The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 34
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 34

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 34
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TV V" "J ' - . FRlDiiy. AUGUST 14. 184 34 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 701 HOUSES FOt SALE ICmt from Pmr.ria Column! 702 NOUSQfOttm (Cont from preceding Column,"" 702 wRousn niton ' t'Cont. tram Preceding Coliuvuti 704 WrOUTWlBTvtm i Coat, rreea Preceding Column l 7051 IVlTmaiT PR0PERTB3 ICont.'from Preceding Columnl 710 COTTAGES 1.1 SALE (Cant, from Preceding Cohunal 7ioi comet ion for sau i (Cant, from preceding Calumsi 711 fMCUl - -tn iConl. frara Precadiag Coswsstl .7 ! . W KIT KOlt O BUNGALOW. S-BEDROOM. IPC etal offer near Dominion t(re at Kirkwtiod. attractive appear afire, excellent ronoinon. iui ttrealace. forced oil hea 1 1 n i large treed garden, patio. Met to 9m, acnoou rrao retry 'Raaitnr. 72-lM veuKiw attIiTaT b OWNER I-EAVINO TOWN. 3-BEO. room brick bungalow, land .-raped conwr lot. la re full oaaemeni attached rarporl. paved drive ' close lo achoola. churches Real ty excellent lermj available To Inspect thl pmperty rail Gordon rroman. evening, 712-0347. r Norman McFarlang "Realtor" 8-4W4. roaTcoMroitTABLK uvinq IMMACULATB t . BEDROOM bnck bungalow In Lynwond. A popular model featuring floor ' to cetltng fireplace, dining room, large kitchen. Double eloeeu in ait ooarooma necenuy pinirn, carport and beautiful landscape Asking only Low down payment. Reddfrk and Mae- Donald Lid. -Realtor.- 72S-ITfT. BveoJncs. Fted Burbldie T33-530J or Lea Wathen. ua- TUT- THE SMART HOME BUYER CHECKS' SATURDAY'S HOME ' BUYER?' GUIDE ; - :. w -THE JOURNAL 702 ioisq rot tm ADULTS. ABSTAINERS OTTAWA South - October, 991-411. nines wfm, AVAILABLE. HALT DOUBLE. bedrooms, flen, gr.g, U1IM. aae-aaus. . - . AVAILABLE t DOUBLE. 1 BCD WW. dept. . I11J. IM-TO1 BRITANNIA. 3-BEDROOMTfflT , Attached, targe -living - 4 in In g roam, well planned kitchen. ' beautiful 'fireplace, full ' ' basement. 130 31S-3334. . . biwcalowTwestIind. a bed- rooms. out. double gang. CENTRE TOWN. SINGLE, MOD-ernlsed, reoecoratod, lt bathroom. Excellent for large adult family. 818 833-8387. EXECUTIVE HOME. WILL SUIT Diplomat. 4 bedroom, plug prt-- srata apartment or maid's ajuar tars recrestkm room, l1, baths, dounle car garage, large sot. S3S4 sMinthly. arrangements made If furnishings desired, j PAS-ITT J. FARM BOUSE.. BEDROOMS. all facilities. Stltlsvllle g.1-o43 rUBNISHED. S BEDROOMS. Me-Kellar. garage. Nov. aaetllhs. - avoa a4!, eesuaeJ. FURNISHED a-BEDROOM BUN-' aalow Urbandale Acres. SIM AvailaM October to May. lit- i9i fuVnished, S BEDROOMS. Overbrook. 7-u after S fa. FURNISHED . ROOM HOUSE Rrver Road an Rtdeau River, a milea aauth of Manotlck. Bea- eoname. aj-v9Ti. HALF DOUBLE. BEL AIR H rights. August 1. a bedroom. eparata driveway, fenced back yam, rerngeroior. I a-siBl. LARGB a-BEDROOM UPPER AND .tower duplex. gaa-ait. HEW. a BEDROOMS. I', BATHS. specious rooms can or visit a9 Pnulln Avenue, tas-SMt or aaa-aasa. - OPEN EVENINGS TILL f ll New 4-bedroom stone and brick split-level, a baths, stone fire place, carport. morUaae. . Lorated on Pullen Avenue off Shelley Avenue. Bob Gencher, T.1S-7MS. Mervas Green berg Ltd., OTTAWA EAST. S BEDROOMS, den, aal heating. II Have lock. sept. i. tzi-3M. OVERBROOK. SPANKING NEW S- nedromn been as. glio. aaa-aaa, . 74J-S345. RANCH BTYLK e DOUBLE, a nearaeana. aeptsmner. f ia. 72a- avvj. . 3-BEDR00M MAISONETTES $105. $110 Ooa te Borkellff JUr Bsse. CHRC. schoolr ' ahopptng. immediate occupancy Available 334-U2S 235-1S0 ENJ0V A NEW WORLD OF COMFORT IN A MINT0 TOWN HOUSE WoiMtarfal carefree living m a tuna a- or -bedroom "tnert-sweat heme" with fraelnnt Iblllty Enjov the an let, privacy, and apartausnsss or s . fine new home and gsrdtn PLUS tb conveniences of apartment Pvtag. PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB OlVmpt--tta Outdoor Pool lUgutattmi Gymnaiitum i Caan'ttw Room Bauna. Bat ha ' aVeeTartfltlO'll ROaMflal , CMlwnriig Ft uf eery BAYSH0RE Carting Ave. or Richmond Rned. met weal of the Pine ereet lid. Interasctlon. Dety til pmi Sunday til t. 11. mi. . ,v V REN'T 70 PER MONTH, 3 - BED-room brick with fenced sard, quiet neighborhood. avaflabla' Oct. 1. Empreita Avenue near Albert. Oil heat available. Box -4ja. journal. RIVERSIDE ARK EAST. MOD ernistlc split-level. 1 'ull bath rooms, carport, larga yard. Oc cupancy' Oct. I. 4304. 733-S14 ROCKCLIFFE. 