The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 14, 1918
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IT Connellsville'* Biggest and Beat Newspaper.-. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 VOL. 16, NO. 81. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., THUKSDAY EVENING,!FEBRUARY 14, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. USSIAN SITUATION STILL A THORN IN THE FLESH OF FEARS BOLSHEV1K1 KAISER; rlin Press Reports Assert Demobilization Order is Only a ShMB. ACE DEBATE TUESDAY t HertUng 1TP1 mt That Tine Eeplj President Wilson aid tie British od Italian Premiers; Deportation i the Belgians Still Continues. By Associated Prffls. neasiness over the Russian situa- ia German and Austrian official ies is indicatl in reports in the man press. The Central Powers said to be uncertain concerning future attitude of Foreign Minis- Trotzky and the Bolshevik! gov- :nent and one Berlin paper says . the announcement that the Rus. army had been demobilized was sham maneuver." .rculation of the message ordering demobilization of the Russian y. the German papers say. was ed three hours after ' the order sent ncerning the situation in Petro- 1 there have been no press reports e last Tuesday. Dispatches on rsday reported rioting in Petro- 1 in which 120 persons were ·A. ae British Home of Commons late erday by a large majority defeated amendment offered by a radical iber which, regretted that war opolized the energy of the govern- t. The government minister had ared that passage of the resolution Id cause the resignation of the d George cabinet SUPPLIES STOKES WITH EXTJKGU1SHEBS THElf WATEB SUPPLY TAILS. With, a serious fire menace facing the city as a result of yesterday's water shortage, additional protection was afforded down town department stores through the enterprise of Ralph. B. Hyatt and W. N. HJrleman-of the Central Motor Company. Dpon learning that Ore water supply was liiely to bo off for , a considerable length," of time, ' Hyatt and Hirleman distributed all of the fire extinguishers in stock to several stores. It was felt that the fire extinguishers might be useful in checking any blaze that might start Fully a dozen Pyrfene and J-AI extinguishers were distributed. SCOTTDALE WOMAN CAUSES ARREST OF 2 BOMB-PLOTTERS Her Courage and Quick-Wittedness Unmasks Fellow Passengers MASQUERADING AS _WOMEN Occupant of the Same Pullman State Hoom She V»tclics Them 3Uke Their Morning Toilet; Reports Tfcem to Conductor; Sees Capture. HERIUCyG TO SEFLT * TO WILSOX TU.ESDAT NDON, Feb 14.--An important e debate will begin in the Ger- Reichstag on February 21, ac- iag to a wireless dispatch from terdam. Chancellor Von Hertling discuss the treaty with the Uk- lans and will reply to President on, Premier Lloyd George and oier Orlando. i Amsterdam dispatch received in ton Tuesday reported that Count Hertling intended to answer en's message in the Reichstag Tuesday. JtASS COXTIXUE THE DEl'ORTATIOJf Of .BELGIANS AMERICAN BATTERIES ARE EFFECTIVE ON CHAMPAGNE FRONT Paris for First Time Announces Presence of .taericans on This Sector. By Associated Press. PARIS, Fob. 14.--American batteries took part ;n the artillery bombardment in connection with the large French raid in the Champagne yesterday, it is announced officially. Effective assistance was given by the American gunners. (This is the first mention of American battenes on the Champagne 'front.) The statement follows: "A 1 German attempt against a small' French post on the Aisne front was repulsed. There were lively artillery actions in the region east of Rheims in the Champagne. In the large raid yesterday Am eric la batteries gave A young lady ot Scottdale by her I presence of mind, courage and pat! riotism has been instrumental in bringing about the arrest of two German bomb plotters and spies. Having occasion-, a few days ago, to go to Chicago this young lady became a passenger on a sleeping car. Not having time to make berth reservation in advance she took chances of. securing one when boarding tbe train. There she was advised by the Pullman