The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 25
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 14. 1964 COOKING COLUMN VWm Summery Sb jmie ring Salads By NORAH CHEXKY t Cool shimmering Jellied salads are a sure way . to beat the August beat Let them be the appetizer course or make them In a big ring mould and fill the centre with a fish or meat salad for main course fare. , ' Jellied Mladi make a fine appetiser course on hot day. Wba thty have Jut begun to thicken, fold, crisp vege-tablei Into the base. Turn Into Individual mould and chill until set Turn them out onto a bod of criip green and err with a favorite dress-big. Then little taladt may . alto be eerved at a separate court between' the main entree and dessert.. However, : wbeaTh heat really eoara, fix the Jellied part of the salad in a big ring mould. When it If unmoulded fill the centra with a meat salad or "Just take cold cuts, roll them, add slices of cheese and fix them around the, 'the weatherman pre dicts hot humid weather plan ahead with these salads. ": TROPICAL SALAD I Ublespeea gelatin 1 1ft enpt pineapple-grapefruit Julc -, V4 leaspeea salt IH cap shredded cabbage . tt cap batty chopped greea Mayeaaalee t . Soften gelatin In H jcup water for five minutes neat fruit Julc and salt ur'Just below boiling point, Add gelatin. Chffl ! until nuxturt mounds slightly from spoon, tat ' Soften gelatin to cold water. Place remaining ingredients to saucepan; bring to boil. Ra : due beat to simmer; cook II minutes: Strain. Stir to softened gelatin. Turn into lightly oiled rtng mould. ' . Coot the chill, until tet. Un- ' mould a salad- green and -fill centra with chicken or tuna salad. Yleidr tlx "toes.' - ' ' "1 ' 1 tablespeeaa bate Juka ' I cup mayennalaa ' 1H cap fbiery chopped cabbage , ; 14 caps thinly sliced celery 1 cup sliced radishes -, Salad greens ,' Sprinkle5 gelatin1 Bvtr1l4 cups water in saucepan. Place over low heat Stirring constantly, beat 'until gelatin dissolves. .1 Remove from heat, add sugar and salt Stir until dissolved. Add remaining Vi cup water. Combine vinegar, lemon Juice and mayonnaise. Blend Into gelatin. . i- -,f -.' -Chill until mixture mound slightly 'When dropped from spoon. Fold in cabbage, celery mouldy The centre of -the ( rlubes. Turn into light- nwu miKM wen oe imeu with a tossed green salad or cola slaw. Add potato salad tf you wish. Crusty rolls or a pan of baking powder biscuits round out the main part of the meal. No en will object to a slightly warm fresh fruit pie for dessert. . ly oiled .six-cup mould. Chill i. until lira. A. ; ' Unmould on salad greens, f Serve with assorted cold cuts., .Yield: tlx to eight servings. ,. PINEAPPLE-CUCUMBER i MOULD I!i tablespeeaa gelatla cup eeld water M et. caa crushed pineapple , . S cucumbers K cap lemon Julc ' .. 