1 BEDROOMSrUV- lag room, dining room. 4-ptece . oata, sunroom, attached garaia, oil ncai possession arranged Asking S30O. By appolntm a a 1 - only. M. Rats. 333-371. Canada resmenent Trust cam peny. ncaiior. ANDY HILL. SETT. I. 1 BED- room, dining room. U' vlng kitchen, electric atove. refiigera. tor. oil healed Apply 411 Daly or eau 133-losl. between I and a. SEMI-DETACHED BUNGALOW bedroom, near Montfort Hoe- DUal and Central Monaaae. 9123 Available Immediately. Days. gje-faus. eveninga faa-aiui. SEPT. I. EMPTY MID-AUGUST. 3-' bedroom double, Bherttood Drive. 734-8014. SMALL HOUSE. SUIT COUPLE. .woooroiie area, raa-aeia. TREE. SHRUB LOVERS. I atorey. modern, extra larga Int. adults only, Sept. 1. South of Ottawa CE3-4S36. WEST END. BEDROOMS. HALF double. I 'i baths, recreation room, garage. uo. 72S-4iS3. 1 YEAR OLD. avBEDROOM BUN . gakw. near English and French schools. beautiful panoramic view of the city of Ottawa and Hull. Larga playing area far children. Available -JUtg. IS or Sept. I. Call anytime, e2fMl a-BEDROOM DUPLEX. UNEQUIP- Md. paramg. 1U-4S4B. after a. a BEDROOMS. SEMI DETACH ed. Quiet residential area i West End. close to schools. available Sept. 1. 1U. I2S-L3 a BEDROOMS. ELMVALE ACRES. occupancy Sept. 1. Oil heated close to all services, giu. isa Haig Drive. a-BEDROOM BUNGALOW. FIRE- placa, carport. . vicinity caning- wood Shopping wentrawsiw-ovHS. a-BEDROOM DUPLEX. LARGE. heated. 1110. Tat-31M; avasunga Tia-Hii. a-BEDROOM IN BOW, II OS. 8EP- urmner. ovarnrooa. Tsa-avrr. S BEDROOM - HOME NEAR RCMP headquartars. $103. Hi- mis. aia-aaat. 4 BEDROOMS WALL OVEN. Dacayara. bienwooa Immediately. SS4-4SS3 BEDROOMS, NEWLY DECORAT. d. Sept. 1. CES-lTSa. BEDBOOM8. DEN. DOUBLE GA rage, perfect condition, rairmom Avenue. Close- to bus. mop pins achoola. ) 23 monthly. Oct. I. occupancy. Adults preferred. Kelly. Moore Ltd.. "Realtors,- TJJ-10O1 Mrs, -'ones; 7H-75S4 g-BEDROOM ATTACHED HOUSE. Wsverley near Driveway; 721-0 10. . ROOMS, a BATHS. Si 10. ALSO 3 bedrooms, giaa. 74-33J. 17 ST. ANDRE, I BEDROOM, dupUrX. Couple. M. 74Q-1B11. tl IROttl-OlsTtOAD , 4-BEDROOM DOUBLE, AVAIL- snie immediately, i .a o a i a s. dining room. Attractively land-eraped. Yia-4E7a, earport. recreation room If desired, gag-last. g-BEDROOM BOUSE NEWLY DECORATED. OIL HEAT- log. $1 is. Third Avenue. Appointment lU-llar, aaS-aMT. IIS S BEDROOM SEMI-DETACHED bungalow, for Sept. let oecu- oney, aa aaeoltent taaattoni ' tM - it CmhC tea eft tee Rldeau High School, etc. Good . alaad rooms, wall nlannoS kit chen, landscaped lot Mr. Kowela. 745-4413. . I : . MArfoRYARRAREA ' 1 a and 4 Bsdraaaa . ' isi.ea to 123. TERRACES OB HALF DOUBLES. adjacent to C M H C. two bslh roosna In some, larga rooms, full aasstnant with an aal heating nil. ample parking, two blocks from eueen Eltsstieth Be hi Rtdeau High School. ' trsniports- iion ana isnapping. Apply SOT vumminae Avenue, ar a Mecy and Bon " Realtor" and General Insurance, las- Laurler East. m-lSaS. - FURNISHED EXECUTIVE HOME NEAR GLEBE COLLEGIATE, g bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, den, aunraom recreation room, a wash rooms Completely furnished Including all applianeas. Possession Aug. 10. Information call Oearge Eade. Real Batata. 33S-S730. I UNBEATXBliToXATIONa"" ' TM-agja . 333-413 Evgej - ' EAST END, 314 PLE8SEB, LOW- ar duplex, 3 bed rooms, large per duplex, a kidieaeaa. targe living roam, dining room, heeled aarage. glSS. WEST END. gS CHENIEB. NEW 4 Bedroom. Using room, dining room and garage. 914. 719- asvu. eves, gliosis. BRITANNIA ' ' t-RFDROOM V DOUBLE. IS - bath, aeparata dining room. fenced yard, garage. 913S. gxg- 413 34 BEDROOMS TERRACED HOMES - $135.00 bsthroom. heat, hat water, stove, refrigerator, parking with plug-In. . " , 231 BRITTANY DRIVE ' 745-681 CUMMINGS AVENUE' ', TOWN -HOUSES tt of SI, Utiranl Bled, oft Mont rail ftoad, st-bedrvtm Ftomea with prlvat Maement and paved driveway a lara epactoua cbona. . Live in a perk where ynrr Midren era eef while piecing and ' convenient to ersm1s Excellent trentoortattnn, only f minutes sa eTowntowa. $105 ("fttfrr tiKluilcd) 828-2703 Evsning and ek-ndg 749-6116 1 Subsidisr of TttadMilf l ' ' HOffrSS k.AVj 1-BRBROOM. WSaTOATE, lt NEARLY NEW. HALF DOUBLE, modern kitchen, large living and dlnuig. full basement, quiet per son, fenced I.