The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

'I- niroAT. Acotrsrr 14. SOCIAL The Canadian Ambsssslqr to Yugoslavia and Mr. Rom Campbell, accompanied by their two children, left Montreal (or Europe on Thursday aboard the Empress ot Canada. Junta J. L Utchfofd and Mrs. Latchford, of Dundaa, Ont., will be In Ottawa tomorrow lo attend the Mo LennsnBolduc wedding. Mr. and Mn. Maurice Boisvert have returned to their home tn Ottawa after vacationing for the past . month at Kennebunk Beach. Me., and It Murray B.-y. Qui. ... . . Mr. and Mra. Sam Palef have returned from one week's holiday at West Hampton and New York City. . . . . Mr. and Mrsi Ted Philips of Hobarf.i Tasmania,, are . spending several days -M guelts of Mr. knd Mrs. Laird Connerty. Riverside Park, before reaving for the United i Sutes and Hong Kong on j their trip around th world. ..f ' f i - . V, Mrs, Percy" Edgerley has WEDDING INVITATIONS traditional fceaoty ' Classic Distinction Social Cerrectnesa .One-top shopping for all wedding supplies. ' ii i. i .,1 TS i ' aUa v r 'eV i V US Bank St. (near Usgar) Holt RtMwv Ibif.lL Ukei h r. weriBHe fAHH to tmUl'i kttki bfhef M rw 125!Ttt. .'; J , 182 Queeii Stmt ' EL II II Ii aka eM i ; BUY YOUR : bAck-To-school v supplies and VCHARCMf ;; 3 CREDIT PLANSt A. ",; Twir .jriiftatiiiffiTiiT -Bit The) China HalLottillawat 47iin. MraertesM 1 rrrr ci : SHOEING IS A PLEASURE AT t it t rtss Ctnum Mrirja , ea tty axvaUva Lei , 1-. lit HlDtAU St. f c::jcxen Lkcs M ll 1 . I 177 Kutseil Koaa f 711.3844 I SHOP AT MESGE'S or Bttfr Yolutt WCT6IT! MtOrfliri CWTtr ru - run ins. . , Jk arrets !' if .i - -'-- I ii) iiinlBl t t Mttgre C - .,-CUlM l IMM ISM sw n e. lwv and returned to 0 three Otuwa after spending Scotland Bionthi Ut , Miss Margaret MocLettan, national president ef the Canadian Federation of JJni-. vetttty Women, ht r win .nipeg. where she is presiding over the organization's 16th Triennial Conference. "TT""- '';."." . . t Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Irwin ire entertaining tht evening It their home for membra of the wedding party following rehearsal for the tun. Hingham - Cameron wedding Which takes place tomorrow. . Mr. and Mrs. J. A. BoWuc, Mr. Leon loidue end Mr.' and Mrs. Ewsrt Oonovtn, til of Quebec CHy. will be rnong the out-of-town guests Ittendine tha , McLennan. otduc wedding on Saturday, ;".. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mead, of Sussex. NB. were here to attend the wedding of their daughter, the former Mias Nora Emily Mead, to Mr. Peter Vincent Lyons on Saturday. . . 1 , . v - t3ride-Eldct . Is Honorec) ; Mra. Donald McLeod. MtC Urisihg ttudd and Mrs. H4r-vey Fenion were hoatesste at a trousseau tea held m honor of Mlts riUary Wevltl. whose marriage to Mr. Ron- aid Nichols takes place on 1 aaniraay, Aua,jBLi,U-0&V Receiving with Miss Wevtn werd Mrs. C- A.;Nicbola,' mother.-of thi bride-elect'l nance, and Mri A. L Bryan. ; Pourinf tM Wer Mra. B. brahim. Mrs. J. It Wektv Mrt. Frtd Waddell. Mrs. Al- Kfred Nichols, Mrs.. George Fenton, Mrv James 1 Leys,' Mrs. Thomas Brown, -Mrs.' Bernard More, Mr. A. Campbell Ewart. Mrs. WiDjam Mackty, Mrs; Robert Nor.; folk dhd Mrs. Cecil Roach. . Assisting wore Mrs. Glean Wall. Mrs. Jamas Broughall. Mrs. Lawrence Roydon Kealey.Mfi. Wells. Mia Joyce and Mrs. Gerald eta Block- . land. f . Attending to the tmosese room were MlU Cathy Per- kin.. Miss' Joanna Kingsleyi f Misa Marilyn Hughes, Mitt; Lynn thapnun. Mis Bever ley ' Amm. Mitt Eleanor vf... " amm mhb marr mxioa and Miae Manna McUod. i Sedlihg' t -i TokeS Car6 ; Ih Processing Hj A too seal' I, necessary for satisfactory procesilrtf. of foods remind dome economists with the Pood Department it Macdonald Institute, ' Cud ph. The foUowtruj b k , check list for bbUinWi ' tightly sealed glass contain. , era:- . H:ti 'V. '-' - 1. Examine Jar for nicks or crack M eeailnf urfc. J. Remove any piece 6 food Br syrup from rim of ' jar. i-it-',rxif' ! 