conductor that the only available berth on the train was the upper berth in the stateroom, already occupied by two ladies. The young lady took this STIit IS CONDITION TO AMBLE AFT Kit ·niSTEK Iff SNOTV Frank Sweeney, of the West Side, and hii Ford automobile will be in the ring again this coming summer. He and his "ram-Wcr" have become ' well kaown to Connellsville in past years ind for another season Sweeney's "jitney-wagon" will mingle with societj. The breakup of his car has been predicted for several seasons and during the past winter it spent every night in the street in front of Sweeney's home in .Eighth street. At times it could-not be seen for snow Yesterday a new set of batteries was attached, the engine turned over tuice and off she popped. The car is still in the "garage" today as there was no water on the West Side with which to fill the radiator. Frank didn't want to use 'what he cojld draw from a neighboring pump. RUSH1FAYETTE OF SHIPBUILDERS FOR ENROLLMENT i Hen Reported to Be Particularly Anxious to Get Into Service. CITY WATER NY RIVER 'NOT WANTED AT ONCE ! Public Sen-ice Kescne OrfftnizftOon Jjimply LMs Tliem And They JFaj j Itemaui at Jipgiilur Employment 1 Until Government Culls Them. MINER GOES TO CAMP Draftee'lVho Failed to Show Uji Tnes- day Night Is Sent On. Noah Ifiner, of Ulcdi, a draftee who Supposing that her fel-| l d i Ucrc tcrday _ He dld not wisil rs were to debars from ^ ^ ^ M OVM , o gQ with t h e draf . state room, low passeuge the train at the next stop, she cautiously, and with a woman's .natural curiosity, peeped out between the cur- tees In tbe week of February 23; Frank B. Spaw of Chalk HiH who also Called to appear Tuesday night * ams - . | for entrainment has secured permis- Considerably surprised, and not a i S i 0 a to stay untl , lnc week ot little shocked, she saw a 3ian, parti- H . s noti;ei summoning him ally dressed, standing before the mir- , Q appear at 10 o ' c i oc k did not reach ror shaving. She quietly closed the him jn Ume ^ Mov . h l m to mal£e aperture between the curtains and i COEnec tjons. Ho appeared yesterday pretended to be asleep. Presently she but dld not msh w i^^ W nj, N Oa h heard the movements of a second per- j[j uer j a5t night as he had not made son and venturing another peep, she, preparations for leavng homo saw another man making his morning HARRIGAN IS PRESIDENT toilet Again she resumed pretended I sleep and lay quietly 1u her berth . until she heard the door of the state-] om open as the passengers stepped , Officer!, of B. 0. Veterans Associa- out into the car. A third peep through | the 'curtains revealed to her gaze the two male occupants as having been transformed into two rather robust very effective support. Tbe number i statured women, neatly and modern- of prisoners taken by the French and actually enumerate exceed 150 " SPRING-WCEDIES Former British Ambassador Snccumlis Suddmly at Ottawa. By A s-jociateti Pre^s. ly dressed. She lost little time in making her own toilet and hunting up the traiff conductor, to whom she related what she had seen, pointing out in the forward part of the car the two "ladies" who had occupied the tower berth of the state room during the night. Tbe conductor seized , a telegraph blank. P. J tion Are ChO'.eu. Harngan was elected presi- WASHINGTON, Feb. 14.--Dlplo- wrote a brief message, which was left WRE, Feb. 14.-- Deportation o £i m a J c Washington was shocked today I at the first telegraph office reached lans by the Germans )S contmu- | by the news of the sudden death in | along the line. JUvter the tram pulled despite the protestat.on to the 'Ottawa this morning of Si- Cecil Ar- i into a station, scheduled as one of the rary. according to information re- jd by the Belgian government. ttur Spring-Rice, who retired after ' stops. Almost at the instant it came nearly five years service at British \ to a stop two officers entered tbe pull- in the past few weeks the Ger- I ambassador to the U. S. lapt month in ' man occupied by the Scottdale young i have carried 4,700 persons from (avor of Lord Reading. Although it .own of Lojeren in Eaf-t Flanders , had been known that Sir Cecil has de- put them on military work on the ' sired for a long time before his re- em front. i tiremeut was announced to be rehev- HCTOTO~ EJfDEATOUDfG ed of his heavy duties in charge ot the ensbassy no Intimation was given TO CORKECT TUSCA5L1 LIST ' when he left Washington that he was ASHINGTON. Feb. 14.