The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 24
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i Dear Helotae: Whenever 1 read the advice to "dip white good In tour buttermilk to remove m i V , dew," it reca It a sad experience in my ihildhood. My favorit raided, white drM became mildewed, it was waked In eour buttermilk and spread on the grass to bleach. When we went out to get the dress, the family cat had chewed it full of boles and ..the dress was ruined! That was M years ago but still fresh in my mind! Cat-nipped . . Dear Meleise: ' ' I thought 1 might pass along another vinegar, hint to you and the rest of your readers. After cleaning fish, wash your hands with vinegar. It win take the fish odor away. ' Juanlla Dear MeWiset Did you know that you can use a furnace filter in your window, instead of ventila tor, when a window' fan Is running In another window? It filters the dust and keeps It out of the house. It's wonderful for people who are allergic to dust. Mrs. E. Smith -Dear Heleiset When shopping for a pair of cuff links to go with a certain blouse, I .couldn't find just what I wanted. - l tried dip-on earrings and they work! And you can get so many selections of inexpensive and beautiful clip-on earrings. -Kay T. . . ' DEAR HELOISEl ' " ' Those little clear plastic tops you get from one pound cans of coffee are good to use as coasters, to lay a spoon oo while mixing batter, to keep your scouring pads and . cans of scouring powder on at the kitchen sink and for small amounts of water lor water-. , painting. . ' Peowntown -''.' y : ids! H "New 'i Eraof Romance" t New aura of eophtoUcation la worldly 'tiers ef ailla. . taffeta, breath takingly trimmed with band clipped chad' tflry lace. Sizes 7 to ll.'- ' ' '' " V- .';' V. . Yv;-.:;u'--'; -:' ' 79.95- ..'" ti ,' r' ,': t ti r.fl"if ottbsra SSS la Hie - - k i '- Bridesmaids', from li5 to ISO .Vv I Mother of the. Bride S25 to 89.85 '"Ciplan's I,. 5 Rideau Street V. ' Air Conditioned1184 iitfttentionll .i iti j They make good saucers for outdoor eating. I use the large ones to bold a piece of cake, a. sandwich, or any small' amount of food tor outdoor, (or indoor) eating, since they . are disposable. "J They also make fine saucers' for potted plants. , A Housewife Helper. DEAR HElOISEi , ' Here is what I do when I sweep my garage floor I hold my clothes sprinkler bottle about shoulder-high and - sprinkle all over the floor lightly. I can then sweep without breathing a bit of dust , ' and the floor, is, good and ' DEAR HELOlSEt ' .". . . When putting fresh eggs- in the refrigerator, I put a pencil mark on the eggs bought 'the previous time. -' . ,. This prevents any eggs from .'being left la the refrigerator for any lengthy time. f . ' , - . Resa Marar DEAR HELOISE: . ' - We keep our dog' and cat Jndoors and have the problem of hair getting on the rugs. I dampen my; sponge mop with cool water and pick up 'or roll up the hair from the rugs. I use the dampened sponge mop as though I'm sweeping the rugs. Wbatl left is usually in wads, . which I can then pick up with the vacuum cleaner. I use this method with a hand sponge when the cat gets on the furniture. . -Emilie m ocnoois: Birthday Club AUGUST II Hay'ey Briscoe,' age I ' Martin Maloney. age I ? Leo Simard, age 11 rhe Journal. ' ' . SirOuUg Editor;-, OUawe, Ont feast enroff me hs TAs ioicnsal tarthiot Ctmh.' ' - : -f rifl be . . ysars old on dddrees . PLEASE PRINT NAMB tt. MttR Twaae saw wfli awmaueally earrM lt ;v;;.!.. V'T -OH Qn FRIDAY, AUGUST 21 The journal will publish special . - "Education" page! of interest to parntf and pupils: ..V V -V' :v. t!