The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
Page 4
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PAGET-POUH: 5 THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 191S. 9H.jr la% HEKRT P. d Editor, i«79-lSl*. K. St SNTDKR, President. JAS. J. DRISCOLI* f Trc*»«rer, Business 3f*a«irer. JOHN L. CANS, Managing Uditor. "WALTER S. STIMMXI* City Editor. , ailSS LT.VNE B. KISCELL, .Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Pre-a, Audit Bureau of Circulation. Peniurjrl-maja. Associated. Dfcilie*. Two cents per copy, 5Oc par Tnonth; S per year iy mall If paid in advance. Entered as facond eli*a matter »t the JJil) IS At Mi. la celebration of the peace with the Ulcraiire the burgomaster of Hamburg sent William a laudatory address. In reply th* Kaiser declared that Germany wan. s peace, but before tbis can. be at aJned her enemies must "cecognuje tiat Germany has been victorious. He lamcntrd tbe burdens, anxieties,, mournings, griefs and tribulations the people .have bad to bear, not the least oE which he himself has borne, because "in him were combined the cares and sriefs for tbc entire people in their sorrows." "The Lord," he saad, "pointed out to us by a hard school the path by Vbich we should go. Tlie Trortd, how- erer, at tbe same time has not been on the 'right path." J-MDAT ETENISC, FEB. li, 1918. jmfcttr- »f The ~ Th« Associated Pr«s» IS *«· jelusivcly entitled to the uue for irepabllcation of jUI news diH- patches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this pajwr iind also the local n«ws published herein. GJCfS GREATER THAX THE 10SS. If it were possible to ascertain the amount of loss In wages, business and other ways sustained during the enforcement of tbe Monday closing order," and also the sa^ ing in coal during-the same- period, there would no doubt be a very wioV discrepancy in" the" totals, the loss o/erbalancing tbe savipcc by a very large sum. "\VSulc this is one way of measuring the.".effects of the restrictions that iverg placed upon, industry and business, it should not bf only method of deternxming tbe results. If tbe temporary* slowing down of industry contributed to the clearing up of the traf- iic situation to the extent tiat a supply of coal was delivered at seaboard to speed vessels across tbe Atlantic Accustomed as he is IQ b 1 ay ph onions perversions oC divine direction and guidance it is not strange that he differs so widely 'from the prophet Isaiah concerning the paths Liic sub- jjects of some rulers are obliged to go. j In his strong denunciation of opprcss- jive rulers the prophet said: [ "O my people, they wfiich lead thee ! cause thee to err, and destroy the way jof thy patW " ) This places the responsibility for | pointing out to The Germans the path I they should go upon different shoul- ! tiers than "Wilhelai nonchalantly places it, but he, of course, will deny the right or authority of Isaiah to speak of such things. Having com* to the rescue of the waterless West Slders. by reptorhipr tho town puinj to a c t i v U j .Mayor Diiffcran ha* placed h i m s e l f squarely on record as a practical p r o h i b i t i o n i s t . cncy b r o u g h t workers of That the S I 9 t h I n f a n t r y , National | A r m . at Camp L.PO. U the best drilled ] regiment a m o n p U n c l e Hum's tronp=s, it j u w t t h o natura.1 r e s u l t of having «* many coke region boj s In its m e m b e r ship. with food for the hungry., of ·3Europe and ammunition for the Allies that would not otherwise have gone forward until now or later, thc ] wi^niit ih cost of the loss will be insignificant ] ( '^ It the i'*ayctte County Gas company ever hits occasion tn water Us Ptock. it w i l l be unpardonable i n ^ r f c t i t u d e on the par,L of the Connells\ Hie company if it