- 133-7 4 SS. lawn, garden. Oct. a-BEDROOM. Sit YOU'LL FIND A HOST OF OUT- standing name features. A few examples: ceramic tiled bath room with expansive vanity, spa . clous planned werk-aavtng kit chen plus the advantage Of separata dining room. A full sued basement, driveway, and larga landscaped 1 grounds This semi-detached horn a, Ideally) located with school, churches - end Carlingwoad Shopping Centra close by. Mr. Rothschild, pnone gza-aaw. IS PINBCREST BOAD 4-BEDROOM tb DOUBLE. u baihs. apaclaue living room and kitchen, fenced yard. I black from school and transportation. visa., csa-aaia. NEAR WESTOATB BEAUTIFUL 3-BEDBOOM HOME. good alia rooms, well-planned kitchen, within walking distance or wesigai a hopping centra, aiea. Tsa-aaai. II S. ADELINE STREET a-BEDROOM. SEMI-DETACHED brick. Sept I. Apply S. G. Mary and Son. "Realtor" and General Insursnc. is Laurier Avenue . Mf-IOWO, , . ROCKCLirrE PARK i BEDROOMS. S BATHROOMS: living room, dining room, located at the north end of the Village. Available Sept.. I. Aaking USO monthly. Call 1. D. Wattereon at Rhode Real Estate Limited. ncaitor. ' lae-aasl daytime. 114-77M evenings. 4 Lincoln Heights Homes On The terrace 3-4, bedroom Town Houses aecoraied Hi your al Wa offer spacious Indoor and outdoor living, private basement, mam floor ' pooder rooma. A beautiful vutw and many other little extras that make the difference. Located convenient ta schools, transports uoa and shopping. , ' VISIT OUR HOMES' ' '. AND COMPARE RENTAL AGENT 2532 REGINA STREET 2S-9305 828-6345 70S mm WAITEO 10 IDT BUYING? SELLING CALL TTwman Bnlpman Ltd, -Keallor.- n-lM, T2S-1TSI. WB REQUIRE S. AND 4-BED room, 2-etorey homes In West End. No obligation for Informs ton or gvaluation. Call 711- ifai. t -R-sltor". 703A MOUSES WMTtD TO KIT ADULTS. a-BEDROOM. MODERN, "ffP". gsxneo. West End. 3- BUNOALOW. SPLIT LEVEL, t pcq rooms, atntng play. ITS. roam, aaraaet iat-MS. u-gsg. EASTVIEW OR BAST ENO. ' S- badioom house, preferably ecruippea, heated, lighted, garage 749-103 evenings. ' OCT. I. 3 BEDROOMS, pntrrn. ably single, within 3 mitre Commerce School, parking, wash tuba, S adult. T3S.1IS0 or 333- MODERN HOME. AYLMER AREA. maximum 1W. 3-3 bldroom 84-ft.30. RELIABLE FAMILY WOULD LIKE so rent a ertediwom house in Alta Vista. Blmvah) Acres, or west and. for sept. 1. 337-034 SUPERIOR HOUSE OR APART-roent In ajulet residential district. One school-age child. Sept. 1-13 occupancy, nix room preferred, tlvo hi a pinch. Send deeenp-tum. full partlculara. to: Gaorae Brlmmell, News Editor, The Winnipeg Tribune, Winnipeg. S OR 3-BEDROOM BUNGALOW. Aita vista preferred, Oct. gag. aois. day: 711-J13. evenings altar . , S-S SISSAAMl UNFURNISHED HOME, SOUGHT oy taneoiaa ncsugn Bwrvie officer returning to Ottawa, for 1-4 yesrs duty. Occupancy by Sept. 1 or earlier, Approxt- matelv 3100 ner monih. n OsbaHsetesv , Talisman Motali 704 orncHe notES to ieit APPBOXIMATELT 1.10 gq. FT. of officd apace Ms high class building gvailable. Competitive rate for right party. Phone Bob Thomas. 333-034S for details. APPROXIMATELY 1300 So TT office space, suitable lawyers. ana specially anopa. month ly, ei aseicaii Slater. 73-47. APPROXIMATELY 30 SQ. rT ground floor spore plus a qua 1 apace In basement, with nlentv of head roam, at 143 Laurler w., between Bank and Kant, Aaking 4300 per month. Former ly used as restaurant. Fireproof : construction. Call John Downey for Insneetion. Canada Perms. nent Trust Co.. "Realtor", 331- aiai, evenings 74S eejj. AVAILABLE. OFFICE OR STORE. TO homer set went. Reasons bis t33-Ml. - BLOCK OFF RIDEAU. 400 SQ. FT. Newly renovated. Steaaonahl. tia-iww. . . CABLINO AVENUE. NEW AIR conditioned office building, ease ' access to . Queersnvay, elevator, free narking, hydro, char service. Jack Aaron and Co. Ltd.. -Realtor.- 331-3741, T3S-I3S. COMBINED OrriCE AND APART men! or offices only, prominent centre town comer, ground Door. epotleee eondtttoa. 74B-1104, avenlnga. ' EDDY STREET, HULL, OFFICE or meeting hall, al x 7 1 ft . well lighted; private office and waah-ronma, 130 per month. 131- ELGIN STREET STORE. 3.300 SQ. ft 3S-133. eveninga T33-70S3. MONTREAL ROAD. CLEAN . AND renovated building, gag eseathly 743-1331 NEW OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE or wnrkanns space, go oo rt, storsge and parking, off Mart- vale Road. 13-ls. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT IN mndern aw-coresitioned building on Bronaon near Gladstone. Pro-.feasinnal preferreel but arrangement ran be made far commercial fh-m. 131-474 awnings. Mnnday to Friday. STORE. LARGE, 319 A ELGIN nrreei. Ottawa? gsa. 4-saai. i , RICHMOND Ilea. I g' a go- WrSTRORO ON Bneel eSneo 1im plua Kessmenl, reasonable rental, suitable for any business, parking. Daytime. 