- i ' : -.'' .Yi Now is the time to send your advertisement on registration .; . J.i - J -il :I .' , t - ' as ics, kurricuiurn any oiner iniurmstiun. i ' All copy must reach the journal Advertising Department three days before publication. -15 Your' message will reach more than 7000 families '- ' 'Journal readers in Ottawa and .rhroughout the Ottawa, :' ', 0 puue Writ iTtUphiut Earljt yvd,. . THE OmVA JOURNAL V V 2375H Local 236 t a' i'i-!!i,u " i 4. ii Tlw Slta . vhn stosMuUtir Stows v ' w wwewwewa t e e o n www nn w w w 'f' w" w " v v . - ; - p FRIDAY. AUGUST 11 1964 v .-.r v. .... . .v ,vuv. i -.:..v-- v THE OTTAWA JOURNAL . T f i ii i-m Copyright, 1M : Q. 'What la "natural ine of the brow?" 1 do not know exactly what this means." " -A. This is along the edge of the bone at the top of the eye socket. Nature usually knows best. However, some times she makes i HUM "7 rmr. ner wr wnea la weO la mo y 't DiscouNiEO nturr ' To prevent discoioratiott of fnuu such as peaches or pears, drop peeled fruit Into brine made with one teaspoon salt and one quart of water, suggest food specialists at Macdonald Institute. Cuelph. Let fruit stand In brine only e short time as it rapidly acquires salty taste. Drain thoroughly before processing. t Qnnn !0 Mil m EVERY DAY IS SPECIAL DAY, AT THEISM CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION Fit Ant 71 ' Opewag Day Sst.Aef.22 Warriors' Day - Mea.Am.I4 Yaaes Csnsds'l Dm " . -Tms. li Automaton Osy-'waMA, was. ang. Zl rooo rrsoaat a ' 1 Msrtassti' 0e ' Tsar.Aag.27 Flees. Menc, Arts A rri.Asg.2t SstAsg2S ssl Met. ueswDsy ; -:: rV. Dn IMemstiensI A Al Metre Dn -. Mas. Ass. 21 Hfsnsa's Dty Tsss.Sept.1 MMlettwsn'l ,' Semes CWs' Dsy Wd Saat.t tMricsl Dry '"v That. Sept. 3 Trsasssstrsa, CawasnV . est w A CsimnsiosI - TrsMWrs'Dsi ., i FA Seat. 4 farmers' a . i - liwdeck rVxtsOn T , . SstSrtt.S CMuaa'tCsdstDSf ' t - COLOUR TV The CNE Network will broadcast in both black-end-white and colour from 10.00 , A.M. tl 11.00 P.M. duly. Broadcasts will be carried on monitors throughout the grounds. This is your chance to see the first colour television to originate in Canada. .-' - . ! '- ciANTHOIIYSHOII Find your bobby, er choose a sew one, from among the displays ins demon-straboas of 41 different bobbtes, in the General Exhibits Building, . . . ? INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW i High m the say, sbsve the CNE Waterfront Grsndstsnd the newest swifts rip up. This year, you eta see Hit Blue. Anfers, world ratines, precision aero-, batic display team, siule ttiroojh the sy ta their mrilhng show, ftehesnats Sept 21 Air Show Sept 4 A S. , ' CMC AQUARAMR ' - k THE GREATEST SHOW ON WATER World champions swim, ski, dive, and tats hydroplanes in mis flittering water show, and beautiful Aquemaidt rtdt on darting floats. Two shows datls, free at the Waterfront Grandstand. f ., " : nownsHow. V'.n A hreathtakingcollsctionof garden-fresh brooms raised especially for the CNE FrswerShow. ., , s . fauon shows I o Every hour you can review Ike latest fashions, from haute couture lo swim 'suits, m the air-conditioned theatre at the Queen Elinbeth 8uttdiflf. ,- f DAIRT PRINCESS COMrtTrnON ' lovely youni ladies from 40 coenlies will match beauty, charm and dairying skills each evening ia the Coliseum, until one winstfiebtie of Dairy prweess. ; 'CNE im MARATHON SWIM .The world's finest long distance swimmers will battle the 32-mile Lake Ontario course from Port Dalhovsie Harbour, St Catharines, to the CNE Wsterffont Share in the eicitemenl at the finish hue, Opemog Day, Aug. 21. r ' jr - V'-. Vu)- ": row' Old? The Question Box ',: meant by the see? I am 11. Am I too young or too old to be Helped? ' A. The aw, can be affected by the teeth. You should see an orthodontist They do wonderful things" today. The youn- ; er the better, but I am sure ' , that' you. are -not too old for corrective treatment mistakes. . Q. 1 am so unhappy thai I ' Then we can improve the situ- .