docs not Kenerous to the rescue. Water jme The propnets who are f i s u r m j ? on the end c.f thc \\-AC i n i R h t lo well to ;iluulail«ins to the ICalBer before a n n o u i . c l n j y the t *· in proportion to" the sain. This thing i has been accomplishe-i, not as quickly ] Tn or as completely as was hoped, be- addre UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE SPIKED HELMET , - cause an unprecedented winter inter- 1 declar « t h ; t t vened and made tt «,,,» dimcult than |^ ^"JK'fcn. e\c, to even, partially restore traas- j it to overturning President "Wilson's last war Vienna ncwe-paper.- npiria yvtii wer ium ,-tortation to normal. * Had no stop order been issued to industry, and the mills aud factorie. lerns and Hapsburps a t erne 'ame t i m e the Hohenrol- can e u-c the country of tbe country had contm-ued tnear i, OP preaniz production at an umtiminished rate, I a n o t h e r L i r - L O ' n day l o y a l t y d* lh...conp*.«m oj, the railroad*' In · £TM ^^.^"^ connection with tbe embargoes of | ,,,,,,,, thc slriltl . s t h a l a winter, would have l»ecome so great o n l n 8em( that'uioaihs instead of weeks of fair "^ °- little mure slf«m" where tlier weather would have been required to ; ! f c *«« nt " ed th:it J t ** *Pinicd. bring anything like orderly movement | ou»t- of the chaos tliat would have j . reigned. The Closing order can there- , tore, be credited *ith having made it I pos^bie for both industry and busi- i ness to go back to iLe regular week- 1 ly scheduled within ten days after j tha .breakup of winter. Otherwise Trotrky c e r t a i n l y has W i l h e l m s k y N'o; long ago. in the Vienna Parliament, Dr. Otokar R.aar. a Slovene deputy, protesting against the py=- ternatic extermination, of thf Serbian 1 population, stiid: i "Go to the Calkanjj and you bhall ' see how the former flourishing towns, and villages arc now but smoldering : ruins. Not military necessity, but the i deliberate will of the has at devaeted our lauds in such mannc-r as ' --· .: · N r.,,' _' .'.V' N 7." ha£ not been witnessed lu Europe , THI-STATK .'A".N*L since Kossovo. Our unhuppy people Owe Cem » Word. No advertisements for Ijeoa Than IS Cents. Classi/k'd c o l u m n a clone at "noon. Advertisement*! of wtintB, tml**, etc., received aJter that h o u r will not uproar u n t i l tno day follow laic PRETTY \VAJ* TED -- YOLK ·ushiesM P-KNUINK S l i A I t U B K I N G i t f WANTKD--VI UNCI: WO s HKST A I ' K A N T . UILS AT I f e f a - t M are about all in. The announcement of the early arrival of new Spring goods ten days ago by the Union. Supply Company is followed now by the announcement that our stocks are complete. Of course there will be new goods coming in daily during the entire season but the bulk of the general stocks are now on sale. It would be hard to describe in detail the extensive stocks in the numerous departments, can not do il. A better ·way would be for you to visit our stores and see for yourself. You will find displays of the latest creation of all the stocks; show cases, show -windows, all other means of modern equipment to display, obliging clerks to show you and give you all the information they can. Whether you want to buy or not you are welcome to our stores, and bear in mind if you only come for inspection you will "be given as much attention and equally as welcome as t h e party who comes to buy goods. J u addition to the new styles for women, misses, and children, and the general stocks of dry goods, notions, clothing, etc., want to call your attention to the complete stocks in, our furniure deparment. You can save money on furniture: the best way to prove that is to try us. Go to the Installment house and get the price, then try a Union Supply Company store. We have large stocks