The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 14, 1964 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 22

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1964
Page 22
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X 'I a a ewe J.' ' .' " ' ' ' ' J : 7 - I ; 22 .THE OTTAWA JOURNAL FRIDAY, AUGUST 14,'UM Late Summer Travellers Set Out Now for, J)istantJ "7 n . : . .... )istdntvPc Wa rd robe, Basics! -ft Best for Travel Europe wiTl be woman's world this Ftll nd Winter a time whert the high eeasoa-in the, calendar of events and the low season in fares coincide, according to fashion adviser Miss Jane Kilbourne. ' The woman traveller . may -be accompanying her hut-band to Europe on a business trip. She may bt away on. her own for the Optra season in Vienna.: skiing in J the Alps, the theatre la X&tZ -etgM Wr, perhaps In , don. or just for leisurely " new cimtl J . 'the new, suits have we - sightseemg abroad. No mat-1, ..UUorat Etching for ter where she goes, the W J .lsiure boursgfK question still remains what One black smooth wool to wear. - No kmger is it Mcestary w and.lnformal. dining. (Cos-ii5,?C,,. l';Ve, uit c one-"y. P'ce drM tobeworn with select Wardrobe' .Miss Kilbourne. Because of rinking distances due to Jet travel, whatever looks best In a cosmopolitan city la Canada will be suitable (or equally cosmopolitan cities Although pants suits era being widely jRtroduced b, international fashion, design-' en, they are ttill looked upon askanca in soma pans of the world. Slacks and shorts ViITWECHECATi ' rrse rtct-p n4 DeHsersM PATTON'S ; CLEANERS LTD. hone ra-uis , .'. ItSS WIBmftM .-.H'Mtmfm rut Mhs . ;. IM MHti Sm : r Hum rsrk Skssat CMtre ml I."' i i 'i i i .. -. .i ' vrirt gia r -V..- ! k .-. 4 HI CUT .urn tit :;"-v STYLED Fit JACKET kino ' mmm ''?&0i DwokKiN tuu im . 2M tidasa, Ottawa ' - fi!C3 RI 1UE UT.0U fAKti i Twa Lscatiane. k Ottawa 297 DALHUSHB STREET -.EASTVJEW3 Shoppinc Cntr Montreal Rod at Riverside Drive ''Where something good is always going on 4 rr" FUR SALE If 1 i it ' ' j. ii -t; should never be worn on city .streets abroad Sre resort-';typeelothea, tor rt m.,? and oeachec, ' " WARDROBE PLAN The following wardrobe -for Fall and Winter In Euros is suggested: s ; ... One wool travel coat to be worn or carried, or a sible ' wool or Jersey coat doubling at raincoat for Winter weather. ' One three-piece wool travel suit In either smooth or tls- afternoon suit for cacktaila stole for late-day events, and a jacket perhapa fur-trimmed for dressy occasions.) : .On two-piece knit for In-formal cool dayt or sightseeing in the -country . 1 r On wool "daytime frock fo sightseeing or. shopping nmhacity. r;.s-ln One or , two ' dark, tilk frocks for lnformaT dinners. ' One short cocktail costume for gala evenings. ' . ' " One long evening gown If "''4 OFF TO LONDON A Otuwa girl who has been solving problems for tourists has a chanc now to;do sonev travelling of her ewo. On Sat-: nrday Miss4 TAmna -Dowler"' leaves for England and a new job. Presently a. travel coua- 4 sellor with the Canadian Gov-.'- i mmnl -Tnvii Bureau, -aha , . has accepted a three to ftv. year posting with the London 4 "- v. . ..,"v "1 applied for the position. and was the only one free to go," said Miss Dowler, aged : a, who is the first girt to be aeeepMd r:th overseas ' bureau. "I guesa It was Just a question of being u the right place a( tha rigst-UM, and . bellev eo. rm dejjghted." " Miss Dewier, va Carleton grtduat m .Bister. 'Already ; nai goou groumung ut lour- 1st work She U he naught of Mr. of work- ed wJUivth .Ottawa Touritt Bureau, a.. gold tad re- - I MtSkSa :- lawatwwil . i-Th House of i ' DisUnguishcd ; y ' FurniUir ,l 'MisM? WMiitua latsttot Cnamw 247 lank 232-0889 rr KMT 4 JWCi6 JttOflW IT THE WSX r.'fif FROM YOUR" i SINGER 4i (m in i an lUlHSIli ' Rh Ivfi , . AM) tri )X BUwk St ni-iui QnM,ii miknt IridtiOirri mm mm u inw'tk, Urmm4 IM mum m Sua IMt BrM OUt Sklffef Qmf, MS tart. Mmtt jwmr PSUVATB DSTT. STOBI i tat . ;;..c?iOTia. liMkUrHsiilsW 731-1441 .U... fM pjjiJ ?Daiina?06w igKt;Plac M a im Iw mT sna I mmrimt km. mmnft kn mHmim mmmr fVt. S(H merrSmi. - mtm4 i l ml t i ml h th be 7 !SM -r i, ii. M-1 ' - - '.,.J-..