHARMACY SERVINO Ottawa and Eastvlew since lull Tta-ists. .. i-. , w.; PICCADILLY Tltlll'AURANT 1SS1. Wlnnifrad Her. prop. GUmour. S3S-SM1. MOLOT'S PHARMACY LTD established ISIS.. brantmaa to eerve you. RIG A. CO. LTD. 1SS0. KLEC- Uonle Pata. so Hamilton. 1S-SS1S. ' .. V. i O. a LARIVIERS LTD. 'HOUSE OP BEAUTIFUL FUKN1-ture. 211 Rideau. SS4-143S. PaPSI-COLA CANADA . LTD. I9S4. SSO Coventry Rd. T4S-TITI bllTTON-PKBHY LIMITED INSURANCE ADJUSTERS IPSO Orowlnp with Ottawa. SS Mel-ealfa. Sld-STSI. r-IFPbar:. G rowinf with Ottawa tinea 1934 - Now 3 Stores ; to Serve You.- ( 7 SPARKS ST. 1 CARLINGW00D BILLINGS BRIDGE RALPH TIRE SHOP LTD.. ESTAB-llahcd IJ1 IMS Carling 711- PERCY CARRIERS, SINCE ISIS OTTAWA'S AUTOMOBILE. SEEP needs with, honesty, tutefrlly. 44 Montreal Road PATRICK BROS. LOCKSMITHS ESTABLISHED IBM. S7S tJUKEN ooreei. 111 jsii. PAUL H. BLAItINURANC ESTABLISHED ISM, ALL FORMS aenerai snsursnce. 134-71M. US Kent. JAN DOLA BSATUTV SALON 111 Bank at Third 114-1144 SERVING OTTAWA AND AREA since .ins. rerms, courtns 1 specialty. - J, D. AMBROI4S MONUMENTS LTD. ESTABLISHED 13S. 171 MONT- real Road, 744-e00. i. Joenlsae, DONALD PIEI.DINO AND CO 1 MUSIC ESTABLISHED MAY. ISSS. LEO Pare, manacer. Inetalllns soft "wiuate for reetauranta. SSS Bank, sai-seae. JOYNrS DRUG STORE ESTABLISHED IN JULY, IRIS ISS4 Welllnetoa Street, TSSSS4S CAMERA HOUSE LTD, ESTABLISHED Since taia r eras Dims, etc. SO? hoarse Beat Bens JM-Hft; 1 ' sS0ro$-WRIGAT0(!$-- TV-vMICWilSIKS-STEREO CU.V..ING BLRCTBICAL SALES LTD. , SIS Bank street -- ' 111-1 1 tl INTERLUX PAINTS 3 Stores to Serve Yon .. . . . Bank at Albert . CSl-llst 41 -B Clarence street, CEl-StSS I42S CarUas A vs. : PA 1441 1 OTTAWA TELEVISION SERVICE, established red la ISSS, telavtaloa wte. saa oumour, RALPH S USED PURMT'JRE. BtubKshed 10JT. TT Clarenos uireet ajs-ersr. . - WSBDMARK MOTORS. , "f Cbevreieta-OI4aaee1le . . SiS-sais at Carp 44 isnliuyiHo iv ruwne Oldsmobile. Corvsir, Envoy sad wievroam trueaa sinee 1S37. STAUFf ER REDUCING SALON for free demonstration. 141 mi, i.ts-aioa ,, A i r.. ja.IA.a-A-A A-S..S STYLE SHOPPS PURRIERS LTD. ESTABLISHED 1S4I. U. PILON. President. SOS Montreal Road. Tta-ttun. , ., ,. r PLEIIRISTB CECILS PAtfUSTTS ESTABLISHED IMS. FLOWERS, weddlnas. funerals. SS4 Rideau Street. S3S-14M. ' ' LEG ERR -Ensineerlaf SuppUaa -Ltd. , INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND equipment, machine tools. Eatab. --usned l4l. IS Bay water. ,. olsbS TAILORSAND ruRRissi THE PIN EST IN LADIES'. men's custom . tallorlin, furs. - ua-tsss.. MARYLIN SPORTSWEAR ESTABLISHED IN OTTAWA IN 140. 13S Bank Street, SU-101S. - BSECHWOOD STSSL SUPPLY ESTABLISHED 1B4S. 100 Mc- Artnur. castvtew, T4S-47SI. aiovsi "orPETS ESTABLISHED IMS. OROOMING and poodle atyttns. 171 SU-I31S. CARR'S MARM S SALES LTD. Aulburued Mercury ulliuard anater aeus curneia. sjo-Jlsi Myers Motors ' ' Otuws's Oldest ) Chevrolet Oldsraobils tadillsc Desler ESTABLISHED 1S4S ' tUiM st CATHERINE EASTERN GLASS CO. ESTABLISHED SINCE IMT. SM Dupuat Street, . Eastvlew. Tea- VENETIAN BLINDS : Sale and Service . . . 'call - J FRED SINCLAIR SALES , 234-3039 . .73 LEONARD AVE. ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE ' , STUDIO 91 YEARS OP DANCE INKTRUC- tlna Slit Bank, IS years la Ottawa 134-1174. D. . HS.NES LTD. THE PINEST furniture renovauona.' 131 V Catherine.. STITTHViLLE KENNELS. ESTAB- llahrd tn Otlswa 1S30. Hit WaK luiftoa 113-4414. LO-MOtt PRINTERS ' ' ESTABLISHS.D IN IMS. 44 GLOU- eester street. 