aud big varieties of furniture on hand, yet if you can not find what you want in our stocks, can show you in our catalogues additional styles and give you prompt service. Respectfully solicit your business. has been scattered to the winds; from whole districts the military authori- "~ · -- j ties have carried. ofT women and old That Scottciaic young lady v.ho m i - j men and cnilnren just ns did tnc Aa, masked thc -lady" bomb plotter- i - » | Syrians aud Babylonians the con-. " j q u e r r d people of ancient times. From i the -vicinity of NLsh alone tbe enemy "Joe" v-.u, the water ucirapany'-j good j have caned away 'iO.QQ'J p«rrious to the stoppage inigh-t have been of | Anele.^ just a» he ha« oft~n bc«n for i the deserts of Asia .Minor. H .s a w a r WAT1-,1'--COOK A N E ) ald AILMST/iONi; fi JU^ tOdec-LM for staff. on the secret ser- '-- M A i D Kuli rK . ru w.i.«hin[- I 1 MKii U. L KATu.N W A N T E D -- Y A i t r » V.trd Mastc- mach longer duration and much more disastrous in its res-ults and of infinitely greater total loss. There was much ill-considered protest, against tbe closing order,^ ib there against any regulation that j calls for changes in the order of things j as we have, become accustomed to them. The objections, when subjected to analysis, were found to rest upon .selfish, reasons, the objectors bavins failed to take into consideration tbe broader purpose of s-ifeguarding the nation's welfare. 'Tliere is now a better undcrstand- ins of. these things; a widening of vision; a clearer conception of our duties and obligations; a greater mmuntt;. in other emer- iogness to join in "work to win the war; a firmer determination that ·we shall win. TVith inese additions to the jains made by the closing order, who is there to say that it has not paid, even if tbe cost has been greater than: the saying? THE It is not surprising that men arc reporting in large numbers to enroll as workers in the shipyards. In the first place, mea of Fayette couuty have al- "w»TS been ready to volunteer for service .of every kind tht nation may re- Unite of its citizens. Again,,there arc many mechanics who were denied the privilege of enlisting m the military Berrice, or selection under the draft, ·who fc*ve been anxicms to become identified ia^some way witb tbe great Strugs)* i 11 which our country is en- £aged. Volunteering for work in thf^ shipyards affords them an opportunity, not mch a» they,would have prefer- of eitermimiUun oC thy Jugoslavs. w The aHies speak about a restoration | v, of Serbia, and thc unification of the ~ Serbian race. Serbia tliey may save.! h but not tbe Serbs and Jugoslavs, for there ^ill not be one there at all to - rejoK e in Iho blesssing of peace." ' m Now, in the Hungarian Parliament , c, in Budapest similar protest lia? been rained by ihn Socialist depuiy Mr. \ A.N'THP --\ f k . *jr fvr \VA.\*TKI'--V' ititl 13 p«. v r i ' f ; Rt"i ( ' J1 i S J - X O N U iirtvi i I j f . I l l l t * ) -- T i » I ' M TV I Zoltan Vermes, who, lo the .,, barbarity oC the onemy and ihrir · l d ' crimps against the unfortur.uto p'rpu- faci a trr dj.rknes^,. culd ai ni»-. Tli.iy break ofT .ill t\ ti»», th-'j frjy, perh^ip^s, f l i ' - i r I -) ea. to suffer u n d « r Yoretim s you and me. They ] ej .ve the safe and " at '" Ji Ul -«»»·«. ^'»- j Peaceful j-rind; tht? so. th^ir country's I ".Ls commandant of a detachment,' . . , . i « ' - u J c ' 1 1 | C t n c i r w '·epinB' my duties called me to the m i n i n g ' u!o S old! tU'/.iTor 01 lamc. to°'climb ?hej" v " 11Ia « e of ^faidanpck, ir. occupied' "·arilke Prussian frame, and .