The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1918
Page 7
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, i-jfiBRTTARY 14, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. ostensibly a visit of sympathy, hnd come unofficially. Tfco chancellor was not so calm aa ] | he appeared. He fcad lined, the route Irom the atation to the paloce with his 1 men; had prepared for every contia-' gency so far as be could without calling out the guard. As the carriage, drawn by its four-chestnut horses, moved slowly along the streets, hla eyes under their orerhanglug thatch wore watching ahead, searching the .crowd for symptoms of unrest. Auger be saw In plenty, MAIL ORDER HOUSE , MAKES DIME, LOCAL ; MERCHANT NICKEL That's Hon Vroiits Size lip on Dollar's "Wflrth of JlerchjuitUsc e Consumer JJuys. A woman go'ea into a local department store and spends a dollar. This is ¥ approximately how the and ! merchant spends it. Seventy-five rase ACHB IK Says a little Salts In wator may save you from dread attack. WILLIAM R. ROCKEFELLER, JR., PAGE SEVKN- AND THIi GIRL HE HAS MARRIED Isusplclan. Scowling faces and'frown-i Ce 1 tu P^ s £ °r tne goods that «]asi I \Vo arc advised ( j rivt,? war .uiy; k ( Ing brows. But as yet there ires no a °'d to the ehoppei. Twenty cents | the font dr; a.\o\f. ixnomre; iat 1 | disorder. He sat with folded nrms, | was paid for labor, upkeep, tioolc magnlilcent in bis uniform beside Karl, i losses and | other charges, all of who wore civilian dress and looked I which were disbursed in this com 1 less royal than perhaps he felt And Karl, too, watched the crowd, "I caught him" said the concierge. , m their graesome holders. But when Deling i« temper and fei B uing an in- ·I have said It. lie k«w much. He , he saw thc cmomttteo WB heart tailed. «Ute«« «« d 1 ^ n o t M Olgu Losand uames, places, even dates. Ihat mutter, he coufessed." "Then he is deatW" quavered old A.detbert. Tbe concierge shrugged his eho'ul- ii'i-s. "OC course," he saiU briefly, *For u time ne was kc]t here, in an upper room, lie coulti bdve sayetl Himself, if lie woul(L We could have | , For I Here, embodied before him, was every-1 had bcea right. He did not want ii] unity. Five ceota was left to tho merchant. That v,aa Bpenl In this towa, too. It paid fen the loori and clothing of- "bis family, bis insurance, taxes and other expenses of curu- he had loathed during nil bis trouble. More than that, he was of nwmltyliMug. an age now to crave popularity. Many Another -woman sent thin; upright a ad murder, trcas The cords In his neck stood out like strings drawn to the breaking point. The concierge was speaking. For bis boasting, he was ill at ease. . j His voice had lost its bravado, ana Bst«J him. But he turned sulky, re- i uad taSen OE a lawnmg.note, tuseii ·iiirech, did not eat. When he "This is the man pi whom word was did not eat. When he J he ad.led with unc- , sent to the committee," he said. !ion. "hi- was so weak that he could ' ventured to ask thfit he be allowed not wait." He rose ami consulted u , to come here, because he brings in- jjrcat sliver watch. "We can go now," j formation of value." be said, 'The committee Ufces prompt- j "Slop forward, comrade," said'the ncsa." , , | leader. "What Is your name and oe- They left together, the one striding cupatlonr put with long steps thtt "\vere sur- , "Adelbert, excellency, prisingiy llsht for his sire, the other, [patlon, for years I^jas connected with hawking back a trifle, as out who walks r1 " ««,«..» ^ant-rr mat.