The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR, THE DAILY COUklEIt, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. AY, FEBRUARY n, ms. HBNRT P. SNTDER, K. M. SNTTDBE, President. JAJSL J. DB1SCOLI* S«i'y uul Treasurer, Business Mana JOHN L. Mna^lntf Sdttor. WAX.TE1E a STDOiBI* City Editor. MISS LTNNB B. KJNCEt-L, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation. iA Areociatftd Dailies. war preparations. In these efforts labor ought to tiara the support and cooperation at every agency of the government and of every loyal citizen. To win this war there must be greater unity ot purpose, more pulling together and more concord of action ' than has ever been shown in this counter. In this every citizen vrho would lay claim to loyalty, must take' u;xm himself the character of a work- · er, whether he be eligible for mem- i bcrsbip in a labor organization or not j Two cents ver copy. 50c per mon »5 per year by mail if paid in advance, " THEESDAT BTR'G, FEB. 14, MIS. TFHAT TVE HATE TO LKAPJ OF 1 IV-YJR. ConrpanUirely speaking America, know.s nothing of Lhe war, at least not in tbe sense that the people of I ,th; England knov it That is, we as yei! know but little of v;ar's sacrifices, its i ' its f :ood, i and its toll in liuman life and treas- f as nornd class matter at the bitterness, its, burdens in taxes. Co'imciisTne. Ba.. | demands for the conservation of S ot TJie AxoeUted PI-FWI. Th« Arfsoci-ted Press la ?x elusive!}- entitled to tho uso Tor repubilcation of all news' dispatches credited '.o it or not otherwise credited in tins paper and alao the li.i-al news published hsreln. VHV P H n i W i r ) \rT]OV THE P K O I U S L D A t l J U - ~ out several \veel£s ago as the very 7, probable cause of the deficiency in ^ the water supply in East Park and on ~~ the Pinnacle. vh2n it was urged that -" city council take prompt action to ir.- Engiand hab sent about one man in ten to the front. Those of every claps. rich and poor, trained and untrained, who are left behind- are willingly assuming ihf burdens made necessary to carry on the war. Here at home we may be said to iuive but begun making levies of troops; we have scarcely felt, tli^taxes that have been imposed and we have thus far been spared the benumbing intelligence that comes to Kngland in the long casualty lists ' t which follow each battle on tho i ^" Al " ] fronts of Flanders. True, many wo- I ^Vith the thavans of the g : o u n d i m o n have taken the places of men i n ! ·* Inch has been in progress lor some , var.ous tasks but they are mainly daya discover}' is being made of Uiat j those to whom toil in some- of its condition which The Courier pointed j lighter forms was already known. Of those who have never known its necessity but few have taken their place in the ranks of actual workers as the women of England have douc. That we have not done these things, Qtilrd into and cause the conditions j suffered these hardships and made to be remedied. I these sacrifices, is because have thi:s : The failure early yesterday morning j far escaped the necessity that has or the pumping station to maintain a j boon laid on ihe people of England, pressure revealed tbe fact that under- ' after having Amcipatecl in the strug- ground leaks hat. suddenly developed ; S \ G almost four year?. It may yet he in such number or of such volume ours hence n ought to be upon t h e that the dnwntov n. pressure wa*. re- | minds of all of