The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 27
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of tho mitttandinf heart were Accounted for,, howavar, Eaat rttumad a amall heart in order to ratain a control in th auit Although South waa fully eoeni-rant of tha aituation. ha felt thera wa llttla to tain la try-m( to prevant an ovenuff, to ha discarded a amall apada and Watt trumnad m wita ha Jack of diamond. . With tho defence'e bank th ahlf: waa' to th hint apadaa and tha ace waa played from dummy. At thia point, declarer had two apadea left in hi hand for which ba . mut find a parking place. . Wert' apade play apparent ly marfcrd him with tha kma- oueen of that auit and declarer decided to allot him th king of chiM for hia rree bid. Thi would laev Eaat with th k or diamo.Mia aa wall aa the act- king of heart aa tha bai for hia opening bid. t: TODAY. AUOUT 14, 1M' Goren on Bridge S CMAJtLtS H. GOUN Neither vulnerable. Weit NORTH llll ' 4NM ' EST tAir ? I AKtfl OJ Mtl 4IMIIII eJMt v lOUTH . 1111 VII I Attllt 44 ThaWddia,: We Naet Cart Seetk rM re ib i I 46 I to r rtft Ojwiial laed: Thro X 9 A skillful bit of card redm by South enabled him to land a ima contract which had baaa virtually thrust on him by his parMra ovArenthutiasm durlni tho auction. North'e jump ratao to (our diamOnda may appear trite draatie to eome; however, it may to observed on hia behalf that North had passed orifia-elly, and ho booed that hia void in clubo .would ba Jutt what partner Seeded.- South'! actual holdint w that auit rep-raaontad a dUtinct duplication of value. Weal opened hia ainileion hurt and Eaat played tb kin which held th trick. With th appcaranca of South' tan ail North' heart auit waa th only available aourcefor die cardV-and South decided to work on it development im mediately. . inch did .not - ' , ' -.--; i that v. ,-",''. 4 tit. i ' V ' " ... -..-. .... . ... t . . have many entriee to th dummy. Watt's ruff with an honor in diamond auggoatod that the latter wa extremely ahort in both red tuita ao,' even though ovarii trump ware MM out-landing declarer led the queen of hearta from th dummy at trick four. . Eaat followed with A amall heart and South die-carded a pe. When Went waa unablt to trump in, de clarer waa wall on hia way. . Th Jack of hearta waa played, Eat covered with the ace and South trumped with a mall diamond. The ouean of cluba wa ruffed in dummy and th .eetabliahed nine of hearta wa led, permitting de clarer to ' ditcard hia tart apada. Tho tan of diamond wa now put through for a uc- ceatful trump finetie.' end a diamond continuation enabled South to trap Eaat'a kin; and olaim the remaining trick and a wall earned game. ;'i-t,?i.oi( o'd ' ... BROTHER JUNIPER The gin bottle THE OTTAWA JOURNAL J7 "Htrt comet tht rtvlMd weather fortcuL1 YOUR HEALTH I .By Lester L. Coleman, MO aLJU It la aad but undeniably truA that household chorea do not work oh the ?"nih-blin" calOrit collected while doing thm. . ' - The .busy housewife mistakenly believe that all her dxhauating JcManirit. mopping, washing and ironing it an aid to reducing, . Her helpful , buebahj3 likewit deceived. n Mowing the lawn, aawing wood, and weaning the car or Juat a unrewarding to wlht-watcher, For