The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week,. 6,654 VOL 16, NO. 82. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY .EVENING, FEBRUARY 15, 191S. TEN PAGES. IROTZKY'S SCHEME OF NO WAR, FOOD CONSERVATION NO PEACE REJECTED BY HUNS; CAMPAIGN DRIVE IS KAISER TO MOVE ON PETROGRAD iostile Decision is Reached , Conference of thc War Lords. IRMIST1CE IS AT AN END DRAFTEES OF LOCAL BOARD 5 PASS TESTS JNJNIONTOWN Men Arc Qualified JOT Serrlc* to i -\rmy: Threw Held fur limited j . Service. ccortlne to Amsterdam Beport. , Twonty o[ lDe registrants held over Germany, in Role of Protector, Will | [or examinations in Uniontown after Ende»ior to faun Control of It- undergoing the preliminary eiamina- riajie and Otter Rajsian States, j U o t l Dere wer ' P 7211 tnoir physical . l tests last Sunday. The examinations By Associated Press '· ttok placo al tno Uniontonn hospital LONDON. Feb. 35.--Germany has ' and out ot ^ e -°- u wcre P assoi for ·solved to osnevr military activities i actual army s* 1 "" 00 - · jainst northern Russia. This de- i Th W were lhoBe called for « a nlna - sion is said to have be«a reached ' tions ncre an4 who had sme sll « ht . a conference at imperial headauar-! defect ° r ""iT- Physicians of the TO START SUNDAY! The Patriotism of |tlie People j of Pennsylvania to Be ' Pnt to a Test, FOOD SITUATION FACTS . is, special dispatches from Holland i local co » w Btt place tbDm m the class to be. accepted for service 'The conference was attended by aDd tne medical advisory board gave mperor William. Chancellor von ° e flttal decisions Sunday. Only two ertling. Pidd Marshal Hiadenierg. ! men were disqualified. Three held aneral von. Ludeniroff PoreSgn Sec- ' OTer tor h TMted service will act as ·.tary TOU Kuehltnann aod others. ! cler)s s or to 3Om * other non-combat- The "ao war, but no peace" plan of ! aD1 P« it '" 1 ?on TrotzXr, the Bolshevik! foreign i Tbo ?*7XK*l claseification of the Infater. i»»s rejected at the confer- »ien examined follows: ice, according to the Arasterdam J ° h * Henr y Greaves, Dunbar, dis- .rrespondent ot the Dally Express I Qualified; Ray L. Bittner, Connells- id as Trotzlcy does not want peace ; TiUe - Qualified; Gaetano, Menillo, Ade, will get^ar' . ilaide. qualified; Albert Willams, Mill Ittvasion of Great Russia, it is add- j Run . qualified; Hnnter Robinson. 1, will continue at anv rate until Connellsville, qualtfied: Frederick C. ·trograd is occu-pied by German Mason, Obiopylc, qaalifled; Marshall ' a , , 'Snyder. 'White, qnalifled; Bert Stew- an Means, VandertaH, qualified; Jos- Moore, Connellsville, qualified; Albert Rankin. Dunbar, qualified; Herbert Rudolph Baker, Dunbar, qualified; John D. Leighcy. Dunbar, R. D. 32, qualified; George Lag- nosky, Leisearing, qualified; Bernard Rayroan Shipley, Sewarton. qualified; John William Marker, Rodney, limited service: Walter Hegner, Connellavdlle. disqualified; John Pinkney, Danbar, R. D. 1, limited service; Pasquale Scaramuzzino, Clarksville, limited service; Martin V. Mclntyre. Leisenring No. 1, qualified; George Calvin Stewart, Ohiopyle, qualified. A. dispatch to the Daily News from tterdam -says that the Germans take v viosr that Trotzky*s declaration, ough it did not end the war, auto- atically ended. the armistice. Tie srmans now consider that they have free hand and mean, to use tbe op- irtnnity. This, according to the cor- spoadent, does not mean necessar- ' that the Germans will immediately r to re«ch Petrogra'd but more probity thai they wiH support the Dlc- inians by force of arms. Tbe Ger- lut, h* says, are carrying on active opaganda in Ukraine for tne purse of snggesting to the Rada that to new state is endangered by the i ·IshevBd. | It Is declared that this is ail part' Genn«Dy's scheme for breaking up ' e former Russian empire with a · Tf to atemfing for her own power J __ d talraenc* orer. the new states, of i -The car supply of the Baltimore. lorn tt is posing as protector. ' Ohio railroad