us io preparo our- \ duced to almost nothing, tbe city left selves to meet those conditions if they I do eon^e. ,, Lt they do. wo doubt not j that American. men and women will j t moot them with, fortitude equal to that ( - pendent upon it o thged to close down. O f iheii English cousins. Bat wo ' This break down of the water system i ought, as Rev. Bucknor admonished! was ?o nearly ccmpletr that a most j tn h)s address at tbe labor loyally j Alarming and aangerous condition I meeting, io be ^villmg to sit at the feet ( i n c o m c m Ulis Uine N s h e n lhl . ro is a re ! llUe ? 1 - 1 . t . . , . o f t h c Eri * lisil P' 1 "^ to learn tbwo deinand f o r a l i he cnn raisc . H e can- It will avaal-hulc at uhs time *o , ie«son» that we way better know w h a t ! not legitimately hope to be cxcusr-d . ran agambi the W.LICT company.-who^ to do when the hours of test do come. { rrnm ra .ptm- his obli-itions io his - policy has so long been fannhar to all ! from racctm * ms *bn n ations 10 m.s the people of CoanellsvUle as being t Out m spnncfi^ui 111.. ir,.tf oUizena \ without cons-deration for tho rights.' cave a r. w v.'. ioa«ifr and aliped j privileges and needs of the people and -^^^"(^^^j^^^a'h^r po'or'u'v of* 00^1' the community, e.ther now or for thr material, but Tt ·*' ow-t that it the g-ov- future. That it lias been possible for j «rnment delays much longer the «SP " conditions bucb as now exist to d e - j of thl * "°°^' or th " flri »/f ^i»"d the , , ,, . t j j ( p p l » j or tho r o u n t r v v. ii' themselves ·velop, a certain amount of blame m u s t , J i n d a ^ ty of d( . alinrf . W J t n Sp f e3 , an d rest upon the peoole of ihe city and j it w i l l not be by interment at some preceding city · oucciU. "We have| s w * J' h o t e l at u fi-inionaino' resort, vented our wrath, personally and officially* and made bold our pretense to do something "to trios the water company to ttuiA." but we have never gone ] j, a hor nuicht n o t to hay to nut n i l ] Beyond that stage. Meantime the j the · pen" i n t o t.h- : heat j - company has been allowed to pursue j yt! ' ''· l ^ h nf us oai1 rarnls ' 1 its course in supplying water at the | ji* very lowest cost of operation, without, j ·without fire protection. with but scant supply, and in some sections with nore and industries de- "Next April 1 Shall Be in Pans."--Von Hindenburg. j th 7 3h ^"° U! -" b w ' Ui °" "" I 00 " bohav ' or country in other wa}'? because he ss speeding up bis farm work to his m- "When it comes to duty the farmer must stand shoulder lo shoulder with his fallows. And wo have an abiding lakh chat lie will. ! Oiie Ocnt Wonl. No aflvcrtJaementa for I^esa Than IS Conu. ClasAiJled calutnnii close t ao^a. Advertlaecnontji of ^raats, M.IIM. etc.. receivei) a f t e r that h o u r will uot anr^ar until the day following TV'an 1*0. V»'.\Vn.,l -- Y u V l t By Walt Mason. \VUMAN COOK: i-:.STAffi.lNT. %V \Vri-.n at 'i l ' I * ^ ! W A T K 1 - T H I R D TRICK COOK at U .S " ]:i:STAL'R.VXT 8t*bSl , Sale. ) K S.M.K--*iAh S I I N L ' S Vfl a. n m n h t : - uf A-'n 1 cua.1 op-ni ·» m F a i r m o n t rofcnm, b o t h l i r p · m u l l ;il burjram p: icf.-J. Se" l)*" 1 !