-- Cable- in ill health. ,s were going forward to the However, officials here pointed out rican embassy in London from l-that he had been und«r tremendous var department today in an effort strain from the responsibilities do- mplete the list of Tuscania sur- | voh-ing upon him. Sir Cecil, who he's and untangle names which came British ambassador here May 6. been garbled in transmission 1913, succeeding Ambassador James advices to the department con-' Bryce. now Viscount Bryce. was born ·d to indicate that few more in 1859 and s-pent many years in the" ncan soldiers were lost than the ! British diplomatic service, already reported buned in Scot- j Reports placed the American ( at not more thajt 170, although ist of saved is far from complete. ' * Associated Press list of unreport- I Company D Soldier is Transferred to 'as made by checking both offl- j the Auto Section. JOINS MECHANIC BRANCH and unofficial advices against the | jnger list stands at 17i. A3OAX C.UJISET IXCLB15D TOW.UID PEACE 3ST, Rumania, Feb. 14.-- -The new vet headed by General Alexan- Averescu, said to be the ablest · ltefl Mg aum _ _ Mra aander in -the army, Is known to I Grecnwooa . Paul Williams who has been a private m Company D, 110th Regiment, arrived at Scottdale yesterday from Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., to spend a five-day furlough with his sister, [Mrs. G. W. Gordon and other rela- I lives in this vicinity. Today he vis- s Michael of towards peace. The change was iirect result of the ultimatum Germany demanding tnat Rua declare'her fture'course of ac- EXCEED ALLOTMENT Jeonts FMS *75 3Urk in Men and Jluner Campaign. e Boy Scont campaign for men money throughout tbe United s will end tonight, at the close e week of the eighth aitnivarsary d States.' The local scouts have assured of the success of the At the expiration of his furlough Mr. Williams Trill leave for New York to join the automobile niechamcs. He expects to leave soon for France. He "Williams of Connellsville is a son. of Sirs. Mary Scottdale, formerly of and who, for some time past has been lady and pasfaing quickly to the seats occupied by the two "ladies," addressed a fevr words to them, at the same time snapping a pair of "nippers" on their wrists. One officer standing guard the other with the conductor entered the stateroom and took charge of the suit cases the passengers had carried aboard the train. An examination oC The supply of shipbuilders ought to equal the demand, judging from the ! interest ^ho-wn in prospective jobs 1:1 \\ the big a i d h , according to George S j ' Conncill, director for Fayette county ' oi the United StAtos PubU Service' Reserve. There has been qaite a rusu upon- the various enrollment offices t throughout the county, applicants b o - j ing particularlj anxious to get on the 1 job building shipb as quickly as pos- I siblc. j It is unfortunate, in some respects ' Mr. Cone el J, stated, that the meu\are ' not wanted immediate!}. "We brare receded instructions to enroll all the skilled mechanics we can,' he said, "but they are not to be called at the present Ume. It would be unadvisable for prospective shipbuilders to go to any of the yards in person as men are being turned a w a y now. There'will bo a real demand for shipbuilders within tbe next few weeks, but the government is not | calling them into service until they are needed. 