for this week is better \ than it has been for many days, W i ' percent of coal cars and about 50 I Washington per cent of coke cars being on hand today. During the Doth at Home and Abroad, t« Be Made Plain In Order That We »t Home| -flay See Onr Jot,y; Churches to Fire Opening Gnn of the Big Campaign.: The patriotism of the people o f l Pennsylvania will be put to a test in; tbe food conservation campaign drive l which is to be conducted by the Unit-| ed States Food Administration, starting next Sunday and continuing until Sunday, March 3. The purpose of the campaign is to acquaint every person in the state with tho true food situation here and abroad and to obtain from everyone a signed pledge to conserve wheat, moat, fats and sugar. Every known means of reaching the people will be utilir^d during thc drive. The entire organization of the United States Food Administration will promote the campaign with the cooperation of the food supply department of the State Committee of Public Safety, the Women's Council of National Defense, the Speaker's Bureau and the Pour-Minute Men. These agencies will act as the central organization to conduct the campaign. Churches, schools. Red Cross chapters, branches and auxiliaries. Young CAR SUPPLY GOOD Baltimore £ Ohio Railroad Has 40 Percent of Coal Cars on Hgjii ijACEll IN C.VKS L O A D E D L\ TUT) 1 bj (he eiVe '. Uns hcen n'cviv- r1mcn| nf ,!ns1ion '.t Jh;il ear*, lowled »iU» coal ;,t certain mines in Hie ConiiHlliTillo rcjrioii linvr hoTM I'nnnd to conlnin dynamite upon their arriral id Oicir dc«- tianiioti. Neither Ou v name 01 the sliip- piiig fioiitl nor tm |»oint »i flo* livery o-f ilii-ho ears is rexyxlrd, (·jfnrt bciiiK made to swurc in. formation tJiat n~ill Io4it tu Uit 1 detection oi ptiriioK who planned this means of creating' (lamsjje to some steam usinB' plant Similar report* IUITC come from ftllicr minins roirlonfi hut Uiis is the flrat known instance of I'xploshcs. havinp been Iwui- t'd -witb conl in UIP Connplls- villc ri'tS»n. iSTORM DAMAGE TO BELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM $200,000 HT CARS PILE UP AT 010PYLE AND ARE BURNED Is the Estimate of the Company! After Searing All the WEST PENN'S COAL AND LABOR CHARGE CUT OUT ! FORCE OF 200 EXTRA MEN BYNEW RATE SCHEDULE Disastrous Wreck Occurs Today Jast East of the Passenger Station. i ,,- i , ,. , ~ , n · i (Worked | )B ce««nglj- Reslonn,; Cnp- 1 Makes UI K Kale Dependent Lpon Snm-|ONii ! hor- ,if Hours Current is Lwd; Does MAN IS INJURED ARRIVAL OF THE MAIL MAN IS GREAT EVENT OVER THERE Xot Affe( , ( Ovmf « if ,,, explanauon of ^ new . and i,10Q,OOQ Feet of TwisW Wire ! , 3tl? scnedu | e . w h i c ) ! nas been tttc(i I'sed; Sew Cable to Cost $123,091).: w i t h the Pennsylvania Public Service 1 - : - ] Commission, as noted m The Courier 1 That the recent mountain sleet a n d ! s n m e d ' l ' s a E°- ihf following state- ' windstorm damaged the Bell Tele- i mtD1 wai isK "ed frr, ra the local offices . O nc man a teamster. » as seriously phone system in Fayette obnnty to the , of Ij3e "* Vo5 t p TM" 1'owcr company this jn j ure j a D d 15 freight cars were dc- nxtenit of {200,000 was a statement | morning: ! stroyed by fire as the result of a " " ter is Canjjht Between Vreck- a?e and PIlo of Timber and Suffers Broken JU'gb; Tauk t'ars of Acid Are Punctured and Acid )s made tocL-ij in an official conroiimica- , o f a west pound freight tram ld. of : "The West Penu Power company, on tion from Uie company. The fig-.ire is January ;;0th. issii»n a new schedule thj s morning on the Western Mary based on the cost of reconstruction, | of rates to become effective -March 1st. i ] an( j railroad at Ohiopyie.' Threi which is now well under way. Tho ' Nn changes an- made m the rare lo i o^er cars were damagetl.' statement says: | domestit or commercial consumers,! THB IKJUP.KU. "The Central District Telephone | hut all present power rates have boeni W "- UAW WALI-ACE. *o yours o! company was confronted-with s. task | withdrawn and oue schedule substl-| S 1 .?"