The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
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PAGE TWO. THB DAIL.Y UUURIEK, CONNEijL,aVll,L.Jil, FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 191S I.i'. rations have been issued for the : former left with the draftees from i tiiirtPcn'th annual reception of the j Connellsrille for Camp Lee, Poters- itasoaic aaociation to be held-Friday I burg. Va., while the latter left Cor the | .-evening, February "22,'in tbe.Masonie'i same camp with tbo .UcKeesport j ~_tp£ple. - Smith Pittsfcurg 5t'jeet .In i quoto.- Guests at the supper were'rel- j '-honor of; Washington's birth'day. To iatives and friencts of the family Mrs.; ' coDform r with thfrjre.".ent-'la7\condl- j Cutter-was formerly Miss Reshen- j tions'-The committee in charge' fl«cid- , berg.' ed to dispense with Die annual ban- At the regular meeting of the Ladies' I quet and have the cdabratlon. in the j Circle No. 100, to the William F. Kurtz j form-of'a.patriotic nunibn: George' 'Posl No. 104, Grand Army ot the Re-, Rankin, Jr..' of: WjlHnsbUTg. will (public, held yesterday afternoon in speak on ".Masonic Duty". Following I Odd Fellows' hall, tickets for the Bale! "~tte~address"cards ana'daicing-will be lot a handsome quilt presented tho cir- | the-'amusements. A buffet luncheon | dp by Mrs.) Mary Springer, were dis- , w f l f b a served. The committee on ar- jtributed "among" the members. The' quilt 1$ on exhibition in a window of Uie-'W. X Leone store. The proceed I are for the benefit of the circle. The rangeraents is composed of Robert - Xorris. chairman; John- L. Evans, John \V. McClaren, Alex. B. Hood, - Eugene T."Norton; and William D. -Me- ; meeting was weil attended. Ginnis. Eugene T. Norton, chairman: Ralph C.. Beerbower, "William R. Long, Stanley P. Ashe, ohn A. Armstrong, The annual concert of the F. 0. M. , a , class of the Methodist Protestant Samuel- R.' Goldsmith, William R! I church will be hold Friday evening. | Eowdonrsankey XT. -tfetzler, Samuel I March 1. in the church. The pro-1 N. Oftonrn, Ross S.-Matthews,. Clyd-e ceeds arc tor U 10 benefit of the church Most Old People .Are Constipated. Dr. CaldwelFs Syrup Pepsin is a combination of simple Iaxa 7 tive herbs with pepsin, gentle in action, and especially adapted as a remedy for elderly people, women and children. It is the standard family remedy in countless homes. Sold by druggists everywhere for 50 cts. and SI.00--two sizes. A trial bottle can be obtained, free of charge, by writing to Dr. W. B, Caldwell, 457 Washington St., Monticello, Illinois. "Weihe, "William E. 'Crowe. Karl C. ^loore, Louis P. McCormicli. Francis II. Richey, Jr., Sar»Ui_-i G. Zimmerman and .WilHara 0. Scboonover, compose the. reception committee. A unit to the Charleston Comforts Branch of the Navy l^eague will meet Monday night at the home of Mrs. Stanley Morris In Eighth, street, street. Greenwood. 10 Unit for the · sailors. The" unit' is composed of Greenwood knitters. .Mrr and Mrs. Harry E. Schencfc cn- ' tertalned. the/IXTI cliib last_ evening at their.come. in. East Green- street. . Five.iablcsL.