1 tables psoas sugar , U teaspeea salt 1 : U la W taasooo . Soften gelatuvm cold water.. Drain pineapple; reserve syrup.. Pare cucumbers;: cut to quarters. Put through fine blade' of food chopper. Sav jo feed catering, , ice; aoo as pineapple syrup with lemon Julc. If necessary add water to make IV4 cups. . Heat to boiling point; stir In softened gelatin. Add sugar, salt and enough coloring to tint a delicate greed. Chill until slightly thickened. Fold to cade bvhaff lengthwise. Para- drained pine pole and cucunv fmltcub.' v.r , , her. Turn. into lightly oiled Fold " avocado, cabbage and i too""- "" " - blto gelatin, unmouiu aa saiao green, u Spoon Into mdtvtdual moukhv. " centre wttn tuna Chill until firm. Unmould on snrunp hum. iw bj salad traens. Garnish with serving. radish roses. Serve with JELLIED BEET SALAD mayonnaise Yield: J six serv. g . package lemea Jetty A TOMATO ASPIC KING t 1 toblasptaaa gelatta " .' wale i oiw; Jft cup tomato Julc,ki) T' 1 toasaaaa eager ... j. 1 cap bailing water 4 cap lea water Vi cap vteegar H liaspsta aaN " I cap shredded eeoked - rr-! f pepper H cap thinly sliced celery I bay leaf 1 ta"T' fnvnt , it I tablespeea minced eolea herseradUh ,t v. U eap chepaed celery f , . iess.--v' ; Dissolve - Jelly 1 powder m boiling ' water." Stlf ' ta 1 lot water, vinegar and salt.. Chill until slightly thickened. Fold to beets, celery and horseradish. Turn Into lightly oiled Individual moulds. Chin .until EASY DIP-i ; '") NEW YORK (UPI)' For an Msy-to-fix dip for potato or corn chips, combine on package (three or) of soften- VEGETABLE SALAD STOULB cream cbMS. Cup of 1 tables psans gelatin 1 mUg, teaspoons anchovy ; I cap M water : .-- " past and on can ((ft to ft cup sugar ; - i;; seven or) tuna, drained and ; I toaipiii saH : ; , . flaked. Beat till weU blended. ,3 H cap vbiegar " fi Yield, one cup.: --V."- I .'"' DRESS SALE - I ASS- LdL4 n v Most unusual savings on groups from I ( our regular stock now at final mark-,: ' down prices WiginaHy were 18.95 V to 40.00. t&ppfcy .X ' V?tOATS and SUITS t HALF PRICE AND LESSt ';;V w''':'Draa iHi) lad IToor Twr- -: ! '"" '-. ; .',':.','' wi !.'' 4'';!', '" -' .1! POUR WAYS' TO BUY ' - ' 'Open Frldavs til pja. Ah- Caadltlnatd - ... I 1 ZOO Bparas Mree . - . n set. Unmould on salad greens. G a r a I s a with mayonnaise. Yield: tii servings. V. ' .' ' .'s:'. v ',' . ' ''; ;: - . V:". f- TRIPLE WIDTH 3.50 . n All Approximately .. N Inches Long Elegant Hand Screened , - PUnt on" Whit - . . s look of eleganc , by Cameo. Her ar t ready-mad nvercuKam. K with a custom atad look . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 25 Constance Bay Women's Guild Entertains ' The Women's CuHd of Coo-stance Bay held its first tea at the bom of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jackson. Receiving guests with Mrs. Lloyd Graham, Mrs. R. H. Hobbi. Mrs. W. W. Davis. Mrs. Alice S. Hunt. Mrs. Roy Allan,' Mrs. Roland Auger. Mrs. Seta Green. Mrs, D. M. Darke, Mrs. Harold Currie, Jackson was Mrs. Andrew Mrm. W. Freel. and Mrs. E. Young. 1 p. Grant , Those pouring were Mrs. In charge of the bake table was Mrs. W. It Cannon, was Mrs. W. R. Connors. . and And Elect Ottawa ' Associations of Ontario at, the organization's annual meeting frn 1V. "T"'- of the handicraft table. Mrs. - I edCner, tO I Op Shewas also Reeled a d.rec- .. tor of region four at were Rt. Rev W W Davis.' Executive PfiSl Marion M. Weatherhead. of Rt Kev. w. w. Davit, txetUIIYC fOif Cornwall, and Mrs. Alice Hoge- BIAo, .of Halifax MeIba m. Wooley, 2311 boom, of Kingston. and Rev. Allan Roger 01 d.,, pi,-. wu elected T Fitxroy Harbor were among second vice-president of the those who attended. Journal Want Ada bring Federation of Women Teachers' quick results. OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 9 P.M. and ALL DAY SATURDAY lSpeciaLf UPRIGHT HOOVERS ,. -Vj Throw-A-Way Baa 5V I ' .' ConvertMo for aa with , ' - ' AdJusU for different frf. ,:' '- csrpat thlckneaaa , t, '' " l ' aa' U stonoln ' . . -K." V J. v " all your dcau- HOOVERS, SECOND FLOOR IN THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING, DOWNTOWN AND AT THE BILLINGS BRIDGE AND WEST END STORES,. :' l , DOWNTOWN . . 