^ K I : A L T V C - O M P A V ^ M f * - h i i are about all in. The announcement of the early arrival of new Spring goods ten days ago by ibe Union Supply Company is followed now by the announcement iliat our stocks ;ire complete. Of course there v.iH be new goods coming in daily during the entire season but the bulk of the general stocks are now on sale. 11 would "ue hard to describe in d e t t i l the extensive stocks in the numerous department?, can not do it. A better way -would be i'or you to visit our stores and see for yourself. Yon will nnd displays oi ihe latest creation of all ihe stocks; show cases, show w i n - dows, all other means of modern 'xuiipment to display, obliging clerks to show you and give you all the information they can. "\Vheiher you want to buy or not you are welcome to our stores, and bear in mind if you only come for inspection you -will be given as much attention and equally as welcome as the party who comet, to buy good?. Jn addition to the new styles for women. :ni»se5. and children, and the general stocks of dry- goods, notions, clothing, etc.. v.ant. to call your attention to Uie complete stocks in our furniure deparment You can save money oi f u r n i t u r p : the best way 10 prove iliat is to try us. (Jo to the Installment ttou^e and get the price, then try a Union Supply Company store. Wo have large stocks and big varieties of furn.uire on hand, yet if you can not find wh^; you want .1; our stocks, cau show you in our catalogues additional styles and give you prompt sem/'o. KesjK-etfully solicit vour business. nap S3 Lar^e Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. L S A L J v -- S O U T H *·! FOLLOTFTM; THE if 11-4- 111 to do W A N ' T K D PA i'TOUT TICI-STA"! C C \ M » r ' O OI TiJ^S AT I f o b - t f d ^ -',,'::;':: .FRENCH SPAD is THE SWIFTEST OF THE AIR CRAFT USED IN WAI TEH- -COUK ANT CHA31l3i:R- ARlirfTKOXG'S R K S T A U U A N ' l improvements, rt-placenients or repairs other than those absolutely ""necessary to hold thc system together. As a result are paying part Tfce ^.^ ofnce of t h e w a £ p r company . of the penalty of our neglect. oii f f ht io «cnd a man here to learn how ·» As pointed OU.t, t, i 1 ^ useless HOW to other up-to-diUe and wilJins-t-iierve- "criticise what Mayor Dug^an has i cry | the-pooplc public u t i l i t y corporations. , . , .. ,, . , ,, ! likf i h e Fay.tte Ccmntv Oas company, appropriately termed the "picfeayune' j hpl(1 tncmK J 1V( ., in to keep policy Of the COtQp.'iny, and It is Unfair | t h e i r own «*"mre in scood shap** .tnd to lay ity fains of omission and com- j ft^i bold thcmsolver rpai]r to icnct a mission upon the head of the local j liclp , ln1 ^ * iair 'f 1 . l . r !jJ" f ] ieirt ( nfl i'^J 1 v 0r v Wh h managers. They have honestly, we j s hort itandrd ' believe, done the best they could with j . .-- · the tools placed in their hands a n d ) The suspension of heatles* Monday :i-ickfnle»B days ft»r re.tllj have more VFANTKD- -ilUN RO-JMTEKS Al-L o n v t ".icncuh. J H Ha^t Cedar avenue | WANTED- TI;AMS"!;H KOI: LLii- i bor j'uvi Mu/t b*» snber and reliable , K f r l u r t h c r InTormat'on I n q u i r e - of oc;i.KVJjfc;, itcc^ruc i. c u , D.i^^on. under the orders l.y which they were bcin » followed by severely restricted " It is also vain to 10 " p e k s we *'" rather than less reproach ourselves witb. our own . neglect What we should do is to stop talking and get buny, Tbe way to do ' nour arc bcoominsr so c-.ompUcn,t'-d thn.t| \ something is indicated by the informal ^^J^l^ hlc to I P C u n i e mlierf in approval by the city council of the i ' ___'_ filing of nV^ition and complaint *ith I Arcortime to thi* order of t h p county the Public SfrTice Commission with 1 comnnKsioncr" to the connraliks every A -dew to providing relief from the en*" ] unlicensed doer w j l i have but one day 3cal situaiion by ·x.