-ffere utilized and. following- the "games- prizes _ver« awarded Mre.'TFaKer Schenct and John M. Young. Luncheon, vas served. Mrs. J. W.' Cogley of Braddoefc and Mrs. Charles" Bailey -were guests. Mr. and Mrs. "Walter Scaenclt will entertain the club Thursday evening February 28. at their home ia South'Pitts- burg. street. _ building fund. The Cort-cclli Fancywork club will be entertained tonight by Miss Pearl Thorn at her home iu Eighth street. Greenwood. The regular meeting of Friendship Temple, No. 25, Phythian Sisters, was held yesterday afternoon in Markeil hall., William McCnrmick was the yinner of a handsome centerpiece sold for the benefit of the lodge. The regular" meeting of (he H. O. class of.the United Brethren church was held last evenlns at the home of Mrs. Blackburn, the class teacher. At I the conclusion of the business meeting delicious refreshments were serv- An interesting meeting of the Worn- ! an's Home and Foreign .Missionary' societies of the Trinity Lutheran church was held last evening at the l home of Mrs. S. G. Kimmorman in , East Green street. The monthly Bible ' Center- HXMt OX HIT USED AS AtteUJUUC.1' TO GET A. POUND OF SU6AB. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 15. A story is going the rounds of a local man who resorted to a holdup bluff to get a pound of sugar and succeeded. "I'm sorry but I don't have any," the grocer is reported to have answered to the customer's request .. for a pound of the cane or beet pCoduct "My children are sick and -I must have some. If yon flon't want to lose your head, "hand Jt over,' the story says the customer shouted back, at the same time reaching to his hip pocket. At tho warlike move the grocer hurriedly made up the pound package. "Whether a revolver really was concealed has not been divulged. STORM DAMAGE TO BEL TELEPHONE SYSTEM $200,090 ^ the "Whist club ruary --, a ^ street. Tht L : Friday afternoon, Feb- ner home in East Green · The regular business meeting of the Christian Endeavor society of the First Presbyterian chnrch. which was subject tor study. 'Toe Road of Strong Hearts.' from the fourth chapter of "Missionary Milestones." was in charge of Mrs. E. B. Burgess. Four new members, Mrs. Lillian Fnuchej-. Mrs. Oscar Daoielson. .Mrs. Helen Curren and Mrs. Jacob Bengel, were re- rielay !n Arriviil of Iiiomi- Makes it "weSMU7. Collector of Internal Revenue C. Q. 1 neglected, and by Saturday. Lewellyn has issued the following! [ rons innhe city were OMI- more cmi- . . . . -Jved. At the close of the business ,,,,i em »nt relatlr., to the collection o f ' "c 01 " 1 ' nnd t n p work: was he-Ing pimh- to have been held tonight, has ^e" 1 meeU ng a social meeting was held and ^nZ tLes i* 1 l n l h c TM"' dl!;tricls The B " refreshments were served by a com-; -Because of the unavoidable delay i company's dMelnnmpnt in the section C o n t i n u e d £rorr. FaEre On-i. I j g'an to arrive. The Pittsburg and j Philadelphia warehouses of the c-om- ; pany were kept busy loading ranle, ·wires and oth»r lelcphono material! into thp stations, and in a ivry' short space of time «·! rei"l« "f ralrtp (about 60,000 ieet). a million and a. ball fept of tu'is* wire and. .VvjOO pounds of bare copper wire had arrived. Too much cannot IIP said of the: excellent cooperation of the express, companies, whopt- willing aid did so' much to rush the much needed supplies." "The linemen n-orked ^Ifadily from ' daybreak until dark and by Thursday night service to Scoltdalc had been . rebtored; by Thursday, Connellsvillt*. and Uniontown again hart telephone' connection. By the eud of tlie week. ' communication to all surround ng : points was rc-ePtablished. While f b p I!ln.nk8, long d^stanc^ lines were bring rc- ! paired, the local subscribers vreri 1 not all pa- Here's the shoe opportunity of the season. If you have bought Shoes at any of oui previous sales, you have certainly been waiting