-can hardly sleep at night, t ' . ation by reshaping the brows , ask my mother about my proe-' subtly. However, as a general tern but' she just' laughs at . rule, - the , brows should not me, I am 11 years old and 'deviate, too drastically from i have' absolutely no . bust, I the natural line If they are to ' guess I will never be an at-be most flattering. ' . .' tractive woman! All my - '. Q. Is it possible for the teeth friends, well most of vthem, to-affect the shape of "the have busts. face, especially the size and A. Sleep well tonight be-shape of the Jaw? I have been .'"cause you have absolutely , no told that this Is true but I cause for worry.- Young girls cannot believe H. I have a vary greatly as to the age at I sharp Jutting jaw and protrud-. which they develop curves, big teeth. If I can he helped,' ; Twelve is not too late. Most what sort of dentist should t girls develop later than that. 7 WHEN VISITING TORONTO - NANKING . .,' UVOI f USUUBAIT S IS. 77 DliIi Slmi hi the heart of Toronto's Chinatown Toronto Finn! Chlnaw RMUurmnt. Ovt s toe Dlf(rnt Dltcknw DWms' . Member tt: American Kxswea Dinvr't Club. . rw tike-eat ersen. aHvn ptvlag kM UUEM3-4$P7 Q. I have trouble with the ends of my hair because they split A friend has told me that cutting the ends will cure that condition- permanently- Is this true? -i. i KJ i .",.: A. Cutting will, remove the split ends but Jt cannot affect "the condition of the' hair and Js not a permanent cure. Be sure 'that' you are eating ' correctly " for " best ' i nutrition. Your' hair, may he very dry because of frequent perman-ents or. coloring. Try some hot oil treatments and use one of the cream shampoos. Also use one of the creams designed for dry. split hair. You can ' apply this to the ends nw7 - , i f Fiji 0f" ' Vfs- r.bout. ' lk I. ,m..t',it4i., . a.---- r Mn-p-, r-. " each day. It will make them ipore aienegeable.. ' : '- Q. What do the movie stars have done to their teeth when they as unattractive snape or are poorly spaced? A. They have them, capped. 'Journal Want Xds bring quick results.' l - -V". Now In Progress I j' '.',.-,.Ati''2.fid: ' H j '"lW BANK -ST. T''?'t&Wu',' !. .J I. 'j ' ;V abep la Aw CsaSltliars Cesafert ,' B ! I 7fONDAT THKU SATl'ED AT IM ass-. U fJ, -av- I :.oNfON$ v; 4 . Crae onionljare Usually immarure eaHy white-er bulb-less onions. Leeks, larger but similar: t have broad f darT . green '.leaves' ' and ' strajght, thick white necks. ' Shallots , grow In clusters and have : only slight bulbs... 1 Journal .Want Ads' ; quick results. v .. tring ; Toronto t Montreal? 233-3204 r - - -; ' ''.. V ' 7: S ii't Tvi Now, you can locally re , ; serve quality out-of-town : aceommodatioaa and get . immediate oonfirmatioa. ' la Toronto the modern ' Lord Sinwoe Hotel la . Montreal, the famous ' Windsor HotaL ' -' - -'Both'offer convenient '- dowatowa locatioaa, . 