Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 34
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 34

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 34
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-- May 30, 1976 Smutty ftucfte-Jfaul Charkihn, Wtsl Virjini* Officer, Students Combine to Stock Trout Greenbrier County conservation officer Larry Moore and vocational agriculture students from Greenbrier West High School have worked together to improve the manner in which trout are stocked in area streams. Moore and eight students use a shuttle system to get the trout into the streams, and are therefore able to stock in eight places at he same time. Moore and the driver of the stocking truck also put fish in at certain places, thus increasing the dispersion. With this many people distributing trout at one time, truck followers cannot catch all the fish as soon as they are stocked. Therefore, trout fishermen in the area can go fishing any time and expect to catch a few trout. The unique combined efforts of the conservation officer and local students have created many favorable from Greenbrier County fishermen. The subject of stocking trout in easy-to- get-spots, where they are pounced on by truck followers, was discussed in last week's column, and it appears this Greenbrier effort may be a possible solution in other places as well. In addition to working with students to stock trout, Moore has also done an outstanding job in enforcing the trout creel limit, according to the John Ester, a coach at Greenbrier West and a fisherman. "I have also heard comments from several parents that he has done an outstanding job working with youth in this area," said Estep, "and has taken an active part in the Rod and Gun Club in Greenbrier County. "Many people are quick to criticize our natural resources workers, but I think it's time to give them a little credit for a job well donet By Skip Johnson Another Bear Another bear was captured and removed from Greenbrier County last week by Department of Natural Resources personnel, assisted by local bearhunters and their dogs. The bear, which had killed a sheep on the property of Hurt McMillion, was the second one to be chased and tranquilized in Greenbrier within a week. Like the ear- lier one, it was released in Mingo County. After the bear was tranquilized, biologist Kermit Rinell, who used the tranquilizer (gun) will lead the next one right into the cage," said conservation officer Frank Crigger. Also assisting were officers Larry Moore and George Clarkson. Crigger said he believes the chase-and- tranquilize method is "a 100 per cent sure thing" in dealing with sheep-killing bears. Rinell is skeptical, however. "How can NBA Playoffs NBA Mav*m FlMll Mtt-tf-7 Jwlti Sunday's CMM ' Boston t Phoenix, alternoon, Bmton leads series 2-0. Youth Young fishermen made news last week with these catches, including 38/2-inch, 18-pound musky caught in a Roane County farm pond by John Fox (left), son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fox of South Charleston, and the 28-inch, 5.5-pound walleye caught in Elk River by Greg Hodge of Big Chimney. Stole Hearing Same Gripes As It Did 100 Years Ago .'. By Skip Johnson » · i- r iTtie fish division of the Department of Natural Resources will celebrate its centennial year in 1977, and apparently the problems of 1877 weren't much different than they are today. · 'A West Virginia Bluebook of 1879 vintage describes the formation of the Board 6(t Fish Commissioners of West Virginia i'fo increase the supply of food fishes in the rivers and waters of this state." ·*The board held its organizational meeting on July 17,1877, at Berkeley Springs, Ind one of its first acts was to visit fish hatcheries in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Even today, fish and game biologists hear jthe question: "Why don't you do it the way Pennsylvania does it?" ';IN A REPORT directed to Gov. Henry' M. Mathews, the fish board complained that the subject of fish culture "is little understood amongst our people, and hence its importance is hot appreciated to the extent which it deserves.".. Hn modern-day language, fishermen con- t«d the fish biologists don't know what they're talking about. vlThe three members of the 1879 fish board whined that "serving without pay, and solely in the interest of the public, we have not only met with but little encouragement, but have encountered many obstacles and preconceived opinions of those with whom they have had to deal." * .In.other words, they heard the same Independent League Bullitts 000 DM 1H-7 1Z Eait Bank Old 020 »0-5 5 Monk, Light (5) awl Lawson; Weems, O'Neil (7) and Milam) Hitting: Bullitls-Fulks 2-3. Terry 2-3, Petties 2-3; E.B -Hodge2-3 Inc. HR. Milam triple. Harless double Bullitts -003 2M 0--5 15 East Bank TO 001 1-2 6 Lewis and Lawson; Hodge, O'Neal and Milam; Hitting: Bullltts-Huglies 2-3, Bannister 2-2, Fulks 2-3, Lawson. 2-3, Lewis 2-4. Ptca , j]0 QOl 2--6 I Lincoln County 000 000 0-0 2 Priestly and Oakes; Anderson and Spurlock; Hitting; Priestly 2 HRs. p«a ................................................ osi 010 i-a 10 Lincoln County ................................. .010 103 0-5 10 Wageman and Phillips; Mathews and Walls; Hitting: Poca-Priestly HR, E. Persinger HR; Lincoln-Paoley 3-1. McKinney 2-3, Smith 2-3 East B«nk ......................................... 110 001 00-4 7 Pcca ............................................... 000 Ml 31-S 10 " O'Neal and Milam; Phillies and Oakes; Hitt'r.g: · E.B.-Hodge3-4, Wallace M. Crowder. Pagan. Knellall Poca won second game on forfeit when East Bank Bldn't show Swth Charlesten ...... -- .................... 