for this announcement--the chance t save your Shoe money by spending it. You don't need any explanation--you know what to expect. You know that yon cai buy a pair of the Best Shoes made for less than they are worth. So much less teat man; of our patrons buy two, three and sometimes four pair at one time. Prices Are Cut The profit and in many instances, a large portion of the cost of the Shoes is sacri need. Better come early while lines of sizes are full. and Lasts for 10 Days. No Approval and Strictly Cash. Just note the inducements we offer, can you possibly save as much, money so easil elsewhere? 50 pairs Women's Snoes, ?2.00 and $3.00 values, at -- 100 pairs "Women's Novelty Shoes, in all colors and combinations, $6.00 to $8,50 shoes, at 50 pairs of Women's Tan Rubbers at Men's Dark Tan. Cordovan and Dark Tan Cordo Call Lace Shoes, QJQ rjf $10.00 and $12.00 values, at tpO. C fJ 500 pairs Women's Shoes, in dull leathe: patent leather and tan leather, $·1.00 to $6.00 shoes, at 100 pairs Women's fine Shoes in gre; buckskin, black vamp with white kid an silver cloth tops, $9.00, ' @K *?F $10.00 and $10.50 shoes, at .._ «pOo^!t All Misses and Children's High To Shoes, One Fourth Off Jieg-ular Trices. One lot of Men's $4.00 and ?5.00 values, at For Real Values in Shoes See Our Window Display. Crowley-] 113 "VT. CBAWFOKD ATEKUE, COXXELLSVILLE, P, postponed to Monday evening o'clock. at 8 ; 'Washington's Biythday anniversary will be designated as Soldiers' Mothers' Day by the cotomittee of women in charge of the organization being formed by mothers of 'Western Pennsylvania soldiers. A patriotic mass meeting_has been arranged for Friday afternoon!--FeTiniary' 22,""at 2 o'clock in Memorial hall, Kttsburg, to m- able-one-mother with" a son at Camp ·Lee or'elsewhere to meat the mother of some other boy who is probably bunking^at the same tent. "T3£f. Q'. M. clans of the Methodist mlttee composed ot Mrs. Zimmerman.' j , he pr , para! i on ot rorrOB and rexu-, surrountos l'°'°otown is rttrcmoly Mrs. D. K. Artman. Mrs Charles L. . , atlons , orV , he aiceis p t o f l ( b lux and h«"T ·»« t b e i m r . , rang, ail tho way Work and Mrs. Joseph Artzman. PERSONALS. Miss Bather Goodman and hence in "he preparation of the reJitt- ! ed forma and regulations for returns Isaac Jsaac Goodman say "Doing Their Bit." at the Alvin theatre. Pittsburg yesterday. TMr Incomo to afford taxpayers a j ; and in order necessary period for tho preparation 'of returns after receiving the forms The big chief said go to H. and we did; haye you svca the crowds nt our big sale? Brownell's,--adv--15-lt. Have you. gotten those ta.o lace shoes yet'fof your little jrirl' 7 If not ·, rvrwr,.? qhn-' o* v, tu" calendar year or of a fiscal year, end ixywus' Snoe Storr; have them now. from on* 10 lii mills'. However, by 1 dint of strenuous effort, the lapt of them was rworc*i to ?or\%ff by the · ; following Saturday. ' "Th'- toll line work wns of a ne-, tcosflity oC a temporary nature. The' |permaaeu( work IB now going on and PNEUMONIA B First cofl a physician. Then begin, hot applications of-- ' w i l l probably N 1 completed within the are to be madr on °' ' h ' J Sizes 10 to 2.