-; "'V '' ,' -1 . '. if 1 s . .' t i ' . 'v ' ii ' J I 1. sVOL TEACH Cj . i ,h , --v jf.!i'i:;'t.'ivn.'H".i) ' y ..." Vt !; '.i-ii'" --' Mist Caa Scott leave Otuwa In mid-September for' a year of combined teaching and studying In,' Paris. She will teach' English at on of the French ' , fycees, and study at the Sorbonne.' Mist Scott It ' known her for her work in theatre circles. - s 'i -H-- " , - er;rl rave e at Ri . 1 ' ''.-"'. ("'"LEAVES THIS WEEK , v' -v: f; . -, kits Donna Dowler is the first young Canadian ' woman to ee posted by; the Canadian Government -r Travel Bureau ts it office , to Lotidon. , . t ceptionJsU'dirnslng general' information on Ottawa and Ontarlt to tourists arriving in toe city." ""This I tb oest training." ah said, "trbao ytM caa UHc directly to the tourist and find out? what W want- M know, what Im doesn't know about lbs country." ; . Camping facilities and "colorful" events era tha two big gest items of interest. j -. DOSitiOn In her present which .be . held for. ilxy - months. Miss Dowler answers written' Inquiries regarding ,h Toronto'J lido Classes to Trib to vjdbahva TORONTO . (CP) Becaus WMted some exercise one S-rV? SWrTOlSS halnaul Cn..l . l.ut tSTwI h. Tokyo ; here she will take Judo lesson ZiJSL fiiM55- r.- . a .-; '- i 1 :r i '. V ; - -wK k ; $ w -"; IN FRANCE Guide Time r travel in Canada. In London she will once again be talking directly to Inquirers. "; MUs Dewier has Just returned from, a 11 . day trip to Western Canada which she toqk with another" travel eoua. ' teller,-Mm. Itay Peterson. The "pa'' met with npresenutlves and directors of provincial travel, bureaus. ' This was a golden oppor- hinlH, l Ii w i iorh,; ee 'i ta to othtrt ShV said Miss Dowler. T Jt . J : 7 t,.K v. - r.v. 1 1 . ; - as "win i .six, .. h ' M'Koies, Mrs. Peerc has studied Judo five vsari It was .h- eeti. Janan-. .,tb. teamh. Mtarhavl ' J J...... .!. .rw ' JP. - " ' " " m.n T. " .Jr:' mnSTr SLnsrs ' , .' ,. . , , . . A" brightly painted plane bench provldet a work tabl nd storage bench for smalt children. '.''11 " attending opening night at tha opera, formal Embassy, or other top-level social vents. ' u i v . ' Dressy ' s w a t r t, fur ' stoles, for cool evenings. stoles, f B,y,t basic- c problem mMmM staving with the new colors, the weighty of a" large ward-shoes will be at a minimum. The same town oumpa worn with a travel suit can o worn with the daytime frock and knit tuit Cocktail slipper can be packed for both the cocktail dress and the long gown. If you choose co-ordinated col-' on; ' Dressy black, pumps can be worn with th blaek wool afternoon suit. In this way, three psirt of shoes cover all needs. -.Tuck Iq a pair of soft bedroom slippers for cosy com-fort, and ff long country Walks are planned. Include a pair of flat-heeled "sensible" shoe.. -( '; ' ' NO WEIGHT PROBLEM t lingerie : and foundation. garmenu tnes. oayt ar whlsper-weight to a varied election can be packed with; "v ir"; - . ' ; Packing K eedsCare .. Proper packing is an Important part of : vacation glamor. Begin it week ahead of time by making up a packing checklist a listing of the clothes, cosmetic, medicine, and - other thing you win tmi'i -' Keep your luggag as tight a possible; It will save you money H you ar taking a trip to faraway places. Pack all clothing In th tissue-thin plastic bag, rm-ceived from th cleaners. Tha "slip" of th plastic and th tiny air bubbles that stay between ach article of clothing act at cushions that wiB, i help to keep garment gently suspended . and almost wrinkle free, regardless of'' how tightly they ar packed. ' Keep all perfumes, oils, liquids and powders In separata cases to avoid the possi bility of a bottle breaking ruining your wardrobe. 7420 PAL PO A TOT k Delight a tot with this pussy catto toft; cuddly and BIO atababydoU. ' ', Dress playful pus overalls and shirt so a toddler can take him along. Easy to make. Pattern 7430: pattern of puss, clothes, directions,. . Thirty-five cent (coins) for this pattern (no stamps, please) to Alio Brooks, care of The TT'L t"' 60 lTmt St w- To- ronto 2, Ont Ontario residents dd Ic tale tax. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER,; NAME, ADDRESS. First time I a free patterns bt nig. nclting 1963 Needtecraft I 200 design smart Jacket, bats, toys. fghn... Imens, everything 25- ' Wt book! I LCttS PP"IU, fOT beginiMrt, BLliE PREFERRED ry of c bomsmakart owned colored linens said they would buy bolder. deeper tones next time. - 1 -j" ' Journal Want An bring aub-k raault j a t - . ' . n i ZSiMM I tb7 m wbeT "H"- eommuclty. v whe would buy color shew vented Judo el yean ago ' , ' " i rln JP H choose blueit also mdt-Whll there Mrs. Pearce Cill Fnu and lister-hvlaw. cated that 17 per centVof "all write articles for Judo World, ' eWWren win ; stay home now have some colored magailne. and hopes to See kom wlth r MMband. -; sheets. One lit sis of those who sons of the 1964 Olympic Judo - competitions. Her Tereae teacher, Frank Hataahlla, will the coach and raferee for the Canadiaa Olympic Assocla- Ion. . ' r f " U ' . .;.! - .".;'i- if - v. ., Y'!-i'-' u K -i, ' " i; . s ! , ; . only a negligible 'weight I penalty. Sis. pairs of day, lima hosiery in th same shade for re-matching, plus three pairs of evening stocking's In th tarn shad, win suffice- for lT-day trip abroad. ': A flannel or light wool dressing gown will be handy for cool evenings in European hotels. ' A long-sleeved night dress should be packed for mid-Winter trips. V Hats are not a necessity, but thex fashion -conscious woman will feel battel dressed if she wears on for travelling, or for-' luncheons. Glovea ar a must A fur stole will always be welcome. , . , : ,,,. Boot or fuMrlmmed galoshes ward off chills from damp aidewalka. When not . worn they can be carried In a flight bag. Wool scarves, wool kni( Mouse styled .bt the new turtle-neck, also help -to keen- the, fortable., during the cool ! months. , : . .Remember that most Euro-. pean. hotel do have central heating, but keep their rooms and restaurants less warm than the .average Canadian is accustomed to. . ,- Carry a large tote purs with you on th plane, to hold the necessary Kern you will . want on hand during the flight Be sure to Include a pair, of sunglasses, two or three paper-backs for . catching up on raiding,-a . packet of tissues and an x--tra tweeter.' - - V Vou take plenty of time beforehand to plan a good . wardrobe, you will be able . to relax and enjoy th holi-day,: knowing that you, are always well-dressed. ' Shop Special- A ood choice while White and bopular arietles. Gallon On guaranteed rollers. iWhlte, cream, green or sand. 1 Size 36". x 70" . .'.ityi-' ecw-24wx36Liaolain Uats y ftartjr patterns and shades. Ideal, for halls, kitchens, '; etc..--.-v,;.,ivJ .::v.C.i.!.;-.',5.,.i ...j mfl C 3 :: i'of, men 's furnishings tDressShiM FINALr CLEARAhittEt and 4.00 V , : .' NOW vHer it an excellent opportunity to buy short-sleeved dress or sport shirts. - in ine group., sites S, Buy Stytral '. ', nfrrl ' . ssa ate- .. , . .: .. f ". --. ' - !..;; V : : ;rT " I "V- "'J ., IK mmmmmmmmm '' """" , 7 SUITED FOR TRAVELS 'i'p- ' ' fnto most suitcases heading for foreign capital Win go a semsonless dress similar lo-this dark two-: piece in Celuilk 'ln a fine boucl patterned weav.: Photographed on board the Empress of Canada this costume has a short overblous with a wide neckline and it neatly trimmed with tailored satin. bows. ' ' jj Friday nights ready to hang Kak raur abates tram this '.'I Mm kmltMt ehele el Uw ton. Brand naw aaaiens and (lu euaUty fabrics ma; this oHmt utataMInf with auc4i a law prlca rang, mil: Drapary track, suaara, bcackala aa ' avaa th hooka lor wldUi oi rapa puichaasd. Slitfle Width Double Width Triple Width 16-80 33 76 S0 64 Pr. Homespun - Bedspreads the j Uvst. Plaids In twin shade lrr lemf-kloss and all - , .,. -i.. ... ;. : ...:MP. Solid shades, checks, or stripe - m. L and XL in the group. or ThU Low Pric DISCOUNT 0!l fO.ii'iwrs'' swim aiaaasi w SB Silt ! Straw Hats FINAL CliARANCEl COMPARE AT 19S nd 4.95 NOW. Afl torts of different styles and straws for this years fashionable wear for men. Sites t to 1 In the group. . --- , ; m, ... . 'til 9 fully lined a. bed size, purpose -e "T 1 1 " 1 J ' Shirts 98 ALL OUR TPii - ic VlttlM ' La 4 S).99 II ; ' f-'f 99c 1 I 1 - J IN'S SHOPPE y Rideau at Dalhousla 233-6261 APV FREE PARKING end DELIVERY) ' yJ

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