3L410K DUGGAX CO-iLES TO IIKSCUK OF THE VAThRLES8 WCST SIDE. With West Side citi7.enE standing m waiUng lines around e v e i y pump w o u l d draw water yebtciday, .Major Jonu Dug-gan oraei ed a new pump p-Iacud in Lhe well at lie Penns Ivania railroad crossing The tuwn pump there ba,s been out of commission for monibs and although tfco well conta.iied a large supply of good water, il could not ue drawn out by the old broken apparatus. The pump purchased b Mayor Duggan is tbe property ot ;he Litj It was ordered bough), bj the old council but was ne\ cr installed. Tbe pump question generally rose ouce a year, usually in the hot summer months, but it came up prematurely yesterday. Tbe instrument was installed about 4 o clock yesterday afternoon and immediately went mto service. ! Fire Hose Stretched Across the Bridge Partially BelJeres West Side. REPAIR BREAK BY NIGHT Finn to Lay Emergency Line is Found to Be Unnecessary When I'oBgli Ke- cedeh; Interruption of Service is Cuoncud to Ice in Stream Going Ont, "Some men, fired who. enthusiasm EIGHT COKE PLANTS IN MORGAN VALLEY FMY SOON BE SOLD ~efro-tmtlons Are in ProirrcBs for Tai- j The high ualer and heavy cakes of ice flouting down the Yougb river yes' terday morning was the cause of the city water supply being cut off throughout yesterday. An "i," in Uie water main where it connects with, the nver at the You^h bridge was knock' ed off and was not discovered until 9 1 o'clock last night. Up to that timo the -water supply was almost at its minimum but the east side of tbe river , roceied its normal pressure when the mam ivas closed before it reached the river. West Side residents* beyond Fourth fvtrect werr stil! without water at noon but e\ery indication pointed to j a full pressure there by night. The i water in the river had receded so that the broken "L" could be taken off and [replaced. A large force of men worked steadily throughout the afternoon I to finish tlis job ss Qiiiclilv as possi- I This morning about 2 o'clock a fire hose was attached to the water plug a rivsillt nf l i o n r t n n - ,nTMvl.! nf t h e . ' a result of Hearing appeals ot tne ( Four Minute Men, or reading about the demand for mechanics about the I ley, .Summit ai,i Other Abandon- at 1bo c ° rael ° l West Crawford ave- i-d Works n u s a A street, and connected with the First street plug on the "West Small coal operators of tie Con- , Slde In t!ug way ^ semce , mes shipyards, have thrown up their jobs nells\ille region are negotiating with as £ a r -3 FoU rUi street-were filled and and app- led for immediate employ- the H C. Frick Coke compi o' for res jdents of that part of the West Side menL This cannot be given them, j the purchase of partially worked out | , vero suppii^ ·The Public Service Reserve, ; plants in the Morgan valley. At the | it had been the plan of Superintend- which is recruiting lie shipbuilders | offices of the company at Scottdaie it ] ent A B Ha'stead to lay an emer- ot the country, is tat what its name | was learned that offers are being J gencv lrae un( j er t h e Baltimore indicates--a reserve. Names of ap- ] made for them and that the company QJJ JO ra ,i roa( ] tracks, connecting it ~ " ' is considering them Several Con- dent of the Baltimore Ohio Veterans' association for the ensuing year at a meeting held last night in Macca- been hall. Other officers were elected as follows: Vice president, L. W. ·Wolfe, financial secretarj. John Layton: treasurer, John Ijindsaj; officers Oi the executive lioaid, unanimously elected, | mation aft - -o wages. William Shaulis. E I. Foe, W. C. I r - I ''Mechanics, who -want to serve their win, B. P. Hanna, W. E. Zimmerman, c o u ntry building ships--and uo w o i k G. R .McDonald, 0 L.. Eaton, T. H. Ed- W1 i] i, ave a greater weight in winning monds. A R King, T C Miller, William Turnet and Joseph Oakes plicants are placed on file. For the present the records are being kept in the county. Ultimately they will be forwarded to the state headquarters in Philadelphia. When the men are needed, a call will be issued. At the present tune the Public Service Reserve has not been attriaed how many nH'Q will be needed, or when they are expected to take jobs m the shipyards. Neither ha*? the committee any infor- DANIEL WIULARD HERE President of Baltimore Ohio System Spends Hour in Town. President Daniel Willard of the Baltimore Ohio railroad witb headquarters in Baltimore, and