example, only four-and-a-half calorie art used in A minute while ironing or hanging the wk'a wain. Making th bed or aweeping tho floor are not good for much Chopping tree burn up only meatly eight calorie per minute. Playing goir or nng geta ' rid of only about Ave caloriae in A min- re. ' - ? Th disappointment grow 'one at the end of a-, tired day with the realization that all that furtoua activity uaed up almoat the aame number of calorie a are contained In the flrat martini which ia - consumed, too, in Juat ' about a minute. . , - Even tho more embitiou and rugged individual who go out for vigoroue gam Of tennl or baseball will b disheartened to know that the weight they loaA momentarily ia meetly water (through penpiretion), which can be replaced with A re-freahing drink and th gen-eroua meat they wilt enjoy After working up that healthy Appetite. . But don't, be completely discouraged.' Phyatcal- Activity doe have It rtwarda. Even if the acale la no kinder, muicle will be firmer, and th whole body will b grateful for tha etimulation. fjor tho fiab that remains, there ia only on cure. Aa the aag wisely aaid. The . reel weight-reducing exercise ia pushing pushing yourself : away from the temptation of pie, pudding, paatriee ana) aecond portion. - Journal Want Ada bring quick remit. I . .. , ' SAVINGS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS - IN OUR ' ' ' SUMMER, SALE laaa WvttineiM n w. I nor noixva mau las Bttl Telephone Sotfball Tourney The Bell Telephone recrea- atioo department i aponaonng a aoftball tournament Saturday from 10 a.m. to 630 p.m. at Brewer Park. Nine teams from London. SL Catharines, Toronto.- Quebec City, Pembroke, Ottawa and three fmm Montreal will compete in thi first annual event. An added attraction will be competition between two girls' team from Ottawa and Montreal. ,v:. AT ELMO ALE Jack Hick and Pete Drum mond won the Langford Cup Scotch Double at the Elmdale Lawn Bowling Club Thursday night with a final record of 31-13. Runner- up ware Mr. W. G. Connery and Gerry Grossman' with 34-IS.. .Third were Jack Baron and Mr. E. V. Gilbert with 25-8. 100 PIANOS FOR CASH KEN PAnSIEN PIANOS' 745-7071 wasn't asi smert as it '-biidJi'iiw , Once upon a time we sold our gin ; In Sufraun' Ancient Bottle. Thi wee : , ft container nude of sturdy,' pebbly v v frlese that had fine antique quality, ; Then we tot too smart. We widen-' ed its neck, fitted it with a complex of caps and called it' the .Martini ' Master. Now you could mix martinis ; in it or store it full of juices. Some people loved it. Others said "V the only good thing about it was the giAihside..; ; r , ; ; ;i t .However, ' after a season or two - on the market, the Martini Master v began to outsmart itself. People would . buy one or two and then ?t-; no more. Our research man . told 'us they !fdt guilty . throwing ;awy; a perfectly '. . good cocktail shaker. After all, how: many can one home use) . T 'Z Now, since we wanted people to ; buy Seagram's Gin, we abandoned the . wide neck and the complex of caps, keeping only the sturdy, pebbly glass with that fine antique quality. '! Consequently, the Ancient Bottle has returned. Of course, the unique deluxe gin remains unchanged. The natural golden