The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLEJ PA. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14, 1913. 'THE PJLRASOUX'L THE BEATJTli'UL MRS. HBY- flolds", five part World attraction, in which June Elvicise, Carlyle Black- · w«ll and Arthur Ashley, appeal' in ' prominent roles, is being presented I today. "The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds," ' is a story replete vrith interest be- caose of its patriotic nature. Intimately exposing the personal fued j which existed between Hamilton and ' Burr and at the same timo depicting an interesting episode in the early life of our country it is with all a very pleasing feature. Not only does i the picture show us some of the early struggles ot the country to tree itself from the yoke of English oppression but it serves to introduce the 'leading men of those days, including the first president George Washington and other such prominent personages as Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Adams. Tomorrow Norrua Talmadge the Seiznick star Trill be featured in "The Moth,' an exceptionally interesting feature. Monday Harold Lockwood will be seen in "The Avenging Trail." a Metro feature. Alice N. Brady and Mabel Normand, screen favorites, will appear soon in j interesting' pictures. Buy in Connellsville at "The Store With the New Styles First" KAYSER Silk Gloves for SPRING A Notable Showing Now Ready Gold Bond Stamps Pay -i% on What You Spend. t TOE soissox. TTOTNESSEE'S PARTNER."--Is not a new play by any manner of j means but is one of that tj pe that. ( like good friends, imprcrvc with age., The story of the little mountain lassie who goes West to find hi r father, a | miner, only to learn of h.s death on j her arrival in the mining camp and 1 her subsequent adventures is the I basic plot for one oC the best melo- j dramas ever written. "Tennessee's i Partner" has unusually fine comedy parts. Mr. Oliver will be seen in the i principal (unmaking role with Miss Wilmer as a close second. The full , strength of the Manhattan Players i will support Mr. Bedell in giving; Manhattan devotees a production that will linger in memory lorg after the ! company has gone to new fields of j labor. "Tennessee's Partner" will be , the attraction' at matinee and nigbt' performances today and tomorrow. The usual country grocer:' store will be held Friday night, itiss Thayer ' who has the affair 1 in charge has outdone herself in buying a splendid and varied Vst o£^ useful ar icles. The , big special prize will be a great sur- j prise to'everybody. --Two clasp Silk Gloves in white, black and grey. Self embroidered and double tips. The pair, fine. . --Two clasp Silk Gloves with contrasting embroidery, white- with black, grey-with-black, and all white. Double tips. Tb» pair, 5c. --Two clasp Silk Gloves with double tips and contrasting embroidery, whitfr-with-bSack, and black-with-white. The pair $1.00. 36 Inch Foulards to Sell at $2 Yard A Popular Spring Silk at a Moderate Price. --Dark navy backgrounds -with Ivory ring. --Coppn background with brown-and-while checks. --Tan background with ivory dots. --Navy background with copen chocks. --Ivory background with black stnpes and rose-and-grey checks. 36 Inch Fancy Silks --Taffeta backgrounds with satin stnpes or bars--ideal for separate skirts. Combination colors in blue, gold, green and nav. The , yard S2 to $:). --Three clasp Silk Cloves with double tips and 5 tucks on wrist. Contrasting embroidery- -wb'ite- with -black and raastic-witu- blaclt. The pair. $1.25. Two clasp Silk Gloves with clouWe tips and halt incll hem to contrast with embroidery, ivhite-with-blaek. The pair, Sl.25. Two clasp Silk Gloves with double tips and self embroidery --white, black,'grey, navy. The pnir. «1.8o. New Voiles for Pretty Spring Frocks No matter "what the weather may be today, the timo fof lovely light frocks IB fast approaching. | --Ready for your choosing today 15 an abundance of the lovoly plain color voiles, in light colors or' darker ones, -10 inches wide find -We a yard, --Also some 45 inches wide at G^c a yard. --Qtht*r new voiles in stripes, plaids and unusual figures are in too many patterns to describe. They are 36 and 3S Inches wide, and priced at 35c to $3.00 a yard. White Silks --Washable White Satin. 