The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

'' ' V yf fop FRIDAY, AUqiJOT. 14, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 31 i'iri"tfr 303 . join m mm CABIH VnUIStR, 19 fTj 10 FT. fullr saulpoed with UT eu. Inch Chev. V-S molar, auto matic Mica Duma, blowera. ate. Priced lor quick ssls. Phone aev-sDve, rertn, oro. CANOE WANTED OOOD CONDI' tlon. MMOll. HEILITE CAR - TOPPER. U I D. Ideal (or sleeping a family of e. ftta can or stationwsgons. Tha aaawar to tha boat owntr who wanta to have hla alseplng ac- . eommodatloR with him. ABC Camping Equipment.. Almonte it . MOTOR. W HJ. JOHNSON, faS. tsa-iise- OUTBOARD MOTORS TO RENT. Johnson's Furaltura, 111 Mur ray. MO-al;. SAILBOAT. 14'. USED VERY roue y prnaii vwim, m u aaaaon bargain JT. T44-M7J. SPEEDBOAT, T5. OOOD CONDI' Uon. 014-1171. WEYMOUTH OUTBOARD CRU1S- ar, 1 It., 00 b p. Evlnrude. tuny equipped. S bunks, cxmverubie. seutvns cover, klaal for crulalng. watar akllnf, complete with whaal traliar. 730-kh. YOUR TRAVELLER BOAT AMD Johnson outboard motor oeaisrs. aalaa and service, always a food lock of uaed motor, on band. Tommy and Lefebvre, 4M Bank street. cbw7i. 1FOOT ALUMINUM BOAT, 1, h. ur?ullvh motor. 1 pair oar. 1 art oartop racks. WiT?millAnh III,!. Service and Parte, Uva bait and fishing taenia. Bruannla Marine flees) tlaL zeui -ariing Ave nue, eao-ivoa. ' n mwlT.,M WUT "TO a Ti er: a b p. Johnson, 030. 71-: Mil or 1570 Alnnley Drlva after " II FOOT MOULDED PLYWOOD, fully equipped, eonvartlbla top. U electric. No raaaonabla otiar ratuaad. TM-U30, evening. steering wheal, nylon cover, 1M1 40 h p. electric Gala and trailer, toes. Grain Valley Lumbar Ltd, luo Montreal noaa. 25 FT. CABIN CRUISER. SLEEPS a Aviina hunt. IMS full aalley gink head depth-eounder alternator all aafety equip ment. Ideal family boat, stay he lnaneeted at Manotlck Manna. ror Information call Amp r lor 623-4B&Q. evenings or UHtw business hours. St FT. NOVA SCOTIA SLOOP, to h.n inboard anelne. excellent sails, two bertha, head, ft. . dinghy, lean at Long sail It. SIM0. R. Jackson, 320 Sixth tract East. Cornwall. WES-41M evening,. . . 40 HP. SCOTT. ISM MODEL with control,, grri. rAx-nea. 11 SHEPHERD CRUISER, IS ft. a . tUU Bun. herd Summer cruiser, M ft.. 110 hp. (new). Hal uuy Marine alea Ltd. Exclusive dealers for Shepherd Cruisers In the Ottawa valley. atamenvmo, eof-seee. 1M1 7 H P. OUTBOARD MOTOR, good condition, Qiao, ooa-eoao. 1500 COMPLETE. ELECTRIC ooaung ouuiu sra&asr, . 744-OOftt. . .. LEO DULMAOS -, Cartetoa Place Phana U4 ac ISM 1S-POOT PACtSHlP. PLYWOOD, with windshield, new ataarlng . STSwn, pwocn . wnuv inK. newly reftnlshed, powered by as horeaoowar. alectrla start motor. Vary (nod boat, wuaehietd. 14-rOOT MASON MAHOOANY lapstrak boat, windshield. hardware, fun rear Seat and sallt back, front teat, vinyl deck, boat la new. poneied by U buaspuwar Evlnruda elactrlo, In excellent snaps. Cash, trade 1963 SHEPHERD CRUISER 29 ft- I?5 4- n,ed) V i i. 1964 SHEPHERD :. Sunllner Cruiser, 26 ft, ' 210 tvp. (new). Holiday Mariene . Sales Ltd. , MerrickvDU 269-4959 Exclusive Dealers . . for Shepherd Cruisers . . ' to the Ottawa Valley. 303A 6JUUrUlK&-4ANDXAPIN6 TOP SOIL PILL. HALT-LOADS avsuabla. umht. i; . 304 . FutH mom : COCKSHUTT POWER ORAIN - Under, f tu good oonailion BHS-STwa, - r rw-areutra an TnAirrnn dtum -. farm machinery. Reasonable. R. - - Juneau, nawtnorna noaa. JOHN DEERE 44 S P. COMBINE Cora Head. Matthews eon-tlnuoua flow train dryer (and anoutura meter. Maimiia. m-S4S. Write MaxvUle. Bon S40. J B C t-CAlf PORTABLS MILK . coaler, 1 Cocker, at. (.foot grain Mnderi I Oockshut. 