J" F. Kec- gan of Pittsburg, general superintend-. ent, arrived here last night, the latter remaining in the city 01 cr n'uht President Willard was here for about an hour. The officials were on an inspection nellsvj'.le men have been making in- of the plants d*ur,ng the week. with the main over the Yough bridge in order to give an immediate supply of water to West Side consumers, but before the temporary line was laid, it It is understood that the company was sc(m Q,^ the " L - on ^ broken i; the offers are acceptable, will sell ma]n conl( j be rel , lace1 Valley, Summit, Morgan, Rist. White, A p i at form supported byiooks fast- Tip Top. Novelty and Foundry op-era- enefl to lbe rair ing along the railroad Morgan and White are the only ones that art- being worked at this time. The coal underlying all of these plants is stumps and crop but ID Uxese tracts was constructed this morning and facilitated the work of placing a new "L" :n position "Wlien a lebt of the-West Side main was made yesterday morning DO dif- days of great demand.there is said to i fercnce m the pressure was indicated be money in developing it- SQUARES ACCOUNT them showed that they were filled with W P' trave'lns In a special train of several coaches Assistant General Passenger Agent J. P. Taggari, with the war--they should enroll at the nearest office. When they are needed they will be called. This service is entirely voluntary. Enrollment implies no obligation. The roan decides upon accepting the job onl when it ib offered him. At that time he will he advised as to the wages he will receive. '7.1on within the draft* age may rcgmer, but there is no assurance ,that they will gam exemption from ' from the uty when he took charge military service bccaute they want to about a year ago. He handed Mr. work in the shipyard/5. It is furtaor rj] X i e r a cheek Cor ?300. stated that as few men as possible will The total value of '.he equipm-ent be taken out of Important industries , purchased from the city was about | at the company offices, causing offi- i c;als searching for the break to think ] it to be on the east side of the rher. i In the afternoon the entire main from the pnmm'ng station through Arch street to the bridge was tested, the [leak finally being located about 9 Derencin I'uys Balnnce of SOTO Cartage Equipment Accounts between M. Derencin and!o'clock. Superintendent Halstcad has the city w e r e squared today when the worked steadily ever since 5 o'clock: former garbage contractor paid over to City Clerk A. 0. Bixlcr the balance due on equipment purchased bombs and all sorts of devices for producing an explosion, together wiFn a. supply of those articles ladies regard as essential when traveling. The officers and the conductor complimented the Scottdale young lady upon the quick, wittedness and courage she had displayed under rather trying circumstances, and which had resulted In the unmasking of two dangerous bomb plotters. They then headquarters in Pittsburg, was also here for a. short time last nighL SECOND DRAFT 1VU1 Come in .Unr or Juno, is State- in Congress. During the discussion of ttlo so- called slacker bill In the House yes- marched the female impersonators off tfir(lay Representative Dent, chair- contracts, or performing other duties necessary to the prosecution of the i war, will be consulted before any of ' tneir men air 1 oITorod employment by i the governmont." The following enrollment offices have been opened in the county: Uniontown, jr. G-. Stupgis, Tb^e Herald office. Bio-wnsviilp, Henry B. Rei'cy, The Tele-graph office Smithfield, H O'Neil PoiryoDOlis, Howard Adams, First National Bank $600. The balance was not due until tomorrow. Mr. Dercncin. said. the car, and presumably to jail. WILL DISCUSS ECONOMICS Meetings to Be Held at Scottdalt Tomorrow and Saturday. Two meetings in the interest of home economics, under the auspices of the Home Economics department of State College, are scheduled ifor tomorrow t and Saturday in the Eicher Graft hall at Scottdale, one each day at'10 o'clock, the other at 2. Miss Frances Hilton