* 1 ^.!"*?TM 1 k : .. b ?!l.1_i!!i! *v! calculated to auvgger, but through the [ luted which automatically operates to, ,»,,. hardest kind of work and thc unlitn- make the rate per kilowatt hour de-i The demolition of a tool house in ·.led Ube of men and money, the serv- , pendent on the number of hours the i which there was a stove :s said lo have ice--both local and long distance--j consumer makes use of his demand.! been responsible for the fire. Aboard restored within an incredibly^ charge uf six cenis per kilowalti tbe cars is sojd to have been a quanti- liour is made for ihe first 70 nours'ity of gasoline which added to the Uhe of the consumer's demand, and a l i i names. Loud explosions were at- ncefrs at one and nne-quarter cents) tnbuted to dynamite. Two tank, cars :_ I rnnla in ; ' Scenes Enacted Wlicn Letters | short time Come From Home Border I "·** soo ° ** ihe telephone people in I Uniontown became aware Df thc c» on JtlOI. ; tent of the havoc wrought, a hurry j per kilowatt hour. The total bill is i containing acid vrcre punctured and i call was sent to New Cnstlc. Greene- j subject to a contract discount rang-Ube acid flowed out, some of into the finrnrC'TIirr r»rTO T A i n ' b u r s ' piUsbu| S and oven w far U s : i o « from live per cent for the first f i v e r , the remainder spreading on the INiCKcMlrib f ALlJ ll/LUjtaut Erie for men and ma-erial. When , jioo to 50 per cent of all in excess | eround. ' these me.n arrived, they t'ound tba- in , uf SI.300. j The cause of tbe wreck was said to the stricken area over 4«0 poles were "Crews were dispatched ;o al! points hour depending upon the cost of r oaf and was soon - the hope of con- The coming of the atail man in his affected and the work of reconslruc-] delivered to tie company's hunkers tro ' °* t!le vo!unteer bucket brigade "Ou J u l y H, ll'J7 the West Penn ! u ° unknown. The train was proceet 7 .- Mcn's Christian Associations. Navyl| n Letter Received by Relative oiniosn, that three-fourths of tbe wire | Power company fl'cd an amendment ' lr -s westward at a fair rate of speed Leagues. Boy Scouts. Chambers of; ·. . . . , . ..-- . . . . ·, Commerce and Boards of Trade, and, in fact, practically every other group of men, women and children in the! state will cooperate. | The first gam of the campaign will! be fired next Sunday who attends will hear serration Sunday sen the need of saving will be presented by' folks back home. That is the way speakers. {Roscoe Wright oC ConneHsville At the morning service in ali the; speaks in a leuer received by his churches the patters or officiating' brother, Warren L. SVright. "Ross," clergymen will read to the congrega-' as his friends familiarly call him, is tions a proclamation which will be I s - ' a member of Company B. 25th lin- soed by Howard Heinz, Food Admin- 5neers.S In part the letter roads: i Continued on Fa.ffe Two. | Somewhere in Prance, j m T A I V lALO. crews at Ur.iontown were u n d e r the leadership o f . H . L. Badger, d'vision superintendent of plant, Pittstnirg, and at Conneiisville, H. H a m i l t o n , superintendent of plant, elsewhere, was in charge. In tbe meantime the materials he- Continued on Fase Two. "The company has made a very exhaustive study or rates the result of which was ihe filing of its The filing of the now thc 'f.n; average j w i l l he the net " IEA51A ing a little as though I had lost my | last friend. When 1 reached the bunk Man to be at Datraon f house door I noticed quite a commo- Comraunity Strvlce. I Uon, in fact a near riot, and upon in- j Rev. Clarence True Wlson, "the i v «stigation I discovered that thc long BY MISFORTUNE j new rate, ra;e withdraws Labor Charge' ar.d the esult of the now rate lan the old rates w.ih e' added." WATER SUPPLY NORMAL Pressure it at Fnll Force (Vith llrc.nt in Miun lU'paired. supply has .been as low as six percent^ biggest man in temperance "in the big- 1 '°°*cd for mail had arrived, the first tormeny ot scottoaie, mea v. cones- The water supply in the city ,s ·venaad sest church in the nation," *ill preach with the exception of a i'ew papcrs · day mormg at S^oclo^ in a^hos,^ bac_k ai normal again today, the break at the communitv services 1 pr of the ' received a few days before, we have AMSTERDAM, Feb. 15.