7 1-Ml I or 133- Its, evenings tll-Oaag A - RICHARDSON AT CARI-INO 400 TO liaOO SQ. FT., SUITABLE for any professional office, new building, irom 7 heated, ROYAL TRl'ST CO. 14 Metcalfe street i - llt-tt AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY -clean, modern office suite from 4 JO sq ft. to I jog so. ft. Parking avsllshls. cloaa .to all bus routes, corner Bank and Laurler. 70S MOPUnKSALE CHOICE APARTMENT SITEI overlook Rldeau Canal. Only 14 ao per foot for 17.00 feet n-T n ot. Build TS unit. Only - i.00. Thomas SMpmau Ltd., neaiiors.- 71S-17M. , CYRVILLS ROAD, LOT 100 W 400, w,.n innHim, ass-ovia. EAST END. INNES ROAD AREA se acres .for nesvy industry. rslj road In rear Security BesI Ea IL-1 ts is. aSS.7iUSN FOR ANYTHING CONNECTED with Rsal Estate, call Ault Kin- ney weaity cunltea, CEs-OMS. . LA RGB LOtTTfT. FROIvTACE; sell or will build, tun purehaacr. McKsllar. 711-HM. LOT S4 i i as. sos maitland, Tss-aaaa. PRIVATE SALE. AYLMER, MAIN atreet. or ICS nouee. 3 anart. menu, larga lot. alia suitable tor profcaaional offices, good eondl- eel situ. SUMMIT NEAR . JtLTA VISTA. sseorg , Howllh. "Realtor.- In-auranea. - Mortgagee. 74s-e71. -UNIT DOUBLES, ALL IN EX- rvuvm conouion and local Ion. Will eell Individually or 1 par. - GOLF COURSE Ml J. IDEAL LOCATION AT EDGE or nver. is muea rrom Ottawa. Priced to call with low dawn Kjrment. good potential. Stan ffln, Richmond 1-U8-3441. Albert Gale Agencies Ltd.. "Real- tor. Taaaat. - TRIPllfx WEST END 1917 BEAUTIFUL CONDITION IN McKellar off Carllng Rant potential of - S43S monthly Includ-, Ing launderatt. For details call Art Hughes. aas-TSlS. Albert - osie Agencl Ltd., "Baaltor, ISfMSSl. VALUABLE COMMERCIAL PROP, Kelly-Meore Ltd. -ealtsr-IS.lal LA ROB STONE HOUSE ON Ap proximately ea. rt. of land on Highway Is. Richmond Road. M-l conlna. Excellent cotton for. hotel .or eating . aa-tabllshment with old world st- mosphere, Mrs. Caullstld. 711- soia. LARGE PROPERTY AND RUSI- naea on nignwsy si, near city excellent restaurant, hnue nt ub-diviskw and largest aal. nam oppoalta location. Low dawn payment. Excellent location for . combination ga bar ana garage. Mr. cumminga, 733-3033. - VALUABLE COOPER STREET property. ia n. frontage, ill ft deep, ft- son Ing. . Dnty a0, Uood older buildings on arty. Aaking 93 JoST Mr. par. 335-3371. . . Hop- 3-DOOB ROW EXCELLENT SMALL INVEST- ment opportunity, each house rented et SOS per month, taxes only 3410 priced for aulck it at 833.000. Call Irwin Trad-bursa, 131-1793. evening 73S-S393. Canada Permanent Trust tjomnany, - Ilea It or. A SOUND INVESTMENT . , S Apsrtmeats . 943 NEAT WELL CONSTRUCTED brick building, only a year old. Convenient location as west End an large tot. Can be handled with approximately S19.M0 and balance on ftret mortgage at g Call Irwin Tvodburks. ssa-37SS. manent Trust Company, '. ' ,."......', Raal- 7051 ttYtsTKon noramn CANADA PERMANENT TRUST CaaspaaF -Bsslter tll-lltl PARK AVENUE. 3-STORrY nrtrk single, IS rooms, near Elgin Street, Asking 931,000 MLS K-3S44. CABLING AVENUE 4 - UNIT apartment, conversion, all equipment hi excellent condition. Gross 93,400. net 4344. Asking S37.ono, financing availshie. LAURir.fl AVENUE W. REVENUE Smduclng store . front, new addl-on. Must be sold. Aaking 70V ooo MU K-lo7. TRIPLEX. FIRST AVENUE. GOOD condition. Asking (10.000. 13-ROOM BAY STREET HOUSE on cijcnsrr lot. good cowttMtii A.000 d4wn payment, balance on on nortg;age. Immediate poa-aesalon. UNIT CONVERTED BUILDING on MettMira on Monkiande ruuy retttcd. 4 unlta IWntabed. gS.OOO dowa. Call John Drnvnty. Ua- g7s. evenmga ii-m&. INCOME PROPERTIES from , : AULT KINNEY REALTY tsiMTTED , CE3-9345 4VUNIT APARTMENT BLDO dtw-Wawar moderm building fully equipped, well rented. Annual gmaa over fM.teOo, MLB K- J44M. . r-, RICHMOND ROAD Urge parcel aommarclal land with excel lent Richmfted Road frontage and good depth, ong block from Britannia eornara. Prlct tueed to gidts.aoo. or will rem. Kcptional value. Offari STOREY WARBHOUBB On Bomaraat Street, iieor Prea- r toit. commMTlal kit, aiaa 100 by 1M. warehouaa apoea of f.lM eq- ft. per floor. New es-ehMivo littlng prtced at SANK BTRRCT -- Commwelet block MMtalnlng atocaa and adTltroa and vacant lot. Larga iwntf property, ftxcluetvely liVtdlnftl. OLADSTONK AVENUK Two 14 unlta ovferlnt Meal well paying Income property in eltnfcw tvntra town Iwattmi. Anntjal grexp Mt.ang. Complete atifornutton avatlaM on saaaeng and avpenaeav 10-UNtT APARTMENT Cooper Street, near Bank, low priced Income properly at 443.-400. Call and are how much your 1 0.004 down payment can cam. . 