4 . I ;.' UG8 LORDSIMCOCROTa W!NO80RAr I '.: : l';w,ts '' f i wmmm '. ' . I , s riS . J.4t.y -' r , i i ttr.. t; i'l k ' - LeJ UAFZ& .. aDsj - -f - er : is. j ar j W nilR 91 m 1 1RIUIR' M as i m SEPT 7 111111 ORDER YOUR TICKOS EARLY FOR EVENING GRANDSTAND SPECTACULAR AROUND THE WORLD IN AN EVENING Comedian Jack Carter and Dublin-bora in this year's Musical titravaiarua. it s a world-spinning show wnn international eer- i ii LJ . formers and free travel to faraway places for some lucky seat holders. Ike full cast numbers over sua and includes the preet-, sion. perfect Canadettet. The whole affair winds up with staling, popping fireworks. Producer Jack Arthur has put together another truly sensational shew, to order, your tkkrto earty.v ,v ' , i tJMTEO STATES NAVY RAND I i 'Trie magnificent United Slates Navy' Band performs twice daily it the CNE Bendskeit with t special salute to the. rut iohti Philip Sousa. , NOT OPEN SUNDAYS;? to Issk, listen, laugh, Isarn, asd enjoy every ihlnuts cf ths TcrId'$ largest snn::l cxhilili:.! Liiiicn Mil kill ' mam mm . rurm MICKEY MOUSE STARS IN THE GRANDSTAND MATINEE EVN-fEST , Mickey Mouse and his friends. In person, star in the thrill-packed afternoon shew ' at the Grandstand, Aug. 24 to Sept t Along with Disneyland favourites, see Tewen and his thrilling wild -animal ad, trie Frying Walrendas and a host of spirie-ungllng circus acts. . '.' A MILE ANTA-HALF OF MTDWaV 1 Rides that swing and swoop, sweet Duffy candy floss, games of chance, and side shows; it's the Midway with laughter and dsiigtit every step of the way. GENERAl'ADMISSION: ADULTS 75; CHILDREN UNDER 13, lOet- ' CANADA IN PICTURES '- i The story of past and present lairs and exhibitions presented by the National film Board of Unada -vi, it j- - MARINE MUSEUM See Cdi'S ses-faring history recorded and displayed m this remarkable buiWin. - ; '; ', '' ' X n ACRES Of s . AGRICULTURAL WEALTH" .'. Here under one toot is the largest agricultural display to be found anywhere ie the world, livestock judging, .fruit, vegitables, dairy products and the popular Dog and Cat Shows. " r SPORTS HALL OFfAMEVNO i , . HOCKEY HAIL OF FAME A fascinadrtg coflectioa of souvenirs and tnementos from the world of sports. This year the bobsled which won an Olympic Gold Medal for Canada at Innsbruck will have theplacf of honour, v-; - ARMED FORCES DISPLAY,.' t, A huge outdoor exhibit where you ta learn mora about Canada's armed forces. mm BETTER HYING CENTRE ' A glamorous setting for all that's new ie home decor. See the blest appliances and furnishings in elegant settings. . INTERNATIONAL SHOPPERS' MART ' The ran and exotic an yours to look at and buy in the International Shoppers' Mart where 20 countries display their waresi- .i t ; f -i ANTIQUE AND CUSTOM CARS - AND HOIIY AEROPLANES See the cars of today and tomorrow at the gleaming Motor Show. And don't forget the Veteran cars polished up for' their part in the Exhibition. t ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN" THE 0UEEN EUZAIETH IUIL0ING ' Home furnishings, artsand crafts, fashion shows, cooking Khoots and floral arrangements in the up-to-date Quae -Eluabeth Building end Theatre, ; SPORTS ACTIVTTlEi- '' 'l Every day hat sbme sport eveAl at the CNE, be ea hand to sea records broken. , THE NATIONAL HORSE SHOW ' Champions, hones and riders, meet at the Horse Show to vie tor coveted awards. It's glittering spectacle with feature events as well tt competttioa. Aug. a to 27 to the Coliseum. , ,,. t " . , , UVE ON FAMILY TICKET I00KS Get poer special tamity books of tickets for edmissioa to the CNE Grounds only. Four adstt and sbt ckridrrn'i (icketj for only 13.00. Sea your local ticket agent or sand bum order In CNF. - v . ito

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