--Berlin wspapers ot Thursday evening in-1 and several limes it was at ^ late that peace negotiations with, eignt percenu unania are about to be opened.j -yf lKi ^^ warmer weather it waj ey say that although no official possible to haul almost twice as much , day evening in the Cocbraa Memorial i ''Maybe yon think there wasn't umunication has been issued it may | freight and the non-sssential embar- Methodist church. Rev. Wilson's wili ' imc around these 'digsings' - - - · negotia- ' fteatli of Soottdale JlJin Kollnn-s l)e- stntction of His Home. Charley it. Kelley, (0 years old. formerly of Scottdale, died Wednes- 1n t · Mrs. Kolley, who churches of Dawson to be held Sun- ' received since leaving home. was au-ed For a. time alarm was fek for a pile of 25.000 pn props stacked along the ^idinp b r t Ihey were httle damaged. A bucket brigade composed at nrs-t of women only, saved Wolf's planms m i l l , a lively stable and other buildings. Wallace, the injured man. w a s en- ga^oii in unloading timber from a wagon and wss caujrnt between t h e wreckage and the piled of timber. Ko- . ben C. Holt, inspector for tie H. C. Friclc Coke company, who was inspecting the Umber as it was placec, escaped unhurt. The tool house, signal box and the in the mam leading to the West Side block signal system at the point were has been with her sister. Mrs. L. M . , having been repaired yesterday after- wrecked. George Smith, the signal elped to better the car sup- a Santmyer, of East M u r p h y avenue, _ ' since her husband entered the bos- headquarters are in Washington, D. C., and his appearance at Dawson had assumed that Rumanian ·s. -who will first discuss a prolon-jpiy. There does not seem to be any Uon. of the armistice, have arrived j doubt but what the supply will con- (been arranged for before the conrmun- : place agreed upon. j unue good for a time. I ity services were planned. Dawson I j ministers who will assist in the Her- nitr rrirr i wnr vces are KDV - w - B - Purce ". R « v - H. ONE CENT A MILE ^ P. Baum and Re.-. G. M. Riley. l Five new stars have been added to should be delivered before the first r Rnrnl Hail Carriers a*d Fostraas- Kat* to Old Soldiers Attending Their! the community service flags for tie i class mail but such is the. case. I raters at Small Offices is Urged. ' Reunions ^"eit Summer. | boys who left on Tuesday tor Camp : coived eight in ali and was By Associated Pr«s. j Director General McAdoo has au-' L e e ' P«tersbnrg. Va They'are Mai VASHIN'GTON, Feb. 15.--.Fourth I thorized the railroads to grant a rate ' Cumberland, James C. Goldsboro, , was sent aslant Postmaster General Blake- of one cent per mile for members of I Ja - mes L*TM}' Brallier. Oscar Tod INCREASED PAY the rest of the evening. "We have received our first pay this evening and before there wan a i l o e cause ' demonstration at the anouncement of that, it was nothing 10 be compared to the arrival of the mail. "It seems strange that the papers ;pital, and the telegram received nou- 1 fying her of bis death did noon. The "L ' which was knocked goreman, e.-caped by r u n n i n g off the mam uhere n connects with Between 75 and iOO men act! women were at work carrying wau-r ;o save ihe nock of e has urged the Senate' Postoffice . the Grand Army of the Republic and i ·omittee to taite into consideration of the United Confederate Veterans i re. mileage and amount of mall j and their families, for the purpose of ' idled in arriving at a basis of pay' enabling them to attend their annual ' rural mail carriers. This is taken ; reunions next summer, indicating an approval of increase ; Tbe reduction in fare nned to the veterans and members of Worfcman and William T. Brown, pay .for this class of service. The sent system is based on mileage ?