--A.dv-34-3t. Mrs. F. T. Evans and son. Charles, went to Pittsburg today. . . Protestant Sunday school will meet j. "Women's rubbers, 49c. Brownell's toni|ht at tie home of William Sidfles-;_ 3dVi _ 15 .j t _ in Greenwood. Th« Cttrward class will j · TJ,,, be3t rlacc to shop after a]] meet tonight in the church. · Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Mrs. C. B. Carson of South Connells- Bended " The annual Institute o£ the Worn- j vl |] e j s spending the day In Pittsburg.' a n d 2633 -" Just "think of it. women's J8.00 ; Missionary association of the Allegheny branch "of the "United .Breth- shoes for ?4 67, at our big sale. Brow- ren church will be held Thursday eve-J nell's.--adv--25-1L ningin the United Brethren chnrch at j. xjsses' and children's rubbers. 50c. Scoudale. " ' ^ ^ **"" is Mrs. G. B. Leonard of the local society. wJH speak on "The-Value of the Missionary Church," ' _ Society to the Brcnrnell's.--adv.--15-lt. Mrs. J. W. Copley o£ Braddock the guRat of Jrrs cb ar | es of Vine street. · .. j j v 'W^ra its a matter of selling them , train buckled on th« Pittsburg Mrs. J. .7. Thompson attended the cheap weVc got .. , cm ., a l j gtlK . sins ^^ h u m Dlckorson Run celebration of the 2ith birthday anm- .Browncll's.-- adv.-- 15-lt. of the IVomen's Press club Downs' Shoe Store sale on Women's anri regulations, the time for returns due after October 16. 1917. Bna ; , wo monihs Tbp con5Uuctloa on or before March 1. whether theyj bctWK , n L - n | on t own an(i Poltu M a n o n ( i s being handlfrl br a force of sp\on crews under Ibc leadership of Coa- ed Curing 1817, Is hereby extended to alruc i lon Foreroa ,i George McCord; April 2. 1918. (between 1/nionIon-n and Scottrtak'. So far as this extension applies to,rj,ptnct Forcaiau Pick is working tho returns of corporation- to be made! with three crews, ar-.rf Ihoro arc four on the basis of n fiscal year otlisr than j crewp on Ihc job lietwt-en Scoticialc th" calendar year. It amends tho pro- and fonnclliulle hearted b (.'011- visions-of Treasury decision 2561,, as.siniclion Poie-man Vonderau. l.arije .Treasury decisions 261ft i supplies of polps \vi;i bo nece.ssary for ; (his, and arrangements have beon . . imade for spatial f h i p m e n t s from nuni- orous points in West Virginia Pennsylvania "The telcplione offlcials predict t h a t l IIP ni-xt florin ivhiijli touches [bi.i locality w i l l not wreck the havoc ol the lafit, .is pJaiL are being mad? to rf- FREIGHT TRAIN BUCKLES trakemui £Jas Xarrotr K^cajie in Wreck nt Dickorsoii Knn. Crowley i \ brakotna.n named Long narrow.-1. Ul «UVULU.£LtI UtllMIAJ. J_,ULlg Lliti I U W ~ , , . , . IT escaped Injury when a fast freight · pla " ' e .°'" ° Iwn w l r e clrcmt3 b(1 - fj v.uh,» t . vu ...j j u*. », -- o t-w-nnn [ , n innmii'Ti n-nA cr^.^, . . ! ,, ! ,, :. . versary held yesterday _ in McCreery's, Pitts- ; shoes at ?2 .95 is ?till going on. These burg. The celebration was In the ^u wg ^ G good shoes for evepjr da ^ v . form of a "yarn luncheon,'* WGar or t i re9fl _- ni0 5 l ] y a n p a t ea "t Mrs. ChaiJes Cutter gave a supper Sunday evening at ner home at V.Tieeler in honor of her brothers, Herbert and .Fred. Reshenberg. The leathers.--Adv-l 4-3t. Mrs. Isaac Colbert, who Is HI Brownell's.-- raiir comfortable. healthy? welHo-do rjei^ibor uses INSTANT POSTUM instead, of coffee. Ever ask Mm the H reason? Might be worth whiie~«specially if you are one of those with whom coffee "There's a Reason" paralysis at her home at East Liberty, is getting along nicely. Por the best and cheapest repairs on that roof, conductor or spontfrng, aee F. T. JErans.--Adv. Men's rubbers, 75c. adv.--15-K." You'll never got another opnort.un- iry to buy shoes at prices we are selling them. BrowneH's---adVr, 15-lt, ?vTrs. Klla Johnson was tho guost of friends In Unfnntown yesterday. Boys' rubbers, f*5c. BroKnelVa-- adr.