10-foot aowar grain binder-, t Maaaey- Marng a aieaei meiori i modal B-Stt dleeel tractor-, a ' W4 I.H.C. tractors. Several Mn.lW used tractors and need . earn bines. Green's Perm Sup ply. Richmond, ont., 3M Mumuun . .STEINBERG . r I STORES TO SERVE TOO , ' Billing Bridge Plata Weetgate Shopping Centra EaJtview Shopping Centre' - Elm vale Shopping Centre . 655 Montreal Road ' 19 Ledoe Stiwat, Hull RED and WHITE , POOD STORES. ' EXTRA SPECIALS ': UT OUR NEWEST ' - RED AND WHITE . 780 ST. JOSEPH BLVD., .. . HULL, QUEBEC . TINY MOTOR BRIDGEPORT. Conn. A notof in ens electric shaver bag methouundth of one horie- towsr, weighing four ouncei kpable of spinnings the shaft i.uw times per minute. r m mm mm Cant, from e'lanadlaa Cahissnt ALLIED FOOD MARKET -SAVE 13c -AYLMER TOMATO SOUP 910 ox. tins $1 EXCEL STORES HEINZ KETCHUP 4 "C 990 LOW, LOW PRICES AT LOBLAWS Aylmer Tomato Soup. CQ u 10 fl. os.. S for JYf Carnation Milk. o 1 a 10 , 1 for ----- J ' P Kleenex Chubby and A7 A Hanky. 00s I for ' H- A&P FOOD STORE AP , INSTANT COFFEE 10oz. jar' ttl CC SPECIAL "P''JJ White, Pink, Lavender SYMPHONY Facial Tissue 290 Dominion Stores Limited 307 KISTOCI ADORABLE POODLE PUPPIES. emeu, aianuaro. Diue-oiacK and nrownj reaaonaoie. 14U-UU. BEAGLES. S WEEKS. 1 FEMALES. from top show stock. Pe ttawood Acnneia. Bjn-ooos. BLACK LABRADOR. REOIS-tcred S months. WW Bunt Club. eta-wiae. BOARD WANTED WITH APPRE-c la live city or country family for Irish eetter hunting dag. ill ante. . .(.:; BUDGIES. ASSORTED COLORS. Special sale. ' par pair, cages. wie. ,ee-aiwe. , DALMATIAN, t YEAR, LOVABLR. MMMKUlg IOT gOOO able. l-tM-4Ul. DOO. BLACK BOSTON BULL. I POX TERRIER PUPPIES AND others. Arlington. Phone Ct oeoa. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. . ragtstaraa. or. ranier, Veter- ananan. ni-4iT. - OERMAN SHEPHERDS. 1 MALES and g females, e weeks: also 1 excellent show prospect, female. weena. renawooa waamaie, a 0564. GORGEOUS BLUE PERSIAN KIT ten. 1' months, pedigreed trained. .one SM-S70S, xd aoow,' . aanviiie, ont. LABRADOR RETRICVKR. nt-T4S. Winchester, ont. LOVELY BASSET PUPS. MALE, female, alao asglas. rsasanabls. PEDIORER FRENCH POODLE. mala, niaea, miniature, i. weeks. TXB-174. between T-t eventngu. PETS AND HOBBY CENTRE, FOR. meriy aea baunar west, stow loos ted at SS7 Bank near Somer set, rire aale on now. I3S-1SU POODLE PUPPIES. REGISTERED. white, minis turea; a eie-itis. PUREBRED DACHSHUND PVP- piee, aev. ega-lsis. REGISTERED WEIMARANER. - Apply Ronald Perrault, Jfavan. Jl a, i. Taiepnona eioi. REGISTERED CHIHUAHUA AJTD Peklngesa for gala. Mrs. MaeaV nam wmwiiawn. ynsnn varp ee n te. j SILVER MINIATURE POODLE pups, horn June S vacctneted, wormed and clipped. -&. SIAMESE KITTENS OP REOIS- tered atoek, Sealpotnt - Blua- poini. aiaaay so go, Tsa-iav. sirrrsviLLE kennels, pets noaraed. Datneo, tussti ana groomed. All types of puppies Tor sals. 11(9 Wellington, 7M- S3 is. auriavuie lae. ompiasa una as pes auppiiaa. . BOABDINw KENNELS PETS BOARDED, BATHED. CLTP- psa ana groomeo, new nennain. rnonm airs, nayea, Tea-eaiw. WAKEFIELD KENNELS - PET BOARDING. GOOD POOD. inaiTMuai attention, aeparai a. clean exercise runs, wanefiaia 40 -2342. Convenient delivery 1 Pickup at no antra ooet at Tha ret a nop, iw ciann ntraas. u rooming ana auppiiee -avanaoia. 301 - UVUIXI - P001IK! DAIRY COWS SOLD Off TIM E, no am pernwnftt mm imnin, w pay. Phone 1M Emhrun. or write 191 Msriborougn, Ottawa. rOR SALE. REGISTERED POLLED Hereford bull. 4 veara Old. autet. Bert O. Argue, SUttsvUle, MS- eeiT. ' i FOR SALE. IS HEAD YEAR AND half old Aberdeee Aagus Half era. soma oowa with ealf at foot. J. D, g teen. Winchester. Ont. RR I. Phone H 1440-1440. KAY FOR SALS, CLOVER. i imouiy, ' nnaiia rea-iaea, or su-nTi. ORSES BOARDED. LA ROR, clean box alalia, a atoms tie watering system. Bast of ears. River Road, lt inllee south at Uplands Airport. H. Whalan. ISM. NEW BOARDINO STABLE. inpie-t. it neb. gooa ajay, pra- esctea winter nog. fisasreg now, ue-siTe. REGISTERED HEREFORD BULLS. js months, Harry Healer, carp S14-R-40. SHETLAND PONY COLTS, TOP quality, rrom .ie up. paker's Pony Farm. Carp, Onl Pkane ftO SHEEP AND M LAMBA. 