1-4 UNITS Rockcllff are location, modern brick build, biga, annual gross a porn t-mstsly 911 so. l, Mortgagg.. Prlc (H ooo. ,, IN CKNTRB TOWN Plana, nrawinas, permit and land for 173-unlt epsrtment kulMlng. Easy financing, . For appnlntmaeit and complete Information, call , . Sol Bliannaa. 713-414 Julian Msdef. T34Mt . Dav Mowln, 733-107 Lasli Kotmams. ta-4n3 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY; ' S-. bedroom brick bungalow, lot 79 loo. all services -sr-iiisc Plasa It sal Estate lOttawai Ltd., 7.T1-4314. Evening. Harry -Thorn. 71-334 afODERN BUNOA1XJW w'lf H stars prby. dicent to 'fsst developing ere. Lot 840 x 40 deep. 133.000 with 910 000 cash -' Located on Highway 11. I mile west of Defence Research. 139- son. 704 - MOPEtTT WAITED SELLING! CALL THOMAS SHIP- maa Ltd, "Realtor," S34-0I91, TIMIII. 707 OUT-Of TOWl ttOKSTiQ 1. R. PATTERSON. -REALTOR new homes, farms and village properly Kempt vine SAS-uo. rasiil.v tinui aik srrmnou, . living room, dining, den. kitchen. all facilities, large tend scaped Int. 79 Abbott, SMItavtUa. 34- UN. - - IN VILLAGE OF MORTON. NO. . IS Highway, five-bedroom brick and frame house, two three-piece bathroom, forced air oil neat. -aera lot. orchard, can be duplexed. Taxes 433. Asking ati.Duo. airs, a, ay, iva rior-- ence, Kingston. , . - LARGE COUNTRY HOME. 10 acres, attractive setting, all facilities, modest price. 093-7237 Or nimtMIISI SBfatfjafl. NEW HOME, AND OLD: ALSO 1 farm. Somarville and Somer-vllle. Brokers. Kemptvllle 333- aa. T-ROOM HOUSE. 30 MILES FROM Ottawa, all heated, hot, eald, , water, hath, paved road, large lot. Also garage, gas pump. sell seoarate or toeether. For information call Ottawa, 134-4704 or Kemptvllle isa-aaw. 17300. COMFORTABLE - BED. room farm house and outbuild-ings. with hydro, pressure sys- ' tern and 10 acre, within 13 miles of Ottawa. 93.30O down, antra land available If required. North Power 49-3333 oner a. D. M. CAMPBELL ". -.". Bealtar. ' , .. It Alsseave 144 OLDER SIX-ROOM BRICK HOME inrc oeurooms. s-piwe w m i n tile floora up, kitchen, d I n I n l mom. Urea klvlna room. down. tile floora, good basement, gss heating, garage, excellent loca- lion. r-nce ew. ' BRICK BUNGALOW, TWO YEARS old, kllcnen wnn nming area, built-in stove living room, fuel fireplace, full baeemenl. excellent location. Price 91100 tsrma. Immedlata possession. PRIVATE SALE BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO Three-bedroom brick ranch-slyle bungalow. Attached garage: 1 JOU eo. ft. living area. Floor - to - celling Angelaton fireplace. Almost acre land-raped ground. NHA S's per cent mortgage. Good Invest, men! and attractive horn. Owner leaving city. Priced for quick flala. Ttlepnon WO- Ml or writ MM - M. SAKOVICH. " ' 7 SELENA AVENUE , 701 FUKS FC1 SAU AXD ILXT DAIRY FARMS. BUILDING LOTS. Gerald Morn. Heal Estate Broker. Telephone inetcaiie la. FARM PROPERTIES. H. D. p os pet. Broker. Dan uswsr. Ken more. Metcalfe lB. , S TILLABLE FARMS. 10 ACRES earn, for saw, ingewsr or esp-arete, with or without s S w I D- asent. Fully equipped. .44 head caitie. rig-ery. enwavn coop, good barn and partly furnished house.-- Apply noei nouimuer. Alfred. Ont, S0-ACRE, IDEAL LOCALITY, NO reaeeneoia offer reiuaoo. . aci now for lite nest nay in tne country. M. C. Osborne. RR No. 1, cardinal, ont ajl-4i.i. ISO-ACRE FARM. CLAY LOAM anil, paved road, bam 34 x 43 ft.. 31 head of cattle, tractor and all machinery, eight room home. . hvdro. Price 915.000 Terms. Irving H. Miller Ltd.. "Realtor.- Call Charles Heu v a I. RR No. 3, Brlnston, Ont. Wa also have good milk coo tr set farm. jersey cstiie. 37S-ACRE FARM 10 ACRES tillable: large brick house, mod- gift eon venlnceAaa good barstg, with ar without machinery. Will ell house separately. Central location, s milee Iron) Smith Falls. Apply Cecil Wright, .leaner. Ont. . Tslephone Toledo is-n-l-l. i . 710 (OnAGO FOI Sili . A ft MIT AGE LANDING. Sfl MILM, 3 laedroocm, .200 Untw. g2t- 09). GAT1NBAO RftER, IB MILES Hull. B aerea. 9 badrooma. fully furriUId, - equipped. Private. 