36 infhes wide, at $2.00 and 52.25 the yard. --White Crepe de Chine, good quality, at ?1.65 and $2.25 lie yard. Spring Styles for Men and Boys Men's Suits Boys' Wool Suits Men s Hats Boys* Wash Suits THE ATvCATXE, "RUNNING FOR. OFFICE/'--A | UMoId version ot George M. Cohan's I "Running for Office," waa presented at the Arcade yesterday by Stone's ] Awentieth Century Show. The farce has been brought up-to-date, an of the funny situations are i etamed, although the melodramatic points of necessity are more prominent than when it was presented by the Cohan family at a local theatre years ago. The song numbers with one or two j exceptions are new and are well sung. \ The picture was the second episode ; of "Vengeance and the Woman." Both j the farce arid, picture will be repeated today. Feats with modern weapons are common but in "Vengeance and the Woman," skill with the rope of the primitive Indian makes you set up and, pay attention. Miss Halloway is seen riding down a canyon whose walls rise .perpendicularly about a hundred feet. Tho girl is caught in the noose of a lariat thro^rn by an Indian on the top of the wall. She is snatched violently from tbe saddle and thrown against the cliff. This is b u t ' one of the many thrills in the picture. ' which is a now type of western drama. One Extra Special Lot Women's and Misses' Worth Regularly up to $17.50 $14.95 A large collection of pretty styles suitable for late Winter and early Spring wear. Bought at a considerable price concession and sold tho same way. Taffetas, Serges and combinations in choice of navy, copen and black. All sizes 10 to 44. This special group should have your prompt attention for dresses at a price are in brisk demand. ORI'RETM THEATRE. 'THE IMPOSTOR."-- Mary Fenton, a beautiful girl with ,t wonderful voice, determines to try her wings in New York. She encounteis more than the usual vicisitudes including the usual young married man v.ho desires to become her protector hut who learns a lesson m the verities from Mary. .Miss Fenton's adventures are most admirably portrayed by Ann Murdoirk, who so fi*s herself into the role that they arc one ;md insepar- abl c. Friday and Sat arday Mar- Riiente Clark in her latest picture, "The Seven Swans." Wash Away Skiit Sores D. D. D., the liquid wa^h, has become · household word. It ha* proved itself o maarltablr remedy. If you are a ·of- ferer from'it in di*ea§«, Inchidia; ulcers, pirnplet. scales, eraeti or Edema in «uy form, thii remedy win no* dijro^- fomtyou, It baa stood th* test and today M the master preparation toe all (tin disease*. Try D. D. D. today W« NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT IN CONNELLSVILLE There has never been anything m Connellsvine with the instant action of simple buckthorn baric, glycerine, etc., as mned in Aultu-i-ka, One spoonful flushes the entire bowel tract so completely it reli*r«s any case sour stomach, gas or constipation and prevents appendicitis. The instant, pleasant action of Adler-i-ka surprises both doctors aad patients. A, A. Clarice.--adv. e it Be, flOc and tl.«X ]. D. D, J C. Moore. Drue-gist. Water St.. ConnaUsville. Pa. HOT CHOCOLATES Served in the Collins Way Surely do hit tHe right spot. After the movies or some other entertainment, drop in and enjoy one, served, with delicious whipped cream and assorted cakes. There's nothing better on a cold night. Collins' Drug Store, South PJttsburg' Street, WE SERVE REICK'S ICE CREAM. Here's the most important sale news you've read since the world went to war and prices went skyward. It's news you can'fc afford to overlook for it means money in your pocket and good clothes on your back. Beginning Thursday morning and lasting till closing time Saturday night--EIGHT SEPARATE AND INDIVIDUAL SALES--with our Semi-Animal Shirt Sale the foremost feature. was brought here Monday and interred in the family plot in the Baptist ceme- Smithfield. · SMITHFIELD. Fob. 13.--Arthur Ed-ward Malone, aged a, of New Salem, and Sarah Elizabeth Rankin, 16, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. H. J. of Smlthficld. tuadc an ap- WEAK KIDNEYS When you're fifty, your body begins to creak a liule at the hinges'. Motion tif more slow and delib«rue. "Not o younijr ajt 1 used to be" is a frequent and unweicona thought Contain hodil y function* upon, which socd health and pood spirits io much dejiend, are impaired. Tho ivea^ spot ifl een«srally tho bladder t npleasant pyMptoms show themselves Painful and annoying: com' plications in other ordain arise. This ·is particularly true with elderly people, li you only know ho*, this trouble can b* obviated. For over 200 years CMLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has been rellering- the Inconvenience and pain due to advancing 1 years, 'It Is a standard old-time home remedy, and need* no Introduction. It t» now put up In odorlesa. tostelaas oat- rul«*. Theae aw «a«ier a-nd more plea-a- Uncohi's birthday. plication before a local justice bere j C. 0. Bos-ley was a Umoatown bus- Tuesday for a marriage license. Im- ' iness visitor MoruEay. mediately after procuring -which, they j The remains oE George Jlorgan ac- repaired to tho county seat to pro- j companied by the immediate relatives cure the license and have the knot tied. Dr. J. E. Howard of Option, Pa., j tery. arivcd