1 Metal ringa s asuet be. rust free: rubber rings should b firm Ind yet pliable, ftevaf sticky or out of shape. RM rubber ring are inorl dur able thah white. New mason tops (hbul4 .be used each tirna. ' " r .. ' :. '.' -t '..if ,' 4. Choose ;fla 1w.t . which m tightly. . .' lefOrt - processing. teat masod Jars tightly and do not , touch eeai ontn Cool. With the type.Bd.; ' " " , , . ' r r- tighten ting, then looaea n.deeil yoo trf eu cry thro or one inch. Tighten . immediately after ;.- v . ,,. ., ' Add Ulad oil te the boilina Ulted Odter ta which macaroni noodle, (pahttl or rice Is te be added. TM on win prevent boiling over and keep lack hoodie or kernel ttMrated. ' ' y.rrei Scrrici Thllm Ccks l!:re i , . i . ;. .'.' 31! HdM l; 1311 IU Mrs. Jeanne Lemon-Vail- lancourt was bosteas at miscellaneous shower at her home given In honor of Miss Andree bolduc. bride-elect of Saturday, attended by 'members of Miss Bolduc's bridge Club. ; ex'- e V. . Among those who have entertained at showers ' III honor of Mitt Hilary Wevill. 'Bride-elect of Saturday. Aug. id. Ire Mrs.' terry Porter. Mrs. James Broughall and Mrs. Ron Wells. Miss Joyce, feowen. Mrs. Jack Norwtll knd Mrs. C. H. Roach. i - e . Out-of-town guests ' who attended the Lyonl Meed weddlrtl werl Mr. knd Mr. R. E. Meld. MK end Mrs. Emfflett Lyons knd Mitt Mary Elizabeth Lyons, all of Toronto; Mrs. Berth Raw- cliff. Miss June Hamilton. Unhlrilr lit Fnnl FmiiH. Detroit: Mrs. W. M. WattOtt Sr.. Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Brtt-ton, ' Mrs. ' Thomas QuaH. Maniweki. and Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Graham. Lakevlew J4h race. Que. , ; . " .- Mr! and Mrfc'jpbh Heney entertained at cock-, tan party it their borne lit honor of Miss Andrea Bolduc and Mr. Edward P. McLen-'.'nan. whose marriage lakea place M Saturday. v .- - ; Mrs. Harvey Fenton, Mrs. Lhnsint Rutid rtd Mrs. Don-: aid Mcliod fork hostesses at a tn th donor of Mlsl Hilry WeWH. I bride-elect "of Saturday. Aug. xl. t "1 ANN .Hi t : f . v.--. Dear Am laadirs- People write to yon with gripes and complaint just to get thwt JJf Chasui,1 guess'l h-i - what i km aaini-lettiiUjW ind she has lost aU bet love steam. .rs v I . and respect for him. He re-v 1 em I BoV' It Who Just fused to get outside help and heard my father y for th 100th time When t ' wsk ; your fce . Why do BN anu us this phraser If Ilk waving rea cape in irvnt of a bun. It doesn't rhsttfer what hiy father say after n starts aut lik thai becaua rm aireaav mai t . t - t ? DonVparents reatire tney are NOT our age ama .w jm Wm karil im ha. uev they aver war. thin( r' different today, tor eg ample, d kid .without wheels tt the ttm U dead. If I asked any one of the top Bve girls in our crowd to go to th Bicker or) a bua. ahe'd laugh In my face. , ' When I told my ded hfd have to Jar loos with $33 TOT ma prom ne aimw pay pea a " n wnvn w jw w fed a family of Bv for a wdek.