74ga4m. . HUNDREDS Of WINTERIZED roiiagea. wimin 10 miiea central Ottawa. Havg provided good hoanea In country aettlnga. with low taxee, uaa a homa impfvve-ment loan to winterise. We have aeveral in the Cleneaal. Tenaaa. Larrlmac are, which ar Ideally autted to wlnkertse. Wa ran give ou an Idea of what sonvoreion cwta will be. Maclntyra Realtlea. HI-WI. ' LAKE BERNARD. S3 MILES rrom Ottawa, completely- equip- peo wun dook. aw-wii. LOT COTTAGE ON GATINEAU, fumiahed and roomy. Ramsay '1 r arm. near nurnette no, i. MISSISSIPPI LAKE S BED-roome. acraened porch, a a v y wiring, hot and cold water, 100 . ft. frontage. BB.500 cuh, I2B- asaa. SUMMER COTTAGE. SAFE waterfront, completely furnUh-i ed, 1 milea from Bmltha ralla, on aaag iaKa. wrut ru jfoii ua, Smltha ralla. Ont. For Coitsgci end Homtts With s Difference Visit ; CEDARW00D HOMES ' LIMITED 3735 Richmond Road1 . V (BtH Cornerai Ottawa BltVBI2t ' SiT"" $899. . , - . Terra --t r r All with beautifully finish. Interiors hi cedar panelling and 33c rn com for Collage and Homa Book. , PAN - ABODE MODEL COTTAGES FOR SALE ' Lares, 3 BtdrooititJ At Bi Discount' REGAN'S SUMAAER HOMES RIchmotK) Rd. at Athlon 729-0082' II nltnied Oh flesl CoiiNltni rr-1 1 WINTTRIEED COTTAGE. ABOUT 33 miles -from city.. Asking 4, ooa. Lar Osbarg, Broker,. 333' 3304 , NORWAY BAY 3-BKDROOM COTTAOE. WINTER- laed. 3-pieoa bathroom, large living-dining roam and kitchen, fully furnished, oil hest, gsrsgs, close la waisrtsrae icncso 101. Asking 39.000. Phono S3S-1301. 710A COTTAGES Ml !EII AT BEECHGROVK. QUEBEC, Aug. IS to Sent. 8. iCosy 3 bed- ; room, waterfrantvlumhlng. oil neater. Boat, sf ndy neaca 733-1 333. , ., , ;- AT CONSTANCE BAY.' fTl-nUhrd. 33 weekly. 711-0110. Aitr.VisTTspTrMP,Vrt is'miles" Waterfront Safe beach. Plumb ing. T3a-7I33. . ; AVAILABLE,-. CONSTANCE BAY, . near water, plumbing, electricity, hester. 721-701. Cold FORT A BLE , 3 BEDROOMS city convenience,, Larrlmac, available September. 17-2333. CONSTANCE BAY COTTAGE FOR rFIt sjar UI eVJMV. ars sl Is. COTTAOE S. 3-BEDROOMS, Buckham a Bay. 933 weekly. 739-033. CROW'S NEST COTTAGES. SHAR- bol Lake area, turnlsned. in door facilities, aafe sandy beach good fishing Weekends and weekly. . aia-annx. FULLY EQUIPPED TRAVEL Irailera for rent. Coon- your own. and enjoy home comfort -on your holiday. 433 Kent Street, .3J3-J971, alter . in- use. FURNISHED RIVERFRONT COT- tsgss. inside bathrooms, aafa. beach, a available from 19th on. Carp 14. or apply Shall Station, South March.. - HEATED. WELL FURNISHED, waterfront cottage, full bath. Carleton PIscs 343. HOUSE KEEPING COTTAGES. safe Band beach. Ideal for families, swimming, fishing, hunting. Maniwaki area. 7M-1991. Ottawa. - ' LAKE SIMON. WEEKLY . WEEK, and. Plumbing, lo cottages or win sacrum .for quick sals, i all. 443-MS4. j..jt. LAC SIMON, ICLECTR IC ALLY heated and equipped, well fur-I nlahrd, good safe beach, 40 - weeaiy. aja-eeol, lu-a. McGregor lake, water. front cottage, running water, electrically equipped. 4-3. 2-13- eiei. MODERN HOUSEKEEPING COT-tagesi, all conveniences, aafe beach, boats. Uncle Tom's, Mano- ,ick ,-epa-asJS. TRAVEL THE MODERN WAY. EN- Joy your holidays, all the while savs money. Rent a travel trailer. Apply Holiday Travel Trail ers, tone caritng Avenue. 7ZZ 4744, after 4 739-7199, 113-0430. 7101 COTTAGE LOTS KM SALE AVAILABLE ON LITTLE BfTOBI Lake, o x ISO, 35 each. Surveyed, safe sandy beach. hydro, paved road. Open year round. Lake w conoacled with over 30 mile of waterway. Easy verms, no. interest. X33-QS1. BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE LOTS. Lake Crosby. 7 34-O400 alter 7 BIG RIDEAU LAKES. SS MILES Ottawa, good road, hydro, excellent docking, cruising, water-, sports. 731-4104 after J. CHOICE LAKEFRONT LOTS ON Mississippi Lake, all year-round 40 mile from Ottawa off High way T. Hydro, terms. . Colber fihoras. T3-as. . COTTAGES AND LOTS. NEW b vcopmsnt. . t-anc Mcuiasnsn. Cood road. 41-4333. COTTAGE LOTS ON PRIVATE lake. 44 miles from city. Good fishing, gas-ia campaal! a Bay, ' Que. " COTTAGE LOTS PRIEST LAKE. 30 miles. Electricity, with cot- tage from 931 monthly. T7i 4014. LAKESHORB LOTS. INCLUDING large private point' on Pike Lake near Perth Well treed with ull . pines and birch. Wonderful view with good rnads. deed end survey eupplled. Frontage from go feet ' to 300 feet and priced from 4M up. Also, choice cottage plana available. Josephine Keays. Broker. xa7-37as. yertn. LARGE LOTS. LAKES OR rivers, SI monthly up. Literature, Keith Developments, 713- - 107. . , - . OTTAWA RIVER, 30 MILES EAST . of Pembroke, at head of cou- ionce Lake. Part of 400-cr - oetste. mile of clean, wide. safe esnd beach. 34 lot. 1A0 ft. beech frontage. 330 ' ft. or mere deep. Well treed. Hydro and good roads. Excellent hunting, fUhlng, swimming and boating Price 1 to 413 per foot frontage. G. E. Hooper, PO Box . IT. Westmeath. Ont. Area Code I3. telephone 347.3143. PLANNED SUBDIVISION OF cniiaae ion, at v. ,. . ...... 