1UCU- mofpa jeunt. 30S UYBTOCI - POUITST (Qoni. from Preceding .Cnasmnl 90S BALES OF HAY FOR SALR. . Apply Doug Dennlaon, K a m p t- viua, ont., rr a. ia-iaii. 4AM0 BALES OF OOOD HAY IN barns. Write or phone Ambrose Carvtn, Elgin, OnC Phone Slgln aa-jt-t-a. . 3094 STAMPS AID (OMS ANY AMOUNT OF CANADIAN OR American proof-Ilka seta, dollars, etc. urgently wanted. ' Wa w 1 1 travel or call Cola Centre of Canada, gu Buses. BRITISH COLONY MINT STAMP collection, approximately 14.000 value, will sell all or narta at . 10 or lees to fket often, sm-i . awJIt eTr . U7 A Mm, rttw nju an1. mant brokers. Va will buy or sell coins tor you on our tele-; type at a reasonable rata. 123- sis. WE BUY COINS. BEST PRICES. Have car will travel. Mel'g Coin , Bar. 114 Wueen, iu-S4aa. 400 KSSOXiiS A. M. DOVE MUSICAL SERVICES. Pianos tuned, repaired. Instruction oaf band and orchestra ln-1 . strumenU..- slew pianos and musical instnunants for aale. 713-43M. ABE: I WONT HAVE TO SELL ,w vHiuvwe nwwr wo uu, ui, wondartul Conn organ, at Ken Parisian's: they have assy terms. ARE YOU THINKING OF BU1LD-ing ynur own furnltureT Dealgn service and facilities available. ror information call 723-lfi3g.t CARD AND MIND READING, also tea leavea read. 121-0771. DISCARDS FROM YOUR HOME Cnvlde work and wages for tha ndicapped and needy at tha Ottawa Nsighborhood Sarshss woraanona. 7ia-J7l7. DRIVING TO REGINA AUG. SOTH, room tor a paaaangars. 740-BgM, EXCELLENT CARS FOR ELDER-ly people, room and hoard, 724- euao. HAVS TRUCK. CLEAN YARD. eallars, maintenance work and repairs. za-g97. HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR wasnsrr ror nan estimates, su- ' v. LAMINATED 1DEKTIFICATION card, l. nr kuormatlon all 119-0134. MOTORING. KOtKLAND LAXE. 10 Aug. A orom mortals i. 744- ' 4061. MOVlNOt FOR LOWEST RATES and dependable service call Capital. Fully Insured. 74-TSll. PIANO TUNING OR REPAIRS BY exnerta. Your olann will last longer and retain tta value if property mainiainea. rnone Robarteon, Ptngle and Til lay im aa a par at ntreac, gsa-iut. PRINTING. LETTERHEADS OR envelopes, Sl4 thousand, cards IT, flyers 120. Caahprlnt. 7U- luer. - REGISTER MOW - FOR PIANO. Sultar and aeoordlon Isssnns In luslca studios st WUlls Co. Ltd, 1241 Wellington St, Tel. 10-1571. - resume! or professional bvslneaa aad mlUtarr camera drafted m proper form, soo- aaentiai. xja-l7g. RETIRKD GENTLEMAN. SEEK. mg home near bus route, would share expenses, no young chil- sjrea. box a sav. amsinsi. ROOM. BOARD. AND CARE FOR elderly people. Raaaonabla rates. ,ae-siaiu. ' SCIENTIFIC INTRODUCTION Centra, SO Avenue Road,. To- veiaa a. urn, vaa-eeaa, SINGLE YOUNG LADY INTEREST- ed In meetlna arofsssliiaal un attached gentleman, lata twen-l itea, companmnanip. bos K-454. ' journal. SINGLE GENTLEMAN. 1401. IS IN. . tareatad In meeting aa attrao- nve, unanaonea young lady. . Snap appreciated but not Bcosa nary. Bon aVass. Journal. , SINGLE UNATTACHED, JOIN CTienoeniai ens mtreauces .people or gooa character. I ages. Ont-of-towa mqutrtee wet-come. Confidential. Tale phone aar-ivra. bok d-tus. Journal TRUCK, llt-TON. REMOVE RUB- 10-4110. , TYPEWRITERS. RENTALS, RE- pair. Evening delivery. Phone leo-veas. , UPHOLSTERED TORNITURE RB- sllneovers renaira. kit- cnen cnatrs recover so. ouaiity snaierwua. vow pneea. Tsa-Taya. WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO, WHY NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAR for your vacation r no travel restrictions and weekly re tee lass than you think. All cars automata:, mmrance, east belts, ra- bw. xveepnona Teo-ieev. THEA BEAI.TR STUDIO ORADUATB MASSEUSE. STEAM- Dam, lampe. nog gmurssa wast. X3a-X7SO. WHY VACATION ALL ALONR LOCATING ETHICAL VACATION. snare perorate la anotner eervioe provided by the Sharing Regie-try. Free Information, Ut-MIX, anytime. GOING SOUTH . THIS WINTER, MAY WR LOOK aiier your nouse or vow apars-menl lor you. Wa win pap you well. 127-0101, WITNESS RE4UIRED WOULD ANYONE WITNESS IlfO accident Involving automobile ; and motorcycle at tntaraeetlon of Carling end Chenler, on July , 10 1004, at approximately S pjn. please contact R. B. Wilkin a. 115-0711, 711-1714. SEWING CLAI1ES BBGINNER'S COURSE. S LBS- aona.' 110. Telephone ror m- formation re sard Ins reglatratloa for thu) conrso and alao inter medtAte and advanced coureee In drsssmsklng. Tha Sewing Baaket. 184 Laurier Wast, 117-0114. "FREE SAMPLE v rMllcloua NABISCO ; iso; BRAN la the only bran cereal flavored with fruit Juleeat You U Ilka tha way bran, bulk helps you enjoy gentle, natural regularity. For a free sample package af delicious NABISCO 100 BRAN, writs la ". , NABISCO .'. Niiiira falls, Ont . ; v. SOI Kill Kl WLKTIO . AMBITIOUS ORADR XBt ORAD- ataa far training an ekartered aocountanta, 710-1141. ANOTHER OPENING FOR A MAM On train aa reel estate auratu In or residential home, sates department. Earn while yon learn. If you o.uaUfy ran will be train, ed la all phaaat of this latereet-Ins pro fission. To discuss that career opportunity cell Mr. Wong on ics, aaa-suaa. avaninsa. T23-0704, Leslie Wong Company Limited, -Reertor" vowipany h B. t DAILY PUZZLER- ' A DAILY DISH OF SCRAMBLED WORDS I Read Newt Hem Mow forf Untcremble Utter of fhs Ovm to Aniwir of Puzzle Z?bMt wo, v DIBIT POLITICS ' .PHILADEIPHIA, PoThe R publican Party proudty picked pretty Evelyn Sehufrleder to be "Mlts PhllodelphW." The beautiful girl wot highly publicized. A lush banquet was given In her honor, duly attended by local Republican politicians. While the campaign was well under way an enterprising newspaper revealed that the was a registered , What was the beauty winner registered as? -v I C. K Seal FeetvivJ Cera. TM-Wafldti(USsea, t. PRINT NUMBERED UTTER) N II I' 13 U ( It It THESt SQUARES 1111 I I UNSCRAMBLE UTTERS TO GET I I I I I I ANSWER I DAILY PUZZLER ANSWERS fcEXT PADS sot male m WAie (Cont. from Preceding Calttmm BARBER WANTED IN EAST- vlew Shopping Centra. 740-4104 BOT WANTED FOR LAWN MOW- mg. Champlaln ark. 771-0308. BOYS. BOYS, BOYS WANTED ror part-time aummer worn ana after echool. Apply in person, 75 Sparks Street. Suite 15, on Sat urday morning, o-iojo only. BUTCHER AND COUNTER MAN. bilingual, experienced only. Ap ply at sty ward etarxev. CHARTS RED ACCOUNTANTS office requires intermediate or senior t-A sruaent or recent graduate. MacLeod, . C am r 1 a and company, 134-fllll. CEMENT FINISHER WANTED. call 721-8347 evenings 7.10-10. ENGINEER FOR NATURAL GAS furnace wanted. Apply to: St. .nariee stoma. so siruyera at.. tmawa.- i I NEED HHP OA A arupeivaMr John C. Blalr nstda full or part-time men to help him meet the demand for ' Ontario Automobile Aaaooia tlon rnambershlpa. Pleasant, dignified, good paying work. No experience necessary but a car la. For full Information . contact i JOHN C B LAIR 3 EASTWOOD, EASTV1EW Telephone 749-7638 Lesdlnc, Csnsdlsn Distributor : of Americin end European . Musics! Ingtruments Seeks EXPERIENCED . ; SAIESAAAN FOR CENTRAL AND 1TORTHERN ONTARIO ' " ''''-' :'- .if , Several new exclusive line for Immediate development. -OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY FOR HARD WORKING COMMISSIONED