· i "nc same committee has been asked ' increase the pay of postmasters at f ^ll offices, making thc minimum at rth-class offices $300 instead of $1:00 . ' $500 at third-class offices instead , ?400, together with percentage ases on the I BATE H I G H i i Identification Tans of J/asi, Draftees be con- Jiang* Above IJiOO^Ofl. and especially yours from homo. It j supposition to Ayer. Mass., and from i als dcath ' 1 h c ^^ WI " amv(1 llcr? there forwarded here. One thing i toda - v and *"'" be rTMwed lo Funor- Continued from Paj^e l^JRht tbe r.ver over ihe Yough bridge was not state } replaced by a large force of workmen nearby buildings and yesterday afternoon. timber on the sidinTM me i^eiiey family has been very un- Vest Side residents ba%e ocen with- The accident happened a b o u t fortunate. Las: Christmas their home | out waict for almost 26 hours before o'c!oc«. in Pieasantville was totally destroyed i they were ficaily supplied. by fire and from exposure Mr. *cltey i Tbe rapid progress made in repair- contracted a severe cold which lie- ;ng tbe break wj^ largelj d-ie to the veloped into grip. He-went to the nos- efforts of General Papenntcndcnt .1 pitai in Buffalo for treatment and the | ]·;. Ang.'e of the Fayetie Coun'.y Gas Bcfi » ln U' n ' i that pneumonia calif ed | company and his force of men who 1 were nn the job almon continuoiisly from the lime the break occurred on i Wednesday until it was repaired. TRADES COUNCIL ELECTS their families w-ho accompany them. Lee this week. Including the .contin- VERNON CASTLE, FAMED AS DANCER AND AERIAL FIGHTER, MEETS DEATH on certificates of ideiuificadon which j gents froro Fayetie and Westmoreland will bo, furnished by Uie departm£bnt ' counties, hare been given their -Burial aad, division conYmaJMi-ers. j numbers which will he used on their " i den cation tags. The numbers of tho men from "Western Pennsylvania -will range from 1,833,131 to 1.830,500. The number as ENTERTAINERS TONIGHT with percentage in- . 1,8.13,131 to 1.833,500. The number as-I^P 1 * 1 " vern °n Castle i amount oi businrss.. Paramount Conipnny mil .\ppear As j signed to the soldiers will be stamped Ro " al pl ! r ' !) e' corps w Sixth IlfRli School dumber. (plainly upon the identification tags j morning-while flying 15 . . . . ' ~ . . . . . I ' T.1«»4U TT!--«JV. t'El/KBEATE ^V5SITKRSIRV. T. 0. Klks Oryanizezd FiTty Years Tomorrow. Tne sixth number of the Connells- l y l l l o high schonl entertainmonJ. course will bo given at thc aurtltor- · nigfat in celebration of thf 50th tversary of tbe F/lks as an organi- on. pecia! moving pictures win be run. at the hom^ and eatertainors haw a fogaged for the eveniog. In Ordnance Clftw. ,,. F. Pigman of fount Pleasant is j u m tonight ivh*»n the Paramount Kn- | one of 8R men ivho hare coJisted in i tertainers will plar. : the ordnancn to re-keeping class a t ' member of the company is an {Pennsylvania Stato coJlege. The ( gradaatea, after a roiirse of instnn*- Ucra lasting six weeks, "ar»» assigned i to duty at the arfcenate and canton- } Had Mode l"0 Fllprhts Orer German T*inr,*. and Vas in flany a Jlerolu Kxploit in thp War. FORT WORTH, Texas, Fob. 15.*Vernon Castle of the I-^igHsh I LS kill*vl this' miles west, of Forth "Worth. j Castle bad. made 150 GUgixts over \\\? j Gorman Imitt and was the hro of today and aj Director Charles C. Mitchell to thc Santmyer home, 511 Murphy ave-mip, v,herc priva-ie funeral semces will bo hehl tomorrow alternoon at ] o'clock. Rf-v. W i l h t i r Nelson, pastor of t h e Firsi Baptif-t church w-iM officiate. In- tormont in Hill Grove ceonetery. ML*. Kolloj' was marriert to Mis? Mavy Carson a daughtor o£ the late Mr. aurt 1 " c . c . jj u c k r l o r M-R, William Carson of ScoUdale. In j c i l r i s t i a n c h u r c h 22 BELOW ZERO Vdopfed Thunfciue TIn»vft MTio Assisted on Lnvaltv I«T. At a meeting of the Cemral Trades and Labor Council }n=' e von in? offi- ,ccrs w{*r» eloctod a.