433 down and 933 per month till ' natd. No inter en enarges. ion- aria Permanent Trust Company, Realtor." Call John Downey 331-3791. evenings 749-033. waTs-nrnnNT urm on PATS teraon Lake. 30 muea nnnn ns Perth, a miles sast af Watson Comers. S3 and 910 Pr foot. Roly, Parsons. RR a. Lanark. . WATERFRONT PROPERTY ON THE MISSISSIPPI BIVF.R, close to the town of Carleton Place, sa acres, with over feat of well treed, picturesque river frontage. Ideal location for cottage development. Large open field . suitable tor buildings, sports, picnic ground, ate. Per-feet for eocial. religious, or ethnic organisations. One of the few choice location to b found For ' further information contact Bill Irwin, telephone 19. Carleton Place. Albert '- Oat Agencies Ltd., -Realtor." Just Discbvered Crosby Lake : 16 Miles West of Perth i , . ' . 75 Cholc watsrfront , lots, wll wooded, roada In. hydro gvgil-able, deed aupplisd. Come up this Sunday and at th- lake from our pontoon boat, " Turn aouth off Highway No. 7 at Glen Tay snd follow th signs to Crosby Lake. Thia la food property and I foing fL Four lots wert old last Sunday. Call ua collect or wrlrq D. A. Carson Realty Ltd. PERTH. ONTARIO . Dial 287-3443- or 267-1MI kAt-aW i o ex,, aOuavik. SMALL PRIVATE LAKE. 14 . miles psst Thurao. S10.000, naif cash. asJ-3533. 711 COTTAGES WANTED FARRELTON AREA. COMFORT- able lakeside colts,.;, ssoond nan August. Ml-asia. 7I1A USOKTS CONSTANCE LAKE LODGE COT- C Ugca for rent, boat. Tslephone Cerp 40-ll-2n. LAKE CLEAR VACANCIES hnusekeeping enttsges, boats, 1.-000 ft ssfs swimming beach spacious lawn, picnic tanlee, outdoor fireplaces, lentln grounds Rrssonsble- Write Koran s Lodgs, RR a. Eganvllla. 712 BUSINESS OPPOIffllNIIIES AUTOMOBILE- SHOWROOM. OF f Icea, equipment, itrateaio o r- , ner. laia sutnx. tja-iwii. HAWKE8BURY. GROCERY store, showma annual turn- over of 4143.000. Asking pries 914.300. Leo Brule, Real Estate Broker, 733-3344. evenings 713- 437. HULL. HARDWARE. GOING CON corn, established recently, excellent location, parking. Reason for selling ill health. 777- Mm. 771-aiao, HOTEL ANn RESTAURANT equipment itnd supplies. O 1 Bar nd rixturas, 7U nomeraei wesi. i;as-siss UirutNE SHOP. 91 IRVING Avenue, building, machinery, stork and tools, health 7W-1104. 74S-7741.S NOCAPITAL NEEDED. M R sVA T opportunity for. anyone interested In starting own business. Store plus living qusrters. 333- Bf7U, eveninga ads-ossa. SHOE RIPAIlt SHOP FOR SALE. After . 77t-ia SMALL REST HOME. INCOME IS -approximately 4IO.A00 par an. num. fully furnished, full to cspacily. Selling due to Illness. Letter reply only... Box-4S, Journal. . , anr-r ice cream machines. electric freese. new and used. C. Marcoux, .77l-eoi. . , BOMEO'S ,z.;v. . Smeke Shop ' 414 Rides St. ." DEAL, FAMILY BUSINESS. good lease. Call Vera Be bee for details. 333-4311 or evenings 731-3437. Royal Trust ".Realtor. SHEET MUSIC DEPT. . FOR SALE. A LARGE OTTAWA sheet music department to the right Person or store. Pre, owner' closing out department due to other commitments, in ventory up to data with gaod ; trade to achoola, inetltutlons and teachers. Reply to Box JC-333, Journal. MB. HAMILTON Stltuvllle I-1JS-IH9 . Write Bell's careers, Bex 1 - 3904. VARIETY STORE, RESTAU- Tsnt, confectionary, gaa pumps. .plus bungalow with full be-. ment, all this and room for motel. Only kit, 000. Just 7 mile from city 3939. CO-UNIT MOTEL. LARGE f rantaae. modern dining room. axccllent home, electric heating. air conditioned, larse family units, swimming pool. Ask about it. This one I different 39SO. 80.ROOM L1CEN8ED HOTEL. lounge scats 170, men room sate 300, building completely renovated. Thl excellent properly Is really priced to eell. Albert Oale Agencies Ltd., "Real- tor," 72S-4SB1. THQS. SHIPMAN LTD. REALTOR IIU'Bank (L 711-t7l - open Evening TUI spas. WEBT END. TWO SUPBSUOR' - styled six-unit apis., ana-bed room kpta.,- hot water i heat, good parking. HMMlerat- down pay fnont, Invesligste thl ideal Investment. ROCKINGHAM AT BANK. Reduced iajKK commercial lot. 40 a IM plus two-etorey gaa heated nriek home with garage. SUNNYS1DE AVE.. 91.3O0 DOWN. terrific buy, .parlous equipped nrick triplex, immedlata pnsiss - slon. double far. re. HIGHWAY 31. GOLDEN OPPOR tunlty, lx-cra motel elte. with deluxe operating, equipped restaurant, two large apts, service station, hardware store, going concern. Asking 9M000 down. . ALTA VISTA. THREE MODERN quipped three bedroom brick duplexes, nice grounds, lower rent SIM. . THOMAS SHIPMAN LTD. "REAL. wr.-' open evenings nil . 933. 