236-4511 WEST END 2364662 BILLINGS BRIDGE 236-3681 Friday Night Shoppers ' DINNER SPECIALS : RAMB086. MACABOsI (AQQOli Especially prejDjmd from tteak Hamburg meat, combined with Macaroni, served with Crisp Tossed Salad, French Fried Potatoes, Roll, Butter PYP a and Beverage. , : . , tO SERVED FROM 5.00 TO S.30 P.M. - SALMON CROOOtTlQ la EGG UGtE Crisp full flavour Salmon Croquettes, Egg Sauce, Green Peas, Baked Potaloet, Roll, Butter and 7C Beverage. ....'......-.. I J IN THE "HORN OP PLENTY , CAFETERIA", DOWNSTAIRS, DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY tV-eaa'any Mi.t.i,1mA& " 'I " r" "11 I toltjajdf Special Purchase! Modern Walnut 6-Piece DINETTE SUITES Special: 1 1 .. .... - , . . 1 rvinuvss,, ... . .... us ; unwv . BS Or BUILDING, v - ' DOWNTOWN, BIIXINOS BRIDOB AND - WEST KND , STORKS beautiful Italian lamp ... coffee tables with Formica top. A beautiful addition to Sny bom. Lamp table measure approximately 18 x 30 inches . . . Coffee . uKU iimum annrfttintatelv' ! . 18x48 inches. . the complete dining room suite at one low price. .. . y (T I Italian . Luxunbus Textui Satin xl earning band screened Gold print ; for yourself tonight. - on anow wnita . . . an overairuua that can suit any colour chem and any . ""aw at ff. -f--l ' . fumlshints. whether It's modem or tradi tional. And each pair Is lined, Com fat and ae them Buffet, measuring approximately 51ft inches In length; jh the tahle, measuring 48 x 39 Inches closed and 48 z 72 inches 'ty: ,-. open . . and 4 side chairs with smart beige upholstery. The buffet and table have Arborite tops. Get yours now at this low price. Designed 1 LAMP TABLES 1 v and 1 COFFEE TABLES Your Choice each OVERCURTAINS' : DOUBLE. WIDTH ' lJxTtTl 4 1 I 'I ITT 1.1 L.I 1. I fr f i s K T- -O I ' I III W M r llltK:1iH:Y4''iK' DRAPERIES. SECOND FLOOR. DOWNTOWN. IN THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING AND AT THE BILLINGS BRIDGE STORE NISHING Mi -.,. it. - It-reel wteta la (6 DINING ROOM FCRNrTCRE, DOWNSTAIRS DT THE' HOME ! FURNISHINGS ' BUILDING, ; - DOWNTOWN AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE FOR. ONE WEEK ONLY! i s I J I . J All-Wool Frieze Brdadloom Wall-to-Wall GARPETING BRINTON'S BRAND NAME BRINTWIST SubtUndards of 13.95 9-and 12-Foot Width . -rs WMtt as Saa BMs at ' Q.95 'A'. '. BRINTON'S BRAND NAME BRINCREST - Substandards of 16.95 , 12-FcK)tWidth . s . .(I sa SiMMy mttt, Dtktm, Miaar. mim oia ' 1 -95 JLJLsqyi Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Throughout Your Home at Prices to Suit Your Budget! :! ... y, ... r '.. . a . .. .4..,V-i' (These wall-to-wall carpetings do have wire marks, ' 7 but the marks disappear with use and will not affect the wearability of these famous Brand-Name Carpets.) "' ; -:A: T 'y- 'V. r':.iy,y FLOOR COVERINGS, SECOND FLOOR IN THE FIOME FURNISHINGS BUILDING, DOWNTOWN ONLY

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