13S-3AUS PHASER'S MEN'S WEAR AT ISS Bank Street since ipsa. - C.HI B BI.INDCRAFT SHOP uimm nireet. a.j-ea. . . . RIOPELLE . . FABRIC CENTRES The finest In dress fabrics, drapery fabrics, custom-made drapes snd slipcovers tor 13 years. . .v. v. i . NOW s atores to serve yoa. 137 Bank Street and . Westgate Shopping Centre - FABRIC CENTRS LTD. 138 Bank ' 236-9738' ! and Westgste) HOBBS' BODY SHOP ALL WORK Suaranteed S00 . Caurchlll Ave nue, Ta-3a7. SAD LIPP A NAME SYNONY- . mous with Real Estate. Radcllff nrausss V. -Realtor," EM- MORTON BASLAW ..'AND COMPANY LIMITED ' 111 Boyd Ave. Its-Mil a Adveftistns e Art a Pmntntlnn a Puhita n-i-ti- Adverttslns and art created tot nvwaeMpvtu. seievsnon, radla. uuinoarua ana au etner 1 CLARKE AND WHYTB HEARING Aids. SS Sparks Street. Call 111-1T14. HY RADIATOR rmaaftrv SMabilshsd 1M7. SSS WeUInf ton. ls-oa.ta ANTON'S PASTRIES AND DEU-nteeeen, CsrfTnwooS Saopplns NATIONAL BRARR AND CLUTCH ISSS Samerset St, W. . 111-4111 NOTE THE NAME NATfYlMAr. a Ottawa branches, 1 Hua branch. alSITH'S AtTO SALPS LTD, Bink SireaL Cs.l 131-0IH4 Sss -4-.A-i ... ., " tab ah, 4k. m -aw - a PRESTON AND LlErP OLASS tul Established 1SMI. S7T, Carl-Ins A'"". JH-llaV - , , MINUTE CAR WASH .... SBRVICBNTBB ' tSS Cathertae St, SM-tltS Snst Opposite Barrett ' Brethera GET YUUR MINI-MONEY CASf bonuses at our BP Gaa Bar ADVANCED .: PREFABS LTD. ' 811 Boyd Ave.' at Carting Ottawa 13 , ' 722-o563 - Quyity Colonial nomas, aat. . tais and fersfee throushout tha Ottawa Valley since ISM. f. H. ABRAHAMS CO. LTD (ANN - tallon supplies. Established 1SJS. Sit Clyde. 724-1100 JONES PHOTO ENGRAVERS LTD. established In ISM. SIS Murray Street., S34-407S. LKLAND LOVE MOTORS LTD. Aaihorhwd Slndebaker Dealer SU aad 1141 Rtckmead Read ESTABLISHED USO TOP 4)UAL Ity oars, specializing la con-vertlmrs. 129-4131. NOEL KCRR LTD. ESTABLISHED IMS, 40 E'lla Street. IU-4437 CARUSO MOTORS LTD. " ; S4S Carllei Avaasje (... . -llt-tlM - -ITASMSHED ISSS. EXCLUSIVE dealer for Canadlaa Volvo la Ottawa.;- y . ARCHIE MCDONALD'S Top Quality Astern, tiles . IS Years at 1 Laurler Ave, W. WIDE SELECTION AT REASON-able prirea. Plrartctns arransad. 131-4721 OTTAWA LOIS AND SAW "' SERVICE ESTABLISHED 130. 1 DONALD KS-I.iSS, Samoa , otuwa and area PIANOS if SON, UMITtO 3S Bank St. (at Cooper) UBt.ZUTTO BttOaV LTD. ESTABLISHED IS3C PRE -CAST. Home Improvementa. 10SS Bel-. fast, sa-isss. . DRVINS'S '. ESTABLISHED 1S3S. TRANS VT.R andatoraaa, SO Armsuons. 724- TOMMY AND. LEFEBVRE, SSS Bank Street. . 124-4711. Iruf Equipment." TRAVEL CENTRE LTD. ISST 134 Slater Simpsons - Sears, as-sari. j - JOHN D. PATTERSON AND . . ASSOC'S. ESTABLISHED ISSS, - CONSULT tni entineera,. 147S Lapernere, 7l-33uo. . JIMMY'S BEAUTY SALON ESTABLISHED ISSS. YOUR STYLE is our auty. sua carling, TSS DERVIN'S MSN'S SHOP ESTABLISH SO ISST. QUALITY merchandise, personal service. ISS Bank. SIS-3S1T. LORD ELGIN BEAUTY SALON ESTABLISHED IN OTTAWA Hi 13S. 100 Ellin, 133-1331, SjUEENSWAY AMBULANCE SERVICR ESTABLISHED ISSS OTTAWA. SS tiiuvw. sv-vBoa. ae-nour service ,. v EIO SAO SEWING MACHINE CORP. SERV1CINO ANY MAKE SEWING ' mscninea ut utlawa area. TSS Bsnk SSRVITE MINOR SEMINARY ESTABLISHED 1454. 4 XT BOOTH, jo-uiuu. ftcvarend rather John M Provost ea rn.. Rector. : BELMONT , RESTAURANT. years the asms Iocs lion. SMIa Suaiks Street. ADAMS . FURNITURE f -,. V ' v . . . ' -. . ' 3rd ANNIVERSARY ' IN OTTAWA ' " .. 142 BANK ST. ! Free Psrklng Back of Store CHOCTAW-CONST, S1S-111S PAV1NO. DRIVEWAYS, ENOI- aeered and custom built to your lndlvldual deslin. . . DOMINION 'AUTOMOBILES LTD. IN BUSINESS SINCE 1M1. 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