«r. «ur i Serbia, from which iiei^hliorhood is j in boys mu*!t play thc . for you and . I see t h e m jjo. in pairs, in fiver; J obtained the p rites necchary for th manufacture of m u n i t i o n s Thr hop*- each one of i h e m larvlvi-s; b u t - i f , , , they die they pive t h ^ f r lives for you f ar cby needs some 120,000 \fon- i-, of rn -- TI \M.STOJl FUK I J M r 1 M u s t \tf jmber :ind r e l i a b h 1 i h - r i n f o r i T i a t i o n i n q u i r e » 1 - i;. McOA'KIO A CO i J i w v o n «: j - l n n c r bonk p u b l N h f d · ' M i n *L N'Litsholl ' by . I A M K 3 TVARD- ' . y cottdn.Ie, PA r'ricc $2.2u i and ne Tliat we may count in peace l pyrites, of which" quantity tbis mine our hoard, the packages in bank vaults' a]OQC produces 40,000 tons; its regn- ! stored, our fiit* ouii!? men take up t h e ' , , . ., , , ' . iword. for you and TTP That foreign lar ^'^^as. therefore, 1s nf capital tyrants may be foi!ed t h a t our bright * liuportance to tlie Monarchy. Thf-rR inaTche^nie.!! "la^ 11 *" 15 ' throu " h W P a r y i arc vrorking in the- m i n o 1.080 labor-I .inythinff--c\ cry. "Our country's honor stacU.i up! P c rsoiis from the Serbian cmltan pop- [ Iijffh." the uoys ^0 forth to fiffht a.nd ulation. But the mine is adjacent to for you and me For you and me! i tip Bulgarian administrative territory. TV AX ~ HI'-- A-NV K I N D OF rRl.'JT- j inv., w h e t h e r H i« a r a i t i n g card, ?alf j b i l l nr Lh^ l i n i f t enRraved u e d d i n j ? ' I n v i t a t i o n or itinoar c c - n ^ n t We print I e r y t h l n F -- tin it ji-onv'tly i .r-\ll t n - man n t T H E I Both f.fion^:; 2 7 - t f J Arc small t h a t we thc conntrr'R ca!I t o h V p the boys-wlio' w ' l l c r c lhti enem - v P^rsuet, w i t h t h e 1 fiRht and fall for ynu and me 1 * Oh. j crueleftt seventy bands of insurgent let ns buy nine bonds nnd show ju»£, Scuba, whose relatives t h u «sy»- ·wiiat we t h i n k » b o u t the l soldier boyi who KO, for you and me. JnnsS F@fe A. Gncat. TH: PKICK. e*d hetird t h a t he uould :cacii th-; l _ , . . ,. * j ·- ^ ft wuld w o r k nn*t never stop, red. perhaps bot the jiearost approach! And he COUM be a rich man, too, to it. J Anfl anythtiiK he -wished to do Some nriamppreheof-ion «ppm*. t n ! H e Cou 3 d ac-contpHsh. if i ie *d spend t o | H e could ac-conLpliah, if he'd sp .. .... - f i M s IIC« to reach a. certain end. orer the conditions umlernrc had been told that h* -n,,ui whiCi men are enrolled for tins serviced ThejLarQ~not required to report for luty now, but roe-rely to enroll so en there is need of thorn the gain Whatever s«U he would iUt:Un By Jccepfnfr ^t it, ni^t and dav And t h a t ^urceas mn^t c o m e h i w way. And he ft his, h e a r on so temaiicaliy put to death; ULUK at , Maidanpelc ejcecutiouj, ,ir« ord"i . of thf day. Nobody trouhlob la hur · the dead of those who thus mee' their ii i fate; one after another whoU \l\I! 'Jagea are cleared of Lho friend, and , relatives of thew; unhappy ponpio; the i Bulgar.ans round up the- people a n d ' send them off, some to tho Dobrudja, , other-? to Asia. Jfinor, I n :hi i wny farms are left mastcrlct.s and cattle to stray over the country und evoa ( the richest villages fall :aio a slate of uttc.- wretchedness, so that the workmen in thc mino aru unable vrith ! any certainty to procure pvon th^ ' barest necessaries of life Roprcbcn- i tations had been made w i t L o u t robiilt to tho Bulgarian governnjpiu. n ap- For Reuc. FOR 11MNT--rHONT O f F I ^ K S ON ·ticond noor of Dunn Hva-is build- ng. .ntpnre of H.VRTLV 33L-VN" S J . t n - t f d ·3 Laree Department Stores, ,, ^ Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJIegheny Counties. Overshoes in ever} size and ?tyle to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes. Gum Boots, Kelt Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. FOR u n d e r thi nm1 en cap For V.L.K ~ ADVEItTJSEMEN"i l S head. They arts uftectii e KUIi. moncl SALi:-- SAXTON run S'J'J mlk-.n 