- - Welt maybe It lid. but I cant help that NOW. It yod print tHi letter please glv my did idvlc. not me. He needs tt. ttbMPti dN. , y Dear TrMlttedl Maybd eoi M . . . . - . - - kM fct yBo were It waanl raaoi aara .too bet thlitgs ore dtffer. ent looay, and one or in difference M that kids r auowae w sneet ow uieir ttootbe Bke theVVd MB kruihins tbttr taeU with dtfftpdwder. s;. C . If yeej have tt om op ;wtt tn for no r)w earning r" Aan: Im almoet out tit My Blind with worry, My husband and I (Both IS) raised 4 lovely daughter, she at mrrid eiht year (go ta I young mad who stemed superb In ever wsf They now have thfed voungUera. . ' ' U(t weet my daughter ten IftM rl,- TZI ITfil TIIE OTTAWA JOURNAL i miiiii m r " " ' ' , , ....... . .... - -. w-v '-W" 1 i.- r, - . vpWJ - , x ' r - 4 . ' " . f- f . . - V . V, ; x ))? r r - I V I j.: . v y 1 Y V'" ' l-i ' ' v 1 ! - v.: - - V7tJ?l : 1 1 ? U I i -- r- i ' ' . ..i V l : :W i I' " WheneverN I I I t ' S I1 ! .f T , V $ ,..yvictory' . 1 J r 4. S . Hi. popularit - i... I ! J .-!. i v if -1-r i - , e W , . TRIMLY TAILORED FOR FALL ' The straight-lined overcoat, at left Is of Havana browa checkered wool, with ihre button add lapelk in the style Of trl en's costs. . Hat is of handknttted (rey and . white wool ; Trie outfit is th Design of FOrtUha Sisters fashion house in Rome. The tailored dress, right, is red satiny wool wl th trimmings of black pony; note the original placing of the buttons. The creation is by Niks, of Milan.. - . . . v (AP-Journai Wutphetoi LANDERS Red Waved at t-' . - v - - a ,, -'. -sobbed out her story. BM tt t the breaking point. Her husband has been abusive to her from the start. He has Bad one affair after another ' the boor girl ' ia going to piecea.- ..'. . J. She I not a compjainer, Anh. -I hadn't heart one word about her troubll until Bow. v : k. Cod know, don't' want to Interfere with her life, but 1 can't bear to see her go on ' this way. Do 1 dare Invite her and the children to come Borne? We live In I hellhbor- lhIhelhbor- kVEllTS COMING f lhdl Canada Astodiation mark India- Independence Day by outstanding '.documentary film progrard, Na- 'tlonat Museum, August IS, S O'clock. All wsleotrle. .. .iii ii, t SHADE HELPS' In hot weather U helps a good J.i i. yod pull down window during the hot part of ikj.. the day. ' V , ..V . WJCOUKT DEPT. STOSO " BEU'S CORNERS Hr mm. ta i at. Str4ur S eai. te a p as. HULL 123 Eddy St. tllr-S mm. mm a m. Mr ai. te IM .' r FANTASTIC mm CHINA r.iiti(( Cape "u Inf city.' It would Bet Bk eaay, but we could manage. . I haven't said anything to mil husnatid. I wanted to et you . opinion : rat' ' : Help. U Hkaf Ueansit. IS aas U narttlag" aiat ' children to "cm u Mda tauirruura might have been saved If the wife had ho alternate bttt td U pot and work out her Don't invlt your daughter to coma home, but let Mr know It III become Intolerable, or If her husband continues to aBUM her physical- tir , she and the children have placo with you. a . Bull r V, , i ;H a new book by ' . peter Howard ; - otstoH for oioianoN , with B (oredrord by Cardinal Cuanlng Of Boston, gives t ,; challenging answer to the Croblems of Cinadd and the nlted 8tates which everyone should fedd. NOW At Alt NESSTANt)9 moral;reAraaAMent 14 YOKO tt. - A ,W.V;'....v . .v.. v v) XXWmsrvvvWrr-a)OX-rteB SQUIRREL KOLINSKY STOLES Northtrn MOskrat Back Coatt $910 Dyed Wkurlott Mloit Shade , i -- "YOUR WiSST kSU tUKklhR Sturdy Model r Wants Chance1 LONDON (CPJ - Muriel ': parsons - think her Murdy ' ;SJJMI fiur U Just HgtH for modelling dresses. . , ' i "Dresi manufacturer Could learn a thing or two front me.' the V . pound baket y- '). "They want to put a oeupll of extra Inches on the hips, TJtex fertet fat "eopat want sit down. Lest fashion house spun! the (4-year-old woman's o fef to model thtir Ware. h had another trick op her eapaclou . ' " .iTfJ . m,M ' ,,u, wr waisi. f.:'w bf,fti 'JSrZ there's s on (J4 pounds) between the sheets m our old double bed. "Thai's sajing for the pringi!" something journal Waitt quick results. 