* ,«- M n«r,,,« of the measures which, had made him beloved in his own land hail no higher purpose than tills, thc smiles of the crowd. BQ tje watched and talked of Indifferent things. "It is ten ycrs since I have been bore," he observed, "but 1 changes." "We have built no great buildings," said Mettiich bluntly. "Wars.have left us no money, majesty, for building,'" That being a closed road, so to a dollar away lor a bhirt waist, advertised m the catalogue oil a. mail order bouse. This is approximately bow tbe mail order house spondb it. The waist cost sixty cents. The executive and overhead expenses, advertising and : are few other charges were thirty cents and Rbeumatiftm ii ea'rfT to a-vold than to cure stAteb a w*ll-Jr~owr autiionty. var.:j»Iy; keep esb j ttutcit, but d'l'ifik pK'iiij of good water Rbp*:--aJsm is a direct result of , eating too much meat and other rich foods that produce uric arid, \\!ileh/is absorbed into ihe blood. It ih the fuact'.on of ihe kidneys to filter tills aL.rt from the blood aud cast it out m tbe urine; tbe pores of the ak.n art* also a meaas of Treeing :he blood of this Jnvpurity. In damp and o'.illl) cold weather tho kin poreo are clo^uu thus forcing tbe kidneys to do double , work, [buy becume \vfifc and siuggish i ;ind fail tc ehminnte the uric acid. | ·which keeps accuraulaiing y.nd circula- ' Ling through the systeri. rvoniually settling ,n the joints ,vu) iMifides, i causing stiffness, boriMie^q and pain ( cnlied rlii. umji'iisTU. At the first nvmgr* ol" ri.cumaLsm i from an pharmacy about four °P era - Twenty years, excellency. , because he must. Old Adelbert, who ' Tnen J B rcw ° 1(J ' ond another--" His had loved his king better than bis country, uas a lagging "patriot" that , voice broke. ' Is the Information that brings His breatli eann- short and ' y o u speak, Karl triec^ another. "Thej o u t of Lhe community never to re- come-back in doing a mai! order pirate. crowfl prince most be quite n lud," he ! ^ urn I experimented. "He WHS a babe in As to occn- arms, then, but frail, I thought." "He Is sturdy now." The chancellor i balance was credited- to the dividend account. Tbe woman who mailed her money away iost in two ways, infer- I ionty of goods and her money .sent j ounces of Jad Salt:*; put a tablespoon- j ' f u l m a glas of water and drink jje- j fore breakfast, each morning for a j week. This is said to d'minate uric ! acid by stimulating the kidneys to \ aorraat action, thus ndvhag ihe blood ' There is no , business with relapsed into watchfulness. "Before I see the Princess Karl made another attempt, "It might He hAfi eveiythlng one way--his way. You're the small end of the lion 1 The other ^end of the uorn drips prosperity, for the* mail order business it- !° bor^J His throat was ,Iry. As thov ' Suddenly old Adelbert wept, terrible ; prospect is at least not disagreeable to n.i ·.,! n,n r»«.iM. hnu«v. r HP thro* ' e » rs tflct forced their uny from hlsi" c r. 'birhid W Th« peS.^nnoo TM* *** ^-s. and ran doTM Ws cheeks, j _TM« ehnnceUor was not ,istenl D ovor, but the great house was still " r F" nnor - eicellencles I" be cried. "I find I cannot." He collapsed Into the chair, and throwing his arms ticross the table U .he edge oC th.p.ace, near tUe | ^^l^" iTo^.S ifjtne of the queen, they took a car. lighted, and in the foyer, strutting ibour, was hjs successor. Old Adelbert quickenetl his steps. be well to tell me how she feeN about j a- horn of plen-ty, with you as ihr things. I would like ro feel that the , month piece doing all the work, and he the Ing end, making all tbe noise. You literally pay the freight, no! only on. the goods, bui for hundreds of thousands of splashy catalogues You pay the salaries or scores of departmental heads, and a staff perhaps, o£ liveried servants in the man- There was trouble abend. It hud come, then, after all. He muttered something behind his gray mustache. Thrf horses stopped, ae the crowd suddenly l so reached the burden, of tho city. ilter that rney walked far. The sceat , ^^ of the earth, fresh turned by the piuuifh, was In their nosnils. Cattle, turned out after the 1» ns winter, p-azed or lay in tiic fielcK Through" too ooze of the road the tr.rj plodded; Th"e committee stirred, and tbe con) clerge caught him brutally by the ·M AdelbtTt stru^gtin^ through vrlth "Up with your' he said, from clenched teeth. "What stupidity is thJ*? Would you play with death?" But old Adelbert was beyond fear. He shook his head. "I cannot," be muttered, his face hidden. *iriculty, the concterse exhorting him aD w jtient]y to haste, At inst tbe leader iinu-?r ' inO «i reyed bis surroundings: "Here 31 the committee wishes. I can tell them must cover your eyes, comrade," be of £h!s matter. Later, he can be In- said. "It Is a formality all must com- ter r oga£ed." P 'ow Adelbert drev- back. "I do not'' The leader nodded. ^-^~ like your rule. I nm not as other men, 1 must sec ^here I go." Then thfe concierge -stood erect' and folded his arms across his chest. "He Is terrified, that Is all," he said. 