-hich we are ron- ~ f r o n t r d . 1C Untie Sam appoints L mj.n to work "-^ 1 : I out t:onb«rvation, I'll folluw t h a t n.p- ! n-.n.1d. The w at*r Company Hit? had need of puintee's plan, untl try to SJAO th« na- j 1Udt t h e i-ervlcc oC J. ivcH qualified Jsak | tion. Pcrhnph tht- rules, he may lay Iiunier d»wn will f-ecm Itkc irentle kidding, but I'll be Unit man In our town to buiap and do hid buldfni;. I'll do whi-t { ' -·^"·"- :hAt oflictal .sas p antt b l i t h e l y , too, dot;- . ^y \ \ T K D rt.) KENT A FAHM if. if he I'U v,^ar a tr-=, | aear gcottdala or ;on:ioUavillrt. Ad- and loai mv Sunda bonnet. 1C lit- dreas ii ox a0 . SoutM Oonncf'bvil'ie, Pa. dAcIareB th^t catins fowl Lhrc» days a j S f f b C t * w-tM-k is 1 11 cut chicken, duck j . .1:1 d owl, and m a k e t h o thr»'e i!aj*« gcoewleas 1 No doubt, there'll he soine f u n n y rules, by ru^hod r.lliclal-! hand- pd; each rule is sprung before .t coolw. and jars us w h e n it'n t*Lndftl. And con- trAdictionp w i l ] ari-w. confusion v- orse - i confounded. buL w.j'11 oht;y, if we are "WANTED -- AT ONl'JS, i t L A C K - t wise, as ion n as thpv'ni iropoundc»d ^mith. \V!U rent or pay i^ood -i.i.\un v It in not our to rffawon Tvhy, tho j flood *rho;), Oood tooltt I j i f c L i t n e job I m.TJi i.'j whylesa; but U la ours tn cut o u t ' for yood man. "Bf^AL-KSMITir. ' i-are [ pit*, on tlayt appointt-ii ri^-* *^ Some Courier "Ijan-lEd i r u t o to me may sftcm absurd, it Ic.tvcp ! --· 1 The rules about the Bale of mix-M , m , ( dazc d and f r o xen, but he w h o m.ido \VANTEP-- M I N K l i S W \NTKD WHO IB a bird, or ha would not be chosen, j are Biu'lyinc for c x i m i n ^ t t u n s to get i Ho knows mtich better u-here wt! r»* at. ! 'he u - i t m i - i n n bouk publi"h**d. " M m - ! , ibaji T. so -vt-eak and p f d d y ; at his h e - , "tf In :i N u K 1 , U " by JAilKS W A K D - j I hA«t I cut out fat. and eat an ancient , LAW. S c o t t d u l ' , I'a E'riC' S - - 5 s f biddy. At his bwhpRt J ^t-II my phoos, j S f e b l S t , ami barefoot Rkiflly -.vander. H r d hop"' mv trials may amuu t h « 5rlrti^r boj-s \VAVTKD-- AN V K I N O OK I'llI.-TT- out yonder. inn, \ \ l i e t h e r It j-j .1 calling cj.rd. --,ut' _ ) hill or tlu- ;int,Ht enKfj.% cd v.eildn\K ] fl ~ =^^-- . r. a Si c bar^J.!" ? 4 . 9 l O r f » I H J U S K Y KBAJ-TV C O M - ! 'f -- MON D A V . 'j d o u b l e s«l^:!i i f r « t u r n r d IG t(T PAIR. O F Will p a y 5L' ''0 Courier uffici-. Hfeb'H' | T7"jsr -- CAMKO PIS, SKT IN piiAr.LS) j ^ t w t - e n fhurch P l a c e ,md the Ptn r »'' '- j uiia I'lation Finder rutiirn to Tin j " Notice (o LandlordM. WAGOKKH .t '.'o. KK^ oi oollctmi; rtnls, HfnblJt-th-tu-s IL is Sa\inps Stamps th it yo to buy " can't Let the pronose! action be trans- h-Mp investing if you are as patriotic lated into real action by filing the complaint without delay, of Trhich thare has already teen too much.. ALT. MX~ST BK TTOBKEKS. Coaaelisville's labor loyalty demnn- ·stration. may have lacked some o£ the - t tliings projectors hiped lor, such as a wore general participation in it by clti- as you claim to be. The War Depa-rtment is Crt-lling Cor cnifinpera for tank service, but it does not want those who have had too muo h experience in. tanklnpr. ·\ ' m M t a t i n n or tiinniincc.n'»nt. We ni in' , I .LnytlnnjT--«*v'f r y t h u ^r--do it p r o m p t l y ' and ai U richt. *MM lta« man at. T H K l Edgar A. Gue.?t. . N o l i . SLAI.KH BIDri. IN DCPL.ICATE. \ I j r f u r M « h i n « r the i""lty uf Comujlsvfjlo w i t h t h e folJowine. vr^ll be m ei\ od i liy ih** und v rsij;nctl up t n 7 o cluc'k T 1 M 1'ebruary 25th. 13!S: A street | *nt ffpt-r or other cleaninK machine t w o Kord chawsic fitted w i t h Smith ' fornj, :L truck attachment ' or olhci ' rn.'tk" of .tttachment. Thu Citv Council ! re-feivi-H the riplit to reject any or all bids R. IV. UOOYKH. Purcia,',u \(?fnt. fch-M-^3 The ?Ta^d is. the \villepl o-f tiir- a i ) craft -^^l 1 r t h e i-r'nirs In Enrop Tliis one lias been affectlonaiely nam ed MJ Joanne l y iis 31 lot olfiu**. Both phones The American artfllorymen havi ranpft of tho Hun bull") and they scoring bulleyes pvfry shot. labonng men or labor .-organizations, but it lacked nothing in achieving Its objects of proving thr loralty ot the workers of Concellsville to tie government and honoring "the greatest friend labor ever had--.Abraham LJn- ! coin." ! Tbis proot "was lunnshed not alone i by tbe numfcer of men who t-arned OUT j 'upon a disagreeable evening Cor a parade, but by the interest and close attention with, wliica they followed the ' -spcakerft'of the evening who presented j -different phases of tiie duty of all men, j Joth-employer and employe, in this -hour of our country's need. Still fur- ihteC who was injured in IMI attempted g-et a^'ay on a freight train, was the exparirnco of a ComielisvllJe physician ycBterday, but ii 'was all in u day'a work." One of tha strongest arguments ad- TALKNTIES JAY. Omx\ a yea.r I would renew Kv«ry plodg:^ I've maflf to you, Sweetheart of L,on«: Ago, All the card and all tho \\ OA, All the rains of many morn-', AJ1 life's brjunblofl and its thorn? !Lavc not scarred your tender bout. Nearer are "we to the (roil Yet your loveliness I see Always as It Uhcd to be. ' Tjni*i ha« brought us many a uaro, I3raveiy have you borne y o u r sti.ue. "U'hcn thc road Heemed ronffh .ind w i l d Thioup;h tho trouble vou h.av» smiled. When I faltered, when J faiipd. When by doubts I was asb-illcd, "When J lost what 1 had pn-in^d. Ne'ver once have you complained, And In you I atlll ca-n =1^^ AH the charms that used to bo silver nor in ; W A X T H n -- M A N TO SOLICIT 1N- su".inr(j ,i id list prr»porllfs JO.tpcr- k" f- 1 n"ff"rred but not necus- j ary. Sala-y and con i.u*~-.ion. Oood o p p o r t u n - ity f'ti a JniHlli"- Apply UOUSEY RTCAT.TT COMPANY at on ( 'e H f e b l t Iil-'i; thu liou HA VII YOU A e h.ive a buyer for ;L sma 1 d n r 7 rooms, modern conveniences*. Enst oTM Srjiith Side \slt!i prarage or room Cor ?.ti ty:* 1 . C:in naj- f l . O O O down, b.Uance iirat morttrairc If yu.i have Mich :t house at a Cur urirc v.m tnakp ,ui imm"(ilatc salt 1 . Se«* DORSKY HEAI/TY CO.MPAMY. M f e b l t in defending the farmer forl" T s o u r ] 0 vely Journey told not having bought Liberty Bonds more heavily in the ftret two drives ia that more for his country in money in the effort to increase farm production than he could have done by lending it to Uncle | Sam, says the Liberty Loan Commit- It is a good argument so far ; goeh. But it Calln short. For the farmer Is not the only pro- But the duccr who is helping his country by ispeedlng up hia output. Every manu7 facturer who contributes to tho vast to the of tho __ proof was famished by the ^ e ihca-rrr- applause