= follows: President. S .T Dcsmono: ·vice president, ! H. (' B n r k h a r d t ; septoiary. Joseph ' P o m e r v i J i e : treasurer. O. R. Hcrwick; ; g u a r d , William O'Donnvan; scropant Does Ko( Kwp Mirliicranors from RP Bnckner's IVavpr .Hoctinir. addition to his by onf dauffhtc homo and one N. Y. idow hr is survived Thehna Kol Vpuslin. A. H. PhafiVr and Wil- » , 'at"' 0*Donovan: n u h J i r i t i r o m m i t i r n A letter rcconttr receded from Rev. · o. n . H rrwicfc. K. I, M c N u i t and - J h o .M. VaugJiu. A t n m m i i t c - p was named to a^F.^t written ports tl : thc last cold snap. and r p - ' j a m e , s r )an . ah ipont of t h e }loso]i]nons many OSIlloils ir - lhc war ZOI1P ' *°'' k had bCCT eSIOT1ILlly "" be local lodge O f B. P. 0- Klks No. twill hold an entertainment at the artist and every soio or reading is a 10 in East Crawford avenue lomor- , S**n- The ensemble numbers are all thai can he desired and one or more dramatic sketches w i l l he on the program. 1 ' !an ' lnrs tro " anf! covered a pertod ",, m . nc . mo TM Jls - Hc l '- arar '° Fmt ^°TM , ast ortobcr alo "E w l t h '· or * s ' ~ merits or sent overseas to direct the j handling of ordnance supplies for the ' army. ! BOYS_ARE_HEIJ) Thrcp (TO Ti llniontnwH; (nc Is Oifi- rhareed by AlrtPrman. .fftrrr Be.rnarrio, Harry Miller and ^ Is I Javjd Way, all ot (.be West Side, w p f p I cuimniUed vo jail hy AUicrr,ian Frrd 1 ^un'a aft^r a hparing on a charge of 1 malicious mischief preferred by Car! i Bargp of Peach atrcel. Thp I ' hnys \vprs arrested for Phootins out { wimkws in Barge's greenhouse wUh J . slingshots and also for breaking slrect lipfhts of Uu Wc-»t Fenn Power xnrn, , .^rictliKaDer8 are, more accustomed I to this kind of weather, or firmer in ' I their faith than Connellsvilljans. 70 ' persons hav,n£ attended Her. Bnck- Der's prayer meeting on Hie coldest assi.stcrl in n, c jrnaln- M U ) K R O A n FOREMAN". ' hc night of the roar. STAMP SALES GOOD . Sold Palmer Discharged. ·J Palmer, who underwent ration at the Cottage State hospital discharged today. Conriiictintc BeyiTal. I Rev. George W. Buckaer was ca-lled | to Brownsville this week to take the ' TToman Suicides. Mrs. Bamuel R. Sloan, 42 years old. , place of aa evangelist who through ' o t Youngwood, shot and killed hersolf an ' illness w-as unable to continue a meet- l a t her honle rarly yesterday morning, ing in the Christian church a*t that! lfrs - Sloan is sumved by her hus- 1 place. O. SUPERINTENDENT AND SUPERVISOR IN PERIL WHEN BIDWELL GORGE BREAKS '£3 band, who vania railroad Daughter. engineer and NKW VOKiK-, Feb. 15--- Vrrnon Castic had a national reputation as a dancer. His home 1 was here with his (g^p^r wife, aJso a graceful dancer, l i e at-1 The ;.' ung s tc rft. none of whom js Wined great popularity several years . oycr 16 yo£LrK of agc _ wore arrest ed ago as a teacher ot modern dances. ^ hy . CRy Dctc;Uve .,. w _ Mitchc n. K d{gar McMastors. who WRR also ar- i rested on thr- samo charge was discharged by the alderman, no evidenco ToiJil of Var Siivines Slflmp Srhoois Reaches $U2 War a\ing5 siairps tn ih of J 1 , 2 * 7 R 3 werr sold jn the schools of ?his city as a tntal for thc past two I RorUirood Man Takop XPTT poplfion on y. C. 71r.inch. .). Howard .Strong, of Rockwoori, formerly engineer on the Baltimore a,nd Ohio shifter av Rock wood, has ·been, made road foreman of engines in charge of Ihe S. and C. Branch. Tbis is a newly created position a« J thei^e had never before hoen an nffi- arnouni j oal of this kind assigned to the branch. p ftr "^"hen. tbe war broke out both of the Castie's becamr iaiereslcd in war , work. IMr. Castic took nn aviaiion. well known Feonsyl-} He wa£ ffranlt0(] an avmtor pl , ol one ; license by tho Aoro CUih ot America Februarv 9, 191C. after having made beintj round against him. The irtals for t h e two weekj, as i Kngine house employes and repair- piiroiiased by t h e individual schools ' men, «cept hostlers, on the Pennsylare: High school. $427. !S2: West , vania railroad east of nttsburg, have Side.. ? ftmh Side Side. $283.