31 SIX. 1 3 1 8 . . .SWUT stylish throe-piece suit is of nary mcot perge and crepe dc chine, i" decniated with a unique Rinbroidery : design. ' Doctor said, had I'OJi S A I . B -- rOUD TOCRr.VO h.umric^ inock nbsrtrb*-rb" V.i t 5^^"i t a k e - i t K A L P H J I Y . V T T , '' , M o t o r C o m p a n y i n f t ^ b l f t i ' * roi: SAM-:~SKM-JX itoow JIOU^K , · mo H t i r of A r o u n d , liir^-2 si-tbli. j.tid [ . h i c U o n hnu^c Sprlnjr vauM und | i l e n i of f i u i t ; mu- IT UP r r u i n r e n t e i f t o w n K I'. T U N ' X K N T . W f l l phoiu- K T '"hamljc-rJa'n, A t ' o r n ^ v K - A T I T K R I N H K o S T A N S K I ^ S T ' T I I L - j lip K n s ' i i i i N k , la LJi..- V u u r t i»f '"in- ' 3 1 9 lU'cornber T - - m . 1917 To J ' h U l i P Ko^tanbki r o F p o n d o n t , y o u a r « h T P h v n o t i f i e d * rh;11 t h e Mibnoe-. i a n d nli.m ; n u b o o p n i in t h i s cane h a \ ^ bben r e t u r n ed n o n opt I n v e n i u s " you .ire t h e n - iorp r c f i u n e d t u appear In th.- Co'ir- n f Common Pl**ab of Fj.y.'tto C ' o u I l t ^ . Tn . ' n n t h e C o u r l M M o n d f. of J J V b r i j iry of K:Lid co;irt r I'llS, Lo ; u i " ^ P - ' h e ib*-l n i i i l j'r.iin filed t h e r e i n , and show .iU-- , 11 \ ru h n v t . \viy .1 l i \ or'-c f r o r n ^'"."_ L t h f bond? of r T t r i m u " % =Tjiculd n o t b** M \ n i ' , B r a ' t / d t'-o l . b c l l n t n b n v e n n i n c d . govemmwat will know where- to find] taenJL -Men^whp we of draft age a r e j B not prohibited from enrolling, but no; TO make h-imseJff a wealthy man. «suran,ce la given that they will be exempted from military service be- Spurned every plej.auru thi use to make take An h o u r that he : cause they are engaged in shipbuilding. Men "" employed in industries which are engaged in work classed as . .? , The f o r t u n e that he longed to own necessary for the maintenance of the, Alld c h U F p u r s u ed hi» goal alone, military establishment, or prosecution · of the war. are not expected to enroll' A t lat * 1 he r " ade *·*·'· fortune rolled in the Shipbuildiag Reserve. Their' £*% umo^m Uic^o^m^th^d'iy continued presence ac their present I Wnrn he c^uid c u u n t his w^iutiv ai posts of employment \rii\ be consider-' sa 'ed as more important and necessary. | " rvewo "" hed my "°' lL B c h n l d " As the early and completely succes^ i-, n nov ^ e r l«^i«Rt man on f i l t h ! " ful ending ot the-war depends so 7j lUH stanaine _on jiu i n r t y dreamed and planned of met- P*arB, indeed, tliat the mattftr i.s not w J d : j urgent in Bulgarian eye*). There- Ins life uround a pUn , fore ^ e mora , ob i !s a t ; on rests wi , h failure; "scorned t h e ' Lhe Hungarian government tC taking the matter into Us own hands and of trying to save the lives oC at iea^t laughed POtt FM-K--OUJl I.AftHOS' . . . . . . . . , to orcltr suit", s u r p f i s f the h i n d - m e - i T1U1K T^ U O V T A R ! ' ShprilT t l f u r n K a r.r^at disrance. T h e y r t ' t a i u ' nfR( "e. J . i n n u r j "-1, 11 ' h e i r y h a p e . I n d e f i n i t e l y . A n y sty'i r e - f " p - o d u c c d Place y o u r ord»r for H j i r i n j ^ parl S \ L V . LA. C H I M A . L O O P i t t s - j h n r t r strt et 7t"eb-cfd A otic 1^ H K U E B V Dealt him by hia greedier foes; u l d ! Urgely tipon, the spewl with -which I ships are built to" carry Boldiers, food and supplies to Europe, the ivork of building them will partake very much ·( the nature of war serrice, but Yith- out its hazards. This ooght to b« as added inrenthe for to nrolL The enrolHog ofBces are well distributed throughout the concty making it ronvenirnt for this s»rvKe. to pijrn UT for turnait-a friendly And then his joy erew n \ Ko stood alone beBide hi- Xo friettd was tbere hL* But friendahtp had not f o l l o w e d ,, And this the lot of eT^ry m.i- IVho builds his lif« aroint! »n. TTe 9hll attain his dreani. but h Shan pay th^ price f^r % ict'*rv. 1 Arxrf ; h» may find hip misrhl a proportion of these poor pooplo. B n | this is only a special instance: tlioro {is a crying need on every hard for a t mo-re humane administration of thcbe ' lands For nearly four year.