SALESMAN. COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY. Apply la own handwriting stating aualtfteettone, as-ef atarltal statue, eta. Interview to os sr-ranged tn Toronto. BOX 14TI, JOURNAL PROGRAMMERS Wa hive several attractive openings in analysis and pro-rsmmlng, both ln EDP and the scientific fields. Activities Include a wide rsnje of man-sgement gyitemi Implernen-tation, ; engineerinf design support, and aerophyslcs re-, sesreh, tnanufacturlng and marketing applications. ; These vacancies are a result of Increased internal computer usage and expanding service bureau activities, uti-Using Control Data G20 systetn," '. 5'; Openings exist at both Junior and advanced levels, with sslaiies ranging to $9,000 per annum.'. !.::; .-. .... ., . Submit full details of education and experience, to 1 , J. S. TAYLOR -Employment Officer : COMPUTING DEVICES OF CANADA LIMITED P.O. BOX 508, ' ' OTTAWA 4, ONTARIO ' SYSTEAAS ANALYST f tj -, ..j . Our eompejtv, a msilhim slssil mulU-unlt arsantsetlon. g leader m tha protective eaau tnga mduatry. at aaekmg a nlveralty gndnate. preferably at Comma roe or Ruslneaa Ad- , mlnlaaraUoa. aga SSse. who has had at least one. year of systems aapsilsiHej and at least ana year of experience . aa dale processing st the oners tor or proer emmet level (preferably an IBM I4O0 series eomputors). . He will be located at our Read Office In Montreal, and win carry out systems and pro. eedure stodlee covering wtda arena of our com party's aatlvt ties la tha manufacturing. da -rrlbuUon and twtaU sales fUMs. This la a newly ores ted position which offers an abovo average starting salary, and excellent growth opportunities. Please apply n writing giving full personal, education end experience details, to BOX E-403, JOURNAL ' Your application win be treated in strictest confidence. i' ' ; sai,aaa..4. evw'ww iw IV. mi tvwT inv- pis words. 0 i I PI $ j i U j j C A S O T S I 14 I R P L A C s Id I TAN T U M 501 MALI ffilP WAITED (Cont. from Preceding Columnl EXPERIENCED MAN FOR FARM with purebred herd. H o u a s avallaole. box b-404, Journal. EXPERIENCED SINOLR MAN for. dairy 'arm. aia-17sl. EXPER I E N C E D TELEPHONE sals amen wanted. Apply Mr. Murdoch. 711-4031. QUALIFIED SHEET METAL. MECHANICS Required far shopworn. Steady cmplormsnt. Apply D. COGHLAN 1638 Carting Ave. 728-1704 FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE For the Province of Ontario by a very well eetsbllahed rapidly expanding Wast Coast manufacturer. Product knowledge given at company factory. Position requires skill la personal contact, aalaa promotion. motivation, training, of dealer personnel. Travel required. Good Initial salary pins ear and expense sllowsnee, coupled win, profit sharing and salary Increase potential which will place tha right man tat a top Income tararkel Unuaual fringe benefits. Tha management st progressiva and dedicated to ins teem apuit af operation coupled with esmureglng fun development of the Individual potential and glvmg ad aoea-ntaneurata rewsrde. . , , , Reply in , strict ; corindence, giving futt TJrBeulars as to education, experience, telephone number and other personal data to , , BOX E-482, JOURNAL for Interview at one of Ottawa's leading bo tell August 21. 22 and 23. A LARGE ELECTRONICS COMPANY IN THE TORONTO AREA ENGAGED IN THE MANUFACTURE OF GYROSCOPES, STABLE ' PLATFORMS AND INERTIAL NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEMS INVITES APPLICATIONS - v FROM: .Vv. 1. Engineers and Senior ; mtnneerlng T'ecnnl- cians 1 Who are recent glnaaring or Engineering Physics or graduatee of a S year : fulV-Uma course of a recognised tachnlcal institute with some troubte-etraotlrig ' and testing experlenee. Dutaaa sn-cluda the final aheckout and trouble-ehootlng of Inartlal navigation systems, ' - , 2. Senior Engineering Technicians and Engineering Technicians Who are grsdustss tn Sara. tro-Mechanical Engineering of a S year full-tbna eonrsa of a recognised technical institute. , Duties mehide assisting the Teat Ehgtneers . tn tha up sis tlon at consoles with a possibility at assuming duty la tha ' -field for suitably qusliflsd sp- ' pUoaata. . . . 