given the speakers j inve '^ n g _T*hen they emphasized points having -special r application TO the obligations Trhich fay 'upon labor to help win the "ipar. For instance, vvhen labor's own representative on tluv program, James Dahm. declared that .t is essential that labor "put on a little more steam" and 'inject a little more pep" into tho cam- j palgn against the Kaiser, the applause was" just as spontaneous and hearty as It was when other speakers praised labor for the patriot c part it has al- I array o£ supplioa necessary . ready taken in the *var preparations comfort, IiealUt and success at '.his time as well aif In previous ' ^^ in Ul6 fSehi - misht make the !, wars jn our bi.norv. , sume claim. And if allowed what 1 F The truly loval in tho ranks of labor : w o u l d become ot Lho. Liberty Loans? c. --and that Incluri^ ail except thp I. vc.' t:very one of iheiii Is incrcaelny hla ^ W.'s and their*ni?p quite as individualoaraintjs by increasing his' . well AA do other citizens the need o f , production. K \ « y oae of 'liem Ja fol- ~J_ ·utttng on 'a IHil? n.ore »^am," aurt lowfng Uis iegiifmale line Qt hHsiiieas ·*y can Ik. 1 dcpndPd ipou 'o apply iUa · ^^ ou of t u t s i n ia caUiJml io t-xam[.- .tfsd«re. They n.l! Just as vigorous- """ over LhtJ other. ,y continue to rid ihe r ranks of tboa* 1 And practically ef-ery uiutio/aciurer elements w h i c h have been nains or- '^ fk$ country %TJS boosting fbe Lib- fanlzed labor as a c!oil: for the spread prty Hond sales, They weren't sfanrt- of their pernicious p-o-Oerman. ami- ing back uecause ne 1 *" buiiding"b or American ttropapanrta *h:rh ln? rtonr Tnacbtnery u.prp necessary, jnur'r) Ln tlijereHit Lh° raiin? «f lahor Parrni-nj; i? the- fa-rmer'^ liFptfrionrf, aixrf to haaat)^ the s«*an\mMit ia its j The more he nrcuJucf? tie grotter kls, We have tolled and have sunp, Roaes we have walked ar-.nnR. , Time has strewn our field with tares. LJfp hflJJ broupht us many carcq And our riches now abound In the love that -we have found, And throughout our quern for truth You have kept your fragrant youth. ·SVANTKD--51 00 WlLI, nf: CJH15N* to " ch oC ^PViTal schoolboys \vhrt \vtll rt«'liv«;r copies of Lho Cur'^iti jiubllca- Lionrf to f .' tnmer 1 ? Only schoolboys-- flcan. f^entlem inly u n d ambitiirjh--need .ipply. Tho 51 0 is in addition f liberal cash profit^ and m a n y otli^r advaiitaiyf"- A p p l j lo JAY C STAVF- PKP. IDS No-rh Pitt^bnrg- Hi fon- sx-iUo. Pa. -Tan.Tlfcbl !-^S FOR RTCNT--mON'T OFFICES OX srecond floor o-' Lnnn X- 11 vans build- inff. Inquiro af H A R K V DUNN. Si-in-ifd ' Oncn a year I would renew . i Every pieni^o I m.afle to you, 1 I an battle scarratl and torn Growing" old and. foeling" \vori FOR SALIC--EIGHT ROOM HOUSE Modern; -North. Scottdalo. C S CARLSON, Scott dale. Pa. 12feb9t-eod* la blind To the ways of TIm« unkind. And T hojio somo day to Hhow, Sweetheart of T-iOns: Ago, TUre my clay returns to duat That I'm worthy oC youi trust, Pound. ir^rn--oN T n YELLOW O. pitfc,adivg«r tltipoi. ' Owner o f f l i n i a! 7.11 J-'OH HA ML--REED BABY CAR- riaff^; will w-n roasonablD to quick b u o r 20( 3nydcr stroot. 12Ccb3t B FOR SAL.E--I'-'lKSn CO~\V ANO calf, one joarlmg- oow, ono pig-, double net hiirnet's Inciultc 1 tho I^c-iner farm, Jl. I-'. D N.I 1. FLiOKEN'Cl-3 5!. LOGAN, 13fob2t* rirprv AT brttPil. "jUrtl KOI1 SALIC-- Spcci il price v l l l bo ei,-cn t.t fiuiclc b u i M r'-r UK- Ami-it -onp- innderu luitno, XI" S r. .