colour, smooth mellow-flavour and rare dryness of Seagram's j Extra Dry Gin result' from careful ageing in selected , oak casks.; No artificial colour is added. That's why it costs a little more. That's why it tastes a lot better. ( i " i f "Seagrams BctraDry , ANC3KNT BW'lLl 6ia. . Jhsfsi tSeajma A Smt OaMnl r. MHS.MS.aMM Buy Seagram's Extra Dry , : Gin. Enjoy it and then throw "the container away. As if ' it were an ordinary bottle. ' i t i TRUDY -i. MIL, TWEEDY "AH right, out mo out of your will but you're still not getting- ralae ia your allowance!" HI AND LOIS K; byNedRidcflo "Wouldn't you know rH I atond up to hong up my coat " and th engineer decide to com to screeching hatt." Akchie "" ' ' .."'"'"T '"' 'V '' .t, I " 1 " 'I V" ' V " I1 f ' ' 'I 1 f ' 1 "1 I ; s vY vAH t aid KM.oataa I M f om, )i tMfS I taking thc 1 JyCTt i 'iJuaseiAO mk FtNAuy an woamt jor ft V usu rrt J 19 OOMINO k. OOT A AUCTlONf 1 LET'S sn V J Lf ' f u J Jy"" Tli !'"' ' r- : . . .. . . - t. v .... ; KFRY DRAKE m,,ma";"?T?; ' '. ' n t . ... ri'; ?r. :'x' y - - ; - -,, . , mmmwm mm afal' r tJusTwiwT "1 rVn Kff ck, V fuotMftfm& a i r axa jorKftwio you nTwtVfo - i .. V- "-v ( SANowoiassiDei tmtoam)otk I txx sahtki. 1 louTwuemwf ci fifTM,feMrj ' . I WMTV0UUU ) I WWT TOMAK. MCKTTMiMOyDU KNOW 9 I NOTCVCN VQUl I I PtCK ia A FIFTH YOU OOT A SHOW 10 , f m Htw wa. ooi I nrncMCAuy T shtsoohhafmi. jocko eov J L" ofscotcm -aV ooiOMoaajow V ittrs wait usiTuwtl v -J .omynXfonot.t.n. ri - , , : S. ' .'iUl.lET, JONES M t ... , 7 l . . , t t,J: ..... , . rU;r-r?'?Xfrtray; ; :'. ' I til i I :'D.Ail"- t I MfT WO 1 KXOW. ..A I I 2 HM01M.ITl!U.OUl I 1 '- ' . I ""wf-iwrTij.....:, I aoMicAaiwoio . a A icocucerA 7wvvesoriOLsvt V I TB I fJAWTCHv'' k; J wiineTn'aoeJweNTy I aoroofiutw. -rj1. I lii ' , arrMAArrSt R u.uxaoooTTHewiNtowt Laai 1 3r - J? i! lH.I : i I W riMao9iaie,DoivA WTinntimtNOWitiaiorV. . llfVl 1 . lt-YVj.l I J ssi moo wow thai; se-opyAouP, v-rSsVl 7 A 111 Y- I f T. wTixthiwxoa 1 wrwwiTHouraeui'y Njy!vy f J 't-'i U!tXooTwwAy. 1 : AI'ARTMENT 3-G ?-T' !. " ' :v'V'-.''-." ,V,-p--Vw.- ; : "' '" V I Kwow IfJ I can THMtcoF no aioaz Vaw wo4 what kmp of ekactlv what kwoI I laiLJ-UsUs VOU'M " If FIFASANT WAY TO affMOUFT 1 1 noUT fO ASK-1 I CJUF8TICt3, C A MAW IS Wf Z -' J I .Lm pnooABiy usy aw aoin c piato LI ycu sow Toawuer xav a sasc Km. I A J PAflAOOa ft THAN TO Be VITH r Tf OJfSTOt X J3 s. ( AJWfSS? IT'S not y f ,rT Vl"c"JJy .--uTlU0NLr T KAUTiFuLi 14 AocwTsairm V !Sl V" A JusTcmtiosrry.'x" : f''jfc?4if, -v Iv I TAKE A FfW ' "A") V-! 'v OFeWS ". ' S09FKTTHATlUAt, isis : j ; STEVE-ROPER . '. . . ' ' . . " I iDU MAO A Mf AS 0?, $AaT KAafY CCP0eTAUr SUMFfa Tof FOWV HOSPlTAi FOO Tl CMIHViyTi ' tS , f a nomad-TNicfturr Viu-ii. at aom rv --tomion aAMt .vri tbv to t i ll. s , . . I W0O10 Hl PUT A AliJT. 1 OMCI I DOVT AfAO MO ))AR'--THai, J lOCATl Nnt IMFWlW-r T ; J 'Jl ir 1 ..-;.. . k - $iao xxi a xxat wiAO.Fni to ajooo a " oywtsaf TfaiHta--- -4- t .1 - otr . ii. s tr. . . i r - . r i ii x caaww j w"- r i ui r ana, . as v w i v . r - af arar -i i . Ml MM-J-H.l ..M i.H -ml l. ;ALL OTHER GINS PAL E B Y C OMPARI8 O N t , . , ' ' j T F I It ltl 1JUIJ t ... , i a at ak a-a. sa aaaua

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