'If - , said thc rave Veteran"~hc closed in front of them. ! siofl on a "western lake front. "Drive on!" he said angrily, and the Tb e characters- of human ere- coachman touched ir.« whip to the Is tlie factor that thc mail or- liorses. Hot they only reared, to deceiver banks upon when be I at the bridles by- hostile handaj mails that costly catalogue to you, j He knows that even a small purchase ' f t ill return to him tbe expense of printing it. Ho has bis costs so figured ' "When ou look that book over you ahead. . Knrl half rose froni bis sent. "Sit stiU, majesty," said the cbancel- lor. "It is the talk, that is all." students. They will C. H. I1KKRL* L tuus-t. sw sviiyre i gu. i . · - "I shall lead you carofnl'T. And, 11 eontempcuouHlr at tho toddled ngnre you four, I cnn cnrr- you." He In tbe ^~"^ come across nn old chuckled at thc thought. B IT old Adel- hert kr\o\v \ioll tbat he could do it, knew that he \\as as ft chJ'd tn those mighty arm«. He submitted to the bandage, however, with an ill grace thnt caused tbe conciergp to smile. "It liurts your dignity ^h, old rooster:" he said joviallv. "Other^. of prejUer tHenitr. nnve fr-lt the same.' But nil Pubmli in the Dnd." graves with the ease of familiarity. . i t In *' ° ndcr the , the one v:hlch rumor haa 6Bid Vfill be ilore oo ^Vednesdat and Sat- urdny, It is now time to drop in al the Second National Bank building and have this ehuopractor examine you aud lell ou why you are sick. Dr Sbcrry will be in ConnellsvJHe every NVednesdaj and Saturday, hours 10 A. n d of grapes w'lh hthia ( of thete impurities J*ul Sails [ inexpensive, and is made from tue lemon juicn, coir.'bi and is used cxclln-. rtsuhs by vhousandh of loiks v^ho axe; s-ubjoct to rheumatism. Hcrp you ha\e a plf^.s- anu o^orvcscpnt lithuL-uau*r drink v,hich helps o-vorcorne nric acjd and is beneficial to your kidneys a well -- adv. WilUam R Rockefeller, Jr., praTi-inep^"* ^ r - ll lin ^*- Kocefel'er. and rioreace daughter of Mr. and -Mis. Kredenrk \V. Liuroin of New York, "who wore married on 1-Ybniary Ji M". Rockcfr'li^'- ic p n r u n rarry^i^. gat,- o;me caQb at ihe arriai toast patrol station ai l l i . y i ngton, 1.. T., where lie was a studeni of auation. TODAY Dunbar. DUXIi.Ul, Feb. 14.--Miss Barda- Kelly was a CODnellsvillc nbojiiier Tuesday. Anthony Gilmore and William Farr were business callers in Connclls- ville Tuesday inght. Mrs. John Vi'ishart aud nephew. \Vi!liara Vi'ishart. were calling on WM. A. BRADY }'Ri:SK,VfS JC.VJJ KLVIDGi: l.\ "Tne Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds" A WORI.L) PHOWCTIO.N IN i ACTS. -U-SO Cl RHIJ.NT KVIJ.VTS, SiJO\M.\G ALL THi: LATKST XBWS. forget the bonest vahif waning for j fnends ner e yesterday you on the s h e l v e s ' o f ' t h e home merchant, you forget that to littn you owe patronage because h^ is a community un-huilder and eni'pioys. home labor and cont-ibuies bts profits to town prosperity. ff ' These things and other things Klip from your mind aa you contemplate the guady iliut-'trations and tho lals* 1 values that beckon from that alhirint; page. we . Rt d!ffcrcnt tllnes He paused, to give his ^ords weight. Thut they were of couJ rl 1 n * - , , i M ' '° , 8 P M " rtbolh ]1 oft for u " 5 6 » am Perhaps a toiUb of ihe population oC this community patronize the mail ardor house Supposing ton-tenth? did. what would happen to ihi*. our homo tov,-n? Thn main streets would ionfs Don't pur vil) only be with you for 3. few months and then be will answer thc country's call. Interest! Electric treatment HI the ver lafost , . . m ,d by the-_ OTB i nS fon rar . ! Ionn . chlroprf c ,,c b, a m »n «ho ,,,, *« ^"^.^^a"^"' ! I of thp committee. specialized for ibe last SIT p a r l » Unmh.'