--15-lt. "W'ompn 1 .^ black kid and patrnt leather vatnps. vhltc kid top, lace ^Iioes; J5.50 values for $3.50. BroT*-- nell's--adv. 15-lt. " * | 3fiss Adrfcnne BnipAon of Jobnftton .1 arenue, ' visit her land Mrs. J. Whitney Soisson. yards !a.sL evening anil the car on i which he was riding was overturned | and demolished. Fortunately for Txmg he ran to th? end of the car be- , [ore jumping. Otherwise he woulrf ' probably hare been buried in the · o^ i debris, railroad men say. He esi unhurt. The train had stalled and Lhc engineer backed for another start. Ahead were several cars loaded with limestone and the pressure rep-ulted in tnc lighter cars in the center buckling. The eniptieR and. an ore car wer£ also wrecked. The accident happened at 5 o'clock and it near midnight when the irreckage was removed. tween Uniornown and Scottdalc* wim a biKli grad? *-abln cap-ablo of v - i t h - rtandinp any twist or ihf olcin^ntc. This cable will cost morn than ?]25.000 and the work on it will bo started at once. "The Rost u tbf company of tho re- consiructfnn of the p l a n t , rlosrroyrrt j by tho p-torm. will be m the netghbor- ,hoorl of $200.000--but tho oxrvondUur,' ! of this m crapy would have b-^cn in vam if it had net been for the u n t i r i n g effort* of the men on tho job." BANISH CATARRH FOOD CONSERVATION CAMPAIGN DRIVE IS TO START SUNDAY OH. P. II. SHERRY Will bo Here itn IVi'duesduy and Saturday. Ji is- now time to drop in .11 the Fecond Nat'Onal Bank building and hae this chiropractor examine you Had Uill you ivby you urc Kick. Dr Cherry will bo in Connellsvillo every \\"e«l(ifsday and S a t n t d a y . hours 10 A. M. to S P. .M , both j)iiones. Don't jul I L otT for this doctor w i l l only be vnth j oil for a few months and thon he will i nswer the country's call. niwtric treatment, iu iht 1 von-' latt^i form rhiropracnr by ;i man who has 'IK*cia3ir.ed for thr last jsix years in tins work. Also broken arches ad- ;u-iled and properly corrected. All of i h o following i3iea?c« corrociori. .Vo 'Iru^T or surgery at Uii? office. Uright's disPii^e and dialvtos, scialica, i-auirrh of ;he nose aiul thront. obe.s- :tj*, cnnstipation and intestinal iliir: nrderh, t i \ c r trouljlos. I»J]PS, anto-irj- i ox leal ion, chrome headacl'-^j-. rheu- 'iiatisiu, neuritis, nervous firntikdn^n , clir orders, go it or. en dilation 'hst'.irbancos, luph Irtood pressure, brokrn Tool arch, 1'ing rondjuons ( i n the oitrly singes o n l y ) , curvature of the ppnif, gallstones, nppondjcuis. p u t e r i n e disorders and lo-ui troubles i of tnf i 7i and women of all ages. Thr ' can in of children's diseases lias benn ', removed by ;his doctor after all other methods of treatment hud failed. See him Wednesday nt his office in t b v Second .Valioim! Bunk Building. Tor ran call his residence in Uniontown for special appo.ntmcnt. - Adv. FUJST J^ SIX This i? positively our last sale on Fall Cloaks, Suit* Dresses aad'Skirts. One rack of Coats, Suits and Dresses. $2.95. The material in these garments is \vorth more tha three times the selling price. One lot of Skirts values to $5.5 f at $1.50. T H K STOIlF.i AHKAP." BITTKRK'K is a presenpnon coinnouiHi^d i-\pre?ty a;:d only for i h r icliei of s diseases. It i» mvalualdo l u v t l i ' i r e u i n i c n i of oc/eina in its \ a i i forms and is i n t e n d e d to dcstio; Uiu u t / ' i n a jiornis. £c\ ins vhich m\i piy very rap'dly and aro st.uterrd over ihe !;ody. "J'LLTC are scve specifs of ee.:t.'