^liUi nvrwot, G l d f - n w i u t d . _\ i:. U \t1U.VJJK ,^- fO. feb-H-iti NOTICE IS HKRKBV GIVEN THAT a petition, waa presn-'ted to the Honorable, tho Judg'e of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the County of Payette. Fohrnarv 13, 19) S. ai No. 1S2, December Soasions, :917. C. D.. and o-dered filed ,praiiig for authority to proceed ·with the reconstrjrtion of a C2 fool fi inch pl;i.te g-IriJcr brldgp with proper fippr«ach«s over Jacobs Creek b e t w e e n Htillfk.n township, Payette County, and H u n t n g d o n toivn^hlp, Wi'stmorcland County, to repl-ire old Bridge "o 3b ifchich is unsafe, of insuUlclc-nt width and docs not conform with ihe lines of thp road to the best adva.nt.iffe Said (ipplicanon u-ill b*» ]n!d b«*foro tho Grand J u r y on March 8 1PIS. fit. 1 :iO o'clork I' M. UXX V. PHILLIPS. County S o l i c i t o r ftils-14-21-2S ' Charter Not let-. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN" THAT an aiipltcation w i l l be made to the Gov- omoi ot' Pcnnsylvani.i on M o n d a i , the 1th day of March, 191S, by E B. Zini- merma.n, A. .T, Wild and J. A, "NV-Tthen- bi-ch u n d e r tho Act oC Assembly en- ti:Ied, "An Act to provide for the incorporation aid regulation of certain corporations," approved April 29, 187^ a-rt the supplements thereto, for tho charter of an intended corporation to b^ called 2i ram er man-Wild Company, the character and object of which j4 h-jying-, spllinR- and leasing: at wholp- salo and, goody, ^v^.^es and merchandise of all kinds for household, oflice and building- furnishing: and e q u i p m e n t and for theso purposes to have, possess and crjoy all the riprht 1 *, benefits and prtvllepes of said Act of Assembly, and supplement'' thereto 7feb3t-thur- Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Felt Boots aud everything in Rubber"Footwear. First Quality only AT ONCE OPBRATOH t AT TrFE OPFTCS XOTEC1C IK IIKKnBY GIVEN THAT n application, w i l l bo mido by \V. !·: itr't 1 , Ijojan ttush and ThomAi Love io * ihi- Governor of Pfiinsylrania, on PaL- tiriliy, March 1, ^31H, ar 10 o'clock \. M . 1 u n d e r tlu 1 r^uvl^oru** of ar. Act rf A.*-- j seuib'v f i ' t i L l c i i , "A'i Act. t o provide for I th« inuorpor ailon anri r^^ulaUon oi FUR SALK-- OT'H : J AD!J-:S' SfADE- o e r L a i r - tibiuurall'inr." -ipproTed tin* (tn'st units) H i pa,* a t p iMnd-rno- [ 39t" d^y nf April. A. D, 1S7*. and t h e wi =. a. Kreii' a.^'.^nfo. Tliey rr t n m ' auplJlufnunte iht-retn. for n charlt-r (or i u t r d h a t i t . i - i I u t i n i ' L l i , A n v =rtyio r--- an i n u n d b d L or [j oration to b« calle Wlien You. Begirt to Use COURIER WANT ADS Begiri to Travel tK ^ea^s to Success. Qzie Ceat a. Word. earlv. rfALV i^A burs stl -fcr ' Hi! \., Jd S p r l « B l FOP. SAT,K -S~ 100 00 14 r i ' f-amc, !3a* t f'i . r o n d i ion. h a t h . fnr 53110 oarli E UO03TED HOUS12, w lord n v c n U P Gontl f « i » r u i 1 e t f . fi-Mits t-lfl^ W d i i l f l "lake U -c HOIVSEV R K A L T Y 1+fehlt, CO At. Mr.S'INO CO.Vfi-'AN'V, L io tliaritcn-r- »L«d ohjtict of whii Ii Ijs the m in I us" of cna,l, and tho nianufuctare ot the aajnc Irno coke, and thfr- sale of coal and colce. »nd for thc-fc piirpofidb lu liave, possess wnd enjoy al] , ihe r l R h t s bAncIUff And ·*anl Act of A ^ i - f m h i v . and i h e lUOBWB IWPEHKWS. PATEOHIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER.

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