-, now t UuUheii have gone withod* any schooling, suit ])coprlc b a ^ e b t o n ai- lowert to file without any medical u-.- biaLancii or alleviations of ?ry kind, ' loath^-orno dibe-ase^ iui\ c spread amongst people, and yef UK-.- is nol ilir st gbte«t attempt at any l i f t t o r m e n r or condition^ on 'Jio j t n i t (»f rho, ,til- minL?tration." l u k c n a i U i » best proof O f the dplib- f t a e .md c r i m i n a l oXLC-runnat'oo of Scrhun jir-ople. It fan be imagined* w l t a t n s t a t e of affair? p r f \ a i l h in Ser- hKi - i i i p n personb in higl places a n t n n j ; iho Central P n « p r ^ .1;-,- cera _ p t l i r d ;o protest agaiMM DIP rrncltr of tb.15 rcgimp. POK SAI^-l--TWO IIOrSKS 54.001 on D n u t i i c fr:m-c hou^-o on ' rmt.\n'i i s t r e e t : jrood loc i t i ^ n . pood i t r f - c t i r i n d y -n t o w n Six ruomi a n d ' h.itli nn cac! '-.tie Ltontu for J I 8 0 0 a -.'it]r A \ cr-. coot! bu\ Hoc- Hi ) U S K V I l ! " ] \ I , T V fO-vIl- 1 VN'V ( W i J j . i v c ol'li'l FOU S A U : -- C ' I K A P E S T ANT :!"Si I r o n w i i i f t t b u i i d n i f f lots ( n r w o r k m e n elect-if Mir hi. t ml ley service Prlcca ! ranRf ft tmi JTiO i,. J M I I I b t i l in.,.-t!y ranet' around SliOO l n i « , r c · w h i l e Llu-y last ,,t tint of I k e or THE fONMCM.!-"- V I I , l . K i:\TKMON' f (JMPA.N i', Th. N O T 1 O K 1^ H K U E B V G I V K N T 1 L A T . I a pi tun n u a-r p r u ^ c i ted to the H o n o r i ab'i. .the J t i d ^ c ot the C o u r t of Qua-| tf r £*(·«· 10us of Lhe (,'onnt\ of t\iieuc. I'ubru^ry T 1IUS .it N-J 177 D c f m b i - ! . S-t=- ions 1517. ( ' 1" -mil n r d f r ^ d i I^d, p r . i N i n t ; foi u t i 1 u r J \ t o pnn'POi \ \ i t h the i c i o n . . l i i i i ' t n j n i.f -i M M i»h' BO fooL , I t t - d M n n i ( · [ " . U l u l \ \ . « n 'l}« "I'l -\n \, h u 3 72--School teacher: Residence--Keaj- j ; severe opemtlnn. Jeft li«*r weak. anj.e- nor-.-oua. low vitality. Phrslrian recom- KM^ mcndod Bio-fercn. Two weekt' irciitmenb ^·^ showed remarkable improvenr-nt Doctor reported, "Blo-ffren hud dono AontJon for her.'" AJiothi-r CSKP--Pcnnsyh-nnlan reports: "i h a \ « taken a b u u t one-haJf of tha Eio-fcren pellets and must confess that I feel Hkp imw." A Keutucklan woman sayn "I ha\ s uS.en Bio-feren rcKuJ.irJy and fee?v much benefilod. I can use m; arms ranch better. Kowover. con not get my handa to my head sufiicipntly 10' comb n:y hair, but I feel that I will soon b* able to do that," You wani the vigorous health and r u d d j beamy that is dependent on strength, nerves and red blood. Uvervbody does. Rc^d those i opens abovet Rgaln. Tou. too. If j o u aie draeced d o w n In health r.nd t-irenfrth because ot OT-erworlt, ·worrj', nerves, and sljnila- causes can rebuild our hwtlih and Btreiiffth with Blo-reren. U is not a MlinuUint.. J t ia i builder--a builder o* better health Bio-fercn contain-? somo of the best ingredients known 'o th«« mcdireil world, and IB Indicated for the t n ' R t m e n t or r u n - d o w n conditions due to overworit, worrj'. anaemia, molrtncholl!-, nervous d e h i l . t j . Uebilitj followtna lnft;ct'o«s d.scasfs, convEilt-scei^e from acute fev^-it etc Thero is no faerret nor nnt-t^-ry -ibout Elo-ftren. le rv uacJcajrc »how» ^ ' . i i ^ r - .M \ D . \ V x j . U - - , - l . u i l i l t * - i ^ l l i i-\\ X L 1 I " ! rr , ' . 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