[rta i;oniis (Ui'-ismg ih s(\oiai diseases k n o w n as eczc- ringworm, d n n d r u f f , itch. vti 1 . (.In* 1 i l u ^ rt'inet.! a f a i r tiiid honest t and an impro\ ement may lu- expeciod wilh t h e first, aiiplicmion an continuant ^ of us use according i" direction? v j l l g i \ c \oii outire ?a ina L A l G I l l t K l DHL'Ci flreathr- llromel for Two M I n u l e * ntid StadtMl Ki» Hrnd Will G-( KrUcf. f t 'you want to Krt rollpf from en.- tarrfi. cold in th P h«sad or from irritai- present some fact's of conditions Continued from Pagrr One. j i=-irator of Pennsylvania In his proclamation Administrator Hc.n?, will coQfch In the shortest t i m e h r e a l f i c :, ha^ gon« to Cleveland. 0.. to ] Hyoroai ?r .brother and sister-in-law Mr u w ' flt cicfin oui yflUl ' h * B! i n two - ' minutes and allow you to breathe frec- DOB AH PASTOR the Tres- ROT, .T. Tf. Wilson bjierinn To Rev. J. "\V. WilsoQ, pastor of the First Presbyterian church at Dunbar. i has tendered his reslgnation^to take j effect Sunday, at which time ;t will lie ! rormally accepted by the church o£D- . cals. Rev. "WUson has ocen pastor of [ the church /or the past five years, l coming to Dunbar fronj Ohio. Pro- ! "ious to his appointment the church j ·was TTlthout a paaior £or several years. Efforts -will be made to secure a new t pastor. Rev. Wilson will probably remain at Dunbar until he is called to a new charge. Hyomct w i l l end a cold in nn* day, it w i l l relievo yon of r l i s p n s t l n p s n u f f l e " , h a ^ - k i n p f , ^ E i t t l n t ? and offensive breath i-i a week . H y o m p i ia miidc chiefly from n soothing, h o a l l n f f . sorrn k i l l i n g a n t i s e p t i c , t h a t cornea from the e u c a l y p t u s forests "C i n l a n d Australia w h f t r e catarrh .as- r h m a anrt consumption wer« never k n o w n :o exlsrt. Hyomei In p l c a f i a n t n.nrt fasy to Urea the. J u s t p n u r a few drops i n t o t h e hard r u b b e r i n h a l e r , use as dlrect- "'1 and r c l i t f IB a l m o s t c e r t a i n . A c o m p l A t t Hyomei o u t fit, i n c l u d t n e ; i n h a l e r anri one b o t t J c of H y o n i f l . costs nut l i t t l e r-l d r u g c r l f f t a cvprva-lirrc and .it A. A. Clnrkp's. Tf ;--OTJ mrcnily n w n an I n h a l e r you can pot an extra bot- lle of Hyomei a.t druggists. abroad that may siart'e many Amor- Icann who have not studied the situation. He will toil what caused tho Italians to ho flung hack in a disorganized mob retreat from the monn- tain peaks tboy had won after two yearn of fighting, and what caused Russia to announce her withdrawal Is Rain- Horn at !hc Homo oV Well Eviuiwn Daw son {,'uaph-. M i . and Mrs. K. J. 1. Momingbtar. i J i o n n n c i H rpbidcni^ if · Daw son, a-u ·ooei; ing congraiulations upon thv birth o)' a son yesterday. .Mr. and .Mrs MormngFtar w c i e married nine years ago and the new arrival is tho lirst philrl in t h e family. Hoforo her marriage Mrs. Mornir.£- «.rar WP.R Miss Daisj Huston, d a u g h t e r of Mrs. ivli Huston of Davsson, ;unl a sister oT Mrs. J. 3^. Coehrp.i} of tln.i i city. The proud f a t h e r is bookkeeper from the war. The panic proclamation- j n the First National bank of Daw son. will be read at every Suiulaj .school '· in the state by 10,000 men and women! BKEtJiS who v.ill he appointed to represent ! ,, ?fcw Car Inspector. William Curry of Cincinnati has accepted a position as car inspector with the Pittsburg Lake Eric railroad i company at Dickerson Run. He takes' vanians r,f the