* "Dp^ortod Vill r · K * % · "Tlie pntranct* N conceded at the ihis work. Also broken arches n r i - i . . .,* ' ... ,'', * Ime of the ol.l C.a" o f t h o Moon. Onr I Jllst c,l and proporlv eorroc-ted. All o f ! lroufr . nionc3 her? ' l ? tho W"TM" | * Ho piloted th» vet^rnn ..mone the fri ""d i"e followed it. and reports j tho following diBeases couected. No i £ .' ^Zr'M TourTona'^hecwip ' t ^·,SSLr«SS5. ^..VS'^IS^'i^'ES ^^'*^TMTM^^\ do«tioyeM wall. Then it luras and i catairb of ihf nose and throat, obes- | m n n n j ^tern.ont goes to thc palace itself." jty, consUpation and intebtmal dis- ,' "Into the palace?" ,, orders, liver troubles, piles, auto-in**By n flight uf fatairs, inside Lhe j toxication, chronic h'e;.dacncb, rheu N. Norris of PiUsbnrg VMS a business ralier here today. William "V^-nn of UonnelKulle was . hanKactJng business here yesterday. Mrs. Harry Smith attended a fancy,! work meeting in ConnellsviHe T u e s - j j day The men nf thp Gaddis Adu 1 ! Bible [ rlass entertained the lady member^ T.iepday evening in the baserac-nt of ^ the Motbodist Hpi-scopal church. The R e d Cross will meet today i n ; ihe Presbyterian church to pew. -- FKIDAF \S SB1J5MCK PRESENT? \OKJL\ TALJL4DIJI; IX "THE MOTH" sonirrv DIUMA IN s A-"TS. ALSO A GOOD CO.MI;DY. MADGE KUNNBDY IN U 'EABL1' MAKRtED" *erf^^ Haw to Stop a Bad Coup/a rolta from lb p. JDuUy pr cert* L(tt)o. If you have a severe coach, or chest accompanied vith if Boronts t ' ( throat inside , to a door in 'he roof. This door, which way locked, he opened, having k The compensation paid to thp clerks, the insurance paid to th,= O r U'your "dlild'vik^""ip"dur"i^~ t\7a agents, the tax paid to the (own, coal I luyht with croup and ^ou ^vant quick bills, light bills, water bills, worry! £^ J^ }.!?_." 1 carrK-d keys with him. The door he describes as in thy tower. As It was i ulpht, he could uot see clearly, but i the roof tit that, point is flat." | "Stand up. AdelberL," said the leader i rtmrpJy. "This Urn our comrade telJs Is true''" i "ft is true, excellency." "Shown a dfo:£rrm of the palace, , . , . i , w a e r s w o r n - - this pleasant rnatism, neuritis, n c n o t t s breakdown. , \ . .' » *·«. '". homo-roade cough remedy. Any drufr- kidney .iisorflcr , goiter, c.rculaiion f h c m % cnailt who depend, on an hon- grt can supply you V i2i/, Jncca J ' » ' disturbances, high blood pressure. , est profit to nu'ft them. Give him that I xWnex (00 cents wortltK Pour tMa into TODAY See Ihe CapmaUuer Actiess. A.NN 3U"KDOCK. m Also a Good Comedj. TM» r icath becaus! of l lle IoSH of an FRIDAY AND SATURDAY MAKGl'ERm: C'LARK IX "TIIK SKVK.V S\l \SS" Live in the land of 'Mato-Belie\?" will) Margncritp Clark KPTO] with her IE Uiis woadcr story v.-!t,h ii= magic- .sHticgs. A pjclurr ibat']] stir up memories of o'her days and makeyouwiph r would never end. of men cause of chi'dren's diseases has been ' removed by this doctor after all other methods of treatment had failed. See} Every merchant, every hank him \Vorlncrday at his office in tho | bii in » ^v^L't'^t^taBin^ 00 "!? PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS Second Xalional Bank Bu-ldirs. You ' could you locate this door?" Old Adeltiert stared around him hopelessly. It was done* D0 v. Noth- i *an call hfr, residence in I nioniown in^ thnt he could uny or refue to sny tor special appointment.--Adv. \\nnld change that. Ue nodded. When,- soon after, a chnrt nf the .palace was placed nn the table, be in- loosens and raises the phlegm, stops throat tickle and Boothes ind heals the _.,, a n d j irritRted membranes that line tha , man advocates buying a t ' throat nnd. bronchial tubes with such ' WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. home. Then let us givp you prices Q;~\ your job work tnis comirfs year. T l i c j Courier Job Dept. «"* He Piloted the Veteran Among the " Graves. Only once he spolie. "Enov,* you where ! you are?" -In 11 field," said Adelbert, "recently · ploughed." "Aye. in a field, ri^bt enougl 1 . Sot' om %\hich sows corruption, and raises i nothing, until