310 N2 9-4 5 · Marmtt .......... ---------- ..... -------- 101 010 0-3 S Harrison and Francis: Clark and Vealey: Hitting: S.C.-Harr xx 2-1; Warmet-Vcaley 2-3, Clark 3-3 ;nc. double ' SWth Oiarlesftn ................................. J11 72-11 7 Mtrml ________ ....... ---- , ---------------- 900 00-0 3 ' · Hunt and Davidson, Peters and Kind; S.C.-Fowler ' 3J, Palfno double, Davidson 2-3; Marmet-Clarx 2-2 West sio - ____________________ MO 00--1 » SI. AtbanT_~ _____ ~ __________________ *2« 01-11 13 kighl, Harwr and Mill; Whitt and Samnis; Hitting: y« s.-Arftur dwsie; S.A.-whin 3J, w*i!ac« 3-4 ix. · double. W inc. double WntSMt -------------- 790 100 2-10 13 St. Albaaj _________ . ____ -- __________ 001 010 1-4 11 Long y-d Arthur; Samples. White (3! and Sammv. Powers. HiHing: W. S.-ArJnur 2-S. Smi;h 2-1. .tenet 2-4. Lone. 2-5: S A.-C»rr 2-«. Wallace 2-4. Fisher 2-4 ix. dou- Ttdar'i frames M Onmill»ri STtrtfuf at 1 JO - Swtn Cn*-e«x »» Wetf SM* IjoccJn Covnr at Etst Bank ; Manrtf questions fish biologists hear today: "Why don't you stock bass? "Why don't you stock trout?" "Why don't you do something?" If you think fishing was peachy-cream in 1879, you're wrong, according to the trio that comprised the fish board. "The best of our streams scarcely afford sport for the angler," they complained, "and no one relies upon them for a supply of food." They blamed a little bit of everything lor the demise of the fish population, including "the pursuit and wanton destruction of all kinds and sizes of them, at all seasons and by all means, fair and foul." Doesn't this sound like an apt description of some fishermen you know today? IN A DISCUSSION of the various kinds of game fish found in the state, the board said this about brook trout: Many streams have been stripped of them by the remorselessness with which they have been fished, and need restocking. We have already begun this, and have distributed a large-number of fry." Well, 100 years later, we're still stocking. If you've ever caught a carp and wondered if its a native of West Virginia, the answer ii no. In 187*, the fish board was considering introduction of the European cup in 18N, and apparently they followed through on their threat. Politics obviously played a very large part in fish stocking in 1879, inasmuch as the board listed its distribution figures according to congressional districts. . The 1877-78 budget of the fish board was $3,000, and it completed the fiscal year with a balance of $473.04, which says something about its fiscal prudence, or perhaps its tightwadishness., The Bluebook from which .these facts were obtained was furnished by William G. Mathews Jr., 3815 Noyes Ave., Charleston. He is a grandson of former Gov. .Mathews. .The fish board seemed overly concerned, with white shad and California salmon, a fact mentioned by former West Virginia fish division chief Dr. Edward C. Kinney, who in 1963 compiled a booklet entitled "Historical Notes on Fish Management in West Virginia." "Part of the master plan for the Eastern United States was to introduce these two species," Kinney said. He didn't explain why. These stockings, incidentally, were "complete failures," according to Kinney. -Johnson- IFLEARHNGTOFLYISONEOFYOUR SECRET AMBITIONS.TIEN WHY NOT DO SOMETHING teOUT IT... SI Boilon «t Pnoenlx Friday, JVM « Phoenix at Boilon, II necessary Sunday, Jim » Button at Phoenix, afternoon, II sary Wednesday, Jum » Phoenix at Boston, II necessary we be sure we're getting the right bear?" he asked. j"there is no way to be sure." The $(4 question is what will happen to the bears when they are removed from their homeland. Rinell worked for the New York Conservation Department in 1956-57 when it trapped and removed a large number of nusiance bears, and game biologists there believed the bears tended to wander aimlessly after they were released in unfamiliar habitate. Poca River Bass Tim Wolfe of Raymond City, near Poca, ' caught a Zft-inch, 3-pound 8-ounce small- mouth bass in Poca River Saturday morning. Wole also caught a 15Vk-inch small- mouth. His campanion, Mike Bowling of Poca, caught two small bass. Wole's fish were weighted at Bob Summers' Convenient Food Market at Rock Branch. » » * Tighter Security United States citizens going to Canada This summer on fishing trips, or four any other reasons, should be aware of tightened security measures because of the . Olympic Games scheduled for Montreal in July. All persons entering Canada from the now until August will be required to produce proof of their American citizenship with a passport, birth certificate or simi- lar document. Drivers license will not be accepted. According to word from the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Assn., persons without such documents will be turned back at the Canadian-U.S. border. Fishermen who have made reservations with Canadian outfitters should be getting word of the more stringent security measures, but if you know of anyone going to Canada, pass the message along. * · · Big Buck Awards Big buck awards for 1975 will be handed out at he state convention of the Izaak Walton League June 5-6 at Greenbrier County Youth Camp, which is located on Greenbrier River near Anthony Creek. DNR game biologist Joe Rieffenberger will conduct a big buck scoring seminar the afternoon of June 5, and Sen. Jennings Randolph, D-W.Va., will speak at a banquet at 6 p.m. June 6. Frank Zentner of Duluth, Minn., national president of Ikes, will also attend. · · * Turkey Kill Is Vp The kill for the three-week spring gobbler turkey season is expected to exceed 600, which would be higher than last year, according to the Elkins office of the DNR. The season ended May 15. 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