3. Electronic Technicians Who have a aound knowledge of basis electrical theory te-gethsr wtth aoma knowledge af . translators and allied csroultry with at least two rears experience on airborne electron le oyatema. Duties WTO tnclndo trouble shooting af electronic components of tnertlsl or hvplant repair of eanta may be eonaldered far short pariada of fised duty. 4. Mechanical Technl- Who have three tn five ears experience In fine sloe tie ma- . ehanleal assembly, prefsranly : In tha Bwvtgatloa instrumsnt field. Duties will include the repair or assembly of navigation system components. Suitable applicants may be considered for abort periods of field duty. Excellent working condltlong , with a wide range of company benefits. Write giving full details ta ' rViotinel Manager1--, LITTON SYSTEMS . ' (CANADA) LIMITED 28 CITY VIEW DRIVE, . REXDALE, ONTARIO (TORONTO) ' Telephone 249-1231 . 501 MUI tB9 W1ITO - (Coat from as saining min) BXPEaUENCED MAWAOEB FOB (as bar. Bast End. bilingual, aggressive. Boat B-ewT. Journal. EXPEBIEMCED MABBIED MAN dairy farm, msiisra awn fuel and supplied. I. Journal FIRST CLASS MECHANIC AND anauevenenee man requires, m vi- tawa district. Boa E-40S. Jasirnal. HEATING APPRENTICES WANT. aa. steady smployment- Baa a vev. sownai. JANITOB BEOlrtltED SEPT. 1. lor apartment building, la Bo- gani airesa, aae-witl. KITCHEN HELP WANTED. XVE- ntnga. tsa-eua. JANITOB REOUIBED FOB t-VNlT spsnment Duuding. m aandy Hill. Free one-bedroom basement apartment In exchange far light dutiss. Apply Post Of Use Bex 07. Station D, Ottawa. CARLEJON UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENOINEERINO REQUIRES A MACHINE SHOP TECHNICIAN Starting November, emparlance In machining pra-clalon. Teat equipment neces-aary and la sheet metal working, welding, or braxLng dasir-able. - -Good working cxevdltlons ta a wall equipped shop tat new building, usual fringe benefits. Salary dependent on qualtn-ca lions and sxperleaos. Iteply giving sge, experience and education, to Dean of Engineering CARLETON, UNIVERSITY DRYYVALL JOIrfEtlS AND CORNEB BEAD APPUCATORS TOP RATES STEADY VVORK MINTO BAYSHORI TIME OPTICS RICHMOND ROAD T. BOUSSEL TO 10 A M. FIRESTONE TIRE k RUBBER COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED Has Immediate Openings for. Territory Salesmen .srtOn MaWatW.t.fc Outside Salesmen Office and Credit Managers Service Managers Applicants bstweea 14 and Si years at age with a minimum of aecondary school education and a suceessful background of retail aalaa expertenoe will aa given prefersnoa, Thoso peaillaaa offer a arial-asoglng and rewarding future to smbltlous msn to advenes into aalaa and credit msnsga saent poslUons with a proarea-slvs organlssUon. . To the men selsctsd, wa aflar attractive starting sals rise with progrsi ana psns esedlcsu. hospital Submit aa application la your own handwriting Including a recent photograph and your telephone number to the ' PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO, LIMITED ' 5590 Farrier Street, Montreal 8, Quebec ..SALES MANAGER To orgsnize acrvartislng. cir-culatioa and printing sales for new outdoor ; publication. Head office to Southern Ontario, but would be required to travel Ontario and North-eaitsrn States of U.