perhaps ^TCiit ^t Ga-, brtei culls In his crop." Then, realizing the meaning ol the , mounds over which he trod, ohJ Adelbert crossed himself. j "Ojtfj a handfol know of this meet-; ing place." boasted tho concierge. "J, ( nmi a few others. Only we may meet' with the committee face to face." l l jTou must have £reat Infiuecc*'," ob- j -lorved (-Id AdtMbeit titiiidly. J" · "I control the jrni_'ds. He who today ' t?:in sway 3jitor to l:i will is j over- · ml: very powerful, comrade. Labor j ' i: tbe £re"\r beast which tires 01" cnr- ' 17 ins hanlourf, and it but now learning Irs strength." j "Ayo." said old Adelbert. "Had I ' COX'S THEATRE ! .VT. PLJEASAJCC, ?A. M O N D A Y , V E U K U A K Y 1STH. Three Shows, 2:15, 6:30 and 0.00 P. 3T. Prices $1:00, 75c mid 50c. Seats Xow on Sale. Bell Phono, 919S. ex ia a special and hishly tonctni- i iratcd compound of cenumo Kon^ay I pine citrnct, nud ia noted for ita speed ' sn ovefcomiDfr a'\eTo coughs, throat and 1 chest colds. Its millions of enthusiastic users have made it famous tlie ivorid .over. 1 There are many -worthless imitations l of this noted miiture. To avoid disap- j uointment. atk lor "2!/, ounces of Pines" with i«H directions and don't accept anything else. A j^inrantcc. of r.oeolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded, goes irith tMs preparation. The Pinex Co.. Ft. Wayne, lid. TWICE TODAY The Supreme Tragedy of BY SPECIAL UEQTEST "It Is There," He Eald Thickly. Icfn I would have joined a joilld. '· dicntcd the Iqcntion of thc door with a Tlu-n I might fenw kept my plaoe at trembling forefinger. "It is there," he n.; ier». ^Vs it is, I stood uloue, and ' paid thickly. "Ami may God forglre titj pnt iue out." me for tile thing I have done!" ,'To» do not stand alone now. Stand bv u«, uutl we will support you. Tbe CHAPTER XV. r nubile v.-ill not forgot Us friend-*." -- L'hus heartened, old Adelbert bright- Kino Karl. c:i«l op s-ocu'whut. Why should h», an "They lore us dourly! oM iluier. sweat at the taonghr of Knrl. blood? tJreat changes required heroic ro -asures. It was tvecnnse he wu? old '· in the royal carriage, shruggpd his th it he feared change. He stumped shoulders. "They bore had little rea- throush the passageway without nrg- j son to love, In the paat, majesty," he in^. »atl stood enect and with shouiIers ' fiald brleflj'. ·q lartd while the bandage was re- j Karl Innehed, and watched the Bit vcd. ^ j crowd. He and the chancellor rode He was rather longer thim Olga alone, Karl's entourage, u Terr modest Uwcbek had been is comprehending one, following In another carriage, hb aurroucdings. Ills old eyes at lirst There was no milliary escort, no pomp. «u*7 little bu* tlw Ubl« and its cftwllas I It-Uad be«n felt ontrUe. Earl, v * ' said King Tho chancellor, who eat beside him Told by BRAND t U. S. MI'ISTEK TO BELGIUM Starts Next Sunday in The Pittsburg Sunday Perry opolis. PERRVOPOLrs, Fe!). JM -- \rrs Howard Adams and Aliss Irene Galley spent Tuesclaj' with iltss Alexander in Piltsbiirg There vill be a lecture Friday evening m the Methodist Episcopal church under the auspices o' Ihe Epworiu Lcag\ie. Mrs. Jeni'iu liixenbaiigh ol Star Junction spent Tuesday with town relatives. Frank Fctsko and son have been spending the past week \vjtli relatives at Y.i^on. Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Galley and family visited Star Junction relatives Sunday. ^Ho^vard Adams culled on friends at IVest Newton Tuesday. The t 5 Iaj That Will Live As Ixiap as tin- Stage. -- F R I D A V AM) SATrilDAY-- The Famous Comi-if} Brnnia It Has the i'iinniest Comedy Par! Eer 'VYrifien. S3inc Play Tomorrow. Jlulincc and Evening:. COr.N'TRY STORK FR".3)AV MOHT. RESS To insure delivery on Sunday please place ycfer order at once i»lth John Kestner,' Agent for Pittsnrg Press. 3IATIXJEE, 10ft AM) 2«c. Try Onr Classified Ads. One cent a word is a)I they cost Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. Evening Shows at FEATURING sroxt T V X Z II\R5IOS\- FOtlJ :i utcor md VASHWRX Fields' Minslrols.

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