from State College will be the speaker. The meet- man of the committee on military affairs, stated that th,« second draft IS NAMED BENEFICIARY local Woman to Get Share of $11",000 1'ittsbnrg Estate. "3. CUra A. Sloan, »lfc of A. M. yesterday morning m locating and repairing the break. There was no break in Souti Arch street as was yesterday reported. Tests -were made all along the main and persons seeing the water company men at work thought thej- were repairing a leak. It was not until a second test of the main going to the West Side was made that the break was located. The normal pressure of water is between 85 and 90 pounds. While tho ' water was running through the IcaK yes-terdaj it dropped to 25 pounds. By watching the pressure indicator when the water was turned off in various FRIDAY PATRONS'DAY TnWic is L'rjred to Spend the Bay PAY INITIAL DIVIDEND visiting Ler daughter, Mrs. J. T. Hays j ings are open to the public and the In Long Beach, Cal. j invitation to attend is urged In the With the Pupils. With tbe e-vccption of Connellsville i and Uniontown, Patron's Day will be' would be no ^second draft before May j observed Friday in the schoolb of Fay_ | ettc county. Despite the hustle rnd'Thompson-CimncINTille Coke s Com- bustle of preparing for war lhe punj Creditors. Uct 15 Percent, schools are not being neglected and | A 15 percent dividend, the initial County Superintendent John S. Car- j payment o' the Taompson-Connells- roll calls on all who can do so to v i s i t . M i l e Coke company to its stockhold- the slacker bill. Representative Flood, of the Foreign affairs committee, said that there or June. HEATLESS ORDER REVOKED Sloan, proprietor of the Hotel Royal, i rar ts of the main the water company i has been named a beneficial y in the was gjjie {, ] ooa te tie leak ( w i l l of her father, F. Mankedick o f ! township. The widow is left one third of tue personal esvate absolutely, and one third of the inccrae of the real estate for life. The balance of the estate is to be divided equally among tbe three children, one son and two daughters. PROBE IS ORDERED President ] May Be Kesiored if Bail Weiither Cause!) a Tieup of Transportation. the schools Friday. Tire teachers have been asked eit, was made yesterday. Th« company, vrtticli went into the · Fuel Adnumstiator Garfleld an- 1 follow the icgular p-ograms so as to [ hands ol the receivers at the bani- nounced yesterday tnu uspensioa oi give tue patrons an insight into the! ruptcy of J. V Thompson, is now back i interest of patriotic conservation Enlists In Medical Corps. "' ood James Strawn, a Bon of Mr. and the "heatless" ^Monday oidei, with the Mrs. P. P. Strawn, yesterday enlisted m the medtcal corps of the United Boy Scout movement in the States Army at the Uniontown recruiting office. Strawn has been employed in the drug store of A. A. Clarke. Kifle Club Meeting. The ConnellsVille Rifle club of reservation that it may be made elective again it a return of bad weather brings about a breakdown m the i ail- road transportation, will State Fuel A'Ummstratois still have smtuovity to cuntinue tlie closing or- here in both divisions of the . More than the 575 quota of this has been subscribed to, and all j , l r . r, oT 1 !! I /^f^r'C r\AT rI TT- loney over that amount goes ;o \VAK O 1 ILL (jUtb ON BU F oca! treasury. The scouts wish xafc their friends who have help- the campaign, and promise to nue their work in the city. boys have secured several men have promised to take up scout and study to act as scoutmas- hold its regular weekly "meeting in the Armory this evening. The evening dei in their districts it in tben opm- will be spent by drilling and rifle practice. iou ciicumstancijs demand it. GREENSBURGER THINKS IT WILL SURELY END IN MARCH This was the flay sei by student* of | Greens-burg who sees the finish for Troop 5 is nww without a scout- the prophecies for the war to end., WilliamHohenzollern in March. He :r since Ralph F. Sliger left with While murmurmgs of discontent m has computed the-Ume to 133S, after raftees'Tuesday night. Another M^e Central