&A. Salary and commission plan win make attractive position for the right person. - Please apply n deull to BOX E-466, JOURNAL Interviewi win be arranged la Ottawa. , TIME STUDY 7 OBSERVER Expertenrrd ta it haaea ol . time study (Machine Shoe andor ssssmblyl. Making as of standsrds helpful. Bxeellent working sesvaHlons. . Ont. Hoaprlal. P S I -group In-suranaa, pension plsn. Salary range psug . mi, . Send eevnplrte resume as PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT OUTBOARD MARINK CORPORATION H OF CANADA LTD. ; Peterborough, Ontario ,. ' ' . . aV.SV A. aV A, 4. Ja asMSal hAe, 501 Mill KV WUID (Cant from prming Caluxsnl LICENSED MECHANICS WANTED at Shell Service Sutton, Montreal Bond at Saeed Road. Tsa- esse. MECHANIC . COUMTEB MAN FOR modem bowling aslslillslnnsnt an East End. MschaalaaUy avlnd- eu. oiiinaueL wnuung proviaed. NATIONAL OROAlriZATIOH. RE. auirea g aaaart young men lS-H yearn, to train for aWlaa Career. UnUmlted opportunity, bilingual preferred, but not saaenuaL 4 to S months training program at fixed i aaasry. Bex s-410. Journal PLUMBER JOURNEYMAN, EX-perls need tn repair, slterettons new construct Ion. hat water and awam n sauna, gooa onpor-t unities for right man. ns-aglS. REPRESENTATIVE FOR LARGE food manufacturer. Ottawa and district. Must have chain aad vamiiii, experienee. aaiary and expenses, bonus, fringe benefits. Box -!. Journal. Test Technician Minimum 2 to 3. years' experience in inspecting, tasting and trouble shooting; power supplies, motor-generators and control circuits. Semi conductor knowledge desirable. Apply . BOGUE ELECTRIC OF CANADA LTD. Riverside Drive . Ottawa, Ontario University Graduates FOR Reactor Operations GraduMae ta Engineering to operate nuclear reactors. Applicants with two or mors yearn' Industrial experience are preferred but more recent graduates will be considered, aueceeifu! applicants will be trained te supervise rssctor operations. In addition, graduates In Englnsesing Physics will be considered lor operational work In Reactor Physics. Superannuation, group Insurance, hospital, msdlcsl-surgl-cal, vacation plana. State all particulars in first , letter to i FILE 7-0 ATOMIC ENERGY OF CANADA LIMITED CHALK RIVER, ONTARIO WANTED AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MAN With thorough kaowledga' of CM parte and sccsaeoilee. for largs General Motor, Dealership. Applicants must bo sggrrrrlvs and capable ed fitting Into aa expending organisation. Apply ta person to ;: i , : HARRY ' ARDLEY am ..Parts Manager CABELDU MOTORS LIMITED Corner Sparks and Lyon Sts. APPLICATIONS INVITED STUDENTS Willi teredo 11 standing or bettor. Interested in becoming Chartered Accountants. Apptp ARTHUR A.. CRAWLEY AND CO. 133 Lyon Street, Ottawa, Ontario 233-7715 SALESMAN - Required for Retail Trade is Our Showroom. Age around SO wtth good education, experlenee ta the field reejutred. bilingual, good opportunities, for tha future. . For Appoatmerrl CsB THt MANAGER " BYT0WN LUMBER ' LIMITED 7454825 . STOCK KEEPER YOUNG MAN REQUIRED FOB sTTOCKKEEPtNG AND SOME CLERICAL DUTIES APPLY IN PERSON THIS SATURDAY 10 TO U NOON AT: MINTO lift METtrVAlE ROAD, OTTAWA MR. VANBEEK WE ARE NOW INTERVIEWING ' STUDENTS v For Chartered Accountants' '. Office. ' ' - ' University degree or Senior Metriculsttoa feejulredl saw ta or ath poor studeeits.' Reply sa sonfldenos la Peat Marwick Mitchell and Co. 353 DALHOUSIE STREET 232-1546 if I. it . a, aVsVeti ,siiis J 501 pttll BP WAlia (Cont. from Prsasitlng Cohunal SALESMAN TO BEPRESENT Soar covering wholsaaler. haadl-Ing landing Una af hard outface Soaring la dty and Ottawa V alary Knowledge of retail Soaring trade dealrabla. Car essential! ago la 11. Attractive salary a piaa and slaer beaaattsJ! E-isj. Journal. SHOE SALESMAN) MUST BE Experienced, excellent position, for nani man. lis STOCK CLERK. YOUNG MAN. lilt, for bualness office, willing ta learn repair of off lee eau lament, minimum 4 years' a I g h school. 