171. ' - . . - . ... NURSING HOME ' ; , v ' OPPORTUNITY , -: Busy absentee owner hai large ' 14-bed room hotel, 1 miles from Ottawa. Hss large dining room. Would avak excellent nursing homo or hotel for senior rlttgens. Will rent entire kulMlng earn plua hest. taxes and Insurance. Only those able to make 91.000 or collateral deposit aa rental security need apply. Apply to ,' L. KAPELLER, Winchester, or H. BESSIN " S Michael St., Ottawa 713 FnAICIAl CONSTRUCTION AND CONVEN tlonal loans. Qualified apprais ers, ktawior iteaity, Limited vs-vevi. t . CURRENT MARKET RATES ON Isl and Snd mortgage, residential, commercial, city or nut of 'town. Private fund. Box E-430, FIRST CONVENTIONAL MORT- se mans eveuanie. BOUrque nrfgsge Placement Agency, -'7J Cork Avenue. 73jl-Mi. 333- WIU, BUY AND LEND Itrnxn mortgage. H. J. Dunn. 719- OfSO. 1ST AND 1ND , MORTO A G I loan. I will buy mortgagee 01 lend money on them. Mnntoro 311 Llagsr Street, 831471 or 7.73-971. - t FIRST AND a SECOND MORT-gage for aal. Box 1-44, Jour nal, , MOBTOAOB LOANS ONE 31', MORTOAOE, ONE & low monthly payment. First or second mortgage, mortgsges bought, loans an all types of properties- at low currant rales. phon 73I-S740; evening 733.1 0-r.i. nsiionai 4-spiuu immu . menu. CONSULT Ottawa's Largest Arrangers of "MORTGAGE LOANS Tor all Industrial, commercial an resloentlsl mortgsging ro qulremenl by eallnuj GLENVIEW INVESTMENTS .' . (Otuwai Umlted 77 Metcalfe St 236-9193 ,-LOOK ere M til CHOOSE YOUR 6WN MOIfTsTLY rspaytnenss on ru-ss asm r. inartgags at no axtr ot to you. If ihl euggeet g talutlaa yourself wslcom break. Call f-va-nsea Company. 3-DAY SPrCIAL ON . '' 83 13 MORTGAGES ONLY 4 ONE MORTGAGE ONI LEGAL FEE S ON PAYMENT THE ONTARIO LOAN & DEBENTURE CO. n Mctcalf 233.7741 714 WASUtOIISESFia. AUG. i OR SEPT. 1. 4X 84). . ft., a entrance, loading 9 444. 44744. 744-0174. . . 14.00 SQUARE FEET OF WARE-house space, on Queenadal. Blossom Park, 3 acres of parking if required. TS cent pr square foot net. CE4-0444. 144 TO I1.M SCJUABS PSST AVAILABLE CITY CXMTM. L0 rated less than ono snUa from . - Parliament . Hill. nerth of Quaanaway. rsaluriag railway ; siding, sprlnklerad, watchnun, free parking. Clearance 14 to 17 feet, with your own front door and IdeaHftottlon. Rental from S3 net. City Centra Ds- ' velopment . (Ottawol Ltd, 331-8343. Evenings Lawrence Fresd. - . man 721-9334; Jarvla Fraadm 133-asit. . . 101 AUTOS FOt SA11 ALLSTATE LIFE, AUTOMOSrU. homa tnsuranca, month ry naye menu. Charles MsBrtda, CESe .menu BARGAIN. 1939 VAUXH ALL. 9900, d-dmr. very goad e a d t-tion, cream, no rust. Jennings ni-HII daytime. ' BEST OFFER OVER 8844 OETS immacuisi iswa llllllfl Vslianl. 7U-3130. BUICK 111. ROADMASTER sc-dan, auinmstie, newt Urea, radio, excellent running crmdrrioit, . one owner. Ideal car pool transport, t ion for college stud eats. Best offer. 733-3837. BUS.- '1890 VOLKSWAGEN, EX eel lent condition. 48 hp. roeeodl- s tioned angina reeently bistalted. , Wa hkva purchased g new Velse-wagen Window Van aa must sell ; our old -on. 91.073. 733-4473. CADILLAC lM SEDAN. GOOD condition, 723-7110. CHEVROLET 1958. AUTOMATIC. 8 cylinder, ' original condition, like new, low mileage. 138.7303. CONVERTIBLE, PONTIAC. 144 custom sport, runy 713-1114 evening. DIPLOMAT. 183 FORD FALCON, axccllent erauilttaev, Only 4 .so mile. 338-4338. ENVOY. 188, GOOD CONDITION. 8383. Call after 1. 713-34H. EXCELLENT RUNNING CONDI-lion, 1934 Volkswagen, bus type, 194 plataa. 8131. 744-4177. FOR THE BEST DODGE DEAL IN town call Lea Saul!. 711 9918. INSURE YOUR CAB WITH 8s. Norman Mcr.rlans, CE3-43e4- JAGUAR. 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN, 4-spesd atandard trsiusnlssisa, Bucket aeats. Excellent eon 41 tloo, garg. PAa-8788. . . $595 -$795 r 70 e 188 vauxhall I f''v" cylinder, sedsa. ragla, , hestar. , ti ' 70 14 DODOS eaaca. r yyj rsdls. heater. , ' $695 ZSJ?""'-. tiOK 1897 PONTIAC esdin, "PW7 sutometic transmis. Han, radl. . . $595 ''tar''011 k' ' tCOC 1898 ' V A UK MAU,' Super sedsa. bee lar. , AT CABELDU'S Your Authorised tuick, . Pontlac, Acadian, Vauxhall and GMC Truck: Dealer . , ALBERT st BANK , 2354371 MIDSUMMER' .t DISCOUNT ;" SALE On new snd uaed ears 1 Continues to Aog.15: Buy Now it ' Fall Prices ' " AD uaed can - -thoroughly reconditlooad 100 WARfUNTY ON ALL LATE MODEL USED CARS - ' Top Trade-in Allowance . 1 Optnuntuiipm. evfinini, durlni this Ml . , Gordon Johnson ; : Motor Sales " Your Cbryaler, Plymouth, -; ' ValUnt Dealer 1150 HANK : I 237-243t)

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