Empires have been grow-[the beginning of the world struggle, master or two could also be used ] m E more in yolume and the dove of peace is believed to be fluttering nearer and nearer the end has not yet Dies in Jlobpitul. John Barno, an Italian injured at the Allifaoa works of tne W. J. Kalney company, d^ed in the Brownsville los- pitul Taesday. Baino was caught between two cars and crushed. ; city. CommniitT Prayer Serrico. ommunity prayer service will be been reached. Some Connelisville persons.there are who have openly ex- »t the home of Mr. and Mrs. j pressed confidence that February 14 of Tracy In Chestnut street on \ would mart the climax. «T*olnt Comes now David Wentltog The local sages estimated the period ol 42 months. They admit there may he some errors in the calculation, but they are still confident that it is substantially correct. Mr. Wentling firmly believes thut the kaiser Is the person referred to by the prophet Daniel and by John, in Revelation. snow; warmer.'tonight, Friday colder. is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Tempcratnre Kecord. 1918 1317 Maximum --_ _54 39 Minimum __ 31 26 . Mean '__ 43 33 actual everyday work of the children. .Returns to Newport Harold Carrol], has returned to Newport Newb, Va., where he will ie- ^oin the United States Naval Reserves after spending a 10-day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and^Iis J S. Carroll of Dunbar. on 1U "feet." Attorney General tff Invcstiisite Contract*. By A.ssocjatod Press WASHINGTON, Feb. 14--President Wilson today directed Attorney General Gregory to investigate the much discussed Hog Island p-hipyard contracts which have been adversely criticized before the Senate Commerce committee and determine if there had liecn cnmma} misuse of government funds. The President also directed the at- loiney general to work in conjunction with Chairman Hurley, of ihe shin- ring board, in his invest'gallon. About 812,000,000 of government money has been spent m the Hogg Island pro- 3oinjj Ilntrineer Torp. A J. McSUy of Pittsburg, formerly secretary of the United States Electric Steel companv of ihis c,0, -.vcntj llnougb. heie last night on his, v.iy to | camp M J . McStaj ha? icccutiy enlisted in an engmeeiiiig corps. FAYETTE COUNTY BOYS IN BEST DRILLED REGIMENT IN ALL THE UNITED STATES LEVI SMTKALLED CoiiuensMlle Jfiui Vi]\ u Suffered JJai Trouble is, ItrinMated. Levi H. Small, of Connellsville, instructor Jn ue commercial department of tbe Unionlovm high school, has, been ordered to report to the or- mante department m Washington on .Monday next, having been reinstated' after his honoiamle discharge on account of cai tiouble tthich developed after having received his commission ntry, Carap Lee j All the boys from the ConuellsviUe ab lieutenant at the overs' training es from Fayuttej districts, Nos. 2 and 3. are in the scliool at Fort Oulethorpe. drilled regiment i n , SIStli unless they have been transfer- .Mr. Smith formerly was employed at The 315th Infantry, mado up of. draftees county, is the best dr: the United Suites, not excepting regti-., red since being sent to camp. The the Connellsville postoffice and at one Probaoly ram tonight, turning to lars, according to a statement made raw recruits of a few months ago unie was connected w i t h privately by Major B. W. Day, of the|hane the "edge" on the legulars for Business college, base hospital at Camp Lee, while here; the reason that the older men in thej . ____ Douglas recently to address the draft boards | service have had so much to undo in of the county at a conference in Un-j their training under the old school Arrhe in Camp. Advices fiom Camp Lee report the. ioniovoi. In an inspection the regi-. tactics while the younger one are not! sale ai rival theie yesterday aCternoou ment showed useU superior m drill, thus handicapped. At least that is and evening of the se^ral trail's car equipment, physical makeup and in the explanation given. psychological test. , ymg [he dra£tees , rom the j of Western Pennsylvania.

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