- . been granted an. advance of 15 per 78: Pourf.i ward, ?103 3S; Third ward, cent on the day and 20 per cent on the ?212.77; Second \vard. J61.15. I night shifts, a satisfactory record in test flights al t Newport News, Va. He. was born in Has Appendicitis. (Newport .Miss Harriet Dunn. 14 years old. j Norwich, England, .May 3, 1S87. I Sto daughter of ilr. and Mra. £. A. Dunn Sycamore RUN DOWN BY TRAIN street, underwent an .ion for appendicitis and throat trouble Wednesday in St. Joseph's . Fossclman Enlists. Dr. Don C. Fosselman, son of Mr. of East Probably snow flurries tonight and Saturday; mucll colder tonight with . H. Brougrnton. superintendent of the ice gave a warning crack follow-1 hospital, Pitsburg. CocneUsville division of tbe Bal-, ed or an upheaval of the gorge a n d ; ·re A Ohio railroad and Supervisor thc pack began to move out. Super'.gar of the same division had a visor Metzgar had to do some lively ling experience near Biriwell stepping to climb out of the pathway, anfl Mrs. John Fosselman ul r.asi ·,, Wednesday morning when thc . of the gorge. . j Cedar avenue, has rece.ved a commis-(cast for Western Pennsylvania. -orge there moved out. The were Tbe ice piled up 15 feet or higher ' sion as first lieutenant in the Officers' pellcd to race up the side of the .is it went out. The men say they '' Medical Reserve coi-ps. otain to escape the ice rush. t never heard such cracking, whjeh re- ' J u n r t i n n linn nt Hospital With Fractured Skull. While OB his way to work tl)is morning Andy Sassarlc, of Star Junction, was run down by a train and seriously injured. His skull is frac- HEALTH BOARD MAKES READY FOR ENFORCEMENT OF THE NEW HOG RAISING MEASURE At a meeting of the Board of Health ; Persons who want to rae pigs will tured and it is feared he will not re-lyestovday members gave over a part first have to go to the city hal'l and cover. I Sasar.c is S'.avish and was em- a cold wave is the uocra weather fore-, p i oy ed in the mines of the Washmg- of the time to consideration of tbe apply for a permit. hog ordinance mid its e-nforce- Heallh Officei George Hetzel | toa Coal Coke cosupariy. Following' u',11 see that, the provisions of Uxe two officials had gone to Bid- | founded from both sides ot" the moun- to 1'X* over the situatioa. Super- ' tains. The ice heaved and swelled, ifieiu Broughton was standing. tie great pressure from behind push- g the tracks but Supervisor .Meu- . ing the front cakes which were aelfi was nearer tbe river. Suddenly · back by the gorge, up into the air. I Vine street. On Furlough. Joseph "Wrote a member of the Marines is spending a-furlough, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wrote of Temperature Kecoril. ISIS 1917 Maximum 65 -H Minimum 41 23 Mean 53 3-1 Tho Yougli river rose (luring night from 8 feet to 9.00 feeL 1 the accident he was u r o n g h t to Con| celkrville and admitted to the Cottage I State hospital. Girl »t Lyon H»me. The stork visited tbe home of -Mr. the; and Mrs. E. TV. Lyon. No. 601 South Pittsburg street, acd left a daughter. Health Officer Keuc! reported that the collection of garbage as beginning to improve. He said that the collections had been very lax for some time but three or more teams were now measure lire obejed ' Measurements to determine if a pen is the necessary distance from resi- i covering the eity cences and thoroughfares will oe made , it was also reported that a Cotmells- by the health officer and all permits i vilie township dairyman was selling will be signed by him. They will also j a bad quality of milk. Health Officer be signed by the president of the ,Heizel was instructed to Inspect' aU Board of Health and the secretary.' dairies.

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