75c i TORONTO t Air CtmdilUmtJ Cemorf Ads brink i ytfUOLUiiuikw rukio liu. " - V 177 IICHWOND ID. fcofrtW KkkWttol AvIJ fHONt 0tt Mttrirliy ta Satttrrlay t i.w. to yi.m: Frirlaya until t p.m. Keen Political Struggle forecast for Mrs. Gandhi ItUatMtNr BEVI '. ' Pre4 tsrrrtpMeW BOMBAY fCP) - There is a uical trUule lot sur- Ovsl ahead of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the law prime minister NeHhi s daughter who hai been appointed minuter of lh.Brma- - tion n broadcasting la the c. V Slws.r. ntaKL AJnder theXCoiuWiuiion. Mrs. Gandh will hive to w n a seat in the Lok Sdbha; the lower nominated to th, irpoer hoUn s month. i Present indications are that wrl! seek election to sabha from th Phuipur corttti .uertcy ahich represent! by her father. Mrs. Gandnl It Mid o leel that she must be in Parliament on her own right. Congress party n Phuipur a. io are eager thlt the constituency should continue to b represenied by a member ol the Nehru family. Opposition plrtiei Intend to throw their fuH ttrengU into the Phuipur fight. Both th leftist United Socialist party .and the rtainlti Jana Sutgh. the party effilndu orthodoxy, have said that they wouid put up candidates against sted the i had an poMtrl. he eiec-g ranted the. Lok N : engagements Grass Hlnkley ,'.:- '.: ": r'- - Mr. and Mn.Xi. klnald Grass, of Islington. Ontario, wish to announce the engagttnetit of their daughter. Donna Lorraine, to John Albert Hlnkley, son of Mr. knd Mrs. William Charles Hlnkley, of Ottawa, the marrflLge will take place Friday, Sept II. in H umber Valley United Church, Islington. '" ' ' ta Wttttat m-tit mt wasit mm m a tt hi w. rMste ' '"-' as t". " i fa jHmt laatiet . . a. mum - ri4wM l 1 M eia R te M mmti m l't !( hiiVtSVIm. laiama- ' im mm, ! he aaaiiiaiwl ea . h aTU efres ar mm its a, tM-fll. ttiaMtea si. , . . ' - - ---- "- ' : - - ' ; Stori Hnurtt , B 10 Wl -Monday through ' Saturday ddilion, .'. . Tiro rem area 'iii tlutt 10 fo U $30to$50 V -. fashion floor 23 and he did not ev bare tt ! tuency. Observers "uMer "ay ' . Ulr.,nue. n cawadlel is as t a ' comer ,a act've polliirt and the pjiuipur electorate may net sfutomiireaHy tramrfef te (r 'v tad tor hr lather. ' tnee Mf Nehre-e death op- position sar. es have Intensified tMlr stiitlt'H lb Phelpur. bf -m Manhaf Uithe mH n Mfi 0tndW ..mul defeated if ohl te demenstrate ta -h, .srid that the aeept ef India are net always depenoeat on member of the Nehru !a in ly for their political aevance- nt." . aJHoriors Bride-Elect Mrs. Dpnajd MaeCreedy entertained ata 'trousseau tea m honor of her daughter, Mia Marilyn MaeCreedy. whose marriage takea place lohibrto. Mrs. Roy Bell poured! Sertlna were Mrs. E. Bvnoe. Mrs. Anthony Tan and Mid Da rlsn Harding. . ' Assisting were Miss Suzanne' Harding and Mrs. John L. lynch. ttoawtaiwiiei aa ea- - ! AIM u a Mibka u aaee I "-SIK mm te S eeee ts tuian aa Fr.k r.k If fW New York deltjrUi drtsstl that wtrl a U uf a. J ; - wntnw hkmin at ; 1 1 M.C.! Mrrelldk I f mlrerials flubby lllk-. inJ-nyon fopplronl, Hal . knits, ripple) knit. IA liny fid, fold, - 'Irtirt, toyal, . grey, browit, . , 1 JteV.'-v A X I ; ' I ! Si :' f -i . t ' .ii . : 1 ' at - h .,

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