here Monday by automobile i Tho Department of Labor have ap- anrt will hang out his shingle in the! pointed an enrolling agent at Smith- old Campbell Inn in Mam street. He! field for the purpose of enrolling meu ' in the United States Public Ser\-ice Reserve. The aim oC the reserve is to have on hand a reserve of avilabie men who, white staying at their posts in the occupations in which they arc Jonathan Moody motored to Browns- j now engaged, stand ready to go when j ville Sunday to see the ice go out. j the government iiotifiea them that The bank and post office closed on Ihey can be of greater service elsewhere. For further information any one that wants'to put himself in line for a lucrative job. Come in and talk it over with the enrolling agent on the second floor of the post office building, corner Mam and Church streets, Smithfield. Miss Clara Lape, ot ITnicmtown, is will not move his family here for the present, that will be on conditio'nr whether 1 his practice will justify his moving 6r not. I. F. Moore, Samuel Thompson and KITE LIN TRANSFER TRUCK Md \VA(;uHS. IOV1J1G AAD i OHlc* 103 K. Gra». AII«j. Ojrpo ·lie P. R. B. RriHX. Ho«k Pku.r» MEAN A WEAK BODY visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Hannah Abraham. The ice in George's Creek went out Sunday taking ont the steel bridge at j ant to take than the oil in bottles. i Bach eapaule contains about one dose i of ftve drops,. Take thorn just like you would any pill, -with a small swallow ot water. They soak into the system and throw off the poisons which are makmK you old before your time. They "urll! j Hunter's mill. The bridge spanning i quickly relieve those stiffened joints.' that stream on the Ilaydentown road that backache, rheumatism. ' lumbago ' ,,... Anri-in^orAH ThA W m r m H fbn-e i sciatica, Eiii-atones. gravel. .T, rtck .,*« endangered, rae ice gorged toc.e , du«t" etc. They are an effective rera- ! putting water over the B. O. siding , My for all diseases of the bladder, kid- I iato the old Boyd coke works. Dm- jn.y. liver, itomach and allied organs i plo y ees of the road returned the sit- i Go to your druE'Srict todav and Ret a bos of GOLD MKDAT, Kaarlam Oil Cap- watioa there by using several heavy sulew. Money refunded x if they do not ' blasts of dynamite. help you Three sizes, GOLJ} MBDAI** ! are the pure. orlRinal impnried Haarlem { ' O i l Capsules. Accept no ffubetltutes,-- I _^ ,, . Adv. I When used in The Daily Courier always bring result*. Try them. F. T. EVANS llTEADHorner's WEAciotfc Saturday Madras, percale and cord shirts in the most attractive patterns and colors. Well made, neatly finished--with five handsome pearl buttons and closely worked, buttonholes. Your choice of laundered and .soft, uirr.-back cuffs. All sizes. 13Vb to 17%. And the most remarkable thing about the lot is that we are able to offer tliein at the same price as last year. Last Entire Stock Not a shirt in the entire lot e:\cepted. Pine quality madras, silk stripe ! and all silk shirts in the handsome patterns and colorings and of the quality for which the name "MANHATTAN" is famous. Here's the way you buy them $2.00 Shirts for $1.65 $2.50 Shirts for $1.85 $3.00 Shirts for $2.15 $3.50 Shirts for $2.85 $4, $4.50 Shirts for $3.15 $5.00 Shirts for $3.85 $6, $6.50 Shirts for $4.85 $8.00 Shirts for $6.35 $10 and $12 Shirts for $7.65 en's and Madras Shirts Regular $4 and $6 Kinds Broken lots taken from our regular stock and placed on sale at saving? of '$1.05 to $3.05 on every shirt.' Soft, turn- back cuffs, good patterns. All sixes 13'^ to 17. . 50 Dozen Men's Four-in-Hand Ties Special in the Sale at 600 Ties all told, in plain and fancy colors and stripes Made full size in the big shapes men and young men like. Every man -\\ill want several at 25c. For 1,00 dozen pairs in black, -white, blue, grey, taupe and tan. All sizes !)'/ tr 11%. Worth today 35c. Same colors not to be had at* any price. Fifty dozen--600 pairs--of ( good weight cotton Sox in '· black only to be sold at 2 j pairs for 25c. Every nian will recognize what wonderful values these are. 100 Dozen Men's Kerchiefs 3 for 25c 100 dozen--1200 handkerchiefs--in a sale at 3 for 25c. Most men will buy a dozen. Made of good quality cambric, f u l l size, and with a good wide hem. 50 DO/.V..V ARKOfl' COI.LAK.S 8 for 25c. 600 Collars in ·'10 Jol. Tjisron- ' nued styles ' vhich prevent -is carrying all si^e-. Mftny ronberva- t i v e and selling well today -Ml sizes I;)'/, to IC'-i 50 Dozen Men's . Heavy Ribbed Cotton Union Suits Regular $2 Values r o.xi: VI:AK A;O Anyone u h o lias bought u n d e r w e a r '-eoenuy knows p u c e s a i p today and can easilj iinagnic what they ^vill bp ,n another year. An-j that's why ims sale is so niijiorUiiH

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