need for savin; vrho Administrator Heinz. The bishops of all six Roman Co tho- ' lie dioceses in Pennsyivania, by siring unqualified approval to the drive association, have organized its Full Ca'hoJles, while the he-ads of ail the Protestant churches, together with the, Pennsylvania State Sabbath School \ EtctYcr -Sdifiyn «u-I Injun-d by f u l l on t h u UT. Join tho Slaccahees. , At a meeting ot Yough Teat of the i t h a place of H- C ' Cable I Knights of the Maccabeea last enjoins i transferred to the car shops. '.four members were Initiated. They' " [were Russell Darnell, John Lenhart, { Special Dance .llondnj Xfehf. | Richard Welsgerber and Howard At Jacques, Markeil hall. Klferle's | Frankenberry. | orchestra.--Adv.--15-a. Miss- Gladys Miller, riauglittir of Mr. iuu\ Mr* Ji 13. M i l ' . L i , ! Kr-jfcrr. -P conljiicd 10 h'"r horn' 1 with fvai.'.urcd collr.r lujne, suffered Sani'iay \\ Jen i she slipped on ibe ice wlult: on her ,,«.. home from Brior n i l ' , where she association Has organized its luli^,. e mplO vod r.s bookkeeper i:i a store, strength to make its part in the drive ' g! , p W l l l not be ab]e l(J reilUn)p hcr a vital factor. Leaders of the Jewish' iv . ork for buve ra.l weeks. faith similarly have promised to dn _, . all in their power u advise Pcnn^yl-! Don , L w a u uruit your b , 0od OUVKK P. HOOD. Oliver P. Hood, 60 yours ohl, flipii yosf-rrtay at his !inm" 'n rnt.shtn^. Deteasi'd was Iwirn ai \V^si N o t i o n and locareri m rittsbnrg m I'-'S'i. re- .sidinc there siurr. He \\ab- a momhr-r o'" t h e Masonic loilqo. 1!^ witim\, Vr* Alice frolls Hcvod. nvn bi other;-, Samvel .md James Hood, boiii of !.;iy' 'on, and pr,( ?(sit'r. .Mrs. KiJK;i^( s ih Vmccm of iMiinhton SIM \i\oj.. ' * S^RAH ANN-A KKFFKJi. I Sarah Annit Kof'or. Hi m o n t h s nld. (lauKlncr wf Mr. and Mis. C'nrnnc.' \\\ Kefffr of near 1-oir-eni mi; No. -. died tins morn-ns. noon ai 1.:*o Punoni'. Sunday 'clock from '' ii"i' ci mom ile f.nnilv I':H]\ FINE Musterole Loosens Up Th Stiff Joints--Drives Out F You'll linov? \vhy thousands use tc-roie once you experience the gl lief ic gives. Get c jar at osce from the n dnis store. It ia a clear., white oinl made with the oil of mustard, than a mustard plast-er oiid doe blister. Erin-3 ci;c c^d comfort it is being rul bed o-I dcLtors and nurses. !\':iilions of ja used ai'JiuaUy for bror.cliitis, crouj nc.-k. csihtna, r.euraisia, pleurisy, maiisrc, lumbago, pans and aches back or jnir.ts, Ecrains, sore mi bru:s«s, chilblzins, iroslcd feet, cc ·- tile chest (:t cten prments pnetm 30c and 6'Jc jars; hospital size S2.i food. MAN K N I T S SttFAT'.'H. Wilttan) lc('«iH' Kits Honor of Ilnni; I'irst nl IhinMtii. \v;i):aui Mc'^mo bp.o i h o (hf-hnciion of beiiiB Hi? first ]Jaw:,or. man to knit is im- a M'"rnlri Tor me ·-oldier bo ?. ip-iverishod a::d you are sick and ail- completed our -.liis wc-.'k ami ttirr.od · j u g , take Hollister's Rocky M o u n t a i n . " OV(?I ' lo tlle om.nntoc. Tirins.jit Bnchirvod JI«mi. Tpa n o w ; it will d r i v e out the germ? Others are talking of gr'.nr.g busy, Jtr. and Mrs. B. R. Baer of r.oa'. of Winter, purify the stomach, re^u- ·!' '·« said Rockwood ate iho piourt p;rent: ol . !ate the bowels--naturo s spring twin girls. Mr. Baer is a v/ell known tor.ic-clcanser CocaeKswllo Drag Co. H u n t i n e Harcnin? ! Baltimore Ohio fireman. '--Adv. ' You will find them in our ad. columns., Absolutely Remo T Indigestion. Drugg refund money if it fails.

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