1U-U11 SUPERINTENDENT LANDY MAN. full time (or S-atoray modem apartment building, couple only, free apartment pi us good aaiary. References. Apply Boa E-lgo. Journal. TAXI DRIVERS. OVER SS YEARS or age, nppiy woo Wellington. TAXI DRIVERS WANTED. tMME- aiateiy. call rga-aoil. WANTED. EXPERIENCED OIL owner mecnanic. pumguai. Ill St. Andrew Street. 110-7110 SENIOR MATRICULANT GRADUATE WITH S PAPERS, senior mesne, requvea ay national firm of chartered accountants- Train as CA. excellent opportunity for serious student to obtain proteaslonsl status. Its B-400. Journal. . OVER. ONE MILLION Pent Bsadred Iwaaasad Detlass tfrlTEAL 'ESTATE SOLD BY OUR enthused aalaa force In July! Join this opportunity - mtndsd sales group that era smashing records ovary month. Experience the thrill of helping people and their dream hornet The Biast satisfying, wen-paid Job la aalaa In Canada today! Plenty of help, training, prospects, leads. Call and maae aa eppointavaat ta chat about YOUR future. Call George Thomas, Seles Manager. SM-IMli evenlnga, SM-4011. Thomas SMpmaa Ltd- -Realtors-. CHIEF STATIONARY ENGINEER Second-Class 4 Appneenta are Invited for the position of Chief Engineer In a new chemical plant located tn MocTisburg. Ont. Apply la writing, giving detail, of sge, escpsrlence and . ntarltal status, to MR. G. W. PARRETT sway"chiimicat LIMITED .MotTisburg, Ontario 501A SaUESMDI UD AGEm SALESMEN WANTING BIDS line, calling on the retell trade, no age limit, full or part-time. We have S00 Mama. Cammls-sloct. opea territory across Canada. Write W. H. Smith Whole-sals, Clifford. Ont. NEW HORIZONS FOB tOUt YOUR OPPORTUNITY - AS A real aetata salesmen hi limited only by poor awn desire to succeed through serving others. We have "stock on our shelves', ' many, many desirable properties to sen. Wa will seech yea how to sail them and show yon tha way to a rewarding career. To talk seriously about It, can George Taosnas. Sales Msnager. 1M-1MI; evenings. U5-1071. lor " aa sppolatment. Thomss Ship-man Ltd. "Realtor". . SALESAAAN To aaU lamao and shades la Eastern Ontario for Canadian manufacturer. Kigbeet commle-skma. Lerge repset tusliism. Aodrsas reply to - DIANNE LIGHTING . OF CANADA IIS Glen Long Ave, Toronto, Ontario REP. FOR TEXAS OIL CO. WORTH UP TO $12,000 Need ana over 00 for Ottawa area. Take short aato sripe. Rset - Wrtto .-. B. 0. DIOCBRSON, . SW PrrROLEUM .B14 M. Mala. Ft. Worth, 502 RMAII ia WAITED SABYSITTER. BXLIABLB WO- snan, wsmgam area. . lae-iiea, Oftsr S. BEAUTY COUNSELOR REQUIRES run. part-tlms. smoiuoua wosaen, TlO-OtTS. BOOKKEEPER, MIDDLE - AGED, for central Ottawa Valley small lumber supplies- Reply Stat lag experience. Box S-alO, Journal. CAPABLE MATURE WOMAN wanted to take full charge of house, with children, la said-September, Uva In. 11S-400S. CASHIER . RECEPTIONIST FOB modern Bowling eeublianmonu East End. Must ba bilingual. ' Evening work. Apply to aw a writing, atoa s-eei, CHART BRED ACOOUNTANTS erflee rvejulres a slenogi sphsr. MacLeod. Cavarlo and Cernpeny. SS0-01II. CHARTERED A C C O UNTANTS off lee baa ovenlng on staat for oxnarlsncsd aookksspar. Rest s- 4M, Journal. i TYPIST 1 and - AAAIL CLERK Good typing speed end accuracy asMentiaL 5-day work week. Paid vacatiosL Excellent employee fringe benefits, air-conditioned office, CsMtralry located. Minimum starting aaiary $38 per week. - Apply DOMINION STORES LTQ. , 213 McLEOD STREET ' 25V3131 i Office Open Saturday v . Morning for IntervVrwa. (('nttntifel imi Nl Otvumnv Ls r 1 1 i !

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